Ch1 4

Peter|GM: Dawn rises over the base camp at the Arcolith. A vast flock of gulls circles just to the west, filling the air with a riotous din.
Lady Elizabeth finishes off the last slice of orange in her hand, before tossing the peel into the sea. "Alright so. I'm thinkin' before we explore too much further down into Site A past the Sanctuary, we should probably clear out the space before it."
Echo: "I agree. Best to be thorough."
Peter|GM: The sunlight plays off of the scrubby grasses that line the little islands of the Towers, and sparkles off the chalky rock of their massive spires and arches.
Folis: "Wrrrrr…" Folis stretches, still shaking off some of the sleepiness. "Yeah… wouldn't do to run into trouble if we had to make a hasty retreat."
Lady Elizabeth pats Folis on the back twice before making her way back to the entrance.
Alianor is just finishing some last-minute maintenance on Priscilla. "You said there were still treasures left in the first section, too?"
Folis lets out a little squeak as she hurries to catch up. "That's embarassing, captain…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Three of 'em still, yeah. One's the fire orb we could kinda see on the pathway to tha large open room."
Lady Elizabeth: "So west end is gunna need us to do an orb swap, so lets head east and see if that leads to the alter with the fire orb…" Elizabeth is mostly mumbling to herself as she heads in, ignores the domed room, then heads to the room with the gravel with an unexplored passage down.
Folis: "I wonder if all the orbs here have the same quality as this one? I could do with a water-aspected one…"
Folis: "Then again I don't quite trust myself to not crush one of us if I do another orb swap… that was scary…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Hah, I can't imagine they're trapped within their specific altar rooms."
Peter|GM: The eastern room, separated by a gravel trench. The fallen hulk of a Steelian still sits at the north end, pushed away from the exit.
Peter|GM: A staircase on the eastern end leads downwards.
Lady Elizabeth heads down the stairs, glancing around.
Peter|GM: Down the stairs is nothing other than a dungeon - rows of cramped cells, the doors on some busted open, others still shut, their backs to the eastern wall.
Folis: "Oh… spooky… I don't like this…"
Peter|GM: Along that wall is a strange lever-armed mechanism of black metal, a little familiar to Folis, a little bit reminiscent of, perhaps, a grain elevator to the others.
Lady Elizabeth: "Wonder what they had a prison inside'a the arcolith for…?"
Peter|GM: A cupboard at the end of the hall is filled with rough, undyed cloth, in large bolts.
Lady Elizabeth starts checking out the individual cells on the off chance something got stashed in one.
Folis 's ears flattened. "I don't wanna know! I don't…" Then perked at the sight of the machinery. "Hey!" She darts over to gibve it a closer inspection.
Peter|GM: The cell door creaks as Folis slips in. This is - the upper part of the mechanism that opens up onto where the automatons were operating.
Folis ponders. Is there some kind of hatch at this level or is it simply part of the conduction route?
Peter|GM: Judging from the arms, it seems as if contents could be loaded on here.
Petrichor: A caterpillar, crowned with graceful horns - the size of a medium dog, perhaps? Wanders after them, chubby not-feet tap-tap-tapping along. "Can I help?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh?" Elizabeth blinks, glancing out of the cell she's currently expecting. "…Oh, it's you again."
Folis: "Aww… this is just a loader."
Folis: "And I really don't wanna climb into this thing and get tenderized, or dropped down a chute."
Lady Elizabeth: "I mean… we already know where that goes, right? Down to the mummies? No point in sliding down it really."
Folis: "But why is something like this in a dungeon…? Unless…"
Folis: "…"
Alianor: "…Those things were sorting through stuff down below, right?"
Folis steps away, paled considerably.
Folis: "Do you think…"
Folis: "They took the people here, wrapped them up… then dropped all their junk down below…?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Maybe?"
Folis: "Eeeeehhh…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright, looks like this was a dead end. Fancy talking catepiller, you're welcome to join us as we look around."
Folis scampers away from the room, quickly.
Lady Elizabeth: "Back to the first alter and swap out your old aspested orb with the wind one so we can get up the floating stairs on the west end."
Petrichor: It rears up, inspecting the works for a moment before turning. Could a caterpillar bow? This one did, to Elizabeth, and follows after Folis.
Peter|GM: On the west side of the region - the tiny circular altar room, full of flowing water, connected to the room with the glass sculpture and the chain-connected stairs above.
Peter|GM: The altar works on orbs placed in it. You can probably make a swap.
Folis ever so gingerly takes back her old orb, and places the Air Arcoreactor upon the pedestal… backing way the hell up after doing so.
Peter|GM: The Arcoreacto fills the altar with air manna, focusing the flowing water into a powerful geyser.
Peter|GM: Even far below, one can hear the chains snapping into place as the stairs are elevated.
Lady Elizabeth: "We'll come back for the better one before we go to the next zone." She nods to Folis, then begins heading back up now that the platforms should be raised.
Peter|GM: In the room with the sculpture: The rushing water geyser lifts the stone blocks, forming a passage through the north exit. This staircase falls tantalizingly short - going about halfway up, I suppose - of the strange little alcove on the far north side of the west wall.
Folis: "You know, I never can tell if this is due to disrepair or if the ancients make fools of us all."
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm…"
Petrichor: "Why not both?"
Peter|GM: The staircase rattles on its chains, anchored tightly to the floor below, but holds fast under passage.
Lady Elizabeth: "Likely yeah. Wonder if I could make the jump…?" [Trained in Agility]
Folis: "Oh! I'd love to see something like that!"
Folis: "I could probably give you a boost…"
Peter|GM: …It'd be a tight climb, but you could do it. [Spend successes: -You make the jump, -And you aren't hurt, -And it's not a painful, tiring scramble up the last few feet.]
Lady Elizabeth rolled 3d6 and got 6, 4, 6 ( Total: 16 )
[OOC] Folis: Could I do an assist with my bonus die?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yup!
