EC Session 1.3

KuGMpo: The fire is now out. Forestburg is charred, and the smoke in the air reminds any meat-lovers among the crew of a good smokehouse. ((The kind for preparing sausage and all, not the kind for cigars.))
KuGMpo: Medics - white mages and chemists, mostly - are rushing around, tending to the wounded.
Pak oocly points at Dvihr and whistles
[OOC] Dvihr: huh?
KuGMpo: So when Hector collapses, coughing up smoke, it is almost no surprise when a medic runs up and whisks him away.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pen, nick?
[OOC] Dvihr: did he faint already?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hector didn't have time to fully collapse before the medics took him away.
[OOC] Dvihr: ah ok.
[OOC] Dvihr: Brb I need a drink
KuGMpo: Are the rest of you giving chase, giving aid, or what?
Cassandra looks around and sees the White Mages and begins to wonder if they are of any relation to her.
Pak eeeeks and runs after Hector! "Oniichan~!!"
KuGMpo: Cassandra thinks she recognizes a few of them, from long ago, but can not recall any names just yet.
Cassandra begins to walk away, trying to avoid any type of contact with the White Mages
Ahiru stands around scratching her cheek
[OOC] KuGMpo: Metaphysically, this is because none of the ones in the immediate vicinity have names. ;))
Cassandra: "Crap! Why here?"
[OOC] Cassandra: yeah.
Cassandra looks to see what Ahiru is doing, and walks towards her.
KuGMpo: A medic runs up and applies some kind of ointment to Ahiru's cheek. If there was any pain there, it's gone now.
KuGMpo: The medic then runs along to the next patient.
Ahiru smiles at Cassandra and waves friendily.
Cassandra: "Hi Ahiru. Are you okay?"
KuGMpo: Pak manages to follow Hector and abducting medics to the hospital, where a couple bouncers close ranks after the medic passes by
KuGMpo: .
Ahiru: "I've seen better days… that's for sure…"
Cassandra: "I agree. That was one tough fire. It took my best shot."
Ahiru pouts. "I'm not that great of a dancer… and I was practicing for Fakir too…"
Felicia frowns, winding her arm.
Cassandra: "But, at least it's over. I wish we got here sooner. We could have helped a lot more people, and saved the town sooner."
Cassandra: "You did fine Ahiru. We all did what we could."
Pak wanders into a hospital, then? Or didn't they let me in?
[OOC] Dvihr: back - sorry
KuGMpo: The bouncers aren't letting you in.
KuGMpo: Bouncer1: "You're not injured."
[OOC] Ahiru: Are we healed back to full?
KuGMpo: Bouncer2: "Go help those who are."
Cassandra: "You know, I'll be right back. I'm going to go see if the White Mages would like some help. The lest I can do for them, right?"
Dvihr: "Yeah guys… We should, collect the injured."
KuGMpo: The sheer amount of healing magics in the air seems to overflow. You notice that all fatigue from the battle you were just in, is now gone.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Full HP/MP restore.
Cassandra begins finds some injured people together, and begins to help heal thier wounds.
Dvihr looks around for anyone in desperate need. "If only I wasn't so short an just abit stronger…." he mutters.
Pak frowns… then thinks and tries to find an empty space of hospital wall he can lean against
Dvihr wanders off going over to people who need help and trying his best to help them to the hospital. on his way back he sees Pak looking slightly upset and goes over to him.
Dvihr: "Are you ok?"
KuGMpo: Pak finds one easily enough.
Ahiru overhears Dvihr. "Oh thats nothing, I was shorter than you for a LONG time before I got big
Felicia: "…"
[OOC] Ahiru: before he wanders off
Cassandra smiles as she fully heals a person of his burns
KuGMpo: As Cassandra starts helping people, she hears a familiar voice.
Pak closes his eyes and grins. "…Phase Shift!" ((Through the wall))
Felicia has taken a seat near one of the charred trees.
Cassandra looks to see where the voice is coming from
KuGMpo: "Alright, we got everyone on this floor? Good. You three, double-check. Cassandra and I will…"
KuGMpo: Alexandria: *BLINK*
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "WHAT…are you doing back here?"
Pak: "Where's Oniichan? T.T!"
Cassandra: "Alexandria???? Ummm, I just batled the Fire monster."
Cassandra: "With some help of course…Um, crap."
KuGMpo: Orderlies: *look at Pak, confused*
[OOC] Cassandra: hey, Jeff
[OOC] Dvihr: Pak PM
KuGMpo: Pak sees Hector lying on a bed not too far away.
Dvihr had grabbed Pak's hand so is now in the hospital with him
Hector snooooooooore
KuGMpo: Orderlies: "Oh, you mean him? We just had him in for smoke inhalation. He's free to go, if you want to take him.
KuGMpo: "
Cassandra: "Okay, Alexandria. I'm not here to fight, all right. Let's patch the townspeople up okay?"
Pak: "Kyuu! Then why wouldn't those bouncers let me in?! >.<"
Hector slowly and groggily wakes up. "'n…some monkeys."
Dvihr giggles at hector a little
Pak huffs. "Dvihr, please help me take Hector out."
Dvihr: "Yeah ok."
Hector sits up and rubs his eyes. "Mornin'."
KuGMpo: "They don't want hypochondriacs using up our resources."
Dvihr goes over to hector's other side and helps him up
Cassandra looks at Alexandria, and shoots her a look
Hector is helped up by Dvihr. "Thanks." He coughs. "Bloody hell. I should be okay, though."
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "…whatever. Do as you will, I will not be held responsible for your actions."
Dvihr smiles at Hector "No problem just wanna make sure you're ok buddy."
Felicia sits up from her position and looks around. Maybe the bar didnt burn down…
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "Just don't get in our way!"
[OOC] Hector: Some give me a recap of the past 45 minutes plzkthx
Pak carries Hector out with Dvihr
Cassandra: "What do you mean by that, Alexandria?"
Pak: "Where's the others…?"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Medics are scurrying around.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hector was abducted to the hospital. Pak followed him, Dvihr followed Pak.
