Ch1 3

Peter|GM: The expedition regroups after felling a massive automaton. It lies in front of a passageway heading further north. The scent of sea-water and damp is rich in the air, mingling with a strange tone - dust and burnt ozone.
Peter|GM: The room is bisected separated by a shallow trench of gravel.
Peter|GM: On the east wall, strange rack-like apparati resemble those that were seen below.
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright well… might as well see how much further we can get in before messin' with the orb again, yeah? Which means movin' what's left of that automaton outa tha way"
Peter|GM: You could push it aside, or you could just climb over it and squeeze through the doorway.
Le Masked Buccaneer stretches. "Shall we give it a great HEAVE HO?"
Folis: "No point leaving it just sitting here in the way…"
Peter|GM: Oh, and on the south side of the wall, there's a staircase leading downwards.
Folis: "Like hell I'm gonna be able to move this on my own though."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I would assume a group effort!"
Echo will start working to move tthe broken robot out of the way.
Folis cracks her knuckles and gets to shovin'.
Peter|GM: Echo: Roll Strength please, and spend successes: - It's moved, - You aren't wearied.
Echo rolled 4d6 and got 1, 4, 1, 2 ( Total: 8 )
Le Masked Buccaneer shoves as hard as his aristrocratic muscles can shove
Peter|GM: If you're helping out, you can just roll your Strength in d6 and add successes on a 6! (Don't apply your 2 hero dice to this.)
Folis rolled 1d6 and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
Folis: "This is dumb, you're supposed to push more over -here-."
Le Masked Buccaneer is about as much help as formerly landed gentry usually is.
[OOC] Echo: Spending 1 LP for a success
Peter|GM: That's tiger strength: As Echo and Folis put their backs to it…
Peter|GM: …The massive automaton shifts, tilting up a little, and then rolls and slams over onto its front, clearing the archway!
Peter|GM: …That's easier than just pushing it.
Folis: "Yeah!"
Lady Elizabeth: "That'll do."
Alianor: "Good work, you three!"
Le Masked Buccaneer slumps over. "I must give…*pant pant* all the credit…*pant pant* to the other participants."
Peter|GM: The passageway north passes through a hallway that curves downwards, then upwards, hiding what's ahead of sight.
Lady Elizabeth does a quick check on the stairs down - it leads into the chamber of slabs and mummies, right?
Folis: "Onward!"
Le Masked Buccaneer straightens. "Indeed!"
Peter|GM: Elizabeth: Actually, it leads to a room that looks like a row of prison-cells.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm…" She makes a note to check here on the way back, then heads north.
Le Masked Buccaneer begins to head down the hallway, unless stopped.
Peter|GM: The left wall of the hallway is decorated with blown glass spheres, opaque, of various colors. Some of them glow with a faint light, illuminating the pathway. There are holes in the design also - gaps in the wall.
Peter|GM: North, the sound of water is just up the slope.
Folis taps one of the spheres with her staff. Any reaction?
[OOC] Folis: Like. Gently. Not breaking them.
Peter|GM: There's no particular reaction - they're melded together quite solidly, sculpture and not device.
Folis: "Darn."
Peter|GM: Those holes in the wall do seem to reveal that there's a small, dark chamber on the other side.
Folis continues following the rest of the crew.
Peter|GM: One of those familiar orb altars can be seen, containing an orb emitting a deep mahogany red.
Folis: "Hey! Fire orb!"
Alianor: "…I wonder if we should see where it might be affecting before we remove it."
Lady Elizabeth: "On the wrong side of the ice… hah."
Lady Elizabeth: "Maybe we'll loop around to it.
Peter|GM: Santiago ascends the slope, entering a massive, wide room:
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Let us pick up the pace!"
Peter|GM: The floor is gently curved grey stone - a cement, to the educated. Pools of water, some shallow and some deep, dot the eastern side, with a shallow, slow-flowing river separating this side from a central plaza.
Folis: "Hopefully that doesn't mean I have to pick you up to keep the pace…"
Peter|GM: The central plaza is circular, paved with a design of colored and grooved stone - on its south side, the familiar ice wall, on the north, two massive gates.
Peter|GM: To the west of the central plaza, there's a sheer, smooth wall, above which are rows of curved seats, arranged auditorium-like, fenced off. It's hard to see up there, but the geometry suggests that it might have been reachable from the west side of the Site.
Peter|GM: Some of the pools contain little fountains. Others have smooth, dark polished bottoms.
Folis: "I feel like I'm on stage or summat."
Folis: "… Or on trial. Eehhhhh."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Giving an audience at court, perhaps?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Hm…"
Lady Elizabeth heads all the way to the west and glances down, expecting to see the steps that would need the water to be raised to climb up or down..
Alianor: "I wonder what this room was intended for…?"
Peter|GM: Elizabeth: You'd have to climb a fairly high wall to do that, the west side is pretty high up!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: The two gates are on current ground level then?
Peter|GM: Yes, that's so.
Folis wanders over to look at the gates, struck by a sudden thought.
Lady Elizabeth: "Not seeing any way down so I guess this doesn't lead to the fire altar?"
Peter|GM: The river you cross runs from the north to the south, flowing slowly from an opening in either wall.
Peter|GM: That black bottom of the river is very slippery, so you have to slow down to make your way across it.
Peter|GM: Carrying anything heavy might be a pain, but you're not at any risk as long as you're willing to step carefully.
Folis grumbles to herself as she indeed takes the crossing nice and slow. She doesn't want any MORE accidents involving large amounts of water.
Echo: "Maybe the river runs through that dark room…?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Ah. Yeah I guess that could be true. Not sure I wanna be tha one ta check that out, though."
Lady Elizabeth turns to watch whatever it is Folis is doing.
Peter|GM: Inlaid with pearlescent, curling designs, the two metal doors seem like they could swing open, but give off a faint magical pressure.
Folis 's tail twitches this way and that as she gives the two doors a good looking over. She digs through her stuff and takes out the coin she had discovered on her person when she washed up. It's magical… is it the RIGHT KIND of magical?! She holds the object near the door, waiting.
Peter|GM: As the coin is held up, the doors start to shake on their hinges.
Folis: "… Oooh."
Peter|GM: The pearlescent coating cracks first, shattering into shards, which fade into dust.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! The way revealed!"
Lady Elizabeth: "…Huh."
Le Masked Buccaneer begins wading through the water after Folis.
Alianor: "…Okay, that was kind of impressive."
Folis takes a couple paces backward and to the side, still holding the coin. She didn't feel like getting flattened by broken doors.
