Ch1 5

Peter|GM: Light filters in from a distant skylight, reaching the sparkling coral garden of Site B.
Peter|GM: Now, the expedition party regroups at its entryway.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I should've asked for long term lone of that pistol…ah, well."
Elbereth: "Let us hope we don't encounter another serpent on a narrow walkway, then. We recently fell a beast that had to be fought from the back row."
Pica-Y-Mata: "Mostly."
Elbereth nods to Pica.
Peter|GM: Its flowers and trees sparkle in crystal, in myriad colors.
Elbereth: "I presume we were going to investigate the tower?"
Elbereth: "Any suggestions, Lady Wintervine?"
Peter|GM: Through a shining thicket to the north, there is indeed a tower, which rises far above the rest of the garden from its middle.
Lobelia: "We haven't examined the tower's perimeter very thoroughly. Entering the tower without scouting its surroundings seems foolhardy to me."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "So, perhaps a circumnavigation, then?"
Elbereth: "I shouldn't have to expend any more of my magic to cross the dangerous swamp with the gardens water purified. We can take a quick look around first."
Peter|GM: It's not hard to cut a path through the garden-flora in any direction. Or you could stroll the path that encircles it, to either the west (past the pond and the staircase downwards) or to the east.
Peter|GM: The patrolling Steelian has been eliminated, after all.
Elbereth makes her way to the east, then!
Le Masked Buccaneer strolls after her.
Peter|GM: There are beasts grazing in the gardens, here - long-tailed crustaceans that walk on four claws, their shells pearlescent, nautiloid.
Elbereth: "My. This place has quite a diverse ecosystem all things considered."
Peter|GM: The sculptures they graze from immediately suggest some morbid origin - they are person-shaped, coral-hard. They are pressed up against a garden-wall, one of them bearing sword in hand.
Peter|GM: Perhaps they are artwork, but the mind immediately leaps to some unlucky ancient.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I'm not sure ecosystem quite describes it."
Pica-Y-Mata: "Why would it not?"
Lobelia: "As I recall, the machine below us seemed to lock to, at most, 9 positions. We should make a note of what's around each coordinate, as well as what effects an upsurge of energy from below might have on what we find." Lobelia crosses her arms. "Assuming we even want to risk it."
Elbereth: "I suppose that depends on what your goal is for this venture, Lady Wintervine. Some might say that sword could be worth something for example. Others may be here for the thrill of battle." She gestures to the creatures.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I would think that implies a system which influences and regulates itself, rather than a state of being imposed by some ancient force long ago." He nods towards the sculptures. "But I am no naturalist!" He looks back at Lobelia and Elbereth. "I must admit financial motives. What will, do you think, give us the great yield of ancient booty?"
Pica-Y-Mata twitches his scorpion-tail in anticipation. "Consider me the latter camp."
Elbereth: "Ancient sculptures are likely to attract some sort of buyer." She nods to Le_Masked_Buccaneer. "And failing that, you may be able to make use of the sword at least."
Peter|GM: One of the creatures - there's five of them - manages to gnaw off the legs of one of the sculptures. It drags it a short distance away. There is a sucking noise as it feeds.
Elbereth: "That said, they seem to be damaging your prize."
Lobelia: "Whatever would counteract magics of stone and earth, I would presume. We may manifest any combination of two elements for which we possess orbs… and familiars… for." Lobelia nods to the two who voiced interest, then draws her weapon. "Let us see whether those creatures are fighters or not, then."
Pica-Y-Mata: "Shall I dispose of the vandals?"
Elbereth nods to Pica. "Make it so."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Let's!"
Peter|GM: They scatter, then regroup as the party approaches, mandibles clacking!
Peter|GM: Pep activates, increasing Lobelia and Santiago's drive!
Peter|GM: Round One - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Pica-Y-Mata!
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Do you mind if I swap init slots with you, Pica, so I can more effectively set up top-of-init buffs?)
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Is that an option?
[OOC] Lobelia: on ser buc's turn, it is
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Yup, after this action obvs)
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: yeah go nuts, as long as I don't have to do anything different
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Nope. Also, want me to top off your drive?
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: it's gonna be 8/8 after my turn
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Ah, gotcha)
Pica-Y-Mata holds up a bead - it shines a cyan blue! - and myriad portals open around the crowd of creatures, pelting them with ice shards. [Q: Mystic's Beads] [First Gate]
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Do I have any reason to roll CoS?
[OOC] Elbereth: Burst?
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: I mean is there some innate chance, or would I need gear or the like for it?
[OOC] Elbereth: 30 base if I recall
[OOC] Lobelia: there's an innate chance to burst, but not crit
[OOC] Icecylee: Innate 25% chance!
Pica-Y-Mata rolled 5d100 and got 11, 55, 83, 25, 45 ( Total: 219 )
Peter|GM: Bursts, costing less MP and dealing bonus damage to every enemy!
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: oh only one roll, not 5
Peter|GM: The piercing shards rain down on the Coralites, shattering against them.
Pica-Y-Mata rolled d8+15 and got 1 ( Total: 16.0 ) for +3 potency, 2 marks
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Peter|GM: Each takes 16 damage!
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Lobelia or Elbereth, either of you want 2 drive?
[OOC] Elbereth: I'm good.
