EC Session 3.2

O'dark AM, Boltember 1 Pyrday.
The party, and several of the dwarves, wake to a louder-than-usual explosion from ORN's tunnelling.
[OOC] Hector: Are we at full HP?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes. You've just been sleeping off a full feast.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Ouch…my head….some one turn down that racket, please??"
Pak jolts up!
Pak: "O_O"
Dwarf: "Wha' in Gaia woos tha'?"
Hector 's eyes snap open but he doesn't get up just yet. He's had experience with waking up after a night of heavy drinking.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks around slowly "ORN?"
Pak tries to stand but falls.
Felicia holds her head as she snaps up. "Ugh… Never again."
Pak: "…Why are we at…?"
Pak looks around dizzily.
Hector slowly, slowly sits up, breathing deeply, making sure not to make any sudden movements.
Cassandra_Lionheart silently looks at teh group and gets up a bit woobly herself
ORN no longer making any noise
The dwarves who are up begin checking on those who are not, making sure no one partied hard enough to endanger health.
Pak checks Sakha and Ahiru.
Cassandra Lionheart: "I'll go look for ORN, you guys…" *walks out*
Pak: "…Sis?! Why are you mostly naked?!"
Sakha sits up woozily. She doesn't remember much from last night.
Hector stands up, using the wall for support.
Pak doesn't remember much either, but is blushing a whole lot. x.x
Pak also looks down, acks, and pulls his pants up.
Hector blinks a few times, rubs his eyes, then holds his head.
Sakha looks down. "I don't see what's wrong. It's like a swimsuit. Nothing's showing."
Pak: "But I don't really… x.x"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hey ORN? Where are you?" *continues to walk near the area where they had the party*
Sakha: "Where is my tunic?" She gets up and starts her search.
Hector breathes deeply. "I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm ooooookay." He suddenly feels and looks less screwed-up.
ORN groans
Ahiru wakes up, shivers, and sneezes.
Felicia stands, still disoriented from the evenings activities. She looks over herself and turns red, quickly scrambling to find her breastplate and retying her bandages into place.
Cassandra can easily home in on the groan, if not the flicker of reddish light coming from that direction.
Cassandra_Lionheart runs to the red beacon
Hector glances back and sees everyone still attempting to realign themselves. "Heh. I'm going to walk a bit. You guys finish getting ready."
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN? Are you all right?"
There's ORN. And there's a tunnel that leads through the wall of hardened magma, exiting onto a path next to a sea of non-hardened magma on the other side.
Hector takes a walk around the dwarf area, fascinated by the caves and what they've done, seeing as how he's a cave-dweller sort of.
ORN: "… never… again…"
Pak meeps at ahiru. Holds up a very small fire spell for her to warm herself near.
Cassandra_Lionheart rushes to ORN "Do you need help?"
ORN holding head and lightly bashing it against wall
ORN: "less noise…"
The architecture of this place is at once familiar and alien to a resident of Shaft. About what one would expect from architects distanced by at least a hundred years and about half a world.
Ahiru smiles
Hector: "Hm. I can dig it."
Many of the fixtures seem smallish - though there are a few larger buildings, perhaps for non-dwarf residents.
ORN: "This Unit consumed far too much"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Your…hung…over?" *blinks*
ORN: "… Many impurities through flow.. like… Trombe Unit… stomping on head…"
Hector looks around and wonders how easily defended a place like this would be.
Farms fed by underground rivers - and likely some degree of magic. Evidence of mining everywhere. Even a trio of chocobos running down the street with some…familiar…riders…
Cassandra_Lionheart tries to help ORN up
…charging right at Hector.
Hector jumps out of the way and rolls with the impact.
WC GM rolled 3d100 and got 57, 44, 95 ( Total: 196 )
Hicks, Wedge, and Biggs do not seem to even notice Hector as they ride by, headed for the tunnel.
Hector: "…damn! Gotta tell the others!" *he doubletimes back to the room where he woke up*
ORN get up slowly, very much regretting his latest discovery
[OOC] WC GM: Awareness, ORN and Cassandra - at a penalty.
Cassandra Lionheart: "It is all right ORN. I have you."
Hector: "Everyone, we've got Three Stooges on the loose and I saw where they're going."
Sakha: "How'd they get here?" She pulls on her tunic.
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 1d100 and got 16 for a total of 16
Felicia soon has recomposed herself, donning her hat.
Pak: "Three Stoo-oh."
Cassandra easily sees the trio incoming in ample time to get herself and ORN out of the way.
Pak: "…Well, yeah, they said they were running this way, huh?"
ORN: "… running? ?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "What the?"
Hector: "Get ready at double speed, puke if you have to, and let's go."
ORN: "… ?"
The trio charge into and through the tunnel, quickly leaving sight.
Pak holds his head.
Cassandra Lionheart: "We have to follow them! Come on ORN."
Felicia: "…Stooges? What's going on?"
ORN nods and staggers behind
ORN: "What was those?"
Hector: "Some recurring jackasses we stomp into the ground every so often."
They do have to duck - an ORN-sized tunnel is not quite a Chocobo-and-rider-sized tunnel - but they make it through.
Ahiru hops up ready to go. "The three guys we met you with."
Cassandra Lionheart: "It looked like Wedge, Hicks and Biggs!"
ORN: "… This Unit likes hurting those. Maybe that would make pain go away…"
DwarfLeader: "…you…you DID it!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay, then lets book it!"
The apparent leader of the village is staring wide-eyed at the tunnel.
Hector meets Cass and Orn. "Yo."
DwarfLeader: "We thought we'd never…in a hunner' years we've been tryin'…"
ORN groans again and nods at the dwarf
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hey Hector! I just saw those idiots zoom by like they were on fire!"
Pak: "We can have another feast later. n.n"
Hector: "Same here."
DwarfLeader: "Only those wit' Gaia's blessin' could walk through. I suppose that Hume walkin' through should'a been a sign."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Huh? Is this cursed?"
DwarfLeader: "But now…now, we c'n start…goin' home!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Going home? What happened?"
ORN: "… Very cursed… Never eating it again.. horrible… horrible pain in head. but… seemed so tasty…"
DwarfLeader: "Cursed? Ach, lass, can ye not SEE? It's a bloomin' wall o' hard lava! Just ye TRY walkin' through that wit'out magical aid!"
Pak: "It's rocks."
