EC Session 1.8

KuGMpo: When last we left our heroe…well, the party…they were standing on what can best be described as the roof of Refuge.
Akari-kun: o-o…
]OOC] Ahiru: correction Mountainsburg
[OOC] Hector: or maybe it IS the highest point in Refuge
KuGMpo: This being the highest point within the bounds of Refuge kingdom.
[OOC] Ahiru: Have the country and the capitol with the same name gets confusing :P
Hector is sitting in the snow, trying to catch his breath after the harrowing ideal.
KuGMpo: There are higher mountains off in the distance, but they are "beyond our borders". No one has gone there that any of you can remember.
Ahiru: "Those this were pretty scary, huh?"
KuGMpo: At least, no one that's come back.
Hector stands up and then looks down the mountain. "Huh."
Cassandra looks up and curses a bit
KuGMpo: Awareness rolls, all save Dvihr.
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 )
[OOC] Hector: Failed as well
Cassandra rolled 1d100-40 and got 72 ( Total: 32 )
[OOC] Hector: Did not roll under 42
[OOC] Hector: Why are you rolling -40?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ahiru?
[OOC] Cassandra: ugh. crap. I'll re-roll
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 )
[OOC] KuGMpo: Wait for Ahiru.
[OOC] Cassandra: Sorry
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
Ahiru: (CRIT SAVE!)
[OOC] Hector: Bloody hell. Pak crit-fails, Cass and I fail normally, and Ahiru crit-succeeds.
[OOC] Hector: Is this a perfect bell-curve or something
KuGMpo: "Save" Dvihr turns out to be literally accurate. Pak nearly blunders into Dvihr, who's been looking over the cliffs. Ahiru's quick reaction prevents them from toppling over.
Dvihr: "woah…"
Ahiru: "Heya~!" Ahiru smiles at the two of them after making sure they don't fall off
Dvihr frowns at Pak
Hector scratches the back of his head. "Close call, but nice save, Ahiru. And, hey, Div…welcome back."
Cassandra: "Hi Dvihr. What brings you here?"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Umm - Saiai, nick change and window reset
[OOC] Pakk: What'd I miss?
[OOC] KuGMpo: What's the last you saw?
KuGMpo: ))
Pak looks up at Divvie. "…" He turns a little red. "…You didn't let me explain before."
Dvihr: "What's there to explain?"
Pak vein-marks. "
Pak: ">.<! You…!"
Dvihr: "What me?"
Dvihr: "Just tell me if you have something to say."
Pak: "I get molested unwillfully and this is how you treat me?"
Dvihr frowns "Who…."
Pak frowns and turns away. "I was helping her because she helped us. That's all."
Dvihr: "She helped herself to you…"
Pak twitches.
Ahiru blinks. "What are you talking about?"
Dvihr grabs you. "I-I could have helped you…"
Pak squirms. "Let go!"
Dvihr: "No!"
Pak: "Jerk!"
Ahiru: "Umm… It's not good to fight…"
Pak squirms. "You don't know what it's like to be a male mithra!"
Dvihr pulls you closer to me. "You don't understand ethier."
Hector quirks an eyebrow straight up.
Pak: "You have to deal with this kind of thing all the time! I'm lucky she didn't send me straight back to Seaburg!"
Dvihr: "Look, you… nevermind"
Hector: "Pak has a point. We're not in the cave, and as such, we're dealing with more than just humes."
Dvihr lets you go. "Justforget it." looks away.
Pak: "I-it's gonna happen sometimes, okay?" He sniffles. "I can't help it. It'll be happening as long as I'm alive."
Pak: "If you can't accept that, then, I'm sorry."
Dvihr: "But I could help."
Dvihr: "I can protect you…"
Pak: "Not if you LEAVE."
Ahiru pouts. All the tension in the air is upsetting her.
Pak pouts.
Ahiru: "Come on everybody, I thought you were friends! Kiss and make up, pleeease?
Cassandra: "Guys can we stop fighting please."
Dvihr: "heh, kiss…. Pak will never understand."
Dvihr begins frowning again.
Pak hmphs. "…Divvie, don't leave again, okay?"
Pak: "If you're not around, we won't have any food to eat."
Pak: "I tried to cook earlier and the food attacked us."
Dvihr: "Pak…."
Hector sighs. "Anyway, it's good that Div's back, and now that those damnable lightning things out of the way, I suggest we move to a warmer clime. Any longer out here and I'm afraid I won't be able to give a girl my Hector Jr., if you know what I mean."
Pak: "Besides, if you wanna protect me… I guess you're not a jerk as much as I thought." He looks back over his shoulder. "Sorry."
KuGMpo: Awareness rolls, all.
Dvihr grabs Pak and kisses him. "Don't you get it now?"
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 )
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
[OOC] KuGMpo: And tell me if you succeed.
[OOC] Hector: OHHHHHHHHH SNAP also dammit why can't I just PASS A NON-ATTACK ROLL FOR ONCE
[OOC] Cassandra: Nope
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 )
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ahiru? Dvihr?
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 )
Pak: "O_O!" He squirms! "KYAAA! Let go of meee! My heart belongs to another! I like you as a friend!"
[OOC] Hector: Ahiru saves the freaking day again.
Pak turns red.
Ahiru: (Higheind likes me today)
Dvihr rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
KuGMpo: Ahiru and Dvihr both notice the inner of the two moons approaching.
Dvihr frowns… and then laughs. "Ok Pak fine." Gives Pak a friendly hug
KuGMpo: There is a slight rumbling as it whips overhead.
Ahiru: "HEy, Are moons supposed to move like that?"
