Ch2 15

Peter|GM: The Proudline comes ashore late at night, checked by curtains of beating tropical rain.
Peter|GM: Lights bloom through the holes in the massive carapace that serves as Leviathan's harbor - lights, and the smoke of what fires can be kept late through the night.
Peter|GM: In exchange for destroying the Devil Nail, Captain Xunlu has agreed to ferry the party back… well, back here, where the Retidao awaits repair and payment.
Folis: "Oh man, it feels like home again… kinda."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Huh, cities sure can… look different."
Peter|GM: The sailors of the Proudline lower the sails as the ship drifts in through the ancient sea-beast's ribcage.
Folis: "You build with what you got!"
Alianor: "I'm fairly sure this one is unique, at least in this world."
Le Buccaneer wears a fine silk shirt, a matching pair of pants…and his mask. "Ah! She is still here. We have not been unfairly mauled by fate!"
Peter|GM: It smells here - of fish-oil, of wood-smoke, of sweat.
Folis: "… in this case, it's a giant sea monster corpse."
Le Buccaneer: "It is better to live amongst the corpses of trees or stones?"
Hayreddin steps up on deck and scans the horizon- possibly not seeing anything that a sailor with a spyglass can't, but he's feeling the air itself…
Folis: "What? No, I'm hardly complaining."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Heck if I know, it's all new to me."
Peter|GM: The wharves are teeming even this late at night. Dockmen set up the gangplank, moor the Proudline carefully, Xunlu paying them as they maneuver its ties to crowd it in between a fishing catamaran and a salvage junker.
Hayreddin disembarks and appraises the salvage junker. Is it a familiar salvage junker?
Folis hops off and streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetches.
Peter|GM: No, no. You might flicker and start at seeing a flash of cloth of the captain, but - he's just dressed similarly, he's not McGunnery. Despite the myriad of parts they're cobbled together from, all salvage ships end up looking alike.
Le Buccaneer walks off with a sailors bowlegged gait. "Ahhhhh…how strange to finally be here!"
Lobelia steps onto the dock, stretching her arms out and cracking her knuckles. "Well, I suspect you won't want to wait another moment to be reuinted with your lady, now that you're set to patch her up?" She smiles at Santiago.
MiRA-[CLE]: "So do we know where we're goin' here? You said something about your own boat?" MiRA glances over at Santiago.
Folis: "Maybe I can get some real goods here, sheesh."
Hayreddin: "Hmm…" He runs a hand over his chin.
Alianor: "Now that you've got the funds, how long do you think it'd take to repair it?"
Hayreddin: "And I still need to acquire my payment from Lady McGunnery."
Le Buccaneer: "Ah, you have me exactly pegged, Lobelia. And indeed, stellar maiden; I return to my own /ship/."
Le Buccaneer strokes his mask's chin as he considers Alianor's question.
Folis: "Heh heh."
Hayreddin strolls townward, using his staff as a walking stick.
Hayreddin: "Time to see if the inns are still as we left them, or that the rising tide left them barnacled and drowned."
Folis: "I would hope not."
Lobelia: "Hmph. Right. I had almost forgotten about her. I wouldn't expect Elizabeth to still be here after selling us out. She's probably secured herself a cushy job as some Imperial house steward, far from the front lines, I'd imagine."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Who?"
Folis: "Our old boss."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Ah."
Folis: "Please at least let me see her again before you kill her or whatever."
Folis sighs.
Peter|GM: There are indeed inns. The Bard and Boar is a bit further, out through the other side of the skeleton towards land, under moonlight. The closest is the Baling-Bucket - though you could go a little upscale and visit the Old and Well-Fashioned.
Lobelia: "She's the captain who employed us to investigate the arcolith, then destroyed the front entrance and abandoned us on the island. Took her ship and most of the treasure, including that water-y seed, straight to the imperials."
MiRA-[CLE] is kind of glad Hayreddin's so hard - not used to places being this crowded. "Sounds classy."
Folis: "…"
Le Buccaneer pats Folis on the shoulder.
Lobelia smiles. "I don't want to kill her, exactly. But if I see her face, I'm bruising it. Just a little, I promise, don't want to give that agent on our trail too much to work with."
