Ch1 8

Peter|GM: There are lights, out on the eastern horizon, that are not flickering, fanned out across the blue.
Folis streeeeeeeetches- and freezes mid-pose.
Folis: "Uh-"
Peter|GM: Those with experience will recognize it: an Imperial Fleet, at sea.
Folis: "Oh."
Folis: "That's bad."
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm. Seems like they're getting close. If we wanna make it outa here without getting caught by their fleet… taday's definitely the last day we're stayin' here."
Folis: "So what are we gonna do when they do get here, Captain?"
Echo: "Being caught would indeed be bad."
Lady Elizabeth: "No be here."
Lady Elizabeth nods to Echo.
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Not^
Folis: "Yeah… not a lot of fun, that."
Folis: "Well. Let's make this last venture a good one, eh?"
Lady Elizabeth: "An' seein' as how we're no longer on fire and can see 'em approachin'… lets get back to it while we can."
Folis: "Smile upon us, oh wonderous Maiden!"
Lady Elizabeth adjusts her hat, before heading back for the [FOREST OF EXHIBITS] within Site A.
Folis psychs herself up a bit before going to follow the captain.
Peter|GM: Your hand's healed quite well, Folis. That treatment Echo put together really worked.
Alianor fiddles some with Priscilla as they travel. "…Could you use that key to lock the place back up when we leave, at least?"
Folis is particularly pleased about that - she gives Echo a cheeky grin and a bit of a staff-raise way of salute.
Folis: "You mean the coin thing?"
Folis: "Or the other key thing?"
Folis: "I think that gate's dead and gone."
Lady Elizabeth: "Naw, she means this." Elizabeth pulls out the key to the main gates, twirling it around on her finger.
Lady Elizabeth: "But yeah."
Le Squide has been staring at the IMperial ships for as long as they've been visible; he has to run to catch up to the others.
Folis: "A wall t'get blasted through is still a wall for a little while."
Le Squide: "My apologies! I was lost in deep thought."
Alianor: "Might as well give them as much trouble as we can."
Folis: "… I'm just glad they didn't get the Flame."
Folis: "I'd rather not experience a second round."
Lady Elizabeth: "Heh."
Peter|GM: The Forest of Exhibits. Glass cases with velvet bottoms, most of them emptied out.
Le Buccaneer: "I just wish the Retiado had been repaired."
Peter|GM: One of the orb-altars sits in one of the cases. There are rooms to the east, north and west.
Peter|GM: The east is the Sultanate Exhibit, thoroughly looted.
Peter|GM: To the north, the steps of a pyramid, it seems.
Peter|GM: To the west, there's what looks like the sails of a boat.
Lady Elizabeth: "Fiddlin' with that alter to make it more water-y before we fought that Gigas might've been helpful but eh…"
Folis: "Eh."
Lady Elizabeth heads west! They've already checked the east, and can do the center on the way back down.
Alianor: "Hindsight's 20/20?"
Echo: "Quite."
Peter|GM: This room is bisected by a glass wall, behind which there is a diorama, in life-size:
Peter|GM: Mannequins are depicted crewing an in-the-flesh ancient Ecafan longboat, its sails down.
Peter|GM: Painted behind it is a vague metropolis harbor, reminiscent of ancient friezes.
Folis: "Huh, neat!"
Peter|GM: An Alarm-Spindle sits on the eastern wall, anchored and vigilant.
Lady Elizabeth: "Huuuh."
Lady Elizabeth: "Guess we should take care'o the alarm before it gets goin' on its own."
Peter|GM: There's further passage to the north, too.
Folis: "Hrm…"
Echo: "Looks like this might be another 'gift' they don't want disturbed."
Lady Elizabeth: "Seem's a bit big to snag, least."
Alianor: "I wonder if there's a way to sail it out? Or if it's got cargo, at least."
Lady Elizabeth moves a bit closer to better inspect it.
Peter|GM: It's definitely too large to carry - it looks like it'd seat twenty-four, all rowing, with standing room at the prow.
Peter|GM: There's a square seam in the paint on the southern edge of the diorama - it seems like there's an access door back there, on the other side of the glass wall.
Peter|GM: Wonder how you'd get there.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm… yeah I think it… might be seaworthy? No point in draggin' it out now though."
Folis: "We could pick through it if we find a way."
Lady Elizabeth shrugs a bit, giving the Spindle a wary look before heading north. "Makin' a mental note to try smashin' the glass wall if we don't find another way though."
Le Buccaneer: "A last resort, perhaps."
Peter|GM: The Spindle's quiet eye clicks and follows you, Elizabeth.