Dvihr winks at the bounces that wouldn't let us in as we pass.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Cassandra is having an encounter.
Pak sees Cassandra arguing with someone, and Felicia looking around…
KuGMpo: The bouncers don't even notice you walking out.
KuGMpo: Felicia finds a bar easily enough.
Hector motions to Dvihr and Pak that they don't have to help him.
[OOC] Dvihr: :P meanie
Hector: "I'm fine, I'm fine."
Dvihr "ok ok" moves away from him"
Ahiru wanders over to find Felicia since everyone else seemed to have an agenda already.
KuGMpo: At least, they look like they don't notice you.
[OOC] Dvihr: better ^.~
Pak lets go and looks around. "We should gather everyone up, 'Niichan…" He points. "I saw Ahiru and Felicia going that way."
Felicia: "Well at least that's still around…" She pulls herself up with her scabbard, and walks towards the bar.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Think Buckingham Palace security. Stiff upper lip, and all.
Cassandra: "You know Alexandria, just becuase I took up the sword, doesn't make me a barbarian. I can still heal people like I used to."
Hector: "Right." He starts down the way Ahiru and Felicia were seen to go.
[OOC] Felicia: Arent you like… inside or something?
Dvihr follows Pak around being annoying
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "Suuure, whatever."
[OOC] KuGMpo: Felicia's the only one inside, now.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hector/Pak/Dvihr just exited a building.
Cassandra gives her a look of amasment and goes back to healing people muttering "Little Priss."
[OOC] Felicia: Alright then.
Pak snags Cassandra as they walk by. "Come oooooon."
[OOC] KuGMpo: Unless Ahiru's made it into the bar Felicia was headed for.
Pak pulls Cassandra by something uncomfortable to pull on.
Ahiru follows Felicia to the bar. Ahiru remembered Fakir coming here… she normally stayed outside and played in troghs and puddles. She opens the hevy door and peaks in.
Cassandra is being dragged by Pak, and "Epps!", as she is being pulled
KuGMpo: The bar is not heavily packed, but there are a few customers.
Cassandra: "Pak! Watch where your grabbing me please!"
Pak ehs?
KuGMpo: The aroma of smokehouse barbeque is particularly strong in here - wait, no, this place is serving that kind of food.
Felicia slams a bit of gil on the bar as she takes her seat on a stool. "A shot of something heavy, if you don't mind."
Ahiru: "The walls are sooo thick… no wonder it's still standing…"
Cassandra looks at Alexandria and yells out "I'll go where I want!" whle being pulled into the bar
KuGMpo: The bartender nods. Within a minute, there's a shot glass of something dark amber in front of Felicia.
Hector takes a deep whiff. "Ahhh, now that's a smell I could get used to."
[OOC] KuGMpo: BTW, don't worry about recording gil expenditure for this kind of stuff unless it's serious money.
Cassandra: "Pak, umm, could you get your hand off my chest, please? Oh, and thank you for dragging me away."
Pak blinks and finally looks backwards.
Felicia grabs the glass, shaking it.
Pak: "…o_o;"
KuGMpo: Hector has been smelling smokehouse the entire time since waking up.
KuGMpo: But there's a reason for that.
Ahiru walks in. "Do you serve food here?"
Pak removes his hand sloooooooooowly
Dvihr enjoies the smell of the smoke house and jots down in his notbook a new recipie he'd like to try.
Cassandra: "Its okay Pak. Don't worry about it. Just be more gentle next time. Or just take me by my hand."
Pak: "…S…sorry. n.n;"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Yes, we do. Here." He digs out a menu and hands it to Ahiru.
Cassandra hugs Pak
KuGMpo: It's far from the most extensive of menus; it looks like this place specializes in booze and BBQ, but there are a few other items.
Pak eeps and blushes. "Kyuu! It's okay!!"
Hector: "Hm. Shouldn't be too hard to find Felicia. Oh, there she is."
Ahiru stares at the menu for a bit. "Can I have the salad?"
Dvihr: "mmmm BBQ Toad. I wanna make it now."
KuGMpo: The liquid in Felicia's glass swirls visibly.
Pak squirms and ducks over to Divvie's side
Cassandra: "What the hell is Alexandria doing here?" *lets go of Pak*
KuGMpo: It's a little thick, whatever it is.
Dvihr: "Pak wouldn't you like BBQ Toad?"
Pak uuus… "…W, would it be soft? @_@;;;"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Certainly. OY, CHEFFIE, ONE GARDEN SPECIAL!"
Cassandra: "Can I get your stiffest drink here, please sir?"
Hector heads up to the bar, next to Felicia, and tosses a little down. "I'll have a house stout."
Felicia downs the shot, placing the glass on the bar.
Dvihr: "Well it's BBQ."
Cassandra sits on the other side of the bar as she says that
Hector leans forward, then looks at Felicia. "Drink's the best way to relax after a fight, I think."
Dvihr: "It's supposed to be soft…?" o.O
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Another one, eh? Sure, sure." He puts another glass of the same liquid in front of Cassandra.
Pak shakes his head. "No, I don't want it to be soft. n.n;;"
Dvihr: "How would you make hard BBQ?"
Pak: "Er… ehee… n.n;;;"
Pak: "I-i don't know…"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "One house stout." A mug of light amber appears in front of Hector.
Cassandra: "Thank you sir." *me takes a drink*
Pak 's ears perk.
Pak suddenly runs over and snatches the drink from Hector.
Dvihr pulls out his notebook again, making a note about "hard" BBQ
Hector: "Eh? What's the big deal, Pak?"
Pak chugs it.
Dvihr blinks and looks up from his notebook at Pak running off.
Dvihr: O.O
Pak: "B….bwaaaahhh~!!"
[OOC] Ahiru: I need some food to wake up some
Cassandra sighs, and takes another drink
Pak slams the mug down.
[OOC] Ahiru: bbs
KuGMpo: Bartender: "…"
Hector: "What the?"
Dvihr: "Pak what was that?!"
Hector: "That was mine!"
KuGMpo: Another mug of light amber is placed in front of Hector.
Pak shakes his head. "Nooo. Last time you got drunk you-" He snatches the next one.