Cassandra: "Oh no. What now?"
Pak blinks.
KuGMpo: Dvihr sees a red aura around Pak - no, wait, that's red coming from the background. A line of red, along the tops of the mountains in the background as the moon passes overhead.
[OOC] Gee-Emm: Only when you pull your pants down.
Pak: "What's going on?"
Hector: "Oh, geez. Did we piss off another spirit?"
KuGMpo: The inner moon has been moving like that as long as any of you can remember…
KuGMpo: …but it's a lot more impressive with an unobstructed view of it like this.
Dvihr: "It's pretty…"
Cassandra: "It's bad."
Pak oohs…
Ahiru: "I don't think I've wver been this high before… Trees don't grow this high in the forest."
Dvihr: "hey guys…"
Dvihr: "What about this red line? It's really pretty but… uhm…?"
Pak definitely hasn't been this high before. He just sits in awe.
Cassandra looks around, and sees the red line
Ahiru: "Hmm… yeah and why is it on Pak?"
KuGMpo: Cassandra: MAG check to recognize it.
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 )
[OOC] Cassandra: nope
[OOC] KuGMpo: MAG check, anyone else, to recognize it if you're looking.
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
Dvihr rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 )
[OOC] Pak: Let's see.
[OOC] Pak: I made my check
Pak: "LAVA.
Dvihr: "LAVA?!"
Cassandra: "I knew this wasn't good."
Dvihr: "Ypu aen't burning though…."
Pak: "The mountains that they passed…" Pak points to the faraway mountains that noone's ever been to. "They're shooting out lava!"
you aren't
KuGMpo: You've heard of lava, in tales and pictures - mainly from dwarven and elvaan legends.
KuGMpo: But you've never seen it until now.
KuGMpo: It's at least 10 kilometers away, maybe more
KuGMpo: .
Pak: "…"
Pak looks over at Ahiru.
KuGMpo: The mountains jut up above the horizon, allowing you to see them.
Pak: "Ahiru, does Lava have to do with anything?"
KuGMpo: Probably no one who isn't up here would see it at all.
Ahiru looks at Pak. "Okay… Grav, can you enlighten us?"
Cassandra: "I think maybe we should think about leaving?"
Dvihr: "I've heard of lava…"
KuGMpo: Grav's voice is silent.
Ahiru: "Oh yeah… he burnt out helping us…"
Pak: "Oh…"
Pak: "…So you don't remember anything?"
Dvihr: "It makes rocks and stuff…."
[OOC] Hector: I AM BACK
Dvihr: "but it's hot…"
Pak: "Hot?
Pak: "Like fire?"
Hector: "Hm. So the question is if this lava is dangerous to anyone."
Dvihr: "I wonder what it tastes like…"
KuGMpo: The lava does not appear to be immediately dangerous.
Pak: "Why is it erupting?"
Dvihr: "Lava is dangerous I think…?"
KuGMpo: And the eruption has stopped, in this area.
Pak hmms…
KuGMpo: As fast as it came past, the moon has moved on; the lava only comes up - briefly - while the moon passes over the mountains.
Dvihr giggles
Cassandra: "That was better than I thought would happen."
Pak: "…Okay…"
Pak: "So, what do we do now? n.n;"
Pak: "Go explore Lava or head back down?"
Dvihr: "LAVA!"
Hector: "Hm. Ahiru, you still looking for that Fakir guy, or do you not want to, since you met Grav?"
Dvihr: "We can taste it!."
Ahiru: "Grav is helping me find him. Grav says Fakir's also doing errands for him. So helping Grav helps me find Fakir."
Hector: "What about that dwarf woman?"
Hector: "She knows a lot, and maybe should could get us a lead."
Pak: "Where'd she go anyway?"
Hector: "Carried off by a golem."
Dvihr: "wait. Dwarf woman?"
Pak: "Oh, yah."
Cassandra: "Hmm, anybody got any Ethers?"
Hector: "Uh, yeah. Local celebrity. Got kidnapped when we went to see her. We were going to pursue, but Pak and a guard were seriously injured."
Dvihr: "Oh…"
Hector: "I don't think the trail is completely cold. I mean, for Zod's sake, how many people do you think would shrug off a golem carrying a dwarf as a regular occurance?"
Cassandra: "Not too many, actually. Unless they don't pay attention."
Dvihr: "We should find her!"
Ahiru: "The Lava stuff won't hurt us here now."
Ahiru: "So The Dwarf Lady should be are next step." ^_^
Dvihr: "Yeah!"
whirr-click* *whirr-click*
Dvihr: "What was that?"
Cassandra: "I hope its not…that thing again!"
Dvihr: "What thing?!"
Cassandra: "That huge Bolt-bot!"
Pak blinks.
Dvihr: "O_O What?"
KuGMpo: This doesn't sound like the statue.
KuGMpo: The statue wasn't mechanical.
Cassandra: "We were chased by a statue earlier."
Dvihr: "Oh…"
Hector: "No, we were chased by elementals. The statue stood there and zapped us with lightning."
Hector: I doubt the statue could have moved up the stairs without destroying them, as it was made of solid stone."
Pak turns around and looks towards the stairs.
whirr-click* *WHIRR-CLICK*
Dvihr backs away from the stairs
Hector: "Weapons at the ready, everyone."
Pak draws his knife.
KuGMpo: A pair of…well, to be honest, you're not sure what they are…walk in, from behind you.
Ahiru prepares her ribbon
Cassandra takes out her sword and stands ready.
KuGMpo: Metal humanoids of some kind.