Folis: "Creepy automatons…"
Peter|GM: This room is a bit outsized - dome-shaped, the corridors to the east and north spreading out as they come up to meet it.
Peter|GM: At the center, there is a tremendous, blazing fire, in which are piled porcelain statues.
Peter|GM: Haphazardly - many are shattered.
Peter|GM: The forms are unusual, playful - some have monstrous faces, or gnarled bodies - but they're mostly humanoid.
Peter|GM: The heat is oppressive. The walls here are solid black, like a kiln.
Lady Elizabeth: "That's not creepy at all."
Peter|GM: Burning so brightly, it's hard to make out detail. The corridors to the east and north are long and thin.
Folis: "Ugh…"
Folis: "I don't like it here…"
Lady Elizabeth continues heading north.
Alianor: "Really hoping there's a way to shut that off…"
Le Buccaneer: "I would hope…we'd be freer of heat…given what we defeated…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah."
Peter|GM: A pair of watchful Alarm Spindle eyes overlook a room that feels like a mausoleum, north of the kiln.
Folis: "… Heh. Let's go grave-robbing."
Peter|GM: It's cool, here.
Le Buccaneer: "Ahhh.:
Peter|GM: It fans out into four aisles of drawers, numbered in ancient Arcolith script.
Lady Elizabeth: "By all means."
Peter|GM: And there's something else strange here - half an attendant, the other half overgrown with a strange coral, sculpted to form the other half of its body.
Peter|GM: Its flesh pulsates.
Peter|GM: It is soft.
Peter|GM: Its voice cracks like parchment paper. It cycles through a few languages, before: "kk-ksh- Heed and attend my words, visitors."
Folis: "… Right, yeah, okay."
Peter|GM: It limps over to Folis. "You have arrived at k-ksh-k-k-k permanent storage."
Folis is… well, maybe -vaguely- used to weird looking experiments before, so she hasn't gone all fight-or-flight yet.
Lady Elizabeth draws her rifle.
Folis: "Permanent storage of…?"
Folis: "Bodies…?"
Peter|GM: "K-s-k-kshh bodies are stored Below." It swivels its head in a vaguely rifle-ward direction. "Please do not harm."
Folis: "Right, what is stored here?"
Peter|GM: "Relinquished gifts of the peoples of this world to the Patrons."
Folis: "Huh."
Lady Elizabeth: "'please do not harm'…. guess this one was a bit more, uh, developed than the others…?"
Folis: "You think we could use them?"
Folis: "I don't think the Patrons are around anymore."
Peter|GM: "Why do you believe the Patrons are not around?"
Echo: "As the tales go, they left for the stars once again."
Folis: "Would the Patrons really leave this place in such a state of disrepair?"
Lady Elizabeth: "They're basically just a fairy tale now, yeah."
Lady Elizabeth: "Not even sure they really existed."
Folis: "You might be a few cycles out of the loop, I'm afraid to say."
Peter|GM: "The peoples of this world have always k-sk-shh-ks had certain misunderstandings concerning the Patrons."
Folis: "Oh?"
Folis: "Are they, perhaps, like the spirits?"
Folis: "Non-corporeal? Extraplanar?"
Peter|GM: "Kshh-kshk-kshh-ks-k-sk-k-k-k-k. Nothing needs be spoken of the spirits."
Folis: "Nah, nah… I meant -like- them."
Folis: "As in… beings we don't really interact with in normal ways."
Peter|GM: "K-k-k-k-k. Please be more cautious with your words. It could be taken as an insult."
Peter|GM: "Indeed, the Patrons are not to be interacted with in normal ways."
Folis: "Huh."
Folis: "Very well."
Peter|GM: The attendant hobbles over to one of the drawers, pulls it out - with a hiss of frosty air - peers into it, then shuts it again.
Folis looks around to the rest of the crew.
Peter|GM: "As for the disrepair, this is not one of the Arcolith's more important facilities."
Peter|GM: "It is very possible that the Patrons are busy, and have not had time to attend to its maintenance."
Lady Elizabeth shrugs.
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah… this is like the only one the empire hadn't cracked opened and looted so…"
Peter|GM: "This one is curious. When you traveled through the Garden of Judgements, did you proceed by the western or the eastern gate?"
Le Buccaneer glances around to the others. "Perhaps…we should simply circumnavigate this area?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Uh…"
Lady Elizabeth: "There was only the one?"
Peter|GM: "From the entryway, did you proceed west or east, this one means."
Lady Elizabeth: "From… the west? If we came from the east, we woulda come from that direction," Elizabeth points to what I'm sure is a pathway leading east, "Rather than that way." She points south, in the direction they came from.
Peter|GM: The attendant nods. "K-k-k-k-k. Yes, that is likely for one of your body."
