Talisa Senthur

CHARACTER NAME:Tal’isa “Tal” Senthur
PLAYED BY:Xiao Caity (moc.liamtoh|9427_yllot#moc.liamtoh|9427_yllot)
RACE: Newman (Can be found in the Races and Professions section of the forum)
GENDER: Extremely Female
AGE: 16
JOB: Diplomat
GIL: 15
KP: 0


42/42 0/0
STR 14 2
VIT 14 6
AGI 24 9
SPD 24 9
MAG 21 5
SPR 23 9
ACCURACY% 89 (Combs)

Languages and Lores:
Language (Stellar): 50
Language (Hunter’s Cant): 50
Lore (Diplomacy): 50
Lore (Space-Faring Races): 40
Lore (Negotiations): 40
Lore (Pioneer Project History): 30

Brawl: 50
Two Weapons: 50
Etiquette: 50
Leadership: 50
Negotiation: 50
Seduction: 50
Art: 30
Awareness: 30
Dancing: 30

Adroit: Combs (3 Points) – Use AGI instead of STR for Combs.
Ambidextrous (3 Points) – Advance Two Weapons skill at 1:1 instead of 2:1.
Gillionaire: 10% (3 Points) – Gain an additional 10% on all Gil received.
Special Training: Combs (1 Points) – Use Combs as a base weapon.

Code of Honor (2 Points) – Will never attack an enemy under Unaware, Sleep or Stop, and will not act in a Pre-Emptive Round unless an enemy may do the same.
Coward (4 Points) – Will attempt to flee from battle when in SOS. (SOS HP=10)
Vulnerability: Time (4 Points) – All Time status affects have a doubled CoS after factoring in EVA/M.EVA, all Time Status Touch effects have a 60% chance of working, and Time Status Strike effects have a 90% chance of working.

Key Traits: Inventive, independent, logical, understanding, aloof, unpredictable, eccentric
Key Traits: Ambitious, robust, self-confident, vain, insensitive, ruthless, arrogant.
FAMILY TIES – Senthur Family (The Senthur Family is well known for their cunning, intelligence and almost lunatic approach to life.)
Effect: The character has a claim to greatness – or notoriety – through ancestors, parents, children, siblings, or extended relatives whose names and deeds are widely known.
-2 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 2 Points, the character can ‘cash in’ on the family name, turning a failed Etiquette, Negotiation, or Leadership roll into a success against anybody who is familiar with the character’s family.
-2 Points (Tied): By spending 2 Points, the character’s family connections help the character – or party – overcome an obstacle during the course of the session.
+4 Points (Tied): 4 Points are earned if events end up pitting the character against their family, cutting them off from the family’s resources and goodwill. This effect cancels out this Trait.
CONTACTS (Sometimes it seems like EVERYONE knows Tal.)
Effect: The character has been knocking around long enough to pick up friends, acquaintances and contacts almost everywhere in the world; not always in the highest or most exalted of positions, but almost always useful in the right sort of situation.
-1 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 1 Point, the character can track down a contact in the current location. The GM should feel at liberty to veto this if there is no feasible way for the character to have a contact in that location.
Note that knowing somebody doesn’t automatically guarantee any special breaks or favors; just because the chief engineer of the Empire’s new Doom Sphere happens to be your old drinking buddy doesn’t mean he’ll hand over the security card to the construction site without wrangling.
-2 Points (Spontaneous): By spending 2 Points, the character can upgrade a previously-established contact in the current location to a close acquaintance – one who’s either well disposed enough to help the party out or owes the character a few favors.
+1 Point (Spontaneous): 1 Point is earned if a previously established contact is a traitor or otherwise dangerous to the character’s well-being.
FAME (Tal was instrumental to negotiating the peace between Earth and the Phobos Colony, and as such well-wishers seem to turn up wherever she goes.)
Effect: No matter where you go, it seems like everybody knows who you are – and what you’ve done. While the baying throngs awaiting you at each and every town may be good for the ego, the well-wishers aren’t the only ones taking an interest.
+1 Point (Tied): For 1 Point, the character encounters serious problems as a result of being just a little too recognizable in public during the course of the session.
-1 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 1 Point, the character can use her celebrity to leverage a minor favor; directions, a piece of information, a low-key item such as a Potion.
-3 Points (Spontaneous): By spending 3 Points, the character can use her celebrity to leverage a significant favor; transportation, an honor guard, mid-to-high level items, money.
BEAUTY (She’s a Newman. She’s a hottie hot hottie by default!)
Effect: While the definition of 'attractive' continues to be hotly debated in pubs the world over, a character with this Advantage taps into some timeless, universal standard of beauty that never quite goes out of fashion.
-1 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 1 Point, the character can use her beauty to obtain a small favor or a gift of a low-level item from an admirer.
-2 Points (Spontaneous): By spending 2 Points, the character can automatically succeed at a Seduction Skill Test aimed at any willing or plausibly willing target.
-6 Points (Tied): By spending 6 Points, the character acquires a sympathetic admirer with a significant level of influence or wealth during the course of the session. Depending on the circumstances – and the character’s actions – such admirers may be able to grant significant favors to the character and her comrades.
-1 Point (Tied): By spending 1 Point, a previously-established admirer will resurface during the course of a session.
+1 Point (Tied): For 1 Point, the character’s Beauty attracts unwanted attention or leaves her in a dangerous situation during the course of the session.
+4 Points (Tied): For 4 Points, the character acquires a dangerous – and persistent – admirer who will stop at nothing to woo – or subjugate – her during the course of the session.
+1 Point (Tied): For 1 Point, a previously-established dangerous admirer will resurface during the course of the session.
CHARISMATIC (You even need to ask why I have this?)
Effect: Whether it’s through good looks, riveting oratory, or blind animal magnetism – a Charismatic character has the uncanny ability to wrap people around her little finger in no time flat.
-1 Point (Spontaneous): By spending 1 Point, the character can reroll any Task Check involving one of the following Skills once: Acting, Command, Etiquette, Inquiry, Negotiation, Seduction, Streetwise, Teaching.
-2 Points (Spontaneous): By spending 2 Points, the character can automatically succeed at any one Task Check involving one of the following Skills: Acting, Command, Etiquette, Inquiry, Negotiation, Seduction.
MACHINE-SHY (Tal + Machine = BOOM!)
Effect: Some characters are naturally ill at ease around technology, preferring not to get involved with it unless no other alternative presents itself; even then, their grasp of complex devices is likely to be slippery at best.
+1 Point (Tied): For 1 Point, all failed Task Checks involving machinery and complex equipment during the course of the session become Critical Failures. Any Critical Successes on these Task Checks are ignored.

