Fear Flan

Fear Flan

Description: This particular flan is more transparent than most, making it almost invisible, like looking through slightly tinted greenish glass. Its body contains gases that allow it to float in the sky like a balloon. This particular species prefers to use shock tactics to suprise its prey into submission, giving them their unusual name. They also like making humanoids scream.
Location: Towns, particularly ones with lots of children or other easily frightened prey.
Scan Info: Level 18 Notorious Amorph

STR: 12 EVA: 46
VIT: 15 MEVA: 31
AGI: 4 ARM: 43
SPD: 9 MARM: 20
MAG: 8 ACC: 106
SPR: 5 MACC: 136
HP: 1080 EXP: 10656
MP: 135 Gil: 4266
Slap: 2d10+60, ARM damage.
Spit Gel: 2d6+48, ARM damage, Ranged
Terrible Scream: 2d8+32, MARM damage, Magic Attack, MP Drain, T: Group, Piercing
Frightening Visage: 2d12+48, MARM damage, Magic Attack, 86%, MEVA chance to inflict Confusion
Engulf: Imprison- Sheltered and Damaging
Fly Away: Escape, Slow (4)
Aero 7MP, 1d8+32, MARM Wind damage
Scan 3MP
Sight 3MP
Blink 10MP, Causes Blink (6)
X-Ray 10MP

Counter Magic: Frightening Visage
Final Attack: Terrible Scream
A: Wind
R: Holy
W: Earth
W: Shadow
Evasion+ 50%
Heavy Armor
I: Mystify
I: Death
I: Condemn

100-51 Bird Feather x 2
50-25 Beastiary x 4
24-08 Pheonix Down x 2
07-01 Fairy Earrings

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