Pak: "n.n;"
ORN nods at pak
Sakha: "If I recall correctly… the dwarves were forced out of their original home when the elves appeared with the flows of lava…"
Felicia: "Ah. THOSE three." She grumbles. "They're just going to make this headache worse…"
Pak: "Ah?"
DwarfLeader: "'Bout a hunner' years ago, we're on an expedition to loop th' worl' - somethin' about a backup safety."
Hector: "…whoa."
Hector: "Hm. Must be related to what the viera were supposed to warn the world about."
DwarfLeader: "Well, whatever we were bein' saved from pro'lly happened, 'cause the magma goes all wild."
DwarfLeader: "Seals us off from our way back. Most o' us were born afterwards - ne'er knew what home we left behin'."
DwarfLeader: "So we dug. An' we dug an' we dug an' we dug. We're dwarves, that's what we DO."
DwarfLeader: "An' all of a sudden, the digging's done."
Cassandra Lionheart: "That is sad. Must mean the next spirit is going crazy in your homeland!"
[OOC] Sakha: GOLEMS!
DwarfLeader: "Aye, Gaia's likely t' blame. She or Pyr."
ORN: ".. It may have assimilated too much of it….."
Hector: "Well, time to hit up this ancient homeland o'yours and set the wrong things right."
ORN: "… are they together?"
Pak: "Why couldn't you dig any farther?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Which ever one it is, we will help them."
DwarfLeader: "We ne'er could dig far through the lava, lad. As to together - Gaia's the spirit o' the Earth. Pyr's the spirit o' Fire. Which one do y' think rules magma?"
DwarfLeader: "…yeah, we're not sure either."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Pyr, it sounds like."
ORN: "… … both together?"
DwarfLeader: "Maybe there's records o' that back home, though."
Pak: "Well… uh…"
Pak: "…"
Felicia: "Hrm."
Pak looks over at the un-hardened Magma.
Pak: "So where do we go now?"
Hector: "After the stooges."
The un-hardened magma glows red, providing the main lighting source beyond the tunnel.
Cassandra Lionheart: "I say though this, and what Hector said."
Ahiru: "They're probably gonna get caught in Gaia's schemes too."
Pak tries to see if there's a way past the magma.
Felicia: "So it would be best to pursue them, if possible."
There's a rock path leading past it. It's fairly broad, but curves away shortly after the tunnel.
[OOC] Hector: obligatory volcano/lava dungeon in an RPG
[OOC] WC GM: Well, yeah. >_>
Cassandra Lionheart: "Lets do it then. I all ready miss my Ice Plate now!"
[OOC] Hector: We're also going to do ice caves and a sewer.
[OOC] WC GM: But it's more than just that here. Think more like FFIV's underworld.
[OOC] Hector: Eighteen-year veteran of video games talking here.
[OOC] WC GM: You arguably already have done sewer.
[OOC] ORN: and underwater caves
[OOC] Hector: Flying castle built using lost technology.
[OOC] WC GM: And underwater cave. Remember the tunnel?
[OOC] Pak: Eh.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: yes
[OOC] WC GM: Yup - though the tech won't be so much lost. But enough spoilers. ;)
Pak: "Alright, it's right over there~"
Hector heads to where Pak is and looks around. "Huh, looks good."
Pak turns to the dwarf.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Let us go for it."
ORN nods
Pak: "We're heading ahead to deal with any threats. I'm sure you'll catch up eventually~"
ORN: "Beating on idiot trio will surely allow This Unit to feel better."
Hector: "And they'll feel worse. Win-win situation for all involved."
DwarfLeader: "It'll take us some time to pack up an' stuff, but yeah. Oh! By the way, if you meet that Hume, tell 'im thanks. 'E helped us make sense o' what was goin' on outside."
Felicia: "For once, I agree."
Pak: "You mean Fakir?"
DwarfLeader: "Yeah! You know 'im?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Those three need to be killed…again. Then set on fire, encaesed in ice, and blwon far away from us!"
Pak: "We're looking for him too. n.n;"
ORN: "… But… if blown far away, it may reduce our chances of beating on them again…."
DwarfLeader: "'E came by 'bout a week ago. Shared 'is wisdom, tol' us what was goin' on wit' the Viera, then walked through the magma like it was nothin'."
DwarfLeader: "'E said Gaia and Pyr were both not to be trusted."
Ahiru: "Fakir~"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN and grumbles "I don't want to see those morons anymore! It usually means they are messing things up on us!"
Pak: "Only a week ago~ He might be near, then!"
Pak: "Let's gooo~"
Hector: "Yeah. Only so far one man can go in trecherous territory."
Ahiru nods.
Cassandra_Lionheart nods, and follows Pak
[OOC] Pak: ?
ORN: "This Unit would therefore recommend comitting to messing things up for them, as they generally appear to be after similar things to this group."
ORN: "With the additional bonus of causing them additional slaughter."
Cassandra_Lionheart sighs
Hector is walking next to Pak.
[OOC] WC GM: So, going through the tunnel now?
[OOC] Pak: Yes.
[OOC] ORN: *nod*
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: yeah.
[OOC] Hector: hence scene fade maybe geez we talk too much
Felicia follows along.
[OOC] Ahiru: x
The path twists and turns a bit - and soon snakes past a lake of magma. You can barely see a certain chocobo-mounted trio running along the path into a cave on the far side.
Pak: "Hah…"
Pak: "It's hot. x.x"
Pak: "Siiis, can you chill things just a bit? Please~?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "I REALLY miss the Ice Plate now!"
ORN: "Your current armor, however, is more revealing."
Sakha offers up a haze of cool air to make the heat bearable.
Pak yays.
The magma hardens a bit where Sakha's haze touches it.
Hector: "Thanks a lot. I'm sure Pak appreciates it."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN, and blushes saying "I did just get a breastplate this time."
Pak hugs Sakha tight~ "Thanks, sis~!"
ORN nods at Cassie and sparkles… a little more blue than white
Sakha: "No problem… Now if I wanted to I could make a bridge…"
Pak: "It's not necessary yet."
clears her throat* "Yeah, lets go after them!"
Hector: "Hm. That might help speed things up if time is ever short."
Pak walks along the snaky path.
Cassandra_Lionheart follows Pak, with ORN in tow
[OOC] Hector: Sakha's got the elements affect the environment puzzle-solving powers.
