EC Session 3.14

Afternoon, Boltember 2 Gaiaday.
You woke up to panic in the streets. Now there is a party in the streets.
The party - including Pak's, Sakha's, and Fyl's clothing - has reassembled at the inn.
Still no sign of Fakir.
What to do?
[OOC] Hector: Damned NPCs always running off.
Hector leans back in his chair and puts his hands up behind his head. //"Did Fakir ever tell us his penultimate goal? S'pose we could track him based on that."
[OOC] ORN: well as I recall most were drunk ^^:
Cassandra_Lionheart is still clinging to ORN and looks at Hector "No he didn't. But then again maybe he is keeping it to himself, so it keeps us in the dark."
Ahiru: "He's trying the same thing we are in a different way. He's trying to make the spirits see reason so he's gonna find Gaia."
Hector: "Hm. Guess he could cover more ground if he split up from us, but the least he could do is say 'Goodbye', y'know?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes. I mean he has made Ahiru worried for so long. The least he could do for her is comfort her, and reassure he will be back for her."
ORN: "It would be far less troublesome if he would stop running off."
Cassandra_Lionheart nods with ORN
Sakha sighs. She recollected her spare clothes from Pak and Fyl when the other two got back into there's but she eyes Pak a little dubiously
[OOC] ORN: wait. how many blocks of running naked was that?
Ahiru pouts, her lip quivering. She didn't want everyone pointing it out.
[OOC] WC GM: They teleported.
[OOC] ORN: away from the clothes… but did they port back?
[OOC] WC GM: Nope. You brought said clothes to them.
[OOC] Sakha: And to find the clothes, Sakha has spares in her little IM pocket dimension
Cassandra Lionheart: "But I'm sure Ahira is just as worried for Fakir as he is for her."
[OOC] ORN: … damn you, 99-of-all bag…..
Pak is finished dressing
Pak clings to Sakha closely.
[OOC] Pak: Still busy :3)
[OOC] Sakha: Not even a bag, just Sakha's personal mini-library and other useful items. I mean she has nowhere to keep anything in her outfit does she?
Sakha blushes.
Fyl has likewise finished. She hugs Pak gently, kind of group-hugging him and Sakha.
Hector smirks and chuckles.
ORN: "Was the celebration enjoyable?"
ORN looks over to pak
Felicia sits quietly, resting on her palm.
Cassandra_Lionheart gets up off ORN's lap, and stretches "Well, whatever Fakir is planning, we will be there this time to give a hand, if we are not too late."
Sakha glares at Hector
ORN nods
Hector quirks an eyebrow up. Man, what the hell.
Cassandra Lionheart: "You can't take a bunch of spirts alone. That is just too much."
[OOC] Sakha: Women aren't supposed to be easy to understand
[OOC] Hector: tsuntsuntsuntsuntsuntsuntsuntsun
ORN: "Some may not always know when attempting to consume more than possible"
[OOC] Sakha: Soes Hector suspect what happened earlier?
ORN: "Could Fakir be a more competant, friendly version of 3 other well known targets?"
[OOC] Hector: Probably not. He was sorta drunk, but saw Fyl but not the naked teleportation.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN and laughs "You think he is on the same level as those three dunces, ORN?"
Ahiru: "No where NEAR alike!"
ORN: "This Unit did say more competant"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Exactlly, Ahiru. Fakir has diginty at least."
Hector: "Somewhat more elusive. Doesn't seem like he expects to meet us wherever he goes."
Hector yawns.
Felicia sighs. "So now what?"
Sakha: "Are we going to stop by in Refuge or will we press on to meet Gaia?
Sakha: "Personally, I'd like to stop by Plainsburg and chat with the moogles."
Hector: "It'd be nice if we went topside and resupplied."
Fyl: "I have to return soon, whatever you decide."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Well, I guess we should get to the volcannon as quick as possible. But it looks like this party won't die down for a bit."
*looks at Sakha* "Yeah, maybe go to Refuge and see if we can upgrade our stuff."
ORN: "Refuge is still a ways off. This Unit made a hole in Mountainsburg…"
Sakha: "Yes, but whatever you say ORN, I really think that we should consult the moogles now about getting to the moogle land in the sky before we run out of places here under the ground."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hmmm, okay. So we have different plans to tackle this I see."
*sits down at a table to think*
Hector looks at Felicia. "What about you? You want to head topside at all?"
Fyl: "By the way, before you go topside, you should know - no one's seen King in almost two weeks. Rumors are starting to spread."
ORN: "… That could prove slightly more pressing"
Felicia: "…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah. Damn, we forgot about that issue."
Felicia: "Yes, topside sounds fine."
[OOC] Hector: For all that's happened between the end of chapter 1 and now, it's only been two weeks?
[OOC] WC GM: Yep.
[OOC] Ahiru: That's why we caught up to Fakir so quickly, he was missing over a month before we caught up
[OOC] WC GM: Gaial 3 Boltday was the date that session 1.18 started, and it is now Boltember 2 Gaiaday.
[OOC] Hector: The month and day names reversed, yo.
[OOC] WC GM: That's a day under two weeks.
[OOC] WC GM: Yep.
[OOC] Hector: I can't believe you actually came up with a calendar notation. I can't for the life of me figure it out.
[OOC] WC GM: That's why I posted it to the wiki. It's all explained there.
[OOC] Hector: My brain starts melting and leaking out my nose and ears every time I try to think about it.
[OOC] Ahiru: I made it up yo, n10 days a week, 3 weeks a month 10 months a year
[OOC] ORN: doesn't take much huh
[OOC] Hector: I read the wiki and didn't understand.
[OOC] Hector: I'm smart enough to know I'm stupid.
[OOC] Hector: Which puts me ahead of pretty much every politician in America, at least.
[OOC] WC GM: Let's just say it reduces to 19 days, and a "week" in this world is 10 days.
[OOC] WC GM: Thus, just under 2 weeks.
Pak: "Moogles?"
ORN: "In any case, This Group's presence appears required in Refuge. This may allow Fakir a head start, however. Hurrying may be wise."
Pak pokes his head out from behind Sakha. He seems to be brushing her tail with a brush
Cassandra Lionheart: "So, we are going to the surface anyways."
