Ch1 1

Peter|GM: The anchor of the Lucky Molly is weighed off the black beach of shattered stone that serves as the camp-head for this expedition. Tents have been set out, the fires have been started.
Peter|GM: A rubble-slope leads upwards to the flat stone wharves that run around the closest edifice of the arcolith site. Other buildings are visible in the waters behind you, lost beneath the sparkling blue waters, obscured by twisting forests of kelp.
Peter|GM: Opposite this building there is another one, it too surrounded by a stone walkway. A flooded street separates them, too thin for the Molly to navigate.
Peter|GM: Coral in that gap gleams in yellows, reds, oranges, greens.
Lady Elizabeth returns to the camp, having just been at one of the buildings moments ago, and tosses a small silver key to Elbereth. "Okay, so."
Elbereth catches the key before slipping it into one of her apron pockets.
Lady Elizabeth: "You're gunna hold onto this while the first team heads on inside that building I just opened up. Don't want it possibly gettin' lost in there."
Folis: "Because that's their job, right?"
Lady Elizabeth then turns back towards the camp proper, climbing up onto a nearby barrel to get everyone's attention. "As for the rest of ya…!"
Lobelia is putting the pieces of her gun back together, having maintained them and her melee attachment during the wait. "Are we ready to head in, then, Captain?"
Folis leans idly on her staff, grinning like a fool.
Lady Elizabeth: "The key I got'll open two different buildin's here! I'm gunna take a small group of ya into one of them right now for some initial scoutin'. Who's up for goin' first?"
Echo actually has to look up after she climbs up on the barrel. He's paying attention.
Echo raises his hand. "I will, Shajan."
Le Masked Buccaneer emerges from his tent. His armor is carved bronze, heavy with verdigris, only the faceplate of his mask and its wire? mustache free of it. "I shall go."
Folis flicks her tail idly. "Sure, captain."
Alianor is only half listening to their leader as she looks around the ruins, her gunstaff resting against a shoulder. "So, this is what one actually looks like in person… Eh? Oh, I'm definitely not passing up a first look."
Peter|GM: The sky is clear. The sea breeze flaps in Elizabeth's hair and coat.
Lady Elizabeth: "Looks like… six. Okay, great. S'good scoutin' number. Grab yer shit and prepare to head in, then!"
Elbereth: "Do tread carefully in there. I'd hate to see you get hurt on the first day."
Lady Elizabeth hops down, turning back to Elbereth. "You're good babysittin' the rest here, right?"
Elbereth: "I planned to serve them some lunch at least. They're free to do as they please."
Lady Elizabeth: "Right, works for me."
Lobelia raises her reassembled gun and slides the hatchet back onto its rail. She hustles to take her place on the vanguard. "I've been looking forward to this. I do hope this great mystery lives up to the expectations you've set up for it."
Lady Elizabeth: "Man, don't look at me. Pretty sure she's one'a the only people with any experience this thing kinda crap." Elizabeth nods in Alianor's direction while slinging a stuffed pack over her shoulder.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "May it be as profitable as it is mysterious." The Buccaneer gestures grandly towards the ruins. "Much rides on the contents of these wastages."
Peter|GM: The tremendous blue-black stone face of the Arcolith seems to have no opinion as to its importance. The rubble-ramp leads up to the wharves, with an archway at the south-east corner of the building.
Alianor doublechecks her own packs before shrugging her shoulders with a slow shaking of her head. "Only secondhand, my mother wasn't irresponsible enough to bring me along on her excursions into Storgei. Though that's still more than most, I'll give you that."
Lady Elizabeth starts to head back up it, after giving everyone a few minutes to grab their things.
Folis listens to everyone chattering as she readies her gear. She hasn't the slightest clue what the venture would entail, but figured she'd be learning it with her face sooner or later.
Peter|GM: There's the faint scar of some charring against the inside wall of the archway - a hint of ash, some burnt-black wood.
Le Masked Buccaneer follows, his supplies already strapped to his back.
Peter|GM: Elizabeth sprung open the door to the archway a few moments ago - two massive doors, inlaid with silver etching, slightly ajar.
Echo can't help but stare a bit at the scenery around him - everything about this is different from what he's known.
Lady Elizabeth: "They're kinna heavy." She grunts, pushing against one side with all her weight.
Lobelia: "Allow me, then." Lobelia gladly lends an extra shoulder to getting the door open.
Echo handles the other one.
Peter|GM: Elizabeth and Lobelia push one door aside.
Peter|GM: Echo flings the other.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Well done!" The Buccaneer walks in as the doors open.
Peter|GM: Just inside - the sound of flowing water. Lit glass panels are embedded in the sides of a sloping staircase, fanning out in grand majesty, heading down. The walls sparkle with flowing water, fountain-curtains coursing down them all along the length.
Folis: "Well, isn't this fancy."
Peter|GM: On one side, the ceiling has slightly collapsed, gumming the drain.
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh. Yeah, kinna castle like."
Peter|GM: From that point, the water flows over it, coursing down the stairs, fanning down the whole length of it to a massive room below, every inch of it damp with thick green scum-algae.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "It is nice, if rather in need of a good scrub."
Lobelia walks up to the glass and taps on it with an armored knuckle. "Captain, did we need the key that direly? Would it not be easy to 'persuade' this window to let us in instead?"
Peter|GM: That glass panel isn't on the exterior, but - it does rattle slightly at the touch.
Peter|GM: You might be able to smash through.
Lady Elizabeth: "The outside's pretty tough, at least."
Lady Elizabeth: "Not thrilled with the idea of headin' down stairs that water's flowin' down, but I'm not really seein' any other way…"
Alianor: "There's reasons they aren't as well explored as people would like, yes… Though I'd worry that breaking things might have unintended consequences, too."
Peter|GM: You wouldn't want to run up or down those stairs, but if you go slowly, there'll be no risk of tripping.
Le Masked Buccaneer begins descending. "Let's not dawdle, then!"
Lady Elizabeth is more worried about possibly drowning if it ever collects… but followed down after the Buccaneer.
Folis follows the captain. Carefully.
Lobelia thinks it's a bit soon to start tearing apart panes and panels. She heads down the stairs. She asks the buccaneer, "Are you certain you wish to take point? Will you catch us if we happen to slip?" She gestures between herself, clad in armor, and the bear, whose shield probably has as much mass as her armor.