Lady Elizabeth: "Why?"
Peter|GM: "Ks-ks-ks-ks. Ones like you are directed through the west gate. Few like you end up Below."
Peter|GM: "Such I have observed about the Patrons. K-k-kk-kshhhhhh."
Lady Elizabeth: "Hm."
Lady Elizabeth: "Well."
Lady Elizabeth glances from side to side.
Lady Elizabeth: "This has been nice an' all, but we're gunna be takin' all that treasure now. Can't let the empire come in behind us an' scoop it all up."
Folis: "We need all the help we can get, honestly."
Peter|GM: "Ks-ks-ks-ks-ks!"
Peter|GM: The attendant limps forward.
Peter|GM: The alarm spindles spring out of their housing and begin blaring horribly. [Exhausted!]
Folis: "There we go."
Peter|GM: …Alerted, a Slugger - a blue, amorphous being, carrying a hammer-head in one tendril-arm - scoots in from the east.
Peter|GM: Driftin may Quicken.
Peter|GM: That horrid noise! [Short Exhaust]
Peter|GM: Humans gain Drive!
Folis: "Heh heh… let's try something new." [Quicken 1]
Peter|GM: The spindles are making a horrid racket! They shoot ray-beams at Elizabeth!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 70, 94 ( Total: 164 ) for 100/25
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+18 and got 3 ( Total: 21.0 )
Also rolled 1d8+18 and got 2 [Total: 20.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 41.0, Avg: 2.50
Peter|GM: Searing her for 21 and 20 Fire damage!
Lady Elizabeth gets hit by the first but dodged out of the way of the second. [-1LP]
Le Buccaneer: (OH no)
Le Buccaneer: (It has momentum)
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Peter|GM: (Oh, a belated:)
Peter|GM: Round One, Showtime!
Alianor hits a few dials [Lightning in a Bottle] before firing a burst at Spindle A! [Semi Auto]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 ) for 80/40
Alianor rolled 1d8+8 and got 8 ( Total: 16.0 )
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo calls up a protective spirit over Lady Elizabeth! [Q: Aegis - Bubble (10)]
Echo then sends up a blast of flame through the Slugger and Spindle B! [Suppressing Fire, C Rush to target both]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 )
Echo deals 3 true fire damage to both, Short Burning II, and Long Challenge!
Peter|GM: Slugger fears fire - 8!
Peter|GM: 3!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Buccaneer: (SOrry, trying to fix sheet)
Le Buccaneer leaps after the Sluggar, sword flicking out towards it. "Not half fast enough! I must pick up the pace!"
[OOC] Le Buccaneer: Pacesetter against Sluggar
Le Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 ) for cos 80
Le Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 3 ( Total: 9.0 )
[OOC] Le Buccaneer: And quicken 1 me)
Le Buccaneer: (Er, that should be 11. Reflex on that +6!))
Peter|GM: 11!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth immediately rushes foward, first slamming her spear into the Slugger, before taking a quick shot at Spindle A, but she's just getting started. [OD - Double Attack]
Lady Elizabeth rolled 2d100 and got 65, 88 ( Total: 153 ) for 80
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: -1LP
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9 )
d6+13: 1 [Total: 14]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 23
Lady Elizabeth then follows it up by flicking her wrist [Q - Lion Bracelet] and letting off another shot at Spindle A. [Eliminate - Fire Combo]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 80
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+14 and got 4 ( Total: 18 ) for Long Exhaust II
Peter|GM: That's 9, 18 to Spindle A, right?
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 9] to the Slugger, then [14], [18] + Long Exhaust II to Spindle A!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 20 actually forgot combo master
Peter|GM: It smokes and sways!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Peter|GM: And yes that's how much damage you did.
Lady Elizabeth: "See how YOU like it."
Folis: "Right… it's time to show your worth, friend!" She clutches the [Jewel of the Unquenchable Flame], and a fiery aura ignites around her! "Eternally living flame, I beseech your aid!" She spins her staff around, creating a whirlwind - and what looks like ball of fire in the middle. She points to the slugger, and the spell smashes straight through it into Spindle A! [Meteor Dreamline]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 27 ( Total: 27 ) for 100/35
Peter|GM: It's a burst!
Folis rolled 1d10+12+3 and got 6 ( Total: 21.0 ) for (base, burst)
Peter|GM: 21! 26! Spindle A is ripped to pieces, sparking!
Peter|GM: …Ugh, B's still making that horrid noise.
Folis: "And this is for you, Captain!" [Rush Combo: Long Focus II] Ambient magical energy swirls around Elizabeth, invigorating her to strange degrees. It would feel… odd, to someone not accustomed to the casting of spells.