Hector: "…uh-oh."
Dvihr takes this one from Pak
Hector quickly turns to the bartender. "Don't put any more down, please."
Pak: "-ended up renting up our cave to a traveling circus."
Cassandra: "Why did I have to bump into her here? She looks good for her age now."
Felicia glances towards the mayhem around her. She sighs and motions to the bartender, "Another. Make it two.", before slumping over into her hands.
KuGMpo: The bartender nods.
Hector: "I'm not going to get drunk, geez. I just want one beer to help me calm down."
KuGMpo: Two more shot glasses are placed in front of Felicia.
Dvihr: "bartender, do you have a Hot Saki?"
Hector: "And I can't rent this place to anyone, so we're not in any danger, anyway."
Pak 's eyes narrow and he looks at Hector… then hiccups.
KuGMpo: "Hot Saki? Hmm, let me check…"
Dvihr: "Thanks~"
Cassandra finishes the drink, and orders another one
Hector: "…oh boy."
Pak: "…Kay. Divvie~ Give Niichan's drink back~"
KuGMpo: Bartender: *rummage rummage* "Here you go. Last bottle in stock."
Cassandra: "Thank you sir."
KuGMpo: The Bartneder services Dvihr's request, then Cassandra's.
[OOC] Dvihr: Oh ho ho ho I'm drinking Saki now how funny we're both drinking Saki! LOL
Felicia downs her two shots in quick succession, shaking her head.
Dvihr: "Thank you sir"
[OOC] Hector: Do you mean sake?
[OOC] Dvihr: Yeah what I can't spell in english
KuGMpo: Bartender: "…hey, I recognize you. Cassandra, right?"
[OOC] Dvihr: Technically the Kanji would be "KI"
Cassandra: "Yes sir. I am Cassandra."
[OOC] Hector: Sorry, sorry. D:
Hector sighs. "Well, it's not a big deal. I don't NEED a drink."
[OOC] Dvihr: No problem it is spelled "ke" in english I just suck.
Hector: "But that's enough for you, little bro. You're a lightweight of the lightest caliber."
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Huh. Way your sister went on about you the other night, she misses you somethin' fierce. She can't bring herself to admit it, though."
Pak wobbles.
Pak: "Divviiiiee… give Hectaniichan a driiink~"
Dvihr: "You can have some of my Sake if you want I get drunk to easy."
Hector: "I'm fine, Div."
Cassandra: "Yeah, well, I just saw her, and she showed a funny way of showing it." *takes another drink*
[OOC] KuGMpo: Dvihr is still holding Hector's second stout from earlier.
Dvihr puts my drink down in front of Hector and tries to help Pak not fall over
Pak blinks and Dvihr. "…Waaaa? A dwarg 'at gets drunk easy?"
[OOC] Dvihr: nu uh I drank it.
Felicia gets up from her stool, adjusting, as if reading over something in her head before nodding. "Well. Have fun kids." She heads out the door.
Hector: "Hey wha-!"
[OOC] KuGMpo: K then.
Dvihr smailes at Pak "Oh there's more to be then you know." brings him over to a seat and tries to sit him down
Hector goes after Felicia.
KuGMpo: Felicia sees some wanted posters before she gets outside.
KuGMpo: Hector sees them too.
Hector: "Hey, Felicia. Wait."
Cassandra finished the drink and sighs "She was just plain rude to me."
Pak sits and huus. "…Myah… That mug was bigger than it looked…"
KuGMpo: Felicia and Hector see themselves in said posters, along with several of the Shaft bandits.
Dvihr laughs and sits next to you. "Where did Hector go…?"
Pak shakes his head. "Nah sure… heh…"
Felicia glances at the posters "…figures", but continues onward.
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Yeah. She can't even admit it to herself."
Cassandra gets up "I think I should just try to talk to her."
Dvihr pats Pak on the head
Hector: "Felicia, stop. Are you leaving us?"
Felicia glances back with a half-confused, half-annoyed expression. "Leaving you? I don't even KNOW you people. I'm going back to Refuge."
Cassandra exits the bar, and looks to see if she can see Alexandria still helping people
Hector: "Like that's a good idea. You're a wanted criminal now, like it or not."
Felicia: "I was obviously wanted anyway. It's easily overlooked."
Cassandra: "Alexandria?"
Hector: "You think you're gonna survive out there, alone? Trust me, it's not possible."
KuGMpo: Cassandra finds Alexandria easily enough.
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "I thought I told you to stay out of my way!"
KuGMpo: Alexandria does not turn to look at her sister.
Dvihr picks my drink up from the counter where it was left by hector and then goes back over to Pak sipping it.
Cassandra: "Alexandria, look at me, please?"
Pak mmphs. "…I'm hungry…"
Dvihr: "BBQ Toad?"
Hector: "We have to find out who did this and turn them in, so we get cleared of the charges. I don't mind being a criminal, but not for something I didn't do. That's BS."
KuGMpo: Alexandria: *sighs* *turns around* *has been crying* "Sis…"
Pak blinks. "…Toad?"
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "…why did you have to abandon us like that?"
Dvihr: "Toad, it's quite good for you as well as being amazingly delicious"
Pak blinks and sits up, rubbing his forehead- he seems to have gotten over the initial alcohol shock. "…Kay."
Felicia: "I can handle myself. Ive been doing it since before you were in diapers, kid. I know what Im doing. Not to mention, if you havent noticed, Im not exactly dealing well with trust issues today."
Pak: "Do they serve toad here?"
Dvihr: "I donno…"
Pak scans the menu.
Cassandra: "I didn't mean to. But mom…well mom didn't want anything to do with me, if I was going to continue to study swordfighting, with my White Mage studies."
KuGMpo: A burly man comes out from the kitchen, and deposits a platter of BBQ toad on Dvihr's/Pak's table.
Pak blinks.
Hector sighs. "Suit yourself. But we're gonna run into each other again someday."
Pak: "That was fast…"
Dvihr begins eating the toad as well
Cassandra gets closer to Alexandria, to attempt a hug
KuGMpo: Alexandria slumps into the hug, eventually even returning it.