Peter|GM: Cracks start to slowly spider across the door…
Peter|GM: Until the huge metal gates, too, explode and disintegrate.
Lady Elizabeth: "Y'ever heard of anything like that in the otheres, Alianor?"
Peter|GM: There's a small troupe of enemies on the other end, stunned by the explosion -
Lady Elizabeth: "…The fuck."
Peter|GM: Two look familiar, but two are new - going to charge, or wait for the rest of the party to cross the river?
Echo heads across the river to catch up.
Alianor: "…Not off the top of my head, but we should hurry up and help!"
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah yeah, s'why we got guns."
Folis: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Folis points the coin toward the enemies?
Peter|GM: One of the attendants clutches its head for a moment, and then - they regroup and attack!
Peter|GM: Three of them are those familiar lopsided automatons, the Attendants.
Folis: "Damn."
Alianor can't help a small laugh at Elizabeth's statement, nodding even as she hurries to catch up.
Peter|GM: Leading up the back is a strange, wire enemy, spider-like - or, um, whisk-like? - a Spindle topped with a glowing crystal eye in a wire cage.
Echo: "Unfortunately, I don't have one of these 'firelegs' of yours…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Fireleg…?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Oh, firearms."
Peter|GM: But also: An amorphous being, dark as night, one of its two arms terminating in a massive block of stone. We'll call it a Slugger.
Lady Elizabeth: "Magic's close enough."
Echo: "…right."
Folis: "Jeez…"
Peter|GM: Humans gain Drive. Folis, would you like to Quicken?
Peter|GM: Same to you, Liz.
Le Masked Buccaneer leaps forward! "Back, fiends" !
Lady Elizabeth is good where she's at.
Folis pauses a moment to pocket the coin… THEN TAKES A YOWLING LEAP FORWARD. [Quicken 1]
Peter|GM: Leading up the back of the pack, the Spindle is sitting in the Back Row. That is, melee attacks can't hit it until the front row is cleared.
Peter|GM: Round One - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Folis: "Hey, masky! Do me a solid and [Pin] down that slugger lookin' thing will ya?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: (I think the only way I have to Pin it is to use Piledriver. We OK with it going first?
Le Masked Buccaneer: )
[OOC] Folis: heheh sorry I should have read more closely
[OOC] Peter|GM: You could Speed Switch -> Piledriver it, too.
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: oh yeah that's not a bad plan, speed switch with Echo to get him in front of stuff would be super handy anyway
[OOC] Le Masked Buccaneer: OK!)
Le Masked Buccaneer: )
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! But first, I invite the stout Mr. Echo to open the fray!"
Le Masked Buccaneer: SPEED SWITCH-> Echo
Le Masked Buccaneer: (So will I take my normal action at the reduced time, then?
Le Masked Buccaneer: )
[OOC] Peter|GM: Nope! You continue your turn!
Peter|GM: Echo and Santiago swap initiatives!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "…But after me, of course!" He leaps towards the Slugger, baton shooting out like a stabbing weapon to strike center-of-mass.
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Piledriver success!)
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 4 ( Total: 10.0 )
Peter|GM: It's a hit! The Slugger's flipped to the mat and takes 10 physical damage as Santiago takes the advantage: Initiatives are swapped!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Lady Elizabeth: "…Not bad!"
Echo sends a burst of flames at the Slugger! 3 fire damage, Long Challenge and Short Burning II! [Suppressing Fire]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 ) for Burst 25%
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness for 8!
Peter|GM: The Spindle blinks and fires a ray of laser-light at Elizabeth!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 100/25
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+18 and got 4 ( Total: 22.0 )
Peter|GM: Burning her for 22 fire damage!
Folis 's ears perk, but one plan at a time!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis does a twirling motion with her staff, and points at the Slugger - an intricately designed [Frozen Rose] erupts from the point of impact before shattering viciously!
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for 35 burst rate
Peter|GM: Bursts!
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright, if you want me to shoot ya that bad you got it!"
Folis rolled 1d10+13 and got 5 ( Total: 18 ) for Spending [Pin] to activate: [+10 all burst rates to Slugger for the rest of combat]
Peter|GM: It's resistant - it solidifies as the ice blooms across it, crystalline and jagged, but it only suffers 13 damage!
Folis: "Hyahahahaha~!"
Folis: "You're gonna get totally wrecked, pal!"
Peter|GM: Attendants A and C run wild: the first attacks Folis and Echo, the second Echo and Santiago!
Peter|GM rolled 4d100 and got 86, 73, 99, 61 ( Total: 319 ) for C80 Folis Echo Echo Santiago
Peter|GM rolled d8+12 and got 8 ( Total: 20.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Echo and Santiago once each for 20 phyical damage!
Folis vaults out of the way with alarming speed. "Nope!"
Peter|GM: Attendant B attacks Folis and Santiago!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 73, 20 ( Total: 93 ) for C80 Folis Santiago
Peter|GM rolled d8+12 and got 2 ( Total: 14.0 )
Echo quickly ducks out of the way. [-1 LP]
Peter|GM: Hitting each of them for 14 physical damage with a madly swinging arm!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Argh! Back, back!"
Peter|GM: Echo: The flimsy claw sails overhead!
Peter|GM: The Slugger rumbles and ripples, shattering its icy coat, and then extends its right gelatinous arm as it rushes and slashes at her! [Darkness]
Folis 's presence seems to blink out of the way for a fraction of a second. Too close! [-1 LP, +3 HP]
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for C80
Peter|GM rolled 1d12+20 and got 5 ( Total: 25.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting for 25 physical damage! Shadowy ooze drips off of her, weightless, intangible, but - She suffers from Long E-Falter II!
[OOC] Echo: Challenged, -6
Folis: "Ewwwwww!"
Folis: "You miserable sack of shit! You're in for it now!"
Peter|GM: Right - reduced by Challenge, only 19!
Peter|GM: And Burning sears for 12, right?
[OOC] Echo: Yeah!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor smirks as she fiddles with her gunstaff, before firing off a shot at all five enemies! "A target rich environment, the perfect time to test this!" [OD - Desperado - ]
Alianor rolled 5d100 and got 84, 38, 75, 61, 71 ( Total: 329 ) for 80/20
[OOC] Alianor: -1 LP for the first to hit
Alianor rolled 1d6+8 and got 2 ( Total: 10.0 ) for damage
Peter|GM: Cuts through the field for 10 physical damage to each!
Folis: "Oh! We're gettin' loud now, are we?!"