[OOC] WC GM: Awareness, all.
ORN rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 )
[OOC] ORN: … I was kinda expecting a nasty fail here, all things considered ^^;
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
[OOC] Hector: Pass.
[OOC] Felicia: Pass by 12
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 1d100 and got 14 for a total of 14
[OOC] Hector: also brb
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 7 for a total of 7
[OOC] Pak: Megapass.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: Hyper pass
…something humming is approaching, from…out in the magma? ORN and Pak clearly identify it as a motor.
ORN: "… Engine"
ORN turns to face it and steadies himself a little more
Hector: "???"
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 )
Cassandra_Lionheart holds ORN up a bit
Pak tries to look…
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
Before long, a…vehicle of SOME sort, but you've never seen its like…approaches, skimming along the top of the lava.
Pak: "…"
[OOC] WC GM: Jet bike.
ORN: "This Unit will cope. Incoming"
Felicia quickly turns her attention to the vehicle. "This was unexpected."
Cassandra Lionheart: "All right, ORN."
[OOC] WC GM: Magmajet, specifically.
ORN: "Disruption field ready for testing"
Hector: "…by the Holy Trinity of G!"
It is just large enough for its single rider - an Elvaan with spiked hair and rocky clothing.
[OOC] WC GM: Gaia, Grav, and…?
[OOC] Hector: No, I'm talking about Gundam. Z, ZZ, CCA. It's what's almost always in SRW.
[OOC] WC GM: Ah.
[OOC] ORN: most likely pyr for the heat shielding
[OOC] Hector: But I'd rather watch G.
Cassandra_Lionheart takes out her Real Cutlass and stands in a fighting position
Elvaan: "Yo yo yo! I thought the winds smelled different this way!"
Pak: "…Wha…?"
Pak stares.
Hector: "Calm down, Cass. Geez, the guy might not even be hostile."
Elvaan: "Whassup? You're not dwarves either. Where'd you come from?"
Felicia: "…And you might be?"
Cassandra_Lionheart stands down but glares at the Elvaan
Hector: "I could ask the same of you."
Hector: "Popping out of the lava unannounced."
The Elvaan BLINKS at Felicia. "…are you from…THEM? The dudes who went topside?"
ORN: "Creator Race… Not creator…"
Felicia blinks in response. "Eh? What're you going on about?"
Elvaan: "Lol! Of course! You're too young, you wouldn't even know!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes, please elaborate."
Felicia: "…Lol?"
Pak: "…Lol?"
Ahiru blinks.
[OOC] WC GM: Yes, he did just say "Lol", pronounced "loll".
Pak: "La..wl?"
ORN: "… ? …"
[OOC] Felicia: Oh gods yes.
Hector: "…"
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks at the elvann and says "I'm not drinking anymore…"
[OOC] Ahiru: Elves are Cyberpunks?
Hector: "Yeah, I think you owe us an explanation 'cause you just used a word I've never fuckin' heard in my life."
[OOC] WC GM: Punks, at least, given his outfit and demeanor.
ORN: "Term not in creator's vocabulary either. Granted, several of them were rather limited in non-magitek knowledge…"
Elvaan: "Ha! You newbs down here, demanding stuff?"
[OOC] Sakha: Is "Lol" An elvaan word?
[OOC] WC GM: That is what the PCs are currently given to believe, yes.
[OOC] Sakha: I would KNOW
Pak: "…N…newbs?"
[OOC] Felicia: Totally!
[OOC] Pak: Sakha has Elvaan language?
[OOC] ORN: yeah, so does ORN
[OOC] WC GM: It's not in the vocabulary of the Elvaan from Refuge.
[OOC] Sakha: I have every language
[OOC] Pak: I have ancient. Is it Ancient? x.x
Cassandra Lionheart: "We are just asking, pal!"
[OOC] WC GM: Neither is it Ancient.
[OOC] Felicia: Ahaaah. Under-Elvaan!
[OOC] ORN: no. under-elvaan is what pak was doing last night.
[OOC] ORN: just a hundred years of dialect ;p
[OOC] Pak: >_>;
[OOC] Hector: …
[OOC] Felicia: Lies and slander!
[OOC] Sakha: Can I speak in Elvaan usin "~~"?
Elvaan: "Tche. You really don't have a clue, do y-"
[OOC] WC GM: Sure. He's speaking Common, apparently expecting you'd know that.
The ground shakes.
Cassandra Lionheart: "No,.." *is interuptted by the ground shaking*
ORN: "… further trouble"
Sakha: "~Please, stop beating around the bush.~"
Elvaan: "Uh-oh! Gaia's getting upset again. Back later dudes!" He speeds off.
Sakha: "Wait!"
Pak: "T_T"
Hector: "…huh. How…completely odd and random."
Nine golem-like figures emerge from the walls.
Pak: "…"
Felicia: "Ugh. Now what."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh…man."
Felicia: "…That's what."
Pak poses. "My shield can block any earth attack! Just try it!"
Their intent seems obvious.
ORN: "… Inferior Constructs. Attempts at hostile actions will force This Unit to show you your place"
[OOC] Pak: Then he just punches me.
WC GM: Battle order: Ahiru:19 Hector:18 ORN:17 RockSoldierD:17 Sakha:16 RockSoldierG:16 RockSoldierA:15 RockSoldierE:15 Cassandra:14 Pak:14 RockSoldierB:14 RockSoldierH:14 RockSoldierF:10 RockSoldierI:9 Felicia:8 RockSoldierC:8
[OOC] WC GM: AHiru!
Pak: "Uh… I don't really know what these things would be weak to."
Ahiru tenses up from all the stress, bending her legs and squatting on the ground and with her arms and fists clenched against her chest. "Grrr, Alright!" She says and jumps up with a spin, feeling energetic and sending gentle ripples of air to her comrades that infuse them with a similar feeling. ~Energetic Breeze~
Cassandra Lionheart: "I'll Scan them for you, Pak!"
Ahiru rolled 5d100 and got 3, 69, 53, 69, 42 ( Total: 236 )
[OOC] Ahiru: Cassie + Sakha are Agi Up + Spr Up
[OOC] Ahiru: as well as Ahiru
[OOC] WC GM: Got it. Hector!
[OOC] Ahiru: It's 6!
Hector: "At my command, unleash hell!" *Command: Assault*
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 72 for a total of 72
[OOC] Hector: um excuse me wtf r u doin
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru forgot she's got 6 teammates now.
