EC Session 1.2

[OOC] KuGMpo: /me is feeling toasty warm with all the fire monsters…
[OOC] Cassandra: blah! XP
KuGMpo: You're on the water, looking at a vast burning Forestburg. What do you do?
KuGMpo: The woods, BTW, have stopped chrring.
KuGMpo: For now.
Hector: "Holy…"
Cassandra: "I don't have a good feeling about this. Let's see if there are survivors!"
Pak blinks. "I, it's all burning…!"
Felicia looks for an area of shore that doesnt happen to be engulfed in flame at the moment
Felicia: "Yes yes, we are all quite aware that the village is on fire."
Hector: "Yeah. Everyone, row to the edge of the water and make sure that nothing flaming can hit the boat."
KuGMpo: You easily find one.
Cassandra: "I know, but we can't just let the innocent people there perish!"
KuGMpo: The docks are empty - looks like most of the town may have been evacuated.
Hector: "We'll look for survivors and ask them who did this."
Ahiru jumps into the water then gets out onto the dock. "I don't want to go into that dry."
Felicia looks back up the river, recalling the other boat that passed them. "Shouldnt be too hard to guess…"
Cassandra: "Hopefully, there are people in town still alive."
KuGMpo: Even burning, the sheer size of the town is still impressive.
Pak splashes their boat with water and hops up onto the dock. "Um… anyone got a Water spell, by chance?"
Pak: "Ice would work too."
Hector steps onto the dock, maintaining his captain-y air.
KuGMpo: Fortunately, the gangways leading up into the maze of treehouses is still structurally intact.
Cassandra steps on the dock, and looks worried
Cassandra: "Well, lets see what we find."
Pak nods. "Should we spread out? Scramble? ETC?"
KuGMpo: Looking around - dead body, dead body, pile of ash in the approximate shape of a body, ice dome!
Cassandra: "I think we should stick together. Just in case."
Hector: "We should probably stay together. With the village's defenses down, there might have been a creature or two that managed to get inside."
Felicia marches out of the boat towards the flames.
Cassandra shudders at all the dead, and presses forward, letting out a sigh
Ahiru: "… Why is there a dome of Ice in the middle of a fire?"
Pak blinks. "Ice dome?"
Ahiru points to it.
KuGMpo: The ice dome gleams in the fire. It's not the type of ice one can see through, but it looks large enough that several people could cower underneath it.
Hector doesn't notice the ice dome until Ahiru points to it.
Pak blinks more. "…Let's go to the ice dome…?"
Cassandra doesn't notice also until Ahiru points it out
Hector: "Cor blimey, how did we miss that?"
[OOC] Hector: Hector does not have a British accent.
Felicia glances in the direction of their attention. "Probably a mage using it as cover."
Cassandra: "I think we were looking for something else. That is why I missed it."
Pak notices that the glow of fire bouncing off the ice is actually rather pretty.
KuGMpo: It wasn't visible until you were inside the city, but neither is it that far from the edge of the city.
Hector goes over to the ice dome and knocks on it.
Pak heads towards it and tries to find an entrance.
Cassandra follows and waits
KuGMpo: Voice from inside the dome: "Sorry, we're full up in here!"
Hector: "!"
KuGMpo: Voice: "I can't make this any larger."
Hector: "Survivors?"
Cassandra: "How many are hurt in there, please?"
KuGMpo: Voice: "Everyone but me! I tried evacuating the hospital - everyone who was too sick to make it on their own."
Cassandra: "Okay, What happened here?
Pak: "We've got healing magics!"
KuGMpo: Voice: "This was as far as I got before the fire surrounded us."
KuGMpo: Voice: "Unless you've got a whole hospital full of magics, the best thing you can do for us is beat off the flames so we can get out of here!"
Cassandra: "So you didn't get to see who or what did this?"
Hector: "We'll do that. Is there anyone left in the hospital?"
KuGMpo: Voice: "I dunno what happened. I was doing community service when the fire broke out."
KuGMpo: Voice: "You'd have to see for yourself, but I doubt it. Anyone still alive, that is."
Cassandra: "Hector, shall we go to the hospital? ITs your call."
Hector: "Alright, we'll go look for anyone who was left behind."
Cassandra nods
KuGMpo: Voice: "Hey! Could you clear an escape route for us first?"
Cassandra: "Sure. Which way?"
KuGMpo: The easiest path out seems to be the way you came in - which has since caught on fire.
Pak: "T…that's not good…"
Felicia: "It's fine."
KuGMpo: Voice: "Any way you can!"
Cassandra: "Okay. Lets go do the escape path first."
Hector: "Bloody hell, this just isn't our day."
Felicia walks towards the path, grabbing the handle of her sword.
Cassandra: "I noticed, Hector. But we must do this for them."
KuGMpo: As you approach the fire, the fire leaps towards you!
KuGMpo: Everyone roll init.
Felicia: 1d10+7
Pak: 1d10+6
Dice: Felicia; : 11
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Pak; : 13
Hector: 1d10+8
Dice: Cassandra; : 14
Dice: Hector; : 12
KuGMpo: 3#1d10+8
Dice: KuGMpo; : 17 16 10
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 15
KuGMpo: FlameletA 17 FlameletB 16 Ahiru 15 Cassandra 14 Pak 13 Hector 12 Felicia 11 FlameletC 10
Cassandra draws her sword, and gets read to fight
KuGMpo: The fire resolves into three distinct pieces.
Hector unlatches his whip and dramatically lashes it downward. "If it's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get!"
KuGMpo: Two of them continue to hurl towards Felicia.
KuGMpo: 2#1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -40 -74
KuGMpo: Both hit.
KuGMpo: 2#1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 18 25
[OOC] KuGMpo: Magic ((MARM)) damage - so, 12 and 19 points get through.
KuGMpo: Everyone, go.
Pak acks~! "Are, are you okay, Miss Fugitive?"
Cassandra casts Cure on Felicia
Hector points at FlameletC. "Kill it before it can act!"
Hector jumps forward and whips it.
Hector: 1d100-107 ; vs. FlameletC
Dice: Hector; : -96
Hector: That was an eleven, right?
KuGMpo: Hit. ((Just missed the crit!))
Hector: I crit on a 1-20.
[OOC] Hector: Signature Weapon: Flails
Ahiru: "Um… Ok…" Ahiru follows Hector's leave and attacks the third fire when she was going to attack the ones that attacked Felicia.
Cassandra: 1d100-121
Dice: Cassandra; : -58
Hector: 2d8+28 ; Double damage, right?
Ahiru: 1d100-83
Dice: Hector; : 35
Dice: Ahiru; : -28
[OOC] KuGMpo: Oh, then crit, yeah.
Felicia is hit pretty bad… As she recoiled from the flames, a shining barrier washed over her. ((SOS-Shell))
KuGMpo: Cass: "hit", so roll healing for Felicia
Cassandra: 1d8+20
Dice: Cassandra; : 28
KuGMpo: Ahiru: hit, roll damage
Hector: Do you actually need to roll to hit for healing? I'm confused.
Felicia: 28*.75
Felicia: Dice, 28*.75?
Dice: it 21?
[OOC] KuGMpo: I'm not sure, but it makes good practice.
Ahiru: 1d8+10
[OOC] KuGMpo: Just in case you try to "heal" a Zombie or something.
Dice: Ahiru; : 11
[OOC] Hector: Healing autohits in every PnP game that I've ever played.
[OOC] Hector: In every VIDEO GAME I've ever played.
[OOC] KuGMpo: I'll check the rules, but you're probably right..
[OOC] Hector: The only time it misses is on ninjas in Disgaea 1.
Felicia is refreshed from the cure, and her barrier shatters as she regains strength.
Pak thinks
Pak: "Okay…."
Pak attacks!
Pak: 1d100-87
Dice: Pak; : -36
Pak is attacking that 3rd one
Cassandra notices the barrier go up when she healed the person, and watches it go down afterwards
KuGMpo: FlameletC goes down from Hector's and Ahiru's attacks.