Dvihr: "This is good huh Pak?"
Pak notes- Tastes kinda… chicken? Fish?
Cassandra: "I'm sorry Alexandria. I didn't think you would take me leaving so hard."
Hector goes back into the bar, and then looks at the posters again.
Pak waves to Ahiru. "Nee! Dancer girl! Come try some of this!"
Felicia: "The fact remains, unless you can come up with logical reason for me to run off with:" She counts off her fingers. "A crazed girl from the forest with some obsession with a nonexistant being, your rag-tag bunch of bunch of would-be pirates with a mithra that can't even SWIM, and a lunatic wielding pots and pans that I met after being dragged into a BLAZING INFERNO, all of which Ive known for less than a few hours, I suggest you take your spee
KuGMpo: It is about that time that Hector and Felicia get close enough to the town's exit to see the exit blocked off.
[OOC] Hector: okay maybe not…REWIND
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "I…shouldn't be seen with you. Mom won't forgive me. But…sis…"
Cassandra: "Yes?"
Ahiru: "Some of what?" She finishes her salad and wanders over.
Dvihr: "BBQ Toad!"
KuGMpo: Alexandria pecks Cassandra on the head. "Take care of yourself, okay? Oh, and get your crew out of here before they're arrested."
Pak points his fork at it. "It tastes kinda like fish and chicken at the same time. n.n"
Hector: Aren't you going to finish your sentence, Felicia?
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "The three people who did this were trying to frame the people from Shaft."
Cassandra: "Thank you Alexandria. Where is the open exit?"
Felicia: What
Hector: It cut off at spee
Ahiru: "Ahhh… I don't eat meat…"
Felicia: ech somewhere else."
Felicia: :p
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ahiru's salad has been served, probably while you were pinged out.
Pak ohs.
Pak: "Why not? It's reeeeeally good. <3"
Cassandra kisses Alexandria on her head also and says "I love you."
Felicia grimaces at the road block, and makes an abrupt turn. "Might as well go to the armory…"
Dvihr: "mmmm Toad"
Hector is speechless.
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "Open exit? They might have closed the main entrances, but they can't close the ports."
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "Then again, all the boats were taken by evacuees. Getting out of here might be a problem."
Cassandra: "Right. Thanks again Alex."
Cassandra: "Great."
Ahiru sweatdrops. "Just…'cuz… I'm okay with milk… but no meat…"
Hector: "Yeesh."
KuGMpo: Alexandria: "I love you too, sis. But this isn't the time for that kind of exploration."
raises an eyebrow*
KuGMpo: Alexandria: *blushes* "Besides, I have a boyfriend now. He'd get jealous - and I'm not sharing him."
Dvihr: "but but…. How can you limit yourself so?"
Dvihr: "Meat is so crucial to food EXPLORATION!"
Pak hmms… "Ooh… OOH!"
Pak stands suddenly!
Pak: "Join us! O.O"
Dvihr looks at Pak
Hector: "…hope it's just the alcohol talking." He heads back to the bar and is about to sit at the table when he sees Pak stand up.
Cassandra: "I'll find my own boyfirend, Alexandria." *laughs and then smiles at her again*
Dvihr: "What?"
KuGMpo: Alexandria lets Cassandra go, nods, and resumes her work.
Ahiru: "… animals are my friends, I don't want to eat them… though.. Fish aren't really my friends…"
Pak: "Dancer girl is perfect for our Pirate Crew! Or bandit. I forget."
Cassandra smiles, and heads towards the bar
Dvihr: "Wait… Toad is like fish!"
Pak: "And this would give Divvie a challenge to learn how to cook non-animals. n.n":
[OOC] Dvihr: TOAD SEX!!!! http:/‘`/``bufo.w.velatus.jpeg
Hector: "Always full of ideas, aren’t you, Pak?"
Cassandra rushes to Hector, and tugs on his shirt
Hector turns. "Hm?"
Dvihr: "Well and I make a really good lemon salad too…"
KuGMpo: Felicia finds the armory easily enough. It's closed at the moment, though.
Pak nods. "No buts! We don't have enough girls on our crew anyway."
Cassandra: "We got a huge problem. You guys are being framed for the fire, by 3 people. And every exit out of here is blocked, except for the ports. But there are no boats also."
Hector: "Someone took our boat?"
Dvihr blinks at cassandra
Cassandra: "Yes."
[OOC] Pak: Cassandra's not in the room
[OOC] Hector: She is now.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes she is. She just got back.
[OOC] Pak: Oh.
Hector: "Son of a bitch."
Felicia moves her fingers through her hair, temporarily undoing her ponytail with sigh. "Everything against me today…"
Hector sighs and turns to Pak. "That's fine. Ahiru can join if she wants."
Cassandra: "Thank my sister for the info, but we have to get out now!
Hector: "And I noticed we're being framed for the fire. I don't like being accused of crimes I didn't commit."
Cassandra: "Okay, you knew the first part. Sorry."
Pak blinks. "…? Ehh…?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "That so, huh? I figured those posters came out a little quick."
Pak stiffens.
Cassandra stares at the Bartender
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Yeah, I recognized ya. Yer the guys from Shaft, ain't ya?"
Pak ehes…
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Don't worry, I'm not going to turn you in."
Hector: "…we are."
Cassandra: "Then what are you planning on doing?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "You've been keeping Cassandra here safe, so you must be good guys."
Pak yays.
Ahiru: "I'm supposed t join you guys, that's what Grav wants."
Cassandra blushes
Pak: "n.n… wait…"
Pak: "…That means someone else is lighting fires."
Pak: "And blaming us for it."
Ahiru: "Maybe its Bolt?"
Hector: "Exactly. And we're going to have to grab 'em and make 'em confess."
KuGMpo: Bartender: "I saw 'em, too. The guys who really lit the fire."
Pak: "OH!"
Pak jumps up. "Tell us? n.n!"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Ain't no official who'd believe me, though."
Cassandra: "Were they in a speed boat, sir?"
Hector: "I don't mind being accused of being a dirty highwayman, 'cause that's what I am."
Hector: "But man…lighting fires, that's just too harsh."