Peter|GM: A round, dome-like room. The lights on the ceiling suggest the night sky. The room has sunken at an angle, towards the staircase, heavy with the weight of the water flowing down it.
Peter|GM: It can be heard flowing, draining past the discs of thin, pink-coral that have sprouted up in the puddle there.
Peter|GM: A circular gravel-pit sits in the center of the room. What looks like a wooden box sits on the far side of it.
Peter|GM: Hallways open to the west and east - the northern face of the room, however, has a section that seems made from solid ice.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Yes. I do not wish to be rude, madam, but my customary position is atop a pitching ship- oh my that looks cold."
Folis: "I guess it'd be colder than the ocean I was thrown in." Snort.
Echo: "That looks more solid than a frozen waterfall."
Alianor: "I wonder what that box is made of if it's been here this long…?"
Lobelia peeks down one of the hallways… Then the other. Which one looks more interesting…?
Lady Elizabeth approaches the wooden box, carefully poking at the gravel surrounding it with her spear.
Peter|GM: Alianor: The box is lacquered wood. There's a notch on the side that suggests it once had a mechanism attached to it, but it seems long gone. It's basically rotted through, though. You can smell the damp of it above the sea-salt.
Peter|GM: The gravel shifts under the prod of the spear. It's shallow, with wet mud at the base of it. You could search a bit more thoroughly if you wanted.
Peter|GM: Lobelia: The west hallway seems brighter lit, at least, with ragged silks hung along its lights.
Peter|GM: The east hallway seems relatively bare.
Le Masked Buccaneer takes a closer look at that ice.
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh, empty…?" She pops off what's left of the top of the box.
Peter|GM: It's thick, but - out of focus, you think you can see a light coming through the far edge. It seems like a spectacularly ostentatious way of closing off a passage.
Peter|GM: The box is full of little wooden slats, engraved with symbols used by the Patrons. …You're not familiar with them.
Lady Elizabeth takes them out, before hading them over to Alianor. "Y'got any clue what these are?"
Alianor hmms as she looks them over, slowly nodding… "They're all a different number, though quite a few are missing, and I'm pretty sure none of them go over a hundred in count. I wonder if these are used for whatever used to be attached to the box?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Hold onto 'em for now, I guess."
Peter|GM: Got "A Pile of Wooden Tokens" … I guess.
Lady Elizabeth: "West? No sense in goin' into the dark before we gotta."
Alianor nods, securing them in one of her pack's pockets. "Sensible enough for me. Did we want to sift through the gravel first?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Just seemed like mud ta me, but couldn't hurt I suppose."
Lady Elizabeth: "Should be… about…" Elizabeth sniffs at the air, "Six…? Six things of notable value in here, so keep an eye out."
Folis: "Huh, how do you know?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Fined honed sixth sense over many'a years."
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: finely^
Folis peers curiously at the captain, but doesn't ask any further questions for now.
Peter|GM: I'd like a Strength roll to exhaustively sift through the gravel.
Echo will help with the search, then.
Lobelia slips the hatchet-head off her axe and uses it as a makeshift shovel to toss some of the muck aside.
Peter|GM: Echo, if you wouldn't mind rolling?
Peter|GM: To roll Strength, roll 2d6 + another 1d6 for each Strength rank you have.
Echo rolled 4d6 and got 5, 5, 2, 5 ( Total: 17 )
Peter|GM: Three successes.
Peter|GM: Echo quickly digs through the gravel, making good time…
Lobelia rolled 2d6 and got 2, 5 ( Total: 7 )
Peter|GM: Near the middle, there's a drainage hatch he could easily spring to enter some sort of crawl space.
Folis rolled 1d6 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
Peter|GM: …Also, near the edge of the pit, there seem to be human remains.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Has digging around yielded anything of interest?"
Echo says a short prayer for the departed.
Folis: "Depends. Are bones interestin'?"
Echo: "Another possible route."
Peter|GM: Santiago: You can see Echo pause in prayer after turning over what seem to be - dessicated, water-logged bones.
Peter|GM: …Well, once water-logged.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Hmm. Any idea how long this unfortunate has been here?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Long enough to be all bone."
Peter|GM: I'd take an Insight roll for that one.
Folis: "Long enough to stop smellin'."
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 2d6 and got 5, 2 ( Total: 7 )
Peter|GM: Judging from how thin the bones have worn and the scum growing over the top of the gravel pit, it seems like whoever died here was buried here back in ancient times.
Peter|GM: Which is to say: Someone died here when the Patrons were still here.
Lobelia wipes her hatchet clean with a rag before slipping it back on its rail and locking it. While the rest of the group is distracted by the bones, she gives the drainage hatch a pull to get it open.
Peter|GM: It groans and pops open. A grooved wall, usable as a ladder, leads down a shaft into a passage of some sort lit by its midnight blue floor.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Poor wretch. I wonder who you were, before the world changed?" He glances over. "Ah! Another path opened?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Seems like. Hmm. Yeah fuck it, lets head down. Maybe it's just an isolated chamber. That'd make keepin' a mental map fo this place easier."
Lobelia nods. "So we've got a lit tunnel, a dark tunnel, a cold tunnel, and a tall tunnel now."
Folis: "Welp. Moving on." She goes over to inspect the hatch and the room below, then starts heading down.
Lobelia heads down as well.
Le Masked Buccaneer follows.
Peter|GM: The passageway is thin and cramped and echoes strangely.
Peter|GM: It leads east and west. There's a rhythmic dripping. Plink, plink, plink.
Lady Elizabeth: "Dammit."
Peter|GM: Echo has to bow his head.
Folis pulls out a coin and flips it.
Folis rolled 1d2 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
Folis points east. "That way."
Echo finds this very awkward.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Admirably decisive!"
Folis starts heading that way, prodding ahead of her with the staff in case of any devious pressure plates or the like.
Alianor: "Better than debating endlessly, yes."
Lady Elizabeth follows along.
Peter|GM: Tap, tap, tap, tap. There's little rivers of water flowing crossways across the passage at times, twisting the light surging from beneath in strange ways, but there don't seem to be any tricks in store until -
Peter|GM: There's motion up ahead.
Folis holds up a hand, halts, and listens.
Peter|GM: The passageway widens up to one side, passing through a chamber full of slabs over which loom four one-armed automatons.
