EC Session 5.11

Evening, Merch 1 Chilladay.
Sakha and Juan are behind closed doors. Pak is…elsewhere, having teleported away. From the lack of sounds outside the walls, it seems he teleported further away than just the corridor outside - or he's being really stealthy.
The rest of the party has been locked in a suite, to wait for Primeira.
Roughly an hour, maybe a bit more, has passed.
Hector has been internally monologuing in the bathtub for a while.
[OOC] Pak: I'm so stealthy it's amazing
It is hard to tell underground, but it seems likely the sun has set by now.
ORN has been weighing the pros and cons of actually eating through that not-so-fresh wall if the need arises
Felicia has spent her time in the other bathroom, fumbling with her hair. A curse or whine is heard from behind the door in intervals.
Hector leans his head back and stares at the ceiling. "This wouldn't be so bad if I could get a drink. I've heard mithran bourbon is pretty good."
Eventually, there is a knocking at the door, accompanied by the click of the lock unlocking.
ORN turns and faces it
Hector sighs and starts to get out of the bathtub. He's been in there long enough.
Eric_Lionheart is reading a book and doesn't seem to notice the knock.
Cassandra_Lionheart hears the noise and pops up
Hector: "This isn't like me, anyway. Courage! I gotta have courage!" *he says this as he dries off and gets dressed*
Riia fades into the background
Hector: "That's what I have that Juan doesn't. I've got courage!"
Riia reconsiders, then heads over to the room that Sakha and Juan are sharing, and knocks quietly
Hector steps out of the bathroom, fully-clothed and feeling at least a little better.
ORN disengages his arm from the wall and waits for the door to open
Riia can hear Juan's whisper: "Sakha. Sakha. They want us."
Cassandra_Lionheart pulls out of Punishment Sword, just in case.
A muffled voice comes through the front door. "May I come in?"
Sakha mms drowsily a mrows as she stretches. "Already?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah, please do so."
ORN: "You may"
The door opens. Cassandra finds herself face to face with Maria.
[OOC] WC GM: Cue boss music
ORN levels his arm
Hector: "…what a twist."
[OOC] Riia: ….Terceria, Segunda, PriMERIA…maybe?
[OOC] WC GM: Not quite, but close.
Riia blocks the door she's been knocking on…
Cassandra Lionheart: "Why YOU!"
Maria blinks. "Have we met?"
Hector holds his arm out sideways. "Cassie, down."
Riia blinks and looks for a sword on Maria….
Cassandra_Lionheart puts the sword down and blinks "Okay…so you were…being…Wow."
[OOC] Riia: Or other weapon
Eric Lionheart: "…Hmm."
Riia sees none. She also notices this Maria is much younger looking.
Eric_Lionheart looks up from his book.
ORN: "Unarmed this time?"
Maria: "This time?"
Riia eyes the diplomat, wondering when he's gonna start talking
Felicia cracks the door open, looking out to see what's going on.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay…Please explain. We just fought you. But you look…younger."
Riia shakes her head
Hector facepalms. "Cassie, stop trying to play team mouthpiece."
[OOC] WC GM: Boss music begins to fade.
Riia holds up one finger, points at the not-Maria, then tilts her head inquisitively
Maria: "Fought…oh! Was…she with the pirates?"
[OOC] Riia: Hardly Cassie's fault. No one else was stepping up except ORN.
Hector: "Look, if you're not the same as the one who we fought earlier, and you're just a regular 'ol friendly, then it's okay."
ORN: "??? … … Are you a more recent version?"
[OOC] Hector: I was typing something.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Hector "I'm not the mouth here. Tying to figure out what is going on."
[OOC] Riia: And ORN's just as bad a mouthpiece for similar but different reasons.
Eric Lionheart: "Yes, she was with the pirates. In charge of them, it seemed."
Maria nods at ORN. "That's one way of putting it. It sounds like you fought my mom."
Riia knocks on the door again, no longer blocking it
Riia: =o
Cassandra Lionheart: "Ahh. Okay."
NotMaria: "My name is Primeira."
Riia goggles at that…but it makes some sense…
ORN: "…"
ORN looks over at cassie
[OOC] Hector: I feel like I've been hit in the stomach with a bat. Can't exactly think quickly right now.
Riia nods at the confirmation.
ORN: "… Hm. This seems to be relatively common."
Hector: "I see. Well, good t'meet ya, Primeira."
Hector holds his hand out.
Riia nods and bows
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah..sorry for beating you mom up."
Primeira walks in and sits on a couch. Guards gather at the door, but - with a LOOK from Primeira - do not advance any further than that.
ORN: "Then you are the one we seek. This group defeated your mother for you. This Unit hopes your loss of vengence potential is not too devastating."
Primeira shakes Hector's hand, winking and kissing the back of it, then bows to Riia.
Primeira: "Defeated…ah." She slumps.
Primeira: "I suppose it was inevitable."
Hector quirks an eyebrow. Well, at least that's ONE mithra who's being nice to him.
Riia sighs
Sakha emerges from the bedroom yawning and stretching.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Primeira "Anyways. We do have business here with you actually."
Riia taps Sakha on the shoulder, holds up 1 finger, points at Primeira
Ahiru sits on the floor watching the newcomer.
[OOC] Hector: Sakha has 1 HP left, and it's about to get obliterated by Primeira?!
Primeira: "And I suspect I have some with you. A certain trio of foreigners riled up my people, telling them about invaders. I could smell the spirits on them."
ORN wonders why Riia felt the need to point out that Primeira is also Mithra
ORN perks up and nods
Riia nods
ORN: "This trio has been following the insane spirits, obtaining their protection somehow in an attempt to ensure cataclysmic damage to this world"
[OOC] Riia: Scorn at Jeff, scorn at Nova
Primeira: "Fortunately, none of my people were killed in the…unfortunate consequences."
[OOC] Pak: zoooooooom
[OOC] Hector: I'm being facetious.
ORN: "Those not entirely insane may be getting… riled up, as you call it, into becoming hostiles."
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah, Pak reappears in an empty bedroom about now. Go ahead and walk in.
Sakha looks at Riia then Prim sitting comfy with the group confused and turns back to Riia. "Either say somthing or don't bother." She growls.
Pak wobbles a bit, getting his non-teleportation-legs.
Hector thumbs to Eric. "He made sure that the mithra along with the trio were brought back to health."
Riia looks hurt
Pak peeks out the door.
Primeira looks at ORN. "Insane spiritS? So it's not just Mer, then?"
Pak: "…Ah, our guest is here!"
Pak dresses back in his non-disguise clothes.
ORN: "All other spirits encountered so far have required elimination of their physical forms. It appears, however, to calm them down to a degree… for the most part."
Pak: "Hey hey everyone! :x"
Primeira: "…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "IT is not just Mer. We have fought and contained others so far."
Pak armflails!
ORN: "Several will require replacement."
Cassandra_Lionheart waves to Pak.
Pak exits the back bedroom- not the same one Juan and Sakha were in
Hector: "Mm. Glad you could make it, Pak. What's up?"
Eric_Lionheart briefly wonders HOW you replace a spirit…
Pak: "I accidentially ended up in Mountainburg."
Pak: ">_>"
Riia snorts
Hector does the "MAXIMUM D:" face from La Pucelle.
ORN: "? ? ? interesting. Is it possible for you to reproduce such ranges?"
Felicia exits into the main room. It seems everyone was back together again. "…Just how do you do that?"
Hector: "How'd you manage THAT?!"
Eric Lionheart: "…"
Pak: "Um…"
Primeira: "You mean the snowcap on top of the mountain, or…?"
Pak looks to Primeira.
Pak: "Oh, hi!"
Pak: "Um, no."
Pak: "It's… a city to the south. Straight through the mountains."
Primeira blinks.
ORN: "Built into them, as well."
Pak: "Fyl set a Teleport Trap for the Trio, trying to catch them. See, it looks like they detected their activity nearby…"
Primeira: "How far to the south?"
Pak: "She caught me instead @_@"
Pak: "…Uh…"
Pak: "Well, it's gonna be a much shorter distance soon."
Riia blinks, not understanding
Pak: "I told the Dwarves to dig straight through the mountains to here!"
Pak: "And that there's Dragons, maybe."
Felicia: "…Ah."
Eric Lionheart: "…You what?"
ORN: "Excellent."
ORN nods most approvingly and sparkles
Hector: "Hm."
Eric Lionheart: "Maybe ORN could start digging and meet them halfway?"
Riia looks at Eric like he's nuts
Sakha: "You've been busy brother…"
ORN: "This would require time not currently available. Mass consumption is best saved for the incoming planetoid."
Pak >:3s at Sakha.
Riia takes two fingers, points them at each other, then moves them towards each other, but they miss…
Hector: "I think Riia's got a point. I think."
Riia bows to Hector
ORN nods
ORN: "This is also a possibility."