[OOC] Hector: Using a command is not my action
[OOC] WC GM: So I was rolling for teammate 6.
Hector checks the crevasses in the earth elementals for cash.
[OOC] ORN: he wasn't saying you're done ^^:;;
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
Hector fails miserably!
Hector finds…veins of worthless lead.
[OOC] Hector: Felicia, you have +1 DS on all attack actions, including LImits.
Pak: "Don't worry, Hector! We'll just get a Philosopher's stone and turn that into Gil! n.n"
ORN plants his pike into the ground and starts emitting a small purple energy-field
Hector: "…gee, thanks."
[OOC] Pak: But only if they do physical damage.
[OOC] ORN: Disruption Circle, CT-6
[OOC] Hector: Yes.
[OOC] Felicia: I know :p
One of the rock soldiers pounds the ground.
[OOC] Hector: It's been so long I don't know if you remembered.
WC GM rolled 2d8+48 and got 3, 3 for a total of 54
Everyone takes 54, ARM Earth damage.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 206/207
[OOC] Sakha: Cassie remember 2x limit gain >_>
Pak takes 1 damage!
Sakha takes 108, ARM instead - but is no longer unaware.
[OOC] Felicia: 220/222
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: okay, so 2 points in stead of 1 for that.
Hector glows red.
[OOC] ORN: 183/186
Pak: "I told you my shield would handle that!"
Cassandra_Lionheart feels the reverb, but just get a bit of shock
Sakha growls. "Have a cold shower!" She casts Blizzara on them all
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
[OOC] WC GM: hit
Sakha rolled 3d8+216 and got 3, 2, 6 for a total of 227
The rocks are rocked by that.
Three rock soldiers try to punch ORN, Hector, and Sakha.
WC GM rolled 3d100 and got 11, 28, 60 ( Total: 99 )
WC GM rolled 3#1d10+60(1) and got 5 for a total of 65
WC GM rolled 3#1d10+60(2) and got 1 for a total of 61
WC GM rolled 3#1d10+60(3) and got 5 for a total of 65
WC GM got a total of 191)
WC GM rolled 3d100 and got 35, 77, 95 ( Total: 207 )
ORN and Sakha take 65, ARM damage. Hector takes 61, ARM damage.
[OOC] ORN: 175/186
[OOC] WC GM: BTW, Blizzara is 75% damage when used vs. group.
WC GM rolled 1d1+226,75% and got 1 for a total of 170.25
[OOC] WC GM: All "Single/Group" magic is that way.
[OOC] WC GM: …oh! Wait, forgot PE - so it is 100%.
[OOC] Felicia: But she has-yeah
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
[OOC] Sakha: HP: 58/191 SOS 47
[OOC] Sakha: Upside, Limit
Cassandra_Lionheart scans the Rock Soldier like she said
Sakha is also Armor Down(6).
[OOC] Sakha: Duh :P
Level 15 Arcana; 570/780 HP; 0/0 MP; I:Earth, W:Water; I:Seal, Toxin, Transform, Gravity; You can clearly sense Gaia's will directing this golem
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
Pak: "Water, huh?"
Pak reels!
Cassandra Lionheart: "Darn it! Pak, water them!"
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 1 for a total of 1
Pak: "I don't have water."
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 67 for a total of 67
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 84 for a total of 84
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh, sorry." *looks away*
[OOC] Pak: …
[OOC] Pak: GF
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 57 for a total of 57
[OOC] Pak: Yay!
Pak: "Moogle Dannnnsu~"
[OOC] Sakha: W = +25% or +50%?
[OOC] WC GM: +50
[OOC] Pak: +50
[OOC] Hector: Watera would be awesome here.
Pak rolled 3d8+56 and got 5, 8, 1 for a total of 70
Pak: "HP for all!"
[OOC] Sakha: I don;t get that util 25 tho
Pak twirls~
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 207/207
Hector high-fives Pak. "Good roll, kiddo!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah, nice job Pak."
The golems, nonplussed, keep pounding away.
WC GM rolled 4d100 and got 5, 17, 52, 11 ( Total: 85 )
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(1) and got 1 for a total of 61
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(2) and got 5 for a total of 65
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(3) and got 1 for a total of 61
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(4) and got 10 for a total of 70
WC GM got a total of 257)
WC GM rolled 4d100 and got 1, 1, 10, 86 ( Total: 98 )
[OOC] Hector: Fuck. Three hits are arm down.
[OOC] Hector: Does the arm down come before or after damage?
Pak and Ahiru each take 61, ARM damage and is Armor Down(6). Cassandra take 65, ARM damage and is Armor Down(6). Sakha takes 70, ARM damage.
[OOC] WC GM: After.
[OOC] Hector: Whew.
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 196/207
[OOC] ORN: er, you forgot me ^^;;;
[OOC] WC GM: …oh, right! ORN!
ORN finishes charging and emits a large purplish field across the party
[OOC] ORN: Machina killer (4). and yes, that means all constructs
[OOC] Felicia: Hax! :o Now me?
[OOC] WC GM: Unfortunately, these are Arcana, not Machina
[OOC] WC GM: Yes.
[OOC] ORN: damn. pure elementals?
Felicia holds her blade out, drawing in what moisture she can from the air to her blade, forming a minature whirlpool. She then swings it down at Rock Soldier C! [Water Strike]
[OOC] WC GM: Essentially, yeah.
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
[OOC] ORN: well, was already charging when scan showed up, can't help it ^^:
[OOC] WC GM: You'll likely be facing Machina at least once before the chapter is out, though.
[OOC] ORN: I was about to use it on the bike ;p
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia: hit, and remember Weak. ;)
Felicia rolled 2d10+135,150% and got 8, 2 for a total of 217.5
More of the rock goes away.
The last rock soldier tries to pound ORN.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
Tries to, anyway.
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru/Sakha/Cass: AGI Up(5), SPR Up(5)
WC GM: Status Phase - Sakha/Pak/Ahiru: ARM Down(5)
WC GM: Status Phase - Cassandra: ARM Down(5)
WC GM: Battle order: Ahiru:25 ORN:21 Hector:19 Felicia:16 Cassandra:16 Sakha:15 RockSoldierB:15 RockSoldierD:15 RockSoldierE:15 RockSoldierH:15 RockSoldierF:14 RockSoldierI:12 RockSoldierC:11 Pak:9 RockSoldierA:8 RockSoldierG:8
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
[OOC] Ahiru: I'm playing support today, who wants more Limit?
