Split Worlds - Session 32
The dark environ… The strangeness to the senses, the strangely tiled floor, your unique appearances. Everything is unique, different and alien in the Outer Dreamworld. Accompanying you is the most colorful Ronso, which named herself Tinkerbell, which has been guiding you for a while
[OOC] JayM: For now, though, chill as a party as I do some last-second prep, I need my soda and trackers
[OOC] Gavriel: NO
Argent: "…tch. hope I don't have to do anything like that again."
Jnezdie: "Was kinda fun. I'd suggest some tweakin' to battle calculations, but… bah, I'd probably feel better slashin' things in active-time."
Gavriel: "So long as I can aim and pull the trigger, it works for me."
Argent sighs in frustration. "I would -not- do any of that crap in a fight."
Tinkerbell looks through the passage open in the wall of blackness "Ahead of here should be Ultima Sector… Wait-"
Argent: "…hm? What's the issue now?"
TB: "No, we will apparently have to first traverse through Re'Sheran's datascape before reaching Ultima Sector. It is no problem, simply a matter of inexperience on his part"
TB: "Worry not, let us proceed. We should meet his assistant AI, Q, on the other side"
Jnezdie snickers. "Really? Man, I hope he a'int asleep."
Argent: "I see."
Jack: "Alright."
Tinkerbell is the first to cross the treshold, she simply vanishes once she steps through the pathway created
Jack‘ follows after her!
Argent steps through as well, cracking her knuckles
Jnezdie hops from one foot to the other, then skips forward! (Only one skip though, that was just to get him started.)
Crossing through, you reach a completely… Unexpected area. The background is different, a light shade of… Pink and faded red blended. Below your feet the floor is no longer tiled, instead it’s a grassy field and ahead of you… Mirrors, thousands upon millions of mirror forming corridors and pathways, both real and illusionary
Argent: "…Cute."
The 'air' here is different, specially due to the fact that you can feel it, and it smells slightly very soft cologne
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrm."
Jnezdie looks down at his skinlike black suit, looks at the surroundings…
Jnezdie: "Talk about different."
Argent: "…okay, what's with the smell here." Argent twitches.
After a handful of moments, something swoops by, a bit too unexpectedly and a little too fast to be seen at first, then it swoops by again spiralling around Gavriel for a moment, before stopping right where it is and floating backwards a little. A snake, thick and and at least a few meters in length, every bit of distance in it's body there is a pair of multi-colored wings "Ah, you've
JayM: arrived. I'm Q, Reshy's AI assistant "
Jack‘ mumbles something about a love shack and starts humming to himself.
Q: "This is my master’s datascape- Well, given your current understanding of things you could say that this is inside his mind and memories"
Jnezdie: "Hey, Q. I'm Jnezdie. 's your last name 'R'?"
A chuckle from the snake, it glides slightly and friendly coils around Jnezdie, levelling his face with his "I don't have one, sadly"
Argent: "Right. Let's get down to business. We're trying to get to the Ultima Sector."
Q tilts his head to Argent "Yes, true, true. You just have to navigate through. Sadly i'm powerless to show you the way, it's something to do with our different perceptions of this place, so you're going to have to figure out on your own"
Jnezdie nods to the snake. "A'int a problem! Anything we should know about?"
Argent: "Right. One of -those- things, huh."
Reflected in the mirrors are your images- But something is entirely different. In the mirrors, you're reflected with your true appearane, or at the very least how you looked like a few days ago. Tinkerbell and Q, however, aren't reflected. Instead, it's the reflection of their masters, Sarah and Re'Sheran, in their uniforms. As Q is wrapped around Jnezdie, Re'Sheran's image appears clinging
JayM: to Jnezdie
Q: "Well, this place is pretty much harmless, but you're going to be routing through some of his memories. Nothing he doesn't mind seen but even so. Also, because of connection issues time here flows… Slightly differently, so if you spend too much time here, you're probably going to be spending far more real time"
Argent: "…let me test something…" Argent says, ready to strike one of the mirrors.
Jack: "! Argent! Were you not just feeling indignant that someone might be rooting around in your mind? I imagine striking an option in someone elses mind ujst out of curiosity is a fairly rude thing to do."
Argent: "It's not curiosity. It's to see if we can create a shortcut."
Gavriel raises an eyebrow at the reflection in the mirror, chuckles. "…we will be fine, I'm sure. Argent, I don't think that'll be necessary."
Argent: "Mindscape or no, we are in a hurry."
Jack: "Well. You better not get huffy if someone does the same to you in the future."
Jnezdie is unperturbed at the image of Re'Sheran coiled around him. "No sense o' empathy, I tell ya."
Argent: "You're talking as if I haven't had my head screwed with without my permission before."
Jnezdie: "Nah, I'm talkin' like you honestly wouldn't care even if your head hadn't been screwed with."
Q: "I can certainly not guess what she is attempting to do and, while the master certainly does not minds being abused now and then, I do bid you be careful"
Jack: "I'm talking as if all people ought to opperate under the principle of 'do unto others and you would have them do onto you'." Jakc sighs.
Argent: "Oh. Then you wouldn't mind if we killed whoever put us into that sleep issue to begin with. Good to know." Argent smirks.
Argent readies to strike- And it's not like a mirror is going to just dodge her strike. She hits the mirror- But her fist simply stops, all the momentum and energy vanished, as if she had hit an unpenetrable wall, except there is no reactive force
Jnezdie shakes his head and sighs. "I'm tryin' to figure out who the villain is in all this…" he mutters, as he begins to walk- or tries to walk. He pokes the snake in the nose. "Oi then, cuddles over."
Jack: "Undoubtedly it was not Re'Sheran." Jack raises an eyebrow at the strike, however.
Argent: "…tch. It'd feel less weird if it actually felt like I hit anything."
Q: "Oh, I see" Q uncoils from Jnezdie, floating again "Do not attempt that, please. You are trying to move beyond the physical paths, that is a literal impossibility"
Jack: "Curious."
Argent: "…it's one of those damn abstractions again, isn't it."
Jnezdie: "We are gonna be in abstract land for a while, I think. Ultima knows I've already lost all sense of time."
Argent mutters several curses under her breath, before starting to head into the mirror maze; "Let's go. The longer we spend here, the longer we spend in real time."
Jnezdie: "I guess we start making our way through until we see something less Re'Sheran and more Ultima."
Jnezdie: "So, y'know, if you stop smellin' cologne and feel less like you're in a moko grass hut, say somethin'."
Jack‘ starts on down the path. "So it seems!"
Gavriel trudges onward, as soon as it becomes apparent that he can do so without leaving any members of their party behind. "Hn. What kind of a person has hallways made out of mirrors in their head? Says something about him, right there…" -he’s not quite sure what, but.
Argent: "It's only our interpretation of it, Gav."
Gavriel frowns. "Yes, but the model must represent an underlying truth or the model is flawed."
Argent shakes her head. "Trying to decipher that now is a bit of a waste of time. We're already going to be slowed here due to how things work, so our best bet is to not think about it until we're out."
Jnezdie occasionally poses in front of a mirror as they move.
Gavriel shrugs. "As soon as something necessitating my attention arises, it will recieve it. In the meantime, comprehending the model may give us an edge in navigating it." Tromp, tromp, tromp. "Do you not see my feet moving?" Tromp, tromp, tromp. "…besides, the first virtue is curiosity."
Argent: "Fair enough."
Gavriel nods, calmly.