Pak: "Anyway I can't normally travel that far."
Hector: "In that two parties, without knowledge of the other's movements, would end up missing each other if they were tunneling."
Riia nods
ORN understood this time
Pak: "It was total chance, really @_@"
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks and listens in
Primeira: "…"
Pak: "So she had to reverse the trap to send me back."
Riia scratches Pak's ears
Hector: "So I s'pose it's best if we just leave it to th'dwarves."
Primeira looks to the guards. "You getting all this?" The guards nod.
Pak eee
ORN: "Detection would be possible, but by then several kilometers of seperation could already have been caused."
Pak: "…H-hey, wait @_@"
Pak points!
Eric Lionheart: "Anyways…I believe we have other things to discuss, other then tunneling dwarves."
Felicia takes a seat, adjusting her hair. She had arranged it a little differently than usual, into twintails, each braided. She was still working on a third for the small bit hanging over her eyes. "Well, it should all work out. If they miss, couldn't there just be two tunnels?"
Pak: "What's Maria doing here?!"
Primeira: "We'll send patrols out starting tomorrow, in case they break through elsewhere."
Hector: "It's not Maria. It's Primeira."
ORN: "This one is a more recent version; similar to Cassie."
Pak: "…Oh?"
Pak looks. Sees Ahiru sitting on the ground.
Pak: "…Okay."
Riia coughs at ORN's comment
Primeira nods. "It sounds like…well. At least my mom is at peace now."
[OOC] Riia: "Similar to Cassie" meaning "also a daughter?"
Pak: ">_>"
[OOC] Riia: Oh, also a daughter who is opposed by her mother
[OOC] ORN: well that's what kids are: more recent versions created at least in part by oneself ;p
Pak: "So, if the dwarves break through…"
[OOC] Riia: Mmm, Von Neumann
Pak: "You and your Mithra can escape Mer!"
[OOC] ORN: actually he just meant the 'also a daughter' part. Mothers… well it seems to be a trend from the looks of it he thinks.
[OOC] Riia: Heh, I thought so.
Primeira: "That's the plan."
Pak yes~!
Primeira: "That's why we were up here in the first place."
Riia nods…
Pak: ">:3 I've fixed everything! Forever!"
Primeira: "Lucky chance that you came along to finish things up."
[OOC] ORN: which is gonna get confusing REAL fast if other partymembers start having kids
[OOC] Riia: Heh.
[OOC] WC GM: That won't be 'til after the campaign. Everything else aside, there won't be gestation time without Milf's assistance.
[OOC] ORN: yeah
[OOC] Pak: Even faster-breeding races like Mithra take time you know! And none of the PCs are Moogles.
[OOC] Hector: Do Moogles lay eggs or something?
[OOC] Pak: I… I don't know o_o;
[OOC] Riia: Not in this, and no, they're furred.
[OOC] WC GM: No, they're live birth.
Primeira: "This Mountainsburg - is it near Refuge?"
Pak: "Um, yes!"
ORN nods
Pak: "It's just north of that city."
[OOC] Riia: I think most if not all of the races in EC are cross-breeding compatible, though there are no actual half-breeds.
Pak: "It's inhabited by Dwarves- have you seen any before?"
[OOC] Pak: It's just like Pokemans
[OOC] ORN: … … your discussing moogles just prior to this comment makes this one exceedingly disturbing.
[OOC] Hector: Do moogles in this look like they do in FFTA?
[OOC] WC GM: Closer to FFVI.
[OOC] Hector: Ew. I HATED that moogle design.
[OOC] Felicia: Male determines moveset! Female determines species!
[OOC] Riia: Die plz, Jeff
[OOC] Pak: We DID have a dark-skinned dwarf-elf-cook thing for a little bit, but
Primeira: "City…? The legends speak of an entire kingdom. Ah, well, they're just leg-"
[OOC] ORN: dad = job, mom = race ?
Primeira blinks.
Riia coughs
Riia looks at Primeira and nods
Cassandra Lionheart: "Huh?"
ORN: "Kingdoms are made of several cities linked together"
Pak: "Er, South…. yeah, it's a kingdom. We're from there. >_>"
ORN: " ? "
Primeira: "You." She stands up quickly.
Eric Lionheart: "…?"
ORN glares
[OOC] Pak: Who's 'you'?
Riia checks hood?
Felicia: "We could show you a map, if you'd like… ?"
Primeira looks around, pointing at each party member in turn. "You. You're all…"
[OOC] ORN: riia
[OOC] Pak: Everyone, apparently.
Primeira: "You're from there, aren't you?!?"
[OOC] ORN: that much racism?
Pak: "…Y…yes."
ORN: "Affirmative."
Primeira: "From Refuge!"
Pak: "Yes."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes..kind of."
Felicia: "Indeed."
Riia points at everyone else and nods.
Eric Lionheart: "That would be correct."
Riia taps her chest and shakes her head…
Primeira: "Which means Mer isn't in your blood yet!"
Riia blinks
Riia tilts her head inquisitively
Eric Lionheart: "Now that might require some explaination."
Cassandra Lionheart: "In our blood?"
Pak: "…In our what"
Felicia: "I… guess?"
[OOC] Riia: explanation
ORN: "This Unit has none, though water will likely function normally for physical assaults."
Pak looks over to Riia.
Pak shakes head at.
Riia looks innocent
Primeira smiles and fist-pumps. "YES! This is the lucky break we've been waiting for~!"
ORN: "? ? ?"
Eric Lionheart: "…Can you please explain?"
Hector: "Huh."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes, please do so?"
Hector: "So if Mer's not in our blood, then she can't control us?"
ORN: "If you are thinking those from refuge do not require water for survival, you may be relatively mistaken"
Hector: "Or explode us, for that matter."
Pak writes a quick message in Vieran in the air using shadowstuff- ">_>; Don't tell them that you're not from Refuge! That'll make them more suspicious."
Riia coughs and wipes the message away, nodding
Primeira calms down a bit. "Ah, before I go on, I should verify." She looks to the guards. "Send in the Sniffer!"
Pak: "…"
Felicia: "…the wut."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Sniffer?"
Hector sniffs himself. "I think I smell fine. I just took a bath!"
Pak suddenly feels hairs standing up on the back of his neck. >_>;
Eric Lionheart: "Before we consent to anything, you will have to explain."
Riia is pretty sure what the sniffer will do, but is worried about….side effects.
A smaller mithra emerges from the guards, dressed simply. She stumbles a bit as she walks towards the group. "You called?"
Primeira: "Yes. We have guests who claim to be from Refuge. I want you to verify."
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks and looks at the "sniffer"
The smaller one looks around, with wide open white eyes.
Pak looks at her.
[OOC] ORN: smelling like rabbit to a bunch of cats has that effect ;p
Pak: "…?"
[OOC] Riia: Yeh…
Pak eyenarrow.
Primeira: "This is one of my trusted aides. She was cast out for being blind, but her other senses have more than made up for it."
Cassandra Lionheart: "aww. That is not fair."
Pak: "Ahh, I see."
ORN looks at cassie
Pak sweatdrops.
Primeira stage-whispers. "She came to us when she was ten, and was so useful within a month that we let her choose her name. I still regret it."
ORN: "But she has other senses which make up for it."
Sniffer giggles.
Pak changed his clothes, but @_@
Cassandra Lionheart: "Exactly. They cast her away because she is blind. Idiots."
ORN: "Why did she choose the addition of 'the' to her name?"
Felicia: "…"
Riia is worried about what Sniffer will smell on Pak, Sakha, Juan….and what she will smell OF Riia
Sniffer: "I didn't. But it sounds funny to everyone else without it. Anyway."
Eric Lionheart: "So why the need to verify we are from Refuge?"
Sniffer walks up to Hector first, and inhales. "Hmm…"
Ahiru: "I don't want to be sniffed."
Hector: "Am I going to have to buy you dinner after this?"
ORN has no idea, not knowing how to smell things
Ahiru: "Cuz you'll eat me…"
Felicia: "I suppose to make sure Mer is not in our blood? …Or something. Hell if I know. But it seems harmless."
Sniffer: "A man. Definitely. I smell land-piratry, adventure, and courage."
ORN: "This seemed relatively pleasurable in the past, however."
Sniffer: "…yes. Definitely no one who could've grown up on this side of the world."
[OOC] Riia: To be a man you must have honor. Honor and…
Cassandra Lionheart: "That might be it. I'm betting she can sniff if Mer's influence was within us."
Sniffer moves on to Felicia.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Courage is better then honor. Courage can turn 0% odds into 100%.
[OOC] Pak: You have to do the dance Riia :x
[OOC] Hector: Honor and a penis!
[OOC] Sakha: Ha
[OOC] Felicia: This is true
[OOC] Riia: Riia can't, she doesn't match the second criterium.
Sniffer: "More delicate…duty. Honor. Bravery and sacrifice."