Lobelia can't help peeking over Folis's shoulder. "Are they active…?"
Folis keeps her voice low. "(… did we just find the guard?)"
Lady Elizabeth shrugs a little. "Only one way ta find out."
Peter|GM: They're at work, strangely enough.
Peter|GM: With their claws, they're picking at some things laid out on these slabs, obscured in the darkness.
Folis: "They look pretty active to me."
Folis: "Pickin' through something?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Curious…Have they been working here all this time?"
Alianor: "…Does anyone else want to take them apart to see how they work?"
Peter|GM: One of them lifts the long thing at the slab down through a hatch, where it disappears.
Peter|GM: Then, another automaton passes a new thing to the slab. They continue.
Folis: "You smellin' anything useful, captain?"
Peter|GM: One removes a golden necklace from it, places it in a little basin beside.
Peter|GM: Then it continues.
Peter|GM: Sifting, working.
Folis: "Oh, that'd answer that."
Folis: "… Salvage automatons?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Other interlopers, perhaps?"
Peter|GM: Could someone make a Stealth roll, please?
Lobelia: "While I would be glad to disable one for research and disassembly… If they're not hostile, perhaps we can capitalize on their labor."
Lady Elizabeth: "Yup, that's treasure."
Folis: "… Probably someone a better padfoot than I should lead."
Lobelia rolled 2d6 and got 2, 1 ( Total: 3 )
Lady Elizabeth glances between the group.
Peter|GM: Would you like to spend a lot of LP on that (a total of 3+4), or get caught?
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah they're… absolutely gunna hear us comin'."
Folis: "Proceed to smashing?"
Peter|GM: One of the automatons swivels up at the noise.
Peter|GM: It screeches, a metal-on-metal, broken music box noise.
Lady Elizabeth: "If they're aggressive."
Folis waves at it cheekily.
Lobelia scoots her way past Folis and tiptoes up to the automatons, her skirts unfortunately clanking.
Peter|GM: They sweep their work away from the slab and come clambering, chasing!
Folis: "Hello friend!"
Alianor: "…I would like some help lugging a wreck back to camp later."
Echo moves to the fore, tower shield held up in front of him.
Lady Elizabeth: "Yup that's aggression." Elizabeth takes a step back, while unslinging the oddly bulky rifle with some kind of attachment base below the barrel from her shoulder.
Lobelia: "Ah, this expedition is off to a good start then. Pleased to meet you." She greets the automatons with a smile and a raised shotgun.
Le Masked Buccaneer leaps forward, a gleaming metal baton whirling in his hands. "I am still curious as to their providence!"
Peter|GM: Round One - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Le Masked Buccaneer: "And provenance, come to think of it."
Peter|GM: In Seed: Overdrive, on most actions, you choose and target one of your normal abilities, declaring your action and your target, unleashing your power, and making a result check.
Folis lofts her orb on high, whirling it with flame until it became comet-like, then hurled it into Attendant C with force of will! [Phoenix Tail, +1 die against front row targets]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for burst rate 35
Peter|GM: It's a hit! The red fire casts jagged sillhouettes of the attendants as it devours one in a plume of flame!
Folis 's eyes glint, and the flame suddenly roars brighter! [-1 LP]
Peter|GM: …It's a burst!
Folis rolled 2d8+10+3 and got 5, 4 ( Total: 19 )
Peter|GM: Burns for 19 physical damage!
Peter|GM: The flames are still burning - using a Fire spell generates "M-Fire" . When you see Fire momentum on the field, you can activate "C-Fire" combos from your abilities!
Peter|GM: Santiago, the Masked Buccaneer!
Le Masked Buccaneer follows moments later, striking the same Attendant through the flames. "Ms. Sheridan, I would be most grateful if you could employ your firearm!" [Using Fighting Spirit against Attendant C, targetting Alianor for the buffs. Can I/should I cash in on that fire Momentum for this attack?]
Peter|GM: Sorry, 22 Fire damage in total.
Peter|GM: The Fire combo is absolutely valid! Give it a shot. You can activate combos after hitting, so you can roll the result check first - that's 1d100, based on the CoS of the ability.
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Very yes)
Peter|GM: Wham! It's a hit! And then you go [C-Fire!], use up the the momentum (hit its X!) and roll your damage, with the combo bonus!
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Cashing invthat Fire momentum)
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+10 and got 2 ( Total: 12.0 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Alianor gets Short Lucky and Short Focus)
Peter|GM: Hits for 12 physical damage! Santiago picks up a swathe of flames with his baton and then smashes into the Attendant with it for 12 physical damage!
Folis: "Man, that brings me back…"
Peter|GM: The Attendant is sent reeling upwards - when you hit with an attack that hurls an enemy about, you generate "M-Launch" - And since you're a Maverick, you get to apply a bonus to it!
Alianor grins, nodding as she starts fiddling with her weapon. "Oh, you don't need to worry about that not happening!"
Peter|GM: With Follow my Lead and Team Spirit.. I think it totals up to Launch+3!
Le Masked Buccaneer: (There we go)
Peter|GM: Attendant C lands back on its claw-like feet and rushes forward, swinging madly, spinning its claw as it rushes for Folis and Santiago!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 95, 68 ( Total: 163 ) for Run Wild, CoS80 Folis Santiago
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 7 ( Total: 19.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Santiago for 19 physical damage! …But…
Folis jabs the Attendant away from her. "Hah!"
Peter|GM: …If you look closely, it only got a 68. And it needs an 80 or better to hit you.
Peter|GM: When an enemy attacks you, you can spend LP to worsen the roll. 2 LP would add +20 to that roll, making it an 88 - and that misses.
Peter|GM: Using your LP, you can block and parry key attacks.
Peter|GM: …This one doesn't seem too bad, though.
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Peter|GM: OH, and by the way: After every action, you get to increment your Drive by 2.
Peter|GM: If you start a turn with full Drive, then…
Peter|GM: …Well, let me know when that happens.
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Is that including the -5 from my armor re: Damage?)
Peter|GM: (Nope! You can subtract that yourself.)
Alianor pulls a dial and a blast of steam jets out to the side [Quick: Lightning in a Bottle for +2 Drive], and then fires off a small burst at Attendant C! [Semi-Auto]
Alianor rolled 1d100-15 and got 8 ( Total: -7.0 ) for 80/20 CoS, -15 to the roll from Lucky
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Alianor rolled 2d6+12 and got 5, 4 ( Total: 21.0 )
Peter|GM: It teeters, but it's holding together!