KuGMpo: Bartender: "I didn't see what they left in, but I can describe 'em."
Felicia paces around in town before taking a seat on the ground again. "This isnt getting me anywhere."
Hector: "Please do."
KuGMpo: Bartender: "A city slicker, a big woman, and a country ruffian."
[OOC] KuGMpo: Wedge, Biggs, and Hicks, respectively.
Felicia: "If only I had a sign…"
[OOC] Felicia: Indeed
[OOC] Ahiru: Biggs was female?
Hector: "!"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes.
[OOC] Felicia: Yup.
[OOC] Ahiru: *missed that*
Hector: "The three with Felicia."
[OOC] KuGMpo: Biggs = big. Tall, broad shouldered, and at least DD cup.
[OOC] Cassandra: Biggs…DUR
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hicks = a hick. Wedge = anti-Hicks.
[OOC] Hector: Biggs = Big Jugs. :P
Pak blinks. "…Wait, how could they have done it? We saw those guys on a steamboat, and that was after we fought them off, and… kyaa?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "They used some kinda electric generator to spark the fire."
Hector: "Hm."
Pak shakes his head. "Ahhh, makes no sense."
Cassandra: "Electric Generator?"
Hector: "When did the flame monsters start popping out of it?"
Hector: "Or did they?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Flame monsters? Hmm…"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Sorry, phone call.
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Y'know, most fires don't spawn monsters, but this fire did seem unusually alive."
Hector: "Did it look like *describes the cannon that he saw aimed at his hideout*?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Like it was enchanted somehow. If it was, the guys who started it would've…"
Ahiru: "Electric must be Bolt… You gotta agree with that right?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Yeah. Not exactly, but same kinda thing."
KuGMpo: Felicia, meanwhile, finds herself back where they fought the Flamelet Heart.
Pak blinks. "What's bolt?"
Hector: "Hm. Ahiru, do the fire and lightning spirit-things or whatever have an alliance?"
KuGMpo: She sees a wrecked generator off to the side.
Felicia: "…That thing again."
KuGMpo: It's definitely not the same one as got trashed in the forest, but it looks to have been made by the same source.
Cassandra looks at the bartender nd listens to te conversation
Ahiru: "I dunn… but Lightning strikes and makes fire, right? They're like cousins."
Cassandra: "Yes. It does happen that way."
Hector: "Hm."
Hector: "Still wondering what the hell caused the fire-monsters to appear."
Cassandra: "Maybe an evil spirit?"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Does Felicia investigate the generator?
Hector: "I suppose that's an answer for another day. Right now, I think we should rest a bit, resupply, and then go look for the three that started the fire."
Cassandra: "Yeah. I need to get this armor off me, and clean up a bit."
[OOC] Felicia: Yar
KuGMpo: Felicia sees the symbol of Bolt among the wreckage. Perhaps this isn't too unusual, but…
Felicia: "…?"
KuGMpo: Bartender: *rolls eyes* "Oh, not this again. Not now."
Cassandra: "Beavers?"
KuGMpo: The yelling seems to come from the waterfront.
Pak notes that Divvie's gotten sleepy and shakes him. "Wake up! Don't get ToadBBQitis!
Dvihr: "huh?
Dvihr wakes up a little
Hector: "…beavers?"
Cassandra walks out to the waterfront
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Yeah. Monsters don't usually come to cities, but lately we've had a problem with monster beavers."
KuGMpo: Bartender: "Trying to take our trees for their use."
Pak pulls Dvihr up. "There's monster Beavers. Come hunt them."
Cassandra: "Beavers?" *rolls eyes*
Hector: "MONSTER beavers?"
KuGMpo: Sure enough, beavers.
KuGMpo: Big beavers.
KuGMpo: Like, six foot tall beavers.
Hector: "Alright, let's stomp 'em."
KuGMpo: Tall enough to be called monsters.
[OOC] Hector: Did we at least recover our HP?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes, earlier.
Cassandra: "Were beavers is more like it."
[OOC] KuGMpo: HP & MP.
KuGMpo: The beavers look down at Cassandra, hungrily.
Dvihr: "Beaver soup~"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Anyone else joining Cassandra?
Cassandra looks back up and pulls out her Iron Sword
Hector heads to the waterfront, with Pak and Dvihr and Ahiru hopefully in tow.
Dvihr follows Hector
Cassandra: "Tonight I dine on Beaver soup!"
Felicia heads towards the call, noticing the beavers. "Just gets better and better…"
KuGMpo: The beavers seem intent on dining on Cassandra soup. With pine chips.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Roll init
Cassandra: "I’m not food!
Hector unsheaths his whip and dramatically whips.
Hector: 1d10+8
Dice: Hector; : 16
Cassandra: 1d10+7
Dice: Cassandra; : 12
KuGMpo: 6#1d10+7
Dice: KuGMpo; : 10 12 8 15 15 15
Pak flicks a dagger out of his sleeve
Pak: 1d10+6
Dice: Pak; : 10
Felicia: 1d10+7
Dice: Felicia; : 13
Dvihr: 1d10 + 6
Dice: Dvihr; : 4
[OOC] Dvihr: Fuck you dice, fuck you
Felicia: po ta toes
Felicia: TO GE THER
Dvihr: ah
Hector: You rolled a 10, not a 4.
Dvihr: 1d10+6
Dice: Dvihr; : 8
Dvihr: :((
Hector: You should have taken the 10.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ahiru?
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 10
KuGMpo: Hector 16 BeaverA 15 BeaverB 15 BeaverC 15 Felicia 13 Cassandra 12 BeaverE 12 BeaverF 10 Ahiru 10 Pak 10 BeaverD 8 Dvihr 8
KuGMpo: Hector, go.
Hector: "Hit 'em where it hurts, guys!"
Hector uses Command: Assault.
Hector: Damage multiplier for physical attacks+1!
KuGMpo: BeaverA looks to make good on that soup…
KuGMpo: 1d100
Dice: KuGMpo; : 68
KuGMpo: And takes a bit out of Cassandra
KuGMpo: 1d6+24
Dice: KuGMpo; : 26
KuGMpo: 19 damage
KuGMpo: Beavers B and C, meanwhile, lock on to Hector
Cassandra: "Ouch!"