Jnezdie: "Well, since we're actually talkin' about it, here's a, somethin', don't know what to call it: if the mirrors show things as they more or less are, whatcha' think that has to do with Reshy bein' able to change appearances?"
Jack: "Mm, not forgetting the core of things? Who he really is?"
Jnezdie: "Hmm…"
As you move forward, yousee images other than your own in the mirrors, one has a starry background- Above a planet colored green and silver- wrecked ships lay everywhere in the field of view, but a strange machine, humanoid in form colored gold and black holding a cannon five times as large as it is- And that image itself vanishes. As you walk further images of two familiar bangaa drenched
JayM: in mud and wounded crawling under the grass, an opressive air in the image. An image, seen from a perpective about the height of the knee, looking up at two adults, foggied, meaningless, but their non-existant faces still emanate scorn. As you passes, images appear and vanish in mirrors
Jnezdie comments as he passes more mirrors. "Guess even 'the truth' is relative, eh? Not everythin' has a clear image."
JayM: To progress through here, it will require a Navigation [TN 6] check
Jack: "Memories are like that."
Jnezdie is more comfortable about the areas with grass beneath their feet, and the mirrors, though strange, have got to make out a pattern in some way… [Aptitude]
Argent: "Flashes of memories, huh?" Argent steels herself, letting her knack for pathfinding lead the way [Lucky]
Jack‘ rolled 2#d8+1(1) and got 3 ( Total: 4.0 ) **
Also rolled 2#d8+1(2) and got 4 [Total: 5.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(1) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(2) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(3) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(4) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 26.0, Avg: 4.00
[OOC] JayM: 1/3] it seems
Argent: Training…is something that doesn’t easily prepare one for this, anyway…[Jack of All Trades]
Jack‘ rolled d6+1 and got 1 ( Total: 2.0 )
[OOC] JayM: Failing or do you got a miracle to pull off?
[OOC] Jnezdie: that’s a failure, sir
You walk through the maze of mirrors, tirelessly. As you trudge on forward an image in the mirror catches your eyes. It's of what's most probably a ship, shaped like an arrowhead, sides brilliant a multitude of colors, Re'Sheran looking up at it. The entire image has an ethereal feel to it, like a victory. "Memories, are indeed just like that" says Q
As you walk, you finally reach what can be called an 'end'. Whereas the maze still stretches infinitely, right where you are there is a pillar of light "Aha, this right here is the connection spot to Ultima Sector. I can't really go past here, sadly" says Q
TB: "Your assistance is greatly appreciated, saved me valuable processor cycles"
Q: "Not an issue, Tink"
Jnezdie: "Aw, you'll be okay, Q."
Q: "Of course I will, I am built to be!"
Jack‘ nods to the giant flying snake.
Jnezdie: "See you around- or, well, see Reshy around, and- aw, you get it. Let’s roll, Tink."
Suddenly, something jumps from the pillar of light- Something that you have seen before! Jnezdie and Gavriel- Or at the very least those two beings which looked like them, still dressed in the same clothes. They look at you expectantly- Jnezdie they seem to want to say something very badly, but are somehow unable to. They're eagerly trying their darnest to communicate but make not a
JayM: single sound
Argent: "…hm. As much as I'd love to converse, we'd rather not stay in accelerated time." Argent comments as she was prepared to jump into the pillar
Argent: "…the hell?"
Jnezdie: "Hey, Jnez!" He grabs him by the shoulders and peeeeeers him up and down.
JayM: It does looks excited!
TB: "This is no good… Come here, tell me, I will translate for them"
Gavriel nods, gratefully, to the construct, and then continues onward- and stops, back straightening up as his doppelganger emerges from the pillar of light. He reaches out towards his dopple- there's a material palm-tap code that he learned when he was very young. Perhaps that will..?
Jnezdie: "Found somethin'? Some-one-?"
Gavriel glances towards Tinkerbell, then nods in her direction. That works, too.
Jnezdie: "Huh? Oh. Yeah, that's probably easier."
Jnezdie meanders towards Tinkerbell.
The other Jnezdie nods, and goes over to Tinkerbell, soundlessly whispering in her ear "I see… They do not speak your language, only the language of… Well, computers. Hrm… They have located a remote connection of the Heir ahead, in the cnnection between Ultima Sector and Phoenix Sector"
Argent: "…hm. Would it be viable to try and sever it?"
TB: "The… Best way to place it, is that it's a minion that the Heir controls directly. They came to report their findings, and to tell that they will continue trying to trace the Heir"
TB: "It would be optimal, it was probably through that he brought you to your current state"
Gavriel: "Hn. Good hunting."
Q: "Want my CW suite, Tink?"
Jnezdie pounds a fist into a palm. "Alright," he growls, grinning.
TB: "No, this will require a different approach. But continue under contact"
TB: "Whenever you are ready. Ahead of here is the logical setor which is literally within Alkasha. Be careful"
Jack: "No time like the present!"
Argent cracks her knuckles. "As much as I hate detours…I'd rather try and destroy the connection as soon as possible." And she steps forward into the pillar of light.
Stepping into the pillar of light… You step elsewhere… The floor is back to it's tiled nature but… Instead of crimson, it's a glowing green. And you are… Upside-down. Whereas you feet still firmly attach to the ground, you feel upside down
Gavriel shakes his head. Repeatedly. "Hn."
Argent: "…and I'd think I would be used to these changes of scenery by now."
Jnezdie reflexively crouches to stabilize himself, taking a second to -try- to get accustomed.
Jack: "Oho."
And spanning ahead of you, a tower, a tower which extends 'downwards', as you look above yourselves and you see a cintillating golden sphere against the black background, the tower grows towards it. The tower is built like a series of blocky ledges, and literally no connection, like various platforms.
Argent: "Ugh…hell…this just gets worse and worse, doesn't it." Argent tries to reorient herself. "Tinkerbell, out of sheer morbid curiosity, what's the deal with the time in this area?"
TB: "No issues regarding time in this area. We have finally traversed all the areas which might pertain connection lag, this area directly connects to Phoenix so we are running realtime"
Jnezdie: "Good to hear, aside from being all upside-backways."
Argent: "Right then." Argent starts her way onward to the 'tower'. There's got to be something one way or another, and nothing to be gained by waiting.
Jack: "You're upside down? It still looks normally aligned to me! Haha."
JayM: See, there is no actual way towards there- As you move forward you come to the end of the 'platform' you're on, and ahead spans an endless pit, with no visible connection towards the tower itself
Gavriel gives Jack a 'not sure if serious' look, and trudges… "…hn. Tinkerbell?"
Jnezdie: "It's just a weird feelin', yeah?"
Jack: "Hrmrmrm!"
Argent: "…hm. Guess it's time for more of that rerouting crap again, I take it."
TB: "From… What I can ascertain, you might be having a small bit of sensory confusion since we are physically situatied far above the material ground, and your senses seem to somehow expect that"
TB: "Sadly, we do not have access rights within this network I do not believe we are capable of it"
JayM: Although- By sheer accident, Jnezdie steps on this peculiar raised panel- And it tilts slightly to the side, and starts just sliding as long as it remains tilted
Jnezdie immediately steps off of it.
Jack: "?!" Jack double takes, then tries to mimic Jnezdie's posture and stance.
JayM: It appears that when you step on that particular panel and tilt it- It starts floating in the direction it was tilted!
Jnezdie: "Figurin' we'll just take advantage of the natural geography, then!"