Lady Elizabeth: "Handy."
Folis: "Give it your all! Well… more so than usual!"
Peter|GM: The Slugger dashes forward and swings its hammer arm into Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 ) for C90
Peter|GM: …But Echo blocks!
Peter|GM: The Curator limps forward, swinging its claw arm into Santiago and Folis!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 54, 51 ( Total: 105 ) for C80
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 7 ( Total: 19.0 )
Peter|GM: "Kss-ksss-kss." Striking both for 19 physical!
Folis swoops a bit, letting the armor soften the blow a little.
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: That horrible noise continues! [Exhaust]
Peter|GM: The Spindle fires a ray at Elizabeth!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 ) for 100/25
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13.0 )
Peter|GM: Burning for 13 Fire damage!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor …just fires at the remaining Spindle, wanting it to shut up! [Attack]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for 80/40
Alianor rolled 2d8+14 and got 3, 6 ( Total: 23.0 )
Peter|GM: 23! Santiago!
Le Buccaneer leaps away from the Curator's attack, buffeted but not downed, and hurls himself at the sluggar yet again. "Best make quick work of you…to make this end all the more quickly!"
[OOC] Le Buccaneer: Overdrive! IT'S GO TIME! Everyone gets short k-power and short E-power
Le Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 49 ( Total: 49 ) for 100
Le Buccaneer rolled 1d6+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9 )
Peter|GM: 9! And go!
Le Buccaneer: (Eh? It's Go Time just gives K-power and E-power; does it also give another action?)
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Overdrives are BONUS actions, they don't consume your turn!
[OOC] Le Buccaneer: DERP
[OOC] Le Buccaneer: Pacesetter!
Le Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 80 vs Sluggar
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yes!
[OOC] Le Buccaneer: 1 LP to make that a crit!)
Peter|GM: Slashes true!
Le Buccaneer rolled 2d6+12 and got 1, 2 ( Total: 15 )
Peter|GM: It's chopped in two, dissipating into goo!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Peter|GM: Oh, quickening who?
[OOC] Alianor: I just went before him
[OOC] Peter|GM: ..R…right!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo swings solidly at the Curator! [Iron Driver]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 )
[OOC] Echo: -2 LP
Echo rolled d6+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15.0 ) for Bubble (10) to self
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: +3 from K-Pow
[OOC] Echo: Oh right
Peter|GM: 18! Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth leaps forward, slamming her spear tip through the Curator's chest before spinning to the side and unloading a round into the Spindle. [Q - Flawless] [Exactl Strike]
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Launch Combo!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 25] Damage to the Curator, then [9] to the Spindle!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis takes a short, sharp breath, then exhales - little sparks of electricity swirl around her, making the fur on her ears and tail stand on end. [Q - Release: Shooting Star] With a quick movement of her staff, she hurls a sphere of force into the Curator with terrifying speed! [Witch Mode: Shooting Star]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 ) for 100/35
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness!
Folis rolled 1d10+14+4+3+5 and got 3 ( Total: 29.0 ) for Release bonus, timing bonus, weakness bonus
Peter|GM: 29! The Curator is slain!
Folis: "Heh!"
Peter|GM: Round Three - Showtime!
Peter|GM: The Spindle's still making that horrid racket.
Peter|GM: It whirrs and pauses, out of energy.
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Peter|GM: Or, I mean, Alianor!
Peter|GM: (Ok I maybe accidentally erased the initiative. It's definitely somebody's turn.)
Alianor shoots it again, with some [Lock On]! [Attack]
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Santiago -> Alianor -> Echo -> Elizabeth
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 ) for 80/40
Peter|GM: Boom!
Alianor rolled 2d8+8 and got 3, 3 ( Total: 14.0 ) for it's probably dead
Peter|GM: 14! It falls to pieces.
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been terminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +5 XP.
Folis lets out a little puff of breath. "Nice."
Lady Elizabeth: "Really wish those fuckin' things would stop lightin' me on fire."
Le Buccaneer: "There's no shortage of them; the ancients clearly thought highly of the design."
Lady Elizabeth shakes her head a bit, before going for drawer number one, through number four and opening them up.
Peter|GM: The first four drawers are… empty. There's quite a bit of them.
Peter|GM: …You could search them all.
Lady Elizabeth: "…That little coral robot guy really made it seem like there was a lot more stuff here"
Le Buccaneer: "A tragedy, perhaps?"
Lady Elizabeth grumbles to herself as she begins flinging all the rest open.
Echo starts going through them as well
Lady Elizabeth: "Suppose we'll see."
Alianor instead kneels beside the Curator, checking to see if the coral grown over half of it was intentional or not.