Peter|GM: The three remaining attendants push past it, squawking and screeching as they swing their claws through the opposition! [Run Wild]x3
Peter|GM rolled 6d100 and got 49, 42, 70, 86, 57, 3 ( Total: 307 ) for Folis and Lobelia, Lobelia and Santiago, Santiago and Echo, CoS 80
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 2 ( Total: 14.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Folis once, Lobelia twice, Santiago once, and Echo once for 14 physical damage!
Echo blocks the majority of that. [-10]
Peter|GM: Echo!
Folis gets knocked around a bit, but a barrier shimmers and vanishes, dampening the blow! [Light Armor's bubble -5]
Echo steps forward, striking at Attendant C! [Iron Driver]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 )
Echo rolled d6+8 and got 5 ( Total: 13.0 ) for Bubble (10) for self
Peter|GM: The mace cleaves through, shattering the automaton to parts to the tune of 13 physical damage!
Peter|GM: The Lady Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth rolls her shoulders, before preparing for a tricky maneuver. [Q Flawless] She then dashes forward, thrusting her spear into Attendent B, before flipping backwards as she draws a pistol and fires into Attendent D. [Advance]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d8+11 and got 2 ( Total: 13 ) for damage to B, then True Strike D for 6 and Slow 2.
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 16 damage actually, as I Launch+3 Combo
Peter|GM: Slice! Blam! The attack rips through for [16] [5]! Attendant D stumbles backwards as its feet are shot at!
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Lobelia levels her shotgun at Attendant A. After a moment, she flicks her gun to the side and fires- she catches a dodge, letting the machine maneuver directly into her shot! [Snipe - C-Rush]
Lobelia rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 80/55
Peter|GM: The blast catches it in the torso, shredding it as it stumbles backwards - it's a hit!
[OOC] Peter|GM: …But you could spend 2 LP to score a critical.
Lobelia rolled 1d8+14 and got 1 ( Total: 15 ) for -2 LP
Lobelia clicks her tongue. "I'll get the right spot next time. Now I know how they move." [+Long Lucky]
[OOC] Alianor: Roll an extra d8 as well, crit is +1 die and +4 potency
Lobelia rolled 1d8 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
[OOC] Lobelia: 19 physical damage total!
Peter|GM: 19 physical damage!
Folis: "You guys are no slouches, I'm impressed."
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Even thrown back and battered, the lopsided automatons pull themselves upright. Attendant A, blown backwards by the shotgun blast, claws into one of the slabs to pull itself over.
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis spins up another spell within her orb - building up more and more magical static, until a bolt shoots forth from it, straight into Attendant A! [Shooting Star]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for 35 burst
Peter|GM: It shudders and claws at its head as the lightning arcs through it! Hits the weakness!
Folis rolled 1d10+10+5 and got 10 ( Total: 20 ) for Air
Peter|GM: Zaps for 25 Air damage!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Folis takes a moment to examine herself - she seems to be giving off little sparks, and there's a latent air of tension about her. [Shooting Star enters Witch Mode!]
Folis: "… Doesn't that just beat all. Had to be her element first."
Lady Elizabeth: "…Hm?"
Folis: "Long story."
Folis: "But for now… it means I can wreck these things all the faster."
Le Masked Buccaneer immediately takes advantage of the revealed weakness. He tosses a crackling stormcloud to Alianor, plucked from one of the engravings on his armor. "My apologies for the presumption Ms. Sheridan, but this would seem efficacious!" [Secret Weapon: Air on Alianor]
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Also going to C-c-combo for 6 air damage to enemy group)
Peter|GM: The magic coat kicks in - Long Element Saber is active!
Peter|GM: And as the spell snaps into existence, it crackles, and an electric shock courses along the floor, zapping the three automatons for a total of 11 Air damage each!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Folis: "Whoa. That's some serious fance."
Alianor hmms to herself as the stormcloud settles over Priscilla, pushing another dial and causing a beam of red light to follow the barrel as it rests over Attendant B, firing with a clap of thunder! [Laser Sighted]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 60 ( Total: 60 ) for 100/40
Peter|GM: Hits!
[OOC] Alianor: -2 LP to crit, using C-Air to regain an LP
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Alianor rolled 2d6+14 and got 2, 6 ( Total: 22.0 )
Peter|GM: 22 physical damage! Air Saber zaps the weakness for 10!
Peter|GM: It falls to pieces!
Peter|GM: Attendant A swings its claw this way and that, striking at Elizabeth and Echo!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 79, 88 ( Total: 167 ) for C80
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 8 ( Total: 20.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Elizabeth for 20 physical damage!
Peter|GM: It's the Lady's turn!
Lady Elizabeth takes a half step back before using her spear to redirect the Attendant's motion [-1LP dodge] -
Lady Elizabeth then flicks her wrist before thrusting the spear tip into it. [Q - Lion Bracelet] [Attack]
Peter|GM: It squawks angrily as it's pushed aside. It limply pulls itself up again as it falls against the wall.
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 80
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6+15 and got 4 ( Total: 19 )
Peter|GM: It falls still as the spear skewers some bundle of cables within it!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Lady Elizabeth: "…Y'know… I always kinda figured whatever was left behind in the Acrolith's would be… y'know… scarier?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Maybe security ramps up as you go further in."
Folis: "I mean, that's usually the parts where people don't come back from."
Folis: "Hell."
Folis: "Maybe someone sent in a bunch of salvage 'tons and we're staking someone else's claim."
Echo calls on primal spirits which engulf Attendant D in flames! [Suppressing Fire]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 )
Peter|GM: It burns!
The flames engulf it for 3 fire damage, inflicting Long Challenge, Short Burning II, and Long Burning (C Pin)!
Peter|GM: It swings its claw at Echo and Folis!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 78, 37 ( Total: 115 ) for 80
Peter|GM rolled 1d8+12 and got 6 ( Total: 18.0 )
Peter|GM: Inflicting 18 physical damage to Echo and 12 damage to Folis! (Reduced by Challenge!)
Peter|GM: The fires consume it - it takes 12 damage!