KuGMpo: 2#1d100-94
Dice: KuGMpo; : -54 -27
KuGMpo: 2#1d6+12
Dice: KuGMpo; : 15 14
KuGMpo: 9 total damage
KuGMpo: Felicia
Felicia channels her kami… ((Draw Out, Slow 2))
KuGMpo: Cassandra!
Cassandra attacks the one that bit, for payback
Cassandra: 1d100-98
Dice: Cassandra; : -12
KuGMpo: It swishes away from the blow
Cassandra: O_O
KuGMpo: Beavers E and F spy Dvihr and Pak, respectively.
KuGMpo: 2#1d100-94
Dice: KuGMpo; : -90 -74
Dvihr eeps
[OOC] KuGMpo: 12 is < their EVA
[OOC] Ahiru: Felicia goes before F
[OOC] Felicia: Verily
[OOC] KuGMpo: Oh, right.
Felicia swings her blade in an arc, ghostly swords slashing through all the damn rodents.
Felicia: 2d6+10
Dice: Felicia; : 21
Felicia: 1d100
Dice: Felicia; : 95
KuGMpo: 2#1d6+12
Dice: KuGMpo; : 16 15
[OOC] Felicia: No Curse, whoooo
KuGMpo: The rodents are hurt, but not down.
Ahiru: phone
KuGMpo: 6 damage to Pak
KuGMpo: 8 damage to Dvihr
KuGMpo: Pak and Ahiru
Dvihr growls abit.
Pak oohs as he suddenly finds a pair of dice in his hands.
Pak grins.
Hector: "I could make a comment about large beavers and a certain part of the female anatomy, but I won't."
Pak glows red. "Time to even the odds! Loaded DICE!~
[OOC] Dvihr: ew Hector ><
Cassandra gives a glare at Hector, but it looks like a look of pain to him
Pak tosses the dice towards one of the enemies!
[OOC] Hector: Hector knows a lot about the female anatomy, ya know.
Pak grins as they come up snake eyes, and snaps his fingers!
Pak: KABOOM!!!
Ahiru smacks the nearest beaver.
Ahiru: 1d100-86
Pak: 2d6+63 to beaver… F
Dice: Pak; : 68
Dice: Ahiru; : -8
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Pak: Half damage to all other beavers
KuGMpo: Ahiru: miss
Pak: Ignore Half of MARM
KuGMpo: Pak: that's Area-frag, right? Damage to others as well?
Pak: Fire Damage
Pak: Yes. n.n
Hector: Is that Pak's limit?
Pak: Yah.
KuGMpo: The beavers are flambe'.
Hector: Nice.
Pak: All of them? o_o;
[OOC] KuGMpo: 2d6+63))/2 = more than their HP.
Pak: Ahh
Cassandra: "Good job Pak." :))
KuGMpo: Add Felicia's group attack on top of that…
Pak blinks as all the enemies are incinerated.
Pak: "…Um… Hah! I knew that would happen! nn!"
Felicia frowns, adjusting her hair. "Hmph… Well that was easier than expected. What a waste."
Hector: "Whoa, talk about grilled fur burgers."
KuGMpo: 214 XP and 84 Gil each
Hector turns to Pak and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Little bro, that was a good show."
KuGMpo: 6#1d100
Dice: KuGMpo; : 31 83 60 5 7 85
KuGMpo: Also…
Pak poses proudly, beaming
KuGMpo: 2 potions & 4 tonics.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Who takes 'em?
Pak: O_O
Pak: I'll snag a potion!
Hector: Potion here.
Pak: Potions restore 50HP, right?
Cassandra takes a tonic
Hector: Yes.
[OOC] Dvihr: I'm so sleepy I wanna go…
Dvihr: ))
Felicia throws another tonic in her bag.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Seffie - make sure to record XP & Gil first.
Dvihr: I got it.
Dvihr: It's ok if I leave then?))
[OOC] KuGMpo: /me used someone else's monster for this. They probably made 'em too soft.
[OOC] KuGMpo: …only if we're ending the session. What do the other players want?
[OOC] Hector: I've only been here since a quarter to 2. D:
[OOC] Cassandra: same here
[OOC] KuGMpo: Okay. Then, Seffie: no.
[OOC] Dvihr: ok.
Ahiru: I grab a tonic
Pak: Divvie, take a tonic
[OOC] Dvihr: meh is lvl 2
Cassandra: "Hey Dvihr, Beaver soup?" *smiles*
Dvihr picks up a tonic and a roasted beaver
Dvihr: "Yeah beaver soup!"
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: O_O
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "That…was…awesome!"
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Hey - aren't you those guys who supposedly torched this place?"
Cassandra: "Hi…No they are not."
Dvihr pulls out a pot
Hector: "Nah, we were framed."
Dvihr puts the beaver in it and puts Pak in there too
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Yeah, yeah, you want to keep under cover. That's cool. Hey, if you want to beat stuff up even more, I got some gear I could sell ya."
KuGMpo: RandomPerson sets down his backpack.
Hector: "That would be great."
Cassandra: "Really?"
Pak squirms!
Hector takes Pak out of the pot.
Pak: "What are you doing?! >.<!?"
Dvihr: "Be still Pak you’re just for flavoring"
Dvihr: "Hector put him back he's just for flavoring! I haven't heated up the water yet he's safe…."
Hector: "You're not the boss of me."
Dvihr frowns
Dvihr: "Fine"
Ahiru: "…"
Hector: "Nobody tastes Pak's flavor without his consent."
Pak: Shopping~!
Dvihr: "Pak can I put you in the pot before you go shopping?"
Pak: "…I consent to Oniichan tasting it."
Cassandra: "Do you have a Twilight Steel Sword, sir?"
Hector: "I don't want to, though."
Pak: "I wanna go shopping first, anyway."
Hector pats Pak on the head.
Dvihr pulls out another pot and puts another beaver in this one.
Pak moves away from the pot. "I'll sit in it if you can get Oniichan to taste it too."