Pak: Oh.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak: A or B?
Pak: Um, in that case…
Pak: Change action!
Pak flips a coin!
[OOC] Felicia: That's why I havent done anything during those "Everyone else go" attacks. Since I have no idea what's left afterwards.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Actually, it went down from Hector's attack alone. Ahiru - apply damage to A or B?
[OOC] Felicia: …See what I mean?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yar.
Pak: I'm using Double Up! and Elemental Reels!
Pak: 1d6
Dice: Pak; : 6
Pak: …eek
Pak: 1d10
Dice: Pak; : 10
Pak: BUST~!
Hector: Gotta love my 20% crit chance.
Pak gahs as the coin lands on his head HARD.
Hector: My warrior in WoW only has a 9% chance to crit.
Hector: And that's with talents. D:
KuGMpo: Felicia: the two Flamelets that hit you are still up. One of them has taken damage.
Pak: 10% HP damage to me
[OOC] Ahiru: B
KuGMpo: Pak takes 3 damage.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Luuucky with that always-round-down rule.
[OOC] Felicia: How much damage has it taken?
Pak whines. "Owww… I messed up."
[OOC] KuGMpo: 6
Hector: "It's okay, little bro. Roll with it, and do twice as well next time!"
Cassandra looks at Pak with a comforting smile, and then looks at the Flamelets with a concentrated stare
Felicia holds out her katana, mumbling a few short words as the blade glows blue.
Felicia launches an attack at The B one. Damn thing.
Felicia: 1d100-105
Dice: Felicia; : -75
[OOC] Felicia: Enchantment: Water
KuGMpo: Hit.
Felicia: 1d10+14
Pak: Though usually Ice is more effective against fire monster…
Dice: Felicia; : 16
Felicia: Dice, 16*1.25?
Dice: it 20?
KuGMpo: FlameletB is extinguished.
KuGMpo: New round.
KuGMpo: 1d10+8
Dice: KuGMpo; : 13
Hector: 1d10+8
Dice: Hector; : 13
Felicia: 1d10+7
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Felicia; : 13
Dice: Cassandra; : 11
Hector: wtf
Hector: Three thirteens.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak, Ahiru, init
[OOC] KuGMpo: Well, last Friday was the 13th. ;))
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 15
[OOC] Cassandra: ((yeah.))
[OOC] Hector: I have a feeling we will not play on Christmas Eve.
[OOC] Hector: Which is a Sunday.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Good chance of that.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Of not playing, that is.
[OOC] Hector: It's still going to be an awesome day because DECEMBER AND COLD.
[OOC] Ahiru: Oh yay… then I'd be sure to have that off, woot
Pak: 1d10+6
Dice: Pak; : 9
KuGMpo: Ahiru 15 Hector 13 FlameletB 13 Felicia 13 Cassandra 11 Pak 9
KuGMpo: Ahiru, Hector, go.
Hector whips FlameletB across its face.
Hector: 1d100-107
Dice: Hector; : -59
KuGMpo: Hit
Hector: 1d8+14
Dice: Hector; : 18
KuGMpo: FlameletB doesn't really have a "face", but it is *hurt*.
Ahiru: 1d100-83
Dice: Ahiru; : -37
KuGMpo: Hit.
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 14
KuGMpo: Ahiru douses it.
Ahiru drapes her weighted ribbon over her shoulders, throws up one arm and does a spin-jump into the air, landing in a pirouette. Completing another rotation she lowers her other leg and gives a bow. ~Victory~
Felicia twirls her Katana and Wakizashi, sheathing them in unison. "Right then. Let’s go."
Hector smirks. "By freezing, by fire, by crushing, by blade…did the end come as you wished?"
Cassandra sheathe the sword and just stares
Ahiru giggles. "Fakir taught me how to put out a fire well~"
KuGMpo: Dice, 114*3/5?
Dice: it 68.4?
KuGMpo: Dice, 46*3/5?
Felicia dusts herself, the fire having singed her white armor. "Tch."
Dice: it 27.6?
KuGMpo: 68 XP and 27 Gil each.
Pak doesn't know how pose afterwards. "Oww."
KuGMpo: 3#1d100
Dice: KuGMpo; : 20 82 65
KuGMpo: Also one Potion - who gets it?
Ahiru is swaying to MKR - Yuzurenai Negai [Acoustic Version] - Rayearth ~ Anime ~ : - kbps ~
Hector: I think 'licia should.
Cassandra nods in agreement
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Then I was nodding to confirm the fight was over with myself))
Felicia grabs the potion from the remains, tossing it in her sidebag with her tonics.
Hector: dice, 1-107?
KuGMpo: The fire on the path out is doused.
Dice: it -106?
KuGMpo: Voice from ice dome: "Thank you very much!"
[OOC] Hector: I crit on a -87 to -106
KuGMpo: The ice dome lifts a bit and scuttles away, out into the forest.
Cassandra: "Your very welcome."
Felicia turns around, and heads back towards the other flaming buildings.
KuGMpo: Voice: "I think some people were going to organize a fire brigade. If they're at it, they'll be deeper inside."
Hector walks beside Felicia.
Cassandra: "Yeah, thank you."
KuGMpo: The fire does seem a little quieter now - still an inferno, but not as intense.
Cassandra runs a little bit behind Hector
Hector: "Hm. I guess those fire things are connected to the intensity of the fire."
Cassandra: "Destroy them all, and put the fire out?"
KuGMpo: Conveniently, there seems to be one path not blocked by fire leading deeper into the city.
Felicia looks around, as to how many buildings are accessible; Assuming we can get fire away from the door to get inside.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Just like you'd find in any video game.
Cassandra: "The question is, how many are there roaming aorund here?"
Hector goes down that path, checking the opposite side of the road that Felicia is checking.
[OOC] Felicia: Sounds about right. FIRE EVERYWHEEERE.
Hector: "More than we could handle, I'm guessing."
Cassandra: "Yes."
KuGMpo: Felicia, Jeff: roll Awareness
KuGMpo: Felicia, Hector: roll Awareness
Pak is trailing after
[OOC] KuGMpo: Gahh…
[OOC] Ahiru: I should have been a rogue… Then I could loot the houses
Hector: 1d100 ; I NEED A 30 OR LOWER
Dice: Hector; : 63
Felicia: 1d100
Dice: Felicia; : 28
Hector: FUXOR!
KuGMpo: Felicia manages to find a Phoenix Down and snag it just before the flames could get to it.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Powerful loot, but you may be needing it.
Hector: "Damn. 'licia got lucky."
Hector gives nicknames to people.
Felicia: "…"
[OOC] Hector: I'm like Norma only less annoying.
[OOC] Hector: And not voiced by Sherry Lynn.
KuGMpo: As you press on, you hear voices from up ahead.
KuGMpo: "More water! Get those pumps working!"
Cassandra looks around the path, seeing the fire swallow everything
KuGMpo: "Aww, hell, there goes squad two!"
Pak is keeping behind the group~
Felicia picks up pace, and begins running towards the voices.
Hector runs.
Cassandra: "I don't like the sound of that!" *runs after everybody*
Ahiru rushes forward thinking about more people that may help her…
KuGMpo: It does not take long to find the source of the voices - a bunch of mostly elves, trying to fight the fire but getting hemmed in and pushed back.
KuGMpo: More flamelets loom menacingly towards them.
Hector: "Rush 'em!"
KuGMpo: The flamelets' backs are to you.
Cassandra: "Got you!"
KuGMpo: Only the PCs roll init.
Hector: 1d10+8
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Hector; : 17
Felicia: 1d10+7
Dice: Ahiru; : 15
Dice: Felicia; : 11
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Cassandra; : 9
Hector: Oh shit.
Hector: You’ve been playing VP 2, Pen?
Felicia: Obviously
Hector: HELL YES
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak?
Felicia: I only got it last night though
Hector: Rufus and Alicia get perpetual-crit weapons in Chapter 5.
Felicia: Im in 3
Hector: :D
Hector: 3 is loooooooooooong.