Felicia blinks. "Delicate?"
ORN: "Interesting"
Sniffer: "Too honorable…well, MAYBE she could've grown up under Segunda, but we'd have heard about it."
Sniffer moves on to Cassandra, and takes a bit longer to inspect.
Sniffer: "…are you a mage? No, it's all gone…you WERE a mage?"
Sniffer shakes her head.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hrm? I was."
Sniffer: "Torn between two paths, but you chose one. Wait…"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Sniffer with some concern at the wait
Sniffer: "…no. The pirates would never have let you abandon such a skill, yet your tone…"
Sniffer: "…you have something in common with them, but you're definitely not them. And that's the only place around here you could have learned to fight."
Sniffer moves on to ORN.
Sniffer: "…that's odd. I heard a voice around here, but I'm not sensing any…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "My master then?"
ORN: "This Unit stands right here"
ORN moves a little closer and sparkles
Sniffer looks to ORN's right.
ORN lightly taps her on the head
Pak: "He's kinda a giant rock."
Sniffer: "Whoever you are, you're good at masking yourself."
Pak: "Or robot."
Pak: "Rock Robot."
Sniffer: "A…rock?"
Felicia: "Rockbot."
Eric Lionheart: "He eats other rocks."
Sniffer: "Definitely not from here, then."
Sniffer moves on to Eric.
[OOC] Ahiru: Cannibal!
ORN: "Autonomous antimachina, modified crystalline frame. This Unit has nothing to do with 'robots' other than the growing ability to make use of their materials in more direct fashion"
[OOC] Riia: Eh, we eat other animals.
Sniffer: "Power…but hesitation. Hmm…"
[OOC] Riia: Though as a Viera I have no room to be talking about cannibals, although Riia never participated.
Sniffer: "Well, you're obviously a close relative of that pirate-alike-who-isn't. That's good enough."
Sniffer: "Did you steal her magic? I can smell it on you."
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks "Okay…He is my cousin. No ORN stole it."
Eric Lionheart: "Part of the same family. We wielded similar magic, though."
ORN: "uUm… Technically This Unit absorbed it."
Sniffer: "Ah. I thought my nose just still had her scent. Anyway."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Eric and I are part are the Lionheart lineage…well Eric still is."
Sniffer moves on to Pak.
[OOC] ORN: … oh this should get interesting ;p
Sniffer: "…"
Eric Lionheart: "Eh, you are still a Lionheart, Cassandra, at least I think so."
Hector gets ready to shove Pak out of the way in case Sniffer gets frisky.
[OOC] ORN: "just a little longer"
Pak: ">_>;"
Pak: "Y-yes, I'm a boy."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Your the only one, Eric."
Sniffer: "And you have just been with your mate. Who fed you…things we have none of around here."
Sniffer: "I don't even need your body. Your breath is enough."
Sakha stiffens and gets a bit frosty.
Pak: "T_T; H-hey! I wasn't 'with'!"
ORN: "?"
Riia raises an eyebrow
ORN: "You were being violated ag~ … Ah, mountainsburg.. The guard, correct?"
Cassandra_Lionheart giggles "I forgot Pak….Mountainsburg? The guard who loves you."
Sniffer grins. "Sure you weren't. Then why is her scent on your breath? You kissed, at least."
Pak: "…W-well, that much is true @_@;"
Riia checks for Juans in the room
ORN pats the sniffer on the head
Primeira: "Sniffer! He's taken!"
Sniffer: "Right, right." She moves on to Sakha.
Pak: "…Well, it's sorta complicated… @_@;"
ORN: "Pak is often 'taken' by various females, with only a minimal amount of say on his part."
Sakha whispers to the Sniffer. "Say anything unneccessary and become a mithracicle."
Riia sees no Juan.
[OOC] Riia: Good.
ORN: "It is likely of no consequence, correct?"
Sniffer: "…"
ORN looks at pak
Sniffer takes a LONG smell of Sakha.
[OOC] Riia: A rival approaches!
Pak: ">_>;"
Sniffer leaps back! "THEM! THE INVADERS!"
Felicia sweatdrops.
Pak: "…What."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Huh?"
Pak looks over to Sakha.
The guards ready their weapons, until Primeira waves at them. "Calm down!"
ORN: "? ? ?"
Hector: "I don't get what you're on about."
Pak pouts.
Primeira: "I can see her with my eyes. She's not one of them, Sniffer."
Felicia: "Juan had been with them for awhile."
Sniffer: "…"
Felicia: "And well…"
ORN splits right arm open anyways just in case
Riia: ó.o
Felicia coughs.
Sniffer: "…no. But her power."
ORN: "Juan? Hm. That may be whom she smells"
Pak: "…Her power?"
Sniffer: "Such power. The invaders' type."
ORN: "Ice?"
Pak: "Ice? :x"
Riia nods slowly…
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh yeah…She was tainted with Milf's power for a bit, remember?"
[OOC] Riia: Or just black magic…
Pak: "…Oh!"
Pak: "There was that…"
Sakha: "…"
Riia blinks and thinks
Felicia scratches her head.
Sniffer's tail swishes.
Hector: "She's fine now, so calm down. Geez."
Pak: "Wait, but what's she smelling? @_@;"
Primeira: "I'm telling you, she is NOT one of them."
ORN: "Sakha makes use of water on a regular basis. This Unit can attest to having met Sakha along with others of This Group in refuge, for the most part."
Sakha gets standoffish and stiff swishing her own tail.
Riia bites her lip, trying to think…
Cassandra Lionheart: " is okay. IT must have clung to her a bit more that it should have."
Pak: "…"
Riia winks at Sakha.
Pak picks up Ahiru.
Sniffer: "…well. She's not from around here, that's for certain."
Sakha is not looking at anyone.
[OOC] Riia: How long till Sniffer gets to Riia?
Felicia: "…I-In any case, she's with us."
Sniffer moves on to Riia.
Ahiru quacks. "What?"
[OOC] Riia: Oh, boy.
Sniffer: "P…Primeira."
Riia looks innocent
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh..ohhh."
Sniffer: "Can you s-swe-ear t-to m-meee that there a-aren't…"
Sniffer gulps.
Pak: "…"
Riia is….pretty much incapable of talking to Sniffer, so…
Pak: "Here, smell this instead!"
Pak pushes Ahiru towards Riia. >_>;
Primeira moves to intercept Pak.
Pak acks.
Primeira: "Let her finish."
Ahiru squirms. "No, no don't eat me!"
Riia looks at the door, counts the guards, and decides not to throw them into a panic
Eric Lionheart: "…She's with us. And certainly not from around here."
Pak: "S…sorry. ._.;"
Primeira: "I swear to you, Sniffer, I see neither invaders nor their demons in this room."
ORN: "Male-violation and self-consumption are no longer required, though the former may still occasionally occur for reproductive purposes."
Sniffer: "…as you say. This one smells of…oh! Oh, I know why!"
ORN: "You need not worry about Riia. This Unit is relatively certain she has not even used Pak."
Eric Lionheart: "…ORN. Be quiet."
Sniffer relaxes, smiles, and pokes Riia in the chest. "YOU…must have spent many a year among the demons, slaying them. Am I right?"
Sniffer: "And that's why you still smell like them."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Riia and gives her a reaffirming smile
Pak: "S-she can't speak, she probably lost her voice from it."
ORN raises finger to correct and notices Eric's glare
Sakha: "She did spend a long time among them, and can't talk anymore."
Sniffer: "She did? Aww, that's so sad."
Cassandra Lionheart: "All the screaming she did destroyed her vocal cords."
ORN: "It can do that?"
Eric_Lionheart looks at Cassandra with a 'you ain't helping, be quiet' look.
Sniffer hugs Riia and pecks her on the cheek. "Never be alone, champion. You have earned a rest~."
ORN: "You should scream less often in combat, Cassie."
Riia rolls her eyes at Cassie, and throws a thankful grin at Sakha
Hector: "Screaming and courage is all you really need in a fight."
Sakha just glares at Riia and hmphs.
Sniffer lets go of Riia, and moves on to Ahiru.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN and sighs "My doesn't hurt, becuase I use the chi around me aslo."
Primeira: "So she's not?"
Ahiru meeps. "Don't come closer! Don't eat me!"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Eric, and shrugs
Pak: "S-she won't eat you @_@;"
Sniffer: "The demons haven't been here for a while."
Ahiru hides behind Pak.
Pak eeks!
Felicia: "You'll be fine, Ahiru."
Riia looks maximum innocent
Ahiru: "But she's SNIFFING. Predators SNIFF."
Primeira looks at Ahiru. "Come out, let her test you."
ORN stares at those three and thinks this is getting interesting
Eric Lionheart: "She didn't eat us."
Pak: ">_>;;;"
Riia pats Ahiru's shoulder reassuringly
ORN: "Any attempts at non-voluntary 'eating' will be dealt with"
ORN nods at Ahiru
Ahiru: "Predators don't eat YOU unless they're REALLY hungry."