*she then mumbles* "Oh great, my family."
Hector: "I doubt we'll be anywhere near Shaft, Cassie. Don't worry about it."
Pak: "Eh?"
ORN pats Cassie
Pak: "Cassie's family lives in shaft?"
Fyl cocks her head. "…do you know something about King's whereabouts?"
Pak: "I wanted to visit Shaft."
Pak: "…>.>"
Pak busies himself with brushing Sakha.
Felicia: "Personally I'm glad to be heading up. Rock ceilings aren't my thing-…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Well, they have school everywhere except Shaft. And they maybe looking for me anyways."
Fyl picks up Pak.
Sakha: "!!!"
she looks at Pak.
ORN: "At worst, should This Group encounter Cassie's family, it may prove a good opportunity to beat on them using those tech-school monsters"
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN, no please. No beating on them."
Hector chuckles at Felicia. "Y'know, a rock ceiling isn't so bad when you get used to it, though I suppose I had to live under one out of necessity."
ORN stares at cassie and sparkles
[OOC] Ahiru: Cassie and ORN sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
ORN: "With Moogles?"
ORN makes swinging motion and sparkles
[OOC] Hector: Cassie's a Ryusei.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN "Not even with moogles! Besides, I'd rather tell them I was captured by the Viera or something. I have changed my armor since they last saw me. And I'm not wearing my white mage cloth anymore."
ORN waits, hoping everyone will agree more after picturing it
Cassandra_Lionheart looks down and sighs
ORN: "Oh."
Hector: "I thought moogles made weapons…not out of moogles."
[OOC] Hector: brb
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks and is confused "I'm sorry. I must meant something else."
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: brb
Sakha: "If we're going topsie, let's go, I don't want to waste time with this trip and we should dig up King too."
Fyl: "There was that one mooglepult incident, where they were exploring using themselves as artillery. Wasn't very practical, with all the padding they needed."
Hector puts his finger on his forehead. "Though I suppose you could…tie them together by their head-thingies and swing them around."
Hector: "That would probably hurt. D:"
ORN nods at Hector and sparkles
ORN: "Only those on the recieving end."
ORN: "And possibly the moogles."
Fyl hugs Pak a little tighter. "Well, you know them. Science." She looks to Felicia. "If you know where King is, Captain, I can help you file a report on his whereabouts."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN and Hector "That is senseless violence!"
Hector: "Hey, I'm ont advocating it! I'm just saying it might be possible."
ORN: "Negative. Large magitek automata rampaging through cities due to defective programming yet again is senseless violence."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Hector and blinks "Are you even thinking about the poor Moogle when your swinging it around?"
Felicia: "Right. Oh! And…"
Felicia digs through her stuff for that map they found.
Hector facepalms. "What's your problem? I'm not saying we should tie moogles together by their head thingies and swing them around! I'm just saying that you could if you wanted, but that it would be mean."
Fyl STARES at the map, dropping Pak. "Is that…is that what it looks like?!?"
Felicia grins. "Thought this would interest you."
ORN: "What what looks like?"
Cassandra_Lionheart giggles "Okay, Hector. You are off the hook, for now."
Fyl: "Our ships have been trying to…I mean, they've found…HOW IN BLAZES DID YOU GET THAT?"
Fyl looks at Felicia in a bit of awe.
Sakha: "A Dwarf we met had it"
Felicia: "Indeed."
Cassandra Lionheart: "I clearly misunderstood what you said then, Hector. I must have a bit of alcohol still within me."
Fyl: "From what I've heard, Captain, we're blocked off to the north by mountains and to the south by a curtain of energy no one's been willing to touch."
Fyl: "That curtain…yes, that purple line at the bottom is about in the right spot."
Fyl: "We've had explorers trying to travel over the mountains, but it's been slow going. We've had reports that there's more water on the other side."
Fyl: "But what are these purple lines crossing the ocean?"
ORN: "There is less ocean underground"
Felicia shakes her head. "Unsure. But at first glance, they appear to underground paths, as ORN here stated. Seemingly connecting the various islands together."
[OOC] Hector: Did Saiai time out?
Fyl: "…with your permission, Captain, I'd like to take that and get it copied."
[OOC] Sakha: ((he said he'd be busy
Hector scratches the tip of his nose.
Sakha: "Knowledge is meant to be shared."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks back to the table "I knew i was going to have to face my family again soon anyways. I don't want too, but I have to."
Felicia nods. "I had intended to see that was done."
Fyl takes the maps and salutes. "Then I shall tend to that right away, sir!"
Fyl kisses Pak on his forehead, smiling. "We can catch up again later. Right now, I have to do my duty to Refuge."
Felicia salutes in return with a smile. "Quite."
With that, the mithra guard heads out into the partying crowd.
Sakha: "We should get moving too, we have a few days worth of travel and stops to take care of, and I want to get it out of the way as fast as possible since we aren't done with Gaia yet."
Pak blushes.
ORN nods
Hector: "Right!"
*stands up*
Sakha smiles encouragingly at Fyl.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes, we should depart now."
[OOC] Pak: I'm done being busy~
Pak streeetches.
Pak: "Well, it's good to know that the map will help n.n"
Pak: "So, where should we go first?"
ORN looks over and notes Sakha's much improved mood…
[OOC] ORN: threesomes good for what ails ya?
Pak: "Hmm…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Well, i really don't know."
Pak: "There's something I'm worried about."
Pak: "How will the people of Refuge handle these new cultures?"
ORN: "Refuge may be best. This Group can surface through Mountainsburg… The train would be faster but there are no holes currently elsewhere"
[OOC] Sakha: No, "Yes Fyl, keep him occupied… I don't need an older brother all over MKE"
Hector: "I gotta wonder how these rock dwarves are gonna react to the squishy dwarves we have in Refuge."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah, we should go to Refuge. I think that is the only safe place for me now."
ORN: "… Different diets should keep food issues to a minimum unless they decide to share a diplomatic meal without considering it"
[OOC] WC GM: ORN: Navigation check
ORN: "Then again, one side consuming the meal and the other the plates could instead further the intimacy between them?"