Lady Elizabeth: "I think I got it… probably…!" She takes a running start, then jumps for the wall and begins to scramble up it with her remaining momentum. [Make the Jump; Not hurt]
Folis rolled 1d6 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
[OOC] Folis: Ah.
Folis: "Captain…! Please be careful!"
Peter|GM: It'd be real nice if the wall weren't wet - the Captain manages to brace herself against the corner and barely haul herself upwards.
Peter|GM: Her fingers, arms and legs are in a little pain, but no injury but the strain.
Petrichor: "Ah! Masterful!"
Peter|GM: Inside:
Lady Elizabeth: "…Whew!"
Peter|GM: Though ruin-dusty, and with one particularly damp corner taken up by a wasp nest, this was clearly once an extremely lavish bedroom.
Peter|GM: A wide vanity mirror covers one side of the room, facing what was once probably (it's cracked in half under the rot) a very impressive canopy bed.
Lady Elizabeth: "Guess it's hard to get to because they were either super important or super fulla themselves…?"
Lady Elizabeth starts tossing the place, looking for anything of interest.
Peter|GM: Stoppered crystal bottles contain long congealed oils and evaporated perfumes, but two are a bit more interesting - 2x Potions.
Lady Elizabeth: "Oooh."
Peter|GM: One of the dresser drawers, aside from a pile of somewhat daring clothing - well, daring even before the wasps got to it, silk-thin and sheer - has a sapphire-studded bracelet in it, probably worth about 135G.
[OOC] Folis: Holy…
Lady Elizabeth shouts back to the party: "Hey Folis was some moth-eaten nearly invisible undergarments?"
Lady Elizabeth wraps up the potions and bracelent in some of the less wasp'd cloth, so it's less likely to break on the way down.
Folis: "I can get 'em fixed back at Leviathan, gimme!"
Folis gives the captain a most ridiculous grin.
Lady Elizabeth wasn't excepting that answer, makes the bundle a bit bigger with a laugh, then slides down the wall and into the water before climbing back up the stairs to meet the rest of the party.
Peter|GM: Sploosh!
Lady Elizabeth: "Okay so aside from that… got an expensive lookin' bracelet here that'll sell pretty good, and two potions. Spread 'em amongst yourselves."
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: my inventory's full, so!
Echo: "Alright." He grabs a potion and the bracelet.
Folis stashes the worn clothing away and holsters the potion on her belt.
Lady Elizabeth nods, then heads north!
Petrichor: "Are you certain?" They take up the potion, spin it up in some silk, and stick it to their side like a pouch. The creature bobs a bow, and follows.
Lady Elizabeth: "I only got so much space in my pack. S'part of why it's important to so splunkin' with a crew."
[OOC] Folis: Oh - I suppose I'll let Petrichor carry the potion, I think we posted at roughly the same time
[OOC] Petrichor: Ah wait I thought there were two? If there's not, please take it!
[OOC] Peter|GM: There's two!
[OOC] Folis: there are, echo took one
[OOC] Alianor: Echo grabbed the first one
[OOC] Petrichor: My bad then!
Peter|GM: The north exit leads into the upper level of the plaza - elevated above the rest of the room, carved, curved benches into the stone suggest seats at an auditorium.
Lady Elizabeth: "Wonder why it's such a pain in the ass ta get up to tha seats."
Folis: "Who knows…"
Alianor: "It's not like we can just ask them…"
Folis: "Maybe we could hold a seance."
Peter|GM: There's a little archway on the north side there, leading a bit further.
Lady Elizabeth roots around a bit, looking under seats the the like, frowning, before shrugging to herself and heading north.
Lady Elizabeth: "I think this way leads over that room with the treasure chest…?"
Folis: "I hope so!"
Peter|GM: A small sitting room, opening up onto a staircase, descending. The right wall is made of glass, and sanctuary light pours in through it, suggesting that this room, too, borders the deeper section of the Arcolith.
Peter|GM: Small benches are available.
Peter|GM: In a little offering dish - about thirty G in old-world coinage, and an Amber Bead. [Accessory - Q: True Heal yourself +6 HP.]
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh. Break room, right next to a sanctuary?"
Folis: "Y'got me."
Folis: "There's stuff in here… but I don't feel right takin' from an offering dish in particular."
Folis: "Not that I care if anyone else does…"
Lady Elizabeth: "I mean, ain't like they're gunna be collecting it."
Lady Elizabeth: "You like money, caterpiller dude?"
Folis: "Oh… fine…"
Petrichor: "Who is this an offering for? I don't want a cousin getting…revenge-y."
Lady Elizabeth pauses, then kneels down and inspects the dish a bit closer. Any writing on it?
Folis gingerly reaches in and takes the Amber Bead, equipping it. "I'll try and bring something next time…!"
Peter|GM: Alianor would probably do a better job translating, but…
Peter|GM: "Discards" "from [something] guests"
Alianor does go and look, picking up one of the coins to get a look at them, too.
Peter|GM: They… look like they were minted in the West Crescent, in style. They're positively ancient.
Peter|GM: There's a few sultancies whose coins are quite rare, but these are from one that lots of coins survived from, so they're mostly worth it for their gold content.
Peter|GM: (And thus, their face value.)
Lady Elizabeth: "…Old currency the people in the Arcolith didn't think was worth it…?"
Petrichor: "Pocket…change?"
Lady Elizabeth scratches behind her head, then shrugs and splits the coins into 5G apeice. "So I think you're in the clear."
Folis: "… okay."
[OOC] Echo: 6G?
Folis lets out a puff of breath.
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: er yes 6 i can basic math
Echo takes a share.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm."
Petrichor: They'll take one too! "Thank you."
Alianor: "Hmmm… It's something like, 'Things taken from honoured guests', though in the sense that you'd put a coat in a coat check… though without expecting to get it back? It's kind of weird."
Folis: "I'll say…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Oh, huh."
Lady Elizabeth: "Right, you probably spent more time lookin' over yer mom's notes and tryin' to make sense of things. I only really know a couple key words that pop up a lot or seem important fer salvage knowledge."
Lady Elizabeth thumbs up Alianor while thinking.