Alianor hits another valve [Q: Lightning in a Bottle] before letting off another burst at the Spindle! [Semi-Auto]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 80/40
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Alianor rolled 2d6+12 and got 2, 1 ( Total: 15.0 ) for C-Rush from her OD to give +1 Ammo back to Alianor
Peter|GM: 15 damage, and there's more in the feed.
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth flicks her wrist [Lion Bracelet], before unslinging her rifle and lining up a shot on the Spindle. [Eliminate - Water Combo]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 ) for 80
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+14 and got 6 ( Total: 20 ) for Long Chill II
Folis: "Gotta hustle! Gotta hustle hustle hustle!"
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 24, forgot the bracelet
Peter|GM: It's Chilled II!
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Peter|GM: Er, sorry -
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo swings a solid blow at the more solid arm of the Slugger! [Iron Driver]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
Echo rolled d6+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13.0 ) for +4 from Mace, Bubble (10) self
Peter|GM: The Spindle shoots another laser-beam at Elizabeth!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 40 ( Total: 40 ) for 100/25
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+18 and got 1 ( Total: 19.0 )
Peter|GM: Searing for 19 fire damage!
Lady Elizabeth: "Uuugh. Think it's tapped out now at least."
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis yowls out something unintelligible as she darts forward toward the Slugger, the ends of her staff ablaze! She gives the creature a solid thrashing! [Phoenix Tail]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 ) for 45 burst rate
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
[OOC] Folis: isn't it fire weak?
Peter|GM: Yup: Weak to fire!
Folis rolled 2d6+9 and got 3, 4 ( Total: 16.0 ) for -6 falter, +5 weakness
Folis grins and starts cackling madly. Embers seem to swirl around her now [Phoenix Tail: Witch Mode], and little white motes seem to glow into being, darting this way and that - there's an air of tension. [16/16 Drive]
Peter|GM: The Attendants clamber and topple this way and that, attacking Folis and Echo, and Echo and Santiago!
Peter|GM rolled 4d100 and got 71, 95, 74, 13 ( Total: 253 ) for C80 Folis Echo Echo Santiago
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 7 ( Total: 19.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting each once for 19 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Folis pulls a ridiculous face and blinks out of the way again. [-1 LP +3 HP]
Echo blocks the attack fully. [Shield 10 + Bubble 10]
[OOC] Alianor: I think you still take a minimum of 1
[OOC] Echo: oh right
Folis also darts up a bit in the initiative when she spent that luck. [Quicken 1]
Le Masked Buccaneer is buffeted and staggers, despite his armor. "Rather…wishing I had packed more practically…" He strikes towards the slugger again, baton whirling at its mass!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: (yaaay baton)
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 3 ( Total: 9.0 )
Peter|GM: 9 damage!
Peter|GM: Attendant C attacks Folis and Santiago!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 65, 22 ( Total: 87 ) for C80 Folis Santiago
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 6 ( Total: 18.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting each for 18 physical damage!
Folis just tanks that one. She's preparing.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Definitely…wish…I…had…packed…better…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Mmhm."
Peter|GM: The Slugger lifts its stone arm, and the spindle focuses a laser beam on it - the hammer-head starts to slowly glow, first red, then white! [Executing Fire Combo with the Spindle…!]
Peter|GM: It rushes forward to attack Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 50 ( Total: 50 ) for C90
Folis: "Shaddap! Eyes forward!"
Peter|GM rolled 1d12+20 and got 11 ( Total: 31.0 )
Echo blocks some of it with his shield, staggering slightly. [-20]
Peter|GM: Hitting Echo for 31 physical damage! A blazing shockwave crashes backwards from Echo, hitting Alianor for [True Strike: 15 fire.]
Peter|GM: But it's reduced by Challenge to 9 fire!
Lady Elizabeth: "You got that thing, Alianor?"
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor shields Priscilla with her own body, a bit inured to the flames. "Probably!" [-5 from R:Fire]
Alianor then twists a dial and lines up that red light onto the Spindle. [Laser Sighted]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 ) for 100/40
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Alianor rolled 1d6+8 and got 3 ( Total: 11.0 )
Peter|GM: It's blown to bits!
Lady Elizabeth: "Wrong one!"
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth: "Whatever I got it."
Lady Elizabeth rolls her head around her shoulders a bit, doing some caculations in her head. [Flawless] She then darts forward with a burst of speed, slamming her spear into the Slugger, before spinning off to the side and firing into Attendent B with her pistol. [Advance]
Alianor: "Oh. I'm not a mind reader!"
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Launch Combo
Lady Elizabeth rolled d8+13 and got 8 ( Total: 21 ) for True Strike Attendant B for 6 physical and Slow 2.
Peter|GM: 21 physical damage! - But why did someone just slow the Slugger?
Peter|GM: Well, the Slugger's defeated anyway.
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: That's why, i knew it couldn't survive
Peter|GM: As the spear lances through it, it shudders and then - pop! it's gone with a faint spray of intangible ooze.
Peter|GM: Round Three - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo calls up spirits from around them to protect the party. [Barrier (8) for everyone!] [OD: Force Field - ]
Peter|GM: Barrier is activated!
Folis: "Ahehehehe! You're all finished…!" (( ))
Echo then takes a deep breath, shield held up in front. [Defend, regains 10 HP, -5 damage this round, refreshes shield blocks]
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis continues that eerie laugh, spinning her staff overhead as the very air around the combat zone seems to darken, even as the air thickens with the little white motes, which seem to drift and settle on each of the Attendants. Time seems to hang slow, and then stop for the briefest of moments - before the foe's side of the battlefield erupts into devastating magical explosions! [Witching Hour, 2 spells sealed] [16 supreme to
Folis each]
[OOC] Folis: 16 each, if it cut off
Peter|GM: 16! 16! 16!
Folis rushed forward, battering Attendant A while it was still winded! [Attack]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 ) for 80
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Folis rolled 1d6+6 and got 2 ( Total: 8.0 ) for [+1 MP -1 MP Next]
Peter|GM: Attendants A and C attack Folis and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth and Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 4d100 and got 66, 81, 1, 21 ( Total: 169 ) for Folis Elizabeth Elizabeth Echo C80
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 5 ( Total: 17.0 )
Folis: "WrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH."
Peter|GM: Hitting each for 9 physical damage… after the Barrier!
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah yeah, I fergot ya said y'didn't have much real combat experience Ali!" She ducks under one robot, before behind hit by the second.
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer runs in after Folis, striking for the same target!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 6 ( Total: 12 )
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Peter|GM: Its head bends over at the hit, sticking out from its rod-like body at a bad angle.
