Split Worlds - Session 27
A light meal, simply with some fruit juice, has been served in your rooms, mysteriously, while you were away. Or perhaps you were there while the priestess brought it, with a smile, the gentle smile of a mother. Some time has passed for you to rest after the giant dungeon-dive, Sarah has shown a few signs of wearyness but has recovered spectacularly, although she looks worried, staring
JayM: at the murals in the central corridor
Argent eats lightly, staying on guard no matter what-the priestess probably saw Argent in combat stance if she opened the door herself.
After a while, Sarah requests you all to meet somewhere in the church, the prayer room will suffice since it's sufficiently empty right now, it's time to discuss the next step of the journey
Jack‘ seems to be a fair bit more refreshed, after having an evening to himself and an actual bed to sleep on.
Gavriel nodded gratefully, and thanked the priestess when she brought him his meal. He’s… had a while to think, and it's nice to just be able to sit down and enjoy the meal. He shuffles into the prayer room, at Sarah's request.
Jnezdie sips on his apple juice, real chill, playing today close to the vest as he tries to conceal the swords at his waist with a long sash. He's humming to himself a funky tune, swaying slightly to the beat.
Jack: "Good morning!"
Argent: "…tch." Argent is particularly wary at this time as she enters the prayer room. "So, what's the status report?"
The prayer room is the only room that is entirely devoid of windows, yet it is still bright, the light from the outside filters through the crystalline walls and shines in beams in the far wall. It's a long wall, a mural, but not a mural of carved stone but a mural of light, the way the light reflects and refracts creates beams of multicolored light that when they intersect for beautiful
JayM: images that hover in midair. The same mural relating the tale of creation that you had seen in a temple previously. With the movement of the clouds above and shifts in the like which shine upon the temple, the light and images move as if alive
Sarah is found staring at the mural when you enter, she turns around and, since there is not a single place to sit, not a single bit of furniture in this room other than the light itself, she sits down on the ground "Well… I've been thinking- good morning, Jack -About our next step. It'd probably be very dumb if I witheld information that could be vital right now so I need to share
JayM: something "
Sarah: "Do you remember what a datoru is?"
Jnezdie: "Yeah. Ghost teacher people."
Jnezdie: "Somethin' like that, at least."
Gavriel glances over to Sarah- looks up, his breath catching a little. That's- more magnificent than any stained-glass window that could possibly exist, its beauty a worthy rival to the statues and architecture of the Material Kingdom. He snaps himself out of it, listening to Sarah.
Jnezdie slides down to a sitting position, resting against a wall.
Argent: "Dealt with them twice before, anyway. I take it that this is what the Ancestral actually is?"
Sarah closes her eyes for a moment, thinking "How to best place this… Those ghosts- They were like those lights, the lights are just an image, what creates them" she points "Are those walls"
Sarah nods at Argent "Yes" she looks at Gavriel and Jack "Say, do you know if in your respective homelands there are machines… That do calculations?"
[OOC] JayM: I'll let the players field those questions as they see fit, btw
[OOC] JayM: No wrong answers exist!
Gavriel quirks an ear, nods. "They're- they're fairly crude. Water-valves, latches- there's a lot of work being done on-" -he cuts off, staring at Sarah. "…-oh."
Jack‘ crosses his arms over his chest. "A mechanical abbicus of sorts? Well… I think old man Uthani was working on something or other liekt han last I heard. NOt sure how far along he ever got."
Sarah: "Imagine… Imagine an incredibly more complex machine like that"
Sarah: "One that can also… Check for conditions. One that has reached a complexity level so great, it can almost think by itself"
Sarah: "That, that is a datoru"
Jnezdie glances at Jack, thinking. Huh, is that what he was working on? He doesn’t have much time to think about it before Sarah starts moving the goalposts.
Sarah: "A machine whose function is to do mental work"
Jack: "Fascinating."
Argent: "Hm. A machine that can think, you say? That explains a lot."
Jnezdie: "Dang, really?"
Argent: "Can it remember?"
Jnezdie: "But it a'int quite a person?"
Sarah: "No, because it can't think by itself"
Sarah: "It can fake pretty well, if the builder knows what it's doing, but it's no more than a tool"
Gavriel flicks his eye to the tools Sarah gave him- projected light, incredibly complex calculations- "…there have been theories, in the Material Kingdom, that such would be possible, eventually…"
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Jnezdie: "Huh. Kinda like havin' a second brain and all." He nods.
Sarah: "The Almagest Ancestral… It's… A magical datoru, created out of crystal and mana rather than metal, stone and lightning. Not nearly as efficient, but it makes up in size… You see, the entirety of Arzanta is the Almagest Ancestral"
Sarah: "I need… I need something that the Almagest Ancestral has inside it, the knowledge of where Phoenix's grave is. But like any machine… It can only be operated at it's controls"
Jack: "Oho."
Argent: "Any idea where to start looking?"
Sarah: "And when we get this… I… I'm not sure I can operate it, I might be unable, and you might need to do it for me"
Sarah shakes her head "I don't have the slightest"
Argent: "Tch. S.O.L. again, eh?"
Jnezdie smiles wide. "Wow. Really? This is even bigger than hidin' a mechanical dragon and a ship under the Fortress, I tell ya'>"
Sarah smiles at Jnezdie
Jnezdie: "Hey, I'm kinda excited."
Gavriel frowns. Nods. It… stands to reason. "There is no chance you could plead your case to- someone with access to the- datoru, recieve their assistance?"
Sarah: "We need a plan on how to find that information and…" she sighs "My people have been trying, trying for a long time, actually"
Jnezdie: "Well Gav…I don't know why, but people who don't know us seem t' not like us."
Sarah: "There's a representative of ours who's been negotiating with the king personally for a long time, but has made no success, they won't let us even know where it is"
Jnezdie: "Might have somethin' to do with the phase of the moon. Ethereals, yeah?"
[OOC] JayM: … Really, Hachi?
[OOC] JayM: Really?
[OOC] Jnezdie: no
Gavriel snorts, half-grins at Jnezdie, glances up. "I… can understand. I'd not let a stranger into the Material archives, so…"
[OOC] Gavriel: pfff
Argent: "So clearly we're talking some sort of infiltration job here, more or less."
Jnezdie: "Look, silly words aside here-"
Jnezdie: "I'm gonna assume that the datoru here has gotta have -some- similarities to others, yeah?"
Jnezdie: "Controls, like'n you said."
Gavriel: "Any system has weaknesses that can be exploited."
Sarah nods "Probably, yes"
Argent: "If that was our best bet, the ball would be the best time to attempt that-lots of distracted personnel. The problem is that if we don't know where to start looking, we're simply putting ourselves at unnecessary risk"
Jnezdie: "That's pretty much my thinkin' yeah."
Jnezdie: "Like, call me simple, but I would've put the controls like dead center o' the Almagest Ancestral."
Jnezdie: "Or maybe somewhere up high, get a good view."
Sarah: "Maybe there are people who know something? Or maybe we could just throw some logic at the problem"
Jnezdie: "If we could use the controls but be anywhere but there, it'd be a bit easier."
Gavriel frowns. "It'd have to be accessible… but accessible by what means? A mechanical system would have a console, a point of observation…"
Jnezdie: "Beats me, man. It's all magic, here."
Argent: "Not that necessary with Etherealites."
Argent: "They've largely been able to track us. Who knows if they have some way of indirect observation or not."
Sarah: "Hrm… It probably has precision controls, so they can't affort energy dissipation so they'd need to operate it at close range, at least it's my guess"
Jnezdie: "So we're definately puttin' on our sneakin' boots at one end or the other, alright."
Gavriel: "They may be offered manners of accessibility different from that which you or I might be used to, yes. This is… outside of my expertise." Despite… his clear recollection of the flow of energy around his claws, the sudden, cool feeling of white magic, flooding his senses. Definitely not his expertise.
Sarah crosses her arms "You might be on to something, Jnezdie. Might not make any sense to you right now but a datoru's ability to work depends on it's size and distance of it's parts"
Argent: "…regardless, it sounds like we're going to be trying some investigative work in hostile territory before the ball."
Jnezdie: "I can understand 'bigger is better' well enough. And before anyone even starts I'm still thinkin' about 'climbing into armor and becoming a robot badass with a massive katana.'"
Sarah: "Alright, do you have any idea on how to proceed with it?"
Sarah blinks at Jnezdie, mouth slightly open, puts a hand over her mouth, holding back a giggle "You'd like my brother"
Argent: "Honestly, I'd say we split up. Less conspicuous that way, for one."
Gavriel glances at Jnezdie, snort-chuckles again. "Doubt it'd be very handy for sneaking around."
Jnezdie: "Guy's a riot, shame he couldn't stick around. Coulda' used him here."
Sarah nods "Yeah"
Jnezdie nods at Gavriel. "Oh, it totally wouldn't, naw."
Jnezdie: "Obviously, to me, where we start lookin' is start findin' out all the places where we -can't- go."
Jnezdie: "Like, you ask Joe Mage at the bar, and you go- 'hey where do I go if I want a nation-approved fireballin'"
Jnezdie: "Or just get a lay of the land, whatever."