JayM: It's only large enough for one… But when it moves, another 'spawns' where it originally was
Gavriel: "…strange. They make children's puzzles like this, in the Material Kingdom. Rather less… elaborate, however."
JayM: Turns out that you can use those to 'drive' between the different ledges and, although they don't go up and down, a little bit of jumping can solve that! So a Piloting [TN 4] will suffice :D
Argent: "Peculiar." Argent looks over it, but unfortunately she is not one of the vehicularly-inclined [No reels]
TB: "I would not call this a children's puzzle- Although, no- Perhaps, this might be the equivalent of such"
Jnezdie: "Man. Kinda wish we had these back ni the real world."
Jack: "How delightful!" Jack gentle pushes Jnezdie to the side while rubbing his hand together, then takes the lead! [Aptitude] [Dependable]
Jnezdie: "Heh. 'World.' Feels almost natural, sayin' it now."
Jack‘ rolled d10 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
d8+1: 8 [Total: 9.0 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 36.0, Avg: 7.00
Jnezdie hops aboard and leaaaaaans forward!!
Argent: "Let’s just get through this as soon as possible."
Jnezdie is completely flying on instinct. [No reels]
Riding the moving platforms, you go 'higher' and 'higher' until you reach the very top of the tower… It's strange because the further you go, the less it feels like you're upside-down and the more it feels like you're upright again, until it feels perfectly correct at the top
For a moment there appears to be nothing here, and then you hear… That sound
JayM: http://youtu.be/qu1uRmk_4WY
And before you appears the ghostly image of the Heir, smirking at you. He puts his flute to his lips, playing, as various translucent shining veils of white cover him, taking a strange shape, like a great suit of armor, holding a massive blade
Jack: "…That song is far more grating when it sounds fake than it did on his flute!"
Covered by the veil of light, he closes his eyes and plays, as the ghostly form of the knight raises it's blade
JayM: Begin Battle!
Argent: "Screw it, we're kicking its ass, and then his!"
JayM: Due to the time lost on the maze, this boss has +3 levels :D
Gavriel narrows his eyes at the effigy of the Heir- drawing his gun, checking it over, loading it with ammo. Little things, ritualistic things.
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [F]:2 Jack [B]:3 Jnezdie [F]:3 Fortress Insalaum [F]:4
Argent drops into a combat stance immediately, ready to beat the ever-living crap out of this armor
TB: "… Fortress Insalaum? That is a very old Ilirian CW suite, still…"
Jnezdie: "Ahahaha! You and that theme!"
Jnezdie: "And this giant suit of armor… man, I still want -my- giant suit of armor."
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel aims his gun at the knight, and peers through the scope. [Wide Scan D29]
Tinkerbell steps beside Gavriel, and puts a hand on his shoulder- Through the sight of the scope information is seen, whereas he himself cannot make heads or tails of how this place is meant to work, TB can grant him information he can understand
Remote Avatar Fortress Insalaum - Level 27 Tough Boss Construct - HP: 6984/6984, MP: 455/455 - A: Shadow, W: Holy - I: Battle Enders - It needs no assistance as it can fight a horde by itself [X-Action]
JayM: Argent!
Argent: "Tch…is that so…" Argent comments as she thinks back on what was mentioned prior; and does a runpast, trying to see if there was anything replicable worth stealing from the Avatar Fortress [Steal Item, 31D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
Argent runs right through, and something- Is taken from it. Cubes shining white [Ether x3, Dry Ether]
[OOC] Argent: [ah, CRAP]
[OOC] Argent: that was meant to be Steal Equipment
JayM: Jack and Jnezdie!
Jack‘ strikes up a [Rousing Melody] [38D] [Haste (4)]
JayM: Songs for all!
[OOC] Argent: damnit, I don’t even have Steal Item equipped…gah, I'll mark this as a dud
Jnezdie: "Hey Tink, what's the word on Angelics in this dreamworld thingy?"
Argent: "Worked in the abstraction, Jnezdie."
TB: "… Just do what comes naturally, whereas it might have a different base work, it should lead to similar effect"
Jnezdie: "I'll save it for later, then!"
Jnezdie raises his broadsword high, channeling energy into it! [Flare Sword, 25D]
JayM: It's now that you realize that this is not the game interface! Tinkerbell appears to be somehow busy with something as well
Jnezdie: "(Feels a lot more like it should…)"
The white knight opens it's arms wide, and a giant volley of dark spheres shoots upwards, suddenly forming a roof over your heads, and as it brings it's arms down, they all shower down on you [Black Hole Cluster]
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 2, 84, 67, 29 ( Total: 182 )
Jack and Gavriel jump and weave, avoiding all of them but as they fall Argent and Jnezdie are caught in a shower of tiny black holes, dragging at them, pushing them at every direction
JayM rolled 1d8+216 and got 1 ( Total: 217.0 )
JayM: 217 Magical Shadow damage and Poison(4), Slow(4) and Immobilize(4)
Then it points forward, and a gate of darkness appears. It steps right through it, vanishing
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 )
And Jnezdie simply feel the weight of the massive blade striking him from behind, knocking him off his feet as the knight steps back through the gate, returning to where he was
JayM rolled 1d12+240 and got 10 ( Total: 250.0 )
JayM: 250 Physical Melee damage!
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 311/942, MP: 124/168, LP: 260/300, SoS: 235 - Slow (4),Flare Sword (6),Poison (4),Immobilize (4)
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Jnezdie: inits
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Gavriel [B]:1 Argent [F]:5 Jack [B]:13 Fortress Insalaum [F]:24
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [==========]
[OOC] Argent: [F] HP: 828/1092 | MP: 195/195 | Limit: 47/300 | SoS: 273 | Poison (4), Slow (4), Immobilize (4)
Jnezdie: "Okay, guy, you're askin' for it." Water swirls around Jnezdie's feet, streaming up his sides, then floats into the air next to him, forming many panels. [Let's Groove, 50D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 80
Rather than water swirling, instead the very reality around him, everything changes, the entire place suddenly for a while turning into a real dance floor! Charm(4)!
Jnezdie: "Normally this is more Jack's thing, but I'm bringin' it against you!"
JayM: Gavriel!
Jnezdie: "Hold up on beatin' on him for a bit! I got an idea!"
Jack: "Sounds good!"
Argent: "…you have no taste"
Jack: "Fahahah!"
Jnezdie: "Hey…"
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 249/942, MP: 124/168, LP: 260/300, SoS: 235 - Slow (3),Flare Sword (5),Poison (3),Immobilize (3)
Jnezdie: "Oh yeah? Well I! I will survive!"
Jnezdie: "As long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive!"
Argent: "…your singing also sucks." Argent comments, deadpanning.
Gavriel throws his head back and howls defiance in the face of his very nature; he turns, the drizzling rain bending, converging on the muzzle of his gun. He trains the gun on Jnezdie, and fires- the bullet is clear, formed from life-giving water itself, and shimmers with the light of forbidden white magic; it hits, cool and gentle, and Jnezdie is wreathed in that light. [Angelic: Stalwart
Gavriel Defiance]
Jack: "Gahahahah!"
Gavriel rolled d8+468 and got 3 ( Total: 471.0 ) for cures Immobilize and Poison, D31]
JayM: Argent!
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 720/942, MP: 124/168, LP: 110/300, SoS: 235 - Slow (3),Flare Sword (5)
Jnezdie: "Whoa- whoa! Gav! Buddy!" He smiles widely.