[OOC] Elbereth: My OD just restores my MP and I'm full MP
Lobelia glares at the one off to the side, spotting a poorly-concealed soft spot on its carapace to point her shotgun at! [Snipe]
[OOC] Lobelia: also: sure, I'll take it
Lobelia rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for 80/65
[OOC] Lobelia: I'll let that miss slide
Peter|GM: It chirps and gets back down on the ground, ceasing to feed and hiding its belly.
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "None of that, now!" Santiago leaps towards the Coralite hiding itself, rapping it with his baton as he moves past. "Answer for your vandalism!"
Peter|GM: Is the "one off to the side" Coralite E?
Elbereth glances at Pica-Y-Mata. "Will I perhaps be seeing the second part to this attack this time? I recall stopping you on the shack."
[OOC] Lobelia: oh, it was B
[OOC] Peter|GM: Ah, thank you
Pica-Y-Mata: "Absolutely."
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Switch Up to swap init slots with Pica, then give 2 drive to Lobelia, then regular attack on Coralite B
[OOC] Lobelia: 'cause there's 6 turn markers between it and me, thus, i snipe
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for cos 100
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 4 ( Total: 10.0 )
[OOC] Lobelia: that was an error of Type And Then Backspace, Forget To Reinsert Key Detail
Peter|GM: Initiative is switched! Lobelia gains Drive from Santiago! Coralite B takes 10 damage, wincing as the baton slams down on its shell!
Peter|GM: Coralite E leaps up onto Lobelia, [Crushing] her with its pincers!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 ) for C80
Peter|GM: But she bats it away!
Peter|GM: Elbereth!
Elbereth smiles. "Excellent. Then allow me to assist you in dealing with this rabble post-haste." She pulls out her Grimoire and fans the pages calling upon a roaring twister that tears through the enemy front lines. [Twister(Witch Mode) - Air Damage to row]
[OOC] Elbereth: Resist?
Elbereth rolled 1d100 and got 98 ( Total: 98 ) for Burst check
Peter|GM: It's a hit! They don't resist!
Elbereth rolled 2d6+10 and got 4, 6 ( Total: 20.0 ) for row damage
Peter|GM: Twister rips through for 20!
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Can Santiago do Rush momentum next turn before me? it's okay if not
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Yes I can!
Peter|GM: Coralites C and D try to crush Santiago and Pica-Y-Mata with their pincers!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 8, 92 ( Total: 100 ) for 80
Peter|GM rolled 1d10+14 and got 1 ( Total: 15.0 )
Peter|GM: Inflicting 15 physical damage to Santiago and Long K-Shatter I!
Peter|GM: Coralites A and B pile on, rushing into Santiago after he's knocked off guard! [Attack]
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 30, 43 ( Total: 73 )
Peter|GM rolled 2#1d10+17(1) and got 9 ( Total: 26.0 ) for including Shatter
Also rolled 2#1d10+17(2) and got 9 [Total: 26.0 (High), Avg: 9.00]
Total: 52.0, Avg: 9.00
Peter|GM: Hitting him for 26 physical damage twice - Ouch!
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Armor apply?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yes, to each hit!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I…am quite discomfited!"
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Elbereth: "I apologize. We do not have someone sturdy such as Echo-Thirty-Six so our front line is dangerous."
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Anyone happen to have healing?, as I am at 8
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: well, callyn *did*, but he's not here atm
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Hahahahaha! So, with K-shatter, I do not know if popping a potion will be enough.
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: So I am going to risk it to make that Rush momentum for Pica
[OOC] Elbereth: I would go offensive, get dazed and take daze action and potion after the fight tbh
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Back! Back you awful things!" Santiago jams his baton into the softist part of Coralite B he can find.
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 84 ( Total: 84 ) for 100
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 1 ( Total: 7 )
Peter|GM: Womp! 7!
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Lobelia closes the gap with Coralite E and upswings with her hatchet, smashing its carapace from below! [Attack]
Lobelia rolled 1d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 ) for 90/10
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Lobelia rolled 1d8+10 and got 1 ( Total: 11 )
Peter|GM: 11! Pica-Y-Mata!
Pica-Y-Mata glimmers, turning from green to gold, and an arm turning into a lobster's claw momentarily. [ OD: War-Body, Drive Theme: Stains of Time - ] In an instant, he runs through the entire group, slicing them each in one continuous motion, with tail, fist, and claw. [Blackwing]
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: If I expend two marks, do those dice apply to all hits, or just one per?
Pica-Y-Mata rolled 4d100 and got 10, 69, 38, 26 ( Total: 143 ) for Using Rush+3 momentum! Liberation from War Body means I don't expend it!
[OOC] Peter|GM: All hits, I think? Probably!
Pica-Y-Mata: A C D E
Peter|GM: Hits, hits, hits, hits!
Pica-Y-Mata rolled 3d6+15 and got 2, 5, 3 ( Total: 25.0 )
Peter|GM: Crushes the field, leaving only B standing!
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Two dice from marks, +3 from momentum, +6 from Short K-Power II
Peter|GM: Elbereth!
Peter|GM: Stigma-light, faintly blue-black, rises up from the carcasses of the fallen beasts.
Elbereth smiles before leaping forward past the front line. A blade of ice materializes along her wrist and she impales Coralite B. [Dash -> Arctic Slice | Launch]
Elbereth rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for Burst
Elbereth rolled 2d6+14 and got 6, 1 ( Total: 21.0 ) for Water damage
Peter|GM: It twitches and kicks, and is slain.
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been terminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +10 EXP.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Well!~ That was a properly swift thrashing."