JayM: Alright! Unless you guys have any sort of crazy unusual plan i'm calling this 'split up and search for information' a Learning/Insight [TN 7] check. With one random encounter occurring midway, or two
Jnezdie: "Say we came up from…I don't even remember what town we were at least…Carmine, that's the one-" He speaks on a bit more and more about his shakedown plan.
Argent eyerolls. "Deduction is useful enough. I'm still going to get a read on the hearsay around here, though. I'll be the first to admit I'm not that good at that academic crazyshit, so I'll stick to what I'm good with."
Jnezdie , when he gets down to it, is pretty good at engaging conversation. [Finesse: Insight][Lucky:Scholastic]
Jack: "Take care, Argent!" Jack's more than happy to wave her off so that she can split up. As for him, like Jnezdie, he's a fairly personalable person, and more than boisterious enough to get people to at least respond rather than brushing them off! [Aptitude] [Trick]
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 3, 4 ( Total: 7 ) **
Also rolled 2d8 and got 7, 5 [Total: 12 (High), Avg: 6.00]
d8+1: 5 [Total: 6.0 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 25.0, Avg: 4.80
Jack` rolled 4#d8(1) and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
Also rolled 4#d8(2) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(3) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(4) and got 4 [Total: 4 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Argent , apparently, is trying a square peg approach here-Material Tactics, Ethereal Situation
Total: 15, Avg: 3.75
[OOC] JayM: 3/4]!
Jnezdie can reengage conversation to those losing interest. [Reliable:Scholastic]
Gavriel may be -thinking- about magic, and in a particularly charitable mood - but that doesn’t mean he's actually good at puzzling out its workings. Once they hit the 'infiltration' part, then we'll be talking.[No reels]
Jack‘ rolled d10+1 and got 1 ( Total: 2.0 )
[OOC] Jack: hmm down to the wire the finesse to reroll the +1 sunds like a plan before scraping by »
Argent , however, does seem to have a decent enough knack for adapting it…
[OOC] Argent: Down to the Wire:Scholastic
Jack` rolled 2d6 and got 1, 4 ( Total: 5 )
d8+1: 2 [Total: 3.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 8.0, Avg: 2.33
[OOC] JayM: Nothing doing?
[OOC] Jack: nope
[OOC] Argent: Jack of All Trades applicable?
[OOC] Jack: not anymore :D
[OOC] Jnezdie: it wouldn’t matter at this point
[OOC] Jnezdie: since DttW ate one of our successes
Argent , however…does have a tendency to sometimes poke where she shouldn't when misapplying things. [Scrape By:Scholastic ]
JayM: This will be interesting, let's work with this on parts
Jack‘ then, when all else fails after hours of not really getting anywhere, pulls out his lute, begins to play loudly as he starts heading towards the largest of the towers, shouting and asking about where they’d find the control center for the amagalst whathave you. [Scrape by]
As you're searching, the party has to eventually split up (to the happyness of a few) and each one has to go a different venue. Before Jack has found his way anywhere, he ends up leaving Jnezdie alone in the largest library of the city as he goes off. At about this time, right after Jack goes out but before he does anything else Jnezdie hears something that catches his ear "Matheus, what
JayM: in Phoenix's name are you DOING here at work today? "
He sees behind the counter a creimire looking exhasperated, staring at the Nu'Mou that's sitting down "No excuse not to work, ma'am!"
Creimire: "Goddesses above your two legs are broken you should be in the hospital or- Or home or whatever! I don't want you here!"
Matheus: "B-but-"
Jnezdie openly stares at the conversation, a content look on his face.
The Creimire just tosses her arms in the air and leaves "You get any MORE hurt it's not my fault" he grins uneasily at her. Strangely- Now that you notice that's the book return counter
Jnezdie speaks up once the Creimire leaves. "How did you even get here with two broken legs? Didja roll on a chair the whole way?"
Jnezdie: "(Gonna be honest, I've always wanted to do that around town.)"
Matheus looks up at Jnezdie "Aha- That'd be funny, but no, a Float spell"
Jnezdie: "Oh, right, of course."
Matheus: "How may I help you, then?"
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I just rolled up- no joke intended- from Outpost Carmine a Pass or so ago, wanted to look up a few things. Namely- spirits that possess when sleeping, and also if you've got a map o' the places around here, it'd be much appreciated."
Jnezdie: "First time in the big, big, big city."
Matheus hands Jnezdie a local map "Yep, can get confusing" it's a simple task for him with magic usage "Here you go, I hope you appreciate the capital"
Jnezdie: "Thanks a bunch. I owe ya' anything?"
He shakes his head "Nope, this is a public service library, just don't take the books away"
Matheus: "Map's free"
Jnezdie: "Double thanks! Just wasn't sure if Arzanta was as snooty as some'th towns near the barrier say, but I'm keepin' an open mind."
Jnezdie: "Take care! Don't break your arm mid-chant or anything."
Matheus: "Don't worry, you'll get the chance of meeting the snotty ones. Good travels!"
JayM: That was… Interesting, Jnezdie
Jnezdie retreats into the shelves to study the map.
Argent, now, ends up following her usual tactics. An interesting thing is that- In the end, no matter what side of the world you are, the uncontent and bar-goers are the same. Of course, here people are somewhat more… Boisterous, clothing is a bit more beautiful and people aren't exactly as plentiful, but that all comes from the simple fact that they're mages and those things, sadly,
JayM: come with the job.
As Argent is trying to pick up information in her usual types of spots, a bartender waves her closer, it's an old Elvaan woman, wearing a simple long jacket, white, heavy bracers on both arms and an intricate runed collar that looks somewhat out of place
Argent: "…Hm?" Argent walks over, cloak hiding her armor in general-she may be brusque and not willing to put up with a lot of social niceties, but she's not so silly as to walk around Arzanta in an armored getup like that
Argent: The hat stays.
The Elvaan puts on the counter a drink for her, leans a bit closer lowering her tone of voice "How goes the information-gathering, bunnygirl?" she has a piercing stare that you've seen only in very few Elvaan
Argent fights the urge to shoot a murderous glare at the bartender, speaking quietly at this rate. "…Right. So I guess I should just cut the crap and ask what I can offer to get the word around the place?"
Elvaan: "I'm on your side here, POW, was offered this 'job' which is better than being in prision, i'm under heavy surveillance but I can give you some information. What are you trying to do here?"
Elvaan: "And I suggest care, recently a couple of people in black robes and cat-eared hoods broke into the castle and took away a prisioner, they have amped up severely the security since"
Argent clicks on the table, listening a bit for where others are in relation to her, before she whispers, her tone less harsh now. "…Right. If that's the case, then it's simple-rumors or info on where the access to the Almagest Ancestral's core may be located."
Elvaan: "… I've heard it's located in the castle, that's all I know, neither what it is or how to access it. There will be a ball there, birthday of the blood-prince" she slips six pieces of paper to Argent "Those were lost"
JayM: They look like invitations
Argent nods, quirking an eyebrow. Looks like the entry -may- be a bit easier to start…
It's about now that a powerful sound strikes Argent's hearing- A sound unlke she has ever heard before- And she's sure it's the sort of sound only her ears can listen
Argent winces
Atop the highest tower which he is allowed entry, Jack plays his lute with all his stregth, bellowing to the skies above him to grant him the answer!
And at a point he hears something- Troublesome- Resonance, a powerful resonance from the very ground below his feet, an odd, resonant sound coming from the crystal of the city itself-
The powerful sound, a strong sound which is unheard by most- Somehow, Argent KNOWS what the sound means, meaning in sound and echo- The entire layout of the city, the entire capital is in her mind, and- Just there- At the center, right below the castle, an area which can only be entered from the very throne room- Your objective
JayM: Of course, Argent, every other Viera in the capital probably heard that, if any of them are in the castle guard? Yeeeeeah-
JayM: Whatever the hell that was, Argent, it could probably have attracted guard attention to that area
Argent: "…and this is going to -suck-" Argent winces, whispering to the bartender
Jack‘ scraches at the side of his face at finished the last verse of the songs. "Haha, well of course it’s below! Now to see who comes to pick me up!"
JayM: Yep, visible by the fact that you just destroyed your glass in your hand from the sudden strong wince
JayM: The bartender is also surprised
JayM: Way across the room, another Viera- Her companions are worried because she had a similar reaction, leading to damaging the foot of the table
JayM: Feel free to reunite :D
Argent: "…I'll reimburse you." Argent hands over enough gil to the bartender to cover what she thinks is enough for the glass and drink
Argent: Quite ignoring the blood covering it from glass-cut hands.
She nods "Thank you"
Gavriel has been tagging along with Sarah getting absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever, because they are clumsy and terrible at this sort of thing. Adorable!
Gavriel, who is somewhere with Sarah, notices that Sarah has ALSO a wince moment
Gavriel: "…are you okay?"
Jnezdie walks with an open map back to the Phoenix temple.
Sarah shakes her head "Y-yeah- Just something strange just happened and I felt it…"
Argent heads back to the Phoenix temple herself.
Gavriel: "Hn."
Jnezdie: "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone! Got a map. Got ideas about gettin' in and out of just about everywhere. Just, I don't know quite where we're goin' yet."