Folis: "… I guess."
Le Buccaneer: "So! Have you given any thought to my offer, dear Folis?"
Folis: "I'm still thinking. We're still in the middle of an impending worldwide calamity, you know."
Alianor: "Well, she was using it as a bargaining chip to try to stop the Imperials from invading here, but… Good intentions still doesn't excuse using us like that."
Le Buccaneer: "Well, yes, but I am about to be in possession of a ship yet again."
Hayreddin: "The local places still stand," he rumbles. He'll duck into the Baling-Bucket, given how they probably seem and smell having come off a lengthy sea journey.
Folis: "I said I was still thinking about it." Her voice raised, just a notch.
Le Buccaneer: "My apologies, my apologies"
Le Buccaneer: "But I must go see to her~"
Le Buccaneer: "I would welcome any company, in case I am overcome with emotions or set upon by bounty hunters."
Folis: "We probably got a little while, wonder if there's any jobs we could run."
Folis: "Or we could check out the less savory markets for interesting equipment."
Peter|GM: The Baling-Bucket: It creaks with the shift of the tide beneath its supports, and is absolutlely packed with patrons. Colorful clothing and bawdy talk, the tavern beneath a roaring den.
Peter|GM: Behind the inn desk, there's a board hanging with all the various room-keys - no two are alike, and one of them is, apparently, a sword.
Folis: "I wanna know the story behind that one!"
Hayreddin: "Best way to find out- ask!" He sidles up to the desk, and when he catch the eye of the innmaster or nearby server, he'll smile and wave.
Alianor: "I wouldn't mind checking out your ship; not sure if I'd be able to help with the repairs any, but it'd be nice to see what we might be travelling on soon enough."
Peter|GM: The plumed dwarf running desk points with a costume-jeweled gauntlet. "TRICK LOCK!" he explains, as if that suffices.
Peter|GM: A waitress teeters past, miraculously not spilling a towering platter of beers, or out of her dress.
Folis: "Ooooh."
Hayreddin: "Leave it to a sea man, to figure a length of hardness to open the trickiest of locks," he rolls into a booming laugh. "A number of rooms," he asks.
Hayreddin: "A number of flagons, a number of roasted meats! Tis good to be in port again!"
Hayreddin: "How finds the city?"
Folis: "By ship, mostly."
Folis snorts.
Hayreddin laughs some more!
Peter|GM: "Do I get to pick the numbers? 'cause there's an awful lot of cheap swill I'd love to be - oh," the dwarf roars. "She jokes!"
Peter|GM: He pulls Hayreddin by the shoulder across the counter and shakes his hand, clasping him.
Le Buccaneer: "Hah! I seem to recall I also promised you we'd go drinking, dear Folis."
Peter|GM: "Storm season, storm season, friend. Should be getting quieter but instead everyone's goin' stir-mad."
Peter|GM: "Monsoons mean no transit around the cape."
Folis: "Yeah, as long as I don't get outta hand again. Besides, we got good food to go with it!"
Hayreddin clasps back, easily pulled but stead of foot. "Then we washed in quite timely, if only to watch the sailors brood their madness."
Peter|GM: "Crescenter blood stains mad." He calls out to his staff - "Runner! Fix rooms for a mess of em!"
Peter|GM: "Gonna be eating the midnight watch with us? Could throw out some drunks to make room for ya."
Le Buccaneer: "Ah, that would be lovely!"
Folis: "Sounds awesome."
Hayreddin: "I'll trade the last week of sailing by star for a night of carousing by candle!
Lobelia peeks at the trays and servers bustling about, sniffing the air, picking out the food and drink from the sea-breeze and the brine-sweat. "Huh. How about that, you picked out a place that doesn't reek of ssuseva. I'm impressed."
MiRA-[CLE] sits quietly as she glances around the place, not understanding most of the key words people are using at the moment.
Peter|GM: The innkeep brushes his hands in the direction of a corner table, and, cued, one of his bouncers stalks over, assists a pack sleeping at the table to their feet, and ushers them, dizzied, out onto the wharves.
Peter|GM: Ta-da. There are now seats.
Hayreddin takes a newly vacated seat.