Pica-Y-Mata holds out a hand. "Hello, I don't believe we've met yet."
Peter|GM: A polite introduction, from a dread spirit whose gold light now fades to green carapace.
Elbereth: "Can you understand that, Pica?"
Pica-Y-Mata: "Understand what?"
Peter|GM: Oh, no, I mean -
Peter|GM: I was describing Pica a little, as Santiago is meeting him for the first time.
Peter|GM: My apologies for the confusion.
[OOC] Elbereth: Oh I misread and thought you were talking to the statue sorry
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Ahaha yeah the intent was "Yes hello I am Pica, I hit things hard."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! I am The Masked Buccaneer, captain of the redoubtable Retidão! …currently in drydock. I am also called Santiago." He shakes, happily.
Lobelia kneels down to examine the fallen crustaceans. "Are you well, Santiago? That wound looks worrisome."
Elbereth: "I regret to inform you that we do not have any medicine among us."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am a bit…winded."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! I possess a dose yet."
Le Masked Buccaneer pops off his faceplate-mask to administer…the Potion!
Peter|GM: It quickly heals.
Pica-Y-Mata: "I'm enjoying some freedom after a rather long period of imprisonment."
Pica-Y-Mata: "I appreciate the exercise I'm getting."
Peter|GM: The shells of the beast are consumed with stigma-light, slowly fading away into twinkling motes of blue energy, until their shells are left hollow.
Peter|GM: Well, aside from the one Elbereth finished - that one merely calcifies, returning to the garden.
Peter|GM: A small retaining wall casts an appealing shade over a glimmering flower-bed, into which the remaining sculptures - one was pulled over - await.
Elbereth: "Fascinating."
Peter|GM: In a white that suggests calcite or quartz. They are petrified, skin and clothes and bones all, their faces long worn away.
Peter|GM: One is holding a sword of ancient construction, holding it to keep some long-gone threat at bay.
Elbereth: "It is a pleasure to finally work with you, Santiago. I hope for your sake you find many things of value on this venture."
Elbereth: "I do admit that the appeal of mystique has faded a bit from you removing the mask so carelessly, though." She smiles.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am glad you are out and about!" He glances at Elbereth. "Ah, I gave that up during the war, I fear; a boat full of refugees is a horrible place to maintain a proper mystique!"
Le Masked Buccaneer walks over to inspect the sword.
Lobelia stands back up, unimpressed by the ordinary shell. "I suppose attempting to reverse the petrification of these souls would be futile. Well…" She looks at the sword. "Let's grab that and continue to circle this tower. If there's another creature in this garden that could obstruct our retreat, it must be dealt with."
Peter|GM: Falchion-like, it bears a green tinge. It's held fast in the man's arms, but it wouldn't be difficult to shatter it free.
Peter|GM: Even to a cursory examination, it's magical.
Elbereth: "I admit I did not expect you to be so cautious, Lady Wintervine."
Pica-Y-Mata: "May I leave the investigation mostly to you? I may find some interest in these artifacts later, but I have none currently. If any other danger comes up, however, I will be … glad to deal with such creatures."
Elbereth: "No doubt from past experiences I assume…?" She smiles again.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Fantastic!"
Le Masked Buccaneer attempts to pry it free with his baton. "My apologies to the statuary…"
Peter|GM: It breaks easily. [Viridian Falchion].
Lobelia: "Perhaps I've survived three years of this life thanks to learning due caution?" Returning a smile, she adds, "Or perhaps… I'm just one of those 'thrill of battle' types you mentioned earlier. Which do you suppose?"
Elbereth: "The first few years are always the worst, Lady Wintervine. Do you not miss home?"
Le Masked Buccaneer swings it experimentally. "Any objections to my use of this particular slicer?"
Elbereth: "None at all. Consider it yours. Lady Mcgunnery will deduct it from your wage after the excursion should you wish to keep it."
Elbereth makes her way towards the construct to see if she can understand it a bit better.
Peter|GM: Which construct do you mean?
Lobelia responds without dropping her smile. "Hah. I knew someone who could learn a thing or two about telling jokes from you, miss Elbereth."
[OOC] Elbereth: The humanoid shaped thing that had the sword, sorry
Peter|GM: Ah, yes -
Peter|GM: It is almost definitely a petrified human. The calcification has erased most identifying features, covering it up with gleaming red and pink and white.
Peter|GM: Time - or some other erosion - has worn away some of its clothes and flesh, revealing a ribcage through one side. The inside shines like abalone.
Elbereth: "As you will recall, before we drained the water Sir Hayreddin put the tip of his weapon into the murky pond. It also turned to stone."
Elbereth: "I wonder how long ago this adventure made such a blunder given this place has been locked…?"
[OOC] Elbereth: *adventurer
Lobelia: "I'll make sure to report that no liquid in this garden is to be considered potable."
Elbereth: "Unfortunate. Should we run out, we'll be stuck to drinking ale."
Elbereth: "Shall we continue?"
Pica-Y-Mata: "Please."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Indeed!"
Lobelia: "There was plenty of running water at the other site that didn't seem to be cursed. Perhaps we'll have some non-intoxicating refreshments as well." She continues on!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I suppose fresh fruit is too much to hope for…"
Pica-Y-Mata: "I have a large supply of raisins."
Elbereth: "I also packed a few barrels of Ecafa Oranges, Sir Santiago."
Elbereth: "You are more than welcome to have one when we return to the Leviathan."