Dvihr grabs a pan
[OOC] Hector: Behind?
[OOC] Hector: Wate wut
Dvihr frowns
KuGMpo: Just walking around the cliff top.
Dvihr: "You can't cook metal…"
[OOC] KuGMpo: You're looking at the stairs. That's where they aren't.
[OOC] Hector: Right.
Hector looks at the metal people. "Well, they aren't immediately attacking us."
Dvihr: "Hello?"
Ahiru: "But they're mechanical right? Bolt does mechanical things."
Dvihr: "Oops sorry?"
Pak: "…o.o"
Dvihr: "WHAT?"
Pak: "…o_o;;;"
Cassandra: "For cripes Sake."
KuGMpo: BotSentinel2: "EXTERMINATE."
Ahiru: "Okay, we can beat you up then?"
Hector: "…good thing we're ready for a fight."
KuGMpo: They walk forward, menacingly.
Dvihr: "But you can't cook metal…"
[OOC] KuGMpo: SPDs, all?
[OOC] Pak: 8
[OOC] Hector: 8
Ahiru: (8)
[OOC] Dvihr: 6
[OOC] KuGMpo: Cass's is 7.
KuGMpo: Battle order: Ahiru:17 Cassandra:17 BotSentinelB:15 Dvihr:15 BotSentinelA:14 Pak:11 Hector:10
KuGMpo: Ahiru!
[OOC] Hector: I am getting nothing but crap rolls today.
[OOC] Dvihr: poor hector…
Ahiru runs up and does the smacking with her ribbon on Sentinal B
Ahiru rolled 1d100-87 and got 61 ( Total: -26 )
KuGMpo: hit
[OOC] KuGMpo: Roll damage
Ahiru rolled 1d8+10 and got 3 ( Total: 13 )
KuGMpo: Cassandra!
Cassandra swings at Sentinle B
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 )
[OOC] Cassandra: Hit?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hit, roll damage.
Cassandra rolled 1d10+14 and got 7 ( Total: 21 )
[OOC] Cassandra: And BLind Touch?
[OOC] Hector: Roll the percent chance anyway
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yep.
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
KuGMpo: You can feel that this is, perhaps, not the most effective way to take the bots down. Mere chips have come out of their armor.
Hector: "…don't robots have electricity in them? So let's try hitting them into the water."
KuGMpo: Sentinel B shoots a cord at Ahiru.
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
Ahiru: That'd hit
[OOC] Pak: brb peeeeE
KuGMpo: The cord snags Ahiru briefly…
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 3 ( Total: 27 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
[OOC] Hector: At the very least, you can't exactly crit on a percentage roll chance.
KuGMpo: For 20 damage - and Ahiru falls asleep.
[OOC] Hector: Or critfail. So if you have a 95% chance of activating something on a successful hit, rolling a 94 activates it.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Sleep(4).
KuGMpo: Dvihr!
Dvihr: "Get ready to buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn!"
Ahiru swoons and slumps to the ground sleeping
Dvihr rolled 1d100-115 and got 94 ( Total: -21 )
[OOC] KuGMpo: Flamethrower?
[OOC] Hector: Dvihr has critfailed every single attack roll he's ever made.
[OOC] Hector: Which I think is intensely screwed-up and morale-destroying.
[OOC] Dvihr: Yah - zMACC right?
[OOC] Dvihr: My morale is destroied *sniffle*
[OOC] KuGMpo: hit.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Can't critfail magic.
[OOC] Dvihr: Now what happens?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Roll damage.
[OOC] Hector: Oh. Still, I don't think I've seen him roll below an 85.
Dvihr: ))
[OOC] Hector: I think you mean !roll 2d8+56
[OOC] JayM: That is it
Dvihr: ah
Dvihr rolled 2d8+56 and got 4, 8 ( Total: 68 )
KuGMpo: A third of the bot melts away.
KuGMpo: Sentinel A targets Cassandra with its wire.
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
Dvihr: "Whooo t=yeah!"
Hector: "o_O"
Cassandra: "Hey!"
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 6 ( Total: 30 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
KuGMpo: Cassandra manages to shake off the shock and not fall, but she does take 23 points of damage.
KuGMpo: Pak, then Hector!
Pak tries… Element Reels!
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
[OOC] Pak: Fire!
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
[OOC] Pak: Made it!
Pak launches a mass-fire attack!
[OOC] Hector: Score.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Is that vs. MARM or ARM?
[OOC] Pak: ARM
Pak rolled 1d20+6 and got 2 ( Total: 8 )
[OOC] Hector: …
[OOC] Pak: *bribes Highwind with yuri*
KuGMpo: Pak hits…but it doesn't seem to do much.
KuGMpo: Hector!
[OOC] Pak: Wait, I misrolled that.
Pak rolled 1d6+20 and got 3 ( Total: 23 )
[OOC] Pak: Sorry. n.n;
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ah. Doesn't change the result, though.
KuGMpo: Hector!
Hector concentrates for a moment, then uses Command: Assault. "Strengthen your offenses!"
[OOC] Hector: +1 damage multiplier on physical attacks for everyone but me.
[OOC] Hector: 2xStr becomes 3xStr etc etc
KuGMpo: Round ends!
KuGMpo: Ahiru is now Sleep(3)
KuGMpo: Battle order: Pak:17 Dvihr:13 BotSentinelA:12 BotSentinelB:11 Hector:9 Cassandra:9
KuGMpo: Pak!
[OOC] Hector: what the fuck is going on here
[OOC] Hector: I keep rolling really high or really low
[OOC] Pak: Try bribing Highwind with something.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Loli hookers seem to be a favorite
Pak looks around. "Does anyone need healed?"