Folis plonks down.
Hayreddin: "If only it reeked more- hiding in plain sight among the locals, under cover of the night sky, blanketed by spice and liquors." '
Folis: "Sounds like a good time."
Peter|GM: In the table's center, on a metal dish, is a towering pile of candles, all melted together, almost wizard's-tower seeming in its complication. The waitress lights all six wicks one at a time.
Hayreddin: "Best to see how fast news travels, as well as check upon the city itself."
Lobelia smiles in thanks at the bouncer and seats herself. She turns to Mira, "So… This's what a port city that isn't under the empire's heel is like. Hell of a difference, wouldn't you say?"
Hayreddin: "If luck finds a shipwright that isn't three sails to the wind at this hour, Sir Mask could begin the recovery on their ship as well."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Uh, yeah. Pretty much the only thing that's similar is that both places had boats at the docks."
Peter|GM: The meal of the midnight watch: Indeed, it's not ssuseva. Instead, a soup of shellfish, each given a half-of-a-ruby-lobster, cooked with herbs and goat-cream. It's acrid and hearty. Alongside, richly spiced honey-biscuits.
Le Buccaneer: "While that would be welcome, Hayreddin, I am not sure if we have that much of fortune's coin at the moment."
Peter|GM: The drink is limed beer.
Folis 's spirits fair sing at all this food and drink, and she sets into it with a will.
MiRA-[CLE]: "Food seems different too."
Alianor smiles at the sight of fresh, well-made food, eager to dig in - though with her manners still intact.
Lobelia stares at her bowl for a moment, surprised, before tearing off part of a biscuit and dunking it in the soup. "No wonder this place was full when I was first in town."
Peter|GM: The waitress is human, red-haired. She serves the midnight watch from a cart, heavy and clacking with bowls for everyone. She returns once she's done, with cloth towels.
Peter|GM: "Keep sent me over to do a kindness for you wet messes. You lot come in on the elf ship?"
Hayreddin eats with hands and drinks heartily of the brew!
MiRA-[CLE] glances between the bowl and Lobelia a few times at her comment. "Is… is fiend good eating here, then…?"
Le Buccaneer sighs happily. He's gotten much better at eating with the mask on, which is good.
Hayreddin laughs once at the waitress' question. "At least you didn't call it the witch vessel."
Lobelia: "Fiend?" She's confused for a moment, then looks at the lobster tail. "I thought fiends were more leafy, like Verdi."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Fiends come in a wide variety of shapes."
Peter|GM: "Oh, Xunlu's no witch," she says, as she hands Hayreddin a towel. "Not that he proprietates this place too often, but he's trustworthy enough."
Lobelia: "And flavors, I suppose." She shrugs. "We don't call them fiends in these parts. I don't suppose you've got some otherwordly taxonomy book for me to classify 'lobster' in your own terms?"
Alianor: "…Isn't it just normal seafood? A crustacean?"
Hayreddin: "Hmm." He nods once to the waitress. "Yeah. He's good people."
Le Buccaneer: "I don't suppose they have seas in the sky, Alianor."
Folis: "Couldn't they have, like… tanks?"
Echo: "Admittedly still a bit unusual for me. I didn't live by the sea before."
Folis: "Fake seas?"
Hayreddin: "How're the salvager's fairing? Anymuch new on the markets?"
MiRA-[CLE] glances between Lobelia and Alianor once, then shrugs. "Well, if you say so." Then slowly starts eating.
Alianor: "It'd probably depend on how big their… ships are, but I guess you're right about that."
Peter|GM: The waitress demurs. "Loads of ancient stuff came to market a week or so back, word has it someone looted the Arcolith with Ecafa under siege."
Folis: "Whooooooooooaaaa."
Lobelia takes a deep breath, followed by a swig of beer.
MiRA-[CLE]: "Neat."
Peter|GM: "Empire bought up most of the salvage contracts, honest."
Peter|GM: "Gettin' a cut rate on em, too, but that's how it's like."
Peter|GM: "Now, come back when the storms end - they'll go up the passage, find all sorts of things, gold and jewels and stranger."
Lobelia: "Don't tell me people're actually buyin' that damned junk, knowing that?"