Hector: It's twenty hours of "our plot device is in another dungeon."
Hector: Ahem.
Felicia: How many flamelings this time?
KuGMpo: 6
Pak: 1d10+6
Dice: Pak; : 14
KuGMpo: Hector Ahiru Pak Felicia Cassandra
KuGMpo: Go in that order.
Hector gives a good thwack to the first Flameling.
Hector: 1d100-107
Dice: Hector; : -31
KuGMpo: Hit
Hector: 1d8+14
Dice: Hector; : 21
[OOC] Hector: Hi, Seffie.
[OOC] Dvihr: hey
[OOC] KuGMpo: ((I can work with this.))
KuGMpo: FlameletA is still standing.
KuGMpo: Ahiru, go.
Ahiru: 1d100-83
Dice: Ahiru; : -58
KuGMpo: Hit
[OOC] Dvihr: ((I'm really sorry, I was feeling very ill))
Ahiru: 1d8+10
Dice: Ahiru; : 12
KuGMpo: FlameletA is not still standing
Hector: "Guys, take them out one at a time. Nice and systematic."
KuGMpo: Pak.
KuGMpo: Pak recognizes one of the firefighters - it's their chef, Dvihr. Come to think of it, he had come to Forestburg to pick up supplies…
KuGMpo catches Seffie up via PM
Pak calls out. "Dvir?! What are you doing here…?"
Pak decides to just attack this time
Hector: "Dvihr? What the hell?"
Pak: 1d100-87
Dice: Pak; : -85
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Crit.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak, roll damage.
Pak: 1d6+16
Dice: Pak; : 20
[OOC] Hector: I would have just rolled a 2d6+32 to save time.
Pak: 40!
KuGMpo: FlameletB is extinguished.
KuGMpo: Felicia
Felicia swings twice at the third flame.
Felicia: 2#1d100-105
Dice: Felicia; : -85 -31
KuGMpo: Both hit
Felicia: 1d10+14
Felicia: 1d8+14
Dice: Felicia; : 16
Dice: Felicia; : 19
KuGMpo: FlameletC goes out
KuGMpo: Cassandra
Cassandra swings at the fourth one
Cassandra: 1d100-97
Dice: Cassandra; : -52
KuGMpo: Hit
Cassandra: 1d12+12
Dice: Cassandra; : 17
KuGMpo: FlameletD is hurt, but not out.
*ROUND TWO*‘`*``
Cassandra: 1d10
Dice: Cassandra; : 6
Pak: 1d10+6
KuGMpo: Init, everyone ((including Dvihr))
Dice: Pak; : 14
Felicia: 1d10+7
Hector: 1d10+8 : INIIIIIIIIITO
Dice: Felicia; : 10
Dice: Hector; : 14
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Cassandra; : 10
KuGMpo: 3#1d10+8
Dice: KuGMpo; : 13 12 13
[OOC] Pak: So what’s left?
[OOC] Hector: Flamelets D, E, and F.
[OOC] Hector: D is hurt.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ahiru, Dvihr, init.
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Dice: Dvihr; : 6
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 11
KuGMpo: Hector Pak FlameletD FlameletF FlameletE Ahiru Felicia Cassandra Dvhir
KuGMpo: Hector then Pak, go
Hector moves to finish off FlameletD.
Hector: 1d100=107 ; NO WHAMMIES NO WHAMMIES
Hector: Oops.
Hector: 1d100-107 ; NO WHAMMIES NO WHAMMIES
Dice: Hector; : -18
Hector: Shit.
Hector: No big bucks.
KuGMpo: Dice, 90-107?
Dice: it -17?
KuGMpo: Barely missed a botch.
KuGMpo: Hit, though.
Hector: Wowzers.
Dice: Hector; : 19
KuGMpo: It's smashed. Smushed, even.
KuGMpo: Pak?
Pak tosses his coin back and forth in his hands. "Let's try something more reliable…" He presses his palms together. "Poison!!"
Pak: 1d100-121
[OOC] Hector: Fullmetal Pak-chemist?
Dice: Pak; : -96
[OOC] Ahiru: Why are you trying to poison Fire?
Pak: I'm assuming that's a hit?
KuGMpo: Hit
Pak: 1d8+40
Dice: Pak; : 46
[OOC] Hector: Bio damage.
Pak: 46 MARM BIO
Pak: Oh, and just for kicks.
[OOC] Hector: Bio was seriously one of the best ways to hurt bosses in FF4.
KuGMpo: The Flamelet pops.
Pak: 1d100-71
[OOC] Hector: It annihilated Balnab and Balnab-Z.
Dice: Pak; : 11
Pak: …So no poison chance.
[OOC] KuGMpo: It doesn't matter that Flamelets are I: Toxin, the Bio damage alone killed it.
Pak: Kay.
Pak blasts the enemy with poisonous energy~! And it dies.
Pak: "Haha, how about THAT?"
KuGMpo: The remaining Flamelet wheels around and sics the one that sickened its bretheren.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -83
KuGMpo: Hits
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Pak acks!
Dice: KuGMpo; : 19
KuGMpo: 9 damage to Pak
KuGMpo: Ahiru then Felicia
Pak winces. "Owwww…"
Hector sees Pak get flamed. "You son of a bitch! Ahiru, Felicia, kill it!"
Felicia: "Like we weren't going to do that anyway."
Ahiru: "Can do!" Ahiru attacks.
Ahiru: 1d100-83
Dice: Ahiru; : -68
KuGMpo: Hit
Ahiru: 1d8+10
Dice: Ahiru; : 15
KuGMpo: It's hurt.
Felicia launches past the final flame with two slashes.
Felicia: 2#1d100-105
Dice: Felicia; : -40 -81
KuGMpo: Double hit.
Felicia: 1d10+14
Dice: Felicia; : 22
Felicia: 1d8+14
Dice: Felicia; : 18
KuGMpo: The flame is done.
KuGMpo: 114 XP and 46 Gil each.
Ahiru drapes her weighted ribbon over her shoulders, throws up one arm and does a spin-jump into the air, landing in a pirouette. Completing another rotation she lowers her other leg and gives a bow. ~Victory~
[OOC] KuGMpo: Dvihr - record the XP and Gil gain immediately.
Hector turns to Pak and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Little bro, that was a good show."
Felicia frowns, adjusting her hair. "Hmph… Well that was easier than expected. What a waste."
Pak giggles and hugs Hector. "Thanks, niichan~"
Cassandra just looks and breathes in a sigh of relief
Hector turns a little red. "Not in front of everyone. Geez."
Felicia raises an eyebrow at Ahiru.
KuGMpo: 6#1d100
Dice: KuGMpo; : 95 24 29 19 41 51
Ahiru: "Something wrong?"
KuGMpo: 2 Tonics, 2 Potions
[OOC] Hector: your XP should be 319
Pak grabs a tonic
[OOC] KuGMpo: All except Dvihr, since he only has the 114 XP from this fight.
[OOC] Cassandra: ((What does tonic restore?))
[OOC] KuGMpo: 25 HP
[OOC] Felicia: 25
[OOC] Hector: And Potion is 50 HP?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes.
Cassandra grabs a tonic also
Hector takes a Potion just for the hell of it.
Dvihr: "Well if no one else is taking one…"
Dvihr grabs a potion
Ahiru doesn’t seem to be interested in items, though she is carefully tucking any money she finds into her pouch.
KuGMpo: Firefighter: "Thanks! We thought this was a normal fire…"
Felicia: "Decidedly not."
Hector walks up to Dvihr. "So that's where you were. I was worried when you didn't come back."
KuGMpo: Firefighter: "…but it seems to be controlled by something. We can get the rest of the fire if you get the thing that's generating new flames!"
Pak hmms. "Fire doesn't normally attack people like that. T.T"
KuGMpo: The firefighter points to a large building.
Felicia: "How far inside is it?"
Dvihr smiles at Hector "Yeah sorry ^^;"
KuGMpo: "It took up residence in our central power plant. I think it was planted there."