[OOC] Hector: *bribes Highwind with Haruhi porn*
[OOC] KuGMpo: Only Ahiru and Cassandra have been hit, and not for that much.
[OOC] Pak: Oh, okay.
[OOC] Cassandra: 23 is not much? true
[OOC] Hector: Element Reels it again!
[OOC] Pak: Okay!
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 )
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
[OOC] Pak: Success!
[OOC] Pak: Um…
[OOC] KuGMpo: Normal damage.
[OOC] KuGMpo: And you may hate me for this. >_>
[OOC] Hector: Absorption, right?
[OOC] Pak: Since it's a physical attack, sort of, it uses base damage, does that mean I'm enhanced by Hector's ability?
[OOC] KuGMpo: You're enhanced. And yes, A:Lightning.
[OOC] Dvihr: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu no absorption
Pak rolled 1d6+30 and got 3 ( Total: 33 )
[OOC] Hector: Fucking great.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Fortunately, that's after ARM.
Pak blinks as the machines seem… recharged?
[OOC] KuGMpo: So they're healed for 1 each.
KuGMpo: Dvihr!
[OOC] Pak: …They have 32 ARM?
[OOC] Pak: Or more?
[OOC] KuGMpo: 34, in fact.
Pak grrs.
[OOC] Hector: imma gonna bodyslam the damn thing into the water
Pak: "I'll have to try something else…"
Hector: "Cass! Cast that air spell to gust them into the water!"
KuGMpo: Dvihr!
Cassandra: "Okay Hector."
Dvihr: Alright buddy going down again
Dvihr rolled 1d100-115 and got 47 ( Total: -68 )
KuGMpo: hit
Dvihr rolled 2d8+56 and got 7, 8 ( Total: 71 )
KuGMpo: Yet more of the sentinel slags - but it's still going.
KuGMpo: Sentinel A sends another shock along the cord to Cassandra.
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 2 ( Total: 26 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 )
KuGMpo: 19 points damage, but still no Sleep.
KuGMpo: Sentinel B fires at Pak.
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 52 ( Total: 52 )
[OOC] Cassandra: FULL LIMIT
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 5 ( Total: 29 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 )
KuGMpo: 19 points damage, and no Sleep.
KuGMpo: Hector!
Hector bends his knees a bit. "I'm sick of your shit, Bolt, but now I know your weakness."
Hector charges into Sentinel A, in an attempt to hit it with enough force to send it into the water.
KuGMpo: Roll it - standard attack
[OOC] Hector: Including attack% given by whip skill?
[OOC] KuGMpo: No, just straight ACC.
Hector rolled 1d100-62 and got 67 ( Total: 5 )
KuGMpo: miss
KuGMpo: Cassandra!
[OOC] Hector: I fucking need a cigarette right goddamn now. I'm so goddamn sick of this bullshit dicebot's RNG.
Cassandra casts Aero at Sentinel b
[OOC] JayM: Hector, that's standard Highwind procedure, don't worry
[OOC] Dvihr: You smoke?!
[OOC] KuGMpo: You mean A, right?
[OOC] Hector: No.
[OOC] Dvihr: oH…
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
[OOC] Hector: So I shouldn't worry about missing all the time? If I wanted that, I'd go play WoW.
[OOC] Hector: or an NES RPG.
KuGMpo: hit
[OOC] Dvihr: LOL WoW
Cassandra rolled 1d8+24 and got 5 ( Total: 29 )
KuGMpo: A few more pieces fly off.
[OOC] Cassandra: Hopefully it gets pushed towards the water.
Ahiru: (My brother's playing WoW right now)
KuGMpo: Ahiru's Sleep ticks to 2!
KuGMpo: Battle order: Cassandra:15 Hector:11 BotSentinelA:10 Pak:9 BotSentinelB:8 Dvihr:7
KuGMpo: Cassandra!
[OOC] KuGMpo: Say if you're aiming it towards the water.
[OOC] Hector: Blow it towards the water again.
[OOC] Cassandra: I'm casting Aero again on Sentinel B, aiming it towards the water.
[OOC] Hector: YOU MEAN A
Cassandra rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 )
[OOC] Hector: B is almost slag.
[OOC] Cassandra: A sorry
KuGMpo: hit
Cassandra rolled 1d8+24 and got 5 ( Total: 29 )
[OOC] KuGMpo: No, A is almost slag. B hasn't been touched.
KuGMpo: Hector!
Hector brushes himself off and charges the untouched Sentinel once again in the general direction of water.
[OOC] KuGMpo: You want to do a Tactics check?
Hector: 1d100
Hector: gah
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 )
[OOC] Hector: Failed by thirteen.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Roll straight ACC as before, then.
Hector rolled 1d100-62 and got 41 ( Total: -21 )
KuGMpo: Hector manages to slam the Sentinel. STR check.
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 )
[OOC] Hector: str of 8
KuGMpo: Sentinel B staggers back a couple steps, but is well away from the water.
KuGMpo: Sentinel A keeps up its attack on Cassandra.
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 )
Hector: "Well…guess I'll have to hit you three times harder, then."
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 8 ( Total: 32 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 )
KuGMpo: 25 points, still no Sleep.
[OOC] Pak: How's Cassie's HP?
[OOC] Pak: Mine's at 18. n.n;
[OOC] KuGMpo: I think he's at 1 left.
Cassandra falls to the ground unconcious
Dvihr: I haven't been hit
[OOC] KuGMpo: *she's
[OOC] KuGMpo: Or not.
Dvihr: hit me!