Hector: "Ahiru, I give you my personal guarantee that you won't become someone's dinner."
Sniffer: "I can smell her from here. She has the spirit of…something that makes me hungry."
Ahiru meeps.
Eric Lionheart: "…"
Pak: ">_>;"
Sniffer: "But not any sort of creature we have around here."
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks
[OOC] Riia: I don't know what she is, but she smells DELICIOUS.
Sniffer: "There is something else about her, though."
ORN: "Ducks are shapeshifting waterfowl. One can place them on one's head in that form."
Riia nods and taps where an amulet would hang…
Sniffer's nose twitches a few times. "Something…"
Pak: "…Remove the shapeshifting."
ORN: "Then she would no longer be a duck"
Cassandra_Lionheart shoots ORN a glare this time.
Pak: "No, most ducks don't-"
Pak sighs.
Eric Lionheart: "ORN, ducks do not normally shapeshift."
Sniffer: "No. She has the spirits, but is not of the spirits…"
Riia nods
ORN: "They prefer that form? Granted it is particularly vicious"
Pak points at Ahiru.
ORN: "She is currently containing the suppressed spirits"
Riia laughs at ORN
Ahiru: "I capture the spirits so that they don't cause trouble anymore.
[OOC] Riia: Silently, that is.
Pak: "We already captured half of Mer."
Sniffer: "…"
Primeira: "…"
ORN has only ever seen ONE duck so…
Guards: "…"
Pak: "We're looking for the other half."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh boy."
Primeira: "You…what?"
ORN: "This also occured with Milf."
Eric Lionheart: "Maybe you shouldn't have mentioned that part."
ORN nods
Pak: "We captured them."
ORN: "As with Milf, Mer's physical form appears to have been split into two halves. This Group has already eliminated the first."
Pak: "We've captured Bolt, Milf, Gaia, Pyr, and half of Mer."
Felicia: "It's sort of what we do."
ORN: "This method is… less than preferable due to standing concerns of elemental balance in remaining spirits given lack of opposition"
Primeira looks down. "I see. So it had already progressed that far."
Eric Lionheart: "Hmm? What do you mean, Primeira?"
Primeira flops back into her seat. "Leave us. I need to talk to them alone."
ORN: "It is also part of Grav's plan, causing planetary cataclysm to edge closer. Mer will be the last spirit captured in this fashion, lest This Group precipitate destruction before assimilation of the planetoid can be properly performed."
Sniffer: "Alright. But there's a man of the sea in that room." She points to where Juan and Sakha went, and only Sakha has emerged from.
Primeira nods at the guards, one of whom briefly utters "STOP".
[OOC] ORN: and she could smell him all over sakha
Sakha: "We rescued him. He hates them as much as we do."
Riia nods hesitantly…
Sakha: "He doesn't want to be used anymore."
Primeira: "If that was your companion, he won't be harmed. But neither will he listen in on what I am about to say, and I ask that you not tell him."
Riia nods
ORN: "He was being used, though with less freedom outside of such matters as pak, by the pirates."
ORN nods
ORN: "His connection to the spirits is likely. This Unit shall keep quiet of such matters with him."
Sniffer exits the room, closing the door behind her. The guards have remained outside all this time.
Riia walks over to the bedroom, holds up a hand to tell Juan to be patient, and closes the door.
Riia sees Juan frozen in time. That guard hit her mark, alright.
Pak covers both doors in shadowstuff, wanting to paint them black
Pak: "There, that should help keep anyone from eavesdropping."
ORN: "No foreign matter outside of basic construction materials was found within the spoiled food earlier"
ORN points at the walls
ORN: "Speak"
Primeira: "First let me ask, have you encountered either of my sisters?"
ORN: "Two of them."
Pak: "Both of them!"
Riia nods
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes."
Eric_Lionheart nods.
Pak: "Secunda bit me. ._."
Primeira: "…"
Pak: "…In other words, they're both doing just fine. c.c"
Ahiru relaxes with the Sniffer gone and sits down again.
Pak: "We defended them both from Pirate attacks."
Primeira giggles. "Segunda always was a bit of a musclehead."
Pak: "Yup. >_>"
[OOC] ORN: musclehead = bite attack. got it.
Primeira: "Anyway. If you've run into them, then doubtless they've told you the basics of what's going on. Did Terci show you the city?"
ORN nods
Pak: "The lack-of-city, you mean?"
Primeira: "Yes."
Hector: "Yeah."
Primeira: "Then you know we've been fighting Mer for about a hundred years now."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Mer has been crazy for that long?"
Riia nods at Cassie.
Primeira: "Yes. Mer's…well, 'fickle' isn't quite the word. She loves, she hates, she romances, she despises."
Riia points off in the direction of the Volcannon…
ORN nods at Riia
Hector: "That must not be fun."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Wow."
Primeira: "It's almost as if she's trying to be the spirit of emotion as well as the spirit of water."
ORN: "The other spirits for the most part entered a berserked state at the time of firing"
ORN: "… are those not Plu and Min?"
Primeira: "Then again, we've come up with a few theories as to why that might be so."
Eric Lionheart: "It sounds like Mer has gone more crazy then the other spirits did."
Pak: 'Oh?"
Pak is curious. Spirit of Emotion…
Primeira looks at ORN. "Yes. We noticed that too."
Pak sits and listens.
Eric Lionheart: "Anyways, your theories?"
Primeira: "It's as if they aren't guarding their turf, or Mer's trying to infringe on them."
Primeira: "She's certainly tried to infringe on Milf, with all the alternate species she's tried to bring to sentience to be her people - but fortunately, she always comes back to us in the end."
Pak: "I've tried to do some research on those two."
ORN: "… Where are Plu and Min currently located?"
Pak: "But why is Mer branching out? How can she even manage that? @_@"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Water, Pak."
Eric Lionheart: "Ocean covers a great deal of the world."
ORN: "She manages most likely through direct influence of her followers and their dependance upon her element."
ORN: "By influencing events s he can thus alter moods to her liking. Not so much as a spirit of emotion as a direct ruler of it, in a way."
Primeira: "That's part of it. Possibly most of it."
Primeira: "It doesn't hurt that she can control blood, too."
Hector: "Why is it, though, that Mer hasn't really done anything crazy on OUR side of the world?"
ORN: "Water."
Pak: "Hn."
Primeira: "…what's it like on the other side of the world? Lots of islands, like here?"
Pak: "Um…"
ORN: "… hm… However, Plu and Min may be incapable of staving things off from such direct influence… If theirs is morality, then less abstract things are their weakness."
Felicia: "Perhaps from interference due to Bolt?"
Pak: "There's a few BIG islands."
ORN: "Mostly large continental masses. She may have influence on costal regions but it eventually wanes"
Felicia pulls out the map.
Hector: "Huh. So if water and lightning are directly opposed, then that'd make sense."
Primeira: "There's your answer."
ORN: "Large sections are also found underground"
Hector: "Yeah, Refuge is definitely not a country of the sea."
ORN: "However, bolt was suppressed first; this should have allowed her influence in other ways to grow. She cannot affect things outside her element directly, even without opposition."
Felicia points to the top half. "You." She points to the bottom. "Us."
Primeira looks at the map. "Hmm."
Primeira points to the Vieran lands. "This looks a lot more broken up…by any chance, was Milf in charge here?"
Hector: "There? Yeah."
Primeira: "Figures."
ORN: "Plu and Min are at the greatest risk and threat of loss from this cataclysm. However, lacking in the ability to directly influence physical events other than through inspiration of various sentient forces, which appears to have been attempted in the past; perhaps leading to the design of the volcannon, they will be likely not currently berserked, and thus capable of reason."
Primeira: "What's this Volcannon?"
Felicia points to it on the map.
Primeira: "Is it like the legends?"
Hector: "It's a big cannon that was designed to blow up one of the moons that's out t'kill us."
Hector: "And, uh…it didn't work."
ORN: "A massive planetary weapon system designed by the Dwarves and Creators, utilising Gaia and Pyr's influences for the most part."
Primeira: "Yeah, that sounds like the legends, alright."
Felicia: "Fired approximately 100 years ago."
Primeira: "They say it was built to destroy the invaders, but their demons shielded them from the shot."
ORN: "However it was shielded against by a large transport which had recently left it, and crashed in the Mithran regions."
Pak: "Oh… Right!"
Pak: "Right here."
Pak points at the messy island-y area."
ORN: "Most likely unwittingly. Invasion force or not, that particular pack Viera were not contained in something designed for more than rudimentary landing"
Pak: "Here's where the Mithra were that got pushed out by the Viera."
Primeira: "Yes. The legends say we used to live there as well."
ORN: "Firing it once more may be possible, but due to proximity, breaking the planetoid apart is more likely to simply widen the destructive radius, due to its range at the time. Assimilation will be preferable."