Echo: "Did we see any other entrances to the probable-Fire Orb other than through the wall of that hallway? Or maybe that stream?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Okay, no sense in breakin' this window when we got another way down. Think the last place to check was… the big room. Looked like you might be able to go down with the water, near where the fire orb was."
Lady Elizabeth nods to Echo.
Lady Elizabeth: "That's the last place I can think of, at least."
Echo: "Alright. I can swim down and take a look."
Lady Elizabeth heads back up the stairs, then into the seating area. After glancing down the ledge and getting a feel for the height, she lets herself drop down.
Folis: "Ah… jeez, and I thought I was the foolhardy one…"
Folis: "Wait for me!"
Peter|GM: Hup!
Alianor: "Yes, a scholar's knowledge versus the practical kind. Not to say that either's better."
Peter|GM: The drop isn't bad.
Folis also tries to drop down, though the landing is a little less graceful.
Echo slips over the side, hanging down for a few seconds before letting go and landing solidly.
Peter|GM: A flowing stream with a slippery bottom leads into the southern wall. According to your map, it should probably open up onto that second altar you spotted.
Petrichor: Petrichor follows. Who knew giant caterpillars could swim?
Alianor frowns, careful of Priscilla slung over her shoulder as she drops down, likely the least gracefully.
Echo: "You can go swap for that Air Orb again while you wait if you want, Folis?" He dives into the stream.
Peter|GM: Alianor: Ka-clunk!
Lady Elizabeth: "What, you don't drop down from one, two story drops regularly Folis?"
Folis: "The last one I did was off a ship! Otherwise, no!"
Lady Elizabeth: "Hahah."
Alianor: "That is definitely not something I'm at all used to doing… Though I imagine that might happen eventually if I stick with you long enough."
Peter|GM: Heading in (with Petrichor after), Echo?
[OOC] Echo: Yep!
Folis scurries off to switch the orbs around again if that's still a thing.
Peter|GM: Folis: Swap! The geyser weakens and the stairs are inaccessible.
Peter|GM: Echo: A pleasant (if cold) swim surfaces you in the small, dark altar room.
Echo takes a look around, first.
Peter|GM: A mahogany-red light pours from an orb set into the altar. The eastern wall is colored glass, with holes in it looking out on that hallway on the other side.
Peter|GM: Leaned up against the wall is what looks like a rifle, six green canisters, faintly glowing, set into its barrel. Definitely magical.
Peter|GM: To the west, solid ice - probably the connection between the entryway and the plaza room.
Peter|GM: The energy from the orb is pouring into it, freezing it.
Echo picks up the rifle, then the orb.
Peter|GM: The ice wall shudders and shatters, leaving a curtain of flowing water in its place.
Echo holds the rifle carefully before walking through the water.
Peter|GM: Well, that accounts for all the treasure in this section.
Lady Elizabeth: "Ooh."
Folis: "Sooooo… we cleared out now?"
Lady Elizabeth: "That looks cool."
Peter|GM: Also, it'll be easier to leave.
Lady Elizabeth nods to Folis.
Folis: "I think we can just press on…? We didn't have to fight anythin'."
Echo: "I'm good. Does someone want this firearm…?"
Alianor: "That's certainly an interesting looking weapon… Not as good as Priscilla of course, though. I can at least carry it if no one wants to use it."
Lady Elizabeth rubs her hands together. "Possibly, but I'll need time to inspect it. Alianor, hold onto it for now?"
Echo: "Or the orb."
Folis: "Ah- does Petrichor have an aspected orb yet?"
Folis: "I suppose I could carry the gun… but then I'm full up on loot."
Alianor deftly takes the rifle off of Echo's hands, slinging it across her other shoulder, readjusting how she's carrying Priscilla so it won't get caught on the other.
Petrichor: Little hands pat down the front of their body, as if searching pockets that never existed. "No! Can you use it, Folis?"
Folis: "Point at the other guy and click-bam."
Folis: "Oh, you mean the orb?"
Petrichor: "Yeah, the orb! I don't care about the click-bam."
Folis: "Give it a quick lookover and I can pack it away."
Alianor just kind of gives Folis and Petrichor an undescrible look as they refer to a gun going 'click-bam'.
Lady Elizabeth: "I don't mind who carries it as long as caterpiller dude - actually what was yer name again? Startin' to feel silly callin' ya that over and over - promises to leave it behind next time he vanishes so as we can use it for puzzles."
Lady Elizabeth pulls a jewel encrusted tool out of her jacket and gives the orbs a once over while talking.
Peter|GM: …Oh, this one's actually an Earth Arcoreactor.
Peter|GM: Isn't it weird that earth manna freezes water?
Folis: "… What?"
Lady Elizabeth blinks. "…Wasn't this glowin' red before? It's earth aligned, though."
Alianor: "…Oh, that does make sense."
Lady Elizabeth: "Eh?"
Echo: "It was kind of an earthy-red…"
Alianor: "Air makes a reverse waterfall, Earth freezes it, Water stills it, and Fire boils it away."
Lady Elizabeth: "Oh, cause an effect, like. Yeah fair enough, did think it was odd that takin' fire away melted tha ice."
Petrichor: "Oh! My name is Scent of Rain Rising From Dark Soil, but you can call me Petrichor instead."
Lady Elizabeth: "Ah, Petrichor then. Anyway, this thing'll boost your earth spells. Can use it three times before it needs to rest and recharge."
Lady Elizabeth tosses it over, then heads north to the three way split past the Sanctuary.
Petrichor: "Ah, thank you! I'll keep it safe." They catch it, and put the orb right between the two innermost horns.
Lady Elizabeth: "So… we got east, north and west. Anyone feelin' any particular direction?"
Peter|GM: You're in the Plaza now, right?
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: The room directly north of the sanctuary, with the empty orb altar!
Folis flips three coins in rapid succession.
Folis rolled 3d2 and got 2, 2, 2 ( Total: 6 )
Folis: "… Really?"
Folis: "North. Sure."