Peter|GM: …It was pretty lopsided before, so it doesn't seem to slow it down, yet.
Folis: "… can't rightly tell if that's terrible or brilliant design."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Terrible! Definitely terrible!"
Alianor considers for a moment, then lines up a shot at Attendant B, Priscilla letting off a burst of steam as some of it's dials reset themselves! [Bunker Buster, C-Earth]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 ) for 100/40
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Alianor rolled 2d6+25 and got 5, 4 ( Total: 34.0 ) for +6 from two attachments, +5 from C-Earth, both included
Peter|GM: It's blown to bits!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Folis: "YEAH!"
Lady Elizabeth shoots forward as Alianor fires off a shot, shoving her spear through the head of Attendent A. [Attack, 1 Intuition Stack]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 ) for 80
Lady Elizabeth rolled 2d6+11 and got 1, 2 ( Total: 14 )
Peter|GM: Attendant A stops moving!
Peter|GM: Round Four - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo calls up a water spirit before stepping forward with a Covering Blow at the last Attendant! [Q: Mystic's Bead for M-Water]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 50 ( Total: 50 )
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Echo rolled d6+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9.0 ) for Covering Santiago, who also heals 10 HP
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis leaps forward, swinging wildly at Attendant C's head! [Attack]
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Thank you kindly!"
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for 80
Folis rolled 1d6+6 and got 1 ( Total: 7.0 ) for [+1 MP -1 MP Next]
[OOC] Echo: +4 damage to that from mace
[OOC] Folis: it's a staff
Peter|GM: Echo's was a mace!
Peter|GM: Attendant C runs wild, attacking Folis and - Echo steps in to cover Santiago!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 99, 46 ( Total: 145 ) for C80 Folis, Echo
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15.0 )
Folis: "Eeeehehehe, whoops!"
Peter|GM: Hitting for 15 physical damage!
Echo blocks it with his shield [-14]
Folis leeeeeeeeaaaaaans.
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Peter|GM: Rip it apart!
Le Masked Buccaneer leaps back out from behind Echo and strikes! "Begone!"
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 )
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 4 ( Total: 10.0 )
Peter|GM: 10!
Peter|GM: Almost there!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor would really love to help finish it off, but is currently trying to cool off Priscilla after that. [Defend to reload]
Lady Elizabeth swirls her rifle around and fires into the remaining Attendent. [Attack]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for 85
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: -2LP I even used the more accurate weapon damn you
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13 )
Peter|GM: 13!
Peter|GM: It's taken down!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Excellent!"
Folis: "An' that's all she wrote."
Folis leans on her staff, grinning like a fool.
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been eliminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +8 EXP.
Lady Elizabeth rolls her shoulders around, grimacing at the burn marks on her coat.
Folis: "Dang, are you all gonna be okay?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Can… probably handle more more of those before we need to turn back, I think." She considers for a moment, before drawing her pistol and offering it to the Masked Buccaneer. "Particularly if you use this and stick to the back."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Excellent!"
Folis: "Ah yes. The swiftest of leaden alchemies."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I persevere!" He gingerly takes the gun. "But perhaps that is wise."
Echo takes a couple of deep breaths, calling on the aid of the surrounding spirits. [Iron Driver x2 for +12 HP]
Lady Elizabeth: "Just don't lose it before we head back." Elizabeth smiles slightly, then heads through the opening to see what those robots were guarding.
Folis trails shortly behind, a bit of a spring in her step. She's got a new trick comin' up~.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I shall keep it close!"
Peter|GM: Through the gates: A small circular room. A small sidepassage, westward, leads to a little room that seems to be piled with supplies, including a closed chest.
Peter|GM: To the north, there's a faint blue light, motes of energy drifting through the air.
Peter|GM: A sacred space: A Sanctuary.
Folis: "Rrrew?"
Folis steps on over to the supply room… and pokes the closed chest with her staff, checking for more obvious traps.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm…"
Lady Elizabeth: "That room north feels a bit different…"
Peter|GM: Inside the chest was… 50G (in truly ancient coinage) and a Potion!
Peter|GM: The rest of the room is piled with various strange ancient things, including some packets that seem wrapped in a shiny, crackly, metal-like wrapper.
Le Masked Buccaneer inspects one of the packets. "What wonders are these?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Open one and find out?"
Folis: "Money! Medicine!"
Peter|GM: Crinkle, crinkle. It's vaguely bar-shaped, about as wide as three of your fingers, as long as your hand.
Folis turns at the sound of crinkling.
Le Masked Buccaneer delicately pulls it open.
Peter|GM: What's inside has the texture of an oatcake.
Folis splits the money five ways, and sets down - well, four stacks, now.
Peter|GM: If you're willing to eat them, it looks like there's a total of three rations worth of food here? 3 Rations.
Le Masked Buccaneer peers at it. "Ancient foodstuffs, perhaps?"
Lady Elizabeth sniffs at it from a distance. "Think so."
Peter|GM: They don't feel or look stale, at least.
Folis grins and twitches her ears, scooping up one of the Rations.
Lady Elizabeth: "…Doesn't smell rotten."
Peter|GM: (That's about two of those bars.)
Folis: "Nice change of pace!"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am well stocked on admittedly foul foodstuffs; anyone who wishes may have this."
Le Masked Buccaneer looks down sadly at the money pile. "Ah…ten down, nine hundred and ninety to go."
Folis snatches up the remaining rations, then. She's hardly picky.
Lady Elizabeth breaks off a peice of the bar in Santiago's hand and ploops it into her mouth, chewing slowly.
Echo will take a couple of the bars. [+1 rations]
Peter|GM: Huh, there's some sort of… savory… jam… filling…?
Alianor: "Well, I packed more than enough rations myself, so I'd only want to try one for posterity's sakes."
Lady Elizabeth: "…The hell kind of jam is this…?"
Folis: "Ooh, let me try!"
Lady Elizabeth: "Not sweet, not tart…" Elizabeth scrunches up her face, half in confusion, half in disgust.
Folis grabs a piece of the already-opened bar. Nom. Chew chew, considers.
Folis: "Hmmmmmmmmmmm…."
Folis: "You guys are weird, this is pretty great."
Lady Elizabeth: "Is this supposed to be meat flavored or something…?"
Lady Elizabeth: "I don't get it."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Please, take the remainder."
Lady Elizabeth stick out her tongue for a moment after swallowing it, then shakes her head.
Folis: "Hehehehe."
Lady Elizabeth: "Anyway. Have you read any reports of Sanctuaries inside the other Arcolith, Alianor?"