[OOC] Cassandra: nope -3
Pak eeks!
KuGMpo: As if responding to an OOC call, Sentinel B fires at Dvihr.
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 1 ( Total: 25 )
[OOC] Dvihr: LOL WC
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 )
[OOC] Hector: Also yeesh.
Dvihr: "Ouch…."
KuGMpo: 15 points, no Sleep.
KuGMpo: Pak!
Pak grrs!
Pak: "You knocked out Cassie!"
Pak tries a BIO spell!
Ahiru: o.o
[OOC] Pak: Poison!
Ahiru: (on a machine?)
Pak targets A.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yep.
[OOC] Pak: It absorbs lightning, so why not?
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 )
KuGMpo: hit
[OOC] Hector: Bio damage can hurt machines with no problem.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Final Fantasy is wierd like that.
[OOC] Hector: Remember Balnab from FF4? Bio was THE way to kill him.
Pak rolled 1d8+40 and got 5 ( Total: 45 )
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 )
KuGMpo: The machine dies.
KuGMpo: Dvihr!
Pak pants.
Pak: "J, jerk!"
Pak watches as it's eaten by acid.
[OOC] Hector: Our WHM is at zero HP and we've only killed ONE enemy.
[OOC] Hector: What a wonderful day.
[OOC] Pak: Not to mention our Druid's asleep
Ahiru: (If only I was awake and had my bunny form…)
Ahiru: (I'm stuck just with Duck until WC does story for other forms)
[OOC] KuGMpo: You'll gain a form at the end of each chapter.
[OOC] Pak: Who's turn is it?
[OOC] Pak: OH!
[OOC] Hector: Div?
Dvihr looks at my pot and knife. "I guess this is all i got…"
Dvihr rolled 1d100-83 and got 58 ( Total: -25 )
Dvihr rolled 1d100-83 and got 1 ( Total: -82 )
[OOC] Hector: Finally, a crit.
KuGMpo: hit crit
KuGMpo: Roll damage
[OOC] Dvihr: now what?)
[OOC] Hector: Roll normal damage for your first attack with +1 on the Str multiplier
[OOC] Hector: And on the second attack, it's +1 the Str mod and then doubled.
Rieanna [[|(]]) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[OOC] Hector: So…3x and then 6x if your str mod on the weapon is 2x
[OOC] Hector: What's your Str?
[OOC] JayM: 1d6+[value]
[OOC] Hector: It's !roll 1d6+21
Rieanna rolled d6+21 and got 1 ( Total: 22 )
[OOC] JayM: Highwind doesn't do the math this way, you need to pre-calculate
[OOC] Hector: Then !roll 1d6+42
Dvihr rolled 1d6+27 and got 3 ( Total: 30 )
[OOC] KuGMpo: Actually, his second weapon is d8
Dvihr rolled 1d6+42 and got 2 ( Total: 44 )
Dvihr: err.
Dvihr rolled 1d8+42 and got 1 ( Total: 43 )
KuGMpo: Dvihr's confusion as to how best to kill Machina means he only slices a couple chips off of them.
Dvihr: (OMG I SUCK - kills self)
KuGMpo: Ahiru's Sleep ticks to 1.
KuGMpo: Battle order: BotSentinelB:15 Pak:15 Dvihr:15 Hector:13 Cassandra:12
KuGMpo: Sentinel B zaps Dvihr!
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 )
[OOC] Cassandra: Cassie's KO'ed
KuGMpo: Battle order: BotSentinelB:15 Pak:15 Dvihr:15 Hector:13
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ah, right.
KuGMpo rolled 1d10+24 and got 1 ( Total: 25 )
KuGMpo rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 )
[OOC] Pak: …Who'd he attack?
[OOC] Pak: And miss?
[OOC] Hector: Div.
[OOC] Pak: Or. nya.
[OOC] Dvihr: I'm dead…
KuGMpo: Dvihr takes 15 more points damage.
[OOC] Hector: Their attack% is probably higher than mine.
KuGMpo: Pak!
[OOC] Pak: You remembered about Armor, right?
Pak eeks. "…I better…"
Pak uses Cure on himself.
Pak rolled 1d8+40 and got 7 ( Total: 47 )
[OOC] Pak: Full health!
KuGMpo: Dvihr!
[OOC] Hector: isn't he at 0
[OOC] Pak: Maybe he miscalced
[OOC] Dvihr: I'mat -1
[OOC] KuGMpo: That's Cass.
[OOC] Dvihr: No she's at -3
[OOC] KuGMpo: Dvi's at 27/57, no?
[OOC] Pak: Did he get hit for 63 last time?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Huh? These bots can't do 63 in one hit.
[OOC] Pak: He thought he did.
[OOC] Pak: …Wait. I think he misread.
[OOC] KuGMpo: …oh! Maybe he was thinking 1d100 was damage roll.
[OOC] Pak: Yes.
[OOC] KuGMpo: The 1d100 was for Sleep Touch, not damage.
[OOC] Pak: Divvie, you have 27/57.
[OOC] Pak: I think.
[OOC] Dvihr: I still don't know how to attack. And i can't help hector push it backwards…
[OOC] Ahiru: You did DAMAGE last time though
Ahiru: (Right? He did damage)
[OOC] Pak: Only 'cause he critted n.n;
[OOC] KuGMpo: Why can't you help Hector push it?
Ahiru: (No both hits did damage! It was +40 somthing!)
[OOC] Pak: Try pushing it
[OOC] Hector: We could both push it AT ONCE!
[OOC] Dvihr: Yes both at once but how?)