[OOC] Sakha: Is ORN grinning? I imagine ORN grinning
Hector: "Or just pushin' it back and then blowin' it up so all the pieces fall away from us."
Primeira: "The legends say that may be possible, if the components can be reactivated."
Primeira: "Those would be the cannon itself, and its control system."
[OOC] ORN: its just a simple fact. Its obviously the next step after saving world, obviously.
Eric Lionheart: "It sounds like firing it would not be in our best intrests."
Pak: "It could be."
Pak: "It depends on what we fire."
Primeira: "Definitely not if you don't get the controls online."
ORN: "Another possibility was the suppression and redirection of Grav's abilities through Ahiru's containment unit and shapeshifting capabilities."
Pak: "…"
Pak hmmmm."
Pak shiftyeyes.
Pak: "…Well…"
Primeira: "Have you ever met an invader?"
Pak: "I can think of one way to fight off the moon."
ORN: "However, due to its source and possible creator, who would have taken steps to prevent such events, it is unlikely Grav can be contained properly by it, and this may not actually function."
ORN: "Only Grav and the Viera. Are there others?"
Pak: "Huh? If you mean a Viera, then yes."
Hector: "We could always find a bigger amulet."
Primeira's ears flatten. "I'll thank you NOT to mention that name in polite company!"
Primeira: "But no. Those are merely the invaders' demons."
ORN: "Negative. A different source is preferable. Balance has been disrupted enough for the moment, and continued containment of spirit types could prove equally devastating in the long run."
Ahiru: "I couldn't wear something bigger that well…"
ORN: "This Group is generally polite and must mention it on a regular basis."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Demons? Wait."
ORN: "Please describe the invaders proper, then."
Eric Lionheart: "Cassandra, hold your tongue."
ORN: "Also, if you know anything of their exact relationship to or with the Grav unit, it would be helpful"
Ahiru: "The bunnies are ok now too. Milf made them crazy and they were running away from the moon."
Primeira: "I wish I could describe them. I know they have continued to pester the moogles from time to time."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Erc, and sighs
ORN: "This Unit is yet unsure of whether they operate for Grav, or if the Grav unit is simply a control node used by them for other purposes…"
Pak: "…"
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: Eric..doh
Pak: "Wait, so the invaders AREN'T, er, those things?"
Pak makes a rabbit-ear motion.
Primeira: "No."
Pak: "O_O"
Primeira: "At least…we're pretty sure they aren't."
Pak: "…"
Felicia: "…Hum."
Pak: "Actually."
ORN: "Would an invasion force have left such a massive captured and contaminated region without consolidating and moving from there, Pak?"
Pak: "Exactly."
ORN: "They were dumped there as escaped or eliminated bioweapon systems most likely, to disrupt the environment"
Pak: "Knowing what we do about, er, the 'demons'…"
Primeira points at the black areas on the map. "By now you surely know about the energy curtains that seal off the poles. But do you know why they're there?"
Pak: "It's very possible that they were being exploited or something."
Pak: "…We don't :<"
ORN: "Even lacking proper recreation functions, though the inhabitants of this world prove time and time again they can successfully perform such acts with anything which moves in most impressing fashion"
Primeira: "To contain the invaders."
ORN: "Hm"
Felicia: "You said these invaders used ice, correct?"
Pak: "…Oh?"
Primeira: "Yes. That's why they landed at the poles."
ORN: "If you know more of the function of these systems: This Unit would greatly appreciate methods of manipulation of such abilities"
Hector: "The poles, huh."
Hector: "And we can't actually GET there right now."
ORN: "How/when were these systems erected, then?"
Primeira: "Whatever they are, they like the cold. They're covered in fur."
Hector: "'cause of that crazy teleport curtain that our Mercantilistic friend used to get here in way less time than you'd expect one guy in a boat to do so."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Well, I kind of remember it wasn't exactly cold when we were fight Milf in the area."
Hector looks up. "Oh, sorry. I wasn't paying attention."
Primeira: "Once, while I was young…Maria and I were on a trip near the northern curtain."
Primeira: "An arm…we think it must have been ejected over the curtain, though I still don't know how anything could have gotten that high."
[OOC] Hector: IT'S A TRAP!
Primeira: "Momm…Maria preserved it, just in case. That's how Sniffer knew what they smelled like."
ORN: "hm… Do travel attempts from the other side of the curtain system cause damage, then, as a barrier method, as opposed to simple warping as our sides?"
Primeira: "I don't know. We've never tried."
ORN: "Do you know how they were erected then? you seemed to know of the systems themselves"
Pak: "…Covered in Fur?"
ORN: "Proper reproduction could allow for faster travel to the planetoid surface, allowing potentially for direct assimilation and elimination"
Primeira: "They're intended as a simple barrier. Our mages, long ago, erected them when the invaders came down."
Primeira: "But…you'd think such things would need maintenance. We've never needed to maintain them."
Pak: "…"
ORN: "They may be capable of self-repair"
Pak: "Or…"
Pak: "Maybe the 'invaders'…"
ORN: "Even older systems such as the Trombe Unit are capable of it relatively easily."
Pak: "Are maintaining it themselves?"
ORN: "…"
ORN looks at Pak
Primeira: "That thought had crossed our minds. But we can't figure out why they'd do such a thing."
ORN: "If that is the case, they are capable of dropping them at any point, which means a full scale assault is in the works"
Primeira: "Prisoners keeping their own cage intact? Why?"
ORN: "Or, alternatively…"
ORN: "…. …. Grav."
Felicia: "Maybe to keep others out while they prepare…"
ORN: "With enough influence his control over the planetoid's orbit could allow potentially a soft landing"
Pak: "There's no use guessing at this point, really."
ORN: "In which case maintaining the barriers allows this to appear as a decoy"
Felicia shrugs.
ORN: "Which would mean they are currently planning or working on methods to change the rest of the world using this impact to a more appropriate frozen wasteland"
ORN: "The elimination of all non-suitable species on the planet becomes an added bonus, and any planetary damage could otherwise be kept minimal by the planetoid's gravity spirit"
Hector: "This really is an abnormally complex plan."
Eric Lionheart: "Indeed."
ORN: "Only in its length. However it would allow for total conversion with relatively few forces"
Hector: "The more complex it is, the easier it is to screw up, at least."
ORN: "While overly long, it is not entirely so difficult given their ability to travel here in the first place."
Hector: "We just gotta know where to throw the wrenches."
ORN: "Several places in this case would require wrenches with little time for recovery"
Pak: "Okay okay. @_@"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Unfortunatly, I think some of the wrenches we have thrown have not worked."
Pak handflail.
Felicia: "…A-Anyway. As Pak said, this isnt really going anywhere."
ORN: "Disrupting any such plans at the poles, and avoiding the current impact"
ORN: "Overall, the plans becomes overly complex for the defensive force… NOT the invaders"
ORN: "And as you said, the more complex…"
Felicia: "Given how things tend to go, we'll probably figure it out in time anyway."
Hector: "I'm with Felicia."
Felicia: "There's no need to understand it all right now."
Pak: "We still need to capture the other half of Mer…"
Primeira: "…what you say makes a lot of sense, though."
Hector: "You know, we haven't even had dinner!"
ORN looks at Felicia
Pak: "Otherwise we can't get to the sky and-"
Pak stomachrumble. @_@
ORN: "Its not like This Group is doing anything ELSE at the moment"
Cassandra Lionheart: "True."
Felicia: "Still a waste of breath."
Felicia: "…and I'm hungry."
Primeira giggles. "I'll have dinner brought in after we're done."
ORN: "The food here is a waste, no offense. These buildings are… unsatisfactory"
Primeira: "It's the least I can do for you."
ORN: "Have you any fortifications?"
Primeira: "Hmm…you eat rock, right? How about metal ore?"
ORN: "… … Meh."
ORN: "Acceptable though not always suitable, depending on the type"
ORN: "Those treated with rapid-cooling methods are preferable, with moderately crystalized structures"
Primeira: "We've got a few to choose from. We were put here to…oh!"
Primeira: "That's right! I still haven't told you what I was going to tell you."
Cassandra Lionheart: "What is it Primeira?"
Pak: "Right, I figured we'd gotten sidetracked."
Felicia nods.
Primeira: "My mom set up the current village system. She went to the heart of the pirates to try to fight Mer herself, but she was afraid she wasn't strong enough. From what you've told me…" She sighs. "…she was right."
Primeira: "So as a backup, she had her daughters lead three villages. Terci, the youngest, was left near home, to grow food and care for those who needed a stable place."
Primeira: "Musclehead Segunda was sent from island to island, clearing them of lumber - and of any of Mer's experiments or stragglers, keeping anything unexpected from hiding."
Pak: "We saw some hypno-toads."
Pak: "So yeah, she's doing a good job with that."