Le Masked Buccaneer pops off his mask with his free hand, looks down at the remainder, and shrugs before nibbling on it.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "What odd provender."
Le Masked Buccaneer chews it up.
Lady Elizabeth begins to wander north, while waiting for Alianor's answer.
Peter|GM: A cool, shallow pool.
Alianor: "Actually, yes… though they're usually more common outside of them, I'm pretty sure?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Aha. I think… this is one, then?"
Peter|GM: In the center, a fallen statue, of strange construction, is heavily chained to the floor, anchored in four points.
Peter|GM: It depicts… hmm, a goddess once, maybe? The head has been removed.
Peter|GM: As you enter:
Le Masked Buccaneer: "How sad."
Peter|GM: (It doesn't match any of the other stonework of the Arcolith…)
Lady Elizabeth: "That's uh, sure some symbology."
Echo: "Strange…"
Peter|GM: There's a sudden cloudburst of phantom rain, the smell of wet earth. For a moment, the institionally clean pool of water shimmers, burbles, and clouds with moss and mud.
Peter|GM: It is a conjuration,
Peter|GM: An appearing.
Peter|GM: Petrichor, what do you look like today?
Lady Elizabeth: "- Is it supposed to do that?"
Lady Elizabeth glances between Alianor and Echo.
Alianor: "…I don't think so."
Echo: "…very strange."
Folis darts toward that other room at the sound of all that. "Whoa whoa whoa what?"
Petrichor: There is - oh, how lovely to be an is, not a was, not a will be. Up from water, from mire, a lovely axolotl, its frilled gills undulating, peers. "Do you know me," it says, voice sweet.
Folis: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Folis: "No."
Le Masked Buccaneer readies his borrowed pistol-…and then lowers it, once greated. "Not yet, at any rate. Greetings!"
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Once greeted, rather >.<)
Lady Elizabeth: "…Since when do axolotl talk?"
Echo says quietly to the Masked Buccaneer, "(even monsters won't attack in a Sanctuary, but attacking one will break the effect. Please be careful of your actions in one.)"
Petrichor: "Since my throat remembered speech, I think?" It muses, gills stirring in the muddy water like one might stir tea. There are more legs to be seen. A few have bracelets that chime. "But if you don't know me, well…"
Peter|GM: The mire fades, at the edges, as the spirit rises. The clarity of the filtered water overtakes. Not all magic can last.
Lady Elizabeth: "I uh… yeah, no. This place has been sealed off for… shit. Centuries?"
Le Masked Buccaneer holsters the pistol slowly, somewhere inside his armor. "You are from a time wholly different than ours!"
Echo: "'Back when the world was young' as our stories go."
Petrichor: The creature hums in thought, and emerges whole from the pool. "I don't know what that means, but it sounds nice! I'm…" A foot (a hand?) taps the broken tile. "Scent of Rain Rising From Dark Soil. Petrichor."
Folis: "Neat. My name's Folis."
Echo: "A fitting name. I go by Echo."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "So, I am THE-…actually, that won't mean anything to you. I'm Santiago." He pops off the faceplate of his mask, and pulls it away from his helmet. He's a pale faced young man, covered in sweat. "This place has become lousy with dangerous constructs. I don't suppose you know how to turn them off?"
Folis: "Violence."
Folis: "Percussive maintenance."
Lady Elizabeth: "That WOULD be nice…"
Le Masked Buccaneer glares back at Folis. "I mean besides that, which we have already figured out!"
Petrichor: It bows, in turn, to each of them. "Have you tried being smaller?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "My casque is quite intact, but I fear the body inside is tending towards black and blue."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Ah! …I fear that is outside my abilities, at least."
Lady Elizabeth scratches behind her head, giving the strange talking axolotl an odd look.
Alianor: "Alianor Sheridan, good… sir? I don't think any of us know how to become smaller, unfortunately."
Lady Elizabeth: "Doesn't… seem like you yourself are too familiar with where we are?"
Folis: "At least, not without having bits chopped off."
Le Masked Buccaneer glares at Folis again. "Which is to say not at all!"
Folis smirks.
Petrichor: The axolotl scratches behind a fan of gills too. Mostly because it felt nice. "Well!" They look around the room, eyes squinting. "I came in a way that you can't, and the pond was very nice besides. I can at least…walk with you, maybe?"
Peter|GM: The dome-shaped room is decorated, a little, its walls shining with abstract sweeps of color, faintly swirling.
Peter|GM: There's another doorway to the north, beyond the southern exit back to the previous area.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I have no objection." He turns to look at everyone else. "Nothing else in here has even TRIED to talk to us."
Lady Elizabeth: "Ahah. … Yeah, sure, why not. Yer probably not the weirdes thing we'll come across in here and solong as yer not tryin' to kill us…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Any preference to keep pressin' forward, or double back and try an' figure out how to get to that fire orb, maybe explore the raised side of tha room?
Folis: "Keep going, we don't know what's that wya yet."
Echo: "It's a ways back to back-track, we may as well push onwards."
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright."
Lady Elizabeth: "There's a lot of… violent automatons in here, hopefully y'can defend yourself?" Elizabeth asks with a shrug in Petrichor's direction, before moving north.
Echo will still keep an eye on Petrichor once they leave the Sanctuary. Just in case.
Peter|GM: As Elizabeth heads northwards…
Peter|GM: One of the shadow-jellies, with a hammer-stone in its left hand, and a lunchpail in the right, passes into the Sanctuary.
Peter|GM: The Slugger burbles. "Pardon me, ma'am."
Lady Elizabeth: "Uh. … Yeah no prob."
Lady Elizabeth: "…That was weird."
Folis: "… Ain't gotta question it."
[OOC] Folis: gonna*
Petrichor: The axolotl stands up on its hind legs. It is still very small, and waves to the Slugger as a matter of course as it follows after.
Peter|GM: It sits on the side of the Sanctuary, by the wall - and gives a polite, faceless nod to Petrichor - as it unpacks its lunch and begins absorbing it.
Peter|GM: …It doesn't look like food, but the ceremony is similar.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "…Someone you know?" Santiago asks mildly as he fits his mask back into place
Petrichor: "Hmm. No? Do you?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "No, just curious."
Alianor: "…Peaceful places, indeed."
Peter|GM: The passageway north passes underneath a heavy blue velvet curtain.
Peter|GM: The room beyond: A forest of empty glass cases, some as tall as a Steelian, some small. Some few of them contain this and that - there's a statue of a horse in one, one of the orb-altars (empty) in another.