Jnezdie: "But that's half the battle. And if we all win half a battle we've got two fights won already."
Jnezdie: "Two and a half with Sarah, sorry."
Sarah grins at Jnezdie "Not like I can help much, anyway!"
Argent: "…Pretty sure we don't need a map at this rate." Argent comments, wrapping a bandage around her absolutely torn-up hand
Jnezdie: "Aw, you could adorable at them and figure out somethin'."
Gavriel chuckles at Jnezdie- earperks at Argent. "-are -you- okay?"
Jnezdie: "How's your hand? What's up?"
Sarah blinks "What happened"
Sarah: "(Did it-)"
Argent checks to make sure nobody else is here. "An involuntary reaction while holding a glass."
Argent: "Good news, good news part two, or bad news?"
JayM: None else
Jnezdie: "Hit me with the bad, first."
Argent: "Whatever happened? I'm pretty sure every single Viera in the country knows of it now. No exceptions."
Gavriel: "…oh, dear."
Sarah: "Nngh, okay. And- What happened?"
Jnezdie nods. "Ah well, let's hope they're not swift on the uptake."
Jnezdie: "But now we got two sets'a good news, right?"
Argent: "First is that apparently I got a path straight to the Ancestral's core."
Jnezdie: "Hey, good work1"
[OOC] Jnezdie: work!
Argent: "Second is that we at least have an easy way into the castle in two days' time."
Jnezdie: "How's that?"
Gavriel: "Is that so?"
Argent pulls out the invitation slips.
Argent: "Congratulations, you guys have been officially invited, courtesy of some drunks who misplaced theirs."
Jnezdie takes one, reading it…
Jnezdie gasps!
Gavriel eyebrow raises.
Jnezdie: "No shit? Damn! You're the best, Arge."
JayM: Six invitations, different names, there's two men and four women
Argent: "Getting into the castle is the easy part."
JayM: Well, the invitations state 'mister' and 'madam' at least
Argent: "We'll have to deal with heightened security like crazy, and every Viera working for the king knowing how to coordinate the defense, though."
Gavriel glances around, counting heads. "…hn. Where's Jack?"
Sarah: "Uhn- Yeah, where's Jack?"
Argent: "…" Argent facepalms. "You have got to be shitting me."
Jnezdie: "Aw, he'll be fine."
Jnezdie: "But, man, he's gonna want to hear about this."
Jnezdie: "We need to go formal shoppin', probably. Nothin' against this fine shirt you made me, Sarah. Actually, if I had a cravat, I think it might work…"
Argent: "…ugh."
Sarah smiles "At least I already got a good one for Argent"
Argent: "…Sarah, recommended action at this rate?"
Sarah: "Well, let's get Jack first. Since we got a way into the castle, we'd better use it, and see if we can sneak from there"
Sarah: "We need to get to the core, and then we need to get out"
Gavriel nods, worriedly.
Jnezdie nods!
Argent: "Right. Jnezdie, you're his friend, where do you think the loudmouth went?"
Argent: "Preferably before we find out that he's been captured and is getting interrogated or some crap."
Jnezdie: "Somewhere where he could either talk to a lot of people, or be seen by everyone. Somewhere up high, likely."
Jnezdie will find- A small crowd at the base of a lookout tower. Jack is walking out of the crowd by the time he gets there, apparently they were watching him play
Argent: "He always did love being the center of attention." Argent eyerolls
Jnezdie waves to Jack from the back, then shrugs the back of his shirt over his head, making a hood, and pantomimes sneaking about for a few steps once he's got Jack's attention.
Gavriel glances at Jack in (rather amused) relief.
Jack: "Hello!" Jack tilts his head to the side, then makes waving motions direction at Jnezdie to come over here!
Jack‘ is walking toward Jnezdie allt he same though.
Argent whispers to Gavriel. "(Just realized. One of you three is going to have to pass as a girl.)"
Jnezdie shakes his head, then mimes buttoning up his shirt, taking a ballroom dance stance. He then steps a few times… and stops as Jack gets nearer, breaking ranks. "Hey there! Crowd treatin’ you okay?"
Jack: "So far! No one that knows anything has come yet, but I suspect someone with knowledge will be here soon!"
Jack: "(I don't think they get many travelling musicians here,t he crowd was quite enthralled by the spectical!)"
Gavriel looks pensive for a few moments- then he looks like he's making a strong effort not to bust up laughing. "(…oh, dear.)"
Argent: "(Yeah. Four girls' invites, two guys'.)"
Argent: "(Sarah's going to have -fun- with this, I imagine.)"
Jack: "Huh?"
Jnezdie: "Dude. We're going to that ball thing!"
Jack: "Oho?!"
Jnezdie: "Required by the job! You can thank Argent for that one."
Jack: "?! It's nice to see Argent opening herself for a little more culture, to be certain! Excellent work!"
Sarah looks at Argent and Gavriel whispering and leans in closer slightly
Gavriel coughs. "The… tickets. Don't exactly match up."
Jnezdie: "She's also got some idea of where the thingy-console is, and I've got a bigger map o' the city."
Sarah: "O-oh, what's up?"
Jack: "Oh, really?"
Argent: "Two men's invites, four women's."
Gavriel gestures at the tickets. Where -is- Sarah's brother when you need him?
Argent: "One of the guys will have to engage in some crossdressing."
Sarah: "Ahh! That's no problem it's just dress Jnezdie up just right"
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow at Sarah.
Sarah: "It’s easy to do that with Elvaan!"
Argent: "Figured he'd be the easiest to pass off, yeah. There's also the issue of getting Gav here in without too much suspicion being aroused."
Jack: "Maiden, you must be confused. No one in their right mind would ever confusion one such as Jnezdie as a woman!"
Sarah: "E-err- Yes, that's actually harder"
Jnezdie: "I like how after as much hassle she's given me about so much as smilin' at a good-lookin' woman, it a'int a thing to throw Jnezdie in a dress to her."
Gavriel: "…hn. Personal manservant. Prisoner of war from a young age. Intensely loyal. Quiet. I believe this is a thing which has been known to happen?"
Sarah grins "Jack. Let me teach you a few 'style' tricks from back home"
Jack‘ crosses his arms over his chest.
Jnezdie blinks. "Oh. Wait a second."
Jnezdie: "You’re serious."
Sarah crosses her arms "That, would actually free up one invitation"
Sarah: "And make the job all the easier"
Jnezdie: "Oh, whew."
Jnezdie: "Gav, buddy, I owe you one."
Jack‘ then gestures a hand at Jnezdie. "Look at how chizzled those abs are! That jutting jaw! The arm muscles alone, Maiden!"
Sarah: "Hum… Well, Nez- When you’ve got a brother like mine"
Sarah: "(Still I think that Jnezdie would do a pretty good bishonen impression)"
Jnezdie: "Maybe some other time, Sarah." He winks.
Jack‘ glances at Gavriel, "Are you certian you puts all her parts back in the correct spots when we were fixing her?"
Sarah holds back a laugh "It’s okay, I was going to request assistance from my brother, anyway"
Argent eyerolls. "I was thinking more in terms of ease of disguise, but fine. This is going to be a nightmare for me anyway."
Gavriel isn't chuckling. That's… that's rocks. Rumbling. Somewhere far away.
Jnezdie: "Oh, well, you should have said something sooner, I would have been on board, then."
Sarah: "Wouldn't be as fun. Either way we, hum, better go find some better clothes for everyone at any rate"
Sarah takes a moment looking around to make sure nobody is around "(But… Will they accept Material currency, won't they notice?)"
Argent: "Uuuuuugh." Argent groans. This is going to be a massive tax on her dignity.
Jnezdie: "He already took my measurments helpin' me up that time. Just about double-take'd."
Jnezdie: "This is all in jest, except for that last part."
Jack: "Gil's gil, Sarah." Jack's really lookign at her like she's strange now.
Argent: "Bartender took it just fine."
Jnezdie thinks. "Is… yeah, what Jack said."
Sarah takes a moment to think "Wh- Wha- But- That makes no- No sense-"
Sarah: "I'll- I'll just trust you"
Jnezdie: "Sarah, three-hundred and twenty five. Adventuerers, one."
Jnezdie: "We'll make you catch up on 'that makes no sense' yet!"
Argent: "Our money's still good here. We just need to get this over with."
Gavriel chuckles all over again at Jnezdie's comment, gives Sarah a sympathetic look.
Sarah: "Alright, then, let's get this working, and attempt to make our way in there!"
Jnezdie: "Excellent!"
JayM: This- Will require a Grace/Stealth [TN 6] check, it was going to be a lot easier but you just sent all the guards on red alert. This will cover the entire sequence and interactions in-between
Argent: "(Remember, Argent. All for the mission. All for the damn mission.)" She keeps on trying to reassure herself.
