When you start the mission, the Wild Card rolls 4d6 (because they're Skill 4) filling out their situation. Then, every turn, you:

1. Choose an action, spending numbers from your situation,
2. Let the GM make a counter-action.
3. If your situation is less than your skill (4), roll d6 until you have four numbers in your situation again.

The goal of the mission (there's only one to start with) is to infiltrate the target to Depth 3, snag the Treasure, and then return to Depth 0, at which point you escape.

Oh, and you'll be working against a Mark. There might be specialized enemies with better abilities… but hey, they're all marks. I thirk the Mark is probably skill 2.
Normally, the Mark will refill their Situation after every PC has acted. I think for the 1-on-1 test they'll refill it when it's empty.


1: Daring
2: Cool
3: Adept
4: Sly
5: Tough
6: Lucky

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