Folis backsteps nimbly out of the way. [-1 LP]
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Lobelia shakes her head. "I got my hopes up for nothing, it seems. Hardly any danger at all, are you?" She steps forward, then tackles the machine, cutting into its side with her axe once it's off balance. [Flicker]
Echo blocks the attack completely. [Bubble (10) + Block]
Dicebot:// Modifier Error: Unable to parse -15 in 1d100-15
Lobelia rolled 1d100-15 and got 18 ( Total: 3.0 )
Peter|GM: //It's a critical strike!

[OOC] Lobelia: a crit!
Lobelia rolled 3d8+14 and got 8, 3, 1 ( Total: 26 ) for +1 die from crit, +1 from intuition stacks
Peter|GM: 26 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Round Three - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Lobelia fires a shot from her gun while her axe's lodged in a plate, tearing it off with the recoil, as well. [Rapid Fire- Long K-Shatter]
Peter|GM: It's shattered!
Folis darts forward, slamming her staff into the body of the remaining automaton! [Attack]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 80 CoS
Peter|GM: Wham!
Peter|GM: Boosted by K-Shatter (+3)!
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Folis rolled 1d6+9 and got 2 ( Total: 11.0 )
[OOC] Peter|GM: 11]! It's defeated!
Folis: "Nice."
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been terminated and the Arcolith beckons. Got +4 EXP.
Lady Elizabeth reholsters all three of her weapons, glancing around.
Folis saunters over to pick up that gold necklace, first of all. She loops it on one end of her staff, then offers it toward the Captain.
Folis: "First spoils, cap'n?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am curious how long these machines have been sorting through things here."
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm." She takes it, then holds it up a bit above her head as she inspects it.
Alianor twists a few more dials, her gunstaff letting out another vent of steam towards a wall, before shouldering it and kneeling down to examine the wreck of an automaton. "These things are quite amazing, to still be working after so long…"
Folis: "Are we gonna haul one of their wrecks back, too?"
Peter|GM: The tiny little room has two slabs in it, with two chutes from which the automatons seemed to be getting their work, and two chutes on the other side into which they were discarding them.
Peter|GM: The tiny basin by the side of one of the slabs (the other's is empty) holds a few knicknacks - a brass button, a loose screw - as well as a golden necklace.
Peter|GM: It's a treasure item worth 24G, probably.
Lady Elizabeth: "We can when we head out, no sense in draggin' it along when there might be more things lookin' for a fight."
Folis steps over to the receiving slab, and peers upward.
Folis: "Anything left, I wonder? Hello?"
Peter|GM: A little bit of water trickles down from inside. You could crawl up, but it'd be a tight fit.
Alianor: "I for one would certainly love to take one apart during the time we're not exploring."
Folis rolls her staff back toward the party. "Hold that thought, gonna try something."
Folis sets about clambering in and up, risks be damned.
Peter|GM: The automatons are awkward, incomplete-seeming. But they're all lopsided in exactly the same way.
Lady Elizabeth: "This'll sell for a fair amount when we get back to town." Elizabeth tosses the necklace back to Folis.
Lobelia tugs on the metal plate lodged on her hatchet. It takes a good yank or two, but she manages to pry it free. After she reloads her shotgun and clanks it shut, she kicks one of its still limbs aside. "Of course, miss Sherian. I don't mind carrying one back for you. Please remind me when we're on our way back to the ship for the day."
[OOC] Lobelia: * one of the machine's limbs
Peter|GM: Folis: Could you roll Agility for me?
Folis rolled 3d6 and got 6, 4, 6 ( Total: 16 )
Alianor: "I won't forget, trust me. And I'll certainly help, I wouldn't expect you to do all of the heavy lifting for it, when it's my own curiosity."
Peter|GM: The shaft leads up at a sharp angle. It's dark inside, and smells like death - it seems like she proceeds up to some sort of rack-mechanism, inside some great machine, without purchase to go much further.
Peter|GM: To her left and right, wrapped in cloth, seem to be human mummies.
Folis pulls a wretched face a moment, then pokes around slightly. Anything left that didn't get jostled loose by whatever machinations were at work?
Peter|GM: The machine gives a little at the jostling - she feels a ratchet sliding, a catch about to pop. If she jostles a bit more, the machine might grind forward a notch. …Or she could climb back down.
Folis hisses savagely and rapidly climbs back down.
Folis: "Nope nope nope nope nope."
Folis: "…"
Folis: "Nope."
Peter|GM: Nope.
Folis: "Nothing up there but mummies and weird machinery."
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah, that's a nope."
Lady Elizabeth: "West it is, then."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Mummies!"
Folis: "If I messed around in there much more, I'd probably get crushed or something."
Alianor: "…The latter sounds intersting, but I'd rather avoid the former."
Folis dusts herself off, retrieves her staff, and heads westward.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "By all means, westerly."
Lobelia sits up whichever automaton looks most whole for an easier time collecting it on the way back, then goes down the western passage.
Peter|GM: You pass the shaft leading back upwards along the way. The sound of flowing water gets louder and louder, until you come to a room that seems much like an altar. It is circular - water flows out from a pedestal into which an orb is inset, flowing down towards the north side of the room, and then up the wall with some force. (It froths and gurgles as it passes through a grate there, the flow
Peter|GM: is very strong.)
Peter|GM: The orb shines a faint violet, leaking light into conduits in the pedestal.
Folis: "… I wonder, is that an implement, or part of the machinery?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Looks like machinery to me."
Lady Elizabeth: "Though sometimes the line between the two is blurry."
Lady Elizabeth nods her head towards Alianor, then the pedestal.
Lobelia: "Is that orb what's making the water flow up there, I wonder? Could that be connected to the ice wall, somehow?"
Le Masked Buccaneer: "An excellent question! …Though if that melted all at once, would we be imperiled down here?"
Folis: "Wouldn't be the first time."
Lobelia: "The Architects seemed to know a thing or two about proper drainage. I am not terribly concerned, myself."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Well then! ..Shall we try to remove it?"
Alianor tilts her head as she looks at it, then digs into a pouch for a sheaf of papers, comparing it. "…It's both, actually. It's an Air orb, some of their machines have different effects if you put a different elemental orb in them. But I've heard that mages can also use them."
Folis: "And that's me!"
Lady Elizabeth: "Huh."
Folis: "I mean… we could make a switch, but this one isn't attuned to anything."
Lady Elizabeth: "So what, y'figure we get some fire in it, that ice wall up top dissapears?"