Jnezdie is slick. Freshly washed and in a sharp tuxedo, he could cut you with the corner of his smile. [Dependable: Mental][Lucky: Mental]
Jack‘ is sad that he won’t get to see any of the high ranking officals that come to see what he was up to, but there's a ball that needs preperations! And he doesn't trust Jnezdie to pick out the best tuxedo, or Argent to pick out the best dress for themselves! Still nto sure what to do about Gavriel, but that cna be worked out last! [Weighted Results] [Wasted Lucky]
Gavriel is good at putting up a stoic, servant's front. Part of good infiltration is good acting, and given a facade others will be comfortable with seeing, he's fairly good at staying out of the way. [Trick: Scoundrel, WR: Scoundrel, Lucky: Scoundrel], [Finesse: Stealth]
Argent used Sarah to pick out the getup-like hell she'd trust Jack's taste in fashion, and she needed to put up with finding a new hat for quite a bit of time at that. Even then, she seems to be dressed up in some elegant-looking craziness complete with fan and parasol-but for all of that, she's surprisingly good at vanishing once the time calls for it…[Trick(Scoundrel) x2]
Jack‘ is giving Sarah fashino advise as well, it won’t do to have her going around in a speggitti strap table cloth that she thinks is a dress! This is a ROYAL BALL, it is time to be Fancy, Sophisticated, and Class. FRILLS, EVERYWHERE
Sarah is loving it, she mentions how much she actually wanted to get an actual nice dress- She's a bit particular about it however. There's something of important in her current dress though she's more than willing to… Adjust it if need so it doesn't shows
Argent was picky as hell about the dress, too-how well she could move in it was TOP PRIORITY to her. Probably spent an hour or so just looking for one that she didn't mind on that front
Jnezdie was picky as hell too. Part of him kept insisting that he had to exhude a spy-like appeal without giving himself away. Actually, he went along with it pretty easily.
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 6, 6 ( Total: 12 )
d12: 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
d12: 4 [Total: 4 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
d8: 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 24, Avg: 4.80
Jack` rolled 2d8 and got 1, 4 ( Total: 5 )
Also rolled 2#2d6(1) and got 1, 5 [Total: 6 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 2#2d6(2) and got 3, 5 [Total: 8 (Avg), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 19, Avg: 3.17
[OOC] Jack: That’s uh… 1/4?
JayM: I'm seeing that you've got a [1/4]
[OOC] Argent: …Sugar why have you forsaken us.
[OOC] Jack: DO OVEER lso door
[OOC] Argent: Yes, Gav, DO OVER this
[OOC] Argent: I think you have that, anyway
Gavriel shakes his head, quietly taking people aside and imparting to them wisdom concerning black ops. This isn't the right approach at all! [DO OVER]
Jnezdie rolled 2d6 and got 5, 1 ( Total: 6 )
d12: 11 [Total: 11 (High), Avg: 11.00]
d12: 5 [Total: 5 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
d8: 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 23, Avg: 4.60
Jnezdie rolled 2d8 and got 2, 5 ( Total: 7 )
Also rolled 2#2d6(1) and got 6, 3 [Total: 9 (High), Avg: 4.50]
Also rolled 2#2d6(2) and got 2, 6 [Total: 8 (Avg), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 24, Avg: 4.00
[OOC] Argent: Looks like a 3/4?
[OOC] JayM: Is what looks like to me but isn't one of those 2d6 a Finesse?
[OOC] Jnezdie: I think the first 2d6 is a finesse
[OOC] JayM: Yep, which leads to a pass
[OOC] Argent: What's the 2#2d6 then?
[OOC] JayM: Your Tricks
[OOC] Argent: Ah, derp
[OOC] JayM: Argent knows all bout tricks
Jack and Jnezdie stand to earn a small trick or two from Gavriel, there's certain things that you simply cannot do with your clothing in order to actually perform a stealth mission no matter how cool it looks like. Thankfully it does not imparts your creativity. Jack and Argent also probably get a few things they can learn from Sarah herself, a few hints on the cut of the dress for the
JayM: leg, adjustments in the elbow and arm, she can adjust pretty much any dress into suitable conditions for Argent's 'battle-ready' taste, according to her 'fashion for duellists' has always been something she liked
Gavriel also would pass for the perfect butler. It takes a certain amount of research and work to actually put on him something that can fool the others sufficiently that he's a watched servant, that being the fake arcana binds because nobody would trust him outside otherwise, right?
JayM: HE'd- He'd probably better stay hidden until time to actually GO THERE however, you're pushing your luck as much as you can at the moment
Gavriel suggested those himself, actually- and he thinks that this will be enough. He can play the part, he's confident of that much.
However, as you're putting a few finishing touches, given you have a bit of time to spare and sitting around doing nothing is not going to get you anywhere faster and Sarah's at least a bit excited about getting proper dressing in a long while. She has stopped you in front of a flower shop, because she caught sight of her favorite flower there and she absolutely needs to get one to go
JayM: with the dress
Jnezdie smiles at himself in the crystal of some random column. "Lookin' good!"
Jnezdie: "Hope we're not there too early."
Jack: "Corsages are important!"
As you enter, you see a small creimire girl arguing with the elvaan shopkeeper "But-" the kid is really, really trying to get the shopkeep to sell her even one of the flowers that is in a particular pot at the back of the store. They're forget-me-nots
Jnezdie follows Sarah in, looking for something he could buy and store in his sleeve, for a slick production later, perhaps?
Argent is glad that Sarah could modify it well enough. Those dresses are insufferable. "…The sooner we get out of the ball, the better. I feel I'm going to catch on my own weapon."
Kid: "But… It's for my father…"
Jnezdie gives a thumbs up to Argent!
Shopkeep: "Sorry, kid, I know but, those ones are important to me…"
Argent eyerolls
JayM: The foret-me-not, rather simple flowers "perfect to give to those going on a trip from which they won't return" . Usually, it's to the grave, although often given to warriors going to the front lines
JayM: (Gavriel was surprised once when he was given one before setting off on a mission, in a strange twist of fate, he never met again the one who gave him one)
Jnezdie: "Fresh out aside from those, yeah?" He nods towards the pot.
Shopkeep: "I'm sorry… But that particular one is… Important to me"
Argent: "…Personal value, I imagine?"
Shopkeep: "Yes"
Jnezdie: "Comin' or goin', if you don't mind me askin'."
The kid and the shopkeep argue for a little while, until someone comes into the store- Wearing the sort of robes you've seen before, and that particular bandanna, right over his eyes. A creimire who looks imponent and strong
Everyone in the shop kind of stops to star
Argent just tries to act inconspicuous at this rate. Last thing she needs to do is fight a Wraith in suboptimal equipment.
Jnezdie nods once to the guy, nonchalantly. "Hey there."
Suddenly, in a swift and unbroken motion he looks at the child, quickly moves kneeling down and bringing the bandanna up to his forehead, wrapping his arms around the kid "Oh, lass, you're getting better than your father at hide-and-seek, you got me worried there!"
The kid hugs him "Daddy!"
Creimire: "What are you doing here, kid?"
Kid: "I-I wanted to-" she is interrupted by the shopkeep, who has a strange look on her face, she quickly moves, removing a single flower from the pot, and extending her hand towards the kid "Get a flower for you. Departing on mission?"
He looks up at the flower, the kid looks at it, smiles widely and picks it up, handing it to his father "Yeah…" he says
Shopkeep: "That flower was… It beloned to one who returned. I wish you luck"
He sighs and smiles, picking up his daughter "Thanks" he says, heading out
Shopkeep: "Heh… That answers you question, my friend. I- Once tended to this one wounded man. He kept clutching to that flower"
Shopkeep: "One day, he found his way back to the one who gave the flower to him"
Shopkeep: "I've kept that flower with me since then"
Jnezdie smiles warmly.
Sarah sighs "Ah, I see…" she looks at another flowerpot, it's clear she wanted the forget-me-not "I'll- Pick one of those"
Jack: "Ahah."
Argent looks over the flowers, wondering one thing: the hell's so important about wearing one
Jnezdie: "You two still gettin' along?"
Gavriel hung back a little, as was his station- the station he was imitating, that is. But he's every bit as watchful and observant as an actual butler ought to be- and he makes a mental note of Sarah's preference.
Jnezdie: "Well, regardless>"
Jnezdie: "Kind of a cute thing. I'd pick somethin' to go on the lapel of this tux, but is it too much, guys?"
Jack: "Of course not!"
Argent: "Hell if I know."
Gavriel squints at Jnezdie, slowly nods permission.
Jnezdie: "That's unanimous votes for 'go for it!'"
Argent eyerolls.
Argent simply waits impatiently, wanting nothing more than to get over with the facade.
Jnezdie pick, pick, picks a flower, something matching the suit…
JayM: A beautiful one, i'm sure, Jnezdie
Jnezdie slaps down some gil for it. "Take care, man. Hopefully that man in black will return, yeah?"
JayM: That'll be 15 Gil
Jnezdie pays the man./
Soon enough, soon enough, it's time for the ball itself. According to Argent's unnatural intel, it's a straight line from the entrance to the throne room, and from there, behind the throne, is the entrance. There is a long line waiting to enter the castle, almost exclusively nobles, although from the looks of the dressing some of them aren't the kind who'd spend much on dressing, or
JayM: they're simply not nobles at all and were invited for other reasons
Argent: "(Remember,)" Argent whispers. "(Keep a low profile.)"
