Split Worlds - Session 29
A warm breeze blows strong for a moment, bringing forth a wave of water towards you, it smells slightly salty, a sort of smell none of you have probably felt in a long time, if ever. The drizzle from above starts coming in wave, a stronger wave, a lighter one, a stronger, a lighter, as the wind moves and shifts in waves as well, clustering the droplets of water. Around you, the heavier
JayM: grass and trees showing you're closer to the border, the ghost of the remains of a road showing you're still in the ethereal kingdom
[OOC] Argent: [F] HP: 1036/1036 | MP: 185/185 | Limit: 87/300 | SoS: 259 | Normal
A moment taken to recover yourselves, the refreshing breeze helping. Sarah is tired, although doesn't needs to stop just yet. Looking at a map, something clicks on Jack's mind. If you are where you think you are, off to the west coast just a few Waves away from the coast itself, then… The layout of the coast feels familiar, like the shape is mostly correct but seen from a different
JayM: angle. You're very sure you're more or less sure what direction you need to head towards to reach Phoenix's Grave, of course that would be a straight line crossing through the sea.
Gavriel sniffs at the air. Repeatedly.
Jnezdie is excited, occasionally letting his stride lead him ahead of the party, where he then stops and bounces from leg to leg, shadowboxing, while they catch up.
Jack‘ is pretty sure of that too, considerign it saw it off the coast and has been talking about it being there this whole time, yes! "Hm. Maiden, I don’t supose these mechanic birds can swim?"
JayM: You had to leave them behind, remember?
Argent: "…Clearly that warp screwed your mind up more than we thought, Jack. We left them behind."
[OOC] Jack: Still asking!!
Jack: "A man can be curious!"
Sarah: "Not really…"
Sarah: "They can operate underwater but- I don't think that's what you meant"
Jack: "Gahaha not as such. Hmm. Well, it's just a straight line form here to there," Jack gestures with a hand.
Sarah crosses her arms "A straight line… Can you really pinpoint it that exactly?"
Sarah: "That- That would save me a lot of work"
Argent: "At the very least we threw the Ethereals off for a bit." Argent surveys the surroundings
Sarah smiles at Argent "That was mostly what I was trying with that stunt"
Jack: "Well, sure!"
This is an old and unmaintained road, that fact only known by the fact that there are no pine trees growing in the rough outlines of it. It clearly leads somewhere, but you're unsure where to
Gavriel goes 'hn'. "I don't think my cannon can launch us across, Sarah. And I would get left behind." He says this with a -perfectly- straight face, of course.
Sarah: "… We'll… We will need a boat, a pretty sturdy one"
Jnezdie: "Not a problem!"
Argent: "Any idea where we can find or steal one?"
Sarah smiles at Gavriel "Well, we could just set it to work on it's own!" she smiles widely, and looks at Argent "Actually, we'll have to build one"
Jnezdie: "Where there's the ocean, there's bound to be boats, yeah? We can get one for a song or somethin'."
Sarah takes a few steps in front of the party, spending a good deal of her breath so she's ahead, she turns around and faces the party "Actually, it's a little bit more complicated than that!"
Jnezdie: "Buildin' works too. Mind you I haven't been on a boat -ever-, just preferred skinny dippin', but."
Jnezdie: "(Does what's-her-name- Liana count as a boat?)"
Argent: "Spare us the mental image."
Sarah: "I have… Well… I have always suspected that… If Phoenix's Grave is what I think it is, it'd be on a desert (Yes, Jnezdie)"
Jnezdie stops as Sarah takes the lead, looking at her with interest.
Jack: "I said as much earlier, yes!"
Sarah: "But my people found four desert islands, and well- The ones here are far too dangerous to actually explore, we never were able to get into it. But in this trip i've been gathering materials to make it possible"
Sarah: "It'd be only good for one trip, and a short one at that. So I needed to be sure i'd get it right on the first try, that's why I asked you to take me to the Almagest"
Gavriel: "…aha."