Peter|GM: It seems like the mechanism was designed to support the addition, at least.
Peter|GM: You get… thirteen, fourteen, fifteen drawers in before one has something in it.
Lady Elizabeth: "Finally!"
Peter|GM: Folded carefully, fine silks, dyed a brilliant red. Probably worth… 500G, all told?
Peter|GM: Drawer thirty has a few loose tins of tea - rattling about loosely in the drawer, it's strange that they've been left behind.
Peter|GM: Lots and lots of empty drawers…
Folis: "Oooh."
Echo: "Miss Elbereth would probably like those. If they're still good."
Folis: "She can make 'em good, prolly."
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah, these're definitely good."
Lady Elizabeth: "No holes, for one."
Peter|GM: Drawer sixty-one: A little incense burner, looks golden. All alone in its drawer.
Lady Elizabeth tilts her head to the side, tossing it towards Echo after a moment.
Echo frowns a bit as he catches it, looking it over.
Peter|GM: A little cake of dryed resin rocks about inside its housing.
Peter|GM: (It can be opened.)
Echo opens it up.
Peter|GM: Yup, there's a little cake of faintly phosphorescent pressed resin there. It has a weird sweet-rotting scent to it, very faint.
Peter|GM: …Two hundred drawers, and nothing else.
Lady Elizabeth: "Holy shit that robot was so far off base."
Folis: "Maybe they wised up and took their stuff with them."
Folis: "What's next?"
Peter|GM: There's passage to the east, at least.
Lady Elizabeth: "East, then south." She nods eastward as she begins walking.
Folis trails along.
Le Buccaneer follows. "That whole encounter felt sad."
Peter|GM: A tremendous auditorium. The floor, and balcony-shelves all along the north wall, are lined with ivory-white statues bowed in prayer. No two are alike. They face towards a grilled pit, from which a tremendous crystal of ice has sprouted, a massive, jagged berg-shard pressed up against an altar, with hole in the middle, leading north.
Peter|GM: The altar is golden - the whole room is golden-white -
Folis: "Sweet googly-moogly."
Peter|GM: It depicts a thousand, ten thousand arms and hands flourishing like a blooming flower, cradled together, clasped together, reaching for the heavens, intertwined.
Le Buccaneer: "That…I would rather we not break that, if we could avoid it."
Peter|GM: The tremendous ice absolutely blocks all passage.
Lady Elizabeth: "Well, we're gunna wanna head north eventually, but."
Peter|GM: Oh,
Peter|GM: none of the statues have hands.
Lady Elizabeth: "For now we can check out the pyramid in the center, first."
Folis: "… Right, yes."
Alianor: "Well, their taste in art is certainly eccentric…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah."
Echo: "It's a bit…disturbing."
Lady Elizabeth heads south.
Le Buccaneer: "Well, I appreciate it!"
Peter|GM: This room has a sand-floor. Underfoot are small boxes, carved from lacquered wood.
Peter|GM: There are tiny stone figurines too, depicted in -
Peter|GM: …Oh, it's a model of a city.
Peter|GM: And it leads up to a stepped pyramid, large enough that it takes ten strides to climb to the top of it…
Folis: "This is wild."
Peter|GM: With a square niche in the center. A rotating apparatus suspends a golden hoop, connected by arcotech wire to the niche.
Lady Elizabeth: "Wonder if the city still exists."
Le Buccaneer: "I mean, it's good. But is it ten thousand arms reaching for the celestial bodies good?"
Folis: "Sir, that's basically a brightwashed version of the wailings of the damned."
Alianor: "If the figurines are that small, just how big would this pyramid be…?"
Folis: "Mountainous?"
Lady Elizabeth squints at the hoop and wire, then back over at Alianor. "Any insight as to what this is?"
Le Buccaneer: "I would not impugn the damned's right to wail, nor the drowned's to seek the sky."
Alianor hmms, considering for a few moments, before striding up the pyramid to examine the apparatus closer.
Peter|GM: Like an orrery, or a globe, the hoop can be turned.
Peter|GM: A wire connects it to that square niche, running through the stone.
Peter|GM: It sticks out a bit, into the gap - frayed, like something was roughly pulled away.
Le Buccaneer: "was someone here before us?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Someone had'ta set it up at least."
Le Buccaneer: "I mean between /then/ and /now/. Someone has already…taken something?"
Alianor furrows her brow as she looks it over… Is the wire still attached, or is something missing that should have been there?
Lady Elizabeth: "Seems unlikely you'd come in, take somethin' from here… but not anything else at least."
Peter|GM: Something's definitely missing that should have been there.
Peter|GM: Given the run of the wire… there probably used to be an altar, here?