[OOC] Peter|GM: Ah, hold on, then, let me limber up:
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Ah! That would do it.
Peter|GM: The Forest of Exhibits.
Peter|GM: Glass cases, at various heights, with bases of polished brass, fill the room.
Peter|GM: To the north, there seems to be a room that contains something like a stepped pyramid.
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh… didn't get a good look at this before. Some kind of display room for a collection….?"
Peter|GM: Most of them are empty - many smashed open - but one, still shut, contains a little altar much like those you've been placing orbs in.
Peter|GM: The room to the west seems to contain some kind of boat.
Petrichor: "What do you think this place used to be?"
Peter|GM: The room to the east glimmers, full of golden treasures.
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah, display hall is my best guess."
Folis: "…!"
Folis gingerly steps forward, toward the glimmering.
Lady Elizabeth: "…Yeah sure we can go east first instead of north."
Lady Elizabeth shakes her head with a small smile as she moves after Folis.
Petrichor: "This room, sure…but everything together? The mummy thing? The offering bowl?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Oh you mean… the Acrolith as a whole?"
Petrichor: They nod.
Peter|GM: Myriad treasures are locked away behind glass here, each in their own case.
Folis: "Hey, captain! Get a load of all this!"
Peter|GM: Underneath a sign written in Arcolith script, there are not one but two Steelian, watchful, patient.
Lady Elizabeth: "That's a million lucre question if ever there was one. There's legends that say people from outer space came here in them, and they taught our acenstor's magic."
Peter|GM: The treasures…
Echo: "My people's stories say they may have created us and the other Hundred tribes."
Peter|GM: They're from not one but several of the ancient Crescent sultancies.
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh."
Peter|GM: In one case, a mannequin is heavily laden in jewelry, all flashing gold, gems larger than most you've seen.
Folis: "Wow…!"
Lady Elizabeth double checks to make sure her pistol and rifle are loaded, glancing at the Steelians.
Alianor whistles softly as she looks around the room, trying to read the sign above the Steelians without getting close enough to trigger them.
Folis: "… Though, there's gotta be a catch. There has to be! You know… other than the automatons…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright, we're gunna need to bust through, Ya'll ready?"
Folis: "Wha… oh! Yeah! Of course, captain!"
Echo nods, hefting his mace.
Alianor: "There's all kinds of theories… oh, ha. The sign's pretty simple. 'Alarm will sound'."
Echo: "Oh if the glass is broken? Like a trap?"
Alianor nods to herself, unslinging Priscilla and making a last minute checking. "Maybe? It's not specific."
Petrichor: At the mention of the Arcolith, the caterpillar grows spiky. Its colors darken, and it takes the twig-wand off its side.
Lady Elizabeth tilts her head slightly at Petrichor, then moves in to engage!
Folis: "If the alarm sounds… more might show up. Be aware!"
Peter|GM: As the party approach the Steelians with weapons drawn…
Peter|GM: They alert!
Peter|GM: From the ceiling, one of those spider-like automatons, a Spindle, drops.
Peter|GM: Except - there's a glass bulb on its back. It immediately begins pulsing with a searing red-and-blue light, blaring and making a horrendous noise.
Folis: "I called it!"
Folis: "How ingenious! Attaching the alarm to the protector itself!"
Alianor: "…Right, I think that's my first target, just so it'll shut up."
Lady Elizabeth: "Yup."
Folis thumps her staff on the ground, then starts whirling it menacingly! [Quicken 2]
Peter|GM: Round One - Showtime!
Peter|GM: That noise is horrendous! The party is Short Exhausted I!
[OOC] Peter|GM: The Alarm Spindle will do this as long as it is alive. Ugh!
Peter|GM: It then fires its Raygun - a beam of bright red energy - at Petrichor!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for 100/25
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+18 and got 5 ( Total: 23.0 )
Peter|GM: Burning them for 23 Fire damage!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis takes in a deep breath, drawing in latent aether - and a swirl of embers springs into life around her! [Quick: Release Phoenix Tail]
Folis then executes a neat turn, firing off a shocking sphere of magic toward Steelian B, using the brief confusion to better ready herself! [Shooting Star, Quicken 1]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 98 ( Total: 98 ) for burst rate 35
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness!
Alianor winces, not really able to put either hand over her ears. "…definitely killing it first."
Folis draws upon the power of the Arcoreactor, amplifying the spell's power!
Folis rolled 1d10+10+5+5 and got 5 ( Total: 25.0 )
Lady Elizabeth: "I'm gunna lock down one'a those big things first, then the lil fucker with the alarm is priority yeah."
Peter|GM: Air manna amplifies it - hits for 25!
Folis becomes surrounded by sparks now, as well! [Witch Mode: Shooting Star]
Folis: "Oh yeah…!"
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Petrichor: The If-ys had cried out when the Spindle fired upon them, and the smell of burning leaves hangs in the air. They wave their wand, and cast Goddess Hand in return at the spider-like thing.
Petrichor rolled 1d8+10 and got 2 ( Total: 12.0 )
Peter|GM: Roll 1d100 and check for Burst, too!
Petrichor rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 )
Peter|GM: The crash of phantom earth slaps down the Spindle, but it springs down on its legs and bounces back up, absorbing much of the blow. It's Resistant! 7!
Peter|GM: The Steelian B bashes into the front row, lowering its shoulder and deploying a barrier!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 95, 55 ( Total: 150 ) for CoS 50 Folis Echo
Peter|GM: Hitting neither! It deploys Short K-Guard II!
Folis: "Nope!" Folis leaps out of the way.
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Echo crashes into it, shield-to-shield.
Peter|GM: The Steelian locks shields with Echo, and -
Peter|GM: Echo forces it back!
Peter|GM: The Steelian stumbles backwards, crashing through one of the glass cases.
Peter|GM: The Alarm Spindle turns an angry eye towards the Steelian for the moment. The bashful Steelian returns to its spot in the battle line a moment later.
Lady Elizabeth: "Good thing most'a those're empty anyway."