Sarah: "Remember the first ruin we've ever visited, what I got there?"
Jnezdie: "Ah yeah!"
Jnezdie: "'Sails that travel on winds of light' or something like that."
Argent: "I figured visiting those other ruins had an ulterior purpose."
Sarah nods at Jnezdie, pulling out the circle of metal from behind herself "The Voiture LumiƩre, the Carriage of Light. It's a sail, exactly like that of a sailboat, except it's blown by light, not wind"
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face.
Sarah looks at Gavriel "Remember the Magna Buster that I built for you? And how we used it’s parts for the coilgun?"
Argent: "Time to disassemble the coilgun, I take it?"
Jnezdie: "Oh Ultima above you're literally going to have him shoot the sail until we're across-"
Jnezdie: "-yeah or that."
Sarah: "We just need a constant power source, and… Well, a boat that can skim on water and sand"
Sarah shakes her head at Jnezdie "Nope, he's coming. We're setting it somewhere that won't be disturbed"
Jack: "Sand?"
Sarah nods her head "Sand. I guess it's sand, at least"
Argent: "Didn't you watch the thing about deserts back when we avoided getting eaten?"
Sarah crosses her arms "Oh… Yes, yes. It's like a lot of tiny specks of dust, it's solid, but it flows like water"
Argent: "Hm. So we just need something that'll go across both water and…that stuff."
Jack: "Hrrrrrrrrrrrrmm."
Sarah: "Well… It will be a challange I can… Hum… Provide a lot of technical details but, i'm hoping… You guys can help me build this, and point it in the right direction"
Jnezdie: "Thaaaaaaat's the spirit. Y'know we're with you."
Jack: "Fahaha, if we've got materials and technical drafts, assembling ought not be a problem!"
Gavriel frowns. "…there's Material Kingdom theory concerning use of air currents to keep a physical mass hovering above a surface, but… the Artificers could never actually get them to work…" He leans against something. A rock, maybe? A tree trunk? They'll figure it out.
Sarah nods "Well, let's get to the shore first, then?" she says smiling
Jack: "Aye!"
Before any construction is done, it is in fact wise to see where your departure point will be at. And once you reach the shore, it's a sight most of you haven't seen before. The vast expanse of the ocean, the gentle droplets hitting the surface of the sea making it shake and jitter. The wind is calm and warm, blowing towards you as a breeze. The salty smell of the ocean and… Beneath
JayM: you feet, an oddly soft, dark, mud. It's not unpleasant but it is mud.
As you reach the site, however, an odd sight welcomes you. A tiny reptilian thing- Like a miniature of a baby dragon, colored a bright green, wings of a butterfly sporting a million colors. It stares intently at you
Jnezdie: "Man."
Jnezdie: "I knew there'd be water, but not a cool lookin' dragon thing."
It chirps and flitters away as Jnezdie says the first word
Jnezdie crouches, peeeeeeeeeeering at the tiny reptile- oh.
JayM: It's pretty fast
Jnezdie: "…dang."
Sarah giggles "Well, looks like a good departure point"
Gavriel stops dead still the minute he sees the ocean, just… sniffing at the air and staring off into the distance for a few moments before shaking himself, stepping forward, getting mud in between his toes. "…my goodness."
Jnezdie: "I know, right? How deep do you think that sucker is."
JayM: This will be… An epic construction. And you also need to pinpoint your target exactly, Sarah insists on that. So a Navigation/Tinkering check will be nescessary. A [TN 6] will pass, but up to a [TN 8] will have prizes for you
Sarah: "It's very, very deep"
Jnezdie: "Not as deep as space though."
Jnezdie: "…right?" He looks to Sarah, his eyes curious, almost like a kid's.
Sarah: "Right!"
Jnezdie nods. He knew that!
Jack: "That is, indeed, a large pond of water. Hrmrm. now then!"
