Ch1 6

Peter|GM: Later that night, after dinner. A faint moon-glow filters in from the skylight, far above.
Elbereth smiles. "I hope everyone enjoyed the salted pork tonight. I did my best given our current… restrictions."
Kit: "Oh, it was great"
Elbereth raises an appraising eyebrow. "So you DO eat?"
Folis: "Well, I'm not gonna complain. If you can work this sort of magic with field rations, then you're one of the most valuable allies in the whole party."
Lobelia: "I've always been taught, growing up, that practicing to create true art begins by placing restrictions upon yourself to hone your skills. And I would say this dish is artfully done."
Kit giggles "I meant the imaginary one you obviously made for us two"
Elbereth bows slightly. "I am glad that it met all of your standards, then."
Folis turns to the pair of familiars. "So -this- is where you lot have ran off to."
Peter|GM: The path into the Site passes through a pair of glass doors, with a grated floor in between it. And then, it opens up onto a garden of coral - brightly colored, sparkling even in the dim light.
Peter|GM: In the center of the garden, a tall tower, stretching up a few storeys.
Elbereth: "My apologies, Miss Folis. They seemed rather interested in accompanying me for the day, I did not mean to delay your reunion further."
Kat grins sheepishly as Kit flusters "Ahh, well… Lots happened, ok. Mr. Knight attacked home, we Lost you, and, and… So much has happened!"
Peter|GM: It's surrounded by various things - little plazas and ponds and statuary-exhibits. (Of sorts.)
Peter|GM: Though, the spot west of the tower remains unexplored.
Folis: "What? Nah, I'm just happy that they're safe and whole! You two have been through a lot, and I'm really proud of how dang tough you are!"
Kit: "But yeah, We thought you had enough people with the other group when it left, so we opted to help the Nice Lady"
Folis: "The nicest, yeah!"
Elbereth: "Lady Wintervine, if I could ask you to take up the lead tonight? I believe we both understand what needs to be done."
Lobelia: "Do you two- er, you three know each other from before this expedition?" Lobelia leads ahead to the last area west of the tower.
Folis: "Oh man."
Folis: "It's a long story."
Folis: "To keep it short, they are my first Familiars, and we had been… separated, for quite some time."
Kit and Kat both nod
Folis: "But now we're not, and everything is fantastic."
Folis: "I gotta hear all about this part of the ruin!"
Elbereth: "The walkway we entered through earlier used to be an ancient dry sauna powered by a fire orb."
Peter|GM: There's a small stream here, artfully crafted. Some of the water flowing is clear, but filtering through the bottom - and clogged up in the bends of it - is a thick, stagnant murk.
Elbereth: "It has sadly been powered off due to us needing the orbs to progress."
Kit: "Oh, it's really pretty, but with scary watersnake monsters. Oh, and the water, if dirty, turns things to stone!"
Folis: "What."
Folis: "Hopefully not any of you…?"
Elbereth nods. "Anything that touches that water turns to stone. We found a few calcified explorers earlier."
Kit: "No, we're to smart for that!"
Lobelia: "Good, good! Just below this garden area is a device that pushes an updraft of elementally-charged energy, which has side effects for the various features in this garden. Do not drink or even touch the water here. The only casualty in our group was the tip of Santiago's sword, thankfully."
Elbereth: "Hayreddin." She ammends the statement.
Kit: "and Staff"
Kit also amends
Elbereth: "Essentially this garden is organized in a 3 by 3 grid, and beneath it is a manna ring that you can position over one of the areas. In this case I am going to position it over the murky water and power it with the water orb. Please wait here for the demonstration."
Elbereth bows slightly before heading to the basement to do just that.
Peter|GM: In some time, eventually, the water starts bubbling -
Folis: "Whoa…"
Peter|GM: And a mist of watery manna bubbles and rising out from the stream, disintegrating the last of the murk and leaving the water clear and sparkling after it does so.
Peter|GM: Faint motes of light continue drifting far upwards into the air above, until eventually they dissipate, filling the area.
Folis: "… What happened to the sword?"
Elbereth: "It turned from metal to stone if I recall. Not something you want to slip in, that much is certain, Miss Folis." Elbereth seems to have returned.
Folis: "Noooo, noooooooooooo… I've… ah… no thank you…"
Kit: "oh yes, that'll be bad"
Elbereth makes her way to the stream and investigates it further.