Peter|GM: "Aw, nah, I mean- Empire's buying all the salvage, before it even comes to port."
Folis: "Oh. Well, piss."
Peter|GM: The waitress winks sympathetically at Folis. "Aw, that get you down?"
Peter|GM: "I hear they've got a new kind of engine they don't want anybody findin' out about."
Alianor twitches a little before going back to her food. "Of course the Imperials would jump straight onto those."
Peter|GM: "So, they buy any junk coming back sight unseen."
Hayreddin: "Unsurprising," he remarks, before peeling a lobster tail and biting into it.
Folis: "Yeah kinda. Been lookin' for some new gear and I thought I'd see something exciting."
Peter|GM: "Well, for gear proper, you don't want salvage, girl. You been to the six-and-sticks? That's what I hear the bold-and-brave types talkin' about."
Peter|GM: "Place is up near the skull. Hard to miss. Proper posh."
Folis: "I mean, I know a right brilliant mind with this stuff but- Yeah, okay! Thanks."
Folis flips her a spare coin by way of thanks for the information.
Peter|GM: She catches it and, towel in hand, dries off Folis' hair and ears a little. "Thank you, girl."
Peter|GM: It's good eating. The first meal after a sea voyage is special, isn't it?
Folis: "Oh! The kindness! I'm in the lower heavens."
Le Buccaneer leans back and pats his stomach in satisfaction.
Peter|GM: "I've heard of those," she says, as she flips the towel back up. "Never been, but mayhaps they're due an inspecting." A laugh, before she's off to fill another table's mugs.
Folis: "… Did she just-"
Folis lets out a looooooong puff of breath. "Whoooo…"
Hayreddin winks at Folis before toweling off his hands.
Hayreddin: "The city still holds, it seems."
Peter|GM: I think the next scene is seeing the Retidao. Do you wait until morning?
[OOC] Hayreddin: mostly we sleep, but yeah
Peter|GM: The room quality is badly, badly mixed.
Lobelia: Once the waitress leaves, she gives a curious look to Alianor, taking care to let her words be lost in the bustle of the crowd once they leave the table. "I'll keep an ear out about that engine. If I spot a chance to… dismantle it, one way or another, you'll want to be there, won't you?"
Alianor: "Ah… yes. Of course."
Targets: santiago santiago
Peter|GM: Hmm, I wanted two different people…
Targets: hayreddin
[OOC] Hayreddin: spiderman_pointing_at_himself.jpg
[OOC] Alianor: lol
Peter|GM: Santiago's room is a stately suite at the very top of the inn - well, some attempt at a stately suite. Certainly, it's fancy and gilded and large, though it sways disturbingly in the wind. But there's carpet! And it's well-heated!
Peter|GM: Hayreddin is essentially roomed in a person-sized drawer above the waters. It is cramped. The innkeep couldn't ask any of his friend's friends to be stuffed there, but certainly, his friend is game for it, right? Right.
Hayreddin: "Hah!" he barks. "The 'Davy Jones' Cradle,' a bed yet a few splinters away from a coffin."
Peter|GM: "Knew you'd forgive me one last time, friend!" The innkeep says.
Peter|GM: There is a single imported mint on Hayreddin's pillow, as a joke.
Peter|GM: Breakfast is ssuseva. Why wouldn't it be ssuseva? But eggs, fresh chicken eggs, along with - though these are acid-cooked, also.
Le Buccaneer: "Ahhhhh…all the comforts of home, none of the Imperials."
Peter|GM: When you're ready, you head to THE RETIDAO.
Folis: "So, Masky. What does the name mean?"
Lobelia makes a displeased face from the moment she steps into the dining hall and catches the scent. A replacement of a loaf of plain bread is requested, and she'll be ready to leave as soon as possible.
Peter|GM: Lobelia: It's unleavened, but you get your bread.
Peter|GM: The sight of her amid the scaffolding is a surprised:
Hayreddin stretches in the morning, including a twist on a center pillar that produces a number of loud popping sounds. "(Damned, but the waves would have helped…)" He catches up with the party easily enough.
Le Buccaneer: "Ah! Righteousness, dear Folis. Moral certitude."