Alianor takes aim at the Alarm Spindle [Lock On] before firing a burst at it! [Semi-Auto]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for 80/40
[OOC] Alianor: -1 LP for -20
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Alianor rolled 3d6+12 and got 2, 2, 4 ( Total: 20.0 )
Peter|GM: Blazes for 20! Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth rolls her shoulders, before taking aim at Steelian A and firing. [Eliminate - Air Combo]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 80
Peter|GM: Strikes true!
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+14 and got 3 ( Total: 17 ) for Long Shock II
Peter|GM: 13! It's Shocked!
Peter|GM: Steelian A bashes into the front row!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 73, 95 ( Total: 168 ) for Folis Echo
Peter|GM: But its joints seize up and it thrashes, shocked!
Peter|GM: K-Guard II active!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Folis: "These guys have seen better days…"
Echo calls up a host of spirits, shielding the party with some earth spirits. [OD: Force Field. Barrier (8) for the party. ]
Peter|GM: Phantasmal light is active!
Echo then calls up another Spirit to protect Folis. [Aegis: Bubble (10)]
Folis: "Whoa…! Thanks!"
Peter|GM: A spherical shield surrounds Folis. It glimmers faintly with points of light, like constellations.
Folis: "It's beautiful!"
Peter|GM: I mean, Petrichor!
[OOC] Echo: Make that Petrichor instead of Folis
Peter|GM: …(It's still beautiful.)
Echo follows it up by calling down fire spirits to engulf Steelian B and the Alarm Spindle! [Surpressing Fire, C: Rush]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 )
3 fire damage and Long Challenge to both! (Short Burning II is rather useless though)
Peter|GM: 3! 3!
Petrichor: "Oh! Thank you!"
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis takes careful aim, pulling upon more manna to hurl a [Shooting Star] savagely toward the Alarm Spindle!
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 ) for burst rate 35
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness!
Folis pulls upon the reactor's power once more!
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 1d10+12+5+5+3
[OOC] Folis: uh
Folis rolled 1d10+12+5+5+3 and got 2 ( Total: 27.0 )
Peter|GM: The Alarm Spindle continues to blare a piercing siren, inflicting Short Exhaust I to the party!
Folis: "Just a little more time…"
Peter|GM: It fires its raygun at Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 46 ( Total: 46 )
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+18 and got 3 ( Total: 21.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting for 21 Fire damage!
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Echo takes the hit on his shield. [-8 barrier, -10 shield]
Petrichor: It was time for the Spindle to go! Away! Starlight surrounds the If-ys, coalescing into a brilliant star. It arcs towards the annoying automaton! (They cast Shooting Star!)
Peter|GM: Roll for Burst!
Petrichor rolled 1d8+10 and got 7 ( Total: 17.0 )
Petrichor rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 )
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness, striking for 23 Air damage!
Peter|GM: Starlight blasts a hole through it - it's defeated!
Folis: "Oh man… thank you."
Peter|GM: The noise finally stops!
[OOC] Peter|GM: Exhaust is lifted
Lady Elizabeth: "Whew."
Peter|GM: Steelian B lifts its sword and smashes it down onto Echo, and Elizabeth behind!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 91, 69 ( Total: 160 ) for C90
Petrichor: "You're very welcome." The caterpillar bows.
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 12, 6, 11 ( Total: 39.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Elizabeth for 33 physical damage after Challenge!
Peter|GM: It then turns and punches Echo! [Attack]
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 )
Peter|GM: But Echo parries!
Lady Elizabeth: "Holy fuck -!"
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Folis: "Captain!"
Folis: "Please, hang in there!"
Lady Elizabeth: "I'll live."
Folis: "You'd better!"
Alianor tweaks a few dials [Lightning in a Bottle] before training a red sighting laser on Steelian B! [Laser Sighted, C-Air]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 52 ( Total: 52 ) for 100/40
[OOC] Alianor: -2 LP to crit
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Alianor rolled 2d6+14 and got 1, 6 ( Total: 21.0 )
Peter|GM: 17!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth glances between the two large robots, then nods to herself. [Q - Flawless], then [Advance]s forward, slamming her spear first into Steelian A, before spinning around and firing into Steelian B with her pistol.
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+11 and got 1 ( Total: 12 ) for True Strike B for 6 and Slow 2
Peter|GM: 8! 4!
Peter|GM: Steelian A crashes its sword into Elizabeth and Alianor!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 100, 44 ( Total: 144 ) for CoS90
Lady Elizabeth rolls out of the way quickly.
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 2, 6, 9 ( Total: 27.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Alianor for 27 physical damage!
Peter|GM: It follows up with a punch to Elizabeth!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for CoS80
Peter|GM rolled 2d10+10 and got 5, 6 ( Total: 21.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting her for 21 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo uses the Mystic's Beads to call up a water spirit, before stepping in front of Lady Elizabeth and hitting Steelian B with a Covering Blow!
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
[OOC] Echo: -1 LP
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Echo rolled d6+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9.0 )
Peter|GM: 5!
[OOC] Echo: And +10 HP to the captain
[OOC] Echo: C: Water
Peter|GM: Round Three - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis spins her staff briefly, conjuring up another sparking [Shooting Star] to slam into Steelian B!
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 ) for burst rate 35
Peter|GM: It's a burst! Sears through the weakness!
Peter|GM: Oh, and I forgot - Steelians are off balance. [Short K-Shatter II!]
Folis rolled 1d10+12+5+3+3 and got 3 ( Total: 26.0 )
Peter|GM: A marvelous 26!
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Folis: "Heh heh… you'd better watch out, 'cause I'm really feeling it now!"
Folis: "Prepare to be pulverized!"
Petrichor: "I'll give it my best shot!" Petrichor will cast Shooting Star again.
Petrichor rolled 1d8+10 and got 7 ( Total: 17.0 )
Petrichor rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 )
Petrichor: Witch Mode!