Hector: "It's okay. A fire can hold anyone up. And we didn't need the supplies. We had to abandon the cave. I sent everyone home."
KuGMpo: "Not far."
KuGMpo: "You should be able to - LOOK OUT!"
KuGMpo: The firefighters duck as the building EXPLODES.
[OOC] Hector: QTE? XD
Pak KYAAAS and falls back!
[OOC] Hector: *furiously slams the X button to run*
[OOC] Dvihr: Boom!!
Dvihr ducks
Cassandra runs away as fast as she can
Hector backflips out of the way of the flying debris.
Ahiru ducks.
KuGMpo: A line of fire behind you prevents escape
Ahiru and quacks while doing so
KuGMpo: In front of you - well, it's like the flamelets, but much bigger.
KuGMpo: It almost seems to be…laughing?
Hector: "Holy hell!"
Pak looks at Ahiru funny for a moment before flipping to his feet.
Cassandra: "Well, I'll be…"
Pak: "What is that?"
Felicia: "Great."
Hector: "I guess that's the head honcho."
Dvihr: "What the…"
Felicia: "Seems to be the case."
Dvihr stands up again
KuGMpo: Eyes peek out of the forest behind the flames. You hear chrring again.
Pak kyas?!
KuGMpo: Musical, almost, but you can't quite place the theme.
Pak: "D, did they follow us here?"
Cassandra: "OH what now!" *she throws her arms up*
KuGMpo: You feel encouragement from the song, though.
KuGMpo: Almost as if they were…chrrleading.
[OOC] KuGMpo: XD Sorry, couldn't resist!
[OOC] Cassandra: heh
Ahiru: "Graav?" Ahiru sends out a tentative question, hoping for an answer.
KuGMpo: Grav remains silent. You can definitely feel his influence being interfered with.
Dvihr: "…"
KuGMpo: Init
Pak: 1d10+6
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Play my Boss music!))
Dice: Pak; : 10
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 13
Felicia: 1d10+7
Dice: Felicia; : 13
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Hector: 1d10+8
Dice: Cassandra; : 9
Dice: Hector; : 14
KuGMpo: 5#1d10+8
Dice: KuGMpo; : 12 14 11 13 17
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Dice: Dvihr; : 10
Ahiru is swaying to FF7 - Those Who Fight Further - THE BLACK MAGES ~ Game ~ : - kbps ~
[OOC] Pak: DadadaDAA, dadadaDAAA, dadadaDAdadaDAdadaDAAAda
[OOC] Hector: Bathroom break. Back in five.
KuGMpo: FlameletHeart 17 Hector 14 FlameletB 14 FlameletD 13 Ahiru 13 Felicia 13 FlameletA 12 FlameletC 11 Pak 10 Dvihr 10 Cassandra 9
Ahiru: "You wouldn’t happen to know anything about Bolt or Fakir would you?" Ahiru asks the big fire.
Felicia listens to: KMFDM - Sturm&Drang [0:03/3:58] ((128kbps))
[OOC] Dvihr: I just pee'd and was back in time. You don't need 5 :p
[OOC] Pak: He's probably not peeing…
KuGMpo: The big fire does not seem to be in the mood for conversation.
[OOC] Dvihr: lol
Ahiru quacks with quiet disappointment
KuGMpo: FlameletHeart gazes malevolently at the party.
KuGMpo: 1d6
Dice: KuGMpo; : 1
Dvihr stucks my tounge out at it "pfttttttttttttttttttttt"
KuGMpo: He spies the leader, and sends one firey tendril right at Hector.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -43
KuGMpo: 1d12+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 28
KuGMpo: Hector takes 24 damage
KuGMpo: Hector's turn ((when Jeff returns))
Dvihr is listening to: Kyodai Queen Beryl [Enormous Queen Beryl] - Sailor Moon Another Story Game
[OOC] Hector: MAGICAL!
Felicia listens to: Juno Reactor - Navras [0:05/9:06] ((192kbps))
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yep.
Pak half-wishes the monster was called bomb
[OOC] Pak: OOCly I mean
[OOC] KuGMpo: Fire elementals.
[OOC] Pak: Haiii
Hector grunts as the flame connects.
Hector: "I'll get you for that!"
Hector rushes forward and whips!
Hector: 1d100-107
Dice: Hector; : -26
KuGMpo: Hit
[OOC] KuGMpo: FlameletHeart, right?
[OOC] Hector: Oh shit. There's more flamelets.
[OOC] Hector: Yes.
Hector: 1d8+14
Dice: Hector; : 18
KuGMpo: A nice, solid hit. The Flamelet Heart laughs.
KuGMpo: FlameletB seems to be fixated on Dvihr's pan.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -90
Dvihr swirls my pan around…
[OOC] KuGMpo: Thank goodness monsters usually don't crit.
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 21
KuGMpo: Dvihr takes 11 HP damage.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Magical attack, so that's damage roll - MARM.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Most attacks are damage roll - ARM.
[OOC] KuGMpo: That's a good thing in your case.
KuGMpo: FlameletD sees Cassandra unharmed, and decides to do something about it.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -11
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 18
KuGMpo: Cassandra takes 11 HP damage.
Ahiru starts to dance.
Dvihr: "ow.."
KuGMpo: Ahiru, action
Ahiru: 1d6
Dice: Ahiru; : 5
[OOC] Felicia: ?
[OOC] Pak: Hey Kids!
Cassandra: "Why, you little, son of a…grrrrr…..I will not let you deter me!"
[OOC] Pak: Be sure to be recording your damage!
[OOC] Pak: Limit Meters are rising!~
Dvihr: lol
Dvihr: ))((
Felicia: 9 Damage away.
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Don't worry, I don't have my Game Shark on. :P ))
Hector: "Ugh…little help here!"
[OOC] Ahiru: oh no I forgot to precaluclate myt dance %
[OOC] KuGMpo: Actually, Pak was serious.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Every point of damage you take, adds 1 to your limit meter.
[OOC] Cassandra: ((No, I am. I'm at 26 right now))
[OOC] KuGMpo: When your limit meter equals your starting HP, you can do a Limit Break.
[OOC] Pak: Max HP
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ma HP
[OOC] KuGMpo: Max HP
[OOC] Felicia: Meaning when you level up, you're even further away than before!
[OOC] Pak: Yup, but your Limit gets stronger too~
[OOC] Ahiru: urrrrrrg, my browsers not letting me look up how to calculate my dance%
[OOC] Felicia: Not from level 1->2.
[OOC] Dvihr: So I have: 11/47 for Limit.
Dvihr: 36/47 HP
Dvihr: ))))
[OOC] Felicia: Maybe another % chance of something, but your max HP goes up :p
[OOC] Hector: ((Dance skill/2 + Level + AGIx2))
[OOC] KuGMpo: Dvihr: yes, exactly.
[OOC] Hector: Is Dance%
Felicia listens to: Garou - Mark of the Wolves - Track 09 [0:04/1:53] ((192kbps))
Ahiru: 1d100-40
Dice: Ahiru; : 39
Ahiru: … That's a failure isn't it?
[OOC] KuGMpo: I calculate that that's barely a success.
[OOC] KuGMpo: …wait…
Dvihr listens to: Player Select - Sailor Moon R Game
[OOC] Pak: …Your dance skill's that's low?
[OOC] KuGMpo: …no, that's a failure.
[OOC] Ahiru: yo can't start with more than 50% in any stat
[OOC] Pak: She gets a random attack still though
[OOC] KuGMpo: 39 roll would've been a success; I didn't see that -40.
[OOC] Hector: Why the -40?
[OOC] KuGMpo: So that 0 or less means success.
[OOC] Ahiru: like attack, my Dance% is 40
Ahiru: Dice, 24*.75?
Dice: it 18?
Ahiru: 18 wait.. that's not right
Ahiru: Dice, 22*.75?
Dice: it 16.5?
[OOC] Felicia: Wait wait…
Felicia: You dont roll your dance% to do the actual dance.