Jnezdie: "Where'd ya' pick -that- up! Nice shot!"
Argent this time tries to grab something -actually- useful off of the enemy [Steal EQUIPMENT, 38D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 50 ( Total: 50 )
Gavriel closes his eye, and grins out of the corner of his mouth. "…the Ethereal Kingdom, of all places. I'm glad if it helped."
Jnezdie: "You kiddin'? I feel like a million gil!"
Argent grabs- Somehow, despite it not being even physical, it's a symbol, and image: [Granzera Cres x1, T3, Relic, Accessory, R: Shadow, R:Gravity III]
Argent: "Kgh…" Argent does look more than a little sickened from that other attack, though… (( [F] HP: 663/1092 | MP: 195/195 | Limit: 37/300 | SoS: 273 | Poison (3), Slow (3), Immobilize (3) ))
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Fortress Insalaum [F]:11 Gavriel [B]:19 Argent [F]:30 Jnezdie [F]:37
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [==========]
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ sings the song of life! [38D]
Jack` rolled 5d10*1.25+140*1.25 and got 6, 1, 9, 4, 6 ( Total: 207.5 )
JayM: Healing, it is had!
JayM: Jnezdie, what are your orders for your foe?
Jnezdie: "Show me your moves!"
[OOC] JayM: Graviton Sword] [Wormhole Shooter] [Graviton Cannon] [Black Hole Cluster
Argent eyerolls. This has to be some sort of Transcient inside joke. HAS to be.
Jnezdie engages in a dance-duo with the armor. [Defend][Defend]
The armor steps slowly to the sides, continuing to dance with Jnezdie, kinda awkwardly [What’s the base delay of Defend, Hachi?]
[OOC] Jnezdie: 35D
Jnezdie: "Weren't you the one who tried to break me with black spheres… did I crumble, did I lay down and DIIIIIIIIEOHHHHHHHHHHH not I! I will survive!"
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [F]:11 Jnezdie [F]:18 Jack [B]:19 Fortress Insalaum [F]:20
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [==========] Charm(3)
JayM: Gavriel!
Jnezdie: "(Hey, let's give Argent a pick-me-up before resumin'!)"
Gavriel tosses Argent an Antidote. [Item D23]
JayM: Antidote :D
JayM: Argent!
Argent downs the serum immediately. Poor taste, but nothing she's not used to when it comes to medicine…
Argent: …right before grabbing a bandage from her pack and applying it to the most…crippling of her apparent wounds [Item, 37D]
Jnezdie: "Gonna give it a nasty taste o' its own medicine in a bit!"
JayM: Bandaids, they heal all
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Argent: [F] HP: 870/1092 | MP: 195/195 | Limit: 37/300 | SoS: 273 | Slow (2)
Jnezdie produces some tech they once obtained…a laser painter! He hefts it with his arm, aiming it at the Fortress Insalaum! [Item, 38D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 30 ( Total: 30 ) for 60 Lock(4)
JayM: It's now an easy target! Lock(4)!
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ strickes up the [Rousing Melody] once again! [38D] [Haste (4)]
Jnezdie: "Okay team, we ready to go full speed?"
JayM: And, your orders, Jnezdie?
[OOC] Argent: [F] HP: 870/1092 | MP: 195/195 | Limit: 47/300 | SoS: 273 | Haste (4) )) "Let’s just beat this pile of shit into nothingness."
Jnezdie has the armor spin, do a split [Wait], then stand up and give itself a [Black Hole Cluster]!
It raises it's arms up, and showers black holes unto itself!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 )
JayM rolled 1d8+216 and got 5 ( Total: 221.0 )
JayM: Whereas it absorbs the damage… Poison(4), Slow(4), Immobilize(4)!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [F]:25 Jnezdie [F]:33 Fortress Insalaum [F]:33 Jack [B]:34
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [======== ] Poison(3) Lock(3) Slow(3) Immobilize(3)
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel nods. Now it's his turn… he aims on the knight. "Time to stop that grating song of yours, I think!" [Silence Buster D47]
Gavriel rolled d8+117 and got 1 ( Total: 118.0 ) for 65 CoS Blind
d100: 50 [Total: 50 (Low), Avg: 50.00]
Total: 168.0, Avg: 25.50
JayM: Blind and silence! Also damage!
JayM: Argent!
Argent: What time is it? If you answered "Pummel Time" , you'd be…wrong! As she rears back…and fires a white bolt out of her palm at the construct! [Aura Bolt, 33D]
JayM: Strikes!
JayM: Isn't that Holy?
Argent: It is
JayM: Weakness :D
Argent rolled 1d8*1.5+168*1.5 and got 4 ( Total: 258.0 )
JayM: It strikes- Part of the damage is deflected, but still hits! [228]
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie surfs towards the Fortress Insalaum, striking with a supercharged overhand strike! [Attack, 45D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 ) for 95/5
JayM: Hit!
Jnezdie rolled 4d10+468 and got 8, 7, 8, 10 ( Total: 501.0 )
JayM: The heavy armor deflects it partially but that's still respectable damage!
[OOC] JayM: 471
JayM: Battle order: Fortress Insalaum [F]:0 Jack [B]:1 Gavriel [B]:14 Argent [F]:25 Jnezdie [F]:45
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [======= ] Poison(3) Lock(3) Slow(3) Immobilize(3) Blind(4) Silence(2)
As crippled as it is, it opens it jams it's blade on the ground and a sphere of golden energy appears in front of it, charging [CT 35]
JayM: Jack!
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:13 Argent [F]:24 Fortress Insalaum [F]:34 Jnezdie [F]:44
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [======= ] Poison(3) Lock(3) Slow(3) Immobilize(3) Blind(4) Silence(2)
Jack‘ sings a [Magical Refrain]! [38D] [Shell (4)]
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel hunkers down. [Defend D24]
JayM: Argent!
Argent rushes in, leaping up to take a swipe at the Fortress’ head with her foot-or at least any vulnerable-looking parts [Scourge, 25D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 )
Argent rolled 1d8+416 and got 7 ( Total: 423.0 ) for like Beatdown, but better!
JayM: Straight into the head!
It finally spreads open it's arms as a dark portals appears in front of it. The glowing sphere fires hundreds of beams of light into the portal, which vanish, and then the Fortress picks up the blade, and steps in itself [Wormhole Shooter] [Graviton Sword]
Suddenly, a series of small dark portals appear all around Jnezdie
JayM rolled 1d6 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
JayM rolled 3d100 and got 29, 47, 66 ( Total: 142 )
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
The various portals then delivers a large amount of shining beams aimed directly at Jnezdie!
JayM rolled 2#1d12+336(1) and got 8 ( Total: 344.0 )
Also rolled 2#1d12+336(2) and got 7 [Total: 343.0 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 687.0, Avg: 7.50
[OOC] JayM: 334] and [343] Physical Ranged damage!
Jnezdie has just enough presence of mind to sidestep the following swipe
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 290/942, MP: 124/168, LP: 120/300, SoS: 235 - Haste (3),Flare Sword (3),Shell (4)
Jnezdie: "Y-Yow!" He's buffeted, and in a moment of sense, he jerks to the right, dodging the finishing strike!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jack [B]:1 Jnezdie [F]:7 Argent [F]:12 Fortress Insalaum [F]:53
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [====== ] Poison(2) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
JayM: GAvriel!