Peter|GM: There's vaulted archways in the three cardinal directions other than south, but the north is barred by an actual Steelian, flanked by two Sluggers.
Peter|GM: They seem… patient.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Oh my."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Hmm."
Lady Elizabeth: "Guess we could throw down with them now, then head back to rest."
Lady Elizabeth: "Resume explorin' in the morning with the pathway open."
Alianor: "A good a plan as any."
Echo: "True."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I suppose a good a time as any to see if my marksmanship is still up to snuff."
Lady Elizabeth double checks to make sure her rifle is loaded, then nods and moves to engage with the group!
Le Masked Buccaneer belatedly checks the pistol's chamber. That wouldn't've been any good!
Petrichor: Petrichor produces a wand!
Folis: "Magic, huh?"
Folis: "You're in good company."
Alianor raises an eyebrow at that before double-checking that yes, Priscilla is good to go.
Petrichor: "An If-Ys is always in good company."
Peter|GM: Humans may gain Drive. Driftin quicken.
Peter|GM: The Steelian - a massive automaton-knight, solidly armored, with a vast saucer-like head and a sword taller than a man, steps forward, puffing out its chest.
Folis is staying put, actually!
Peter|GM: To either side, two umbral oozes, vaguely humanoid but for the way they taper to a pool at their base, one of their two arms toting a heavy stone cylinder, like the head of a hammer.
Folis: "Those things suck, they goop up all your spells."
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Petrichor: There is a dash of light that tracks across the ceiling, like a star falling from the sky. Petrichor casts Shooting Star! !sugar d100
Peter|GM: Yes! But make sure to make it clear what enemy you're targeting. Also you have to type !sugar 1d100 on its own line!
Petrichor: Targeting the hunk of junk Steelian!
Petrichor rolled d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 )
Peter|GM: Nice!
Peter|GM: The lancet of starlight sizzles through the Steelian, hitting the weakness! Your damage roll will be !sugar 1d8+12
Petrichor rolled 1d8+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15.0 )
Peter|GM: The Steelian seizes up for a moment, its mighty fists clenching and twitching as it takes 20 Air damage!
[OOC] Echo: Shooting Star is d8+10 in sealed form
[OOC] Peter|GM: Wand. :>
[OOC] Echo: Oh :o
Peter|GM: Now, I'm going to pause and introduce three concepts real quick:
Peter|GM: DRIVE: After every action, increase your Drive by +2! When you start a turn and it's full, you get to use an Overdrive. It's great!
Peter|GM: MOMENTUM: When you use an "M-Air" ability, make sure to select "Air" in the momentum list and hit "Add" . That throws an Air token on the pile that your allies can use to perform combos.
Peter|GM: WITCHCRAFT: Since you hit a weakness, the true power of Shooting Star is unsealed. Until you rest, or until you seal it a different way, you'll use its upgraded mode - more powerful, more costly!
Peter|GM: …Phew, that's a lot for your first action in the game, huh? Ask me if you have any questions.
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor takes a moment before lining up that red line on Slugger B. [Laser Sighted]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 98 ( Total: 98 ) for 100/20
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Alianor rolled 1d6+8 and got 5 ( Total: 13.0 )
Alianor also used [Q: Lightning in a Bottle] first
Peter|GM: Of course!
Peter|GM: 13 damage!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Peter|GM: The shot ripples through the Slugger, leaving a brief hole through its core before it closes up with a glopr.
Echo sends a wave of flame crashing into the Steelian! 3 fire damage, Long Challenge, and Short Burning II! C-Fire: Long Burning as well! [Suppressing Fire]
Echo rolled d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 ) for Burst 25%
Peter|GM: 3! It's Challenged and Burning!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer reaches to one of his armor's carvings, and pulls off another stormcloud, gently wafting it towards Lady Elizabeth as lightning crackles away, leaping towards the enemies. "The least I could do, in return for the pistol!"
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 37 ( Total: 37 )
Lady Elizabeth: "I'll put it to good use."
Le Masked Buccaneer: (And using that Air momentum to true strike air 6 the enemies)
Peter|GM: The lance of starlight shimmers back into existence, exploding outwards, catalyzed by Santiago's magic:
Peter|GM: The Steelian takes 11 damage! Sluggers take 6!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis snaps her fingers, and immediately, an aura of embers surrounds her. [Q: Release Phoenix Tail]
Folis then charges forward, twirling a blazing staff to put the smackdown on Slugger B! [Witch Mode: Phoenix Tail]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 35 burst rate
Peter|GM: Burst! Hits the weakness!
Folis rolled 2d12+20 and got 1, 6 ( Total: 27.0 )
Folis: "Freakin' yes! Experiment successful!"
Peter|GM: You bake the Weakness into that?
[OOC] Folis: 12 + 5 + 3
[OOC] Peter|GM: Cool!
Peter|GM: Burns for 27 Fire damage!
Folis: "Heh heh heh…!"
Peter|GM: The B Slugger - burning and hissing as it's burned - runs forward and swings a liquid slash at Folis! [Darkness]
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for C80
Peter|GM rolled 1d12+20 and got 12 ( Total: 32.0 )
Folis flips out of the way. "Oh fuck that."
Peter|GM: Hitting for 32 physical damage and -
Peter|GM: It misses! [-1 LP]
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth rolls her arm around twice, then quite suddenly flips forward. She pulls her rifle out in mid air before landing on Slugger B and pauses for a second, before backflipping away from it with a kick to its head, then firing a shot into it while airborne before eventually landing where she'd initially been. [OD - Spinkick]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 ) for 80
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+10 and got 4 ( Total: 14 ) for True Strike 5 air as well, and slow 3.
Folis: "Whoa, stylish!"
Lady Elizabeth then spins around a single time while flicking her wrist [Lion Bracelet Q], before firing a second shot directly into the Steelian's head. [Eliminate - Air Combo]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 90 ( Total: 90 ) for 85
Peter|GM: 14! 5!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: -1LP
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+19 and got 2 ( Total: 21 ) for Long Shock II, True Strike 5 air.
Peter|GM: 17! Long Shock II! 10!
Peter|GM: The Steelian bats at itself, putting out the flames, and defends!
Folis: "Hey! You're not allowed to do that!" \
Peter|GM: Slugger A delivers a massive hammer-blow to Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for C90
Peter|GM rolled 1d12+20 and got 8 ( Total: 28.0 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised by that once I saw one of its compatriots taking a lunch break…"
Peter|GM: Hitting for 28 physical damage!