Ahiru: ?
Felicia: You choose which rank you want to do, roll a d6. On a 6 you get failure and instead do 75% damage.
Felicia: Otherwise, dance% just determines how well status effects and other stuff goes through.
Ahiru: so if I don't get a 6 I suck?
KuGMpo: http:/‘`/``Dancer#DANCE
[OOC] KuGMpo: Depends on the dance.
Ahiru: I rolled 5 Trip Tango
[OOC] KuGMpo: In this case, you rolled 5, which is a status-attack-only.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Which failed.
[OOC] Felicia: Yar.
[OOC] Dvihr: ((are we playing untill 4?))
Ahiru pouts and gets teary-eyed
[OOC] KuGMpo: We’ll play through the end of this battle, then see.
[OOC] KuGMpo: That will probably be around 4.
[OOC] Dvihr: ok
[OOC] Hector: So do I have to roll Tactics% to activate my Commands?
KuGMpo: Felicia, go
Felicia: "We need to take out those Flamelings…"
Felicia swings towards FlameA
Felicia: 2#1d100-105
Dice: Felicia; : -31 -8
Dvihr listens too - I Wanna Be a Star - Sailor Moon: Hits from the TV Show
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hit hit
Felicia: …Really?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hector - doesn't look like it.
[OOC] Ahiru: Seffie… Can yo seeeeeeeeend?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Felicia - wait, no, one hit.
KuGMpo has his notes confused >_<
Felicia manages to connect with the Katana… but stumbles with the second hit.
Felicia: 1d10+14
Dice: Felicia; : 22
KuGMpo: You've never before seen pure fire in pain. Now you have. FlameletA is still up, though.
KuGMpo: FlameletA returns the favor.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -75
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 18
KuGMpo: 12 damage
Felicia flashes. "…"
KuGMpo: FlameletC looks at Ahiru hungrily, and charges.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -74
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 20
KuGMpo: 9 damage to Ahiru
KuGMpo: Pak
Ahiru: "Hot! Hot! Hot!"
Pak acks. "Um, um… Gah, Cassandra, YOU handle the healing!"
Cassandra: "Right."
Pak flips a coin in the air. "Double Up!"
Pak: 1d6
Dice: Pak; : 6
Hector shouts "Cassie, heal me!"
Pak: 1d6
Dice: Pak; : 5
Pak: 1d10
Dice: Pak; : 1
Pak: Yay! 7.
Pak catches it. "Lightning!"
Pak: 1d100-40
Dice: Pak; : -28
Pak: 1d100-40
Dice: Pak; : 5
[OOC] Ahiru: Pak is a Corsair?
Pak: 1d100-40
Dice: Pak; : 12
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak is a Gambler
Pak acks- luck failed!
Pak sighs and tosses an electrified Dagger our anyway
Pak: There's 5 enemies, right?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yep.
Pak: 1-4 will be A-D, 5 is Heart
Pak: 1d5
Dice: Pak; : 4
Pak: 1d100-87
Dice: Pak; : -39
KuGMpo: hti
KuGMpo: hit
Pak: 1d6+16
Dice: Pak; : 19
Pak does 19 ARM Elec damage
KuGMpo: FlameletD is still up
KuGMpo: Dvihr
Dvihr: d100 -83
[OOC] Dvihr: ???
Hector: it's 1d100-83
Dvihr: ah..
Dvihr: 1d100-83
Dice: Dvihr; : -64
Dvihr: 1d100 - 83
Dice: Dvihr; : 16
Hector: No, the -64 was good.
Hector: You're supposed to get negatives.
KuGMpo: Two Weapons.
Dvihr: i have two weapons
Hector: Ohhh.
Hector: Then reroll the second.
KuGMpo: Second one botched.
Hector: oh, okay.
KuGMpo: So, negates the first hit.
Dvihr: 1d100-83
Dice: Dvihr; : 6
Hector: 'cause I'm saying it didn't actually subtract the 83 the second time.
KuGMpo: Dice, 16+83?
Dice: it 99?
KuGMpo: He rolled a 99.
Hector: If you're doing two weapons with the same attack%, might as well just do 2#1d100-83 next time.
KuGMpo: Dvihr's knife gets in the way of his pan as he goes to strike.
KuGMpo: Cassandra, you're up
Cassandra casts Cure on Hector, and nods to him
Cassandra: 1d100-121
Dice: Cassandra; : -34
KuGMpo: hit
Hector: I still honestly don't think you have to roll to hit for healing.
Cassandra: 1d8+20
Dice: Cassandra; : 26
KuGMpo: Hector feels Much Better.
Hector: "Thanks, Cassie!"
*ROUND TWO*‘`*``
KuGMpo: 5#1d10+8
Cassandra: "No problem. Keep hitting them!"
Dice: KuGMpo; : 16 10 14 17 14
Hector: 1d10+8 ; INITO
Dice: Hector; : 12
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Cassandra; : 15
Hector: Fuckass.
Pak: 1d10+6
Dice: Pak; : 14
Felicia: 1d10+7
Dice: Felicia; : 11
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ahiru, Dvihr, init
Hector: Pak got a 14.
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Dice: Dvihr; : 8
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: Sometimes the RNG needs to get kicked a few times to re-randomize itself.
Dvihr: a..
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 15
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Dice: Dvihr; : 10
KuGMpo: FlameletD 17 FlameletA 16 Ahiru 15 Cassandra 15 FlameletHeart 14 FlameletC 14 Pak 14 Hector 12 Felicia 11 FlameletB 10 Dvihr 8
[OOC] KuGMpo: Not that the reroll would’ve changed the order.
[OOC] Dvihr: WTF I'm always last TT^TT
Dvihr: ))
[OOC] Hector: Your speed is the lowest.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Last turn you weren't.
[OOC] Dvihr: secound to last my bad - and yes I know I R Slow
KuGMpo: FlameletD goes for Cassandra again.
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -67
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 23
KuGMpo: 16 damage
KuGMpo: FlameletA is on Felicia again
Dvihr listens to: [06] Oh Starry Night - Rei - English Hits of Sailor Moon [1993]
Cassandra drops down to one knee, and smiles
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -22
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 23
[OOC] Hector: I am rocking out to: Slayer - Crionics
KuGMpo: 17 damage
[OOC] Hector: Cassie in SOS?
[OOC] Cassandra: ((no. Close to my Limit thought))
KuGMpo: Ahiru
Felicia flashes, covered with a shimmering barrier as she takes the hit. ((SOS-Shell))
Ahiru gets up and tries another dance.
Ahiru: 1d6
Dice: Ahiru; : 4
Ahiru: 11 MP Damage
Pak: To who?
KuGMpo: 0 MP
Dvihr listens to: Stage Boss - Sailor Moon Another Story
KuGMpo: Cassandra, go
Ahiru: So then it doesn't matter XD
[OOC] Cassandra: ((who here is ok on HP?))
Felicia: None of the rank 1 dances are pretty useful in this situation.
[OOC] Hector: Felicia's in SOS.
[OOC] Cassandra: ((I need to heal myself this turn))
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Hmmm, Pen got a tonic?))
[OOC] Hector: I can potion Felicia and use a command.
Cassandra uses Cure on Felicia
[OOC] Hector: Command doesn't use up a turn unless I'm changing a pre-existing one.
[OOC] Hector: Okay.
Cassandra: 1d100-121
Dice: Cassandra; : -54
[OOC] KuGMpo: BTW - I checked the rules. Spell use on a willing recipient is auto-hit.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Which includes most healing.
Cassandra: 1d8+20
Dice: Cassandra; : 26
Felicia: Dice, 26*.75?
Dice: it 19.5?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Just for future reference
[OOC] Felicia: Up or down, eh?
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Actually, I can't Cure anymore. I have 3 MP
[OOC] KuGMpo: Round down
[OOC] KuGMpo: Always round down
KuGMpo: FlameletHeart ripples as it laughs. There are now two more Flamelets!