Pak heads to the shopkeeper and browses.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Anything with Availability of at least 90%, he has. Anything else, he doesn't.
Dvihr: "So We have beaver + Pak and beaver - pak"
Pak: http:/‘`/``Chapter_Six:_Equipment
[OOC] Pak: For convenience.
Hector buys a Chocobracelet for 170 gil.
Cassandra: "I’ll take the Twilight Sword please."
Cassandra hands him 290 gil
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Excellent choices! Anyone else?"
Dvihr: "I want uh….hold on"
Felicia browses until finding a Mind's Eye, and tosses the gil to him as she puts it at her side.
Dvihr is still messing with the soup
[OOC] Ahiru: did al the items dropped get sbnatched?
Ahiru is browsing
Cassandra: "Ummm, do you buy back?"
Hector also buys three tonics for 75 gil.
[OOC] KuGMpo: No, there's one more tonic.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Take it.
[OOC] KuGMpo: *Ahiru
[OOC] Dvihr: I took it. :((
[OOC] KuGMpo: There were four.
[OOC] KuGMpo: You took #3, I think.
[OOC] Cassandra: I took one
[OOC] Dvihr: oh ok
[OOC] Ahiru: okay, I'll have another on that too ^_^ Ahiru learnt her lesson
[OOC] Dvihr: Can i sell my old pan when i get a new one?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Cass, Felicia, Dvihr, and Ahiru got a tonic each. Pak & Hector got a potion.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes.
Cassandra hands the shopkeeper her Iron Sword
Dvihr steps away from the soup for a min
Hector: Bah.
Hector: Even if I can equip gauntlets, can I not equip bracelets?
Dvihr: "I would like Penny's Weight Pan and I can sell you my Copper Pan!"
Hector: Usually in FF games, people who equip heavy automatically have the ability to equip light unless it's character-specific.
[OOC] Hector: In FF1, the fighter could equip EVERYTHING.
Felicia: <- limited to heavy stuff
Hector: If not, It's not a big deal.
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Sure, sure, I'll take tradeins."
Hector: I'll just have to redo my buying.
[OOC] KuGMpo: You get 1/2 of the cost of something when you sell it back.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hector: you can equip what your job says.
Cassandra: "thank you, sir." *gets 75 gil back*
[OOC] Hector: Alright.
Hector redoes purchases with the Undo command. :P
[OOC] KuGMpo: There isn't "light" here, there's "good vs. physical", "good vs. magical", and "balanced".
Hector buys Glit Gloves for 165 gil.
Hector: dice, 344-165?
Dice: it 179?
Dvihr hands you 149 for the Penny's Weight Pan
Hector still buys 3 tonics.
Cassandra: "Awww..I want a pair of those also."
Pak: "I'll take… a Shuriken… and… a E…s…chu… this shield that's better than mine. n.n;;;
[OOC] KuGMpo: So, some jobs are only good vs. physical, and the armor is a part of that.
Ahiru picks up an Escutcheon and pays for it.
Pak: "Yah, that thing!" He points at Ahiru
Cassandra sees a buckler though, and buys it for 80 gil
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Very good, very good. What else?"
Dvihr: "my Pan still?"
Dvihr glances back at my soups
KuGMpo: The beavers are cooking nicely.
KuGMpo: You now have two pots of beaver soup, one Pak-flavored and one straight.
[OOC] Dvihr: You still didn't give me my new pan ><
[OOC] Dvihr: YAY Soup!
[OOC] KuGMpo: You get it if you bought it.
Pak acks and returns the Shuriken. "Wait! I want this Chocobracelet instead!"
[OOC] Dvihr: oh ok
Dvihr goes back to his soup stiring them
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Alright."
Dvihr adds some dried leek to both
Pak nods.
Cassandra is nearly out of gil, and thanks the shop keeper for the goods she bought from him
Pak then tugs on Hector's arm.
Pak: "Niichan."
Pak: "I need 6 gil."
Dvihr: "Pak I'll give you 6gil for being in my soup"
Hector: "Alright."
Hector hands Pak 6 gil.
Hector: "Pay me back when you can."
Pak: "Kay! n.n"
Pak pockets it so he can use Gamble skills.
Dvihr also gives pak 6gil
Ahiru also grabs another Tonic and hands over the gil.
Ahiru has 129 gil left
Pak doesn't need 6 gil now, he needs 10!
Pak pushes Dvihr's hand away. "I need 10 now."
Pak: "Otherwise I can't make cool things happen."
Dvihr sighs and gives you 10 gil
Dvihr: "There. You better be happy!"
Dvihr kisses you on the cheek
you = pak
Cassandra sits on the dock, and sighs
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Okay, are we all done here?"
Pak giggles. "Yay-" And then blushes. "Kya~! Okay, that was your payment for the 10 gil. X.X"
Pak is all done.
Dvihr sticks his tongue out. "Ok fine. ^.!
Hector: "That's it for me."
Dvihr adds some carrots to the soup.
Dvihr: "Yeah I'm done too
Dvihr: ."
Pak looks around. "So, what did everyone pick up? oxo"
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Okay, then." *packs up and leaves* "By the way, were you trying to get out of here?"
Hector: "Yup."
Cassandra: "yes. We were."
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "If so, I left my boat at the docks. You can have it."
Pak ooooohs.
Cassandra: "thank you again."
Hector quirks an eyebrow up.
Dvihr: "SOUP'S DONE!!!!"
Dvihr: "The non Pak soup is on the left…"
Felicia , having been out of the scene for a bit, slides into view behind the random one. "…And why would you simply give away a perfectly good boat?"
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Because. I want to see you guys cause chaos! Besides, I'm going to be here a while, so it's not like I'm going to be using it."
Pak cheers!
Pak: "What's your name, anyway? o.o"
Cassandra: "What if we were fighting the chaos?"
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "Oh, don't worry about names. If we run into each other, we run into each other."
Dvihr hands pak a bowl of soup.
KuGMpo: RandomPerson: "As for the chaos - hey, you can make it and fight it at the same time!"
KuGMpo: RandomPerson walks away.