You make your way in, following the veritable wall of palace guards that are ensuring the guests don't go anywhere unexpected. You are taken towards the ballroom, which is just across from the throne room
Gavriel hangs behind Sarah, looking quiet, efficient, and magically-handcuffed. …hn. This will be interesting, barring a sudden ability to become invisible.
Jnezdie smiles confidently, shoulders back, chest out, head up, hair slick.
Argent heads in alongside Sarah, looking around, face behind fan, and keeping the parasol if she wasn't forced to be relieved of it. Pity about that lack of invisibility, she'd want it herself. Damn high-security.
You have arrived on time, the party has just started, although you've missed by a mere moment the end of the speech about the blood-prince's birthday. Conspicuously absent are the prince's two adoptive sibilings, where could they be? Thankfully they are the only two who could identify you. More than three quarters of the heads in the room turn around when they notice Gavriel, there's
JayM: whisperings about who could you be, who could your MASTER be because they don't just release a Varg into service without very good reason
JayM: Oh, bother, are you really the center of the party now, Gav
JayM: The parasol obviously remains closed, but that aside, you keep it
Within just a couple of moment, you notice your first few issues… The palace guards are suspiciously close to the passage into the throne room, blocking way, it seems like for a whole you won't have access to it, so you need to lay low and mingle for a few moments
Jack‘ adjust his cravet, looking even more confident as the head turn towards them. "Greetings!"
Argent gets the hell away from Jack’s tendencies to be the center of attention, moving quickly to another area of the floor and largely watching and making sure that her new hat stays fit. Damn things never seem to be built for function…
Gavriel can't help being a Varg, but he can play his part; judging from his posture and who he's following around, it'd be a safe bet to assume he's Sarah's butler! He carefully ignores anyone trying to make eye contact, or trying to talk to him - that'd not be proper!
Jack is greeted in return, and as you walk by- One Nu'Mou noble approaches Argent, asking if she wouldn't dance with him, given she has no company
Jnezdie makes his way through the crowd, finding a drink and on the lookout for good company. Laughter, smiles, some semblance of warmth amongst the crowd.
Sarah is handling the whole predicament with an amazing amount of grace, doing her possible to divert attention from Gavriel. You'd think she already did this sort of thing before, she is tense, however
Argent quirks an eyebrow, and then respectfully declines.
Gavriel occasionally leans down to whisper commentary into Sarah's ear, or recieve a response; he doesn't leave her side except at one point to fetch her a refreshment- quietly impressed at Sarah's skill with this sort of thing. Impressed, but not really -surprised-.
JayM: There is- A real good company, Jnezdie, is impossible… This is… A melting pot, a job, a function and an opportunity for all of those involved. Even the stern face of King Doraimo and seems here more on a job than for the birthday of his son. Although- You see an unusual sadness in Queen Lereiane's face… Everyone, except Prince Arekiel and his closer friends (who by the way are… The
JayM: embodyment of 'social disaster') seems to find this place akin to a battlefield, a social battlefield
Argent is restraining all of her irritation about this kind of scene-she never cared for these sorts of formal events-so many people trying to outdick each other in as floofy-poncey a manner as possible. Of course, Argent never understood the value of having a large social penis, so of course this was unfamiliar territory for her
JayM: Really, Jack, Prince Arekiel is a shame to the Yeti the way he behaves in a ball, look at the spilled drink for no reason!
Gavriel's trained ears can catch whispers and words here and there- Deals, trades, contracts, contacts
Jack‘ makes his way through the ground, heading over towards the prince and company.
Jnezdie obviously gravitates towards the Prince, then. Oh sure, everyone else gets their piece, but it’s hard to bond people together in jokes when they don't even really laugh.
Gavriel keeps his ears perked for anything that'd be useful to Sarah - although he's mostly interested in a way to sneak everyone through to their target. Nothing doing there, unfortunately.
Argent looks around…the prince and his friends seem easy to rile up. EASY opportunity to create a diversion.
The prince and five more men are being excessively loud (without breaking proper decorum enough to cause a social apocalypose) and uncautious. More than one noble has come out of that small circle feeling bad
JayM: IT'll be a while, Gav but- In a few they'll be taking the party towards the throne room to grant presents to the prince- That'll be your chance
Jack: "Hello there!"
The prince looks up at Jack, because he's sitting down "Now, now, don't you know who you speak to?"
His father is cautiously watching hm fom the corner of his eye
Friend 1: "Yes, he is your prince, you know, speak properly"
Argent looks toward the drinks, sampling whatever looks to have alcohol.
Jack: "To another man trying terribly hard to enjoy a party! Tis a pity that more people don't seem to be embracing the very spirit of a party though, isn't it?"
JayM: Just stay away from the red-colored one, it's totally alchool-free
Arekiel: "Ahaha! Certainly, cerintaly, everyone is so, serious! Why, you need to kno how to have fun!"
Jack: "And how! It's a shame, seeing everyone simply shufflign about the floor and talking business! Not nearly enough dancing!"
Argent stays away from it after taking a sniff. The rest, however, is fair game to her.
Arekiel: "Ahaha! Now that is a man who knows a party!" he stands up "Bad the real bards we've called ain't arrived just yet! Always bound to try, hoewever! Say, know of any fine ladies who'd like to enjoy themselves yet?"
Jack: "Fah! What kind of musician affrives to a gig late?!" Jack rubs at his chin, turning to glances over the ground, spots Jnezdie heading this way, then wiggles his eyebrows. "That man might, he's always the life of a party!"
Argent: "…hm. This one's sweet, but a bit weak…kgh, that one is just disgusting…ah, this one's well worth it. Too bad I can't take some of it with me. Sufficiently strong."
Arekiel: "Well, you know, they're… Surprise musicians- My father is not aware!"
Jack: "Oho?"
Arekiel: "Ahaha, say, why not! Let us attempt to bring life to this party, onto the dance!"
Arekiel brings up his friends, and he will accost Jnezdie, see if he knows a lady or two willing to start dancing decently!
Jnezdie: "Wouldn't be much of a surprise if he was aware!" He replies, coming within range. He nods- "There's a Creimire lass over thatways who actually understood humor, and-" He doesn't point out his party members, advising around to other ladies past them.
Arekiel and his friends are- They could work their charm a bit more, Jnezdie, now that you stop to look- You know, one or two words different to stop being slightly offensive (party the GM for not havign the skill to WRITE IT OUT)
Jnezdie doesn't frown, but he does his best to smooth things over. He flies wingman to the rougher parts of their conversation.
That, however, at least gives some semblance of life to the party- Until, after a bit of time when the music stopes and everyone is invited to the throne room, as those who bear gifts should bring them there. King Doraimo almost physically drags his son back with him, as he seems far too attached to his current target (he could have handled that with so much more grace)
Jnezdie grins as the King is visibly disturbed. Ought to have gained us some distraction points, there.
From here- Argent can see the place they need to be, the path isn't too far but you need a bit of distraction? No, Gavriel, they made a fatal mistake in positioning of the guards, a bit of repositioning of the party slowly and you can walk int oa perfect blind spot
Argent: "(…tch…almost…)"
About now, however, is when a different music starts to come as three musicians, fully robed head to toe with their features obscured, come from the door from the ballroom. They are playing a strangely omnious music, from Arekiel's grin, that is probably who he was talking about
JayM: http://youtu.be/qu1uRmk_4WY
Gavriel gallantly accompanies Sarah to the Throne Room, smiling to himself- leaning down to whisper the plan in Sarah's ear, waiting for her 'command' to go and seek out the others and inform them of the blind spot as well.
Jnezdie halts right in his tracks, his eyes growing wide. "(No…)"
Sarah blinks as the musicians enter, and gives Gavriel the go-ahead
Jack‘ blinks, turning about wildly in confusion.
Jnezdie: "(It can’t be them.)"
Jnezdie immediately looks for the rest of the group.
That flute, that flute is unmistakeable
Argent: "(…it's the damn heir. Just -great-.)"
Gavriel finishes heading up to Jnezdie- and then a chill goes down his spine, he starts, stares in that direction- "…!!!"
King Doraimo gives the Prince that death-glare but doesn't seems to realize anything other than his son's misbehaving
JayM: A perhaps quick escape?
Jnezdie: "(Yeah. This is about to get hairy.)" A wicked grin crawls across his face. "(But if he wants it here, then it'll be a flashy finish.)"
Jnezdie: "(I think we can make a break for it- uh, nowish, though.)" }
Jack‘ flicks his wrists out, then procuded his lute from - wait where the hell /was/ he hiding that, then waves a hand over the wooden box around his neck. He then begins to play a counter melody, something heavy and crunchy and sdistorted sounding, over the sound of the flute.
Argent: "(Let’s move before the info gets wiped!)"
JayM: Ooh, boy, Jack are you attempting to fight him off?
Jack‘ is attempted to drown out that terrible, awful song of doom if nothing else!
Jnezdie: "(Hey, Sarah. Start shufflin’ down thataways.)"
JayM: This will be great! Give me a solo Charm [TN 7] check, although, if the party wants to contribute
Argent follows Gavriel's pointed-out blind spot, making sure to get the mission complete if nothing else. If Jack so wants to pick a fight with the Heir, his damn problem…
Jnezdie: "(I'm gonna back up Jack.)"
JayM: Jnezdie and Jack together, then!