Elbereth: "I did feel bad for Sir Santiago, however. So intent on finding treasure only to find the ancient sculpture he could sell was actually a petrified human."
Elbereth: "One can only wonder how long ago they came upon such a fate given the nature of the lock on this Arcolith."
Folis: "Ugh….."
Peter|GM: The stream fans out, out into an artificial delta, feeding the pond to the south in one portion, draining out to a few pipes elsewhere. One of the little culverts it flows into is home to a small nest of Coralites, those crustacean-like beasts.
Peter|GM: They seem to be sleeping right now, though, curled up in a little nest of woven kelp.
Elbereth: "It would appear that the creatures in this area are not nocturnal."
Kit: "They're kinda cute when they sleep"
Elbereth glances at Lobelia. "How literal were you Lady Wintervine when you said we had to secure the perimeter?"
Lobelia shrugs. "They can't very well cut off our escape from the enclosed tower if they're asleep. Besides, something about… that…" She gestures around them "makes it difficult to feel any thrill about a potential battle, presently."
Elbereth smiles. "As you wish, then. It would seem their nest does not house any treasure, so let us make our way to the tower."
Elbereth: "I did have one more destination in mind after the tower should time allow."
Lobelia nods, then leads the way into it. "I'm already entertaining the idea that this tower may not have stairs and that we may need an air orb to ride a draft to the top…"
Folis: "That sounds fun… and dangerous."
Elbereth: "Given we cannot see the top, that would be quite the ride." She glances at the tower that stretches upwards.
Peter|GM: Indeed - the tower looks out on the gardens all around it, its top open. However its means of ascent - a ladder, the top of it locked away - has been choked off by a tangle of jagged coral.
Peter|GM: It seems to have even crushed the ladder in parts - there's whole sections of it missing, fallen down to rubble below.
Elbereth: "Had the next sanctuary led upwards I would have assumed this to be a shortcut system to the deeper stratums. But as is one way goes northwest and the other… up."
Lobelia nods. "Perhaps it's a shortcut back, from a far deeper area that winds back around. But in its current state, it will be no shortcut for anyone."
Elbereth: "Still, you present an interesting theory. Kit can you please accompany me to the pedastal in the basement?"
Kit picks herself up from the floor. "Of course"
Lobelia: "While you do that… I'll head back to camp and see if I can get a rope ladder or something of the sort, so that we have a way back down once we ascend."
Elbereth nods to Lobelia before taking one of the two dolls to the basement. She centers the manna ring on the tower and places Kit on the pedastal as the air conduit before meeting back up with Lobelia.
Peter|GM: And then:
Lobelia: "Besides… It would take quite the air current to lift someone of my armament, steel and all, up. I may need it." Lobelia makes a bit of a show of clanking her plates on the way out and back.
Peter|GM: A tremendous updraft howls upwards from the ring, filtering through the ground up above, shooting up all around the tower!
Peter|GM: It even kicks up little fragments of coral and stone, shooting them up to drop elsewhere.
Peter|GM: Who's wearing a skirt, by the way?
Elbereth glances between herself and Folis. "Now which of us is the daring one to ascend the tower for treasure?"
Elbereth is wearing a maid outfit, obviously.
Peter|GM: Just thought I'd ask.
Folis would be willing to try even if she -was- wearing a skirt. She raises her hand.
Folis: "So do I just… hop in the current…?"
Elbereth nods. "In theory at least. Do understand this is the first time we have tried this, so if you have concerns I can go first."
Lobelia is… wearing a skirt weighted down by several plates of steel. The wind can't be blowing THAT hard, can it? She hands Folis a rope with intermitten handhold knots. "This'll have to do. We have spares if you need more to secure a way back down."
Peter|GM: Lobelia: No, not that hard.
Folis: "Nah, I'll be… well, no I don't know that."
Folis: "But… to hell with it."
Folis takes a tight hold of the rope, mutters something to herself… then leaps into the current!
Elbereth glances at Kat before smiling. "You two aren't seperated that often, are you?"
Peter|GM: It's a pretty strong wind! It is not, however, a pick-up-a-person-and-send-them-flying kind of wind.
Kat shrugs, and shakes his head
Elbereth glances between the current and the remaining doll.
Elbereth then kneels down and smiles. "Would you be brave enough to hold on to the rope tightly and step into the current?"