Jack‘ glances from side to side, then starts inspecting Sarah’s plans. [Expertise] [Finesse] [Aptitude] [Dependable]
Jnezdie: "Okay, so, does it go something like… this?" He fiddles, but he's got more of a nose for navigation than construction. [Aptitude: Wilderness]
Gavriel considers- confers with the others- does a bit of math and sketching, possibly 'using a stick, in the muddy ground'. [Aptitude]
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 2, 2 ( Total: 4 ) **
d10: 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
d8: 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 18, Avg: 4.50
Jack` rolled 4#d8+1(1) and got 7 ( Total: 8.0 )
Also rolled 4#d8+1(2) and got 8 [Total: 9.0 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 4#d8+1(3) and got 4 [Total: 5.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 4#d8+1(4) and got 7 [Total: 8.0 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 30.0, Avg: 6.50**
Argent hides her ears but not her sense of direction. [Lucky]
[OOC] Jack: that’s a TN8 pass since Expertise. hah
The plans are… Not as complicated as they COULD be, however, for the 'transmitter' as Sarah calls it, you're actually dealing with a large amount of 'black boxes' "For now, it's more important what they do than how" and that might complicate things a bit. It turns out that when you built the Coilgun, there were extranous parts that Sarah kept and those are powerful light emitters, but
JayM: only if the have a source of energy of some sort. Thankfully, your inventory contains some measure of magicite that is usable for that. The most important and complex part (and thankfully one where your science, according to Sarah, is on equal foot with hers) is focusing the light without loosing cohesion. That is done spectacularly
Gavriel: "…what I'd give to get some pro lens-grinders in on this- what they'd give too, I'd imagine- but this ought to do the trick…"
The second part, and here you discover that Sarah had no ACTUAL direct plans, is the boat itself. You know how it will travel, and Sarah gives you a pretty thorough rundown on what sand is and how it behaves. She expertly cooked up an example by actually drying (using a campfire, time, a pan and an artificial cover) the mud beneath your feet, showing you what sand is and how it behaves.
JayM: The objective is building a boat that can travel thorough Water and Sand, given the need to handle grinding and friction against and it needs to be metallic or enchanted
JayM: However, one way or another, you come up with a solution… It might require a (somewhat long) trip to a nearby coastal city to requisition goods, however
Jnezdie listens carefully, giving cover to a small sample of dried sand, testing its properties while hunched over… okay! Here's a thought…
Later, rather than sooner, your light gun is complete. Sarah utilizes that golden metal, which she had called Arcanite before and you had found in a ruin, to fashion the base for it, and you affix it strongly, helpfully hidden from the elements.
And your boat, a wide affair made of mostly wood but a base of metal, it took a little bit of on-hands learning about how buoyancy works, but you got it there and floating… It looks strangely weird without a sail, however. Sarah herself installs the 'sail', the circle of metal which is attached where the sail should be, and connects the Voiture Lumiere to herself through four cables,
JayM: all of which run under her dress "There we go… I'll need to supply the startup power, but it should maintain itself"
Sarah: "And if we didn't do anything wrong, the light transmitter should run on it's own so nobody has to stay behind!"
Jnezdie tilts his head to the side. "Ah, yeah, that's a benefit." He doesn't have the slightest clue as to what Sarah just meant.
Sarah: "When you're ready" she sits down "We can go"
Gavriel is a bit tired out, but it's been a long time since he's built something like that, and he seems to have enjoyed it!
Jnezdie: "You gonna be okay after it… uh, starts up?"
Jnezdie: "Like are you gonna faint on us, anythin' we should know…"
Sarah nods "I'll be alright, I'll be controlling the Voiture Lumiere so I need to be alright"
Jnezdie nods. "Then I'm more than ready!"
Gavriel nods.