Folis: "I mean, I could try lobbing fire into it, too."
Peter|GM: (That would be a Sorcery roll.)
Alianor: "You're on the right track, Miss Elizabeth. I can't guarantee it's the same, but one my mother experimented with, an Earth orb would freeze it, Water stilled it, and Fire boiled it away into steam."
Lobelia is just sort of leaning on a wall off to the side, idly smiling otherwise. "As long as it's safe to do so, some experimentation should certainly be in order."
Folis rolls up a bit of flame, then points at the resting orb-
Folis rolled 3d6 and got 4, 2, 2 ( Total: 8 )
Lady Elizabeth: "Go for it then," Elizabeth starts heading back up top to observe any changes.
Peter|GM: Spend successes: You overload it with Fire energy, there's no magical backfire.
Peter|GM: You can spend 1LP for one success, and 3LP for another success after that.
Folis: "…" She adds a bit more spark. [-1 LP for 4->5, success to avoid overload.]
[OOC] Echo: Can I contribute with Mysticism?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Nope!
Peter|GM: The energy twists strangely in the conduits, sending waves of red shooting down into the ground.
Peter|GM: The water crackles and boils for a moment -
Folis: "Ah, so-"
Peter|GM: And then stabilizes, as the Air takes over.
Peter|GM: It seems like overriding the elements of orbs is a risky proposition!
Folis: "…"
Folis: "Okay, plan two."
Folis prods the orb with her staff. Any reaction from that?
Echo: "Not quite as planned. Although none the worse for wear."
Peter|GM: The orb rocks in its housing. It seems like you could pop it free!
Alianor: "Plan B would probably be to find a Fire Orb somewhere else in the complex."
Folis: "If you think I'd be crazy enough to just pick it up… you're probably right. But I wanted to check first."
Alianor: "Or there might be another mechanism somewhere with an Earth Orb that's holding the wall frozen."
Folis: "Not sure I want to know what would happen without an orb, or with an unaspected one."
Folis: "Or do I?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Whole lotta nothin', if you did anything!" Shouting down the ladder.
Folis: "Should I do a switcher?"
Folis shouts back.
Lady Elizabeth: "Don't see why not!"
Folis: "Ah boy…"
Folis: "…"
Lady Elizabeth: "Also disregard anything I say if Alianor says it's a fuckin' stupid idea! But yeah snatch it up!"
Folis twitches her tail… wiggles her fingers… and with as much deftness as she can muster, she hauls the air orb out and places the unaspected one on the pedestal in return.
Folis: "… …"
Peter|GM: Yoink! Got an Air Orb.
Folis: "… 'row?"
Peter|GM: The pedestal closes up around the unaspected orb, and waves of pale energy flow out from it.
Peter|GM: The flowing water stops surging, and instead, simply pools to knee-height in the room.
Peter|GM: And then:
Peter|GM: There's a massive, booming crash from above!
Peter|GM: WHAM!
Peter|GM: WHAM!
Peter|GM: Little stray bits of black pebble fall from above as some tremendous weight hits whatever floor is above.
Alianor winces, ducking and covering her ears. "…maybe that actually was a bad idea?"
Folis is already booking it down the hallway and back upward, tail all frizzed out.
Lady Elizabeth glances down the west hallway from up top.
Peter|GM: Seems like the massive noise came from that direction, my Lady!
Echo heads back up.
Lobelia picks up her gun and follows after, trying not to get water down the top of her boots.
Lady Elizabeth: "…Seems like the water's not drain' now, plus whatever that horrible noise is?" She gives a glance at Folis.
Folis: "… And we're not all dead."
Folis: "Just shook. Yeah. Shook."
Lady Elizabeth: "Clearly." She starts heading westward.
Folis follows. Her frizzed out bits of fur compliment the clingy spell-static nicely.
Peter|GM: Silk is draped overhead as the party head into the western passageway.
Peter|GM: And then, they come into an airy room, with sparkling water underfoot. A glass sculpture in the center of the room is lit with some ethereal light. Along the west wall, archways open up into little niche-like rooms - you can see glimpses of little beds in recesses in the walls, tiny dressers, faded rugs and silk hangings.
Peter|GM: The north wall is still wet, and the grating at the base of it suggests that a massive curtain of water was shooting up it just moments ago.
Peter|GM: That curtain must have been sufficient to elevate the chain-fastened stone platforms that are strewn haphazardly against the north face of the room, having summarily crushed a massive, knight-like automaton as wide abreast as the Molly. It bears a huge, saucer-like head, and its still-twitching hand has dropped a sword larger than even Echo could carry.
Folis: "…………………………"
Peter|GM: Perhaps those stone steps led upwards to one archway, far out of reach along the north face.
Lady Elizabeth: "Wow."
Folis: "I won."
Folis folds her arms at her chest.
Peter|GM: The twitching stops. [Got 4 EXP.]
Lady Elizabeth checks out the alcovs for anything of interest, first of all.
Echo: "Effective."
Alianor tilts her head to the side, then shrugs and claps her hands a few times. "Well, it did something, all right."
Peter|GM: Empty drinking vessels and discarded clothes in the alcoves suggest that these were once sleeping quarters. One of the pillows is still intact, even!
Peter|GM: Something about the second alcove seems familiar, Elizabeth, but it's just on the edge of perception…
Lady Elizabeth taps her finger again the wall, glancing around.
Lady Elizabeth: "Hmm… nope can't place it."
Peter|GM: There's four alcoves along the west wall. There's… actually a fifth alcove, in the northwest corner, above even the ones that the steps would lead up to.
Folis: "Someone gimme a boost."
Folis: "I'm feelin' foolish again."
Lady Elizabeth: "Alright. Check east of here, before messing with any more orbs. Looks like we need to put the one you just took to get up though."
Lady Elizabeth glances at Folis, how high up they're need to go, then the rest of the party…
Lady Elizabeth: "Think you'd need someone a lot taller than even Echo."
Folis: "Ah? Too far?"
Folis: "Crap."
Peter|GM: Folis on Echo's shoulders could probably get up to the northern exit.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I am always in favor of foolhardy plans, but I believe it is, indeed, too far."
Folis: "Let's just look elsewhere for now?"
Lady Elizabeth: "Unless you're particularly adept at jumpin', I guess."
Peter|GM: The northwest alcove would be a free climb up sheer stone - a difficult feat.