[OOC] ORN: ORN can always use more limit ;p
[OOC] WC GM: Also, the party is technically Machina Killer(3), though I hope you don't mind me not tracking it since it doesn't affect anything.
[OOC] ORN: I blame the scan being late! yesh! >.>
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: >.>;;
[OOC] WC GM: I didn't mean it that way, ORN. ;)
[OOC] WC GM: Just saying why it wasn't on the tracker.
[OOC] ORN: I know ;p
Ahiru goes up to ORN with an energetic dance and grants him Nature's Spirit! ((SPR UP 6))
ORN stares at Ahiru for a moment
ORN decides to try the same thing, then thinks better of it
[OOC] Hector: HP GUSY!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 196/207
ORN blows off a piece of his left arm, firing it as multiple shards into the enemy golems
[OOC] Felicia: HP: 222/222, MP: 209/214
[OOC] Ahiru: HP: 183/211 MP: 198/213 Limit: 98/211
ORN concentrates for a moment and slams his pike against himself, sending a massive electrical charge through to the embedded bits
[OOC] Sakha: HP: 78/191 MP: 199/219 Limit: 366/191
ORN rolled 2d12+105,75% and got 10, 12 for a total of 95.25
[OOC] ORN: ARM, lightning elemental
[OOC] Hector: pak hp plz?
The bits seem to mostly just bounce off, though they do some damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] Pak: HP: 139/157, MP: 83/84, SoS: 39.25
[OOC] Hector: *nod*
Hector uses a High Potion on Sakha.
[OOC] Hector: +125 HP
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia!
Sakha blushes slightly and pointedly ignores Hector.
Felicia draws in more water, slashing forward at C again with her tidal blade. [Water Strike]
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 )
Hector feels THE COLD from Sakha.
[OOC] WC GM: hit
Felicia rolled 2d10+135,150% and got 2, 10 for a total of 220.5
Yet more of C is washed out to the sea of magma.
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
Cassandra_Lionheart lets out a pebble loosening Scream!
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
Sakha: "You're brains are too small to appreciate my greater power…" She casts another Blizzara!
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 )
Sakha rolled 3d8+216 and got 4, 4, 1 for a total of 225
[OOC] WC GM: …now this is an unusual situation. Cass is already AGI Up(5); Scream would give AGI Up(4). Hmm…I think I'll rule that in this case, the longer duration holds.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: I wanted the Power up. >.> Never thought of that before
The rocks are chilled. C especially looks ready to crumble.
They give a round of pounds in reply.
WC GM rolled 7d100 and got 93, 77, 26, 70, 47, 81, 20 ( Total: 414 )
[OOC] Hector: I think the rule is usually "if the same buff is cast, then it's only applied if the duration it gives is longer than the current duration."
[OOC] Hector: So Agi Up (4) overrides Agi Up (1-3) but not Agi Up (5+)
[OOC] Hector: At least, that's what Ershin says. :E
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(1) and got 9 for a total of 69
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(2) and got 2 for a total of 62
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(3) and got 7 for a total of 67
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(4) and got 7 for a total of 67
WC GM got a total of 265)
WC GM rolled 4d100 and got 25, 23, 31, 19 for a total of 98
[OOC] Hector: However, Trombe is (U) and overrides everything.
Ahiru dances out of the way. ORN and Cassandra manage to deflect their incoming blows into one another harmlessly.
[OOC] Hector: Hm, if Cassie has Scream, and that's what hot-blooded heroes do, then that means that whenever Guy Shishioh shouts an attack name, it functions as if it has Str/Agi Up?
Sakha takes 69, ARM damage and renews Armor Down. Pak takes 62, ARM damage and renews Armor Down. Hector and Felicia each take 67, ARM damage and are ARM Down(6).
[OOC] ORN: well of course. why else would they do it?
[OOC] Hector: Or does that mean Cassie is Noriko Takaya only older?
[OOC] ORN: warn if anyone in SOS
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: maybe
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
[OOC] Hector: Arm down is…what, 50% armor?
Pak reels again. x.x
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 25
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 6 for a total of 6
[OOC] Felicia: 25%. Break is 50.
[OOC] Hector: 25% down?
[OOC] WC GM: 75% - -25%.
[OOC] ORN: -25%. break is -50%
[OOC] Hector: 'kay.
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 77 for a total of 77
[OOC] Hector: *calculates* 37.5
[OOC] Pak: Fail.
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 5 for a total of 5
[OOC] Sakha: HP: 137/191 MP: 177/219 Limit: 474/191
[OOC] Pak: It's auto-tink, so…
[OOC] WC GM: 37.5 = 37
[OOC] WC GM: w/rounding
[OOC] Sakha: I wish I had Tier 2 limit…
Pak rolled 1d7 and got 2 for a total of 2
[OOC] Hector: I want my 2/1 limit. It will PWN THESE BITCHES.
[OOC] Pak: Or how many are there? x.x 9?
[OOC] Pak: Right.
Pak rolled 1d9 and got 7 for a total of 7
Pak watches a house land on an enemy for 1 damage.
[OOC] ORN: let's hurry and waste those. I wanna waste the untouchable trio of -1's today too!
RockSoldierG blinks at this "house" thing.
Felicia: "…"
[OOC] Hector: It's 2:56 and we're fighting NINE enemies.
It has apparently never seen the likes of it before.
[OOC] Hector: I doubt we'll be able to get anywhere before 4:00.
[OOC] Hector: two combats in one day = NO. Unless one is really short.
The two other golems shake things up with earthquakes.
WC GM rolled 2#2d8+48(1) and got 4, 5 for a total of 57
WC GM rolled 2#2d8+48(2) and got 8, 3 for a total of 59
WC GM got a total of 116)
Everyone takes 57, ARM Earth damage then 59, ARM Earth damage.