Petrichor rolled 1d8+12 and got 7 ( Total: 19.0 )
Peter|GM: Blazes into the weakness, hitting for 27 damage!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor takes a shot at Steelian B! [Attack]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 ) for 100/40
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Alianor rolled 1d6+8 and got 3 ( Total: 11.0 ) for gains +1 LP
Peter|GM: 13!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth jumps backwards as she slides her rifle back around and fires off at shot at Steelian B. [Q - Lion Bracelet] [Fade - Air Combo]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 85
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: -1LP
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+13 and got 3 ( Total: 16 )
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: +4, 20
Peter|GM: 22! I think, did you include both the Shatter and the Armor in there already?
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: nope! I thought you said it was short k-shatter anyway
[OOC] Peter|GM: It's still that round!
Peter|GM: the Shocked Steelian A tries to slam its sword into Echo and Alianor!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 84, 78 ( Total: 162 ) for CoS 60 after Shock II, I suppose
Peter|GM: Hitting neither! It punches Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 53 ( Total: 53 ) for C50
Peter|GM: Steelian B slams its sword into Echo and Petrichor!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 78, 100 ( Total: 178 ) for C90
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 3, 8, 3 ( Total: 24.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Echo for 24 physical damage, following with a fist slam!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for CoS80
Peter|GM rolled 2d10+10 and got 1, 2 ( Total: 13.0 )
Peter|GM: Crushing for 13 physical damage!
Echo blocks most of it on his shield. [-10]
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo steps forward, driving an Iron Driver into Steelian B!
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 )
Echo rolled d6+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9.0 ) for Bubble (10) to self
Peter|GM: 11!
Echo also heals himself up with the air spirit. [C: Air - +10 HP]
Peter|GM: Round Four - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Steelian defenses are still down! [Short K-Shatter II after using sword.]
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis: "Hah! Now it's my turn to wreak some havoc! Bear witness to my supreme magical strength!" (( ))
Peter|GM: Energy is crackling! Go!
Folis focuses, and there's a -pull- in the air that can be felt - it forms in on one end of the staff, glowing brighter and brighter - and with a sweep of the weapon, an unearthly beam of light follows, engulfing both Steelians! [14+6+4+2 to A, 14+6+2 to B]
Peter|GM: 26! 22!
Folis pauses a moment - is the second automaton destroyed yet?
Folis: "Son of a bitch!"
Folis turns and fires a briefly-weaker [Shooting Star] at Steelian B, causing her energy to flare right back up!
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 ) for 35 burst rate
Peter|GM: It's a burst!
Peter|GM: The searing light drops its to its knees, defeated!
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Folis: "About time…"
Petrichor: Sparkling energy gathers together again to form a star! It arcs towards the Steelian, whistling intensely.
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness there, too!
[OOC] Petrichor: Not still in Witch Mode, right?
Peter|GM: Still in Witch Mode!
Petrichor: EFF YEAH
Peter|GM: Warlock spells unseal when they hit weaknesses. Then, until you rest, or until you use "Witching Hour" , they stay that way.
Petrichor rolled 1d8+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13.0 )
Petrichor rolled 1d100 and got 18 ( Total: 18 )
Peter|GM: 26!
Peter|GM: …Oh, hold on…
Peter|GM: There's still burning from the beam of light Folis deployed, her Witching Hour.
Peter|GM: It created a "Rush" momentum.
Peter|GM: You can execute C-Rush with Shooting Star for bonus damage, if you'd like!
Petrichor: Okay!
[OOC] Peter|GM: C-Rush: +4 damage!] …For a total of 30!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor is a little busy cooling down Priscilla. [Defend]
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Peter|GM: (Remember you can Quicken if you'd like, Alianor.)
Lady Elizabeth prepares for another little trick… [REPOSITION]
[OOC] Alianor: Yeah don't see the need to change the turn order.
Peter|GM: Steelian A slams a sword crash onto Echo and Alianor!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 84, 45 ( Total: 129 ) for 60
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 7, 12, 3 ( Total: 32.0 )
Peter|GM: Following up with a punch to Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for C50
Peter|GM: Hitting Alianor for 32 physical damage!
[OOC] Alianor: …At least I'm defending.
Peter|GM: So you are!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo swings his club at the Steelian! [Attack]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 )
Echo rolled d6+8 and got 6 ( Total: 14.0 )
Peter|GM: 16!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth follows up behind Echo, using his shoulders to spring board herself into the air briefly as she slams her spear into the Steelian's head. [Exact Strike - Launch+1 Combo]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 80
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 46]!
Peter|GM: 46!
Folis: "Dear gods…!"
Peter|GM: It clutches its face, sparking as the spear leaves a horrendous wound.
Peter|GM: Folis!
Peter|GM: For a moment, Elizabeth hangs off the thrashing Steelian.
Lady Elizabeth yanks it out as she falls, then bounces back towards Echo.
Peter|GM: Round Five - Showtime!
Peter|GM: But yes, Folis!
Folis turns and fires another [Shooting Star], straight into the wound!
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 ) for 35
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness!
Peter|GM: Boosted vs. slower enemies!
Folis rolled 1d10+14+5+3 and got 9 ( Total: 31.0 )
Peter|GM: 31!
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Petrichor: Shooting Star again!
Folis: "You can do this, Petrichor!"
Peter|GM: The blaze of light cuts into it…!
Petrichor rolled 1d8+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13.0 )
Petrichor rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
Peter|GM: 21!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor considers for a moment, and then there's no kill like overkill, launching a salvo at it!. [Overdrive: Double Up - Bunker Buster]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for 100/40
Alianor rolled 1d6+14 and got 2 ( Total: 16.0 )
Peter|GM: 18! It's destroyed!
Folis: "Excellent!"
Lady Elizabeth: "One of those ain't so bad… two's kind of annoying though. Specially with that alarm."
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been terminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +10 EXP.
Peter|GM: With the alarm disabled, you can probably start smashing the cases and looting.
Folis: "…"
Lady Elizabeth does just that!
Folis breaks the case to that rather breathtaking jewelry display, minding the loot a bit before taking it.
Peter|GM: All told, you collect [A Massive Collection of Sultanate Treasures, Probably Worth 1000G.]