ORN rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) **
[OOC] ORN: er, no idea what to default on but even mag would make it
[OOC] WC GM: MAG default, so pass. PMing results.
Hector: "What about ale? Ale brings people together, regardless of race."
Pak: "Well, that'll work for the Dwarves, anyway"
Cassandra Lionheart: ""
Pak: "I'm more worried about the Elves."
ORN: "hm… Train may also not be headed the right way… This Unit must suggest an additional path and exit to these dwarves"
Hector: "Go for it."
ORN: "Once we return and the party has died down. This Unit has no clue who to ask at this point"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Can I go with you ORN?"
ORN: "Proofing in the manner of the oversized moron riding-lances may be required too."
Hector sighs. "I miss Trombe."
Pak: "Me too.
ORN nods at cassie though…
ORN: "This Unit can do little about the matter for now… Unless…"
ORN looks over to the bartender/inkeeper
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks at ORN and wonders what he is doing
ORN: "This Group cannot afford to stay long enough to find and instruct your leaders on the matter. Would it be possible for you to deliver a note?"
The innkeeper looks up, distracted from having been watching the party. "Umm? A note?"
ORN: "Simple information which may be of economic and diplomatic interest to your city. A capital is also located at the surface, to the south. No railways lead there, however. There may be a hole in the future."
Innkeeper: "To…the south. That's Elvaan territory. Ain't no dwarf who'd properly live there."
Innkeeper: "The rock ain't right for it."
ORN: "hm…"
Pak: "Maybe that won't work…"
Innkeeper: "If ye wanted transport there, ask an Elvaan."
ORN: "Are there any remaining trade routes between the two territories?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Maybe we should ask them then."
ORN nods
Cassandra Lionheart: "I guess it is off to go south first then."
Sakha: "We'll get there… I wanna learn their food magic… it'll be handy…"
ORN: "Uncertain… There is much magma, and no guarantee of a path to the surface. Transport to refuge may be easier."
Pak: "Yesss, food Magic. <3"
The innkeeper shrugs. "When they wanna trade, they come t' us. We don't care or have to go to them. Gaia's protection stops where Pyr's land starts."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Food magic. Yeah it would. Probaly cut the Gil costs for all of us, except ORN."
Felicia: "Likewise."
Pak squeezes Sakha around the waist happily.
ORN: "On the other hand, Trombe may be back there…"
Hector: "I think we left him all the way at the beginning of the caves down in the land of Viera."
Hector: "Unless the other dwarves picked him up and are bringing him wherever they're going."
Cassandra Lionheart: "We did. Darn it."
Sakha blushes in mixed pleasure and irritation\
Pak: "Hm. If only we could get some official power to send people to get him."
ORN: "Like King."
ORN: "Or the Viera leader."
Pak: "Yeah, those would help."
ORN nods
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Ahiru and smiles
ORN: "Another reason to return to refuge"
Ahiru blinks. "What am I supposed to be doing?"
Pak: "You're gonna pretend to be King again."
Pak: "Right Sis?"
Pak squeeze.
Sakha meeps. "Yeah yeah…" she squirms uncomfortably.
[OOC] ORN: heheh
Cassandra_Lionheart giggles at Pak and Sakha
ORN nods and sparkles
Pak: "So let's go to the surface already!"
Pak: "We can't go anywhere else until we're there."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah, lets go."
[OOC] WC GM: Who's leading the way?
ORN nods
ORN will take point at least up to mountainsburg
The partying crowds are a bit difficult to weave through, especially on the impromptu ladders that have been bolted into the vertical hole ORN dug, but you find your way topside soon enough. The mood up here is a mixture of curiosity and celebratory - they had been trying to get home more than those below had been trying to get back up, but few of the stone dwarves are up here.
Pak: "…"
Pak: "I don't care! Want sunlight! T_T"
Pak: "ORN, lead us out of the cave!"
Cassandra_Lionheart nervously looks around and hides her face under her mantle.
ORN points
It is much easier to find your way to the mouth of Mountainsburg…and there, for the first time in a week, you do indeed feel the rays of the sun.
Pak aaahs…
Cassandra_Lionheart stays quiet and stays close to ORN
Pak: "The sun~"
Felicia mimics Pak. "Finally!"
[OOC] WC GM: For reference, you're on the #4 bridge in http:/‘`/``mountainsburg.gif
[OOC] Hector: routersplosion.
Pak just sits in a beam of sunlight, purring and absorbing warmth~
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN, maybe this was a bad idea for me."
Hector pats Pak on the head.
ORN sparkles
ORN: "What was? reaching the surface?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Kind of. Moutainsburg…there is a school of my families here."
Pak pulls Sakha into the sunlight~
Sakha: "…"
Ahiru smiles
Pak: "Come on~ Sakha~ You need to feel the warmth on your skin!"
ORN: "If that worries you you could simply not visit it."
[OOC] ORN: what, you saying she hasn’t been getting lots of warmth lately? ;p
If anyone does recognize Cassandra, no one makes an issue of it - those who pass by are apparently far more interested in what lies within just now.
Cassandra Lionheart: "It doesn't work like that, ORN."
Sakha groans.
Pak: "Eh? Do you feel bad or something?"
Cassandra_Lionheart sighs "I can keep running or stand my ground, right?"
ORN nods
ORN: "You can also stab."
Hector: "Geez, Cassie. Mellow out already."
Hector: "Your family cares about you no matter what ya do, 'member?"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Hector, and sighs "I don't know now. i think they are going to disown me if they found out i lost my magic power."
Pak hmms.
Pak: "What the fastest way to get around on the surface again? A steamboat or something?"
ORN: "Disown?"
ORN looks puzzled
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN "Quite simply I would no longer be part of the family."
Pak is bouncing around a bit, excited.
ORN: "… Did you not leave them?"
ORN: "You disowned them. Nothing to worry about."
ORN looks over at pak
ORN: "Ship… Flight… Jumping… Trombe Units…?"
Hector stretches.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks down "Yeah. Damn it. I'm just a bit flustered right now."
One of the passers-by looks up. "…excuse me. Did you say 'Trombe'?"
Hector: "Trombe's the only one of his kind we know of. And by that I mean robot chocobos."
[OOC] Hector: He's essentially a robot chicken, albeit a large one.