[OOC] Hector: Since the force will be increased by a geometric factor.
[OOC] Hector: Wait until my turn?
[OOC] Pak: Just roll 1d100
Dvihr rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 )
[OOC] Hector: that was for tactics
[OOC] Dvihr: yes?
[OOC] Hector: Which I actually didn't fail for once.
KuGMpo: Hector realizes he could simply pick up the bot and make much faster progress.
KuGMpo: STR check to pick it up.
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
[OOC] Hector: oh for
KuGMpo: Hector grunts, and does not quite pick it up…
KuGMpo: Ahiru awakens!
KuGMpo: Battle order: Pak:18 Hector:18 Dvihr:15 BotSentinelB:10 Ahiru:9
KuGMpo: Pak then Hector then Dvihr!
KuGMpo: STR check if you each want to try picking it up.
Hector: "Pak, gimme a hand here."
Pak looks at his weak noodly arms.
Pak: "…Um…"
Hector: "It's better than nothing. COme on!"
KuGMpo: Actually - what's your STRs?
[OOC] Hector: 8
[OOC] Pak: 4.
KuGMpo: Pak/Hector/Dvihr (since you go before the bot)
[OOC] Hector: Div's is 7, it seems.
[OOC] Pak: Wait 5
[OOC] KuGMpo: Okay. One roll against added STR.
Hector rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
KuGMpo: The three of you manage to heft the bot. It is now Disabled.
KuGMpo: It flails!
KuGMpo: Ahiru!
Ahiru looks around groggily. "Eh? Oh! Huh? What should I be doing?"
[OOC] Cassandra: Sorry, computer overheated
Hector: "Ahiru, give us a hand holding this damn thing up!"
Ahiru: "Oh! K!" Ahiru runs over to help out.
[OOC] Pak: brb
Cassandra: I need the address for the other room
KuGMpo: You easily toss it into the river, where it shorts out.
Ahiru drapes her weighted ribbon over her shoulders, throws up one arm and does a spin-jump into the air, landing in a pirouette. Completing another rotation she lowers her other leg and gives a bow. ~Victory~
Hector sighs heavily. "Bloody hell. Damn things took Cass out and we could make nary a scratch on 'em."
KuGMpo rolled 2d100 and got 44, 3 ( Total: 47 )
Ahiru gives Dvihr a high-five
KuGMpo: Among the remains, you see a Potion and a Phoenix Down.
Ahiru: "Eh? Something happened while I slept?
Ahiru grabs the Phoenix down.
Dvihr give high five back
Hector: "Cass got knocked the hell out."
Dvihr is still very very very confused.
Dvihr yells very shakely
[OOC] Hector: You left the quotes out, friend.
KuGMpo: Cassandra is still KOed. Going to use the PD on her?
[OOC] Dvihr: OOps
Ahiru walks over and uses the Phoenix down on Cassie
Pak: "A-ah, wait-"
KuGMpo: Cassie wakes up!
Pak kyaas.
Ahiru: "What?"
Pak: "We could have just taken her to a church or something!"
Pak: "Or rested up!"
Hector looks off into the distance.
Hector attempts to discern what time of the day it is.
KuGMpo: It is about 3 PM.
Hector: "Alright, we have plenty of time before sundown."
Hector: "Took a lot out of us, but I'm sure if Div whips us up a meal we'll be just fine."
Cassandra: "Ugh…stupid robots. I'm sorry."
whirr-click* *whirr-click*
whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click*
Pak: "…"
Pak: "What's that sound?"{
whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click*
KuGMpo: They're coming from all around.
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Oooooooh…"
whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click* *whirr-click*
Pak: "W, which way do we go? What do we dooo?!"
[OOC] KuGMpo: /me pauses until the party decides what to do.
Hector quickly checks the mountain path across the river to see if the noise is coming from over there.
Dvihr twords the LAVA
[OOC] Hector: Div has a point, but I'm just making sure.
Pak: "…"
KuGMpo: It's coming from the path.
[OOC] Pak: Which path?!
KuGMpo: And from the sides.
[OOC] Pak: From the LAVA?!
[OOC] Hector: But not from the stairs?
KuGMpo: The only places it isn't coming from are the stairs and the cliff.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Well, between you and the lava.
Hector: "Down the stairs! They probably won't chase us outside of their patrol routes."
Hector heads for the stairs.
Ahiru: "We could go down the stairs now… we got rid of the elementals and trhe statue can't move"
Dvihr faints
Pak drags Dvihr away from the robots down the stairs. *clunk clunk clunk*
Ahiru goes down the stairs and waves to the Grav statue.
Hector down down down the stairs
KuGMpo: Sure enough, the robots do not pursue.
[OOC] KuGMpo: BTW - 386 XP, 178 Gil to each
Pak tries to summon some water with magic to wake Divvie
[OOC] Hector: Especially not DW2 Lu Bu.
[OOC] Pak: IM
[OOC] Pak: To each what?
[OOC] Pak: Oh.
KuGMpo rolled 1d9 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
KuGMpo: Pak manages to encase Dvihr in a block of ice!
[OOC] KuGMpo: Unless you have a Water spell.
[OOC] Pak: I don't.
Pak: "O_O!!!"
Hector watches as Div slides down the stairs as an ice block.
Pak: "Oh NOOOO!"
Hector: "Oh, geez. Pak! You didn't need to do that!"
KuGMpo: Div slides down only one flight.
Pak tries to melt Divvie with magic!
[OOC] Pak: IM again!
KuGMpo rolled 1d9 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
KuGMpo: The ice lights up with Holy light. It shines, cracks, and shatters!