Pak sips.
Hector makes sure to get the soup on the left.
Pak: "Wonder what his name was. O'aka, maybe… or… Gogo?"
Dvihr: Who else wants soup?
Cassandra takes a bowl of non-Pak Beaver soup
Dvihr: "
Dvihr: "O'aka… he looked like an o'aka"
Pak nods.
Pak: "Let's call him O'aka. Even if that's not his name. n.n"
Pak eats soup.
Dvihr: "ok!"
Dvihr giggles
Pak: "This is pretty good! o.o"
Dvihr: "But pak you don't even know which soup you got!"
Cassandra: "mmmmmm…maybe its from eating anything on the road for me. Cast Iron stomach."
KuGMpo: Dvihr's soup restores what HP damage was done during the battle.
Pak shakes his head. "Nah, this isn't me. I know my own taste."
Dvihr smiles
Dvihr: "Everyone eat up!"
Cassandra sits next to Pak and smiles
Pak licks his hand and grooms one of his cat ears, as if to prove his point.
Dvihr lays down next to pak and Cassandra
Pak looks over at the still-totally-full Pak soup.
Pak: "…"
Dvihr sees him looking "Oh well. Maybe not… :))"
Pak stands up and walks over to Hector. "Want Seconds, niichan? n.n"
Cassandra has a bowl of Pak flavored soup
[OOC] Dvihr: I thought you got non-Pak soup?"
Dvihr: ))
[OOC] Cassandra: Got another bowl
Hector: "Uh, yeah. Of the one that doesn't taste like you."
Dvihr falls asleep
Cassandra: "Ummmm, good, but no difference in taste. Maybe a bit sweeter, but.."
[OOC] KuGMpo: So, you guys heading out of town?
[OOC] Cassandra: Yes.
Pak: Yah.
Hector: Verily.
Pak helps Dvihr to the boat- I guess we just leave the extra soup behind?
Dvihr clings to Pak
Cassandra steps on the boat and sits down
Pak waves to Felicia. "You coming?"
Hector sits in the front seat of the boat.
KuGMpo: The soup finds its way to a soup kitchen, thanks to the workers flitting about.
KuGMpo: On the docks there is a new boat, and a note where your old boat was.
[OOC] Pak: ./‘`/``/. Kyaa. I don’t want hoboelves tasting me!
Pak notes the note and reads it
KuGMpo: "Thanks for helping us out. If I'm ever in a position to return the favor, I'll do so. -the ice mage"
Ahiru: "That was nice of him."
KuGMpo: As it happens, the soup finds its way to a group of mithra who were passing through.
Cassandra: "He took our boat. Oh well."
KuGMpo: They approve of the taste, and inquire where the chef got the spices.
Hector: "It was for a good cause."
Pak squeaks.
Cassandra: "Yes."
Pak: "Ah… it was that igloo guy. n.n"
[OOC] Dvihr: soooo sleepy -O-
Pak waves more to Felicia. "Cooooooome oooooon"
Felicia: "Coming where?"
Hector sighs, and looks to Felicia. "The ones who burned the town are the ones you were with."
Felicia: "I gathered. I found the remains of another one of those contraptions."
Hector: "I guess that means we'll be heading to Refuge, and you said you were going there."
Cassandra looks back at town and thinks "Bye Alexandria…Good luck, and I love you."
Felicia: "Hmph. Lucky you then." She hops on the boat.
Dvihr clings to Pak more
Pak blinks and squirms. "Nya. Why are we going to Refuge? o.o? Won't we be arrested?"
Hector: "Well, where else would they go?"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Actually, you saw the boat heading upstream for Mountainsburg.
[OOC] Hector: …thanks.
Dvihr sings in my sleep "sleeping in a PAn~. Fried Chicken Can~ Oh a silver Pan~ The Master Chef Pan~ Sleeping in the fried Chicken skillet pan~~."
Felicia: "…"
Pak: "…Well, too bad."
Cassandra: "I don't think they would be stupid enough to try Refuge again."
Ahiru: "So we find those 3 that set the fire?"
Hector: "Let's try Mountainsburg, then."
Pak: "Sounds good…"
Hector: "Felicia, if you want to kill them, that's fine, but do it after we get our names cleared, alright?"
Ahiru: "I still think Bolt has something to do with it."
Cassandra: "Okay, that is the next town down this river, a bit after Refuge."
[OOC] KuGMpo: No it's not.
[OOC] KuGMpo: This river goes straight to Mountainsburg.
[OOC] Ahiru: we met between forestburg and refuge. e went to forestbug
Ahiru: errr mountainsburg sleep brain
[OOC] Cassandra: my bad.
Felicia: "I don't promise anything." She glances to Ahiru. "There was a bolt symbol amongst the machinery. Not too uncommon."
Hector: "Well, whatever." He points towards Mountainsburg dramatically. "Onward!"
Pak rows!
Cassandra rows
Pak hmms. "If one of us knew some water magic…"
Cassandra: "Well, I do know Aero..but I don't think that would work, to be honest."
Felicia sighs, and unsheathes her sword.
Pak: "We'd need a sail for that. This is a rowboat."
Felicia looks over the back of the boat and thinks.
KuGMpo: As you row away from Forestburg, things get quiet.
Cassandra: "True…It was worth a shot."
KuGMpo: Even the chrring, when it returns, seems much softer and gentler than it was when you arrived.
Pak: "Hmm… oxo"
KuGMpo: And the eyes from the forest are much less numerous.
[OOC] Dvihr: guys it's 4 sleepy time?
Pak yawns. "Kyuu… Is this upstream or downstream we're rowing?"
Cassandra: "I don't like the look of this."
[OOC] KuGMpo: Seffie's asking if you want to cut here, I think.
[OOC] KuGMpo: You're going upstream.
[OOC] Cassandra: Oh…heh..sorry.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Mountainsburg = upstream from almost everything.
Pak pokes Divvie. "Kyaa, you row."
[OOC] Hector: I don't mind if we cut.
Felicia waves her sword over the water behind the boat, mumbling something.
[OOC] Cassandra: Sounds good too me.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Okay then.

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