Doesn't seem like he can do much else though, 'least, he's certainly not trying to move away from the wind, and is likely just heavy enough that he's free falling while being lifted…
Lobelia: "Hmmm…" Lobelia walks over to the crate of climbing ropes she hauled from base camp and digs through the various other supplies…
Elbereth: "Alternatively we can see if we can flood the tower and ascend with the water orb, but it would be a shame for everyone to get drenched so late at night."
[OOC] Folis: So am I just kinda… hanging midair?
[OOC] Elbereth: I'm imagining your hair is shooting straight up but you're too heavy to lift
[OOC] Lobelia: I think you got slightly more air than a normal jump then fell back on your feet
Kat frowns at that idea, and gives another shake of his head
Folis: "… I feel kind of silly now."
Peter|GM: Lobelia and Elbereth are correct!
Elbereth: "Rest assured, I appreciate you going first." She bows her head slightly, but she's grinning.
Lobelia yanks at a corner of white cloth pinned under a pot of oil until it comes loose, revealing a sheet of plain white canvas for repairing damage to the sails! "I thought I saw something like this mixed in with the rest. Will this help, I wonder?"
Peter|GM: You could… probably gimmick up some sort of sail-a-chute thing with a Mechanisms roll, yeah!
Elbereth seems taken aback for a moment before smiling. "I like the way you think, Lady Wintervine. That is much more preferable than flooding the tower."
Lobelia has a bit of an optimistic smile that seems to say "you just hold onto it and you go whoosh, right?!" , and probably shouldn't be rolling on this one.
Folis: "Aw, lemme try that. I already made a fool of myself once, no harm in doing so again."
Elbereth: "We all appreciate the sacrifice, Miss Folis."
Folis takes hold of the sailcloth, strides out boldly toward the current… she tosses the cloth over her head and jumps!
Folis rolled 3d6 and got 2, 4, 6 ( Total: 12 )
Peter|GM: Hmm, can I get -1 LP for that second success?
Folis mentally gives her luck a kick in the shins. (-1 LP)
Peter|GM: With a tremendous fwoosh, the sail catches the wind, sending Folis drifting up into the air.
Folis: "Whoooooaaaaa-!"
Peter|GM: Having held it just so, she can steer a little - which comes to her advantage for staying clear of the jagged-sharp coral that surrounds the tower.
Elbereth calls out encouragingly. "Good luck~!"
Folis: "Ahhhhh! AHHHHH!"
Peter|GM: Eventually, she catches the edge of the ledge, and though it takes some staggering to keep her sail from getting pulled out from her, she reaches the top -
Peter|GM: A circular observation room, looking out on all the gardens. It's full of broken stone, with a hammer laying by it - it looks like whatever was here was intentionally defaced.
Peter|GM: There's a small lockbox, however, on the shelf behind, next to two crystal statuettes -
Peter|GM: One depicting a coral-studded serpent, another depicting one of those little crustacean beasts.
Peter|GM: (They're probably worth about 300G each.)
Folis perks up as she investigates the lockbox. Is it, to its name, locked?
Peter|GM: Yup, though the mechanism seems fairly simple. It clinks a little as you pick it up - seems like there's loose contents inside.
Folis: "Hee hee hee hee~"
Folis rattles the box gently, listening closely to the contents. (( Would Thief apply to picking the lock in this case? ))
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yeah, totally.
Folis hums a little tune as she rummages through a side pouch. Bit of oil, some trusty lockpicks, and…
Folis rolled 4d6 and got 1, 2, 4, 6 ( Total: 13 )
Peter|GM: First success for "Get it open" , second "Without breaking any of the contents" .
Folis really, -really- wants whatever's inside. [-1 LP for second success]
Peter|GM: You opened with faith and inside was: A few rolls of ancient coinage, (Summing to 200G), 2x Medicine…
Peter|GM: A mysterious grimoire…
Peter|GM: And a phial containing some alchemic mixture. (Unknown. Possibly pharmaceutical.)
Folis: "Wow…!"
Elbereth calls up the tower. "Do you think you'll be able to get down alright?"
Folis looks at the statuettes… can she fit them in the lockbox too, to carry back down?
Folis: "Uhhh…!"
Peter|GM: Yeah, they fit inside.
Peter|GM: You'd want to be careful with it, though.
Peter|GM: (They're pretty fragile.)
Folis scowls at the wind. She hadn't thought of getting back -down-…
Folis: "H-hey guys, any ideas? I've got a box of loot…"
Elbereth: "Is there anything you can fasten a rope to?"
