Ch1 N1

Lady Elizabeth has an empty mug to one side, along with the bones from her fish. Her identification kit - which she used to identify Folis' magical coin a week ago - is opened in front of her as well. The Orb is places on a small stand, and in one hand she gently drips some clear liquid onto it from a vial, while holding a multi-jewel incrusted tool of some kind near it.
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright ya little sucker… how'd'ya react to that….?"
Alianor has pulled her goggles down as she watches carefully, a pad of paper and pencil out to record any findings.
Peter: It sparks and flashes.
Peter: It must be…
Peter: Air Arcoreactor - Orb - 200G - [Amp Air - 3/3 - Increase Air damage dealt by this action by +5.]
Peter: …But you'll probably be able to sell it for 100.
Lady Elizabeth: "- That's more lightning sparks than fire sparks, yeah?"
Alianor: "…Yes, defintely lightning sparks."
Alianor: "I think Folis will enjoy using it against the automatons."
Lady Elizabeth: "And given tha way it exploded to the other chemicals…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah, I think we got this one figured out now!"
Peter: As an Arcoreactor, it provides primordial Air energy when placed into an altar-socket…
Peter: That'll generate electricity, mobilize things with powerful liquid flow or air, and generally push things upwards and onwards.
Peter: That night, to the east, the lights of Imperial ships can be seen. The fleet is forming up.

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