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru/Sakha/Cass: AGI Up(4), SPR Up(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru: ARM Down(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Cassandra: ARM Down(5), POW Up(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - ORN: SPR Up(5)
WC GM: Status Phase - Sakha/Pak/Hector: ARM Down(5)
WC GM: Battle order: Cassandra:21 ORN:20 Hector:20 Ahiru:18 Sakha:18 RockSoldierC:17 RockSoldierF:17 RockSoldierE:16 Felicia:15 RockSoldierD:15 Pak:14 RockSoldierH:12 RockSoldierA:11 RockSoldierI:11 RockSoldierG:10 RockSoldierB:9
[OOC] Hector: 166/225
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
[OOC] Felicia: Im ARM down too :p
[OOC] Hector: Nevermind.
[OOC] Hector: btw, the lights just flickered.
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru/Sakha/Cass: AGI Up(4), SPR Up(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru: ARM Down(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Cassandra: ARM Down(5), POW Up(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - ORN: SPR Up(5)
WC GM: Status Phase - Sakha/Pak/Hector: ARM Down(5)
WC GM: Status Phase - Felicia: ARM Down(5)
Pak only takes two damage from those.
[OOC] WC GM: There.
[OOC] ORN: … 177/186 ^^;;;;;
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 166/207
[OOC] Pak: HP: 107/157, MP: 83/84, SoS: 39.25
[OOC] Felicia: HP: 169/222, MP: 204/214, SOS: 55, Limit: 77/222
[OOC] ORN: you have no idea how useful that spr up is being right now ^^
[OOC] Sakha: HP: 137/191 MP: 177/219 Limit: 474/191
Cassandra_Lionheart prepares Might Strike on Rock Soldier C (goes on 19))
[OOC] Hector: You can't get more than your max limit until you get level 2.
[OOC] Ahiru: HP: 183/211 MP: 198/213 Limit: 98/211
[OOC] WC GM: Actually, you can get indefinite limit.
[OOC] Hector: But you use it all when you use your limit anyway.
ORN thinks for a moment, and tries again a little differently
[OOC] WC GM: It's just that it doesn't matter until then.
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah.
[OOC] Felicia: It just empties out completely, yah.
[OOC] Hector: God, you guys are so weird.
ORN scrapes his pike against himself a few times, throws it out into the middle of the group and lets it explode in a massive ball of lightning
[OOC] WC GM: But, say you were 10 XP short of 2/1? It might matter.
ORN: "This Unit will get the hang of things eventually…"
ORN rolled 2d12+105,75% and got 10, 9 for a total of 93.0
[OOC] Hector: We're 17/8. So 3 more until my 2/1 and 250% half arm-ignoring damage to all targets.
Once again, the pieces bounce off - for the most part.
[OOC] Hector: And also I'll soon get enough availability for the next tier of weapons.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
Hector attempts a Gil Steal again.
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 )
[OOC] Hector: FUCK.
[OOC] ORN: by end of fight I'll be capable of new weaponry ^^
[OOC] Hector: The only way 97 is less than 38 is if it's a -97.
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 1d100 and got 17 for a total of 17
[OOC] WC GM: hit
[OOC] Sakha: I'm considering switching my current 2-1with my 2-2… since Sakha doesn't have reason to use "Strength of Family" yet… she's close… but… not quite
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 2d10+99,225% and got 2, 1 for a total of 229.5
[OOC] Hector: That's what I'm talking about, Keith!
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: better weapon helps.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: and an 11 STR
[OOC] Hector: And +1 DS.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: and Power STACKED
[OOC] Hector: Exactly.
[OOC] Felicia: Awwww yeah.
[OOC] Hector: This is how physical fighters can deal heavy damage.
[OOC] ORN: yeah… it will… 55% damage upgrade gonna help massively…
Ahiru does a little dance.
Also rolled Ahiru and got 6) Failure - T:Single 75%,ARM weapon damage
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
[OOC] Pak: …crit?)O)
[OOC] WC GM: Crit on a -25%
Ahiru rolled 2d10+66,175% and got 4, 9 for a total of 138.25
[OOC] Felicia: Seaking!
[OOC] Hector: No.
[OOC] Hector: NO.
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru: target?
[OOC] Ahiru: Random Golem - Ahiru normally dpes Random when dancing
WC GM rolled 1d8 and got 4 for a total of 4
[OOC] Hector: E?
E takes the hit, quite scratched by that.
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
Sakha: "How about another cold snap?" Blizzara
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
Sakha rolled 3d8+216 and got 4, 3, 6 for a total of 229
[OOC] WC GM: Too bad magic can't crit, eh?
[OOC] Sakha: indeed
[OOC] ORN: indeed
[OOC] Hector: Magic is like a Valored attack in SRW: cannot crit.
[OOC] Pak: Makes a magic-critting class.
[OOC] Hector: However, in earlier games, Valor is a guaranteed crit.
[OOC] Hector: Since Crits dealt 2x damage instead of 1.25-1.35x
You can almost swear you hear an announcer say, "Let's get ready to crumbleeeeeee!" While the source of the illusionary voice is not apparent, the golems seem quite ready to comply.
[OOC] Hector: Or maybe even 2.5x
Two of them pound the ground for more quakes.
[OOC] ORN: yeah but who cares, kazuma on soul + a sub with hot blood can throw the damn thing into 5x damage if done right…
[OOC] Hector: I've got the framerate jacked so high I can't tell, and damage never exceeds current HP in the early games.
WC GM rolled 2#1d10+60(1) and got 1 for a total of 61
WC GM rolled 2#1d10+60(2) and got 9 for a total of 69
WC GM got a total of 130)
[OOC] Hector: I need to get W.
[OOC] Sakha: LOL 1d0 - Get Real
[OOC] Hector: Since DS emulators suck.
Everyone takes 61, ARM Earth damage then 69, ARM Earth damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia!
[OOC] Hector: 110/225!
[OOC] Felicia: HP: 117/222, MP: 204/214, SOS: 55, Limit: 129/222
Pak actually takes a little more damage this time!
[OOC] ORN: anyone SOS?
[OOC] Pak: Sakha is
[OOC] Sakha: me
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: 116/207…LIMIT
[OOC] Hector: Roll it out, Cassie.
[OOC] Hector: Your limit + one more Blizzara should be a wins.
Felicia grumbles. This is starting to get annoying. She rushes Rock Soldier D with another water-enhanced slash!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: I will next turn..I plan on it
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
[OOC] Felicia: YES
Felicia rolled 2d10+135,250% and got 6, 3 for a total of 360.0
[OOC] Sakha: I'd need healing for another Blizzara
[OOC] Hector: If I go before you, I'll heal ya.
