Cc Wildcard



Name your class: Catburglar, Master Thief, Phantom, Public Enemy #1, Prince of Crime, something stylish, something flashy, something silly
Loud or laid-back?
confident or worried?
heart of gold or smile like a shark?
What's your vice? Love, Revenge, Fame, Danger, Loyalty, Pride


Your signature number is ONE. When you're holding a one, you're in-control, and all your actions are better and safer.
When you don't have a one in your situation, well - things get messy!
When you start the mission holding a one, tell me why you're in such an amazing mood about it.
When you start the mission without a one, tell the GM why you're here against better judgement.


No Ordinary Thief! [1]

This is your time to shine: How are you showing off?
Choose two, in any order.
- Stun a nearby Complication, or if you're tangled with it, knock it out.
- Name a number in the enemy's Situation: All those numbers change to 6s.
- Increase or decrease your Depth by 1, ignoring effects that would otherwise prevent this.
- Reroll non-6s and non-1s in your Situation.

Spend a 6: Choose three.
Spend a 1: Repeat the action.

Sneak In [2]

Climb, scale, skulk, slip, or tunnel. How are you traveling in secret?
Increase or Decrease your Depth towards a Target by 1.
Holding a 1: The counter-action can't increase your Heat.
Spend a 6: Double movement.

Go Hot [3]

It's time for fireworks - guns, bombs, or a wild car chase! What's your way of going big?
Increase your heat by 3, stun a nearby complication, and increase your depth by 1.
Holding a 1: Only increase your heat by 1.
Spend a 6: Knock out the nearby complication instead.

Fake Moustache [4]

Don a ridiculous diguise. What's it like?
Don a disguise. While disguised, when you would normally gain heat, reroll all your dice showing 4, 5, or 6. If you still have a 4, 5 or 6 afterwards, ignore the heat gain. If you don't, blow your disguise.
Enemies can't take certain actions while you're disguised.
Not Holding a 1: Can't perform this action while near a Complication with human intelligence.
Spend a 6: Stun an obstacle with human intelligence, or move 1 an Agent with human intelligence.

Let's Get Outta Here [5]

You're cornered, you're in trouble, you need out - what's your escape plan?
Untangle yourself, reduce your heat by 2, and reduce your depth by 2.
Holding a 1: Only reduce your depth by 1.
Spend a 6: Knock out a nearby Complication, before or after moving.

Personal Insult [6,6]

You know, they're not gonna like that.
All numbers in the enemy's situation change to 6s. Increase your heat by 3. Act again.

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