Diplomacy% = 44 (Etiquette/2 + Level + SPRx2)

Persuade [Level 1]
Type: Fast Target: Single
All Diplomats have the ability to speak quickly, and some turn this skill into an art. On a successful 44, M.EVA check, the target of the Diplomats impassioned speech will refuse to attack the party member of the Diplomat’s choice for a duration of (4). I:Mystify will block Persuade.

Boredom [Level 1]
Type: Slow (2) Target: Single
The Diplomat’s powerful words work both ways. They can excite the mind, or they can bore a person to tears. On a successful 44, M.EVA check, the target is put to Sleep (6). I: Sleep or I: Seal block Boredom.

Limit Gauge: 0/42

Consecutive Hit:
Level 1: Level 2: Levels 3&4:
1-3: Miss! 1-4: Miss! 1-5: Miss!
4-7: Hit! 5-8: Hit! 6-9: Hit!
8-10: Yeah! 9-10: Yeah! 10: Yeah!

Miss! = Miss.
Hit! = Hit for 50% Damage.
Yeah! = hit for 100% Damage.

1-1: Splashdown!
Water Element (0 Points), Extra Damage 1 (5 Points).
Does 75% (Hit!) or 125% (Yeah!), ARM Water Elemental damage.
1-2: Seeping Slash!
HP Drain: Minor (5 Points).
50% (Hit!) or 100% (Yeah!), ARM Damage, drains 15% of the damage done.
2-1: Double Stab!
Piercing (5 points), Extra Damage 1 (5 Points), Armor Down (5 Points).
Does 75% (Hit!) or 125% (Yeah!) damage that ignores ½ of the target’s ARM, and has a (Magic% - 50), M.EVA chance of inflicting Armor Down (4).
2-2: Magic Be Gone!
Magic Break (10 Points), Silence (6 Points).
50% (Hit!) or 100% (Yeah!), ARM Damage, has a (Magic% - 50), M.EVA chance of inflicting Magic Break(4) and Silence (6).
3-1: Smackdown!
Extra Damage 2 (10 Points), Ignore ARM (10 Points).
Deals out 100% (Hit!) or 150% (Yeah!) Damage, ignores ARM.
3-2: Warrior’s Bane!
Meltdown (20 Points).
Deals out 50% (Hit!) or 100% (Yeah!), ARM Damage, has a (Magic% - 50), M.EVA chance of inflicting Meltdown (4).
4-1: Nightmare Strike!
Extra Damage 2 (10 Points), Petrify (15 Points), Dark Affinity (5 Points).
Deals out 100% (Hit!) or 150% (Yeah!), ARM Shadow Damage, and has a (Magic% - 50), M.EVA chance of inflicting Petrify (4).