Peter|GM: It's… it's extremely heavy.
Lady Elizabeth: "Okay… so…
Folis: "… Am I dreaming?"
Lady Elizabeth: "We're defintiely not walkin' around with all this shit. Back to camp!"
Folis: "Yeah uh…"
Folis: "Hmm."
Echo picks up a great deal of that Treasure.
Folis: "Say, do you have contacts you trust to pick all this stuff up?"
Lady Elizabeth: "There's space fer it on the boat."
Folis: "… Right!"
Lady Elizabeth: "You mean, a fence? Yeah, of course."
Folis: "A fence! Yeah."
Folis has a lot to learn, apparently.
Petrichor: Petrichor knocks a small goblet to the floor with a "hmph!" before picking it up disdainfully. "Will your fence want this?"
Alianor goes to help with carrying it back. This is probably going to take multiple trips. "I'm starting to see why you thought you'd be able to pay us all afterwards."
Lady Elizabeth fills her backpack and pockets to the brim, before slowly begining to waddle back to base camp.
Peter|GM: It's a long, long arduous haul…
Lady Elizabeth: "They'll want pretty much anything."
Peter|GM: …But eventually you manage to drag it all back to the ship. It takes two trips, even with Echo bearing massive amounts on his back.
Petrichor: Petrichor helps as best they can!
Lady Elizabeth: "You can problem leave the jewelry at camp too, so it's not takin' up space as we go."
Peter|GM: Please record what things are left at the base camp, and what things are loaded onto the ship.
Folis: "… that's a good idea actually."
Peter|GM: …Phew…
Lady Elizabeth spends a good number of minutes sorting everything out in the hull while they drop stuff off at camp, then comes back out of the boat while dusting off her hands.
Peter|GM: …That was hard work.
Folis: "Oh man…"
Folis: "That was awesome…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Ready to get back in there?" Elizabeth grins.
Echo leaves that sapphire bracelet back at camp.
Folis: "Yeah I just- I need a few minutes."
Folis: "Blew through my magical energy, used a lot of physical energy…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Haha. Well, ya got that staff at least."
Alianor lets out a breath, leaving the unidentified rifle at the camp to fiddle with tonight. "Sun's not set yet, so I guess so?"
Folis: "Why do you think I rely it on so much? It's practical."
Lady Elizabeth nods her head a bit, before heading back into the Arcolith and beyond the Sanctuary.
Peter|GM: The room with mostly empty glass cases.
Peter|GM: To the east, the room that once held Sultanate treasures.
Lady Elizabeth then heads to the treasure room, before moving north to the new room!
Folis follows the captain, leaning a bit on the staff. Thump thump thump.
Peter|GM: This room is occupied by sculptures displaying arms and armor - many of human (or elven, or driftin) stature, but some Hundred, also.
Peter|GM: Their joints are articulated. Perhaps they could be posed in new ways, for different displays?
Folis: "Maiden forfend, there's more?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm."
Petrichor: Petrichor lets out a low kettle hiss.
Folis: "Captain, something has been bothering me, ever since we started this venture."
Peter|GM: At the centerpiece of the room, a statue - Hundred in shape, but with no animal features - bears a simple sword, standing behind a massive, reflective tower shield, staring towards the western exit.
Peter|GM: (To the stepped pyramid room.)
Peter|GM: There's another exit to the north, too.
Folis: "Why is so much of this stuff still here? We can't possibly have been the first ones, right?"
Lady Elizabeth: "We are in fact,"
Lady Elizabeth: "The first ones here. As far as I and history are aware, anyway." Elizabeth glances back over at Alianor to confirm.
Folis: "Oh. Okay."
Folis: "… I feel a little bit better, then."
Lady Elizabeth: "Cool caterpiller dudes nonwithstanding," She adds with a nod to Petrichor after a moment.
Echo takes a look at the various Hundred figures, especially the most unusual one at the centre.
Peter|GM: The statues do not possess bestial figures - they're formless and white. But the stockiness of their builds, the thickness of their limbs, suggests nothing other than a Hundred.
Echo: "This certainly feels like it lends some truth to our stories."
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm. I kinda get the feeling these things are gunna be connected to a puzzle of some kind…"
Folis checks out all the driftin armors. Could any of them be repurposed, or are they bolted to the figures themselves?
Petrichor: "I was looking for my Old Name, and I…fell asleep? I think. Sleeping is strange."
Peter|GM: Folis: They're bolted on. It'd take some effort, but you could probably pry them off. They don't have any special magic to them, but you could put together a regular suit of armor from the stuff here, if you wish.
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh. Well, I'll keep an eye out for any names then!"
Echo looks over the reflective tower shield.
Lady Elizabeth: "Give ya first dibs on any we stumble across."
Alianor nods in agreement. "Ecafa - ah, that's the other city nearby - has kept people out of here for centuries. It's only with Miss Elizabeth's key, and the war going on, that we're able to come here at all."
Folis … figures if anything she'd come back to that later. No use expending further effort for this one room… for now.
Peter|GM: That shield is the one magic piece in this display. It's bolted on, but…
[OOC] Folis: Would that take mechanisms to fiddle off?
Peter|GM: Yeah, I think Mechanisms would be appropriate.
[OOC] Alianor: I've got a 2 in Mechanisms, I should maybe roll first
[OOC] Folis: Oh, I can assist, as well.
Alianor rolled 4d6 and got 5, 5, 1, 2 ( Total: 13 )
Peter|GM: -That'll do it.
Alianor pulls out some tools, undoing the bolts keeping the shield on the display.
Folis looks through her pack for a greased rag - ah, Alia's already gotten the shield.
Echo: "Thanks." He flips the shield over to take a look at the back, then throws it over onto his back as well.
Folis: "… I guess it wasn't that secure, huh."
Alianor 's eyes widen for a moment, clipping a wire as she pulls it off, preventing an alarm.
Petrichor: "Thank you."
Lady Elizabeth ear flicks in Alianor's direction curiously at her expression.