Peter|GM: She's repaired, cleaned, straight and set.
Folis: "Aaaaahahahahaha!"
Folis: "I love it."
Peter|GM: The dockhands are goggled, wiry types. One of them points Santiago out as he's seen coming - runners are going in all directions.
Le Buccaneer: "It's good, no?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "…Your reputation extends far, I take it?"
Hayreddin: "Was it… damaged?"
Le Buccaneer: "Let me ask you something, dear Folis, do you consider me more Brave and Daring or more Fearsome and Resolute?"
Folis: "Why not both?"
Folis: "Who said it has to be a choice?"
Peter|GM: And then, dressed in a merchant's waistcoat, Leen Brackson, rat-driftin, loan-agent, and local extension of Counting Three's long reach comes swaggering up. Cane in hand.
Le Buccaneer: "Ah! I am the Masked Buccaneer! Scourge of the Imperials! Bearer of the black flag! And so forth. And…very yes, Hayreddin."
Le Buccaneer: "Ah. My good man Brackson."
Alianor: "Well, she's looking pretty sharp for something that was supposed to be damaged."
Peter|GM: "You ARE the masked buccaneer!" Leen calls out. "And here, here is your ship!"
Peter|GM: Leen presses hand to lip, feigning coquettry. "Was she supposed to be damaged? The work order came not long ago, and we'll be in terrible state if I have to tell the men and women to reverse it."
Le Buccaneer: "They work swiftly here, my friends; few better places to have a damaged ship, if one's ship must be damaged."
Folis: "I… huh."
Peter|GM: "Your friend's amazed." A flick of rat-tail. "Come up, let's inspect her. I'll dazzle you all yet."
Peter|GM: "The ship, I mean. Not your friend." He points his cane at MiRA. "There was no confusion, yes?"
Hayreddin laughs goodnaturedly.
MiRA-[CLE]: "There wasn't until you said that just now.
Peter|GM: He pouts as he heads up the gangplank. "I got a laugh, though, that's certainly worth making your head spin. Come, come up."
MiRA-[CLE] eyes him warily for a moment, before shrugging and heads up with the rest of the group.
Le Buccaneer: "I eagerly await her renewed charms!"
Peter|GM: Marvel at how sleekly she's been put together - they've managed to take remove every trace of the horrible patch-job that brought her to Leviathan, replaced and mended with fine Ecafan hardwood.
Peter|GM: And the sails, o the sails! Of perfect canvas -
Peter|GM: The Retidao is a perfection of her design.
Peter|GM: Feel it beneath your boots when you come aboard, when you set your fingers on the railings -
Peter|GM: This is a heroine of ships. Nothing on the sea can outpace her.
MiRA-[CLE]: "Huh, is this all wood, no metal or plastic or anything?"
Le Buccaneer: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Le Buccaneer walks to look out at the ocean, taking off his mask to take it all in.
Peter|GM: The sea-breeze!
Peter|GM: The sunlight, pouring through the cage of Leviathan!
Le Buccaneer: "Less oranges, to be sure, but this is more surely home than any soil."
Peter|GM: And there, in naval uniform, escorted by the dockhands. A woman is coming - not Imperial. Ivollan, from the dress. Her hair is greyed awfully early, she doesn't look much older than forty despite.
Lobelia: "I'm not even sure which part was damaged, to be truthful."
Le Buccaneer: "AH!"
Le Buccaneer: "My dear officer, it would appear you have found yourself honest employment!"
Peter|GM: She comes aboard with experienced sea-legs. "My former captain, it would appear you haven't."
Folis: "Huh, who's this?"
Le Buccaneer: "One who is engaged in a Work has little time for such things, and there is much of the Work to finish- AH! Anna, meet Folis, a fine companion as of late. Folis, meet Anna Seville, formerly first officer on my crew."
Peter|GM: "Captain Anna Seville," she offers a salutation. "Of the HMS Unchecked."
Peter|GM: "We're a bit shorthanded in Ivolly these days."
Folis: "Huh! Pleased t'meetcha!"
Le Buccaneer: "Well, they clearly know worthy talent there."
Peter|GM: "Positively slavering for it."
Peter|GM: "They say it'll be full-scale war as soon as the storms end."