As the last one climbs on the boat, Sarah takes a deep breath, and with a heavy exhale a nearly translucent veil of energy appears inside the metal ring. She keeps her eyes closed for just long enough to be worrysome, but opens them up again, looking tired but still up. Maybe you're incredulous for a moment that this thing worked… But then you start moving forward, being pushed. And
JayM: rapidly, at an ever accelerating pace, you're moving onwards, straight ahead
Jack: "Oho!"
Jnezdie crouches, steadying himself with his hands! He won't topple over on this maiden voyage!
Jnezdie: "Alright!"
And you pick up speed nearly endlessly as you travel, water splashing around you. Sarah remains sitting in the center of the boat, taking slow breaths. Now and then the angle of the Voiture Lumiere would change angle slightly, to adjust for the way the water currents start veering you off-course. And you travel…
Jnezdie waves goodbye to the land… and hello to adventure!!
Gavriel crouches near the front, peeking out into the distance with his good eye. "…you know, this verifies the life's-work theories of at least four or five prominent Artificers." He's grinning, a little.
The splendor of the sea, water as far as the eye can see, the salty smell of the sea-breeze. For a short while you're accompanied by a beast known only to the boldest fishermen, a smooth-skinned fish of the sort you've never seen before, it and it's pack follow around you for a few moments before swimming again, your boat jumps up and down as waves start to become more frequent, and far
JayM: ahead… A pillar of light, connecting heavens the earth
Jnezdie: "Aw, see what'cha learn when you meet new people?"
JayM: More like sunlight than the burning light of Ultima, however
Gavriel staaaares into the distance, having, as he does, absolutely no context for 'sunlight'. "What's…"
JayM: Perhaps that is to be answered soon, as you near the pillar of light. You see the coast of the island, somewhat small really, lined with heavy greenery
As you approach the island, the boat jumping slightly less, you don't reduce in speed. That is, until Sarah sighs, the translucent veil in the Voiture Lumiere gone, a sign that it is inactive. Your pure momentum continues pushing you forward, towards the shore. And when you finally hit the rocky shot, a very light *thunk* accompanying your landing, you had already all but stopped
Jack: "Hrmrmrm. Still reaks of salt."
Jnezdie lurches forward at the stop. "Man!"
Jnezdie: "That was great!"
Gavriel looks… a bit bewildered, really- this is unlike anything he's used to, at all- but he nods.
Jnezdie: "Um."
Jnezdie: "One thing though. Uh. I remember after we fought those
Argent stayed in a braced position the entire time, not wishing to fall the hell off. "Hm. Guess we should've accounted for rocks as well." Argent comments.
Jnezdie: "…y'know nevermind."
Sarah shakes her head slightly "What was it, Jnezdie?"
Jack: "Tis still strange that there's no rain while out doors."
Jnezdie: "Ah, well-"
There are still the odd droplets of rain which hit you, but- They're warm, everything here is very warm. And ahead of you, within the pillar of light, absolutely dry. And through the tropical trees and bushes ahead of you… You see grey sand
Jnezdie: "I was sort of expecting a lot of sand- after you showed it to us, and then I remmebered after we fought the… bug… hunter… people, they showed us a thing on the panel with nothing but all that sand, now that I remember it."
Jnezdie: "Wasn't expecting this much green."
Gavriel stares at Jack. "…I hadn't really… realised what was bothering me until you said something, but…" He just… stares into the distance. It's so weird!
Argent: "Probably all the green we'll see in there. Should we get to dragging this thing onto land so we can start on our way through?"
Jnezdie: "I don't know. I went- 'okay Sarah dried up the mud, it is now sand.' 'There was no rain in that… picture, so there's nothing but sand.'"
Jnezdie: "Ah… it'll work itself out."
Jack: "Oh, aye."
Sarah nods "I wasn't expecting green either"
Jack‘ conitnues looking up for a roof of some so every so often as they start walking towards the light.
Jnezdie shrugs and hops off the boat, grabs onto it and pulls it ashore in a cooperative motion.
Jnezdie: "GOnna get past the green before you turn it on again?"