Gavriel frowns at Jnezdie- but he seems to have made it. Hn. In the meantime, he pours the contents of a small vial into a slot on the barrel of his gun… [CT 10]
JayM: A buildup of power!
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ plays the ]Knight’s Minne] [38D] [Protect (4)]
JayM: More and more shields ever forever!
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Jnezdie: inits
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Gavriel [B]:3 Argent [F]:5 Jack [B]:32 Fortress Insalaum [F]:46
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [===== ] Poison(2) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
[OOC] Jnezdie: I'm pretty sure the fortress is at- okay :D
[OOC] Argent: HP: 870/1092 | MP: 195/195 | Limit: 56/300 | SoS: 273 | Haste (2), Shell (3), Protect (4)
Jnezdie tilts the tile he rides upon sharply forward, heading right for the Fortress! [
[Attack, 45D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for 95/5
JayM: Blam!
Jnezdie rolled 4d10+468 and got 5, 2, 1, 1 ( Total: 477.0 )
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel fires! [Vitals Shot D39]
JayM: A viral strike
Gavriel rolled d8+117 and got 4 ( Total: 121.0 ) for 65 CoS Blind (4) refresh, 70 CoS ??? (4)
d6: 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
d100: 12 [Total: 12 (Low), Avg: 12.00]
d100: 64 [Total: 64 (High), Avg: 64.00]
Total: 202.0, Avg: 21.25
[OOC] Gavriel: Poison (4)
JayM: Ever more and more poisons!
JayM: Argent!
Argent now goes for the Pummeling. Go figure. [Pummel, 25D]
Argent rolled 2#d100(1) and got 98 ( Total: 98 )
Also rolled 2#d100(2) and got 74 [Total: 74 (High), Avg: 74.00]
Total: 172, Avg: 86.00
JayM: IS that two misses?
Argent: That is. Sugar, you are a smelly pirate hooker.
JayM: Pfft, you're so fast you get a redo
JayM: You again
Argent then seems to…wait…for an opening? [Wait, 15D]
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:10 Argent [F]:13 Jnezdie [F]:13 Fortress Insalaum [F]:14
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [==== ] Poison(4) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ raises and eyebrow at Argent, then shakes his head as he plays the [Valor Minute] [38D] [Brave (4)]
JayM: BRavery for all!
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel kicks off -all- the safeties, and then fires! [Full Assault D39]
Gavriel rolled d8*1.25+234*1.25 and got 8 ( Total: 302.5 ) for 65 CoS Blind (4) refresh
Also rolled 1d100 and got 72 [Total: 72 (High), Avg: 72.00]
Total: 374.5, Avg: 40.00
JayM: STRIKE! Heavy damage!
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Jnezdie [F]:0 Fortress Insalaum [F]:1 Jack [B]:25 Gavriel [B]:36
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [==== ] Poison(4) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
JayM: Argent!
[OOC] Argent: Using init-synch to let Jnezdie go first
Jnezdie hauls out the automed- even in dreamspace, he still carries it- popping it open and snapping gloves over his hands. He digs out a High Potion, mixing it about with the automed, and then drinks it! [Item, 25D]
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 930/942, MP: 114/168, LP: 120/300, SoS: 235 - Haste (1),Flare Sword (1),Shell (2),Protect (2),Brave (3)
Argent: A friendly reminder-that "High Potion" is in fact a chem-battery!
Jnezdie will drink heavily infused chemicals.
JayM: Whoo, odd- You feel full of energy!
JayM: Argent!
Jnezdie eats acid and shits steel!
Argent leaps for the point of impact of Gavriel’s last shot, aiming to pierce the heavens with her fist! …or would it be the light. Whatever. Something will be pierced. Painfully. [Scourge, 31D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
JayM: It is, in fact, powerful
Argent rolled 1d8*1.25+416*1.25 and got 3 ( Total: 523.75 )
JayM: Battle order: Fortress Insalaum [F]:0 Jack [B]:24 Jnezdie [F]:24 Argent [F]:30 Gavriel [B]:35
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [=== ] Poison(4) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
The Fortress opens up it's arms again, jamming the sword on the ground, but this time, two dark portals appear in front of it [Wormhole Shooter] [Wormhole Shooter] [CT 70]
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:0 Argent [F]:6 Gavriel [B]:11 Fortress Insalaum [F]:46
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [=== ] Poison(4) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ sings the [Rousing Melody] once again! [38D] [Haste (4)]
Jnezdie: "Jeez! He a’int givin' up, is he?"
Gavriel: "…he will."
JayM: Jnezdie!
Gavriel: "…soon."
Argent: "Focus your attacks on it."
Jnezdie grins wildly. "And I'm helpin'!" He zooms towards the Fortress, giving it another wide slash! [Attack, 45D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 95/5
JayM: A powerful slash
Jnezdie rolled 4d10*1.25+468*1.25 and got 5, 4, 3, 8 ( Total: 610.0 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 930/942, MP: 114/168, LP: 120/300, SoS: 235 - Haste (3),Flare Sword (0),Shell (1),Protect (1),Brave (2)
JayM: Argent!
Argent then lashes out twice at the construct yet again! [Pummel, 25D]
Argent rolled 2#d100(1) and got 73 ( Total: 73 )
Also rolled 2#d100(2) and got 95 [Total: 95 (High), Avg: 95.00]
Total: 168, Avg: 84.00
JayM: Really, that is some bad luck, but isn't your CoS 75? That's mean one hit!
JayM: Wait, it's not, isn't it? Two misses is jus plain sad
Argent: 70. Blitz would be 75
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel is actually asleep this round, despite mysteriously having talked shit about the boss earlier. [D35]
JayM: Argent again!
Argent: Inits?
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Jack [B]:7 Jnezdie [F]:14 Gavriel [B]:15 Fortress Insalaum [F]:15
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [== ] Poison(4) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
[OOC] Argent: Wait D15
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ sings the [Knight’s MInne] again! [Protect (4)]
JayM: Shields, shields everywhere
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie: "Here we go!!! ORYAAAAAAAAAA!" He doubles back, and holds his broadsword hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh above his head as he committs to a really big swing! [Beatdown, 45D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for 55/5
The blade chinks the armor slightly- But it's deflected, striking the ground
JayM: Gavriel and Argent!
Argent cracks her knuckles. "Oi, Gav, lead off, will you?"
Gavriel recovers from the recoil, finally, and loads up another shot without bothering to re-engage the safeties! This has to end now! [Full Assault D39]
Gavriel rolled d8*1.25+234*1.25 and got 5 ( Total: 298.75 ) for 65 CoS Blind (4) refresh
Also rolled 1d100 and got 83 [Total: 83 (High), Avg: 83.00]
Total: 381.75, Avg: 44.00
JayM: Argent!
Argent: "Right, let's finish this!" And she launches into a flying kick right along hte recoil! [Scourge, 25D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 )
JayM: A powerful hit!
Argent rolled 1d8*1.25+416*1.25 and got 7 ( Total: 528.75 ) for Ha ha, I have ACC bonuses
JayM: Battle order: Fortress Insalaum [F]:0 Argent [F]:25 Jack [B]:30 Gavriel [B]:39 Jnezdie [F]:44
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [= ] Poison(4) Lock(2) Slow(2) Immobilize(2) Blind(3) Silence(1)
The Fortress recieves the kick right in the head… But doesn't flinches… Until it fires a shower of golden beams of light in the two portals… And various portals appear around Argent and Jnezdie!