Jnezdie: "(I'll catch up with you guys somehow!)"
Jnezdie: "(Or, rather, we will!)"
Jnezdie: "(No one gets left behind, and all.)"
Jnezdie turns on his heel and makes for the clash of musical fronts.
Argent: "(They're insane. Screw it, chances are they'll get lucky anyway.)" Argent comments as she heads down the path
JayM: Hrm, I think that Grace would in fact be better
Gavriel glances about- he can't help Jack and Jnezdie, but he can coordinate the infiltration! There's no way to warn the king, not without giving themselves away- salutes Jnezdie abruptly, meeting back up with Sarah and Argent-
Gavriel, Sarah and Argent slip through- It's a passage cleverly hidden by illusion
JayM: But on Jnezdie and Jack, go roll it
Jnezdie makes his way to Jack's side. "(Couldn't let you fly a solo.)" It's sincere, and then he adds. "(-'sides, I'm still ruffled about that girl.)"
Argent checks her memory for the musically-uploaded castle map. That was probably necessary anyway.
Jack: "Hahaha, well any help is appreciated!" [Lucky]
Jnezdie [Dependable: Mental][Lucky: Mental]
Jack‘ rolled d10 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 14, Avg: 3.50
Jack` rolled 3#d8(1) and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
[OOC] JayM: Wow, [1/3]
Total: 15, Avg: 5.00**
[OOC] Jack: 2!
[OOC] JayM: 2/3]!
Jnezdie is with Jack all the way! [EE]
The two songs are vastly different, one upbeat and distorted the other gloomy and orchestral. Both sides are fighting hard to bring their music to victory over the other! In the end you two are in almost perfect harmony, keeping up with eachother’s songs as the entire room becomes intranced at your show
Argent: Argent is leading Gavriel and Sarah down the passageway to the Ancestral's controls-with Gavriel's aid in stealth if and when necessary
And then, the unexpected. A third voice appears- Familiar to you- singing from behind the Heir and his troupe "Regentropfen sind meine Tränen…" singing in some unknown strange language, it's the voice of princess Joyeuse, dressed now in her royal garb, a flowing robe but simple, she continues to sing in beat with Jack's song, walking by the heir's group, singing with all her heart as
JayM: well to aid you. She does gives Jack a powerful deathglare that Jnezdie intrepretes to "why the fuck are you attracting attention, go away"
Jack‘ just gives ehr a big, full toothed grin in responce.
JayM: Everyone is- Particularly amazed, although the Heir isn’t one to QUIT and LOOSE- Although in the end, specially with the backup, you finally overcome his song, the Heir is out of breath, and the muscles of his arm can't really keep up his flute any more
JayM: And there are applause
Jnezdie nods to Joyeuse, trying to indicate 'we got this,' but it's probably not transmitted.
Gavriel nods- hand-gestures to Argent, a hand on Sarah's shoulder- ears pricked up, listening to the battle playing out above. He's not one to ask things of what spirits may exist, but- he hopes that they succeed- for now, he focuses everything on finding the controls, before it's too late.
Everyone gathers around-
JayM: Are you two going to reap the applause, or going to break free and reach the others?
Jack‘ is going to take a bow! HIs eyes aren’t leaving the Heir though.
Jnezdie fiddles with the cuffs of his shirt, and then points towards Celerian. "Hey. You."
Jnezdie: "Got a message for you."
The Elvaan, who remains concealed by his robes, looks at him "Oh?"
Jnezdie: "You're an idiot for thinking anything is your fault."
Jnezdie doesn't needs to his his face to see his wrath
Jnezdie: "Also your ass and toe of my boot got somethin' of a rendevous comin', but that a'int at this party. Go pay your respects."
A gentle movement from the Heir is all it takes to prevent Celerian from being rash and doing something right now
Jack: "WITHOUT the doom song, if you don't mind!"
Jack: "Tis a celebration."
Heir: "Why, it WAS the prince that requested that particular tune- But, let's play something happier for a birthday!"
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrmm."
He brings his flute back to his lips- Switching up to a music- Fitting for a festival, upbeat and of rapid pace
Jnezdie: "Better." He nods to Jack.
Jack‘ nods to Jnezdie, then to Joyeuse.
Argent leads the three down at as fast of a pace as is viable for Sarah to keep up, not waiting for anyone at this point.
Joyuse looks dishiveled
Jnezdie nods to Joyeuse, following Jack’s direction.
Jack‘ then gives a flourished bow. "Forgive me my lady, but I simply could not stand by and let the apocolypse visit your home. Tis very messy and difficult to clean up after!"
Jnezdie: "They are kinda jerks, yeah. Maybe okay for a drink now and then, but blood’s gettin' to be thicker than liquor at this rate."
[OOC] JayM: Ahem
Joyeuse couteusly bows in return "I've my brother for those situations"
Jnezdie: "Oh, totally. We were just takin' it real personal. I was. Jack's a professional."
JayM: She is pretty tense, Jnezdie
Jnezdie is completely not helping, nope.
Jack: "Hmph. Last time that song was played, an entire legion of top solider was smote in an instant. Powerful as your brother my be, I suspect he may be lacking in a battle of bands with the Heir of Ultima."
Jnezdie: "See? Professional. I just want to beat 'em in a fight one day."
Joyeuse: "(I'm just worried someone might notice you don't belong- Please)"
Joyeuse: "(But thanks)"
Jnezdie: "(Yeah, I read ya'. Team two's makin' their way now. Assumin' we can get an eye's respite, which- haha, might require some luck-, we'll be gone, too.)"
Jack‘ gives a dismissive wave. "Keeping people save if far more important than keeping a low profile. Why, I have doubts we’ll ever travel anywhere and go unnoticed even if we tried!"
Joyeuse closes her eyes for a moment "Come now, everyone, everyone! Hum- This is my big brother's party! And he's over there, not over here!" she points, and actually goes there "Come on, now, everyone, let us enjoy ourselves!"
JayM: She starts playing MC for now- Should provide sufficient distraction if you two are quick
Jnezdie chuckles under his breath, and then darts for the hallway when he's feeling far less watched.
A quick escape, do not think that the princess is ungrateful, but you are really pushing your luck, in her opinion- But the way is cleared by clever MCing and very obvious attention-attracting. As Jnezdie sneaks- He's keenly aware that King Doraimo is suspicious of her
The first party, Sarah, Argent and Gavriel, sneak through the crystalline tunnels
The tunnels are long and steep, they curve downards in a spiral and go for a very, very long distance- At time there are stone statues in the hallways- Warriors- Material warriors- You have the feeling that this could very well be a prision as well…
Argent: "Oi, Gav, recognize anyone here?"
JayM: Thankfully no
Gavriel stares at the statues, blood briefly running cold. "…no, thank goodness. Let's… let's move on quickly, shall we?"
Argent: "Let's." Argent keeps this in mind in the case that they need extra numbers on an escape
As you move faster, something that up to now haven't come up decides to stop you. Guards, or in this case, guard hounds. Two large felines, unline any other you've seen before. Crimson fur, a short mane, a long tail ending in a an iridescent glowing tuft of fur that is much akin fire itself. The two of them stop in front of you, growling
Argent: "More damn animals, huh? I've had enough of this crap anyway."
Gavriel growls back. He is bigger than they are, he is in a hurry, and he is authoritative. Perhaps it will work.
Suddenly, Sarah stops and stares at them "We who walk in the void pray for the sun's warm winds" . The two beasts stop growling, and one of them answers in a bassy voice "For they might bring our ashes to the skies of our home" the other one, slightly more feminine voice "You're Sarah? Weren't you with four others?"
Argent: "Two are distracted right now."
Sarah shake her head "Two are back there providing distraction" she looks at the party "Hum- Those two are Labayu, they're here as spies and have been briefed on my mission" she looks at them "Why didn't you contact me before with more information"
Labayu M: "Girl, we can't get a signal out no matter how goddamn hard we try, we gave our last report last time we had access to a QEC"
Sarah: "Oh, right…"
Gavriel stops growling, looking terribly confused for a brief moment before composing himself and nodding apologetically.
Argent: "…is that so? Well then."
Argent: "We should be fast about it."
Labayu F: "Alright, you people, it took you guys long enough… I'm sick here already"
Labayu F: "Go on, run ahead, it's been cleared, anyone comes by we stop them-"
Argent: "Got it, and thanks."
Argent: Argent nods, before running ahead, leading the others down as well
At that point in time, you hear the sound of footsteps behind you. Soon enough recognizable, your two distactions
Jnezdie accelerates!
Jack and Jnezdie notice the party just beside the two feral cats
Jnezdie: "Got a feline problem?!"
Gavriel: "…friends, apparently."
Jack: "Hello!"
Jnezdie: "Oh. Hey there, I'm Jnezdie."
Jnezdie: "We 'took care' of the Heir."
Argent has already gone down the hall
Labayu M: "Don't dally, get down there!"
Jnezdie nods and waves, running past!
Jnezdie: "Anyway, heat's off us, for now."
Jnezdie: "Aqua swept in for the save."
Gavriel hurries. Nods. Unsurprising.
Argent: "Not counting on that for long. Let's just get in, get what we need, and escape."