Primeira: "And then there's me. The others were told I was in exile, a mining camp. We do mine for metal, but Mer's started to suspect our real purpose."
Primeira: "You know we had legends of Refuge, right?"
Pak: "…How did you learn of it?"
Hector: "Hm."
Pak: "It didn't exist until around 100 years ago- before that it was just a place Humans lived."
Primeira: "Tales from travellers. We had some spies since then reporting back - Terci was asked to have them report to her."
ORN: "Moderately central, and all forces knowing of the Volcannon plan would likely know of 'plans b, c and d' as it were."
ORN: "The location of a secondary 'safe zone' would likely have been passed on beforehand also"
Primeira: "We…didn't know exactly where Refuge was, but we had a good guess. So we figured we'd set up here, in the mountains, and dig on through to contact them."
Primeira: "It didn't take long before Mer started scouring the mountainside for us. We…lost a lot of people, before we dug inside."
ORN: "You would more likely thus have eventually reached the Dwarven or non-creators"
Hector: "Least we got Refuge diggin' towards ya now."
Cassandra_Lionheart nods and listens to the story some more
Primeira: "The metal we have is too useful for the pirates to give up on, so they send occasional trade missions up here."
Primeira: "We've heard reports of monstrosities of metal, from people who tried going overland."
ORN: "Ah… But their digging abilities appear hampered by hardened magma. Will they be alright getting here?"
Primeira: "The…ones who made it back, anyway."
ORN: "…"
ORN: "Trombe Units?"
Primeira: "No."
Pak: "…Dragons?"
Primeira: "No."
Pak: "Or something different?"
Pak: "Also I wanna know what's up with the dragons."
Pak: "But I can wait."
Primeira looks at ORN. "Actually…some of them were kind of like you. More metallic, though."
Hector: "Well, there's those robots…"
ORN stops for a moment - she didn't blink an eye at mention of Trombe units…
Felicia frowns. "Those again…"
Hector: "The ones that scared the crap outta us back then, but we ended up just kinda pushin' down a while later."
ORN: "Metallic? … Such shells are usually only protective of internal systems rather than integrating them. Inferior, as the sentinels show."
ORN describes bolt's sentinels as exactly as he can
ORN: "These?"
Primeira: "I…assume by 'Trombe' you mean the transporters."
Primeira: "Yes, those. You've run into them too?"
[OOC] ORN: if I recall he's got the prints for the sentinels integrated from way back when
ORN: "This Group's currently requires repairs"
Pak: "…How'd you assume that? @_@:"
Hector: "Trombe's just the name I gave to our metal chocobo."
Pak: "Though yeah, ours got busted."
Pak: "Anyway…"
ORN: "You knew of it from the initial name, without a description."
Pak: "Bolt's supposed to be gone."
Pak: "T_T;"
Pak: "So how can robots still be running around the monsters?"
ORN: "The Tech-school designs are of no consequence with any members of This Series"
Felicia: "The sentinels were Bolt's work. I thought most of them would have been disabled by now…"
Primeira: "Wait, wait. They're gone?"
Hector: "They are now. We passed a bunch of 'em on the way over. Had a jolly old time reducin' 'em to scrap."
ORN: "… Minor snacks for the most part. The Creators were quite thorough in their specifications"
Primeira: "The last effort we sent was five years ago. When did they go away?"
Pak: "…'
Pak: "About…"
Felicia: "Much more recently."
Pak counts on his fingers.
Pak: "A few months?"
ORN: "Initial antimachinae operations against such designs were less than three months ago"
Sakha: "Even if they aren't gon' we're much stronger than them so they're easily taken care of."
Riia gets a malicious look to her, followed by a hopeful look
ORN: "The latest encountered batch were inoperative. Bolt's control obsession had caused them all to be linked to himself for operations"
Primeira: "…"
Hector: "When we were all in Refuge, and we'd hadn't met up with Orn, Eric, and Sakha yet, just ONE of them gave us a hellishly hard time."
ORN: "They could be repurposed, but retaking the Creators work would be far more effective, given This Unit's capabilities against them."
Sakha: "Hey, I was holding my own quite well, thank you very much."
Primeira: "I see. Then…we probably didn't need to arm it."
Hector: "This was BEFORE you came by, Sakha."
Pak: "…Arm what?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Arm…?"
ORN: "Even then they would have been relatively weak to internal damage from moisture."
ORN perks up at mention of new weapon
Hector: "At the top of Mountainsburg."
Primeira: "Ah. Let me guess. You were told I was on dragon watch or something, right?"
ORN nods
Riia nods
Felicia: "Dragons. Yeah."
Primeira: "That was true…as far as it went."
Pak: "…Huh?"
Riia: ó.ô
ORN: "This Unit has seen some of their children's literature. Why did your people appear apprehensive?"
ORN: "went?"
Primeira: "A while ago, we saw one of our ancient transport units atop a giant tsunami. Some people were on it, but we were sure they weren't going to survive impact."
Riia coughs
ORN: "The Trombe Unit requires repairs…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "That…was…us."
ORN: "This was… the reason"
Primeira: "So we carved out a tunnel to just below where they were going to collide, so we could salvage the transport."
Riia nods
ORN darkens and glares
Primeira: "We figured we'd send it overland, with enough weaponry to bust through the machines."
Riia blinks
Primeira: "I guess we don't need to bust through anymore."
Riia: =o
Riia pokes ORN
ORN looks
Riia looks at him excitedly
Felicia: "…So you've outfitted Trombe with an arsenal."
[OOC] Hector: Trombe IWSP.
ORN: "Was anything done to its cognitive abilities?"
Primeira: "Well, in the process of doing so. It'll take a few days."
Pak: "…That's… awesome."
Primeira: "Right now, we just got it back online. That's how I knew the name."
Pak: "…Aha."
Hector chuckles.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh, good."
Felicia sweatdrops. "Now you've gone and gotten him all excited…"
Primeira: "I suppose I should show you to your friend." She stands up and heads for the door. "Come."
ORN: "This Unit has seen several destroyed models down tunnels towards this region. Any such damage will not be tolerated."
Primeira: "What do you take us for, the pirates?"
Cassandra_Lionheart follows Primera "ORN is like a little kid in a candy store."
Primeira: "Trombe's our ticket out of here!"
Hector: "Except that he's OURS."
Primeira: "If your dwarf friends from Mountainsburg don't reach us first."
Primeria opens the door and heads out, telling the guards, "They're Trombe's friends. They're okay."
The guards seem to relax in unison at that, and disperse.
Pak follows after Primeira.
ORN lightens up a little noticing that last line, since it sounds like she'd at least respected its cognitives
Hector shoves his hands in his pockets and starts walking.
Felicia stands, following after.
Riia follows
Primeira leads the party through a few tunnels, to a large repair bay. Trombe is in pieces scattered all over, but at least somewhat orderly. A tunnel leads off in the direction the group had stored the machine at.
Trombe: "Greetings. Apologies that current function is severely impaired."
ORN nods
Pak: "…oxo"
Hector: "No, it's fine. I figured you were gonna get busted up pretty badly at least once."
Cassandra Lionheart: "No worries Trombe. They are helping you to get fixed."
Pak: "Wah…"
ORN: "Cognitive functions were unaltered. Functions will be restored in time, no apologies necessary"
ORN: "Frames are meant to be altered. Work on overlay integration may be improved through further study of the Trombe Unit's systems with other senses."
Primeira: "We're still checking out how bad the damage is."
Pak: "Please fix him! *_*"
Primeira: "Of course. We were planning to take our time, though."
Pak: "He's as vital to the team as Sakha or ORN or Hector! Or other people too! >_>;"
ORN: "Frame damage was severe due to the impact."
[OOC] ORN: ouch to the other people dude :;;;
[OOC] WC GM: Note that he left himself out.
Sakha: "Important? Hmph."
Primeira: "Anyway. While we wait for your friend to be fixed, I hope you won't mind if I request your help with a few things."
ORN: "… Dragons?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Sure. I don't mind helping."
Ahiru salutes. "Aye aye."
Pak: "Dragons? :3"
Pak: "Also I'll help. >_>;"
Primeira: "Hopefully *not* dragons. Mer's awoken them from the bottom of the sea - the sooner we leave this place, the less we'll have to deal with them."
Riia hmms
ORN wonders if its that their book is late… Its true they're apparently tough to beat into submission
[OOC] Pak: …
Ahiru: "Mebbe helping will help us find more of Mer."
[OOC] Pak: That was AWFUL
[OOC] WC GM: I wasn't going to say anything. ;)
Primeira: "But for instance, if you have defeated mo…Maria…then the pirate traders with our food might not be coming soon."
Pak: "…Oh~!"
ORN: "… There's already far too much Mer as is. However she should have a distinct and destructible physical core."
Pak: "So you need food?"
Primeira: "We have backup crops on the surface - some distance away, for safety's sake."