Folis sizes up the stone around her. Anything to loop around, or any particularly big chunks?
Peter|GM: The top portion of the ladder is still intact, and would make a pretty good anchor point. There's all that jagged coral right beneath it, though.
Peter|GM: ..You could probably run a rope up to one of the smashed altar-things, too. That's embedded right in the floor.
Folis: "… Yeah! Send up the rope, I can tie it around something here…"
Elbereth glances at Lobelia.
Lobelia: "Didn't you bring one up with you?" She tosses one up anyway- the wind's sure to give it enough extra lift to make it there. She glances back at Elbereth and shrugs. "I know I handed one to her."
Peter|GM: Carried by the wind, the rope manages to reach into Folis-grabbing range.
Peter|GM: She's got it.
Folis snags the rope, and ties it 'round one of the smashed altars, fixed to the floor. She double- and triple-checks that it's secure - it's good to know about knots.
Folis packs away the lockbox, somewhat precariously, and ponders the journey downward…
Peter|GM: Probably… an Agility check.
[OOC] Folis: Would thief still apply, due to getting away with the loot?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yeah, definitely
[OOC] Peter|GM: Spend successes: - You aren't injured, - The medicine doesn't break, - The statuettes don't break.
Folis: "Oh, Maiden help me…"
Folis starts her descent. Made all the more difficult by the bulky pack, the buffetting wind, and the sharp coral bits.
Folis rolled 4d6 and got 3, 6, 2, 4 ( Total: 15 )
Folis spits and yowls curses at the fates, using bits of her own magic to counteract the wind's difficulties. [-3 LP for 3->5, 4->5]
Peter|GM: Folis lands on her feet, prize in hand, and quite intact.
Peter|GM: Very well done.
Folis: "Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!"
Folis starts to make a cheering motion, freezes in place… very carefully unpacks the lockbox out and sets it down on the ground. THEN starts hooting and hollering.
Elbereth quickly makes her way towards the lockbox set on the ground… in the howling winds.
Folis: "Rrrah?!"
Folis books it back to saner ground.
Folis: "I-I'm sorry!"
Elbereth chuckles. "You were very close to giving the prize back to the ceiling after such a grand display, Miss Folis."
Folis: "Weh…"
Peter|GM: (Well.. I think it was heavy enough… but better safe than sorry.)
Folis: "It's here though and that's what's important!"
Folis: "Hahahaha!"
Folis: "Ha…"
Elbereth: "I'll be right back."
Folis: "Huh?…"
Elbereth glances over her shoulder. "I suppose you can come along, though?" She seems to be heading to the basement to retrieve Kit.
Elbereth eventually reaches them and picks them up off the pedastal. "You did excellent work tonight, little one. I apologize if you grew bored or anxious waiting."
Folis sticks behind and double-checks the loot. [2x 300G statuettes, 200G in coins, 2x Medicine, 1x Unidentified Grimoire, 1x Unknown Alchemic]
Kit looks up from her grimoire "Oh no, gave me a chance to study a bit"
Elbereth nods before placing the doll in her apron pouch. "Let's head back to the others and see what we got for our efforts, then."
Kit closes the book as she's lifted. "But Kat was also telling me about some of what was happening"
Elbereth: "A telepathic bond of sorts?"
Kit: "Did Miss Folis really jump into the wind?"
Elbereth: "She seemed rather excited with her success, I would hate to spoil the story."
Kit: "Oh no, Kat is always with me, his " spirit " if you will, is a guest in my body… Could be argued that I'm the original body of his spirit too, since it was the spliting of the manna drive in me that lead to his birth"
Elbereth does eventually reach the tower where Folis and Lobelia are waiting. "Did you find anything of interest, Miss Folis?"
Kit: "His body does have the shard of the drive in it, hence why he does have some control over it, he has that connection"
Folis: "Well! Lots of stuff worth selling, for sure. These two little crystal things, some coins… a magic book I can't make head or tails of yet… some curse-cleansing medicine, and… whatever this is."
Folis holds up the container of alchemic.
Peter|GM: A dark powder of some sort. It sparkles vaguely.
Elbereth examines the loot before taking the coins. She divides them into equal 50gp shares. "Two of you should hold on to a medicine each as well. It should cleanse any ailments a person succumbs to."
Kit: "I could hold onto one, but what's this about a book?"
Elbereth then makes her way to the book and starts to flip through it. "I cannot say that I am familiar with foreign substances, someone on the ship may be able to identify it."