ORN nods
Pak: "Yup."
PasserByDwarf: "Maybe you know what this was, then. I've just come back from the northern exploration crews. As I was walkin' along the mountaintops, this…I dunno, but it looked like a giant robot chocobo came by."
Hector: "No kidding. Thanks. That's actually, uh, I guess you could say it's ours."
PasserByDwarf: "Said 'e was lookin' for someones."
Ahiru: "Trombe's his own. He just likes us."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh, good."
Hector: "He'll catch up to us on his own? Man, that's one smart robot."
PasserByDwarf: "Oh! Mebbe 'e was lookin' for you. I got 'is name, but then 'e ran off to th' west."
ORN: "Hm.."
PasserByDwarf: "Faster 'n we could follow - an' goin' to th' more volcanic regions, where we ain' followin' anyway."
PasserByDwarf: "Just passin' through the volcanos HERE took some speed to get through between eruptions, let me tell ya!"
Pak: "…Huh? Volcanos are erupting?"
As if to underscore his point, you hear the by-now-familiar faint rumblings in the distance. Sure enough, the inner moon is passing overhead just now.
Pak: "Oh yeah."
Hector: "Thanks for the info, man."
*tosses five gil to the dwarf* "For your troubles."
PasserByDwarf: "An' here we all thought volcanos were a myth."
He takes the gil. "Thanks."
Pak: "Okay… So where's the west? Where would Trombe be?"
Pak: "If he's nearby, we should get him first."
PasserByDwarf: "Ach, I doubt ye could catch up t' 'im by now. 'less you can walk on lava, that is."
Sakha: "Maybe we should split up. Because I do not want to waste time in getting to Plainsburg and getting the moogles working on a contraption that'll get us all to their homeland."
Hector: "I have a feeling Trombe'll eventually get back to us."
Pak: "Hmm."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay. That sounds like an idea."
Pak: "Plainsburg sounds good…"
ORN nods
Pak: "We SHOULD go to Refuge sometime, though."
Sakha: "We'll get there and let King make an appearance… but this is more important."
ORN: "How much of a detour would be plainsburg through Refuge?"
Pak: "It depends on where Plainsburg is at the moment. Holdon."
Pak casts Sight! To try and see PLainsburg's relative location." // //
Pak: "If it's down near Seaburg, we'll have to wait for it to get closer. x.x"
Hector: "Try to find Trombe while you're at it."
Normally, Pak's range would not be sufficient even to reach Plainsburg's normal location. However, Pak does manage to catch a glimpse of a corner of Plainsburg…right at the edge of Mountainsburg.
[OOC] WC GM: Sight gives landscape features, not individuals upon the landscape. Even being able to see a mobile city is borderline.
Pak: "Ah! It looks like they're right near Mountainsburg!"
Sakha: "Perfect."
Sakha whisks off."
Pak: "If we hurry, we can catch it."
Pak drops Sight and heads after Sakha.
Hector goes after them both.
It only takes a bit of maneuvering to be able to see Plainsburg visually, through the open streets of Mountainsburg.
Were it on the plains, something that large would be hard to miss. With all kinds of buldings in the way? One might miss it.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks and blinks
Felicia follows after.
It still takes the better part of an hour to wind your way through the streets and up to the ramps leading to Plainsburg. Fortunately, the city is parked right now, with quite a few moogles heading out to join the dwarves in their celebration and investigation.
Pak yays and charges up the loading ramp.
ORN mumbles
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN and blinks
In addition to those heading out, there is also much exchange of food. At a glance, it seems that Plainsburg was here to unload and resupply anyway.
Sakha Grabs a moogle. "Where is your lead technician? I need to speak with him or her."
[OOC] Pak: We could also shop here
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: finally
Moogle: "Lead technician? Lady, I'm a one moogle merchant. Unless you mean the city's technocrats."
Hector smirks at Sakha's lack of tact.
The moogle walks off in a huff.
Sakha: "I just want to know where the best moogle for making things is. Thigs that can move or fly."
ORN: "Without exploding"
Hector: "S'pose we should resupply here, too."
Pak: "hmm."
A familiar voice speaks up from behind you. "Resupply, you say?"
Pak: "Yeah~ I wanna go shopping with Big Sis- oh?"
Pak turns.
Hector looks behind him without turning around.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hey, its, um….I forgot his name!"
*smiles at him*
The hume merchant who helped you through your adventures in Refuge is standing there, one hand on a strap of his backpack full of goods.
ORN: "?"
RandomMerchant: "I don't believe I ever gave you my name. I'm fine keeping it that way for now."
Pak: "Ah, I remember you, sorta! n.n"
Hector turns fully around. "Yeah, we need some more food supplies, and perhaps an upgrade on our equipment, which I admit has seen better days."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay, sir! What do you have?"
Pak: "Actually my equipment's fine still…"
Pak: "Mostly because it's all anti-earth stuff. n.n;"
Hector: "That's why I said 'perhaps'. Geez."
RandomMerchant: "Actually, I'm making a delivery to one Kupostein. If you're looking to have some sort of vehicle made, you might want to tag along - I'll help you cut a deal."
Pak: "…Ooh."
RandomMerchant: "He's kind of an expert in the field. And after that, I've gotten some better goods in stock, so I can resupply you then."
[OOC] Hector: I figure, as long as the merchant's name isn't "Amandara Kamandara", we should be okay. Otherwise, HE'S THE MASTERMIND BEHIND IT ALL.
Cassandra Lionheart: "thanks sir."
RandomMerchant: "Alright, I think it was…this way!"
He heads off.
Pak follows Sakha excitedly. <3
Cassandra_Lionheart follows the Merchant.
Hector walks beside Pak.
Sakha: "Sounds perfect."
ORN follows reluctantly
The path turns and twists and before long you are completely lost. Fortunately, the merchant still seems to know the way.
It occurs to you that the dwarven caves, while conceptually similar - tunnels through some enclosed space - were radically different in style. They tended to be mostly straight, linear, kind of orderly.
Plainsburg…is not.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: brb
Just as you pass by the third turning walkway, the merchant knocks on the roof. "Hello, Kupostein?"
Kupostein: "It's unlocked! Come in!"