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah, head back east and double back."
Lady Elizabeth: "No sense in riskin' breaking a leg on a bad jump."
Echo: "Yes, we can come back and investigate later."
Lady Elizabeth starts walkin'.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "To the eastern wing!"
Peter|GM: The hallway into the eastern wing is barely lit.
Peter|GM: As Elizabeth is about to pass into the room at the far end, an ominous feeling makes her stop in her tracks.
Lady Elizabeth pauses, holding up a hand.
Peter|GM: …There, at the northern end of the room, is one of those massive, saucer-headed automatons, standing watch with its sword planted at its feet.
Folis: "(I don't think I could do that again even if I wanted to.)"
Lady Elizabeth: "Big one in here too. This time not crushed. Y'all ready to throw down?"
Echo hefts his club. "I'm ready."
Folis: "You know what? Okay."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Always!"
Lady Elizabeth heads in to engage, then!
Peter|GM: The tremendous automaton stands watch as Elizabeth steps into the room.
Peter|GM: Until she steps three steps closer to the guardian, gravel crunches beneath her feet, and a light shines from within its saucer-head, and it engages!
Alianor: "…I think that one I'd have to experiment with in here. Or bring pieces out with me."
Peter|GM: Humans gain Drive. Folis, Elizabeth, would you like to Quicken?
Lady Elizabeth is fine at the bottom.
Alianor readies Priscilla, smirking. "But I can work out the fine details later!"
Folis hustles into ready position with a blur of speed. [Quicken 2]
Peter|GM: Round One - Showtime!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Peter|GM: The massive automaton towers over you. Certainly, it's forbidding in stature.
Folis doesn't give - okay, maybe she gives a singular damn. She builds up a great deal of static - greater even than before, and fires a massive bolt at the Steelian! [Witch Mode: Shooting Star]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for Burst 35
Peter|GM: Nice - hits the weakness!
Folis rolled 1d10+20 and got 4 ( Total: 24 )
Folis: "Whoo-ah!"
Peter|GM: It yields a step with a massive slam as the bolt hits it for 24 Air damage! Did you include Weakness on that?
[OOC] Folis: Yep.
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Folis uses the moment to dart ahead a bit! [Q1, if applicable at all]
Le Masked Buccaneer tosses another thundercloud to Alianor. "Ms. Sheridan, I fear I must impose yet again." As he does, electricity crackles around his baton, and then snakes towards the great construct. [Secret Weapon: Air. Going to combo with Air 'cause WHY NOT]
Peter|GM: The crackling electricity zaps the Steelian for 11 damage before arcing to Alianor, earthing itself with a glow into Priscilla's barrel!
Peter|GM: Long Air Saber!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 )
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo calls upon primal spirits to set the automaton ablaze. Flames engulf it for 3 fire damage, inflicting Long Challenge and Short Burning II! [Suppressing Fire]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Peter|GM: 3! Its joints begin to smoulder and spark!
Peter|GM: The Steelian lowers its shoulder and a barrier of pale blue light fans out, wide enough to cover the whole room - it barrels forward, smashing those too slow to escape!
Peter|GM rolled 4d100 and got 99, 27, 30, 84 ( Total: 240 ) for Cos 50 Folis Lobelia Santiago Echo
Peter|GM rolled 1d12+12 and got 6 ( Total: 18.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting Lobelia and Santiago for 12 physical damage! (Reduced by the Challenge!)
Peter|GM: The Steelian gains Short K-Guard II!
Folis quickly uses her staff to vault out of the way!
Echo protects himself with his shield.
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Peter|GM: K-Guard II reduces incoming Physical and Supreme damage by 12. That shield will stop a lot!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: By 6, actually…
Peter|GM: …Ah! By 6.
Peter|GM: …It will still stop a fair bit.
Alianor frowns… she can't do much about that, but she can start setting up Priscilla, firing off a short burst. [Semi-Auto]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 ) for 80/40
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Peter|GM: The thick armor - and the shield! - stop most of the damage, though…
Alianor rolled 2d6+16-6 and got 3, 1 ( Total: 14.0 ) for +4 from C-Fire, included, also K-Guard included
Peter|GM: Hits for 10 damage!
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Alianor also zaps it for 5 air! [10 with weakness?]
Peter|GM: 10!
Lobelia dashes in to attack the machine, chopping through the barrier, grinning. "Seems like we've got a real challenger here now~" [Advance]
Lobelia rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 )
[OOC] Lobelia: my axe has acc so it's ok
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Lobelia rolled 1d6+8 and got 2 ( Total: 10 ) for then minus 6?
[OOC] Lobelia: and I'm slowing 1 since quicken can do that, right
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: No, quicken and slow are different things.
[OOC] Lobelia: oh :c
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: you can opt to not quicken if you want though, and not move.
[OOC] Peter|GM: You can also REPOSITION, which lets you just delay yourself all the way to the end of initiative before acting.
[OOC] Lobelia: aha, perhaps next round then!
[OOC] Peter|GM: Also axe hits are 1d8+10, if you don't mind rerolling?
Lobelia rolled 1d8+10 and got 3 ( Total: 13 )
Peter|GM: 3 physical damage! That barrier's tough.
Peter|GM: The Lady Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth unsling the large, bulky rifle from her back and begins to take careful aim at the Steelian, after flicking her wrist. [Q - Lion's Bracelet] [Eliminate]
Lady Elizabeth rolled d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 ) for 85
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Lady Elizabeth rolled d8+17 and got 5 ( Total: 22 ) for Air+3 Combo! Long Shock II
Peter|GM: 12!
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: right, bracelent. 26 total
Peter|GM: 16! It rattles and jolts - it's Shocked II!
Peter|GM: Round Two - Showtime!
Peter|GM: The shield fades!
Peter|GM: Folis!
Folis dashes forward to swing a solid blow into the automaton's legs - it won't cause much damage, but it'll draw attention away, and build up power, besides! [Attack]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 ) for 80/0
Peter|GM: It hits!
Folis rolled 1d6+6 and got 6 ( Total: 12 ) for +1 MP -1 Cost next turn
Peter|GM: 8!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer rushes in, striking with his baton in rapid succession. "Ah! I believe an axe applied at this location would be most helpful, Ms. Wintervine!" [Fighting Spirit~ Bonus to Lobelia]
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d6+6 and got 3 ( Total: 9.0 )
Peter|GM: For 5 physical damage!