Pak 's stomach growls again.
ORN: "Then you require trade-route re-establishment with other settlements…"
Primeira: "But collecting them is a problem."
ORN: "… Felicia; did you not perform this with other regions already through your fleet?"
Felicia: "Eh?"
[OOC] Riia: We're currently directly north of Refuge, yes?
[OOC] WC GM: You don't know.
[OOC] Riia: Rats.
[OOC] WC GM: Not for sure, anyway.
[OOC] Felicia: Can't try to figure out?
[OOC] WC GM: There are ways you can try, yes.
[OOC] ORN: underground; star nav hampered but do have map..
Riia wonders how far the nearest MithraTunnel would be…
Primeira: "Anyway. We do have some food, and I promised I'd get you dinner. After that…" She looks at the party with a critical eye.
Pak: "I think she's just asking for us to gather the crops for her. :x"
Felicia pulls out her map. They'd been going for awhile, but maybe she could get a general idea of where they are… [Navigation?]
Felicia: "Probably."
Primeira: "…I think our smiths can equip you with something better than what you have."
Riia looks really excited at that
Pak: "…!"
Ahiru: "… Just dn't eat ME, ok?"
ORN: "The Creators occasionally demanded such things also. Slimes were usually involved."
Pak: "Ooh."
ORN: "Hm…"
[OOC] WC GM: Nav, sure, but a significant penalty given the circumstances.
Felicia: "But I do wonder the possibilities… though it wouldnt be my doing. Can't send ships through mountains… yet."
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay. New armor and weapons work."
[OOC] Felicia: SHAZAM
Felicia eventually figures out she's holding the map upside down. By her plotting, the group should be…in the middle of the Volcannon? No, definitely not.
ORN: "Hm… Modifications could be possible. What currently prevents them from floating on land?"
Hector wonders where they are, too. ((Nav check.))
Felicia: "…Urf."
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 )
Pak: "Here, hold on."
[OOC] Hector: Pass by 52 without penalty.
Felicia spins it, with a cough.
[OOC] ORN: *tosses the systems check out the window and sees it hit by a truck and run over by a bus*
Primeira leads the party from the repair bay to a mess hall.
Pak follows after, his stomach rumbling
Hector takes the map.
The food available is…much like at Terceira's, but somewhat more stale and a bit colder. Less tasty.
Hector squints for a second, and then points at a place that's almost directly north of Mountainsburg.
Cassandra_Lionheart falls behind and walks with Riia
Pak mrrs?
Hector: "This is where we are."
Pak: "…This food is strange…"
Hector: "Damn, I'm good!"
Hector hands the map back to Felicia.
Felicia twitches, snatching it back. She tucks it away.
Primeira looks over Hector's shoulder. "Where?"
Too late - the map is tucked away first.
ORN takes a look at the silverware and plates
Felicia waves. "He can show you later. Food now."
[OOC] ORN: if any
Cassandra_Lionheart whispers into Riia's ear "Your no demon or invader."
Pak: "…"
Pak tilts his head.
Pak: "…Even Secunda had better food…"
Pak mumbles, and tries to eat some.
ORN: "She did mention they were having problems with this, Pak."
The silverware is iron, and the plates stone.
Ahiru doesn't seem to care if the food is a bit stale.
Hector eats. He's happy he's getting some food in his stomach.
ORN: "However for a mining community's to be this… hm…"
ORN picks up a plate…
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah. I'll eat whatever there is here."
ORN probes a little
Even the plate seems bland to ORN's palette.
Edible, though.
Riia eats some- not a lot, but some
Pak: "I know @_@"
[OOC] Ahiru: Speaking of food my brothers want me to go for groceries with them…
Pak is thinking
Pak: "…"
Felicia eats up. Not the best, but better than rations back home…
[OOC] WC GM: We're almost done.
Cassandra_Lionheart gets a bit and digs in
Pak: "Can I take a look at the kitchen?"
Pak: "Sakha, can you come with me and help?"
Riia follows
ORN: "… These will do… Perhaps This Unit was simply spoiled… Expectations should not be kept to the level of Non-Creator architecture and 'beaches'…"
Pak: "You learned how to make plasma food, right?"
Eric_Lionheart hmms thoughtfully.
ORN takes a few more plates
Primeira: "Sure…but it's mostly warming up what we've imported."
Sakha: "Hm? Help what?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Trust me. I have eaten worse."
ORN: "You said you had various ores?"
Hector: "The dwarves had nothing but bread."
[OOC] Riia: following Pak, that is
Hector: "Bread and water, every day. Every meal. It was maddening."
Pak: "I know, but we can definitely spice things up a little, at least!"
ORN visibly growing into/through/from a plate as he asks
Sakha: "But I haven't much practice… are you saying to practice now?"
Hector: "However, those lava-fish or whatever the hell they were, in the Elvaan lands, were quite good."
Pak: "Yes!"
Primeira: "Yeah. What you have there is our most common iron…" She blinks at ORN.
Pak: "Don't worry, I can cook."
Primeira: "Rock eater. Right. You warned me about this. Anyway."
Sakha: "Sure…"
[OOC] Sakha: MAG check?
Cassandra Lionheart: "Anybod here have skunk before?"
[OOC] WC GM: Sure.
Cassandra_Lionheart says this with a straight face
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 98 ( Total: 98 )
[OOC] Felicia: WHOOO
[OOC] Sakha: ouch
[OOC] Sakha: need more practice
Pak, Sakha, and Riia indeed find little more than a store-and-heat facility. Sakha manages to convert a burrito into plasma - and nothing else.
[OOC] Felicia: RNG Gods on a rampage
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Lemme help!"
Pak feels a flow of new magic inside…"
Eric_Lionheart has nothing really to offer. He does ask if there is any wounded around and explains he is a expert with healing magic.
ORN: "Why do people always appear surprised? How would you expect one to consume when told such things anyways?"
Pak puts his hand on Sakha's shoulder. She feels like she can try again! (Reset!)
Pak: "Here! This should let you fix that."
[OOC] Pak: You can roll twice instead of once
[OOC] Pak: And take the better roll.
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 )
Primeira nods at Eric, and points him to quarters where those injured in the earlier fight are still recovering.
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 )
[OOC] Sakha: both pass
Sakha forms a pile of small white crystals.
Pak: "…?"
Pak: "What did you make?"
Riia sniffs at the crystals, to try and determine what they can do…
Pak tastes one.
Riia and Pak easily identify sugar.
Pak: "…mm."
Eric_Lionheart goes to help those wounded out.
[OOC] Riia: Eeeexcelent. Now if only I knew how to ask her for flour…
Pak: "It's sweet~"
[OOC] Sakha: Sorry I gotta go, I give Saiai power to control Sakha for practicing Plasma.
[OOC] Pak: Kay
Primeira: "Anyway, when you see the smiths, tell them I said you could sample their raw stock. That's where we keep most of the unprocessed ores. Maybe there's something in there you'll like."
Pak starts cooking, getting Sakha to form any ingredients he needs!
ORN: "Very well. Where are they?"
[OOC] Pak: Cooking Check
Riia helps Pak and Sakha
Pak gives himself a lucky charm, first, though.
[OOC] Pak: Reset- go~!
Pak rolled 2d100 and got 67, 19 for a total of 86
Primeira points towards what seems to be the center of the village.
[OOC] Pak: Pass by 31
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
Primeira: "Over th-"
ORN nods, grabs another plate for good measure and heads off
[OOC] Riia: Utter fail.
[OOC] Felicia: See? RNG Gods on a rampage
Primeira sniffs.
[OOC] Felicia: Well, mostly just Sugar
[OOC] Riia: =o! GF!
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 )
Sniffer pops up behind Riia.
Sniffer: "Hey! Whatcha makin'?"
[OOC] Riia: Pass by 1
Cassandra_Lionheart sits eating and is smiling
Pak: "I'm not sure~!"
Pak eats a Burrito as he cooks.
Primeira winces. "New food. Sniffer's going to be all over that."
Sniffer: "May I try some?"
Pak: "Um, sure!"
[OOC] Riia: We need to make cookies.
Pak holds up something he made. He was going for something spicy…
Sniffer helps herself to a bite almost before Pak can agree.
Sniffer does not QUITE bite off Pak's fingers.
Hector: "Felicia, gimme the map for a sec. I'd like to show Primeira where we are."
ORN walks into the nearest smith's, having finished his plates on the way, and looks for anyone there
Pak yelps, tugging his hand away. @_@
Sniffer freezes up.
Riia grins at Pak
ORN sees one smith on duty.
Cassandra Lionheart: "I'd like to see what armor and swords you have on sale here, Primeira."
Smith: "…"
ORN: "Greetings ^^.
ORN puts on his best sparkling
Pak looks down at Sniffer.
Primeira nods. "Follow your statue friend. He was headed in that direction."
Pak: "…n.n; Is it good?"