Argent: "…still strange as all hell to look at." Argent comments as she leaps off and starts dragging the boat ashore herself.
Gavriel helps Jnezdie out. At least there’s no paint to worry about scratching?
As you head towards the light, you need breach no more than a dozen meters of greenery, which is so absurdly packed (it's purposeful, Jnezdie. The placement- Its impossible otherwise, it's meant only to hinder your path) and takes a good while to clear through "Yeah!" Sarah answers to Jnezdie
As you get through the green blockade… You see ahead of you an eternal expanse of grey, grey dust stretching far, far, far ahead, so far you can't even see- Or perhaps, it is simply the terrible glare of the light that is making seeing harder. You feel weirdly weaker this close, your muscles feeling more tired, the air feeling drier and harder to breath…
JayM: It- Is reminiscent of a Dead Ruin, but not just there yet. There is no direct sapping of your powers, there isn't a supernatural fear- You're just feeling tired
Jnezdie scratches his hair and studies the treeline, then the ever-endless grey plain. He unconsiously slumps forward. "…well, -something's- got to be here."
Gavriel coughs. Coughcough. Coughcoughcough.
Argent: "…tch…hell, this is starting to feel like a Dead Ruin, just without that hellish silence."
Argent: "Figured it'd be about time."
Jack‘ scrunches up his face, pulling on this front of his shirt and trying to air himself out. "C…can’t say I like the heat!"
As you slump forward, Jnezdie, you carelessly hit your forehead on a thin, low-hanging branch. It snaps off with ease and falls ahead of you, towards the grey sands- And before it hits the ground it has burned to ashes, adding to the grey below
Sarah bites her lower lip, thinking "Hum…"
Jack: "…?!?"
Jnezdie: "…"
Argent: "Think this thing will actually make it all the way through?"
Jnezdie rubs at the spot where his forehead hit the branch (it doesn't so much hurt, as he was surprised), giving the ground a strange look.
Gavriel: "…"
Gavriel reaches down, picks up another twig, and tosses it sandwards.
Jnezdie: "You saw that, right?"
Jnezdie: "Yeah."
As soon as it flies ahead, as soon as it crosses the boundary of light, it burns to ashes within a moment
Argent: "This. Is going to suck."
Gavriel: "Hn. That… just happened." He looks at Sarah for guidance, frowning. "Shielding?"
Sarah nods at Gavriel "Yes! It's why I needed to meet with Liana"
Sarah takes a deep breath "This is going to hurt a fair bit, but… Okay…"
Jack: "Ah?"
Gavriel frowwwwns at Sarah! .|
Sarah: "I can make an anti-light shield, but i'll need to step on the light first. It'll take me a moment, but anything under the shield should be safe"
Jnezdie regards Sarah with a small bit of caution. "Be careful, yo."
Jnezdie: "I mean… if you'd like, I can give it a shot if'n I can do the shield thingy."
Sarah shakes her head "It's okay, only I can do that, i'll need to synthetize it and…"
Argent: "Right then."
Sarah steps closer to the light "(Alexander, please, let my armor hold…)" she takes a leap forward- And it's- Scary, because the light burns at her with a horrible intensity, she screams rather painfully but as she does so, a pair of large, draconic wings made of metal sprout from her back. And the scales on the wings open up, revealing mirrors underneath, and a sphere of darkness
Jnezdie reaches for a drink from his canteen and nods in submission.
JayM: appears around her, and she's sitting on the ground, severely wounded, but not getting any MORE wounded, at least "H-hey… Not as bad as I thought…"
Sarah: "J-just- Just give me- A moment to recover my breath and… Mend myself…"
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow. "Are you alright now?"
At those words, the speed at which her wounds restore themselves is astonishing, she stands up slowly and by the time she’s standing up fully, it's as if she haven't been hurt at all "Yep! Don't worry"
Jnezdie winces and exhales deeply.
Argent: "…hn. I was prepared to have to secure the area, but that is…convenient."