The merchant pulls on a handle on the roof. A hatch with a ladder on it swings open. The merchant climbs in.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks and follows
Hector is lucky not to be comically hit in the face with a ladder. :E
Pak looks up. "Can we come in too?"
Sakha pushes in and bows slightly and humbly.
Kupostein: "You brought ze friendz? Ya, all come in!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Thank you sir."
Pak follows in
Hector tries his best to look cool as he enters the room.
Felicia follows reluctantly.
ORN goes last, keeping an eye behind him
You have heard tales of mad scientists' labs. This brings them all back. Most of the equipment here, you can not even name, much less identify. The "laboratory" is actually a hangar bay - several vehicles lie in varying stages of completion, or in a couple cases destruction.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Wow. Nice."
*looks around and is entralled with the site.
The burn marks around those two suggest either an internal explosion or having been used as targets by that armed…balloon?
Sakha surveys the bay. "So you make vehicles? Can that balloon carry people…? // //
Hector looks around for anything that might be useful attached to Trombe.
ORN looks at Sakha
[OOC] Hector: Trombe needs head vulcans, a beam rifle, missile launcher, and BFG. At least.
A moogle with grease-streaked fur looks up. "Zat iz de idea, yes. Does not work juzt yet, no."
ORN: "The explosive debris should answer that.."
Sakha: "Do you think that you could get to work…? Well enought to get to the moogle homeland?"
Hector finds an armored skirt among the destroyed vehicles. It seems a bit too large for Trombe, though.
The moogle's eyes brighten up. "You…you have been hearing of me dreamz? Yes, YES, zat iz EXACTLY what ze airzip iz to be doing!"
Kupostein: "I have not solved ze power problem, but if I can…"
The moogle giggles.
Hector: "What's the power problem?"
Pak: "We wanna get to there… we received a strange message…"
RandomMerchant: "Moogle homeland? You guys have been busy since we met."
Kupostein: "Ach! Random! Do you have…it?"
ORN: "When did you meet?"
RandomMerchant: "That I do."
He pulls out a wrapped package and hands it over.
Kupostein: "Mwahahaha! How I have been waiting for zis moment!"
He holds it up reverently. "How I have dreamed, savored it…"
ORN stares, fully expecting a bomb
Cassandra_Lionheart watches the Moogle and shakes her head
Pak expects a cake.
RandomMerchant: "That'll be 10 gil."
Kupostein: "Yes, yes, of course. Here."
He flips three 5-gil coins to the merchant. "With a tip for delivery. And now…"
Felicia has no idea what to expect.
Sakha: "10 gil? that seems… cheap…"
Hector hopes it's a bunch of naked horny viera.
Kupostein tears into the package, revealing…a sandwich.
Pak: "I knew it!"
The moogle devours it quickly.
Cassandra_Lionheart slaps her forehead
Sakha: "…"
ORN: "…"
RandomMerchant: "He kinda missed breakfast, and dinner last night."
Sakha: "So… about that poer source…?"
The merchant shrugs. "He's devoted to his craft. Doesn't even mind being called a workaholic."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Mister…That is too devoted."
Felicia sighs.
Kupostein: "Mmf!"
He swallows. "Ah, yez, ze power zource. To fly zat high…alas…" He sighs.
Kupostein: "Would take tremendous power. Almost on ze level of ze personal incarnations of Pyr and Mer!"
Pak: "…"
Pak: "H…huh. Really."
Pak: "You don't say."
Cassandra Lionheart: //Wow.

ORN: "One would have expected Bolt"
Hector: "This cannot be coincidental."
Ahiru: "How can you harness power from incarnations?"
Pak decides to stare upward accusingly. Yes you, we blame you for this.
Kupostein: "Bolt as well, but Bolt we can harness."
Sakha: "So… Pyr and Mer… Fire and water….? Steam?"
If Grav noticed Pak's stare, no immediate indication comes of it.
Pak: "…I-it takes Steam?"
Kupostein: "Aye! Steam to rocket up high!"
Felicia: "Hm."
ORN: "Would lightning not suffice in flashing the water to steam?"
[OOC] Hector: This is like…three chapters off, isn't it?
Kupostein: "Ze ballon iz charged to retain altitude - a magnus sphere. But how to gain zat altitude?"
[OOC] WC GM: That it is. But now you have further reason.
Sakha: "The problem would be being able to maintain enough water to convert to steam to keep it going… but when the water's gone…. matybe a way to keep it cycling through…? To become water again and reheat to keep working…?"
Sakha plays with fire and waterwhile thinking.
Hector: "Heh, we could always just find a way to magically defy gravity itself."
Pak provides more fire.
Kupostein: "Aye, zat iz ze core of ze problem. Need ze fire and ze water - mere lightning is necessary as well, but not a replacement."
[OOC] Pak: brb
[OOC] Pak: Back
Sakha doues Pak's fire. //"I can regulate my own, I can't keep track of calculations with yours added."
[OOC] ORN: hm… and I was thinking arc furnace ^^:
[OOC] WC GM: Close. But this is magitek we're talking about. ;)
[OOC] WC GM: Even if lightning, being plasma, is really quite close in nature to fire.
[OOC] Sakha: Lore magic for the solution?
[OOC] Hector: Anti-gravity engines are better, and instead of a balloon, we need a ship with propellors attached to it! YEAH!
[OOC] ORN: not for the water issue obviously, but figured it would likely do the steaming better ^^:
[OOC] WC GM: No roll necessary. He already said the solution.
[OOC] Sakha: then for magnus sphere info
[OOC] WC GM: Ah. Lore tech or Lore magitek for that.
[OOC] Sakha: Default or pensalty with lore magic?
[OOC] WC GM: For this kind of thing, can't really go off of Lore magic
Sakha rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
[OOC] WC GM: That said, ORN's Lore machina would work too
[OOC] Sakha: Aw poo, failed default by 3
Sakha: //))

ORN rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 )
[OOC] ORN: eh, I'll GF it
ORN rolled 1d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 )
[OOC] ORN: very pass
[OOC] ORN: course no one actually asked what it so not gonna blurt it out :P
Pak hmms.
Pak: "Hey, Ahiru."