RIGHT HAND Hairpin 18 + d8 -
LEFT HAND Hairpin 18 + d8 -
HEAD Cap 1/3/0/0 -
BODY Frame 4/4/0/0 -
ARMWEAR Hunter Wrist 1/2/0/0 -

N.B: The Hunter Wrist is still Armwear, it’s just been flavored differently. Same goes for her armor. Seriously, don’t fret over it.

Potion x1
Tonic x1

· Diplomat’s Satchel: Holds a few small books on diplomacy and negotiation, several notebooks and pens, and an old Pinkal Section ID from her Hunter days.
· Mood Necklace: Unlike the tacky human ones, this necklace works off of actual emotions, not body heat. The colors are fairly easy to interpret, so I’ll leave them for everyone else to figure out.
· Hunter Wrist: Another old item from her Hunter days, this small device looks like a chunky armband that covers her right arm from wrist to elbow. It allows her to keep track of her ally’s HP and MP.

Tal’isa is quite the looker, and she takes pains to ensure that she remains that way. Her long straight green-blue hair is always perfectly combed and styled, and her red-brown eyes glitter with amusement. Three small red triangles have been tattooed just below her right eye, and they almost look like a beauty mark unless inspected closely. She is slender but has some damn fine curves, and she goes out of her way to show them off. She dresses in a white silk shirt with lace at the collar and cuffs, and over that she wears a very tight black waistcoat with gold embroidery. She also wears tight plain black trousers and thigh-high leather boots. She apparently never carries weapons, but this is a deception – the two beautifully made combs she wears in her hair are razor sharp and almost unbreakable, and she uses them with deadly grace. Over the shirt on her right arm is a large black armband that reaches from her wrist to her elbow, and it has several small buttons and a screen embedded in it. In contrast to the rest of her possessions is her satchel, which is battered and obviously old, and has had major repairs at least once.

Tal’isa is a sweet-natured young woman, always knowing exactly what to say or do in order to defuse a situation. She is a talented orator and a good listener, and these talents stand her in good stead when defusing potential combat situations. She is also something of a Mistress of Seduction, taking great pleasure in tempting men and women of almost any race to her bed. Yes, that’s right, she’s also a bisexual. She also acts the Counselor on the O.R.D., but she takes very poorly to references to Counselor Troi made in her presence.

Tal’isa is only the latest in a long line of diplomats, negotiators and mediators. The Senthur family has been fighting for peace for as long as they can remember – quite often literally. Tal spent her formative years (only three, thanks to accelerated maturation process of the Newman race) learning everything that there is to know about negotiation and diplomacy. There was little use for her skills aboard the Pioneer Two at the time, however, as the ship was still two years from the end of the trek from Ragol (which they had finally abandoned after twenty-two years of colonization attempts) to Earth (the nearest inhabitable planet they were capable of reaching). With this in mind, she took a crash-course in hand-to-hand combat and joined the Hunter’s Guild for the remaining years of the trip, proving to be quite the master at defusing hostage situations and also a competent bodyguard for the new Principal, Natasha Milarose. When the Pioneer Two finally reached Earth, she retired from the Guild and joined her parents and grandparents in negotiating the treaty with Earth that allowed the people of the Pioneer Two to finally settle on Mars (which had been well and truly terraformed and colonized by that point). The negotiations took four years, but the joy of finally setting foot on the surface of a world that she could truly call home was exhilarating. For a while. Three years came and went, and she found that her skills weren’t really needed by her people any more. At the prompting of her family, she joined Earth’s Diplomatic Corps, and helped bring the Earth-Phobos Colony accord into being. The success of the negotiations brought her great fame in her own right, and she was able to pick and chose her assignments. To everyone’s surprise (except that of a few old Hunting buddies and Principal Milarose), she chose the position of Counselor on board the newly commissioned O.R.D..

· Seek out new life, new civilizations, blah blah blah, Captain Kirk said (and did) it back in the 1960s.

Quote: “Well of course we could do it that way, but where’s the fun in that?”
“I won’t go so easy on you next time!” (When running away.)

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