Peter|GM: The stone doesn't match the type used in the one in the exhibit to the south of here, but you could probably plug that one in.
Lady Elizabeth: "Maybe one of the robots went crazy and tore out whatever was here?"
Alianor: "Could be… One of the altars was supposed to be here, but… Obviously it's missing."
Alianor tests just in case, turning the hoop clockwise.
Peter|GM: The hoop can be rotated freely. Clockwise, counterclockwise.
Peter|GM: Even up and down!
Alianor fiddles with it for a little bit to see if it does anything without an altar to connect to it, though she doubts that. If nothing appears to happen, she'll reset it to how it was before she started, more or less.
Peter|GM: Unpowered, the device is inert.
Folis: "That sucks."
Alianor lets out a sigh, walking back down the pyramid, hopping down the last step. "I think I could juryrig the altar to the south to it… Not sure what it'll do exactly, but…"
Lady Elizabeth: "So we got three options now, then, seems like."
Folis: "Activate a weapon that blows away the imperial fleet…?"
Folis: "… No? Well, one could hope."
Lady Elizabeth: "Go back down south west and break the glass wall… go south and mess with that alter… or… well we can't go north due to that ice."
Le Buccaneer: "I will vote for the alter! Unless someone else has a particularly good idea."
Folis: "The altar sounds less likely to immediately attract attention."
Echo: "Let's move it."
Lady Elizabeth nods, heading south!
Peter|GM: Most of the cases here are empty.
Peter|GM: But one has an altar nit.
Peter|GM: in it.
Folis: "Hey, convenient!"
[OOC] Echo: is the altar hooked up to anything here?
Peter|GM: It isn't!
Lady Elizabeth: "…Oh, I guess… we have to move it to the temple and set it up ourselves…?"
Alianor: "Right. Can I get some help moving it in position then?"
Folis: "You got it!"
Echo nods and heads over to the altar.
Folis steps right up to assist.
Peter|GM: It's behind a glass case. It's locked, but - you could probably just smash through.
Echo does so.
Peter|GM: And then, you can just haul the altar around.
Peter|GM: It's fairly heavy, but.
Peter|GM: There's a slot in the top for an orb.
Echo hauls the altar to the room to the north.
Folis: "… Ah."
Folis: "I might have to go without for a while…"
Lady Elizabeth: "There's the earth one, too."
Alianor will attempt to connect the wire to the altar once it's in place.
Peter|GM: Alianor: It's… loose, but it does sort of match up, at least.
Peter|GM: You think it's good. The altar slides sloppily into the niche, at least.
Lady Elizabeth: "Wonder why it wasn't hooked up like the others."
Folis: "Right, should I set up the orb?"
Alianor: "Good luck finding a Patron to ask about that… Please, go ahead."
Folis sets the Air Arcoreactor on the altar. "…"
Peter|GM: There's a rough, loud spark, and air manna begins flowing up into the golden hoop.
Folis: "Ooh, feisty."
Peter|GM: There's a reverberation in the air, and then, with a tremendous burst, a lance of crackling, electric manna powers out through the center of the hoop, lancing forward.
Folis: "Uh-"
Peter|GM: It arcs into the altar, flowing around the iceberg.
Lady Elizabeth: "There's your cannon, I guess."
Folis: "Wow, I was just bullshitting."
Folis: "But if we get some fire…"
Alianor blinks. "…Well, if we can get fire in here, we could probably melt the ice to the north? Or water for the fire to the west."
Lady Elizabeth: "…You said earth tended to make ice, right? That'd probably work for the fire…?"
Alianor: "That was for the water fountains, I think this is different, but it's worth a shot, too."
Folis picks up the orb and backs away.
Lady Elizabeth doubles back to camp quickly, dropping off the silks and returning with the earth orb, before placing it onto the alter.
Peter|GM: The earth orb projects a rumbling ripple through the air.
Peter|GM: As it reaches the iceberg, it begins to slowly grow, frosting over, the ice swelling and reaching out to fill the room.
Lady Elizabeth: "Uh. Hm."
Folis: "Didn't you just say…?"
Lady Elizabeth: "How do ya spin this thing, just turn it?"
Alianor …tries tilting the hoop so it points to the west room.
Peter|GM: The earth-ripple leaves a crystalline scar across the walls as it sweeps across to point west.
Peter|GM: As it strikes the fire, it races through the smoke, coalescing it into a massive, cubic block of coal-soot.
Peter|GM: It chokes out and traps the fire, immersing the statues in glossy black.
Lady Elizabeth: "Woah."
Folis: "Neat!"
Lady Elizabeth: "Oh!"
Lady Elizabeth: "That fire you stole from the gigas. Think we could use that in place of an orb?"