Lady Elizabeth: "It was either that or it clobbering y'an' Echo both, so…"
Echo blocks most of it! [Shield x2]
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Petrichor!
Petrichor: The wand swishes, and another star falls! Shooting Star hurtles at the Steelian!
Petrichor rolled d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 )
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness!
Peter|GM: This time, it deals !sugar 1d8+17 damage, since the Steelian hasn't acted yet.
Petrichor rolled 1d8+17 and got 6 ( Total: 23.0 )
Petrichor: "Go away," Petrichor cries. At their current size, it hardly seems much of a threat.
Peter|GM: …It hits for 28 Air damage, though!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
[OOC] Echo: +5 weakness, -5 defend?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Oh almost forgot defend.
Peter|GM: Yup, 23!
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright lets clear those little slime out before they pounce again!"
Alianor twists and dial and fires a small burst at Slugger B! [Semi-Auto]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for 100/40
Alianor rolled 1d6+8 and got 4 ( Total: 12.0 ) for +1 LP for hitting on 81+
Peter|GM: 12! Echo!
Echo calls up a protective spirit around Lady Elizabeth! [Aegis - Bubble (10)]
Lady Elizabeth tilts her head to the side.
Echo then strike at Slugger B! [Iron Driver]
Lady Elizabeth: "Handy."
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 )
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Echo rolled d6+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15.0 ) for +4 Mace, Bubble (10) and +10 HP to self [C-Air]
Petrichor: And Petrichor perks up, suddenly, and starts to trot down the hallway as though hearing a long-lost friend calling at a great distance.
Peter|GM: Hmm, guess they had places to be!
[OOC] Peter|GM: …The If-ys, Petrichor, comes and goes like the wind.
Folis: "I-"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Helpful while they were here!"
Folis: "- Sure. I'll go with that."
Lady Elizabeth: "…Yeah that's still better'n a lot of potential other outcomes."
Peter|GM: 15! Echo!
Peter|GM: Er…
Peter|GM: No!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer: OVERDRIVE!
Peter|GM: When you Overdrive, you gain an additional action in which you can use any of your [OD] abilities!
Le Masked Buccaneer pulls out the gun, popping a flaming sun off of his shoulder and thoughtfully sticking it above the weapon's barrel, floating. He twirls the weapon up, and blasts at one of the sluggers, then tosses the flaming sun to Alianor. "I think you're better suited for it, really."
Folis: "Wait, what?"
Peter|GM: That's… Double Up - Secret Weapon, granting Fire Saber to Alianor, right?
Le Masked Buccaneer: Double Up: Elemental Saber-> Self, Attack on Slugger A, using Switch Up to give Fire saber to Alianor
Peter|GM: AS BRILLIANT AS THAT WOULD BE, it does not do what you want it to do, since it goes OD -> Quick -> Normal,
Le Masked Buccaneer: Oooh
Peter|GM: So please readjust as desired!
Le Masked Buccaneer: Does Elemental Saber-> Alianor, switch, regular attack on Sluggar B work, then?
[OOC] Alianor: There isn't much of a point in using Status Switch when you can just give it yourself; it doesn't copy it
Le Masked Buccaneer: Wait, no need to sitch, then
Le Masked Buccaneer: So just elemental saber on Alianor, attack Sluggar B
Peter|GM: Sounds good!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for cos 80 bang
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 5 ( Total: 11 )
Peter|GM: !! Alianoar gains Fire Saber!
Peter|GM: Er, 11!
Peter|GM: Slugger B explodes with a 'pop' and a faint spray of intangible liquid!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis charges herself up with air-elemental power, and flings herself at the Steelian, using her staff as a vaulting pole! [Shooting Star + C-Rush]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 ) for 35 burst rate
Peter|GM: Burst! Hits the weakness! It's defending!
Folis rolled 1d10+19 and got 9 ( Total: 28.0 )
Folis flips neatly off the automaton, landing near the rest of the party. She's still crackling with latent energy. [Witch Mode: Shooting Star]
Peter|GM: You include Defend on that?
Peter|GM: 28 Air damage! …Possibly -5.
[OOC] Folis: +3 burst +4 combo +5 weakness -5 defend
[OOC] Peter|GM: yes ty <3
[OOC] Folis: so I was off by 2
[OOC] Peter|GM: In which direction? :3
Peter|GM: The Steelian puts its shoulder forward, deploys a barrier, and crashes forward!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 12, 48 ( Total: 60 ) for +30 Shock, C50 Folis Echo
Folis: "BLERGH."
Peter|GM: …But before it does that -
[OOC] Peter|GM: OD - Sword Crash -
Peter|GM: The Steelian lifted its massive sword and brought it down onto Folis and Elizabeth!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 65, 37 ( Total: 102 ) for C90 Folis Elizabeth +30 Shock
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: C90…???
Echo parries the blow with his shield. [-1 LP]
[OOC] Peter|GM: I mean, C60 with Shock, in a sense
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 4, 7, 12 ( Total: 33.0 )
[OOC] Folis: Uh….?
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: i could of sworn this was way lower before but
Peter|GM: Hitting Elizabeth for 33 physical damage!
Lady Elizabeth rolls out of the way at the last second. [-3LP]
Folis: "Oh, great… now it's stuck in smashing mode."
Peter|GM: And then, to Folis:
Peter|GM rolled 1d12+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15.0 ) for Shield Bash
Peter|GM: 15 physical damage and it deploys Short K-Guard II!
Folis: "Ow ow ow fuck offfffffff."
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth [Advances] forward, thrusting her spear into the Slugger.
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: -1LP
Peter|GM: Oh, I forgot Challenge, too - You can give yourself back 6 HP, Folis.
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+9 and got 4 ( Total: 13 )
Peter|GM: 13!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: +5 air
Peter|GM: 5!
Peter|GM: Slugger A swings a slash of liquid at Folis! [Darkness]
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: hmm oh
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Activating that Launch momentum for another +2 damage
Peter|GM: 2!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 ) for Folis C90
Folis: "NOOOOOOO." [-1 LP]
Peter|GM: She blocks it, the shadowy ooze crashing to nothingness!
Peter|GM: Round Three - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor fires off a burst at both of the remaining enemies before trying to cool down her gunstaff. [OD - Desperado -> Defend]
Alianor rolled 2d100 and got 32, 11 ( Total: 43 ) for 100/40
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit to both!
Alianor rolled 2d6+14 and got 2, 1 ( Total: 17.0 ) for
Peter|GM: 13! 17!
Peter|GM: Flame Saber hits one of them!
[OOC] Alianor: To the Slugger for 5 Fire!