Sniffer clutches at her heart.
Pak: "I'm a pretty good cook, but we're working with odd materials."
Pak: "o_o!"
Cassandra_Lionheart nods "I hope my brother doesn't beg like a cat does for food."
Riia gives Sniffer some water
ORN: "This Unit was told a sampling buffet of raw materials was to be located here for banquet purposes?"
Cassandra_Lionheart gets up and follows ORN
Sniffer: "If…if I died right now, my eternity would be paradise~…"
Sniffer is blindly staring off into space.
Pak sweatdrops.
Felicia: "…"
Riia grins
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN! your not bugging the smither to badly, are you brother?"
Pak: "Okay…"
Riia needs to see if blacksmiths have Parts, though.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: you are
Riia taps Pak on the shoulder and waves as she leaves
Pak looks. It looked like she ate some of the sugar…
ORN: "This Unit just introduced itself and was asking about the local tastes"
Pak hms? "Oh! See you, Riia!"
The smith points to several bins of raw ore. ORN can identify them at a glance - common ores, all.
Pak: "I'll just keep cooking with Sniffer."
Felicia places the map on the table, heading off towards the Smith.
Pak makes several dishes, trying to improve on what's availible, letting Sniffer eat as she pleases
Cassandra Lionheart: "Excuse me sir. What do you got for swords and armor?"
ORN: "Deeper digging is recommended. Nevertheless, for a surface and water focused race… not bad."
Riia looks for parts she can use to make Tools
Hector cracks his knuckles. "Alright, so…"
ORN goes over to a bin, smashes an arm in and takes a few polite kilos
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I must take my leave now, though thankfully session seems to be almost done.
Pak very quickly gives Sniffer a sugar high.
Hector points to Refuge. "This is Refuge." *He moves his finger north and then slightly over. "And this is where we are."
Pak sweatdrops. n.n;
ORN: "You appear to have some experience working with various materials at once. Would you be capable of modifying the plating on emission systems currently owned?"
Pak: "Ahh, this is the first time you've ever had sugar, huh?"
Hector: "And this…" *he points to a small area in the mountains near Mountainsburg. "Is where I'm from. It's called Shaft."
Primeira: "Uh huh. Well, if the dwarves are digging north, they'll miss us by quite a ways."
[OOC] ORN: … smells and sugar highs? she's gonna either bounce off the walls or bounce both of you off the bed ^_~
Primeira: "But this gives us an idea of where they WILL come out, so we can go over there and be ready for them."
Hector: "Mm-hm. You could also point out where exactly to turn the tunnel so that it connects to here."
Sniffer: "What'ssugar?"
Sniffer twitches with energy.
Pak: "This."
Pak gives Sniffer one of the tiny crystals.
The smith, meanwhile, is silently pointing to an array of swords and metal, still keeping an eye on ORN.
Pak: "It's a sweet substance that's refined from some sort of plant."
ORN turns to him inquisitively
ORN: "Are you alright?"
Sniffer: "That'snicesayhaveyouevereateninvaderbefore?"
Cassandra_Lionheart goes and looks around smiling
Pak: "Nope. n.n;"
Pak: "Why, have you?"
Sniffer: "Teeheedon'ttellPrimmybutthat'swherehersamplewent~."
Pak: "Her sample? :x"
Pak: "Y…you ate it?! O_O;"
Smith: "Ah…fine. Just fine."
Sniffer: "Ihaddagetextremelyfamiliarwithitsoyeah."
Pak: "O-oh… @_@;"
Sniffer: "Primmywantedmenevertoforgetit."
Pak: "…How did it taste?"
Hector gets up. "Thanks for the meal. Feel free to study the map if ya want, Prim. I think I'm going to check out your smith."
Sniffer: "Likechocoboonlynot."
Primeira nods, and does indeed continue studying the map.
ORN: "You appear preoccupied. Which would be relatively required to ignore a potentially highly lucrative order This Unit was suggesting of placing with you"
Pak: "Ahh, so pretty tasty!"
Smith: "Just…never talked to…did you say lucrative?"
Pak cooks up some more food.
ORN: "Indeed"
Smith: "Err - you know we don't really use gil, except to make things out of, right?"
Pak: "Here, try this sauce!"
Hector enters the smithy area, just then!
ORN: "There are a handful of other materials involved also, but that is correct."
Pak pours it over a Burrito and hands it to her.
ORN holds out his right arm, splits it open into launcher mode, and starts forming an arc across the halves
Smith: "I mean, not like the pirates have their treasure hordes. What use is money if there's nothing to buy?"
ORN: "… Soon, far greater use than you can imagine"
Cassandra Lionheart: "YOu don't use gil? But still I have to pay you for making the weapons and armor, you knwo."
ORN: "Given that last part"
Sniffer tries the sauce. Vibrates even more.
Smith: "Well, yeah. Gotta replace the gil that went into those weapons and armor."
ORN: "Consider the impending plan of your leader, which as This Unit speaks is in progress from the mountainsburg dwarves: a massive community."
Cassandra_Lionheart nods, and continues to look at the items.
ORN: "This will soon open up a large traderoute, not even counting oversea routes available once Mer has been suppressed by This Group."
Hector: "You'll need to use gil to buy things from them, y'know, so they can make up the cost of diggin' the tunnel."
Pak: "n.n;"
The smith laughs. "Mountainsburg? Yeah, right. Next you'll be saying the golden armies of Refuge are already coming!"
Pak sweatdrops. It was supposed to be more tangy…
Pak hmms, wonders how to calm her down.
Cassandra Lionheart: "We ARE from Refuge."
ORN: "They are not golden"
ORN: "And rather busy at the moment"
Felicia nods, investigating a sword. "Indeed."
Hector: "Yer just gonna hafta trust us on this one, alright?"
Smith: "Ha! Yeah, right! Then you've the power to call down lightning from the sky, and smite Mer herself!"
ORN: "You are relatively close to mountainsburg, though further digging is required south."
ORN points at his arm, slowly forms a massive lightning-orb and fires it upwards out the window
Felicia: "…"
Smith: "…"
Felicia points her sword straight up, a bolt falling from the blue.
Smith: "O_O;;;"
Felicia: "Yeah. Probably."
ORN: "Of course. That is what This Group was passing by to accomplish, though the lightning part has been easily performed for such time"
Hector holds his whip in both hands and starts to fill it with lightning.
Hector: "I just recently learned to do this."
Smith: "…the…golden armies…"
Hector: "And when I run inta Mer, I'm gonna Thunder Crash her back a million years."
ORN: "This Unit recently assimilated an amplification system for this. More can be found on certain non-Trombe debris which were stored at the time on This Group's Trombe unit."
Smith: "A million strong. Heroes of justice, just waiting to be called."
[OOC] Felicia: 1 Avail away ;_;
[OOC] Pak: Any XP for today, btw?
ORN: "… Incorrect on the first part, although proportional strength estimates in actual power if not numbers may be appropriate for the moment."
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah, let's post XP and wrap up.
ORN: "If This Unit were to bring you several amplification systems such as used for what This Unit has just shown you, could you add heavier plating to them?"
[OOC] WC GM: 9500 XP each
Smith: "I could."
Smith: "Probably."
Smith: "I could even add gil plating to th…"
ORN nods
The smith blinks. "…you know…gil plating. That WOULD make you the golden armies, wouldn't it?"
ORN: "Additional payment will be supplied atop the materials of course"
ORN: "hm…"
Pak continues having fun and cooking with Sniffer, giving her water to try and calm her down. >_>
Hector: "Gold's not really my color."
ORN: "Are you certain such a tint would function appropriately given This Unit's composition?"
[OOC] WC GM: Considering that right around now is when you get Gold Armor et al.
ORN: "The blue-tint from absorbed oxides is rather pleasing to the eye after all"
Smith: "Well, I have a few gemstones I could try too."
[OOC] Felicia: Diamond, actually :B
Hector scratches the back of his head. "Gold might not be a bad color for Orn."
[OOC] Hector: Hyaku Shiki. :3
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah."
[OOC] WC GM: Thought Diamond wasn't until later in the chapter.
Hector: "I'm more into a red 'n black kinda style."
[OOC] WC GM: Or next chapter.
[OOC] ORN: diamond was like a level ago, availability wise. 48 for the base
Pak made a friend~ *
[OOC] Pak: In Zelda music
[OOC] Felicia: Diamond shows up at 48-45
[OOC] ORN: 39 I think is good for the customs and we're getting close to that
[OOC] Felicia: we're at 47
[OOC] ORN: level I mean
[OOC] Felicia: Avail, I mean
[OOC] ORN: diamond effect gauntlets at avail 46, yeah.
[OOC] ORN: base already present.
[OOC] Felicia: Sword at 46 T_T
[OOC] WC GM: Anyway - logend has been requested, so…
[OOC] Hector: I can't get 13xStr weapons until level FOURTY.

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