Pak: "Can you create lots of electricity and biomass now?"
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at ORN //"What is making you run exactlly? Think it can help get the balloon up?"
Hector scratches the back of his head.
Ahiru: "Um.. yeah I can generate that…"
ORN stares blankly
ORN: "er…"
[OOC] Hector: brb
Pak: //'Why don't you try it sometime, then? :3
ORN: "The ORN series was mostly concived using standard M.Tek defender frames. This Unit never really cared much for how sentience was attained. The Creators were reluctant to speak of it anyhow"
ORN: "They seemed to believe it a danger of causing some form of "inferiority" or "monster" complex."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Um, what about an engine?"
Ahiru: "I guess…"
[OOC] Hector: that sneeze HURT.
ORN: "This Unit is unsure what it is closest to, but most likely artificially-created minor elemental spirits. Or dead people."
ORN shrugs
[OOC] WC GM: Just so you know what this "Magnus sphere" is OOC: http:/‘`/ [OOC] Hector: Orn is not Zeta/Ideon/``Dis Astrangant. Orn does not run on dead people.
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks at ORN
[OOC] ORN: was refering to standard "rip soul out of some poor shmuck and shove it in there" necromancy ;p
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: heh
[OOC] ORN: besides, everyone runs on dead stuff, its called eating. Not to mention Ideon’s more "life" powered than "dead souls" powered (dis)
[OOC] ORN: dis and ide are opposing
[OOC] WC GM: "Rip soul out and jam it in"?
[OOC] Hector: Well, Dis is more powered by leeching off the neverending cycle of life and death.
[OOC] Ahiru: Ahiru is powered by dead people
[OOC] Hector: Only one side of the triangle of Solomon. The Valzacard is powered by ALL THREE and is I think as tall as Daitarn.
[OOC] Hector: 120-130m or so.
[OOC] ORN: ide leeches off the creation/protection of life part. dis leeches off the 'death' part, ie before-rebirth
[OOC] Hector: So the Ide is part of the Triangle of Solomon? Interesting.
[OOC] Hector: Creation, Existence, Death?
[OOC] Felicia: Felicia is powered by dead people >.>
[OOC] ORN: well, ideon. since that's what ide is
[OOC] Hector: Felicia is powered by boobs and sexiness.
[OOC] Felicia: And dead people.
[OOC] Hector: What are you, a highlander?
[OOC] Ahiru: What is your proof Elvaan?
[OOC] Ahiru: I have 3.5 dead people powering me
[OOC] Felicia: Because all of my Mknight abilities are me summoning spirits to make stuff more explody
[OOC] Hector: Someone give Ahiru a Zol Orichalconium Scythe.
[OOC] Ahiru: Spirits are not necessarily dead people
[OOC] ORN: indeed. That's why I mentioned elementals
RandomMerchant: "…so why does it sound like you know where to get that much power?"
[OOC] Felicia: Depends on the ability. For most of the strikes its just elementals.
[OOC] Hector: Hector is powered by HOT BLOOD, GUTS, and EFFORT.
ORN: "When you know what you need, finding is far easier"
Hector: "Also, this whole situation sounds awfully convenient."
RandomMerchant: "…right. Well, I promised to let you resupply, so…"// He takes off his backpack.
Pak: "Hmm…"
Before long, spread out on an empty section of floor are a modest yet quite shiny assortment of goods.
[OOC] WC GM: Feel free to do the actual shopping post-session. You'll see why that matters in a bit.
Ahiru oos at an armbant and a new pointy hat.
Pak: "Hmm… >.>"
Pak: "Hey, do you have anything that's good for waking people up?"
Pak: "Or making them pay attention?"
[OOC] Hector: We're levelling, which puts our availability at 63-64.
[OOC] WC GM: Exactly.
[OOC] Hector: 63 is where I need to be.
[OOC] Hector: Is the next level gonna be 63 or 64?
[OOC] Pak: 64
[OOC] WC GM: 64
[OOC] ORN: damn!
[OOC] Hector: fux.
RandomMerchant: "Let's see…"
Pak leans over~
[OOC] Sakha: If we get a level then Ahiru can get new Body armor too
As the merchant goes through his goods, Pak sees - almost discarded, to the side, a small electric motor on a cord.
Pak ohs!
Pak picks it up.
Pak: "It looks like an alarm clock battery or something."
[OOC] Hector: I can make MAYBE two upgrades this level. 63-62 is where I need to be.
RandomMerchant: "…you want that thing? I picked it up, hoping I could sell it to someone making small machines…"
Pak: "What's it do?"
Pak toys with it.
Sakha isn't paying much attention, she already went shopping recently it's not time to shop again and not much looks interesting.
RandomMerchant: "Not much. Push the button and it vibrates."
Pak hmms and pushes it.
Pak: "Huh…"
RandomMerchant: "I could sell you batteries for it, if you want."
It vibrates - briefly, before running out of power.
Pak: "Sure. n.n Maybe I can attach it to a bell."
[OOC] Hector: Yeah. No good upgrades until 25.
[OOC] ORN: nice present for sakha with charged batteries eh
Pak: "Then I can wake Sakha up in the morning. Sleepyhead~"
RandomMerchant: "Buy at least 3 batteries and I'll throw it in free."
Pak: "Okay!"
Sakha glares.
Pak buys 15 batteries.
[OOC] WC GM: Battery = Alarm Clock, with what Pak's planning
[OOC] ORN: what's the batteries do other than power the vi… er… motor?
Cassandra Lionheart: "Well, Sakha…it is better than getting hit, right?"
Sakha shrugs and hmphs
Pak pulls out an alarm clock he was carrying and fiddles with it.
RandomMerchant: "15? Well, I should do something extra, then!"
He snaps a small, makeshift, egg-shaped case around the motor.
Pak: "Oh! That works!"
ORN: "…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "I mean, everytime you haven't paid attention, you have been knocked out cold."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Pak and giggles
RandomMerchant: "That way it won't get wet and short out."
Pak: "Right! Caves are damp."
Hector: "…fascinating."
Pak: "So… is there a button you press?"
Pak looks it over.
Sakha: "The caves we were in weren't that danp and I don't think magma can really be called 'damp' either."
