Ch2 5a

Peter|GM: Through hazy glass, almost dreaming.
Peter|GM: There are memories…
Peter|GM: …Her creator watching over her. Taking measurements.
Peter|GM: Speaking, sometimes with her husband, sometimes with other researchers, sometimes with a small, leafy being… (a visiting Y?)
Peter|GM: They mingle with injected memories.
Peter|GM: Today, Mira awakens. The liquid is drained from her cradle, and it opens.
Peter|GM: "Good morning. This is… a little early."
Peter|GM: The touch of the creator. Soft, inquisitive. "Your atomic heart seems to be functioning correctly. Are you feeling okay?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Uh… mornin'?" The responce is a little hesitant, unsure. "Fine as far as I can tell?" She lefts an arm up, experimentally.
Peter|GM: It functions alright.
Peter|GM: "I'm going to run a few diagnostics. Could you try stepping forward for me?"
Peter|GM: "Greatly abbreviated, but…" The creator steps over to a screen.
Peter|GM: Make an Agility check.
MiRA-[CLE]: "That sounds like a perfectly reasonable request and nothing about this situation is strange in the slightest." She waits a moment, before pulling herself out of the case and attempting to step forward -
MiRA-[CLE] rolled 2d6 and got 3, 6 ( Total: 9 )
Peter|GM: "Wonderful, the version update worked perfectly…"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Hey look at that my sarcasm module is function just fine."
Peter|GM: She laughs.
Peter|GM: The stepping forward works just fine, though you leave a little trail of cradlefluid.
MiRA-[CLE]: "Function? Function…ing."
Peter|GM: She displays two symbols, on black and white fields respectively, on some of her screens.
Peter|GM: "Mira, I want you to look at these."
Peter|GM: "I'm going to decrease the brightness. Let me know when you can just barely see both symbols. Okay?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Okay."
Peter|GM: "In a few hours, the Ark's going to be overtaken by the Exarch 'Gaap'."
Peter|GM: "No matter how I've calculated it, we're going to be ripped apart and devoured. And our tree will be eaten."
Peter|GM: "I… I don't think I can come with you. But with your atomic heart, you can escape."
MiRA-[CLE]: "That sounds… bad? Like, super bad?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Can see 'em both now, too."
Peter|GM: A sad smile. "It's the end of civilization as we know it."
Peter|GM: "But, we can get you down to the planet. Just as I've been preparing you for, you can do a lot of good there."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Is there a reason you're not, y'know, trying to out run it…?"
Peter|GM: "We're trying, Mira. The Ark can't do it."
Peter|GM: "But, you, though. We can save you. And you can save others."
Peter|GM: "Pay it forward, right, Mira…?"
Peter|GM: She tests the volume next.
MiRA-[CLE] frowns. "I guess if that's the only way. Kind of a buzz kill to hear all that the second I'm… uh… is born the right word?"
Peter|GM: "Well, there were the dreams…? Maybe I should have woken you up sooner."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Hell if I know, you're the scientist. I think."
Peter|GM: "I should have given you a better reassurance module. This volume okay?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Seems fine."
MiRA-[CLE]: "What would that do?:
Peter|GM: "Make me feel a little better." A little laugh. "A… well. I guess I'd better give you your briefing."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Oh. Well. If bein' confident would help, I can do that. Thought I was supposed to be sad knowin' ya'll were about to die, is all."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Briefing's are good, though! Lets do that."
Peter|GM: "Well…" She looks distracted, for a moment.
Peter|GM: "Part of the atomic heart is that you can feel however you want, I think, Mira. But."
Peter|GM: She gathers her composure.
Peter|GM: "The planet's called Luy'diel. The Exarchs have converted it for light-mining, and they're transmitting it to the network by a certain facility."
Peter|GM: "They'll have a star-port, a data node, and a processing center as well… at the very least. In different demesnes."
Peter|GM: "We're hoping that the Exarchs will all be dormant when you get down there, but some might not be."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Oh gross, there's at least three of them on the same planet?"
Peter|GM: "Right. But…"
Peter|GM: "When the planet stops transmitting, the network will notice, and it'll send a fleet to investigate."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Uuugh."
Peter|GM: "Your task is to protect and guide the people of that world so that, if the Exarchs arrive, they can be defeated."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Right, 'cause a whole fleet of those chucklefucks is a bit much for one lady, amazing as I might be."
Peter|GM: "You are awfully amazing. The theory is…"
Peter|GM: "The theory is that if you can scare them, they'll go somewhere else, I think."