KuGMpo rolled 1d6 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
Hector facepalms. "No more of your random magicking, little bro. Please."
KuGMpo: Dvihr takes 3 points of damage and wakes up.
Dvihr goes back to sleep
Hector shakes Div violently. "Wake up! We're not out of the fire yet!"
Ahiru produces a feather from somewhere and tickles Divi
Dvihr mumbles in sleep. "nnnnn fire……"
Cassandra limps behind everybody
Cassandra casts Cure on herself
Pak casts Cure
[OOC] Pak: On Divvie
Pak rolled 1d8+40 and got 4 ( Total: 44 )
KuGMpo: Dvihr's at full HP. Whether or not he wants to wake up is another question.
Cassandra: 1d8+24
Hector: "If we can just get back to a safe spot…"
Cassandra rolled 1d8+24 and got 3 ( Total: 27 )
Pak: "…The… guard's house? n.n;"
Ahiru keeps tickling Divi with the feather
KuGMpo: You see a safe spot very nearby.
KuGMpo: The door to Grav's shrine is open; there is nothing inside save the statue.
Pak drags Divvie to the shrine
Ahiru tickles Divi's nose
Hector heads inside, motioning for the rest to follow.
Cassandra follows Hector
Hector takes a seat on the floor, and then lays on his back.
Pak is pooped
Cassandra sits down and sighs
Hector puts his arms up behind his head and then folds his knee.
Pak tries to wake up Divvie by holding his nostrils closed.
Pak: "Wake up!!"
Pak stops and goes to close the shring door behind them.
Dvihr is petrified with robot fear. Unless someone can convince him he's safe…
Pak: "YOU'RE SAFE~!"
Pak yells this at Divvie a lot.
Hector: "Div, geez. We're far away from the robots. Hell, this is Grav's shrine. We should be okay for a while."
Dvihr shifts in sleep abit… "Pak…"
Pak bites Divvie's elf ear. "WAKE UFF!"
Pak pouts and licks at the bit spot. "Geez. He sleeps like a rock…"
Dvihr: "ROBOT!"
Pak: "AAAH!"
Dvihr jolts awake
Hector sits up. "Finally."
Pak jumps 6 feet in the air.
Pak: "NYAO!"
Cassandra sits on the ground, and puts her head on her knees
Dvihr: "The Robot bit my ear!"
Hector: "it wasn't a robot. It was Pak."
Pak: "NO!"
Hector: "You weren't this insane back when we were cave-bandits."
Dvihr: "I wasn't?"
Hector waves his hand in front of his own face. "Div, we need you to cook us something. That fight took a lot out of us and we need our strength if we're going to start looking for the dwarf woman."
Dvihr: "Oh food!"
Dvihr jumps up
Dvihr: "Hmmmm what is there to cook around here?
Ahiru sneaks off into a corner
Pak hmms? He follows Ahiru.
KuGMpo: The shrine feels empty.
Ahiru turns back to the group in the corner and sees Pak. She quacks in surprise.
Dvihr: So what do you guys want to eat?
Dvihr: ""
Hector: "Whatever you have. You know me. I could eat a baked potato and a chunk of dried meat and I'd be good."
Cassandra: "Anything I guess. I'm not feeling right, now"
Hector: "If ANY of us need a meal right now, it's you, Cass."
Pak blinks. "what are you doing, nyo?"
Dvihr: "Hector, come with me to find food?"
Hector: "Yeah, sure."
Cassandra: "Thanks Hector."
Dvihr wanders off with Hector
KuGMpo: There isn't anything in the shrine. The only place with food is down below.
KuGMpo: Unless you want to risk the robots and forage in the arctic wasteland above.
Hector: "Hmph. Wonder if they'd share food with us."
Hector: "They don't like us, being allies of Grav and all."
Hector: "Us being allies of Grav, I mean."
KuGMpo: It might be possible to sneak past them entirely, and get to the city below.
Dvihr: "So do you want to go under?"
KuGMpo: Or you could investigate the various generator operation rooms.
[OOC] Hector: Generator operation rooms where?
[OOC] Hector: On this floor or below this floor or above this floor?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Below.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Basically, each floor is generator operations - other than the visitor's gallery on bottom floor, the Bolt shrine about halfway, and the Grav shrine where you are up top.
[OOC] Hector: My Stealth is 38%. Plus, Div left.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Shall we end here, then?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Or keep going?
[OOC] Pak: Divvie timed out
Ahiru: (No… "[14:56] * Dvihr [[|(]]) Quit (Quit: This is me…leaving)")
[OOC] Cassandra: end here I guess.
[OOC] Pak: Kyaa.
[OOC] Pak: Waiiit.
[OOC] KuGMpo: There's still what Ahiru was doing?
[OOC] Pak: Did Ahiru ever answer me?
Ahiru: (answer what?)
[OOC] Pak: I asked what you were doiiing!
[OOC] KuGMpo: The GM is curious too.
Ahiru stammers. "Uhh… I don't want to…" quietly "get cooked."
[OOC] Pak: Seffie claims he timed out, not quit
[OOC] Ahiru: Divi and his cooking scares Ahiru, but she doesn't mind him when he's not cooking)
Pak: "…" Pak blinks. "…What?"
Pak: "Why would he…?"
Cassandra: "Ahiru? Are you all right?"
Ahiru: "H-h-he" ahiru quacks.
Cassandra: "Ahiru? Did you just…quack?"
Ahiru sweatdrops.
Ahiru starts fiddling with her pendant
Pak: "…o_o;;;"
Cassandra: "Its okay Ahiru. Calm down." *looks up*
[OOC] Pak: Divvie said just finish without him.