Folis points to Elbereth.
Lobelia takes the ship supplies back and packs them into the crate once more, then heaves it back up. "Shall we return to camp, then? As for our unknown enchanted items… Pick out one of them. I've studied the elements more than I'd confess a preference to- I'll be able to tell you what one of those unknown items does, given some time. I'm quite interested in what that powder could be."
Elbereth: "You are more than welcome to have the book after I am done reading it, Kit. My interest lies in its contents and knowledge, not its properties for spellcasting."
Folis: "Yeah, but the stuff you take and it's gone. The book's gonna be around."
Folis: "So I- ahem, 'we' would like to know what it's capable of!"
Kit: "Of course"
Peter|GM: Elbereth: It'll take a while to decipher, but there does seem to be a new thaumaturgy spell in there.
Peter|GM: (You'll have access to it when the book is identified.)
Lobelia: "Ah, but if it's like that curious substance in a bottle that Hayreddin had, wouldn't that be something? Perhaps it's not meant to be ingested."
Elbereth nods. "As I thought. This book also contains ancient thaumaturgy, an arte in which I can cast."
Elbereth: "Once I decipher the incantation the book is yours."
Elbereth gestures to her own book. "I need only copy its contents to use it in my own."
Folis: "Wait, what?"
Kit: "Ok then"
Lobelia starts hauling the crate back to camp. "You weren't here to witness Elbereth walking on water, were you? Seems she's got some talents beyond blasting our prey with fireballs."
Elbereth: "I am versed in an ancient sorcery called Thaumaturgy, an arte lost to most a century prior. I can levitate, walk on water among other things."
Folis: "That's really cool!"
Folis: "You're something else, aren't you El?"
[OOC] Elbereth: Did anyone take the second medicine?
[OOC] Elbereth: I don't want it but someone should take it
[OOC] Lobelia: I'll take it
Elbereth: "If you could indulge me just a little further tonight, there is one last place I wish to visit, Lady Wintervine."
Kit: "I just don't understand why everyone, even herself, says she's old."
Folis: "Who cares if she's old, she's fantastic!"
Kit: "But she doesn't even look old"
Elbereth: "If you must call me something, call me a witch." A smile as she makes her way to the northwest, where the grate Pica removed was.
Elbereth: "This pathway was too narrow for us to go through, but I was hoping Kit could take a look down it."
Folis positively beamed, at that.
Lobelia stomps off to the northwest, finding a dry area to plop the crate back down.
Kit: "I could do that, yeah"
Peter|GM: To the northwest:
Lobelia: "Think of her as just… Experienced. More than you'd think from a glance."
Peter|GM: With the grate removed, the top of the waterfall leads to a cramped passageway leading north.
Peter|GM: You'd get positively soaked, but you could probably make it through.
Peter|GM: Especially if you're Kit-sized!
Kit: "Oh wait… That's wet, like a lot wet"
Elbereth: "I promise to dry you thoroughly upon our return."
Kit: "No, bad for drive"
[OOC] Elbereth: Can anyone else crawl in?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yeah, on hands and knees.
Elbereth nods. "I was not aware, my apologies."
Elbereth: "Allow me to take the plunge this time, then."
Kit: "It's ok, it's why I've been shying away from water…"
Folis: "I mean, you could have sent me in, I don't mind-"
Elbereth fans her arms and chants "Rossa Aum" before levitating herself up into the air to reach the grating.
Elbereth rolled 6d6 and got 6, 4, 1, 5, 5, 4 ( Total: 25 )
Folis pauses at how the rest of that sentence would sound.
Peter|GM: With ease, Elbereth levitates up to the passageway.
Peter|GM: Crawling through a water duct is probably one of the least pleasant experiences you've had…
Elbereth has had a lot of unpleasant experiences in the last century that's pretty impressive!
Peter|GM: Oh, I mean.
Peter|GM: Recently.
Peter|GM: Eventually, there's a light at the end of the tunnel -
Peter|GM: It opens up on the bottom of a room lit from above by a golden light. Canisters filled with fluid, lit from within, extend all the way to the water-filled, swift-flowing floor, up to the ceiling, passing by a network of catwalks up above.
Peter|GM: There's an access ladder on one wall, however.
Peter|GM: The glass canisters contain various fern-like plants and weeds, growing in cultured captivity.