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Short Focus and Lucky on Lobelia)
[OOC] Echo: Launch comobo to make them II instead?
Le Masked Buccaneer: (I will do that!)
Le Masked Buccaneer: (C c c combo)
Peter|GM: Lobelia gains Short Focus II & Lucky II!
Peter|GM: Echo!
Echo conjures a Fire spirit into being. [Q - Mystic's Beads]
Echo then slams his club into the Steelian. [Iron Driver]
Echo rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 )
[OOC] Echo: -2 LP
Peter|GM: With a blazing wave of energy, it hits!
Echo rolled d6+8+4+4 and got 5 ( Total: 21.0 ) for Mace + Fire Combo, Bubble (10) self
Peter|GM: 17!
Peter|GM: The Steelian straightens up. A piercing red light courses along its saucer-head.
Folis: "Watch yourselves!"
Peter|GM: An ancient voice intones. "THOSE WHO OPPOSE… BE DESTROYED." [OD - Sword Crush - ]
Peter|GM: It brings its massive blade down onto Echo - and onto the Lady Elizabeth, behind him!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 5, 57 ( Total: 62 ) for CoS 60 after Shock II
Peter|GM rolled 3d12+10 and got 3, 7, 4 ( Total: 24.0 )
Peter|GM: Hitting both for 24 physical damage!
Lady Elizabeth jumps further back out of the way. [-1LP]
Echo blocks most of it! [Block + Bubble]
Peter|GM: It barrels forward and slams the front row [Shield Bash]
Peter|GM rolled 4d100 and got 22, 23, 66, 56 ( Total: 167 ) for Cos 20 Folis Lobelia Santiago Echo
Peter|GM: …But can't hit anyone!
Folis: "Nyeeeeeeeh!"
Peter|GM: It deploys the shield! [Short K-Guard II]
Peter|GM: …Wait… that red light hasn't faded! It doesn't seem to have slowed down!
[OOC] Peter|GM: Drive is still full!
Lady Elizabeth does a little hair toss. "That worked even better than I thought it would!"
Peter|GM: Lobelia!
Folis: "Boy, they sure made these things energetic, huh?"
Lobelia tactically [Reposition]s!
Peter|GM: Alianor!
Alianor fiddles with it some more, letting out a burst of steam [Q: Lightning in a Bottle] before lighting it up with that guiding laser before firing! [Laser Sighted]
Alianor rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 100/40
Alianor rolled 1d6+8 and got 4 ( Total: 12.0 )
Peter|GM: 2 damage! Saber zaps it for 10!
Peter|GM: Elizabeth!
Lady Elizabeth takes a moment to size up the automaton, does some caculations in her head… [Q - Flawless-, then darts forward, first thrusting her spear up into its head, before flipping backward and firing a pistol shot into a weak point on its leg. [Advance]
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: Launch+3 Combo
Lady Elizabeth rolled d8+16 and got 1 ( Total: 17 )
Lady Elizabeth rolled d6 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for initution stack too
[OOC] Lady Elizabeth: 21 total
Peter|GM: Sparks fly! 11 damage!
Peter|GM: It stumbles and is slowed. Lobelia!
Lobelia fires at the Steelian with a [Snipe - C Rush - Long Lucky]
Elbereth rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
[OOC] Elbereth: -1 LP to crit
Lady Elizabeth: "Should make it easier to get in some solids shots now, Ali."
Elbereth rolled 2d6+12 and got 3, 4 ( Total: 19.0 )
Alianor: "If it's not scrap by the time Priscilla's done cooling down, anyway."
Peter|GM: It begins to slow down - 9 damage!
Peter|GM: Round Three - Showtime!
Peter|GM: The Steelian begins to crack and shudder from the energy filling it. It's Short K-Shattered II!
Folis does a bit of a juggling motion with her orb - then fires another savage bolt at it! [Witch Mode: Shooting Star]
Folis rolled 1d100 and got 63 ( Total: 63 ) for 35 burst rate
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness!
Folis rolled 1d10+20 and got 8 ( Total: 28.0 )
Peter|GM: 28!
Peter|GM: Santiago!
Le Masked Buccaneer rushes forward once more, jamming the end of his baton into the Steelian. "Fall, fiend!" [Regular ol' attack!]
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 1d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
Peter|GM: It's a hit!
Le Masked Buccaneer: (Hah, I'll spend an LP to make it a crit)
Peter|GM: That's +4 and +1d damage!
Le Masked Buccaneer rolled 2d6+10 and got 5, 1 ( Total: 16.0 )
Peter|GM: Boosted by K-Shatter II for 22!
Peter|GM: The automaton sparks and seizes as Santiago drives the baton into its helmet -
Peter|GM: With a tremendous crash, it falls over, defeated!
Peter|GM: THE COAST IS CLEAR. All threats have been terminated, and the Arcolith beckons. Got +4 EXP.
Folis: "Hrrrrh…."
Le Masked Buccaneer: "Well!"
Folis: "And I was just starting to get heated up, too."
Folis: "Oh well… it's for the best."
Le Masked Buccaneer slumps slightly, and reaches up to remove his face plate mask with a loud "click" .
Le Masked Buccaneer: "I fear I was beginning to become winded."
Le Masked Buccaneer has a pale, hairless, and fairly young face.
Lady Elizabeth: "From two little encounters…?" Elizabeth laughs.
Peter|GM: The massive hulk of the fallen automaton obscures passage further north. A gravel trench, crunching under footfall as you battled over it, separates the northern third of the room from the rest.
Le Masked Buccaneer: "It was…very large!"
Peter|GM: Something about the black iron rack apparatus on the east wall seems familiar to Folis. Some of it extends downwards through a gap in the floor.
Folis: "Hey!"
Peter|GM: The staircase on the south might show more of it.
Peter|GM: …But you should probably stop and catch your breath for a moment, now.
Alianor nods as she vents steam from her creation again. "And very sturdy."
[OOC] Peter|GM: You won't be proceeding further this session.
Folis: "That's the thing that led down to the sorting room! Let's check that out next."
Folis: "I mean."
Folis: "Later."
Folis: "You know."
Lady Elizabeth: "Yeah catch your breath. Seems like we're gunna need to push that thing out of the way to continue exploring, so…"
Le Masked Buccaneer puts his mask into place. "Indubitably!"

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