[OOC] Dvihr: ((brb potty))
Pak: "O_O"
Felicia: "…"
KuGMpo: FlameletC seems to be going for roast Ahiru…
Pak: "We're screeeeewed…"
Hector: "Go for the big one! Forget the small fry!"
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -54
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 18
KuGMpo: 6 damage to Ahiru
KuGMpo: Pak
Pak kyuuus. "This isn't good… Who needs health? Anyone?"
Cassandra: "Me."
Hector: "I've got Cassie's back. You do what you have to!"
Felicia: "I would go for him, but the small ones together are far more dangerous than it alone."
Hector: "But we can't get all the small ones if the big one keeps shitting children out."
Ahiru: "I hurt, but I can keep going… those flames are hot though…"
Pak nods! "Then let's hope my luck pays off this time!"
Pak: 1d10
Dice: Pak; : 5
Felicia: "Maybe you can't hit them all at once, but I can."
Cassandra: "Just heal me. Please. I'll have it all set, okay."
Pak: Water!
Pak: 1d100-40
Hector: Oh dear god please don't botch it.
Dice: Pak; : -19
Pak: 1d100-40
Dice: Pak; : 48
Pak didn't botch!
Pak: 1d7
Dice: Pak; : 4
Pak: Um… that'd be D?
KuGMpo: Yep
Pak: 1d100-87
Dice: Pak; : -63
KuGMpo: hit - D be Destroyed even on your minimum damage roll
KuGMpo: Hector
Hector: FIrst.
Hector uses Command-Assault.
Hector: Everyone's damage multiplier goes up by 1. So 2xStr becomes 3xStr
Hector: That doesn't use a turn.
Hector: And then.
Hector uses a potion on Cassie.
Hector: "Hit 'em hard, hit 'em fast!"
Cassandra stands up and smiles
KuGMpo: Felicia
[OOC] Felicia: Assault only applies to attack actions?
[OOC] Hector: Anything that deals weapon damage.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Any attack actions, actually.
Felicia: "Sorry, but Ill have to put that to use next time…"
[OOC] Hector: Limit Breaks included.
Felicia begins a chant, holding her blade. Draw Out. ((Slow 2))
[OOC] Felicia: Goes off at Initiative 9
Dvihr: fucking comcast
KuGMpo: FlameletB rolls onto Cassandra
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -22
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 18
KuGMpo: doing 11 damage
KuGMpo: Felicia, go.
[OOC] Hector: I should mention my WoW guild has a meeting at 6PM on the other side of the world. I should probably log in at 5.
Felicia swings the sword, releasing the kami. Ghostly swords appear, slashing all the enemies.
Felicia: 2d6+10
Dice: Felicia; : 18
Felicia: MARM, Nonele
Felicia: 1d100
Dice: Felicia; : 47
Felicia suffers no negative effects from the draw.
[OOC] Hector: Dvihr, your physical attack gets +1 on the multiplier of the damage stat.
KuGMpo: FlameletA is extinguished.
KuGMpo: Flamelets B, C, E, and F are weaker
[OOC] Hector: So if you had 2xStr, you have 3xStr now.
KuGMpo: Flamelet Heart is still laughing
KuGMpo: Dvihr, go.
[OOC] Pak: Did anyone hit limit yet?
[OOC] KuGMpo: I think Cassie just did.
[OOC] Cassandra: Me
[OOC] Hector: And it's an all-hitter.
[OOC] Hector: With more damage capability due to Assault.
Dvihr: 2#1d100-83
Dice: Dvihr; : -24 7
KuGMpo: Hit miss
[OOC] Felicia: Im at limit, but its single target -status. Which, while useful, isnt our best option right now.
[OOC] Hector: Are the flames immune to ALL status?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Dvihr - your damage roll is now 21+1d8 for the knife
[OOC] KuGMpo: You don't know their status immunities.
[OOC] Felicia: Theyre immune to toxin, which isnt one of mine, but the fact is Im better off using Draw out to thin the numbers.
[OOC] Hector: Hm. The only limit I has blinds, but that's only additional.
[OOC] Hector: It drains HP, too.
Dvihr: 1d8+21
Dice: Dvihr; : 24
[OOC] KuGMpo: Target?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Flamelet B, C, E, F, or Heart?
[OOC] Hector: I am rocking out to: Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
[OOC] Dvihr: Heart, i thought I said that?
KuGMpo: Heart is still laughing, but not as much.
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Hector: 1d10+8
KuGMpo: 5#1d10+8
Dice: Cassandra; : 11
Felicia: 1d10+7
Dice: Hector; : 10
Dice: KuGMpo; : 13 14 13 15 10
Pak: 1d10+6
[OOC] Ahiru: My limit is double damage… but i haven’t been healed, so I'd die first
Dice: Felicia; : 14
Dice: Pak; : 12
Hector: Shitballs.
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Dice: Ahiru; : 10
Dice: Dvihr; : 14
[OOC] Dvihr: Not last~
[OOC] Dvihr: ((Do i have to wait for my turn to heal? I've got a potion…))
[OOC] Ahiru: yes
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Yes))
Dvihr: damn
KuGMpo: FlameletF 15 FlameletC 14 Felicia 14 Dvihr 14 FlameletB 13 FlameletE 13 Pak 12 Cassandra 11 Hector 10 FlameletHeart 10 Ahiru 10
[OOC] Dvihr: ((blolololol I forgot my Town on Animal Crossing was called Yevon))
[OOC] Hector: You're nuts!
[OOC] Dvihr: ((probably))
KuGMpo: FlameletF rolls onto Pak
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -59
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 23
[OOC] Hector: On my friend's AC game, I named the town "Camelot" and the character I was playing "Mordred".
KuGMpo: For 13 damage
KuGMpo: FlameletC pounces on Ahiru
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -86
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 19
KuGMpo: For 7 damage
[OOC] Dvihr: ((Today is the last day for the acorn festival. i wanna get all the mushroom furniture :(( ))
KuGMpo: Felicia
Felicia prepares another Ashura slash.
[OOC] Felicia: Init 12
KuGMpo: Dvihr
Ahiru quacks. "That hurts! I don't think I can take much more of that!"
Felicia: "Then I suggest you start doing something."
Ahiru: "It's not my ffault they don't pay attention!"
Cassandra is glowing bright red with anger
Pak blinks and looks at Cassie. "…Y, you okay?"
Hector smirks, thinking to himself "Oh, man. Cassie's gonna go apeshit."
[OOC] Hector: That was a thought, and therefore none of you heard it.
[OOC] Hector: HA
KuGMpo: Dvihr, go
[OOC] Dvihr: (( four rotten acorns ))
Cassandra: "His laughter…I'm going to shut him up for good….."
Dvihr: 2#1d100 - 83
Dice: Dvihr; : 83 51
[OOC] Dvihr: is that crit?
Hector: dice, 51-83?
Dice: it -32?
Hector: 0 and 32.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Umm…
[OOC] KuGMpo: It didn't subtract.
Dvihr: what what?
Dvihr: oh ok
Felicia: uhh
Felicia: stop
Hector: You have to put the minus NEXT to the number.
Felicia: when theres a space
Felicia: it doesnt work
Felicia: Yeah
Felicia: 1d1 - 5
Dice: Felicia; : 1
Hector: 1d1-5
Dice: Hector; : -4
Felicia: Like so.
Dvihr: 2#1d100 -83
Dice: Dvihr; : 63 40
[OOC] KuGMpo: Still got a space in there.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Try it again.
Dvihr: oops sorry
Dvihr: 2#1d100-83
Dice: Dvihr; : 2 13
Dvihr: y3ah?
[OOC] Ahiru: *facepalm*
[OOC] KuGMpo: There. Now, neither of those hit - but I'll let you take your first roll, with one hit.
Dvihr: no?
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
[OOC] KuGMpo: Since your second weapon hit, it's 21+1d6.