[OOC] Hector: You two have your conversation and revelation.
[OOC] Hector: I honestly have no idea what to do next.
Pak sniffs. "…Um… Are you okay?"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Sounds like a plan, then. We finish up with that, and that's it for today.
[OOC] Cassandra: okay.
[OOC] Pak: Kay
Ahiru gets very nervous and just quacks again.
Ahiru: This quack was very quiet and uncertain
Ahiru backs up into the corner more.
Pak: "o_o;;;;;"
Pak: "Ahiruuuuu?"
Cassandra: "Ahiru? " *she gets up weakly*
Ahiru looks around frantically, quacks again, changes into a little Mallard duck and runs off in the direction of the stairs.
Hector: "What the?"
Cassandra: "Ahiru? Where is she?"
Hector stands up. "Well, at least it can't open the door."
[OOC] Hector: Pak closed the door, 'member? :P
Cassandra: "Yeah. Good."
[OOC] KuGMpo: You opened it when going out.
Pak: "o_O!"
Ahiru: (I think we're playing this as beore they left)
[OOC] KuGMpo: …or, wait, no, did you actually leave yet?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ah, okay.
[OOC] Hector: I'm still there.
[OOC] Hector: In the room, I mean. Div and I didn't decide what to do 'cause he's not here.
Ahiru runs into the door and rubs her beak with her wings.
Hector scratches his head.
looks at the duck in the room*
Ahiru changes back into a human girl and sweatdrops.
Pak: "…"
Cassandra: O_O
Hector: "!"
[OOC] Pak: …Here's a good time to ask. Is this transformation the same as in Princess Tutu?
Hector: "Ahiru…is a duck?"
Hector: "Or a human?"
Cassandra: "Ahiru?"
Ahiru: (As in al magical-girlish with nudity?)
[OOC] Pak: I actually meant 'cause she loses her clothes in the show… n.n;
[OOC] Ahiru: I dunno… should it be? What's the concensus on that? But it'd be inconvenient with the other animal forms)
[OOC] Cassandra: Up too you
[OOC] KuGMpo: Your choice.
[OOC] Hector: Since it's druidic shapeshifting, the druid more often that does not lose their clothes from an animal to human shift.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Druid is the base ruleset. She can flavor-text it however she wants.
[OOC] Pak: Maybe she only loses her clothes with Duck and none-others.
Ahiru: (Indeed, so then no… while it'd be fun to be sitting there naked, it's not practical in the long run)
[OOC] Hector: I'm talking about druids in pretty much every other medium.
Pak nyaas…
Ahiru: (Well… maybe… because with duck it's her real form
Pak: "…A Duck is Ahiru?"
Cassandra: "Ahiru. Are you okay?"
[OOC] Pak: You can address it later on if you want. n.n;
[OOC] Cassandra: Ja!
Ahiru cowers and nods. She is sitting naked with a pile of clothes left behind in the other corn of the room
Pak: "…"
Pak POUNCES on Hector. "Nooo!! You shouldn't look at a girl in this state, oniichan!!"
Hector is knocked down by Pak. "Whaaa~!"
Cassandra goes to Ahiru and covers her, so she can get dressed
Pak has his hands over Hector's eyes. "Perverted Niichan!"
Ahiru: (Maybe when it's an instinctive change like this, she loses the clothes)
Pak: "Don't look at naked girls!"
Hector: "Oh, come on. What's wrong with a naked girl?"
Pak: "!!!"
Hector: "Granted, it's not like it's a precursor to anything else, but I had nothing to do with her unclothing."
Pak scratch-attacks!
Cassandra: "She is to young."
Hector is attacked. "o_O"
Ahiru puts her clothes back on slowly as if she really had to think how each article was meant to be worn.
Ahiru looks like a 16-year old
Hector: "Geez, don't get overprotective."
Pak: "Sorry…"
Ahiru just acts like she's 5
Pak climbs off Hector after he's done. "But Oniichan says that we should protect women, so…"
Hector sits up.
Hector: "Protect 'em, yeah, but if they're naked and pleasing to the eye, well, I can't complain."
Pak: "…"
Pak: "So… we don't protect naked women?"
Pak tilts his head.
Cassandra: "What a perv."
Pak: "Oniichan, I'm confuuuused."
Hector facepalms. "Nevermind."
Ahiru finishes getting dressed and peers out from behind Cassie
Pak: "…Well… Ahiru is a duck, so maybe she doesn't count anyway."
Pak puts bandaids on Hector's face. "Sorry…"
Hector: "She's also a member of the…the…"
Hector scratches his head. "We never had a name for our group, did we?"
Cassandra: "Pak? She is still a bit human, as we can see here."
Pak: "But is she a Human-duck or a duck-human?"
Pak: "Or maybe she's not either."
Cassandra: "Ahiru?"
Hector: "Anyway, she's part of our bandit group, so she's family."
Ahiru: "Actually… Grav gave me this form to help him…"
Pak: "Okay."
Pak: "And naked family is okay?"
Hector: "Sometimes, if it's accidental."
Pak: "…Okay."
Pak casts a cure spell IM on Hector's face to heal the scratches faster.
Hector: "This was a pretty weird case, wouldn't you say?"
Cassandra looks at Ahiru and just shakes her head
Cassandra: "Yes, it is."
[OOC] Hector: okay can we cut my back HURTS
[OOC] Cassandra: ok
[OOC] Pak: I'm good too.
[OOC] Ahiru: S'alright
[OOC] KuGMpo: Okay, cut here.

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