Felicia smashes Rock Soldier D into the lake.
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
Pak hnns.
Pak tries Reels again!
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 9 for a total of 9
[OOC] Hector: Please please please healing.
[OOC] Pak: …oho.
[OOC] Hector: Shit.
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 17 for a total of 17
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 30 for a total of 30
[OOC] Pak: …That… passed!
Pak chaaarges~!
Pak: "Unyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!"
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 2 for a total of 2
Pak holds his hands in the air~! Suddenly, a huge lightning ball appears~!
[OOC] WC GM: Actually, 2 is fire, no?
[OOC] Pak: Nope, Ramuh.
[OOC] Pak: Therefore bolt.
ORN stares… *ah… so THAT'S how you do it*
[OOC] WC GM: Not that the end result matters.
[OOC] Pak: …oh wait, you're right.
[OOC] WC GM: Eh, keep going w/Ramuh.
[OOC] Pak: K.
[OOC] Felicia: Thought it was strangely quiet. Miss anything?
[OOC] WC GM: /me declares that last roll to be a 3. :P
Pak then LAUNCHES it~! "Redeem yourself for your pass mistakes! >.<"
[OOC] WC GM: Pak setting up to massacre.
Pak rolled 2d10+84 and got 2, 5 for a total of 91
Pak sears all enemies for Lightning MARM damage!
Pak: "…Hey, where'd that power come from, anyway?"
Pak looks at Ahiru.
Pak: "Did you give me some? n.n;"
Ahiru blinks back and smiles innocently.
E explodes. The others look weaker still.
Hector: "…never knew he had in him." *coughs up some blood*
Pak: "Occasionally I have a sudden burst of magic that seems to appear from no-place…"
Five golems pound around.
WC GM rolled 5d100 and got 8, 6, 6, 79, 6 ( Total: 105 )
[OOC] Felicia: Butts.
[OOC] Ahiru: …
Ahiru ducks the blow aimed at her.
[OOC] Pak: …666…
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(1) and got 5 for a total of 65
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(2) and got 9 for a total of 69
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(3) and got 9 for a total of 69
WC GM rolled 4#1d10+60(4) and got 5 for a total of 65
WC GM got a total of 268)
[OOC] Ahiru: Why always Ahiru gettin missed?
WC GM rolled 4d100 and got 38, 83, 15, 81 for a total of 217
[OOC] WC GM: Because Ahiru has good EVA?
[OOC] Ahiru: But why is she the one that gets the bad rolls?
[OOC] Hector: I have FIFTY-NINE Evasion.
[OOC] Hector: I should be a ninja. D:
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: I have 58. >.>;
Pak and Hector take 65, ARM damage each. Felicia and ORN take 69, ARM damage each. Pak and ORN are Armor Down(6).
[OOC] Felicia: 23 :D;
[OOC] Pak: HP: 71/157, MP: 83/84, SoS: 39.25
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru/Sakha/Cass: AGI Up(3), SPR Up(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Ahiru: ARM Down(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Cassandra: ARM Down(4), POW Up(2)
WC GM: Status Phase - ORN: SPR Up(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Sakha/Hector: ARM Down(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Felicia: ARM Down(4)
WC GM: Status Phase - Pak/ORN: ARM Down(5)
[OOC] Hector: 82/225.
[OOC] ORN: 141/186
[OOC] Hector: SakhaxHector?
[OOC] Felicia: HP: 87/222, MP: 199/214, SOS: 55, Limit: 159/222
WC GM: Battle order: ORN:21 Ahiru:17 Sakha:17 Felicia:16 RockSoldierB:16 RockSoldierF:16 RockSoldierH:15 Hector:14 Cassandra:14 RockSoldierI:11 Pak:9 RockSoldierA:9 RockSoldierG:8
ORN: "Very well… This unit will attempt Pak's way"
ORN: "Consume charged annihilation!"
ORN slams his pike into the ground, letting it go, slams his hands together and grabs the shower of sparks before firing a massive jolt of lightning at the enemy group
ORN rolled 2d12+105,75% and got 2, 4 for a total of 83.25
ORN: "… hm.. This really isn't working."
It seems like it almost worked, though.
[OOC] Pak: Are you doing ARM or MARM damage?
[OOC] WC GM: As in, you knocked them into single digit HP.
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
ORN: "Contamination may be permanent.. structure alignment modification required"
Ahiru rejuvenates Sakha!
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN with concern
Ahiru rolled 1d8+24 and got 1 for a total of 25
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
Sakha: "As much as I'd like to right now, there are more deserving opponents than weaklings like you…" Blizzara.
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 42 ( Total: 42 )
Sakha rolled 3d8+216 and got 5, 2, 3 for a total of 226
The rock soldiers dissolve in a soothing icy mist.
WC GM rolled 9d100 and got 73, 69, 72, 8, 49, 80, 35, 10, 79 ( Total: 475 )
[OOC] Sakha: 8!
[OOC] ORN: 10 ain't bad either
5 Softs, 2 Graviballs, and 2 Phoenix Downs are revealed from their remains.
Cassandra_Lionheart grabs 2 Softs
Pak: "Phoenix downs~!"
Pak: "I have one, so someone grab THAT, but…
Pak takes a Graviball."
ORN grabs a soft
[OOC] WC GM: 4435 XP & 1735 Gil each.
[OOC] Sakha: fatal -25%HP?
[OOC] WC GM: -50%
[OOC] Pak: ?
[OOC] Pak: Who'd be at fatal?
Hector takes a PD.
[OOC] WC GM: So no, you didn't knock them into Fatal.
[OOC] Sakha: Nono for Graviball
Felicia takes the other PD, stowing it away on her person.
[OOC] Sakha: For a second I thought you meant it cast Demi!
ORN: "New weaponry required.."
[OOC] WC GM: Oh! Yes, Fatal-type attack knocking them to 75% of their HP.
[OOC] Pak: It casts Gravity. n.n;
Ahiru takes 2 softs
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN!" *looks at him with concern*
[OOC] Hector: Give me FIVE MINUTES.
[OOC] Hector: I have to add this up.
Pak suddenly feels a new spell boil up inside him!
Pak rolled 1d8 and got 1 for a total of 1
ORN looks back, seemingly a bit annoyed
[OOC] Hector: 79741 exp?
[OOC] Hector: That's what my on-paper addition got.