Kit pokes her head out of Lobelia's pack, and plops her hat on as Kit's head also peeks out with a yawn. "Oh my, how long have I been resting in here, where are we?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ecafa Oranges?!"
Peter|GM: East of the tower, a small plaza. Off to one side, a small building that almost suggests a shed, though it is coated in coral-rot, showing no trace of wood.
[OOC] Peter|GM: Elbereth meant the Lucky Molly, probably.
[OOC] Elbereth: Err yes
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Lobelia, you appear to have a passenger."
Elbereth nods. "A nearby import. We refer to them as Blood Oranges, but you are most likely familiar with the prior term."
Lobelia jumps just a bit. "When did you two get in there…? We're back on the ground floor, circling the tower."
Peter|GM: Studded about the plaza are metal plates, set into the ground, with anchors to which a chain might be connected.
Peter|GM: There's a drainage grate in the center, also.
Kit: "earlier? I don't really know, hard to tell the passage of time in such a comfy place"
Elbereth: "These pair of dolls are known as Kit and Kat. I'd go into the logistics of how dolls are talking and moving, but it would be quite the distraction. I have to request that you settle for the fact that they are our companions."
Peter|GM: The garden section further to the north seems to be a small orchard, though its fruit seems rather withered.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Greetings!"
Lobelia keeps moving to the orchard. "Ah, now here's a good opportunity to use that device below us. Perhaps we'll have fresh fruit for dinner after all- a healthy dose of water mana might bring some life back to these branches."
Elbereth nods. "I'll go place the orb, please wait here Lady Wintervine."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I shall maintain hope, and resist the urge to ask Elbereth how much for an orange."
Kit turns to say hi to the new person and freezes, Kat has no such issue and waves. "… Uh, is that a mask?"
Kit: "I hope that's a mask"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Indeed! For I am the Masked Buccaneer!"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Also called Santiago."
Kit: Kat shrugs, with a gentle shake as though laughing at his 'sister'
Kit: "Oh, hello Santiago. As the Kind Lady said, I'm Kit, and this is my brother Kat"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "It is good to meet both of you."
Elbereth makes her way to the abyss room, rotating the ring under the orchard and placing the water orb she has in her possession.
Peter|GM: As she does so, the rest of the party witness an unearthly, cool, damp breeze emanating out from the ground, filtering through the stony soil.
Peter|GM: It gleams with faint motes of blue light.
Peter|GM: The coral that it touches blooms - unfolding, jagged sharp. The trees spread flowers, the fruit immediately goes from shrivelled to so juicy as to jiggle, gently, in the breeze, like crystal-gleaming sacs of some effervescent fluid.
Kit starts to climb out from the bag, but slides back in instead as the breeze begins to blow… "Ick"
Lobelia steps up to a tree and pulls out a boot-knife, cutting a fruit off the tree and examining it.
Pica-Y-Mata: "Reminds me of home."
Le Masked Buccaneer is clearly mesmerized by the fruit. "Do…do you think it's edible?"
Peter|GM: The fruit pops as soon as it's disturbed, emitting a sharp spatter of phantasmal cool over Lobelia. She recovers +10 MP.
Peter|GM: (There's four others.)
Le Masked Buccaneer inspects one carefully with a gauntleted hand…
Peter|GM: Pop! Like a breath of menthol, without the menthol. Santiago recovers MP.
Kit and Kat are both peeking out from under the flap of Lobelia's pack as the fruit pops. "Oh my, what a mess it made"
Lobelia: "Ah- refreshing! I think you two will want to try one of these." Lobelia holds her pack up close to one of the other fruits.
Elbereth makes her way back to the group before smiling. "My. This garden is turning out to be quite splendid, don't you think?"
Kit: "Alright… this one!" and Kit reaches out from the pack for a fruit…
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Positively effervescent."
Peter|GM: The taut, fragile surface of the blue fruits seems more glass than any sort of vegetable matter.
Peter|GM: And it pops! Kit recovers +10 MP.
Elbereth: "Rest assured, we will not charge you for real fruit upon your return to the Lucky Molly, Sir Santiago. Such basic supplies are included as an employment perk."
Le Masked Buccaneer beams. Somehow, it is visible through the mask.
Peter|GM: One of the coral beasts shuffles in from the west, through the thicket. As it passes into the manna field, it blooms also, its shell sprouting with ferocious red spikes.
Elbereth smiles at Kit. "Feel free to take mine as well. I am not all that hungry."
Pica-Y-Mata: "I pass."
Peter|GM: It climbs up one of the trees, climbing up towards one of the two remaining fruit!
Elbereth chuckles. "Should you beat the competition, of course."
Kit: "Oh, that is nice… Anyone else want the la- Oh, ok, thank you miss Kind Lady. Hey, you, no, bad!" and Kit reaches out again
Elbereth picks up Kit and throws them towards the apples.
Elbereth: "Best of luck!"
Peter|GM: Elbereth or Kit: Agility, please?
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Oh, my."
Elbereth rolled 4d6 and got 1, 1, 2, 3 ( Total: 7 )
Peter|GM: ( - Kit gets the last two apples! - You don't get into a fight with Coralites!)
[OOC] Elbereth: I cannot pass skill checks to save my life on this system
[OOC] Elbereth: One or two successes to pass I'll blow LP
[OOC] Peter|GM: There's two success options. With one success, pick one. With two successes, get both!
[OOC] Elbereth: 2 LP to get the first.