As you run further, the crystalline corridors start to, slowly, turn into polished stone and, a little while longer, they turn into raw stone
And soon enough, you're faced with a large cube of crystal, built in the same crystal as the city, exactly two square meters of crystal in perfect cut
Argent: "…tch. If anything could be it, it's this."
The entrance you came from closes as a large slab of crystal comes from the ceiling- Everything is enveloped in darkness, and the crystalline cube glows
JayM: There is no other way out, or in
Jnezdie: "…jeez. You'd think it was waiting for us."
Jack: "Perhaps it was!"
Jnezdie: "With our luck, this may just make the entire capital grow legs or somethin'."
Sarah is startled, and looks around "T-this must be it"
Sarah comes closer, inspecting it "Hrm… No interface… It's probably operated by magic…"
Argent: "…oh for the love of…"
Argent gives an inspective poke at the cube anyway
About now water starts seepeing from the walls and ground, rather rapidly filling the room
Jnezdie: "…Oh no."
Jnezdie: "This is gonna ruin my tux."
Jnezdie: "Er, I mean-"
Argent: "Screw this." Argent takes her hat off, trying to see if she can get any sort of resonance from the ancestral
Jnezdie: "Magic, everyone! Get your hands on that crystal!"
Gavriel walks up to the crystal; tilts his head at it quizzically.
Jack: "Fah, I doubt it's toxic, and I'll have you know we weren't weren't buying clothes that can't stand up to a bit of water."
Jnezdie: "Well, a -bit- of water, yeah, but submerging?"
Jnezdie: "And if you don't know what to do, well… it's gonna feel weird, just- go with it!"
Jack: "Also buy for quality, Jnezdie!"
Sarah eeps, jumping atop a rock as the water starts to rise "No- nononono-"
Jnezdie: "Okay, well it might kill Sarah."
Gavriel had his hand out, about to place his hands on the crystal even before Jnezdie said anything. Aqua woke him up from the sleep he'd been experiencing for a reason; this must be the reason.
JayM: You can't… Feel anything on it
Jack: "Ah. Hm. Right."
Jack‘ pulls off his jacket and sets it down in front of Sarah to stand on, then goes to mess with the crystal panel.
Suddenly Sarah blinks "Of course… Of course that’s it. Everyone, get in the water!" despite the fact that she is desperately trying not to get wet. But by now the water is up to your knees (But she found a higher rock for now
JayM: And rapidly increasing
Jnezdie: "You got it!" He flops back, completely submerging himself!
Jack: "That was my first guess, actually." Jack squats down.
Argent: "…tch, if you say so." Argent submerges herself
Gavriel kneels in the water- hunkers down, back to the crystal.
Sarah looks around, attempting to find somewhere higher to climb up to "Just- Close your eyes, focus- If you can't empty your mind then… Nngh… Think about people you have strong emotional ties about, love, hate, friendship, whatever, it'll work!"
By the time Jack squats, it's already as high as his forehead
Gavriel has a mind as still as a mirror-calm mountain lake; he can't communicate with the Almagest- and, therefore, cannot help Sarah - if he's panicking.
Argent: Emptying one's mind-that was one of those things that Argent was taught early. Almost a basic of fighting, and doubly so when it comes to that crazy martial arts stuff she picked up…first time she's had to put it to use in forever…
Argent: After all, if there's nothing to read, how can one be read?
You close your eyes and focus, each one your own way… And you start feel… Strange- The water isn't bad at all, it's good… You take a deep breath, a deep breath of water, it flows through your nostrils and into your lungs and, it is as fresh as air, you breath water as if it were air and you feel together with eachother, one with the very water surrounding you…
Jnezdie has a tough time focusing at the beginning, his mind races with everything they've learned and encountered up to this point, and it only ever gets weirder. Everything, everything, everything… and then he remembrs. It either makes sense, or it doesn't, and you go along with it. Sarah needs them, and he's not sure why this has to do with the water, but… obviously, the crystal is in the water too, right? Makes sense enough. Focus.
And suddenly… You are no longer you, you do not exist any longer, there is no more disparate beings, there is only one single, greater existance of all there is together as one. You are the Great Link. You know everything the world knows, you are aware of everything the world is aware, you are everything. Yet you cannot let your Fragments remain you for long, as that would destroy their
JayM: sacred individuality, and the Fragments themselves. But they come bearing questions, and as you are Their servant, you will answer them. But you don't have time, you don't have time to answer everything
Argent: Emptiness…nothingness…there was a word for this she remembered; something along the lines of 'mushin'…she couldn't quite remember what it meant; empty mind, empty thought, empty being…pure emptiness…
The Fragments are alien, they exist in a higher plane of existance, in a place in which they fully control your world and your existance, their way of thought is alien to you- And first you must teach them how you think, before they can take the knowledge with them, and that will take too long. But it is four Fragments which now seek knowledge, so you can give all of the four of them some
JayM: knowledge with the time you have
One of the things they see, is where one of your two largest Fragments is
JayM: And, my players, what are the other three questions you'd bring? Feel free to be quite meta about it if you wish
JayM: Since in this instance, the characters do not exist
JayM: You have all the knowledge and awareness of the world in your fingers
Argent: What is the true origin of this world? Clearly it seemed to have existed before Ultima's or Phoenix's presence upon it, so that begs the question-what of before then?
Gavriel is a blank slate, a pillar of calm- he reaches out to Jnezdie's chaos, and calms it- reaches out to the crystal- and- no longer is, himself- the space between heartbeats, when trying to line up a shot, but the second heartbeat never comes, and in that moment: he understands the water.
Jnezdie: What is the nature of water as it relates to this world?
JayM: That was already asked, at any rate
JayM: The origin of the world and the relationship of water, also who's Sarah, hun? Let's bring the answer
This world- This is knowledge that exists only within you, the Great Link, it is a long-forgotten knowledge. The vastness of the sea of nothingness [space], a meaningless word, a meaning forgotten, a meaning now remembered- Within this vast expanse of nothingness, the origin of all is a mystery none has solved, but within it exists- Hvezdami [Star]sm grand masses of matter, eternally
JayM: burning into incredible power of light, and aloft in their gravitatinal pull, spheres of rock, wherein all other elemnts and maybe even light exists, a [planet]
JayM: But that is not the origin of Tempestaria
A single core, a powerful, unknown force, capable of bending, trapping, wielding lightning, a will-less, natural force which coalesces the power of lightning- Encased in the core of a [planet], around this sphere of rock, a great storm, the ultimate power, lightning beyond caulculation, so much power, power tending to infinity gathered atop the upper clouds, barely held together by the
JayM: power of the core and it's own power, trapped, and infinity of lightning- A power of lightning whose own magnetic force has eternally trapped three suns in it's orbit
JayM: That is Tempestaria, the infinite storm
Water, water is the carrier vessel of the origin of life. Within water, within ever last bit of water, are those little, tiny, microscopic life-forms. Cells. But they aren't simple cells, they are mutable, powerful, unnatural. Enhanced by machine, there is one special kind of cell, the [Deaspected Angelic Blight] cell- Unchanged, base, it can change into any cell needed, and it, as well
JayM: as every [Angelic Blight] cell does always, and will always, do what they were originally build by the Creators to do, break down biological matter and water and oxygen
Those cells, however- They are the same cells that compose your very own body, the plants, animals, everything, even encased in stone and metal. However, those in lifeforms are, specialized, fixed in their task and unable to change
JayM: But still… Do their primal function
Sarah, Sarah is- A mystery, an unknown mystery, she is not part of this Great Link, she is not part of you. She is truly alien, she and the other Outsiders, they come from somewhere else, somewhere completely different. She and a few of those outsiders, however, they have the same identification signals that you once bore, the ancient identifcation signals of the life-form that gave birth
JayM: to the [Angelic Blight], a distant cousin- The other Great Link, in another planet, far, far away. The planet that the people ran away from, when the [Blight] ran look and nearly destroyed all life. The [Blight], the same [Blight] that was once the biomass of what you are, which miraculously and unexplainably changed into the [Angelic Blight]. Hers is akin to yours, but completely different.
JayM: You cannot control your agressing against it, so you cannot sense it fully
The sudden coming of individuality, emotion, self-awareness- You've been disconnected, you are now yourselves- You're all sprawling on the floor
JayM: Jack carries with him the location of Phoenix's Grave
JayM: Argent calls with her the meaning of water
JayM: Jnezdie carries with him the origin of Tempestaria
JayM: Gavriel carries with him Sarah's nature
JayM: The water has completely drained now, Sarah looks completely dishieveled, she probably was hiding in some pretty small cranny from the water "S-so, how was it?"
Sarah: "Did you manage to figure out how to operate it?"
Argent: "…it was…trippy…"
Jnezdie blinks a few times.
Jnezdie: "Uh…"
Jnezdie: "…maybe."
Gavriel coughs- spews water out of his mouth, gasps for air- looks around- clawing at the ground- he has a body, he has claws, he has air in his lungs- it feels -wrong- for a second, to have air in your lungs, that's not how it works- no, it is- he looks around- notices Sarah- stares at her in utter bewilderment, as if seeing something completely unexpected and strange.