Gavriel looks like he is not at all interested in waiting or giving anyone a moment or- anything other than darting over to make sure she's okay .( But… he trusts her! And… that was… impressive.
Sarah: "It's not as bad as it looks! I had special protection just in case."
Jnezdie: "Jeez. As an upstanding wandering vagabond, I can't say it ever makes me feel good to not be the one leapin' first into dumb things and gettn' hurt over it."
Jnezdie: "Looks, sounds, -smelled- there even for a bit."
Sarah smiles at Gavriel, and then looks at Jnezdie "It's okay, we need to make use of our best abilities, and this is mine. Well… You'll understand it as soon as we get there"
Sarah: "Anyway, get the boat ready and let's move again! It should be far ahead still" (it is, Jack) "And, well… You guys will need food faster here, and tire easier and be overall weaker"
Sarah: "So we can't fail!"
Jnezdie staaaaaaaaaaares at Sarah… then nods, his energetic countenance returning. "All or nothing!"
Gavriel nods, stands up all the way straight, gets his balance- goes to get the boat ready, taking it slow.
Argent: "Woo, dead ruins all over again." Argent moves to prepare the boat for the following push into the desert
Jack: "Hm. Well, that's to be expected in a place like this!"
And the boat is set on the sands, and Sarah once again sets it moving…
Argent leaps onto the boat once it's ready
Jnezdie hops aboard…
Argent: "As I said before; this is going to suck."
The travel through the ashen desert is… Calming? Omnious? Scary? There is nothing but ash, ash and heat. Around you the omnious dark sphere gives the strangest impression, there is not a single movement on the boat up, down, left or right, not a single force to make you change direction… You're heading ever forward, after a Wave or so you're not even sure wether you're moving or not
Sarah: "You know… The legends say that Phoenix brought all life to the land on her back, right?"
Gavriel: "…it'll be fine." He's forcing himself to focus, to breathe steadily. "That's… what they say, yes."
Jnezdie: "S' how it goes, yeah."
Jnezdie has been sitting in cross-legged contemplation.
Argent: "Tch, if that's true, it seems like all the life got the fuck out of here."
Sarah closes her eyes, and exhaling, the sphere of darkness starts to dissolve "It'd be more correct to say that… She brought you all down on her womb" the sphere dissolves completely. And here it is… Cool. There is, above, behind, all around you a green, hemispheric field covering you- Not just you but you and the great structure ahead of you- A giant ruin, a ruin made of metal,
JayM: gigantic, a Material city would pale in comparison to it. And it stretches upwards, it's cylindric, a single structure, there are other cylinders around it, and globes as well, all attached to it. And painted in large, faded letters on it's broadside… 'Conestoga 2'
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face.
Jack: "Impressive!"
Gavriel staaaaaaaaares.
Argent: "…hoshit. Looks like we’re in for a hell of a dive here."
Jnezdie slowly gets to his feet, his mouth opening in slack-jawed wonder. "Whoa…"
Jnezdie: "Yeah. We could spend a whole Cycle in this mess."
Argent: "…glad to know it's not like the desert, at least
Argent can hear… Hear something- A song, which echoes in her hearing, which only she can hear
Gavriel tilts his head to the side. He'd been starting to put some things together - about the myths, about the truth of their world- but to be here, standing in front of this unimaginably huge ruin…
JayM: http://youtu.be/P7hQsgcz0hA
JayM: Familiar, somehow…
Sarah takes a deep breath and smiles "Let's go"
Argent: "…tch." Argent shakes her head to compose herself, trying not to be distracted by the song. "Myths or not, there's definitely -something- here." Argent cracks her knuckles as she starts on the apparent way into the ruin
Argent: But that odd feeling of familiarity…it still bothers her.
Jnezdie hops off and starts off towards the ruin. "So… back, womb… more or less the same thing though, when we're talkin' about creation. Still Phoenix's doing, eh?"