Peter|GM: Kit crashes into the tree, and the Coralite slams down - and then the two apples fall from the tree, going POP, POP, splattering over Kit for +20 MP!
Peter|GM: It chirps irritatedly, and two of its fellows arrive from the thicket behind it!
Peter|GM: …Also, a spider-like automaton, familiar to Santiago, a metal orb supported on four thin legs - arrives soon after.
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Spindle?
Kit hits the tree with a soft "Oof" but looks fine as she holds onto the tree firmly, then drops down, landing softly, and no worse for wear… "Thanks for the assist Kind Lady!"
Elbereth bows. "Think nothing of it. It is my duty to assist all guests on this excursion to the best of my ability."
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yes, a Spindle!
Peter|GM: Coralite A seems to have gotten a little bit of a pop from the fruit as it fell - it seems a little revved up.
Peter|GM: Santiago and Lobelia gain Drive!
Lobelia draws her weapon and grins. "Another hostile one, is it? Alright, let's take them out and secure the perimeter."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! One of those cursed machines!"
Peter|GM: Round One - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Kat!
Kit: ( Has no fuel )
Elbereth: "We already know the weaknesses to these, Kit."
Peter|GM: (Oh you forgot to give Kat a gigantic init penalty so he goes last as appropriate)
Peter|GM: (hold on)
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Elbereth: "I am certain that Sir Santiago is going to be glad to meet you shortly, however."
[OOC] Kit: So noted, will remember for the future
Le Masked Buccaneer brandishes his new (ancient) blade. "Oh?"
[OOC] Peter|GM: I'll just regen init~
Elbereth: "These dolls are our healers, to spoil the surprise."
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Pica, mind swapping init with me again? [Offer of +2 drive still good!])
[OOC] Peter|GM: Hold on Lobelia's weight was wrong in the tracker I'm regenning
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Thank the sun and ocean!"
Peter|GM: Sorry, initiative has been reset.
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Durp, sorry
Peter|GM: Kit!
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: do whatever!
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: …so was mine
[OOC] Peter|GM: bank error in your favor there <3
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: I didn't recalc for the 2 additional weight from the sword
[OOC] Peter|GM: we're gonna go with this initiative~
Peter|GM: Kit!
Kit: "Kat, I think we're going to need you now, you wanna do your thing you've been bragging about to me, please?" Kat nods and jumps out from Lobelia's pack, and runs his paw down the "blade" of his saber, causing it to glowing with a hungry light and charges at Corelite (A) [OD: Drain Power ]
Kit rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 )
Peter|GM: It's a burst!
Kit rolled 1d10+15 and got 2 ( Total: 17.0 ) for Water, and Fuels Kat for 1. M-Water+4
Peter|GM: 17 damage!
Peter|GM: Kit, keep going!
Kit: "And now, you say we know the weakness? That's fine, Analyze still has it's other trick" and she reads from her Grimoire, the eye opening in the end og her staff, and staring at the Corelite A [Analyze, 2 MP, M-Weakness+1]
Kit rolled 1d100 and got 84 ( Total: 84 )
[OOC] Kit: Short K-shatter II
Peter|GM: Coralite, the LITHIC. A rock-shelled scavenger created to clean and maintain the gardens, now awakened with the Arcolith's unsealing. Like the other life in this garden, it blooms in watery manna and shrivels in fiery manna. Resists Fire, Fears Earth! HP38/60 MP2/2 LP2/2 Drive 1/4.
Peter|GM: It's K-Shattered II as Kit locks on!
Peter|GM: Pica-Y-Mata!
Pica-Y-Mata reaches a hand high, grasping for greater sources of mana and refreshment than the others can comprehend - the Stigma. Clench, then grasp. "The forbidden fruit - that power." [Seal Breaker!]
Pica-Y-Mata rolled d10 and got 7 ( Total: 7 ) for what happens
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Reduces the Stigma Blade's LP to 0. If LP is already 0, reduce the Stigma Blade's HP to 1 instead.
Peter|GM: Stigma light bursts in a tremendous flare!
Peter|GM: The dwarves hold that all fortune taken must someday be returned.
Peter|GM: Too soon for that - MP is full. Go!
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Anyone have designs on that water momentum?
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Nope. Can't set up Launch, can you?
[OOC] Elbereth: I only use Launch or Recovery
[OOC] Kit: I have no need for it, good ahead
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: I could but I think I should use the water for now
[OOC] Kit: go*
Pica-Y-Mata: More portals, more ice shard showers. [First Gate]
Pica-Y-Mata rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for Burst 25
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Ok! Hey, anyone want Element Saber: Earth to deal with shell guys faster?
[OOC] Elbereth: First Gate and Twister will kill them fast enough as is I think.
Pica-Y-Mata rolled d8+16 and got 7 ( Total: 23.0 ) for Consumes M-Water+4, Adds M-Water
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Ok!
Peter|GM: Ice rains down for 23 Water damage!
[OOC] Lobelia: in general I won't turn down element saber, I usually won't stop weapon-ing
Peter|GM: Santiago!
[OOC] Kit: Was that my water on the tracker? cuz it's suppoed to be +4
[OOC] Lobelia: no it's pica's water, pica used the +4
[OOC] Kit: kk
[OOC] Elbereth: I'd probably do an Air saber so Lobelia can shoot the Spindle for more?