Peter|GM: There's a monster pacing around the top level - a lizard-like humanoid, Hundred reminiscent, perhaps, except for the puppet-like rhythm of his patrols.
Peter|GM: He's patrolling in an exact, repetitive fashion, never looking down.
Peter|GM: …You should probably head back.
Elbereth takes note of her surroundings before crawling back through the duct.
She looks miserable with how drenched she is, but she hops down to the party all the same with a smile. "It would seem that there is a monster within along with more points of interest."
Folis: "Hey, next time send me in there."
Elbereth: "With a rope I imagine I could get all of us up here, but that doesn't solve the issue of getting Kat inside."
Folis: "I wonder…"
Elbereth: "Even if I were to put them in my pouch and crawl with the water hitting my back they would certainly get a bit of water on them."
Lobelia: "Well?" Lobelia hands Elbereth a towel that was hidden in the crate. "Tomorrow, then. Perhaps we can find a jar or something to carry them through, or you could use some of that ice magic to divert the flow?"
Elbereth shakes her head. "My walk on water trick only works on water that does not have a strong current, unfortunately."
Folis: "No manna-drive parts around here…?"
Elbereth: "Such as the pond."
Folis: "Maybe you two should get some backup supplies next time we're at Leviathan."
[OOC] Folis: Referring to Kit and Kat.
Elbereth: "If we have that large of a jar to seal them in, it may work however."
Elbereth sizes up the doll. They are a bit big for a jar.
Folis: "That sounds crazy enough to work."
Lobelia nods. "Who knows, it may smell odd. But there may be a used jar of some solution used for maintaining the ship, or its food supplies. I'm sure this many days out at sea, something's bound to be all used up."
Folis: "I'm not sure I want to know about odd-smelling jars at sea."
Elbereth: "The untold tale to voyages, no doubt."
Elbereth: "Have you sailed much, Lady Wintervine?"
Kit: "Oh, I was planning on finding some new parts for my Drive on return to the city, yes, We'll see about other things at that time"
Lobelia: "A few times. Exploring an island site has been a unique experience thusfar, most vessels I've been on were little more than ferries, or merchant ships that needed defenders."
Kit: "Was hoping I could get you to install them for me, Miss Folis?"
Folis: "Right, of course! Should put a little more spark into you, so…"
Folis: "What was the last one you needed again…?"
Elbereth: "Let us find a way to get Kit through the waterfall tonight. In the morning we'll return to investigate this room before we continue past the sanctuary."
Elbereth: "I thank you all for coming out at this late hour."
Folis: "Oh! Yeah, of course! It worked out real well, too!"
Kit: "We're always ready to help"
Kit: "Just… yeah, some way to keep us dry would be great"
Lobelia hauls the crate back up and starts returning to camp. "Any time. I trust I could leave the deciphering of the thaumaturgical text to our resident expert…?" Lobelia is giving Elbereth a grin.
Elbereth: "I will try my best, of course. Preferably somewhere warm." She's still soaked.
Folis: "Could start a fire."
Elbereth nods. "It was a pleasure to work with you tonight, Miss Folis. I hope Lady Mcgunnery has been treating you well."
Elbereth: "It is unfortunate that you were not able to meet Mister Hayreddin or Pica. They too, accompany us at times."
Folis: "Ahaha… yeah, definitely. I'd say I worry about her headstrong attitude, but… coming from me, that might be a bit hypocritical…"
Lobelia: "Let me see that small watery jewel before you retire for the night. I'll determine its use before I, myself, rest." Lobelia balances the crate with one hand and a knee to pocket the jewel before resuming the march back to camp.
Elbereth nods before handing the jewel to Lobelia.
Folis: "Oh! There's something I'd like you to take a look at, once you're dry and rested and everything."
Elbereth smiles. "Certainly. I am glad that I can be of use so readily after just meeting."
Folis: "It's… ah… well, it's not exactly business related, so it can wait until you're not particularly busy."
Folis scratches behind an ear, looking a bit awkward.
Elbereth: "I am not one to shy away from a request. It is my duty after all." She bows her head slightly. "If I could indulge in my own interests just this once though, I would like to prioritize deciphering this grimoire."
Folis: "Of course! I'm really curious about it as well, even if it isn't my field of magic."
Elbereth: "Once I am done I promise you will have my full undivided attention."
Folis coughs. Why did she have to say it like that.
Elbereth doesn't seem to notice anything wrong. Perhaps etiquette was just different when she grew up.

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