Argent still looks out of it by having the very nature of the most omnipresent substance in the world shoved into her brain. At least less violently than the castle layout, but holy hell…
Jnezdie is here, right? Okay. Taps a foot against the crystal, there.
JayM: Jack, by the way: To the west, off the shore of the Ethereal Kingdom, is a pretty large island. You see there is this… Hole in the clouds, which created a desert of ashes in the island. Nothing, NOTHING resists the blazing heat of the sun, not even the sea, not even metal. With the exception of the metal that the grave is made of
JayM: Right in the center of the ashen desert is the ruins you seek
Sarah: "U-uhn… Are you alright?"
Argent: "…huh…yeah, think I will be, gimme a bit."
Jnezdie: "Uh…just uh…"
Jnezdie: "Gimme a few fingers about it."
Argent: Argent shakes her head violently, getting some sensation back into the world. And now searching for her disguise-hat. It's overly wet by wetness standards
Jnezdie sits up- THAT WAS WAY TOO SOON- flops over to the side.
Gavriel closes his eye, breathes, getting used to it. Flexing every single muscle, one by one; feeling his heart beat, listening for the space in between the heartbeats, where one might fire a shot. He opens his eye again. "Sarah, you- what- wh-" -he closes his eye again. Too much input- at the same time, not enough- skin, a single eye, ears, it's not enough.
Jnezdie: "Yeah! Yeah…I'm here. I'm here."
Sarah quickly rushes to help Jnezdie stay up- Topples as well under his weight
Argent: "…holy hell…" Argent stands up, with a hand to her head and an eye still closed.
Jnezdie: "Aw. Sarah. Don't do that, y'can't lift me."
Sarah: "What… Happened to you guys?"
Jnezdie: "I mean, maybe you'd have a better chance than Jack, but- aw damn, I see us three." He eyeballs around- ah, there's Jack! He nods once.
Argent: "This is just the second time I've had a ton of something shoved into my head today."
Jnezdie: "I don't even know if I can even begin to tell ya', Sarah."
Sarah: "W-well… It's not like we seem to be going anywhere?"
Argent: "…fuck…where's my hat…" Argent staggers around searching for the headgear, intending to find the damn thing.
Jnezdie: "Fair… enough."
Jnezdie: "Um."
JayM: Argent doesn't notices it is still on her head
Sarah decides to gently poke it for Argent so she notices, however
Jack‘ sits up, yawning loudly. "I suppose we’re going to see one of those 'desert' things after al! Hahaha, assuming the fires don't melt us, of course!"
Argent: "…oh."
Sarah: "You… Look like you've been hit with sensory overload…"
Gavriel attempts to speak, eye firmly closed. "We were- everything. Nothing. I- I can't explain it- I don't remember-" -he opens an eye, stares at the crystal, utterly bewildered. "-it didn't- it was everything but not you- I can't- words. Damn it!" He takes a deep breath.
Jnezdie: "Somethin' like that."
Argent: "Not the first time." Argent sits down, looking around. "…wish we had a way out that didn't involve fighting our way back out through the Ethereals' castle."
Jnezdie works to a sitting position, with Sarah's help.
Jack: "Fahaha why in the world would we fight?"
Sarah blinks, putting both of her hands on Gavriel's shoulder "Focus on your sensations… Your bodly sensations, you most… Base sensations of your body, your skin, your breath"
Sarah: "Work until your body remembers that it is itself and not something else"
Sarah is breaking quickly, looks at Jnezdie, Argent and Jack "What happened?"
Jnezdie: "Uh. So… this world's gotta lotta lightnin' goin' on."
Jnezdie: "That's what I remember."
Argent: "…hell if I can explain. I suddenly know everything about the water here."
Jack: "Oh, you know. Something like when we had that festival!"
Jnezdie: "Lotta. Lot and lot and lot."
Sarah: "Remember? Hum… This is looking far too suspicious-"
Jnezdie: "Also, things. Big heatballs."
Jnezdie: "Three of 'em around this world, and- don't, don't ask me how I know that."
Jack: "The one you seak is thatta way, Madien!" Jack points.
Jnezdie: "'cause Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm not too sure."
Argent grasps her face with one hand. "And Jack, if we take too long and don't have an alternate exit, nevermind our currently soaked state, we're going to be dealing with a ton of resistance."
Sarah: "… What"
Jack: "Maybe YOU are."
Jnezdie: "Stars! That's the shit."
Sarah suddenly stands up "Jnezdie how do you know-"
Jack: "The crowd loves me. Gahahaah!"
Argent eyerolls.
Jnezdie: "Know what. Stars?"
Sarah blinks, putting a hand on her mouth "The Great Link, I do not believe- That is not possible"
Jack: "
Jack: "All sorts of things are possible, Maiden!"
Jnezdie: "I'd say that's two for two this Pass, Sarah."
Jack‘ picks himself up.
Argent: "Yeah, the guards will certainly love you if there’s any hint we've been in a forbidden area."
Jack: "Almost certainly!"
Sarah looks at the party, looking for the one who looks at the one that's the most composed- it's either Jack or Argent, it's going to be less awkward with Jack "Wait, Jack, don't stand yet"
Jack‘ runs a hand thorugh his hair, slicking it back so that it’s not in his face. Silly impromptu bath.
Jack: "Hm?"
Jnezdie was gonna try to stand but since Sarah told Jack not too, he remains seated, helplessly clapping his hands onto his thighs. He eyeballs Gavriel. "Sup?"
Sarah walks over behind Jack "Hum- This'll be awkward but I need to confirm something" she says, gently licking the back of his head before taking a step back
Gavriel looks up at Sarah. "Y- you're from somewhere else. Somewhere- that I- no, not me- that was run away from- because the- the us-that-wasn't-us- ARGH!" He closes his eye again, breathes in and out- woggles at Sarah. "The Great Link- that's what- that's… you're a-" -he looks like he keeps trying to say words that aren't forming right.
She is completely taken aback "What- A direct biofeed link but- Oh no, oh no, oh no, if I knew-"
Argent: "…what now?"
Jack: "- Madien I'm flattered - really - but I'm just not that sort of gentleman!"
Jnezdie: "Aw. I gotcha." He rolls over like a log, throwing an arm over Gavriel.
Jnezdie: "That's all I got, bro."
Sarah: "If I knew you were going to end up communing with the Great Link- It takes [years] of training to be able to commune with it and come out undamaged… How- You're-"
Argent: "Direct biofeed link? I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole 'Deaspected Angelic Blightl' business."
Jack‘ waves dismissively at Sarah.
Jack: "(The word you’re looking for is 'heroes'!)"
Jnezdie: "I'm gonna blame the tux, Sarah! Without it, a few years, yeah, maybe! I don't even know what I'm sayin' anymore."
[OOC] JayM: Years], a meaning you've learned, half your cycle, an entire way of measuring time, the time the ancients used!
Sarah: "I'm sorry if I knew- I'd have at least prepared you slightly more… Or hell, i'd have- If I knew this is what dealing with the Almagest would do, this operation would have been entirely different"
Jack: "Fah, it didn't do anything!"
Sarah: "You're right, Jack. You guys are the perfect image of heroes"
Argent: "…ugh. I'm not a damn hero." Argent keeps one palm to her forehead.
Gavriel scrunches up his face as his brain sorts out what's him and what's Jnezdie. "Yeeeaaaarrrrrrrs." He's… tasting the word, drawling it- looks up at Sarah. "…don't… you didn't know… magic's… fucked up like that, all right?" Closes his eye again, opens it.
Sarah: "Aha- You Tempestarians are weird… When I did it back home… It took me six [months] to recover consciousness, that's because I was trained"
Jack: "Certainly not for lack of not trying."
Sarah sits down "That was entirely unmagical, Gavriel"
Jnezdie: "Yeah, well…"
Sarah: "Pure chemistry"
Jnezdie: "…we still got things to do."
Jack: "Of course!"
Jack‘ picks himself up.
Jnezdie: "So, y’know… can't be sleepin'." He's saying this face down on the floor, still.
Argent: "We need to get the hell out first." And Argent stands up
Jack: "We ought be off before Argent's hat blows its top, which will certainly happen if we sit about much longer!"
Gavriel: "My ass it wasn't." He half-grins at Sarah- tries to pick himself up off the floor.
A loud sound- Stone crashing- The doorway back is open! "INTRUDERS!" is a shout you hear from above
Jnezdie blows a raspberry at that sound. "OKAY! Time for me to stop floppin' about, I guess."
Argent: "Knew it!"
Jnezdie does an impromptu push up, curls in his legs, and slowly stands.
JayM: Sadly the sound comes from the only way out
Jack: "Hello, Guard!" Jack shouts back, still sounding pleasent
Jack: "Give us a moment, we're on our way up!"
JayM: From the sound, at least four dozen
JayM: But that
JayM: Is for another time
Argent: "…well fuck. Anyone up for somehow dealing with nearly fifty guards? Anyone? No? That's what I thought."
Jack: "But of course!"
Jnezdie: "Jeez. They sure know how to kill a party."
[OOC] JayM: [+4 AP/+1312 XP] [+5 AP/+1575 XP] if I got the TNs correctly
[OOC] JayM: Logend

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