JayM rolled 2d6 and got 3, 3 ( Total: 6 )
JayM rolled 2#3d100(1) and got 82, 52, 27 ( Total: 161 )
Also rolled 2#3d100(2) and got 75, 18, 41 [Total: 134 (Low), Avg: 44.67]
Total: 295, Avg: 49.17
JayM: Argent is adept at dodging and avoids a barrage almost completely but Jnezdie ges two hits!
JayM rolled 1d12+336 and got 10 ( Total: 346.0 )
Also rolled 2#1d12+336(1) and got 7 [Total: 343.0 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 2#1d12+336(2) and got 1 [Total: 337.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 1026.0, Avg: 6.00
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Jack [B]:5 Gavriel [B]:14 Jnezdie [F]:19 Fortress Insalaum [F]:31
JayM: Status for Fortress Insalaum [F] : [= ] Poison(3) Lock(1) Slow(1) Immobilize(1) Blind(2)
JayM: Argent!
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 290/942, MP: 114/168, LP: 130/300, SoS: 235 - Haste (2),Protect (3),Brave (1)
[OOC] Jnezdie: er wait
[OOC] Jnezdie: prot ect
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 461/942, MP: 114/168, LP: 130/300, SoS: 235 - Haste (2),Protect (3),Brave (1)
[OOC] Argent: HP: 611/1092 | MP: 176/195 | Limit: 74/300 | SoS: 273 | Haste (1), Protect (3)
JayM: (so you don't forget, your turn, Argent
Argent dodges in between lasers, almost making it look effortless…right before delivering yet another kick to the armor, this time intended to knock it off balance. "Oi, Jack, be useful and whap Gavriel over the head, would you?" [Blindside, 32D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 )
JayM: A hit!
Argent rolled 1d8+208 and got 6 ( Total: 214.0 )
JayM: Pow- Slightly distracted
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ sets off Gavriel’s alarm. [23D]
JayM: Ringadinga
Gavriel snaps out of it! Guah!
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent: "It's off-balance! Finish it!"
Gavriel proceeds to fire a -third- reckless shot, going to a knee from the force of the recoil! [Full Assault D39]
Gavriel rolled d8*1.25+234*1.25 and got 8 ( Total: 302.5 ) for 65 CoS Blind (4) refresh
Also rolled 1d100 and got 68 [Total: 68 (High), Avg: 68.00]
Total: 370.5, Avg: 38.00
[OOC] Gavriel: shit
JayM: None knows what mysterious forces still keep it up
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Gavriel: Hang on
[OOC] Gavriel: That actually did 363 piercing ranged physical, I uparrowed and forgot to factor in blindside »
JayM: The added damage is more or less equal to half as much health as it had left
JayM: So, Jnezdie
Jnezdie drives towards it for a finishing strike! [Attack, 45D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 95/5
Jnezdie rolled 1d10*1.25+312*1.25 and got 3 ( Total: 393.75 )
JayM: It pierces rough through the armor! And the entire thing simply explodes into shining light!
JayM: Victory!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 ) **
The shining light then coalesces slowly into a pillar of light, connecting the top of the tower… With the golden sphere up above
Jnezdie: "Whew…"
Jnezdie: "Feel that one when ya' wake up, Heir." He sheathes his sword.
Argent looks for the Heir's presence-if it's still there
Tinkerbell looks at the pillar of light "Hrm… That was very interesting…"
JayM: Completely gone
Jnezdie: "Nah, that was really -cool-. You'll be rememberin' that fight for a while, yeah?"
Argent: "Damn. Was hoping I'd get to beat on him directly."
TB: "This should connect to Phoenix Sector, which is completely threat-free"
Argent: "Guess that will have to wait."
Jack: "Great!"
Argent: "Right." Argent nods to Tinkerbell, before stepping into the pillar of light.
Jnezdie: "Good to hear!" He cruises his tile towards the pillar of light.
As you step into the pillar of light… You feel yourselves moving, being whisked away… And you end up in an area… Much akin to where you previously were, but the lights on the tiles are now crimson red. And ahead of you… If you hadn't already seen yourselves once in this trip, you'd find this weird. But ahead of you are four Dream Pillars like those you've seen before, yours.
JayM: Interesting thing is that the dreams inside the pillars are exactly how you are viewing things right now. It's strange to see things from eachother's perspective
Jnezdie looks good from all angles, of course, and he nods approvingly.
Argent isn't bothering to look at Jnezdie. Too bad.
Behind you, you hear a familar voice "Finally" looking back, you see what amounts to a massive pillar, made of shining black plates, which extends upwards. Emblazoned in it's front is a symbol, a circle with a crimson feather over it. Phoenix, in her human form, steps out of the pillar "It is good to see you have arrived unharmed"
Jnezdie spreads his arms open wide. "Phoenix!"
Argent: "…Not for a lack of trying on Heir Bastard's part. This is just one more reason for me to strangle him when we meet him in realtime."
TB: "27% data corruption on transfer, superior to expected"
[GM]Tarupanic glances up- nods. "The path was not easy, but the path to arrive here at all was not easy. May I ask… when did the dream start? Is everything I remember, everything you told us about this world still true, or were those lies spun by the Heir to confuse us?"
[OOC] JayM: Nick, my friend
[OOC] JayM: Only one GM per session
Argent: "Hm. So, I take it we enter our pillars to get the hell out?"
Phoenix: "There was not a single lie within the dream. Anything even vaguely unnatural would have tipped off Jnezdie, the dream was a perfect mimicry of reality"
TB: "Not precisely, Argent… How to place it. Due to the time lost, your… Mind have essentially forgotten how to return to your bodies, and you are all completely unexperienced with this situation. At the moment Sarah is thinking on how to best work with your return"
Argent: "…Fuck."
Gavriel: "Hn."
Phoenix: "Also, the dream started right after I urged you rest. I am deeply sorry"
Jack: "Bothersom!"
Gavriel: "…please tell her we've… arrived safely."
TB: "Worry not, Gavriel, she is aware. Whereas she cannot be here personally, she controls me, as well as sees through my senses"
Jnezdie: "Aw, we're doin' okay. Ish. We haven't been gone long, have we? Hard to tell."
TB: "That said, she mentions that it would be best you try the beginner's technique and, should that fail, she will be required to bruteforce a resynch through reinitialization"
Argent: "That being?"
Phoenix: "Around twenty or so Passes. Most of the time was lost within Re'Sheran's sector due to connection lag, I am vastly sorry"
TB: "It… According to her it can be somewhat 'spiritual' in a sense, and is focused around readjusting your senses"
Argent grumbles. "There will be -words- with him."
TB: "You will need focus for this, so when your minds are ready, tell me"
Jnezdie nods, and it's kinda obvious in his Dream Piller that he keeps focusing on Phoenix. Then he doubletakes.
Jnezdie: "Huuuuuuh. Well don't that just beat all."
Argent: "Fine, let's start. Jnezdie, stop being more of a pervert than usual."
Gavriel: "Hn. It's not Re'sheran's fault."
Jnezdie: "What? Arge, you keep forgetting she's the woman of my dreams, and now I find out that it's kind of literal too. Plus, I mean, cute. Look, we'll have this discussion later."
Jack‘ makes a shrugging motion. "Ready."
TB: "Very well, before we are sidetracked any longer. This method will invariably become awkward to you"
TB: "First, you need to ’close your eyes'" Tinkerbell speaks that awkwardly for some reason "And imagine your own bodies in front of you"
Gavriel steps forward, calming his mind- like the still surface of a mountain lake, smooth as glass, reflective like a mirror.