Alianor pulls out the Earth orb before it does much else. "That was certainly something… Was there a fire orb somewhere?"
Folis: "Yeah! It's worth a try…"
Folis mutters something to the little jewel, before placing it on the altar. It's… smaller than an orb.
Alianor makes sure to point the hoop to the north again before it's slotted into the altar.
Peter|GM: Folis, could you roll Sorcery? [ - It's a powerful source of fire manna, - It's not too powerful a source of fire manna. ]
Folis rolled 3d6 and got 4, 4, 2 ( Total: 10 )
Folis lets out a little hum, coaxing it along with bits of her own magic. [-2 LP for 5, 5]
Peter|GM: The lance of dwarven fire disintegrates the iceberg.
Folis: "(Thank you.)"
Peter|GM: It happens in a flash - first it is there, then it isn't.
Peter|GM: And then, Folis, very quickly, pulls the Flame out, by instinct.
Folis: "… Right. Yes. Um."
Folis: "Let's go over there and not think about what might have happened if I didn't do that."
Alianor: "…I think that would also work as a weapon. If we could get it outside."
Lady Elizabeth: "Good luck with that."
Lady Elizabeth: "Okay gunna go see if there's anything west real quick."
Lady Elizabeth hops down from the pyramid real quick, moving into the room to the west, using her spear to disperse the soot.
Le Buccaneer follows.
Folis hurries along!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth: Roll strength, please. [ - You break apart the soot-crystal, - You don't cause a spark. ] …(If you're sure.)
Lady Elizabeth gives it an experimental poke… then decides better of it.
Lady Elizabeth: "Actually it's kind of solid. Echo, if you would?"
Echo: "Sure." He finds a grip on it-
Echo rolled 4d6 and got 3, 3, 2, 3 ( Total: 11 )
Peter|GM: It's perfectly smooth and slippery -
[OOC] Echo: -4 LP
Peter|GM: But Echo's claws manage to pull it apart.
Peter|GM: Sparkless, a gas is still being spread out into the room, as soon as the crystal that was blocking it is pulled open.
Folis: "… That's bad."
Lady Elizabeth puts her hand up to her mouth, covering it with her sleeve.
Peter|GM: In the base of the furnace, underneath all the statues: melted jewelry, lumps of twisted precious metal, a few precious stones.
[OOC] Peter|GM: Grave goods worth 121G.
Lady Elizabeth: :That COULD have been bad. "
Folis wraps a length of cloth around her mouth and nose. "Mrph…"
Echo: "…yes."
Lady Elizabeth quickly scoops up what's got value, before skittering out of the room. She takes a big, deep breath once she does. "…Phew!"
Alianor backs out back to the pyramid room and lets the experts get to work.
Folis: "Yeah… how much more?"
Lady Elizabeth: "There's still that weird door behind the glass south west… and the path north is clear now."
Folis: "Well, north first. Path we just cleared and all."
Lady Elizabeth nods.
Lady Elizabeth: "Works for me. Can't imagaine this single site goes too much further in…"
Le Buccaneer: "I wonder how much more there is worth grabbing, before the damn Empire gets here.:
Lady Elizabeth: "Long as we don't run into anything too tough like that Gigas we should be able to focus our stamina on exploring…"
Lady Elizabeth rolls her head around for a moment, before heading north of the pyramid.
Peter|GM: Myriad ivory statues gaze northwards.
Peter|GM: The passageway leading north is round and low. Watch your head.
Lady Elizabeth is glad she's not Echo right about now.
Echo sighs.
Echo heads through on all fours.
Peter|GM: The circular passageway - its walls are formed of golden hands, facing palm towards you.
Lady Elizabeth: "Why's it rounded though, think this was some kinda sewage drain…?"
Lady Elizabeth: "…No, not with the hands, proally. … God, that's weird."
Folis: "No joke…"
Peter|GM: A soft blue light. A round room. Benches surround it - a staircase leads to the north.
Peter|GM: An entirely intact Goddess-statue,
Peter|GM: With hands upon its throat.
Folis: "…….."
Folis: "What…."
Peter|GM: SW??T SANCT??ARY - W???? ????C?
Folis steps toward the statue…?
Le Buccaneer: "…I wish to withdraw my previous comments regarding artistic merit."
Lady Elizabeth: "I see."
Alianor: "That's… more than a little creepy."
Peter|GM: (Despite the soft blue light…)
Peter|GM: (…This is absolutely not a sanctuary.)
Folis: "Why would you…?"
Peter|GM: The golden hands are of newer, different make than the statue.
Peter|GM: They end at the wrist.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hell if I know."