Peter|GM: The firey shot burns for 10 Fire damage!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo calls up a Water spirit. [Mystic's Beads]
Echo then steps in front of Lady Elizabeth before striking at Slugger A! [Covering Blow]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 ) for 80 CoS
Echo strikes solidly! [-3 LP]
Echo rolled 2d6+12 and got 2, 1 ( Total: 15.0 ) for +10 HP to Lady Elizabeth and Covering her
Peter|GM: 15!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Lady Elizabeth: "C'mon, drop that slug!"
Le Masked Buccaneer fires another shot at the remaining slugger. "A pity there is only one sun in the sky! and more to the point in my arsenal."
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 50 ( Total: 50 )
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 6 ( Total: 12 )
Folis: "What, you can't just generate fire? A pity."
Peter|GM: 12!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis vaults toward the Slugger A, this time wreathed in flame! She lands nearby and swings her staff upward in a terrifying upward strike! [Witch Mode: Phoenix Tail]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 35 burst
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am a corsair, I fear, not…not whatever you are."
Folis rolled 2d12+12+5+5 and got 8, 5 ( Total: 35.0 ) for (C-Launch+1)
Peter|GM: Burning for a massive 35 damage!
Folis: "A witch."
Folis: "Obviously."
Peter|GM: It disintegrates with a pop!
Peter|GM: Lady Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth isn't keen on reliable on any luck or random chance interfering with this next attack… so she won't let it. [Flawless Q] She rushes forward as the flames start to die down, spinning her spear through them before thrusting it into the Steelian's core. [Exact Strike, 1 Stack, Fire Combo]
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 22 Physical] [5 -> 10 Air] [Long Burning
Peter|GM: 18! 10! Long Burning!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Not a remarkably effective witch, just so."
Folis: "Everyone's always learning, right?"
Folis: "I think I can take 'survived the fucking ocean' as a higher victory than mere mortal efficiency."
Lady Elizabeth: "That's not quite gunna drop it, watch out!"
Peter|GM: The Steelian slams its sword down onto Echo and Santiago! [OD - Sword Crush]
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 28, 33 ( Total: 61 ) for C90 Echo Santiago, +30 Shock
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 6, 8, 1 ( Total: 25.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Echo for 25 physical damage and Santiago for 19 physical damage!
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Is that before or after my armor?)
Peter|GM: Before!
Echo blocks some of that! [Shield]
Le Masked Buccaneer staggers beneath the blow. "I wish the friendly chap were still here!"
Peter|GM: The Steelian delivers a punch to Elizabeth - but Echo covers!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 ) for C80 Shock30
Peter|GM: And blocks it with a swat of his mace!
Peter|GM: Round Four - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor slams a new magazine of bullets and takes aim [Q: Lock On] with Priscilla now that it's cooled down, unloading a large burst! [Bunker Buster]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 ) for 100/40
Alianor rolled 3d6+20 and got 1, 1, 4 ( Total: 26.0 )
Peter|GM: Punches through for 22 damage! Burns for 5!
Peter|GM: Echo!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Burns for 6
Echo swings solidly at the Steelian! [Iron Driver]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 )
Echo misses.
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Pardon me, Elizabeth, I'll need that for a moment…" Santiago coaxes the cloud back to his gun as he runs parallel to the Steelion, opening fire when he gets a clear shot at the base of its core.
Lady Elizabeth: "By all means."
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Switch> Saber to Santiago, Switch: Init with Elizabeth, Piledriver! Comboing with Launch momentum just in case)
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 ) for CoS 80 I WILL MAKE THIS WORK IF I HAVE TO SUGAR
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+10 and got 6 ( Total: 16.0 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Plus elemental saber, then I Quicken 2 due to the combo)
Peter|GM: 12! 10!
Peter|GM: The shot sparks furiously, and the Steelian collapses!
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been terminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +10 EXP.
Lady Elizabeth: "Whew."
Folis: "Oh, man…"
Folis leans heavily on her staff.
Folis: "Think we could go back to that nice glowy room for a while? I'm exhausted."
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright I guess those fights near the entrance were just warm ups, this is more like what I was expectin'." Elizabeth loads some fresh ammo into her rifle, just in case.
Le Masked Buccaneer ejects the spent casings from the gun, checks that its empty, and holsters it before popping off his mask. "Quite, my witchy friend."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Dear Elizabeth, thank you again for the loan of the pistol."
Lady Elizabeth: "We could, but y'gotta offer money with your pray fer it to work. Lets head back to base camp."
Lady Elizabeth nods to Santiago.
Folis: "Lucky that you folks just get to reload your weapons… I gotta reload my mind with sleep."
Lady Elizabeth: "Y'handle yerself well with it."
Folis didn't care how much sense she just didn't make.
Alianor lets out a breath as she fiddles with Priscilla. "That was definitely more of a work-out today. But some very good testing data, too."
[OOC] Alianor: work-out than earlier^ still the same day after all
Echo: "Some very strange things in here."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "And at least one friendly one!"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Less gold so far than I'd hoped, though."
Lady Elizabeth: "Don't worry, I'm gettin'…"
Lady Elizabeth sniffs at the air.
Folis: "I still got this necklace worth a bit."
Lady Elizabeth: "Five new pings past tha sanctuary. An' we still got three before it!"
Folis: "You're sensing MORE? Wow!"
Lady Elizabeth slings the rifle over her shoulder while taking the pistol back from Santiago, and begins heading back to camp.
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah."
Folis: "That's really cool."
Folis: "How do you do it? Is it a real smell? Or is it like instinct?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Instinct, but it's never been wrong before either."
Echo: "Maybe she can sense the spirit of the treasures," he muses.
Folis: "Hmm…"
Folis: "I'm glad I opened the way, then!"
Lady Elizabeth: "One'a the reasons I can afford to keep a full crew of salvagers goin'."
Folis: "… I like you. Think I'm gonna enjoy workin' with you."
Folis gives the captain a tired but heartfelt grin.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hah. Well, I aim ta please."
Alianor: "I can't say I'm displeased by this trek so far, though you're right that I'm new to all of this…"
Folis: "S'long as we got each other I figure we'll weasel through it all somehow."
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah don't worry 'bout it, always takes some time ta get used ta fightin' with new people anyway. Yer lil boomstick seems fairly impressive in its own right, too."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I have been more than passingly impressed with all of you."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Which is good, for I doubt Steelions are the worst of the Arcolith's dangers."
Folis: "Oh man. I know it's gonna get worse."
Lady Elizabeth nods in agreement. "Aye, to both."

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