Folis: "Welp."
MiRA-[CLE] tilts her head back towards the newcomer at that, then sighs.
Hayreddin: "Should we ride the storm's final wave?"
Lobelia: "I'm sure there was no better crew to serve with to ready you for that. Right?"
Peter|GM: "I'm not about to recruit you," with an unusual emphasis on "I'm" , there.
Peter|GM: "Crawled back out of whatever happened to you faster than I thought. You know your employer was made governor right about as soon as she got back, don't you?"
Folis: "Whoa, what?"
Folis: "Elly's governor?"
Peter|GM: She smiles. "Oh, they don't know. Why yes, she is. Governor McGunnery."
Folis: "Wow…!"
Folis: "How did she manage that?"
Hayreddin: "An interesting development."
Peter|GM: "There's black and red fingerprints all over it. Everyone's been tight-lipped-"
Peter|GM: She checks to make sure that Leen's out of earshot, talking to some dockhands.
Peter|GM: "-All the big docks are under agreements to service and supply the Imperial Navy when it sails for Ivolly."
Peter|GM: "It's not occupation, but it's not good."
Folis: "Allows for a bit more thinking room, at least…"
Lobelia laughs! "Great! I'll schedule a formal appointment then. Shall we bring flowers, or maybe chocolates? Bloody hells, she didn't even see fit to flee from the scene of the crime?"
Le Buccaneer: "She could've stabbed us harder, it's true, but I would've preferred a dagger free back, I think."
Hayreddin: "The captive can find a bit of remorse that the gun is trained on someone else."
Folis: "I'm gonna bring her chocolate flowers. There's probably a way to do that."
Le Buccaneer: "Folis."
Alianor: "That sounds like it'd be a bit expensive, if you could even find somewhere that would make that."
Folis: "Yes? Hello!"
Peter|GM: Anna Seville leans up against the railing.
Peter|GM: "Do you know where you're going next?"
Le Buccaneer: "I can't tell whether or not you're joking-…"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Yup."
MiRA-[CLE]: "We got a local."
[OOC] MiRA-[CLE]: locale^
Folis: "I'm totally not joking, though a fine bottle of something-or-another would probably be more suitable."
Le Buccaneer stops and looks over his companions. "Well, we have a ship, and- Folis please do not buy the Captain-Governor wine, that will send totally the wrong message."
Hayreddin: "The governor's estate, for one…"
Folis: "Reh?"
Lobelia: "Right. I'd just like to give her a good punch or two, in any case, I won't need a makeshift glass knife. Probably." Smile.
Folis: "Well, -I- missed her horribly! And I'm quite possibly the only person other than the other Elly that doesn't want to slap the life out of her!"
Hayreddin: "The more one deals with snakes, the more one should expect to be bit."
Le Buccaneer sighs.
Le Buccaneer: "I just want her to feel properly rotten."
Hayreddin: "A conversation could still prove beneficial."
Lobelia just points to Hayreddin and nods.
Folis: "I mean, I guess…"
Hayreddin: "The danger being, the governor's estate teeming with Imperials instead of locals…"
Hayreddin folds his hands over each other, and his sleeves cover them.
Folis: "It's not like we've not dealt with Imperials before."
Hayreddin: "But a familiar face with direct contact with the Imperials- much like a serum is made from a venom, good things can be produced."
Folis: "Please don't squeeze the life out of the Captain."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Y'seem awfully concerned about a former employer that from the sound of it completely fuck you guys."
Folis: "She indirectly saved my life."
Folis: "After I got tumbled through the seas."
MiRA-[CLE] rocks her head back and forth, then nods.
Folis: "I woulda been on the streets out here if not for her. So I respect her for that, at least."
Hayreddin smirks and tilts his head in a casual way. "I am still owed payment for the expedition."
Lobelia: "Like~ I~ said~! Just a bruise or two. For each life I've heard of her saving, a dozen more have been abandoned and imperiled- who knows how many more will be, in the coming days."
Folis: "Ergh."