Peter|GM: "So: Lead. Protect. Shepherd. Muster the best defense you can."
Peter|GM: "I'm going to configure one last thing."
[OOC] Peter|GM: This is a trait choice. You will have an opportunity to grow in both directions through play.
fuckcomcast: "Yeah, that's definitely all stuff I can do. Exarch's aren't used to meeting resistance that's worth half a damn, so I just gotta… find and raise a few heroes, throw 'em off their game. Make 'em decide it'd be too much effort to retake it, yeah?"
Peter|GM: "That's exactly it."
Peter|GM: She adjusts a dial, and the inner shine of the atomic heart - hidden from everywhere but Mira's mind's eye - shifts from lunagolden to a roaring green and back.
MiRA-[CLE]: "…This suppose to be a choice?"
Peter|GM: "It has to be a choice,"
Peter|GM: "Or else the heart won't work."
MiRA-[CLE]: "God, it's such a dumb choice though. Who the fuck wouldn't pick -" [LEARNING TO PROTECT HUMANITY] "- given that's the entire fuckin'… reason for everything? Not even a choice, m… wait what do I call you? Mom? Ma'am? Maker? Maribelle?"
Peter|GM: "Maribelle is fine. But-"
Peter|GM: "A dumb choice is still a choice." She takes Mira by the hand.
Peter|GM: "Let's go."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Fair enough." She selected it while asking, of course.
Peter|GM: They head out together, through the flowering passages of the Ark, towards Mira's landing pod.
Peter|GM: The Exarch's getting close - the two of you fight your way through Gaapspawn, where the fiends have managed to appear onboard the Ark.
Peter|GM: The shotgun performs well, but Maribelle's the better fighter.
Peter|GM: She gets you to the pod.
Peter|GM: "Okay,"
Peter|GM: "This is goodbye."
MiRA-[CLE]: "- You sure you can't come with? You're kind of a badass."
Peter|GM: "Thanks. And… well, we're sending you out of the light of the Tree."
Peter|GM: "I'd freeze in an instant."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Oh. Yeah. Too bad."
Peter|GM: She touches you, over the heart.
Peter|GM: "Too bad."
Peter|GM: "I mean, if you succeed, then…"
Peter|GM: A pause.
Peter|GM: "…It'll be worth it."
MiRA-[CLE]: "I'll uh. Do you proud then."
Peter|GM: "Do me proud." She stands back.
Peter|GM: And, as she starts to activate the launch sequence…
Peter|GM: "…Mira."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Yeah?"
Peter|GM: "They say that those with pure hearts can go to a whole new world."
Peter|GM: "I think that means you, too."
MiRA-[CLE]: "God, that's kind of a gigantic mess of cosmology though, ain't it?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Well, whatever."
Peter|GM: "Do me proud." Launch.
MiRA-[CLE]: "Make sure you get to the good afterlife, yeah? Peace out." She waves slightly, as the pod's engine's fire up.
Peter|GM: She waves back.
Peter|GM: Space.
Peter|GM: Space is icy cold streamed with thin strands of stardust, vapor-bands of mana and forgotten longlost dreams.
Peter|GM: Distantly, whalesong.
Peter|GM: The engines kick in. The pod twists off of the starlane, when in the distance you see
MiRA-[CLE]: "…Shame this pod ain't got a weapon system. If I could bring a whale down with me… Fuckin' Exarch's wouldn't know how to deal."
Peter|GM: (The atomic heart rejects Gaap's demesne.)
MiRA-[CLE]: "Yeah fuck off dude."
Peter|GM: The pod falls off of the starlane, into colder and colder space, and even the Gaapspawn sent after you rot and decay and freeze and shatter as they thoughtlessly pursue you.
Peter|GM: (The atomic heart keeps you warm.)
MiRA-[CLE]: "Sucker."
Peter|GM: The stars melt.
Peter|GM: The void of space fades into frozen pure airless white.
Peter|GM: (The atomic heart lets you breathe.)
MiRA-[CLE]: "…Yeah, she definitely wouldn't have survived this trip…"
Peter|GM: It has to be this way, right…?
Peter|GM: The pod, after…
Peter|GM: (Does time have any meaning, out here…?)
Peter|GM: …It pulls itself onto a starlane, eventually, and then rockets down onto Luy'diel, pulling itself free at the last moment…
Peter|GM: A
Peter|GM: falling
Peter|GM: star.
MiRA-[CLE]: "Alright, Maribelle… Here goes nothin'."

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