[OOC] Elbereth: If you want to saber
Le Masked Buccaneer reaches to one of his armor's engravings, and pulls off a cloud, which crackles with lightning as he tosses it to Lobelia. "There you dear, madam! Let's get rid of that machinal menace post-haste."
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: There you go, rather. I can type, I swear
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: Also going to Switch with Pica's init, and give him +2 drive
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: also, +2 Marks from First Gate comboing with water in round one!
[OOC] Peter|GM: <3
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: and yeah go ahead
Peter|GM: The Spindle focuses on Kit and fires a beam of laser-light at her!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 84 ( Total: 84 )
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+18 and got 1 ( Total: 19.0 )
Peter|GM: Inflicting 19 Fire damage!
[OOC] Elbereth: Hits the weakness!
Kit eeps and jumps aside [ -1(?) LP ]
[OOC] Peter|GM: It'd take -2 LP, CoS is 100!
Peter|GM: Coralite C rushes up to Pica-Y-Mata and tries to climb up onto him, crushing through his carapace!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 27 ( Total: 27 ) for C80 to Crush
[OOC] Kit: 2 then
Peter|GM: The beam sizzles against the ground where Kit was standing a moment ago - dodged it!
Peter|GM rolled 1d10+14 and got 8 ( Total: 22.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Pica-Y-Mata for 22 damage and Long K-Shatter I!
Peter|GM: The Spindle beeps sharply and swivels its laser beam onto the Coralite… [C-Fire!!]
Peter|GM: Which causes it to chirp madly and continue gnawing at Pica-Y-Mata before it runs away, increasing the dealt damage by +8, to a total of 30!
Peter|GM: Coralite B attacks Pica-Y-Mata also!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 ) for CoS80
Peter|GM rolled 1d10+17 and got 5 ( Total: 22.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting for 22 physical damage!
Pica-Y-Mata: "Futile."
Peter|GM: Elbereth!
Elbereth: "I know you weren't joking when you said you could not die, but do you not feel pain?"
Pica-Y-Mata: "It's complicated."
Elbereth chants once again calling upon a twister. With a deafening roar it sweeps across the front row. [Twister - Witch Mode]
Elbereth rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) for burst check
Peter|GM: It's a burst!
Elbereth rolled 2d6+13 and got 4, 3 ( Total: 20.0 )
Peter|GM: Twister rips through!
Peter|GM: Coralite A goes belly-up, slain!
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Lobelia aims her cracking shotgun at the spindle, and, avoiding the fallen carapace of coralite A, sends an amplified rain of lead at it! [Snipe]
Lobelia rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 80/45
Pica-Y-Mata: "I cannot will away my nerve endings or need for structural integrity. But pain such as this is … diminished."
[OOC] Lobelia: I'm using that Air for +6 damage too
[OOC] Lobelia: and +3 since air+3
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
[OOC] Kit: I can still use the other one on Kat, so it's all cool
Lobelia rolled 2d6+31 and got 4, 2 ( Total: 37 )
[OOC] Lobelia: 27 damage plus 10 from the saber, then
Peter|GM: 37! It's destroyed!
Peter|GM: Kat!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Superlative!"
Kit: KAt decides to join in on the "Beat up the robot" gang, and with the residual energy on his blade, he slashes, casting off the energy in an arcing wave at the Spindle [Philosophy Cannon, 3 MP, eating the other Air Momentum]
Kit rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 )
[OOC] Elbereth: Spindle is dead
Peter|GM: Lobelia took the Spindle out in one blow, actually!
[OOC] Kit: Oh, boo, fine then, Corelite B, will eat the Earth then
Kit rolled 1d6+11 and got 4 ( Total: 15.0 ) for Air, Also Long K-Shatter I
Peter|GM: Zaps for 15! It's Shattered!
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Kit!
Kit rushes over to Pica and taps him with her staff, uttering "Mend" as she does, covering the If-Ys with healing sparkles [Reconstruct, 3 MP]
Kit rolled 1d100 and got 52 ( Total: 52 )
Kit rolled 1d10+8 and got 2 ( Total: 10.0 ) for M-Recovery+1
Peter|GM: Restores 10HP! Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer strikes towards the weakest remaining Coralite, blade glinting. "Let's put you to work!"
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for cos 80
Le Masked Buccaneer: (This is against B)
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+8 and got 2 ( Total: 10.0 )
Peter|GM: 13! It's slain!
Peter|GM: Pica-Y-Mata!
Pica-Y-Mata skewers the remaining coralite with his tail. [Monte Cristo]
Pica-Y-Mata rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 80
Pica-Y-Mata: Was C one of the ones that dealt damage to him?
Peter|GM: Yes!
Pica-Y-Mata rolled 3d6+11 and got 4, 1, 6 ( Total: 22.0 ) for Expending two marks to add two dice.
Pica-Y-Mata: Oh. +5 more, sorry. 27.
Peter|GM: Skewers for 27! It's slain!
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been eliminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +8 EXP.
Elbereth: "It would seem that all of the creatures here gain beneficial effects from the mana ring."
Elbereth: "If the pattern holds, the next two spots around the tower will also have some way to interact with it."
Kit: "Well, that's not fair… But I guess it's the homefield advantage. Still, I don't like ti"
[OOC] Kit: it*
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Not insurmountable so far!"
Kit: "True, but can't say it'll stay that way for long"
Pica-Y-Mata: "'Long' is relative."
Peter|GM: To the west, due north of the Tower, one can spy a massive coral-crag.
Kit: "Anyways, Mr. If-Ys, would you like some more patching up?"