Dvihr: uhm ok so…
Dvihr: 1d6+21
Dice: Dvihr; : 22
Dvihr: heat
heart ^^;
Dvihr: I always forget to say…
KuGMpo: The heart's still laughing
KuGMpo: FlameletB pounces on Felicia
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Cassandra: "Must shut him uppp!"
Dvihr: """'
Dice: KuGMpo; : -85
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 21
KuGMpo: 15 points
[OOC] KuGMpo: The shell goes back up.
KuGMpo: FlameletE pounces on Hector
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -54
KuGMpo: 1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 24
KuGMpo: 20 points
[OOC] Hector: LIMIT!
KuGMpo: Felicia
Felicia 's Ashura slash goes off, more blades materializing.
Felicia: 2d6+10
Dice: Felicia; : 13
Felicia: 1d100
Dice: Felicia; : 5
Felicia 's Katana is exhausted, giving off a black color.
KuGMpo: The fires are much quieter now, as only the Heart remains.
KuGMpo: Pak
Felicia: "Now…"
Pak nods. "I can't do much reliably at this point… but if someone needs healing?"
[OOC] Hector: Can Pak wait for Cassie and I to hit him with limits?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Yes.
[OOC] KuGMpo: If he wants.
Hector: "Pak, sit tight. Cassie and I are going to smash him!"
Pak ohs. "Kay, I'll wait."
Pak waits a tick
[OOC] KuGMpo: 1 tick? Okay.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Cassandra then Pak again
[OOC] Hector: I think he means a moment.
Cassandra break the Limit, and yells out "GREAT CLEAVE!
[OOC] Hector: Not an init tick.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ah. Pak - how many init ticks are you waiting?
[OOC] Pak: No, I meant an init tick
[OOC] Hector: …
[OOC] Pak: I'll wait an extra one though
[OOC] Felicia: He can wait again
[OOC] KuGMpo: K.
[OOC] Hector: So he goes after I do.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Great Cleave is just 2*damage, and auto-hit from being a LB, right?
[OOC] Felicia: Where'd the other 10 Points go?
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Yes, and with Hectors thing on it also))
[OOC] Cassandra: Multi-hit))
[OOC] Hector: All targets.
[OOC] Pak: Group, I bet
[OOC] Felicia: ah.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ah.
Cassandra: 1d12+24
Dice: Cassandra; : 29
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Right?))
[OOC] KuGMpo: Umm…
[OOC] Cassandra: ((no))
[OOC] Hector: So I would roll 2d8+42 for damage, since it's ((1d8+((2+1xStr))x2))?
[OOC] KuGMpo: 2d12+36, I think.
[OOC] KuGMpo: For Cass.
Cassandra: 2d12+36
Dice: Cassandra; : 51
[OOC] KuGMpo: Hector: yes.
[OOC] Hector: 'kay.
KuGMpo: The Heart is Not Happy.
KuGMpo: Hector
Hector charges forward and whips the Heart across where its eyes would be. "BLINDING STRIKE!"
Hector: 2d8+42
Dice: Hector; : 50
Hector: dice, 50*.15?
Dice: it 7.5?
[OOC] Hector: 15% of damage recovered as HP.
[OOC] KuGMpo: so, heal 7
[OOC] Hector: Yup.
Hector: OH SHIT
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak.
Hector: 1d100 ; Blind chance.
Dice: Hector; : 82
Hector: Shit.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Oh, right. *Now* Pak.
Hector: 33% chance to fail and it did.
Hector: I hate you, Dice.
Pak oohs… "Nice ones! But it's not dead yet."
Hector: "Son of a submariner, it still lives?"
Pak hmms. "Well… anyone need healed NOW?"
Ahiru: "Me!"
Felicia 's shield is still glimmering.
Pak casts Heal!
Pak: On Ahiru
Pak: 1d8+40
Dice: Pak; : 41
KuGMpo: FlameletHeart lashes out at Pak
KuGMpo: 1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -21
Ahiru hops up happy looking like she never took a hit.
KuGMpo: 1d12+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 24
KuGMpo: 14 damage and Pak is down.
Ahiru: "Ah, Pak!?"
[OOC] KuGMpo: Told you there'd be a good chance you'd need to use that PD.
Hector: "You son of a bitch! I'll fucking kill you!"
KuGMpo: Ahiru
Cassandra: "Pak?"
[OOC] Ahiru: PD?
[OOC] KuGMpo: Phoenix Down.
[OOC] Pak: How am I down?!
[OOC] Pak: o.o
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pak's at 0 HP.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Was at 14 HP.
Dvihr Runs over to Pak…
[OOC] Pak: I was at 27. I must have missed it…
[OOC] KuGMpo: I think you missed a 13 point hit, then.
[OOC] Felicia: Happened at the beginning of the round.
Ahiru charges the Heart and smacks it a good one.
Ahiru: 1d100-83
Dice: Ahiru; : 3
Ahiru: ;-;
KuGMpo: miss
Pak fell down~!
Felicia twitches.
*ROUND 4*‘`*``
KuGMpo: 1d10+8
Dice: KuGMpo; : 14
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Felicia: 1d10+7
Dice: Ahiru; : 11
Dice: Felicia; : 8
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Dice: Cassandra; : 11
Dice: Dvihr; : 15
[OOC] Dvihr: YEAH!
Hector: 1d10+8
Dice: Hector; : 10
KuGMpo: Dvihr 15 FlameletHeart 14 Ahiru 11 Cassandra 11 Hector 10 Felicia 8
[OOC] KuGMpo: So, Dvihr can attack, use the Phoenix Down to revive Pak, or use his magic.
[OOC] Hector: After Dvihr goes, everyone wait for Felicia to PD Pak, then go.
[OOC] Hector: Oh. PD is everyone’s inventory.
[OOC] Felicia: We're using a grabbag?
[OOC] Hector: That'd be more useful than individual inventories.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Well - for the PD, I think grabbag. Normally it's personal.
Dvihr: "Flameheart you bastard. You hurt my friend so… You're going down!!!"
Dvihr: 2#1d100-83
Dice: Dvihr; : -38 9
KuGMpo: hit miss
Dvihr: nuuuuu ;-;
KuGMpo: actually…
KuGMpo: hti botch, so miss miss
KuGMpo: FlameletHeart ripples again. Two more Flamelets appear!
Dvihr: mother fucker. Dice you're not playing with the story ;;;;;;;;;;;0;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Pak would comment on how everyone's luck suddenly went south after he fell, but he's stuck on the ground
[OOC] KuGMpo: So, following Hector's plan?
[OOC] Felicia: If the PD is grabbag, don't expect me to use it.
[OOC] Cassandra: ((Sure I was going to use my Potion on Pak))
[OOC] KuGMpo: Technically, you can give items to anyone up as a free action.
[OOC] Felicia: …Shouldnt expect her to use it anyway, given she just met you people.
[OOC] KuGMpo: So it's personal inventory, but you can have someone else use an item from your inventory if both PCs agree.
[OOC] Ahiru: Whic makes things worse, doesn't it…?
[OOC] KuGMpo: ?
[OOC] Felicia: No, just means someone before me can actually use the PD if they ask for it.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Ya. That.
Felicia: Which is good, given he'll come back at 1 HP and need healing anyway.
Felicia: And having 13 HP is cool ok
[OOC] KuGMpo: Actually, I have Felicia at 7 HP.
[OOC] Dvihr: OH WTF 5 rotten acorns again!
[OOC] Felicia: what?
KuGMpo: Ahiru - fight, dance, ask Felicia for PD, or what?
[OOC] Cassandra: ((I'll heal Felicia then))
[OOC] Dvihr: Animal Crossing - DS
Ahiru runs back to Felicia. "Can I have that feather? We need to get our good luck charm back!"
[OOC] Hector: Seffie's been rolling shit for attack rolls today and I have no idea why.
[OOC] Hector: Dice normally isn't this horrible.
Felicia tosses the feather from her bag, using her katana to hold herself up.
Felicia: "At least something useful will come of that."
Hector: "Cassie, take care of 'licia. I'll knock this shithead back into the dark ages."
Cassandra: "Right.