Sarah takes the lead, walking with a lot more posture and imponence in her steps than you've ever seen before. Sarah takes you over to one side of the ruin, there is a large, semi-buried doorway, like a large door wherein a vehicle could move through. As you walk forward, following her, something on the wall bothers Jnezdie, faded, almost forming words, but not right there yet, he's sure
JayM: he can guess what it is meant to say if he stares just a moment more
Jack‘ glances around cuuriously as they enter
Jnezdie: "??" He staaaaaares, but keeps moving. Got nothin’, really, but dang it's close…
Gavriel kiiiinda soooorta stares at Sarah. A little. Maybe.
Argent keeps moving along, keeping up the front in the case of defenses or monsters that've somehow found their way in
Sarah takes you deeper in a large ruined chamber- And your thoughts and movements are given pause by the loud sound of feathers and flapping of wings- Suddenly appearing in a shower of crimson and gold feathers, a brilliant trail of fire behind it- A giant bird, like a swan but with a wide tail full of beautiful feathers, flies around the room once before landing in front of you. It turns
JayM: it's golden eyes to each one of you in turn…
JayM: (The startle, Jnezdie, it somehow jars something the right way in your head- Those words- 'Phoenix Module')
Argent: "…okay, Sarah, this isn't a machine. Nor does it look like ANYTHING that would be placed into a grave."
The avian speaks with a gentle, but commanding tone. A feminine voice. "What does Man seeks, in the nest of life"
Jack: "Ah, well. Mostly it was the Maiden seeking something, really!"
Jnezdie barely whispers, leaning heavily on his back leg, looking up without blinking. "…('Phoenix Module')…"
Argent: "…tch. Sarah, you'd better speak up before she…it…gets pissed off at us."
Sarah smiles up "Phoenix…" she grins widely, then "YES! I WAS RIGHT!" she looks kind of out of place in her reaction "It IS you!"
Gavriel staaaares. He was- this- he was not expecting-
Sarah: "Phoenix- I- Words won't do"
Jnezdie: "(Yo…)"
Jnezdie: "…yo!"
The avian stares at Sarah "It is an honor, finally to hear of my lost home. To see at last someone I can finally treat properly. Tell me, Creator, what brings you here?"
Argent: "…okay. What in the he-WHAT THE FUCK?!"
Gavriel puts a paw on Argent's shoulder, calmingly.
She stares at Jnezdie, bowing her head to him "And her friends- Ha! Perhaps, those who are finally ready to know the truth. What do you come seeking-" she looks at Argent "Although, perhaps-
Argent is staring at Sarah at this point
Jack: "Ah, don't mind her."
Sarah: "Presentation is important, remember. I'm sure as it is you're kind of scary"
Jnezdie is surprised at Phoenix's bow! "Oh! Uh."
Jnezdie: "Um."
Jack‘ gives a flourished bow to Phoenix.
Jnezdie: "Hi. I’m Jnezdie."
Argent mutters under her breath. "(Sarah, once we are done here, you are going to give answers.)"
Jnezdie waves!
Gavriel bows, deeply. It appears the gods, such as they are, have form and protocol, and he will follow it.
A strange- Manner, a way in which the image of Phoenix vanishes, and is replaced by a… Humanoid- No, a human, tanned skin, crimson red hair, a perfectly clean laboratory attire, and a cape of crimson feathers "Jnezdie, Gavriel, Jack, Argent, I know you all"
Phoenix: "Oh, but is that not what you are seeking here today, Argent?"
Argent: "…okay, how the hell did you figure that out, and how the hell do you know my callsign already."
Jack‘ shakes his head after standing up straight.
Jnezdie: "Y’… don't mind terribly if I just call ya' 'Phoenix,' yeah? I'm pretty sure there's no grand title you have, but uh the Church didn't say…"
Jnezdie: "Not gonna lie, I'm not much of a churchgoer either."