ORN: "It may keep her awake, though not necessarily attentive…"
Pak finds a button, and a receptacle for the batteries, at the other end of the cord.
Cassandra Lionheart: "True, but still. Its better than using a Pheonix Down on her."
ORN nods in agreement and sparkles
Pak: "Ah, here we go."
Pak hands the egg end to Sakha.
Sakha: "What?"
Pak wraps the cord around her tail.
Pak: "Now, if only we could make it ring, like a bell."
Sakha: "What are you doing now?"
Pak shrugs and slides the egg end into one of her pockets.
Cassandra_Lionheart giggles a bit more
Pak tries pressing the button.
The device vibrates in Sakha's pocket.
Pak: "It works! :3"
Sakha jumps a little, "The thing sure vibrates a lot!"
Pak: "Then it'll wake you up. n.n"
RandomMerchant: "Hmm…here!"
He pulls out a small ball and a few metal scraps, fiddling with them a bit. "Snap this on to the end of the case, and it'll make a bell."
Cassandra_Lionheart now bursts out in laughter
Pak: "Kay."
Pak modifies it slightly.
Pak then presses the button again, making it ring. (This is more like a cellphone now…)
Sakha: "What's so funny!?"
Hector scratches the back of his head. "DOens't this just beat all?"
Sakha jumps blushing with embarrassment
Pak giggles~ "Yes, this will work nicely, thanks!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "well, now we can get your attention, without hurting you."
RandomMerchant: "Ahh, it's getting towards dinnertime. Tell you what, while you're looking over my goods, why don't I have some dinner delivered for all of us?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Thank you sir."
Felicia blinks.
ORN nods
Kupostein: "Bleh! You still like that fried chocobo?"
Hector: "…chocobos, that's right."
Pak: "Let's see what else we can find. n.n"
Cassandra_Lionheart heres fried chocobo and smiles "Real food."
The merchant shrugs. "Not everyone can be a vegetarian. But I'll have them deliver something for you too."
Pak searches around and buys more strange objects~
Hector looks to Kupostein. "If your technicians find a black-and-red mechanic chocobo while Plainsburg is moving around, please keep it safe for us until we get back. It's kind of, I guess you could say, a friend of ours."
Ahiru: "Lettuce :3"
Hector: "And please look it over to see if you can add weaponry to it. I'd hate for the thing to be defenseless."
Kupostein: "A…mechanical chocobo?"
Hector: "Yes. And if you disassemble it, I'll disassemble YOU."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Trust me. Hector will do it. That bird is everything to him."
The merchant wanders to the side of the laboratory and speaks into a box.
Kupostein: "I would never DREAM of such a zing! Well…maybe a little, but only if I could put it back together again after, better zan ever!"
ORN glares
Kupostein: "Hmm, hmm. Weapons, you zay? About…how big is zis…mechanical chocobo? How much power can it supply?"
ORN: "…"
ORN looks over to the merchant
Pak: "I'm not sure exactly."
Hector: "I don't KNOW, man."
Pak: "It's pretty big, though."
ORN: "Can this one be trusted with minor specifications?"
Hector: "Look, we'll give you the information when we get back, alright?"
ORN has heard of the thing the merchant is speaking into. Never seen one in use before, though.
ORN: "Trombe Unit did share its makers information when This Unit first met it"
The merchant finishes his conversation. "Hmm? Yeah, I think so. Why?"
Sakha: "It's big enough to be a mode of transportation for a significant number of people.
ORN nods
Kupostein nods. "Ah, I see. Well, yes, bring it by and I shall see."
ORN: "Hostile dissassembly will result in far more than your hangar's annihilation."
ORN gives whatever specifications Trombe originally gave him, minus any mentions of weakpoints and the like
Kupostein blinks. "I am…not familiar with zose units of measurement."
[OOC] Sakha: Can I supply with history check?
Kupostein: "Fortnight? Yardarm length?"
[OOC] Sakha: or language?
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha: you'd have to do both lore history and lore tech - or something else specifically for ancient engineering practices
ORN tries to approximate to PMA units using what he can remember of Trombe
[OOC] Sakha: ~_~ I am feeling kinda useless
[OOC] WC GM: It's like handing Roman-era blueprints to a modern day rocket mechanic.
[OOC] WC GM: Eh, don't worry. This one was intended to be more ORN's moment.
[OOC] ORN: … indeed. but that's why all you need's an example or two of each measurement and a sliderule ;p
Kupostein: "I zee, I zee. Hmm. I shall pon-"
Just then, the food arrives. Literally just then - Kupostein is nearly buried by fried chocobo, a small bucket of corn, and other foodstuffs.
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks
Kupostein: "…after dinner. Yes. After dinner."
[OOC] Hector: PFC? Or MFC? Or perhaps RFC?
[OOC] Hector: BDFC.
ORN uses the distraction to eat himself a little of that "debris" back there
Pak yays and eats yummy chicken~
Cassandra_Lionheart takes some food, and begins to eat.
[OOC] ORN: moogle-fried chicken makes it sound like that's a particular flavor/technique. you know, like shake&bake but using some mooglechunk… or maybe the hair
[OOC] Hector: M is for Mountainsburg.
Felicia eats.
[OOC] ORN: … wonder if its something you grate like parmesean, or if its more of a meatball thing
Hector has teh munchies so he eatzors.
Along with the food are some small bags of Gil, and a note.
Pak: "Hm?"
Note: "The exploration coordinator wanted to forward this as thanks for the map. We should have it in mass printing within two days. I'd deliver it in person, but they've got me busy with this. -Fyl"
The bags hold 3000 gil for each of you.
[OOC] Hector: As soon as the map is mass-produced?
[OOC] WC GM: There are a lot of people who would like to have copies of the map.
Pak randomly presses the button to make the bell ring on sakha and takes some gil.
Hector takes his share of the money. "Man, we never made money like this when we were stealing. What's up with that?"
[OOC] ORN: of course, when people actually know where other people are, trade and diplomacy also make place for war.
[OOC] ORN: and don't worry hector, we KNOW.
Pak: "People didn't give us money willingly when we stole~"
[OOC] WC GM: 6000 XP each, too.