Ahiru: "Thank you!" She grabs the feather and uses it on Pak.
KuGMpo: Pak wakes up @ 1 HP
KuGMpo: Cassandra
Cassandra uses the tonic on Felicia
KuGMpo: Hector
[OOC] Ahiru: Today's lesson: Potions are good
Felicia is at 25 HP now.
Hector swings furiously at the Flameheart.
[OOC] KuGMpo: 32 HP
[OOC] KuGMpo: You were at 7.
Hector: 1d100-107 ; oh dear god give me a crit.
[OOC] Dvihr: ((It's almost 5 i need to go soon))
Dice: Hector; : -98
[OOC] Hector: YES
Pak wobbles and gets to his feet. "A-aah…"
Hector: 2d8+28
Dice: Hector; : 34
Ahiru: "You ok?"
KuGMpo: The Heart is looking worse off than the two Flamelets.
[OOC] Felicia: I have devils brand.
KuGMpo: Felicia
[OOC] Felicia: So no, not 32.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Oh, right.
Pak uuus.
[OOC] Hector: All healing reduced by 25%? Got it.
[OOC] Pak: You should have been healed WAY less earlier then. T.T
[OOC] Felicia: I calculated it.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Pen did.
[OOC] Pak: I thought you were halving it by 75% for SHELL.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Nope. Shell doesn't take off of healing effects.
[OOC] Hector: Healing is unaffected by shell in FF, I thought.
[OOC] Pak: Really? It does sometimes.
Felicia slashes twice at the large flame.
Felicia: 2#1d100-105
[OOC] Pak: It did in FFX2. oxo Oh well. Sorry
Dice: Felicia; : -95 -24
Dvihr: It depends on which FF you're playing
KuGMpo: CRIT hit
Hector: Fuck yeah, Felicia!
Felicia: Fuck yeah
Hector: lol
Felicia: 1d10+21
Dice: Felicia; : 23
Felicia: 46…
Felicia: 1d8+21
Dice: Felicia; : 26
KuGMpo: FlameletHeart Finally! Goes! Down!
Hector: Hell yes.
KuGMpo: …but there remain two Flamelets to deal with
Felicia: "About time it was put out…"
Felicia: 1d10+7
KuGMpo: 2#1d10+8
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Cassandra: "Damn littlee bugs!"
Ahiru: 1d10+6
Hector: 1d10+8
Pak: 1d10+6
Dice: Felicia; : 10
Dice: KuGMpo; : 15 15
Dice: Dvihr; : 10
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Ahiru; : 14
Felicia: Oh for fucks sake
Dice: Hector; : 14
Dvihr: ::((
Dice: Pak; : 12
Dice: Cassandra; : 11
Dvihr: Somebody randomize the dice
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Hector: dice, randomize
Dice: Cycling.
Dice: Done
Dvihr: Shall we try this again guys?
[OOC] Hector: Yeah, we’re getting fucked on init and Seffie is getting fucked on attack rolls.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Sure.
[OOC] Hector: Nah, we're cool.
Pak nns and gets back to his feet. "Gahh"
[OOC] Hector: WHAT
[OOC] Ahiru: Hit Ahiru pleas!
Dvihr: I'm re-rolling int. Everyone got like 10.
[OOC] KuGMpo: …okay then.
Dvihr: 1d10+5
Cassandra: 1d10+6
Dice: Dvihr; : 7
Dice: Cassandra; : 12
[OOC] Ahiru: Well she DID get healed
KuGMpo: FlameletG and FlameletH both seem intent on roast Ahiru
Pak: 1d10+6
Hector imposes himself in front of Pak.
Dice: Pak; : 15
Dvihr: jesus fucking chist on a spit
KuGMpo: 2#1d100-96
Dice: KuGMpo; : -5 -80
Pak: T_T
KuGMpo: 2#1d10+16
Dice: KuGMpo; : 18 25
Hector: :O
Hector: Well, she has good MArm.
KuGMpo: total 21 damage on Ahiru
Ahiru pouts "I don't wanna be roast duck!" *limit*
Felicia: "…What?"
[OOC] Hector: Pak goes before Ahiru.
[OOC] Hector: He got a 15.
Cassandra: "What in the heck did she say?"
Pak stops. "…Um. Wait."
Hector: "Roast…duck? I've eaten that before."
Pak looks over. "Um, um. Hector, my big attack is Fire-based. I can't use it."
[OOC] KuGMpo: Sounds like Pak's waiting then?
Hector: "Then just stay out of their line of sight."
[OOC] Felicia: You realize you're still at 1 HP right?
Pak quaffs a Tonic
Pak: +25HP
[OOC] Felicia: Hokay then.
Pak wipes his mouth.
Pak: "n.n All good."
Ahiru takes both ends of her ribbon in hand, twirling them while rushing in on her target, bringing both weights crashing against the enemy's head. ~Ribbon Box~
Hector: "Alright, good."
Ahiru: 1d8+15
Dice: Ahiru; : 23
Ahiru: dice, 23*2?
Dice: it 46?
Ahiru: One dead flamelet
KuGMpo: Ahiru destroys H! Flamelet H, that is.
KuGMpo: FlameletG is still up.
Hector: That's my cue.
Hector whaps FlameletG.
Hector: 1d100-107
Dice: Hector; : -46
KuGMpo: hit
Hector: 1d8+14
Dice: Hector; : 16
KuGMpo: FlameletG is still up.
[OOC] Felicia: 14?
KuGMpo: Cassandra then Felicia
Cassandra slashes at the Flamelet
[OOC] KuGMpo: Should be +21, no? G's still up, though.
Cassandra: 1d100-97
Dice: Cassandra; : -75
KuGMpo: hit
Cassandra: 1d12+22
Dice: Cassandra; : 25
[OOC] Hector: Nah, Assualt doesn't apply to me.
[OOC] KuGMpo: Oh, right.
KuGMpo: Now G goes down.
*VICTOLY*‘`*// KuGMpo: //Dice, 8*114?// Dice: // it 912?// //Pak falls down and pants.// Cassandra: "Made...him...stop. All better now!" KuGMpo: //Dice, 912+632// KuGMpo: //Dice, 912+632?// Pak: //Nyu?// //Dvihr falls to my knees// Dice: // it 1544?// //Ahiru yawns and rubs her eyes, stretching her arms out then stands up, touching her toes then straightening, clasping her hands together and stretching to the sky, swaying side to side.// "That was pretty rough, ne?" //~Victory~// //Hector turns to Pak and puts his hand on his shoulder.// "Little bro, that was a good show." KuGMpo: //Dice, 1544/6?// Dice: // it 257.333333?// Hector: //No wait// [OOC] Felicia: Rune of Sacrifice + Generic Limit = Ow //Hector sighs heavily and scratches the back of his head.// "I never want to fight THAT again." KuGMpo: //Dice, 46*8?// Dice: // it 368?// //Pak squirms and sighs.// "Uuu... that was touuuugh. Almost lost my shirt there..." KuGMpo: //Dice, 368+252?// Dice: // it 620?// KuGMpo: //Dice, 620/``6?
Felicia holds her side as she sheathes her blade. "Close… but not close enough."
Dice: it 103.333333?
KuGMpo: 257 XP and 103 Gil each
KuGMpo: 9#1d100
Dice: KuGMpo; : 90 95 89 58 65 6 33 95 95
Hector: dice, 319+257?
Dice: it 576?
Hector: dice, 157+103?
Dice: it 260?
Pak: DadadadadaDADADADA, Da, da, DA, daDAA
Hector: Level up.
KuGMpo: You find 1 Bomb Fragment
KuGMpo: And 1 Tonic
Pak: You rolled 3 95s there
Pak: WTF
KuGMpo: Dice, what is with the hate today?
[OOC] Dvihr: I’ve gotta go in like 5 min
[OOC] Dvihr: ^^;
[OOC] KuGMpo: Let's cut here, then.
[OOC] Hector: Same here.
KuGMpo: The fire dies out as the battle ends.

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