Sarah: "Yes… Yeah, we're seeking answers. First, I want to know how did the Conestoga Two end up crashing. Why does this world make little sense. How the hell the Angelic Blight works and how we can live well with it."
Jnezdie nods. "And… Sarah's questions are probably -actually- important, so answerin' those would be kind o' ya."
Jnezdie: "(I always got my curiosities though, but I can wait a bit.)"
Phoenix: "I am the overseer of this world, Mizal. I was built with one, and only one function. To ensure the continued survival of the colonists and… While I have failed greatly in my duty- I have yet to fail it completely"
Phoenix: "And as such… I am a servant, no deity. No, all I am is a machine- A false intelligence, built to assist, and for that- I will accept any name, Jnezdie"
Argent tries her damnedest to ignore the use of that name.
Gavriel turns to glare (gently) at Argent. "…this being exists, thinks, and sees in ways which are probably incomprehensible to our current, incomplete understanding of the world. Do not be alarmed." He then turns to Phoenix's avatar, listening.
Phoenix: "However- My ruins are hardly hospitable, much less this desert around it. So before I answer anything else- I will ask that you rest. I have prepared for your arrival, repaired rooms, so rest"
Phoenix: "I have, too, prepared a clean room for you, Sarah"
Jnezdie: "You knew we were comin- aw, what am I saying. Of course you knew."
Sarah: "And- While they rest- I'll be sure you're not going to do anything weird when explaining. I already missed one, not going to miss another"
Argent: "I'd like to say that I've rested in worse places, but I appreciate the hospitality."
Jack: "Haha, as long as there's something to drink! I'm positively parched."
Jnezdie: "It was a little hot outside, yeah."
Sarah: "I'm very sure you're out of pratice dealing with living beings"
Gavriel bows, again. He is… more than comfortable in the knowledge that this being, or its avatar, is no deity- but it is still an intelligence, apparently vast even if it considers itself false, and an intelligence apparently crafted by mortal hands, and so he has any number of reasons to wish to pay it respect.
Argent can't help but feel a bit smug about her theory being right. Still unsettled about how it seems to be able to read her very mind.
Phoenix waves a hand, and a pathway of lights appear before you, guiding you through the ruins. The ruins are… Dusty, and pretty destroyed. Wth the exception of your rooms. It's obvious which room is which, they are built almost to perfect to fit your particular needs and likes and dislikes
Jnezdie: "Thanks for the rooms, Phoenix. Like that cape on ya' too. Couldn't imagine a cuter deity."
Phoenix offers Jnezdie a smile
Argent facepalms
Gavriel grins out the corner of his mouth, helplessly- turns to Sarah. "Are you- will you be all right?"
Sarah nods "Very well, i'll be! Probably better than out there in the rain. Let's just rest for now"
Jnezdie: "Ah, one second."
Jnezdie: "Don't get all surprised, here."
Jnezdie unsheathes Ragnarok, holding him lightly along the handle and blade.
Jnezdie: "This here is Ragnarok."
Jnezdie: "He's young and still learning about this world!"
Jnezdie: "Ragnarok, this here is Phoenix, bearer and guardian of life on Tempestaria."
Argent starts toward her room-which anyone peeking in can tell is…quite spartan in its accoutrements
Jnezdie: "Don't worry about a room for him- I get the idea we can bachelor it up together real well."
Phoenix comes closer, putting a hand over the blade "Very well" she takes a step back
Jnezdie: "…then again, guy's gotta learn to fly sometime? I don't know. I tell him lotsa stuff, good stuff, even!"
Jnezdie: "But, I suppose it'd be good for him to make his own decisions."
Jnezdie: "I'm just really bad at listenin', see?"
Jnezdie: "Here and there I get tugs, but uh."
Jnezdie: "Otherwise he's just a really good listener and learner. Great judge of character too."
And you retire to your rooms for now… And it is… The most restful sleep you had ever had in your lives. Whatever bed you sleep on, it's comfortable enough, everything is just… Perfect…
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