[OOC] ORN: yah.
Hector rolled 1d10+5 and got 6 for a total of 11
[OOC] Hector: 236 HP. Nice.
[OOC] WC GM: Note that this only increases maximum, not current, HP.
ORN rolled 1d10+4 and got 10 for a total of 14
ORN rolled 1d6+4 and got 1 for a total of 5
Pak: "Sis~!"
Pak: "I have a new spell!"
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 1d12+5 and got 4 for a total of 9
[OOC] WC GM: Also, please keep track of current HP/MP, since you won't be recovering before next session.
Pak: "But it's unshaped~!"
[OOC] Hector: I know.
Pak: "What should I do with iiit?"
[OOC] ORN: reroll 1's for mp also? no matter either way, just asking. was just hp right?
Hector coughs again.
Pak: "I, I think it's black magic, though…"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN "Can I help?"
Hector drinks down his Hyper Potion.
[OOC] WC GM: Err…no, no reroll of 1.
ORN: "… unsure. This Unit will require some structural modifications due to composition changes"
Cassandra_Lionheart drinks down a Hi-Potion
[OOC] WC GM: Though I don't think ORN used any MP this time.
Pak cures himself twice.
[OOC] Pen-Kun: Oh don't start this again @ router >_>
Pak rolled 1d8+56 and got 7 for a total of 63
Pak rolled 1d8+56 and got 4 for a total of 60
[OOC] ORN: … actually I blew through 66
Pak: "S-siiis~ It's coming out x.x"
[OOC] WC GM: Ah. Then those 66 remain used next time.
Sakha raises an eyebrow. "You're hopeless if you can't decide the direction of your uncontrolled powers. But if you have dark magic, take the powers of Darkness."
Pak: "…K…kay!"
Pak fires a ball of Dark Energy into the Lava!
Pak learned Dark!
[OOC] Hector: I have to go Number Two. I'll be back in 5-15.
Cassandra_Lionheart hugs ORN "What can I do to help at lest?"
ORN: "hm… This Unit should have purchased a heavier weapon from the Dwarves."
[OOC] Sakha: ewwww constipation? Diarhea?
ORN: ".. .. .. .. White magic generally functions to a limited degree. Absorbtion of a large amount may allow this without creator aid"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORn, and looks at the others and says "Okay…I'll help you. How do I do this?"
Felicia pulls out a hi-potion and drinks it down, before turning to ORN. "What are you going on about?"
Pak then hugs Sakha. "Do you need any healing in the meantime, Sister~?"
Sakha casts a cure spell on herself. "I can look after myself, Nii-chan."
Sakha rolled 1d8+72 and got 3 for a total of 75
ORN: "… Unsure… Frame changes generally involve mass destruction of environing regions after… er…. accidents."
Pak: "Okay…"
ORN: "Please attempt this?"
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Ah!"
Pak: "You called me Nii-chan."
Cassandra_Lionheart grabs ORN and says "I'll attempt it"
Pak blushes and smiles happily~
Pak: "Yay~"
Cassandra_Lionheart begins to pour all her White Magic power into ORN
ORN: "This unit has never seen humans detonate before…. … .. .."
ORN starts cracking
Sakha blushes. "I only say it because you are older than me."
Sakha: "Nothing about you looks or acts like an older brother, though."
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN? Is this supposed to happen? Your getting white hot!"
ORN plants spear into the ground and forms the previous field-effect circle and concentrates
ORN: "This Unit would recommend avoiding any further 'hugging'"
Felicia takes a step back from whatever ORN and Cass are up to.
ORN: "Structure melts at relatively high temperatures.."
Pak: "Nnn…"
Cassandra_Lionheart look at ORN and says "Huh..Ouch!" and lets go
Pak: "It still feels nice to be acknowledged even a little… <3"
ORN reabsorbs the field, kneels down and shatters his outer layer
ORN looks a little more bluish along the edges
Cassandra_Lionheart ducks and blinks at the new look
ORN stands up and looks over at sakha
ORN: "This Unit requests cooling"
Sakha gets irritated. "I'm not your personal Air Conditioner!"
Sakha stalks off in the direction the Elvaan went.
ORN: "… This Unit Requests cooling or hugging will occur"
Cassandra_Lionheart feels different and looks at Hector
Felicia blinks.
[OOC] Hector: Alright, I'm back.
Hector: "What?"
The Elvaan rode out to the sea of magma. Sakha would have to walk on said magma to go that direction.
Hector: "Man, I'm just standing here, watching you guys do your stuff, and I'm suddenly a culprit for some crime?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hmmm…CURE!" *tries to cast a spell but nothing happens*
ORN makes grabby hands and walks towards sakha, blinking with left-side eyes
Pak: "…"
[OOC] Hector: Grungust on the prowl. Call Ratbat.
Cassandra Lionheart: "What..CURE!" *does it again to Hector, and nothing happened*
Sakha angrilly casts Blizara to make a bridge over the Magma
ORN jumps ahead and tries to intercept
Sakha is indeed walking on magma. The bridge is even sturdy enough to hold ORN.
Pak: "…Why are we chasing that Elvaan?"
ORN: "hm… This is cool enough. Thank you."
Pak: "I thought we needed to take care of the stooges."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks and says quietly "He took it all!"
ORN sits on the bridge and slowly cools off
Pak: "Sis, waiit!"
Pak tries to follow.
Cassandra_Lionheart runs onto the bridge after Sakha and whirls by Hector
Hector walks after everyone, scratching the back of his head. "Doesn't this just beat all…"
[OOC] Hector: This magma area also reminds me of the volcano in Shadow Hearts 2.
[OOC] Pak: I'm guessing that was ORN and Cassie's job changes?
ORN stands up and follows last, working over his joints and the like
[OOC] WC GM: The first part of it, yeah.
[OOC] WC GM: They've lost their old subjobs - it'll take a bit longer to gain new.
Sakha: "We're more likely to get information from elves than those stooges."
Felicia follows after along the bridge. "She's right. I do wonder what he was going on about."
Pak: "I guess…"
Pak follows after.
[OOC] Hector: I thought we'd encounter some kind of sidequest or something. Like I could learn to kick ass from MASTER ASIA.
[OOC] Felicia: Master Asia is amazing. SUPER ASIA.
ORN: "Non-creator Creators may know more of this region. Larger weapons would be nice though."

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