TB: "Afterwards… You will need to hold it, embrace it. Feel it, above everything. Do not worry in case your breathing becomes faster, it is expected and required but must happen naturally"
Argent closes her eyes-ah, meditation techniques. Hadn't done those in a -long- time, probably because most of the style she learned was the raw combat aspect of it; not much of the philosophical side.
Jack‘ takes a seat and does so.
TB: "Feel it, with every last bit of your sense, fill your senses with it"
Jnezdie exhales, closing his eyes. Focusing. To find the calm, the breath of a swordsman, the mastery of physical self… even if it’s not quite 'physical' in this sense. He imagines.
TB: "Continue to do so for some time"
As you follow the instructions, you start to feel… Your breathing becomes ragged, and you feel a heat start rising inside of you…
Jnezdie holds focus, the breathing is strange, but the mind must overcome.
After a while longer- A while which is almost no time at all- You realize that it's not a 'rising heat' but simply you becoming aware of your own body temperate, your ragged breath is merely you grasping for air your lungs haven't felt in a long time- And you are awake, almost entirely incapable of feeling the transition from dream to reality
Argent …snaps up from her position in bed, having been jolted awake, just about, catching her bearings.
Jack: "…ahah."
Jnezdie gasps, chokes a bit as he remembers to breathe, rolls onto his side and props himself up with an arm, it slips and he gasps again…
You awaken to find yourselves laying on the ground, covered in sheets. All of you have been removed of your upper clothes, at least one of you shows signs of having to undergo some first aid emergency procedure. The strangest thing, however, is as you lay looking upwards you feel something strangely viscous and cold running in the back of your head and spine. And when you look you see
JayM: Sarah a small distance away, eyes rapidly darting through screens floating around her, and this trail of crimson… Liquified something, trailing from you to her (whatever it was, Jnezdie, has become to decompose itself) own back. She seems vaguely unaware of your wakefulness
JayM: And her eyes are kind of distance
Gavriel earperks- feels the slow weight of himself, his physicality, proprioception- all filter back in, although it's- not a thing he could point at and quantify, not a thing he could delineate- but eventually he closes his eyes and then opens them again, coughs a few times, rackingly, looks around, says nothing.
Argent: "…where the hell is my shirt-where the hell am -I-."
JayM: You're all in the main room of Phoenix's Grave!
Argent's words startle Sarah out of her reverie "Ah! You're awake, finally- Oh Alexander- Sorry, Argent but you managed to start choking yourself with your shirt it just wasn't safe-"
Argent: "…"
Jnezdie reaches up behind him, feeling for his back, the back of his head… what is this…
Sarah stands up, the screens vanishing "Ahem… I had to intrude your dreams, and your Outer Dreamworld. I needed a direct physical connection for that…" she kind of footscuffs at the goopy remains "A-and whatever you guys were doing your bodies had physical reactions, not like getting suddenly hurt but you were moving, kind of bad and were a danger to yourselves"
Argent checks to feel what the hell that cold feeling was-about herself, on herself…This is, needless to say, slightly more unnerving to her.
Sarah: "H-hum… Sorryihadtosneakuponyournervoussystem…"
JayM: Her voice goes and vanishes as she says that
Argent: "…I'm going to simply ask for my clothes back and not try to imagine how I was trying to strangle myself with my shirt."
Sarah points to the side where everyone's clothes are neatly folded
Jnezdie: "Man."
Jnezdie is content to sit around shirtless at the moment.
Argent wraps the sheet around herself as she stands up, making sure she has her balance before trying to walk over-likely awkwardly.
Jnezdie: "Please tell me we're not gonna have to do that each time we nod off."
Gavriel looks up at Sarah with a wry smile, still flat out on his back. "Don't think you need to apologise for saving our lives, Sarah."
Sarah: "Hum… No, no not at all. The Heir apparently interfered with you and caused all sorts of damage"
Sarah: "I don't think he actually knew what he was doing at all, once those two… Little helper programs showed up out of nowhere and helped me trace him he sincerely was defenseless"
Jnezdie nods in half-understanding. "And, yeah, what Gav said. Thanks for doin' your best, yeah? Both of you." He nods to Sarah and Phoenix, and if Phoenix's figure isn't around, he nods toward a wall.
Sarah smiles at Gavriel "aha… Hum… I-I sometimes do strange stuff I don't like doing that…"
Phoenix's image is indeed there. While her face remains impassive- Something makes you feel like she liked listening to it
Jack: "Fahaha. You're always doign strange things."
Jack‘ waves dismissively.
Jnezdie: "Point goes to Jack, here."
Gavriel shrugs. "You do what you have to. Just because we don’t understand it and didn't grow up around it doesn't mean it's something we ought to fear." He sits up, finally, slowly. "…also, yes. We're used to it by now." He half-grins. "…that said, can we defend outselves against such attacks in the future?"
Sarah looks VERY awkward at Jack's commentary, and just sits down, holding the tip of her tail with both hands "Hum, hum… Ahaha"
Argent: "Tch. Doesn't matter. He's been dealt with there, at least." Argent finally gets to her balance, grabbing her clothes and disappearing to another room. With the sheet.
Sarah perks up at Gavriel's words "I wish half the galaxy thought like that…" she sighs "Hum, don't worry. Phoenix updated her defenses, and it looks like those two little helper programs started a permanent harassment routine on the Heir"
Gavriel attempts to hold back a chuckle, and fails. "Ahh, excellent."
Jnezdie chuckles, eventually laughing. "Good to know I'm keeping busy."
Sarah: "Whereas that venue of attack has been completely disabled… The only way to defend against mental hacking like that is practice and- I don't think you guys could get used to it in less than a couple of cycles!"
Sarah: "(Or have the technical knowledge either but-)"
Jnezdie: "Tempestarians are special, yo."
Jnezdie: "…or at least that's something you said."
Sarah stands up "Y-yes! You're right! Ahaha, this thing should be in your blood, really"
Jnezdie waves his arms about. "Don't worry about what I'm sayin'."
Argent returns, fully clothed again, as she tosses the sheet back on the floor. "Right. Sarah, when you're ready, I'd like to head off to deal with the pillars."
Sarah: "Alright! Just- Actually there's a thing i'd like to do before we leave"
Argent: "Sure."
Sarah: "Enough has happened that I think I at least owe you showing who my superiors are, and I need a briefing so I want to set up a group meeting"
Sarah: "Hum, if you could help, Phoenix? We need to connect through QEC but the rest of the system I want to leave up to you"
Argent: "Right then." Argent cracks her neck
Phoenix: "Sure, I have your communication protocols, simply provide me the connection"
Jnezdie nods. "Not puttin' my shirt on, for the record. Want these people to know exactly where I'm comin' from."
Argent eyerolls
Sarah giggles "Alright. Just a small bit of information about this. This long range communication method is… One-way. So if one person is speaking all the others must listen and cannot speak, okay?"
Sarah: "Bear with it, it's limited, most of our comms don't work here because of the lightning"
Argent: "Got it."
Jnezdie gives Sarah a thumbs up.
Gavriel nods. He's used to that protocol anyways.