Le Buccaneer: "Hmm. Mira, you had an errand of more important forus, did you not?"
of more import for us
MiRA-[CLE]: "Same place Elbereth wanted to go, yeah."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Which is decidedly Not Here, but I mean. It's your boat. Long as we don't loiter here for too long I can't complain about the length of the stay over."
Le Buccaneer: "So we could go there, perhaps obtain Hayreddin's wages, have a /talk/ with the Captain-Governor if she was available, complete your errand, and Folis could~" he waves his hand "Candy flowers."
Folis: "Heheh."
Folis: "Also, gear."
Folis: "I've been dragging this stuff around ever since I started the job."
Folis: "It's uh… quite battleworn."
MiRA-[CLE]: "Oh, no I mean,"
MiRA-[CLE]: "My errand is…" She glances between Santiago and Anna, then rolls a shrug, "More like the place you were beore we met…?"
MiRA-[CLE]: "Not in this city."
Peter|GM: Anna stands back up. "Before you sail, I'd like to know your plans."
Peter|GM: "In the meantime, I have certain arrangements to make."
Peter|GM: "Be very well, captain."
Peter|GM: She offers a salutation to the party.
Folis: "Peace!"
Hayreddin casually waves. "Farewell!"
MiRA-[CLE] nods in return.
Alianor: "It was nice meeting you."
Lobelia bows.
Le Buccaneer: "Of course, Anna! Be well!"
Peter|GM: Leen insinuates himself back into the conversation.
Peter|GM: "Now then,"
Peter|GM: "Seeing as the Retidao has been retained - no, restored! in marvelous condition,"
Peter|GM: "I assume we won't have any difficulty in returning to you in return for the settling of your particular loan?"
Folis slooooooooooooooowly turns to face Masky.
Folis: "She just means the cost of fixin' the ship, right?"
Le Buccaneer: "Indeed! I believe that the cost should be a fine round number which we have previously discussed?"
Peter|GM: "It is exactly as fine and round as you remember it, friend."
Folis snickers.
Le Buccaneer: "Then by all means, let us relieve me of the sum and the debt!"
Peter|GM: Leen smiles. [Settled for 1000G.]
Peter|GM: "Enjoy your particularly splendid ship, friend. Please do gather a crew and move her, we'll supply a few days mooring but not more."
Le Buccaneer: "I shall embrace haste!"
Echo heads into town to see how his people are doing.
Peter|GM: Not much talk is needed before Echo is directed to his clan - to the apartments they keep. They live in one spiralling building, shelf-like, in layered levels along one of the Leviathan's ribs.
Peter|GM: It is clearly recent construction.
Peter|GM: He is met by Dew Four, silver-furred, her child with her.
Peter|GM: "Echo!"
Peter|GM: It's noisy, here. The usual games and wrestling fit badly in these streets, though some of the children are playing a ball-game.
Echo: "Dew." He nods. "How have things been in my absence?"
Peter|GM: "That woman you signed on with - when she came back, she was made port-head. Arranged these apartments. Got the men work."
Peter|GM: "Some of the unclanned Hundred got cheated, worked to the bone till the head cracked down."
Peter|GM: "Didn't happen to us."
Peter|GM: "She said you wouldn't be returning for months."
Echo sighs in relief. "I suppose in her own way she kept her agreement with me, then."
Peter|GM: "…I thought she left you for dead and took us for fools."
Echo: "It's complicated."
Echo: "I'm surprised myself that we managed to get back this soon."
Peter|GM: "Yes, she spoke of complicateds."
Peter|GM: "It's fine for the men, Echo. They enjoy their wage and drinking it. But this is no place to raise a family or to keep a clan."
Echo frowns. "It's true. I'm hoping this is only temporary, though for how long that will be, I don't know."
Echo: "The empire is too large, clearly, for us to fight back against directly, or at least by ourselves. There was some information on the trip that may prove useful, but…"
Peter|GM: "They're searching for soldiers. I said that if any clanned men signed on, I'd rip their throats out."
Echo: "Good."
Echo: "They've got enough of the other tribes subjugated, they don't need any of ours."
Peter|GM: "No. We could flee to Dremeos… or across the western sea, if there was boat that could take usall."
Echo: "We may have to look into those options."
Peter|GM: "But, for now. Come. Let us have fish together, like we used to…"

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