Folis: "………"
Lady Elizabeth: "Y'think this used to be a Sanctuary?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Definitely ain't one no more, feels all wrong fer that."
Folis takes a look at the hands. Can they be wrenched or manipulated off the Goddess statue?
Echo: "It certainly isn't now."
Lady Elizabeth nods to Echo.
Alianor: "Someone really doesn't like the Goddess."
Peter|GM: You could try prying them off, but it might damage the statue. [- You get them off, - The statue isn't damaged in the process, - You don't have any difficulty breathing.]
Folis: "… Alright… I can do this… I have the strength…"
Folis cracks her knuckles, and gets to work, her expression set, defiant.
Folis rolled 5d6 and got 2, 3, 2, 3, 4 ( Total: 14 )
Folis absolutely refuses to fail. [-4 LP for 5, 5, 5]
Lady Elizabeth takes a seat on the bench, watching Folis mess with the statue.
Peter|GM: Roll Agility real quick please, Liz?
Lady Elizabeth rolled 3d6 and got 3, 6, 6 ( Total: 15 )
Peter|GM: Got it. Hold on:
Peter|GM: The hands twist, knuckles tensing as Folis wrestles with them. They give easier than a statue is, but claw to retain hold -
Folis: "You will not."
Peter|GM: And then, bursting from beneath the water, bursting from the walls, golden hands clasped in prayer heavy with bracelets, reaching to grab onto Folis and Elizabeth and the Captain has to weave out of the way, leaping forward, as they beckon and clench and grasp and -
Peter|GM: When the hands are finally pried away from the statue,
Peter|GM: It is like a burst of spring rain, and the arms are forced back.
Folis: "…………………………"
Lady Elizabeth: "What the FUCK -" Elizabeth quickly jumps back into a roll, pulling out her pistol and firing in the direction she just jumped away from in a panic.
Folis: "…"
Peter|GM: The arms bleed black ichor. Whatever owns them sighs in pain, distant and rumbling.
Peter|GM: It's washed away into the water beneath, cleansed by the sanctuary-light.
Alianor lets out a shaky breath, eyes wide from where she's standing far from the statue. "…what."
Lady Elizabeth: "Fucking… WHAT."
Folis hurls the hands away contemptuously.
Folis: "Disgusting…"
Echo: "Spirits above and below…"
Peter|GM: They dissolve from within, leaving only a hollow gold foil, hand-shaped.
Lady Elizabeth: "Holy hell."
Lady Elizabeth places a hand over her chest.
Alianor: "S-so… the staircase to the north?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Hang on, guah."
Lady Elizabeth: "There should be one more bit 'o treasure in the exhibit."
Folis just gives the Goddess statue an unreadable sort of expression, before turning back toward her friends.
Folis: "… I am deeply sorry."
Folis: "I could not let that stand…"
Folis: "Forgive me, please."
Echo: "Do not worry. You merely acted quicker than myself."
Lady Elizabeth: "I get the distinct feeling…"
Lady Elizabeth: "When we go up those stairs… we're proally gunna be Done Explorin'. So."
Folis: "Good timing, eh?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Wanna head back down south and trash the place until we find whatever we missed."
Le Buccaneer: "That sounds like a good plan, for the short term."
Folis: "… Yeah."
Alianor: "Might as well, yes."
Echo nods.
Folis: "Give me a moment, though."
Le Buccaneer: "In the long term…" He trails off, wordless behind his mask.
Folis turns to the statue, closes her eyes, and nods respectively. Anything to sense, to hear?
Folis: respectfully* ))
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah, 'course."
[OOC] Peter|GM: Roll Mysticism, asking one question per success. "What the heck is going on?" is a valid starting point.
Folis rolled 2d6 and got 6, 1 ( Total: 7 )
Folis: "… What's going on?"
Folis: "I… I want to know why… this…"
Peter|GM: Can you hear the ocean…?
Peter|GM: Maybe.
Folis: "This place… this place has power. Something left behind… Demogoguon… is feeding from it."
Lady Elizabeth: "Dem… huh?"
Folis pulls out the coin that she had earilier used to vaporize a gate… and some monsters.
Folis: "Something nasty lives here, close."
Folis: "If I had to guess…"
Folis: "It clamped down on the statue here, twisted the power of the sanctuary, and tried to use it to kill us."
Lady Elizabeth: "I see."
Folis: "The coin's reacting…"
Folis: "I think we had better prepare well before proceeding. I do not want a repeat of what happened with the gigas."
Alianor: "Right… time to find that last treasure before pulling the tail of the tiger in it's lair?"
Folis: "… Hey!"
Lady Elizabeth: "Mmhm."
Folis whirls around to Alia, giving her a mock glare.

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