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… (This is a GM playbook, so I'll play it by ear for now)


Bring the Heat [1]

Sound suspicion and alarm. Who's after them?
Increase heat by 1.
Vs. Heat 3+: Increase everyone else's heat by 1, or un-stun a complication.

Show a New Theat [2]

You planned for this. Show what they just ran into.
Do the first thing possible:
Un-stun a complication,
Upgrade a complication,
Recover a knocked out complication to stunned,
Add a new complication.
Vs Heat 3+: Repeat this.

Make them Hurt [3]

You'll make sure they go through hell. Make em pay.
Name a number in their Situation: Make them reroll it.
Vs Heat 4+: And inflict 1 Damage.

Give them the Slip [4]

Your setup is trickier than it looked. Send them skidding.
Reduce their Depth by 1.
Vs Heat 3+: If they bump into a complication, tangle them.

Catch On [5]

You're onto them - that trick they used won't work again.
Put a Tap(X) on them, matching a number they just spent. Next time they spend that number, they gain 2 heat.
Vs. Heat 3+: …Next time they spend that number, damage them instead of adding heat.

Shake Your Fist [6]

How could they get past your defenses? It's impossible!
Curse and fume, and make them look cool.


Electronic Eyes

Adds 1 heat to those that pass beyond it while active.
Upgraded: Access Denied[1,2,5] - Passage beyond fails, and they gain 1 heat.

Regular Patrols

Adds 1 heat each turn while tangled.
Who Goes There?[2,5]: Tangle with someone nearby.
Shoot First[1]: Inflict 1 damage to someone nearby at Heat 5+.
Upgraded: Who Goes There and Shoot First become [1,2,4,5].


Surprise![3,4,5]: Tangle with someone nearby.
Alarm[1]: Add 3 heat to someone tangled here, and knock out the trap.
Damage[3]: Inflict 1 damage to someone tangled here, and knock out the trap.
Chute[4]: Reduce the depth of someone tangled here to 0,
Upgraded: Choose — Make a copy of this trap after it's knocked out OR Alarm, Damage and Chute can be used against non-tangled targets.


(Hmm, none? None.)

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