Felicia: "…Quite."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hector, it is good fortune. Don't ask."
Sakha jumps. "Stop that!" SHe tries to take it off, but wrapped around her tail like that she can't reach it.
ORN: "Crime does not pay. Violence does."
Cassandra_Lionheart laughs a bit more.
ORN o.o at sakha
[OOC] Hector: hooray level
Pak giggles at Sakha. "But it's so useful~"
Pak: "I'll stop wasting it though. n.n"
Sakha grumbles.
Pak giggles~
Hector rolls his eyes.
Hector: "Think you're a bit too easily-amused, little bro."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Now, now. Let us just enjoy the meal."
Felicia chuckles quietly to herself.
Hector does not find the Sakha-abuse amusing. (!!!)
[OOC] WC GM: Meal = full HP/MP recharge, as usual.
Sakha looks at Hector a little gratefully for the support.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Pak, you use it too much, and I think Sahka will want revenge."
Pak: "I know. I said I'd stop. :3"
Pak hmms.
Cassandra_Lionheart giggles
Pak: "Here, I'll take it off her for now."
[OOC] Hector: Did you pattern Sakha after a specific tsundere?
Pak removes it from her tail.
Pak …>.>
Pak sneaks up behind Felicia.
The hangar begins to shake.
[OOC] Sakha: no
Pak eeps~!?
Cassandra Lionheart: "What the?"
Kupostein runs over to one side of the lab. "An earzquake? ZIS powerful?"
ORN clutches his lance
[OOC] Hector: 'kay. 'cause you've seen more of that kinda anime that I have. The only tsunderes I'm familiar with are like…Haman, Anemone, and Seolla.
Pak: "W-what was that?"
The moogle paws over various sensors. "Coming from outside…to ze west…"
[OOC] Sakha: I'm most familiar with Suiseiseki
[OOC] Hector: Who is a Katina ripoff.
[OOC] Hector: HA! j/k
[OOC] Hector: But Katina came first, so…
[OOC] WC GM: Nav check, anyone who looks over his shoulders as he tries to locate it.
Ahiru: "Trombe?"
ORN rolled 1d100 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 )
[OOC] ORN: wow
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 ) **
[OOC] Hector: Fail by SIX.
[OOC] Ahiru: right on the nose pass
ORN: "The Volcannon"
Hector: "They're firing it AGAIN?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "What? Why?"
Sakha: "Damn those moogles if they're trying to pull something…"
Pak: "Hyuuu x.x"
ORN: "Unlikely… However if Gaia has returned…"
Pak: "Hmm. Where's Fakir?"
ORN: "… Most likely there"
Ahiru: "We should go then… King can come another time, right?"
Pak: "Alright!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Let us go then."
ORN nods
Kupostein punches a button. The hangar bay doors open.
Kupostein: "If you are inveztigating, zis is ze faztest way out!"
Pak nods!
ORN heads out
Cassandra_Lionheart gets up and runs towards the doors
RandomMerchant: "I'll clean up here. You guys get going. I want to hear your stories, but that can wait."
The doors do indeed exit onto the side of Plainsburg. There is a short drop to the ground, and then a mostly straight path back into Mountainsburg.
Ahiru changes to duck and glides down.
The shaking gets stronger as you head in. The hole is clear - apparently, most people instinctively view climbing during an earthquake as dangerous.
Pak runs along!
Cassandra Lionheart: "Damn it! What is Gaia doing?"
Sakha rushes out with a touch of float to ease any descents
Hector is of the going.
You hear clangs and scrapes as you near the temple, and the Volcannon.
ORN: "Whatever it is, its about time the great prey learned its place"
Cassandra Lionheart: "I think your right ORN."
The greeting stones have been animated into one large humanoid form. The hooded face that talked to you stares impassively out the back - whatever sentience it once had, tossed completely aside.
[OOC] Hector: YOU'RE.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: I was wondering if you were up Jeff. :P
Pak: "We're not gonna let you keep the dwarves seperate from the rest of the world!"
And there, fighting it, is Fakir. He looks quite weary.
Pak: "…And you're just stupid!"
Ahiru quacks!
Pak: "After this fight, I'm gonna tie you up and let Ahiru lead you around on a leash! T_T So you'll stop running away!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes, you cannot continue to do this!"
Ahiru quackes questioningly at that
Fakir huffs in near-exhaustion. "Gaia used the trolls to sneak in. I came here as soon as I figured it out."
Pak: "K."
Hector cracks his knuckles. "I was waiting for you to show up. Time to have a good old-fashioned throwdown."
Pak: "Ahiru, be sure to catch her this time. >:3"
ORN shimmers orange for a moment and slams his fists together
Fakir: "Have you…"
He dodges a boulder. "…cleaned up…" He thrusts, missing. "…the rest…" A punch lands on his chest, knocking him backwards. "…yet?"
Pak also, wraps the cord back around Sakha so that he can make her wake up if she gets distracted.
Pak: "The trolls?"
Sakha seems to have her head in the clouds again… Danger just does not seem to penetrate her skull.
Pak: "Yeah. We got rid of them."
Hector: "Fakir, get back. We'll handle this."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Please Fakir. Rest, this is our fight!"
Gaia bearhugs Fakir. Upon release, Fakir has been turned into a statue, which is then tossed into the lava under the control center. Fortunately, it floats…for the moment…
Cassandra Lionheart: "NOO!"
Felicia: "…"
Hector: "…holy shit."
Pak: "W-what!?"
ORN: "Sakha. Ice that before its too late"
ORN: "Your fate is sealed, Gaia"
Cassandra_Lionheart pulls out her sword
Sakha idly casts float on the statue.
Pak fires a Stona at the statue!
[OOC] ORN: while he's in the magma???
[OOC] ORN: even with float…
Pak and Sakha find they are out of range. They would need to get past Gaia first.
[OOC] Sakha: I cast float to bring him out of the magma
Pak: "…Hmph."
Pak: "Alright. For Ahiru, we'll stop Gaia!"
Hector unsheaths his whip and cracks it dramatically. "Time to take your ass down a peg or three."
Just then, Gaia seem to notice the party. The face of the greeting stone it chose to use as its head is wearing a vacant, empty smile.//

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