Pica-Y-Mata: "If no one else needs it more."
Kit gives Pica-Y-Mata a couple more "Mend" s for +30 HP
Elbereth approaches the crag.
Lobelia: "Shall we continue our rounds?" Lobelia follows.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Onwards!"
Elbereth: "What purpose does this serve, I wonder? Does some creature munch on the coral?"
The two dolls also follow after, and stares up at the crag in wonderment
Peter|GM: The crag has sprouted from the garden and bloomed massively, overflowing even into the walkway - you'll have to circle south around it to continue.
Peter|GM: It sparkles in brilliant violet, pitted with myriad tunnels.
Peter|GM: At times, one can see one of those massive coral-snakes circulate through of it.
Peter|GM: Coralites, too, seem to nest here.
Peter|GM: There's a passage further north, out of the Garden, but it's absolutely blocked off.
Kit: "Oh, it's a nest!, not going in there!"
Kit: "But it's really pretty"
Elbereth scratches at her cheek thoughtfully. "Fascinating. I assumed that the tower that stretched to the sky would take us to the next area, but here we are with another exit."
Kit: "We'll get to the Tower, buuuut… Best we check everything down here first"
Elbereth: "Lady Wintervine, do you advise experimenting with the crag by positioning the ring under it? I'm not sure if we can accomplish anything worthwhile with Water and Air. Unless we meant to see if we could flush the monsters out of the nest with water?"
Kit: "Ugh, but there's some of those snake things in there, and they like the water"
Lobelia: "The crag could be hiding something. Perhaps if we were to wither it with fire or earth?"
Elbereth nods. "I was hoping to crush the nest by withering it and those inside as well. But I do not believe Air or Water will accomplish that."
Elbereth: "I am certain that Sir Pica would have no qualms going straight into the monsters nest, but I wish to hear others opinions before we proceed."
Lobelia: "Perhaps we'd best return later with the proper orb, in that case?"
Kit: "I'm with Miss Wintervine"
Pica-Y-Mata tilts his shoulders carelssly. She's right.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Sensible."
Kat shrugs, but looks longingly at the Crag, tapping his "saber" against his leg
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am normally in favor of daring! …But there are formidable creatures here."
Elbereth nods. "Let us finish the perimeter check and see if the tower holds more orbs, then."
Lobelia walks around the crag, cautiously eyeing the snakes, moving to the next point of interest.
Kit and Kat sneaks along beside Lobelia, using her as cover…
Peter|GM: In the northwest corner of the Garden:
Peter|GM: The pathway bends out from the corner, making room for a waterfall-fed lagoon.
Peter|GM: The waterfall and lagoon both, however, are full of that ominous murk that Hayreddin tested earlier.
Peter|GM: A little footbridge passes over it, as a river winds south.
Peter|GM: The waterfall is swift-flowing, falling a height of about five meters, passing through a grate in the wall.
Peter|GM: …It looks like there's something else behind the grate, too, a box pressed up against it, carried by the current.
Lobelia nods to Elbereth. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? In regards to the device downstairs."
Elbereth: "With the motion of the waterfall, my sorcery would likely crack if I tried to form a path of ice. I would also hate to see one of you lose your footing and become a petrified husk."
Elbereth: "Purifying this is the only sensible recourse."
Kit: "What if we put our sorceries together?"
Elbereth bows slightly. "Let us see if the purification works before expending our mana. Please wait just a moment." She leaves once again, making her way to the device still equipped with the water orb. She moves the ring to the northwest.
Kit: "Ok"
Peter|GM: As the mist rises up through the murky water, the surface effervesces and clears, fronds of cultured seaweed shimmering in the little lake.
Peter|GM: Despite the murkiness of the water pouring in from the grate, the manna seems to keep the decay at bay.
Lobelia: "Good, good. Can we reach that box from here now…?" Lobelia peers from the footbridge.
Elbereth returns before glancing up the waterfall. "The grating it is behind, certainly."
Kit: "I don't think so, plus, that grate is still in the way"
Elbereth: "If we had Echo Thirty-Six with us, no doubt he could rip the grating off with ease."
Elbereth: "Are you able to display some of your… finer talents perhaps Lady Wintervine?"
Pica-Y-Mata: "I may also be of some assistance." [Strength: 2]
Peter|GM: Pica-Y-Mata: You'd be able to pry it off with ease, after getting to it.
Lobelia grins. "I needed a bit of a workout after that last fight. There was something terribly… unsatisfying about it."
[OOC] Lobelia: I also have 2 strength, and a melee weapon for an extra die
Elbereth raises a hand to her mouth with a sly smile. "I apologize if we took out our opponents a bit too fast. I did not wish to revel in the thrill when Sir Santiago was in dire straights."
Pica-Y-Mata: "It's only a matter of getting there, is it?"
Elbereth: "I know levitation sorcery, I need only a volunteer and I can hover them up."
Pica-Y-Mata: "Then levitate me.
Peter|GM: The two can easily wade out to the base of the waterfall.
Lobelia opens her mouth, then closes it and tilts her head at Pica and smiles. "Fine, fine. If you insist."
Pica-Y-Mata heads through and tries to lift the grate off.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am quite grateful for the alacrity, madam!"
Elbereth bows slightly before pulling out her grimoire making her way towards the base of the waterfall. She flips to a specific page before spreading her arms wide. A single chant before she holds her breath. "Rossa Aum."