Folis: "… You almost did the thing, didn't you."
Alianor: "Booby trapped, had to clip a wire or else we'd set off an alarm. Trying to pry it off might have been a mistake."
Lady Elizabeth: "Oh. Good catch!"
Echo: "Well done."
Peter|GM: Echo: We'll call it the Shining Wall. It's a magical Tower Shield.
Alianor smiles a little at the praise, though it's a bit wan when she thinks of the possible consequences. "…I really hope I don't have to hear that wailing anymore, it must be even worse with all of your sharper hearing."
[OOC] Peter|GM: 2/2
Echo: "…it was not pleasant.]
Lady Elizabeth: "It definitely weren't pleasent."
Lady Elizabeth laughs a little.
Folis: "Noooooo, no more wailing…"
Peter|GM: Exits to the north and the west.
Lady Elizabeth heads north again!
Folis casts about warily while following, staying alert for tripwires or odd looking spots of ground.
Peter|GM: There's a strange, ominous feeling as you enter the northern room - a baking, ferocious heat coming from nothing.
Folis: "Nnh… hey…"
Peter|GM: This room displays only one thing - a strange statue, covered in loosely fitting cloth, looking almost like a giant dwarf, its face hidden, slumped against the far wall, its hand over a treasure chest.
Peter|GM: A placard, in Patron script, explains…
Peter|GM: whatever this is.
Lady Elizabeth tugs at her collar for a moment, squinting at the text.
Alianor grimaces at the heat, walking closer to examine the placard.
Folis: "I don't need to be able to read this to know it's a warning of some kind…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Might be a riddle."
Lady Elizabeth: "Actually given it's under a dwarf statue, it might be an offering to the first person that happens upon it."
Alianor: "It says… 'Flame Gigas from the Black City over Dark Water'. Whatever that means, though that might have to do with the heat."
Folis: "… is the Gigas in the chest?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Only one way to find out…!"
Folis: "Suppose so…"
Peter|GM: A yellow light appears in the shrouded face of the statue.
Peter|GM: And then another, and then another, thin slits, like a grille.
Peter|GM: It stands up, its armor plates shifting and its pattern clothes draping off of it.
Peter|GM: And it speaks.
Lady Elizabeth: "…Is it sensing my intent to open the chest?!"
Peter|GM: "Stop."
Peter|GM: "Yes: I am sensing your intent to open the chest."
Folis: "… Uh, okay."
Peter|GM: "Do not open the chest."
Folis: "Is there a gigas in there?"
Lady Elizabeth: "That…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Is honestly really fucking cool."
Peter|GM: "I am the Gigas."
Alianor blinks. "Okay, I was not expecting it to move. Or talk."
Folis: "Oh!"
Lady Elizabeth: "What's in the chest?"
Folis: "Neat!"
Echo: "…impressive."
Peter|GM: "It is our Gift. I am also a portion of the Gift."
Petrichor: The caterpillar If-ys bunches into itself, unhappy spikes beginning to push out of its green flesh.
Peter|GM: "It is for the Patrons. It is not for you."
Lady Elizabeth: "What're you thinkin', Petrichor, open it anyway?"
Folis: "I figure it'll either be us or someone else…"
Petrichor: "No. Ask questions."
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Nothing else really comes to mind."
Alianor: "The Patrons, or Architects, or what-not, they all left for the stars centuries ago. There's none of them coming back for it."
Petrichor: "Gigas: what was this place?"
Lady Elizabeth scratches at the back of her head.
Peter|GM: "The Forest of Exhibits was where the peoples came to deliver their Gifts, should they be permitted beyond the Garden of Judgements."
Peter|GM: "There, the Gifts would be displayed and honored forever."
Folis: "… what's the point of a gift nobody can use anymore?"
Peter|GM: "This is a shrine for the greatest achievements of the peoples."
Peter|GM: "It is the recognition of the Architects that those they guided have created works that they too admire."
Petrichor: "Your masters are dead." Petrichor's voice is strange - not the soft voice of an indeterminate youth. Something else. The spikes are multiplying.
Folis: "That's not very practical."
Lady Elizabeth: "Well… speakin' as a professional salvager… if they wanted to keep their shit on display… they shoulda kept it at home, 'stead of on a broken derelict."
Lady Elizabeth: "It's mine now."
Alianor: "A shrine that no can visit isn't very useful. They should have made a museum or such instead."
Peter|GM: "If you wish to take the Gift,"
Peter|GM: "I will instead kill all of you."
Peter|GM: "This, too, is our Gift."
Folis: "Wow, fuck you."
Peter|GM: The Gigas sits down.
Peter|GM: "I have killed a dozen already."
Peter|GM: "It is not difficult."
Folis: "No room for working things out, just death."
Peter|GM: "I think the Architects warn them half-heartedly."
Echo: "Seems pretty traditional to me," he says, rubbing his chin.
Folis: "Figures…"
Lady Elizabeth laughs quietly at first, but it gets louder as she unslings her rifle.
Lady Elizabeth: "I'm game."
Alianor: "Oh, but first, where's the Black City over Dark Water?"
Peter|GM: "It's the Black City," the Gigas says, a little confused. "Over Dark Water."
Echo: "Do you know of these Architects created my people? The Hundred?"
Peter|GM: "I do not know."
Echo nods.
Peter|GM: "The Hundred are known to me. I know that those like me fought against them in wars."
Echo: "Were they working for someone else, or fighting by themselves?"
Alianor shrugs before unslinging Priscilla. "I figured I'd ask since it was on the same placard calling you a Flame Gigas."
Petrichor: "Do you know my Name, you stupid thing?"
Peter|GM: The Flame Gigas roars a hiss of steam and slams its fist down, and from the ceiling drop three strange sculptures, whinnying by its side.
Peter|GM: …Chess figurines. Two knights, flanking it, a Bishop of sorts, behind it.
Peter|GM: "I am a Gift to the Architects."
Peter|GM: "We no longer need know the names of the spirits!"
Echo: "…very well." He draws his club.
Folis: "You…"

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