Sarah points forward, and six images appear, all dressed in what can be called military garb, but all very different. The first one, you've met before, the human general, the Arc Knight. The second to appear is Re'Sheran, his black-and-gold outfit roughly what a ninja with an uniform coat thrown over it would look like
Third person to appear is an Elvaan female, she has no tatoos and her clothes are loose and long, fitting for a dancer, although something in Jnezdie makes him feel like her clothes are unfitting of her. The fourth is a tall Galka, dressed in a loose robe, also colored black-and-gold, instead of the usual magician hat he has an officer's cap, however. The fifth is a rather thin-looking
JayM: dwarf, his clothes, however, make him look extremely bulky. And the sixth is a Creimire, dressed in the most normal-ish uniform of them all, save for the Arc Knight
Sarah: "Those are the Star Knights. Our leader, the Arc Knight Jericho" she points "You know my brother, that one" he poinst to the elvaan "Is Sophie, the galka is Burning Steel, the dwarf is Shireito and the creimire is Mathias"
Argent nods to them once Sarah finishes; "Hail."
Sarah: "Arc Knight, Captain Li'Sarah Millings reporting from the crash site of the Conestoga 2. I am sending the entire report through data form, but short form is, I have found and identified the Tempestarians's 'Phoenix' and proven my theory correct"
The floating images do not seem to move at all- Until the Arc Knight's image does so, and then only it moves "Ahh, the Maiden. Hrm… I see, if that is true then have you found material to assist with the Seraphic Leash- Oh, will you look at that, hello you guys back there, we meet again"
JayM: It stops moving once he's done speaking, perhaps signifying it's safe to speak yourselves
Jnezdie hangs and shakes his head.
Argent: "Hail, Arc Knight Jericho.
Jnezdie waits until Argent finishes. "Guy, I thought we were keepin' that secret."
Jack‘ gives a lazy wave.
Sarah looks surprised
Gavriel salutes.
Jericho: "Well now that we’ve met officially, it's alright! I just did not want Sarah to overthink things and make a bad choice out of distress. She does that with an alarming frequency"
Sarah: "Sir!"
The creimire interrupts for a moment just to laugh
The Elvaan looks over the party "Well, finally nice to meet you all, have been hearing a lot about you"
Sophie: "Arc Knight, think that we could…"
Jericho: "Bring them over? Yes, yes, if they're willing to test the prototype Seraphic Leash"
Sarah: "Wait, what, it's ready for testing?!"
Jnezdie 's jaw hangs open.
Jnezdie barely speaks above a whisper. "(We…we can…)"
Sarah: "And wait- Bring over? What do you mean?"
Gavriel raises his eyebrow.
Jnezdie 's eyes glisten, he uncrosses his arms, leaning forward, waiting, waiting for the damned transmission…
Jericho: "Oh- Right, remember the supply ship that arrived? We finally managed to salvage the one with the materials for the Knights. So we're recalling all of you to be refitted, you might as well bring your friends over to Home Base"
Argent narrows her eyes, suspicious, albeit curious.
Jericho: "We should probably be able to make the Seraphic Leash work, it can't work on the free-floating cells yet but i'm every bit as confident it'll work on specialized cells of a living being, so it should be safe for everyone"
Sarah: "Alright! If you think it's ready but-" she looks back at you "It could be dangerous, I need to go anyway but it's a risk to you"
Argent mutters under her breath. "(If it poisons me, it's your ass that I'm kicking.)"
Jnezdie whispers, forgetting protocol. "(Yo are we going to the underwater base or a space base?)"
Jnezdie: "(I'm good for either I want to do both I want to do it all.)"
Jack‘ waves his hand dismissively at Sarah.
Gavriel can’t quite hold back a grin- if for no other reason than Jnezdie's reaction. "What out of all of our options at this point -isn't- dangerous?"
Argent waits for a finish, and then cuts in. "I have a question-what of the current issue of the Heir's activity and plans on this world?"
Sarah: "The underwater base. We still don't have the materials to break the cloud cover, sadly"
At this point, Re'Sheran answers "I've been running interference with him ever since we learned about him"
Jnezdie grins wildly. "Yeah!"
Re'Sheran: "Currently, me and my team have foiled one of his plans involving taking a chance with the natural Thunderfall, we're doing what we can to prevent him from getting access to the LRS as well. However, he's moving to more subtle, political venues now and it's getting out of my expertise"
At this point the Galka continues "I am working on that part, our embassadors on both sides are doing what they can but I do not think he is resorting merely to mundane methods at this point, we are getting stonewalled"
Argent: "…This is unfortunate. I'd rather try and directly deal with him, given the risk he presents here."
Re'Sheran: "That is completely unadvisable. He is… Capable of feeding energy directly from Ultima not just into himself but ALSO his friends. And believe me, it would take the Gallant Knight to take on the three of them in that state"
Re'Sheran: "Snd the Gallant Knight, so you know, is the flagship of our fleet"
Jnezdie: "Aw, thought I picked up a sweet title somewhere."
Gavriel chuckles under his breath.
Argent: "Would a surprise attack be out of the question?"
Gavriel waits for his turn, then: "Can we cut off his access to Ultima?"
Re'Sheran: "Yes, it would be out of question- Whereas he doesn't runs on full power all the time, you'd need a far too overwhelming power to do that"
Burning Steel: "I will field that one"
Burning Steel: "It is theoretically possible, however, it might interfere greatly with the workings of Tempestaria if we do not do it properly. It might look illogical, but someone like the Heir needs to exist for Phoenix to be capable of controlling the Alkasha, and the Alkasha is what provides the power that keeps your planet alive"
Burning Steel: "So either we part him of his instrument and bestow it to a more fitting person, or we find a way to alter his level of command over the Alkasha. We are studying how to do that, however, any tools to be able to do so were only given to us now, as you have found what a shade of the schematics of the ship as there are avaiable"
Gavriel nods. Those were the two options that had occurred to him, as well. He doesn't have any further questions- they're all on the same page, now.
Jericho: "Hrm… Alright, I will be forced to call this meeting adjourned. This has been far too much energy wasted by the Knights out there and reactors 7, 4 and 1 are running ragged so we cannot force them until they're repaired"
Jericho: "Sarah, you will return- And about your breach of the Silverheart Protocol, you will unfortunately have to face the consequences but i've tamed that circus already, expect something like three or four. Jericho out"
And with that, all the images vanish
Sarah is… Kind of dumbfounded, and just moves her mouth a little "Ah, hum- I totally forgot that… Aha… Oh, well. It's not like setup won't take as long anyway so, hum…" she takes a deep breath "Whenever you wanna move on?"
Jnezdie: "Aw yeah, secret base!"
Argent: "Three or four? Anyway, let's move ASAP."
Jack: "After a bite to eat. I feel hungry for the first time in passes. Gahahaha."
Jnezdie hops to his feet, dashes over to get his shirt, throws it on himself, and unsheathes Ragnarok just slightly. "Ragnarok! Hope you haven't been too bored. Been watchin' Sarah? Sorry you couldn't help her."
Argent eyerolls. "(So much for efficiency)"
Ragnarok is shining- Something is happening!
Jnezdie: "Eh?"
Jnezdie fully unsheathes Ragnarok.
The hilt moves slightly, becoming slightly larger, and a layer of green light covers the edge
JayM: Ragnarok achieves Tier 3, acquires "Form Change" , it can now be instead used as a 'bow', or rifle. Gains Holy Elemental in sword form!
JayM: It- It makes a sound! Like a half formed word but- It just stops there, sadly
Jnezdie: "!"
Jnezdie: "Ragnarok!"
Phoenix: "Well… I will have dinner ready in a few moments"
Jnezdie: "Hey, you've grown!"
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