Elbereth rolled 6d6 and got 6, 3, 3, 5, 3, 4 ( Total: 24 )
Kit: "If I knew that sorcery as well, I'd be able to get you to help him Miss Wintervine"
Peter|GM: Gently, as the pattern sets about him, Pica-Y-Mata begins drifting up slowly into the air.
Peter|GM: Soon, he's within tail-reach of the grate. Or claw-reach.
Peter|GM: Or, well - If-Ys are so flexible, aren't they.
Pica-Y-Mata: Yes.
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: Is it actually a strength check or is it just "you rip it off"
[OOC] Peter|GM: Iiii think Pica's strong enough to just rip it off
Pica-Y-Mata jostles around with it for a bit - before it gives way. He retrieves the contents within, and looks back down at Elbereth.
Elbereth nods, still holding her breath. She proceeds to slowly float Pica down the way he came rather than dropping him.
Peter|GM: The murky water continues to flow from a cramped passage leading deeper into the Arcolith, but the chest is retrieved.
Pica-Y-Mata nonchalantly leaves it on dry land, then recuses himself from the intereset in it otherwise.
Peter|GM: It's a little cache, with a padded liner - there's a potion inside, in addition to a pile of unknown coinage (…probably 150G, by the value of the metal?), and a folded light suit of a thin, glossy material. Raincoat like, almost?
Peter|GM: It's some sort of magical light armor.
Peter|GM: We'll call it the [Survival Suit?]
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Lucre, ho!"
Elbereth splits the Lucre into six right away. "Twenty-five each."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Excellent."
Elbereth: "If you don't mind, I'd like to double-back towards the crag now. I wish to try the fire orb on it."
Lobelia takes her share, then looks towards the armor. "It's a bit light on the plating for my tastes. Do any of you think it will be of use to you?" She nods approvingly to Elbereth.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "To the crag, then!"
Kit looks at self, ten the armor. "I think it's a bit large for me"
Elbereth: "We can put it in the ship storage, I'm certain someone can make use of it."
Elbereth takes the suit for now, intending to store it away.
Pica-Y-Mata: "It might come in handy for me, it might not. We'll see once we can appraise it better."
Pica-Y-Mata: "For now, I prefer being unburdened."
Peter|GM: The crag.
Elbereth of course left back to the device to position the ring and the fire orb.
Peter|GM: But of course.
Peter|GM: At activation, the others witness the red beam of fiery manna pass through the crag -
Peter|GM: And where it does, the crag hisses, shrivels, fissuring on itself, cracking apart.
Peter|GM: There is a clamor of chirps and skitters as the denizens of the crag escape for elsewhere as it withers away to rubble.
Peter|GM: The path forward is open.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "You seem to have this orb business well in hand."
Elbereth smiles. "The residents of our dear Leviathan do call me a witch. I hope it's not just because I'm centuries old."
Kit: "You're still too pretty to be old"
[OOC] Elbereth: Is that safe to navigate or do we need to remove the fire orb first?
[OOC] Lobelia: I'm R:Fire, aint gonna stop me :D
[OOC] Elbereth: I also am R: Fire but…
[OOC] Elbereth: The entire rest of our party is W: Fire
[OOC] Kit: I'm W:Fire, it will stop me
[OOC] Pica-Y-Mata: I'm R: Fire!
[OOC] Elbereth: Oh wait nvm it's group 1 that's weak fire
[OOC] Lobelia: if we turn off the heat, it might instantly regrow the coral given how tenacious those fruits were
[OOC] Lobelia: it might stop kit but we can also just sort of throw you across quickly so you get a nice breeze
Elbereth heads onwards!
[OOC] Kit: True, lol
[OOC] Lobelia: we still have… one coordinate, X:left Y:mid, to examine right? besides the tower
Peter|GM: The heat breaks a ferocious sweat, at least…
Peter|GM: There is a faint blue light, just beyond. A sacred space, a sanctuary.
Le Masked Buccaneer resists the urge to pull of his mask.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! A safe area."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "All we meet here should be peaceful, it it mirrors the last I've been in."
Peter|GM: A little flower-garden on a raised dais occupies the middle of this round room.
Elbereth: "You've encountered one before?"
Peter|GM: A wooden bench runs outside the perimeter of it.
Kit: "Oooh, flowers!" and Kit rushes to get a better look at them
Peter|GM: Hanging from wooden chains from the ceiling are various stone fragments. They seem to be from some kind of statue, and are hung in such a way so as to almost suggest arms, a head, a body.
Lobelia steps up to the flower garden and kneels in front of it. "Well, that's good to know. If our path to the entrance is blocked, we can regroup here instead."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Yes; they make a good place to rest for a spell."
[OOC] Elbereth: Does the path continue here or is it a dead end?
Peter|GM: Kit: Each blade of grass, each stem, each petal, is meticulously sculpted of some resinous substance.
Peter|GM: At the northern edge of the room, a pathway continues onwards.
Elbereth nods. "Seems for certain now that the tower is not our final destination. This brings us deeper."
Kit: "Aww, they're not real, Still pretty though… Wonder if they have a scent" and she leans in to sniff a flower
Peter|GM: Scentless.
Kit pouts
Elbereth: "Let's finish our perimeter check and go to the tower. Knowing this place exists is a solace in and of itself, but we have a time limit."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Indeed! Let us continue."
Lobelia: "Agreed; we should do a thorough survey of the garden and tower before we press onward. We're nearly done, after all."

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