Split Worlds - Session 25
Argent checks the map again-is this the ruin under the Ethereal capital they were headed to?
The smell of metal and soil, the heavy smell of incense and lilies, that's the smell that accompanies the departure of Erinia, who vanished by means unknown leaving the party with one more burden, the Ragnarok, and in an ancient armory in an ancient ruin. Thankfully, they're in the ruin they wanted to be to begin with, the ruin which will lead them directly into the heart of the Ethereal
JayM: capital city
Argent: That answers her question.
JayM: Checking the map, it requires a few calculations, your sense of direction is a bit off her, but between Argent and Jnezdie you can ascertain you're still not even in range for the city, but you're on the right way.
Argent: "…Right. At least we're still on the right way."
Jnezdie: "I hope the Ethereals won't mind when we pop out right in the middle of their road or whatever."
Argent: "Just be prepared for the worst."
The old armory, full of mostly metallic training weapons (perfectly round edges, they used to take great care of this), has three doorways which lead out, two of which are heavy metal doors, one is a pair of glass doors, stained-glass perhaps, a mysterious and unknown image
Gavriel chuckles. "I just hope they don't launch a fireball at us." He glances over at the stained-glass, curiously- even if it's nothing he recognises, the ancient imagery still interests him.
Jnezdie tests one of the heavy metal doors. Any budging whatsoever?
Argent: "Tch." Argent looks over the doors, before flipping a pair of coins.
JayM: Hrm… Interesting, GAvriel, it doesn't looks like an image… Upon closer inspection… It's probably just random colors? And you're reminded of that glass door that exploded earlier in this ruin
JayM: It's probably leading to the same end
JayM: One of them- Doesn't budges at all! The other, however, leads to a rather long and dark corridor, not made of metal but of rock, the ground is littered with glass
Gavriel frowns. There ought to be -some- kind of pattern to it. A rose window, or… "Hn." He turns, heads towards the door Jnezdie opened.
Argent: "…So, we have our options-the glass door or the metal one."
Jnezdie: "Kind of weird they'd use two materials like that. Doesn't it kinda, you know, point out that the rock path is gonna lead to the Ethereal capital?"
JayM: Sadly that one won't lead much of anywhere, further ahead, you end up in a collapsed section of tunnel… An omnious skeletal hand under the rocks
JayM: Jnezdie, that hand isn't from an ancient, it's definitely from a more recent explorer
Jack: "…hrmrmrm."
Argent: "…Well, that was a shit-ton of walking over glass for nothing."
Sarah looks at the walls "These…" she picks up a piece of glass "Hrm… You know"
Jnezdie: "Aw, your boots are laced tight."
Gavriel: "That's why the ingenuity of man has provided for us boots, Argent." Beat. "What did you find, Sarah?"
Sarah: "At their age, the ancient people did not believe in walking in the open, they would only walk inside buildings. And to connect buildings, they made tunnels of glass on the surface, and metal underground"
She looks down at the glass on the ground, and looks up at the stone "This… Probably used to be above-ground, i'm guessing"
Argent quirks an eyebrow. "Unfortunately, boots haven't worked for me." Argent still has the leather footwraps on. "Used to be, huh? So there was a landslide or something of the like?"
Sarah: "Ahaha, i'm no geologist! Couldn't say"
Jnezdie: "Ahah! She got me there."
Sarah: "Well, this path's blocked, anyway. Shall we take the last remaining one?"
Jnezdie: "The path is laid!"
Argent shrugs. "Guess we have no real choice." Back to stepping over broken glass.
Jack‘ frowns at the bone hand, mumbling to himself, "What tales could be told…" before shaking hsi ehad. "I suppose."
Jnezdie shuffles back, trying not to spread the glass about.
Heading backwards and then forwards, you have a most surprising exprience when, as soon as you touch the glass door to open, it cracks into a million tiny pieces, which remain glued together thanks to a sticky substance that seems to be behind it. You notice it’s really two layers of glass sandwiching a layer of colorful substance, which was what gave the glass color.
Argent: "-The fuck?! What's with all these glass doors suddenly breaking to the touch?"
Sarah: "Some things don't resist well the trials of time, I guess"
Jnezdie: "Wouldn't be a ruin without -some- things fallin' apart."
Jnezdie: "Excludin' the things that we have to smash, o'course."
And you head further in, a long corridor made of metal, at a point it starts leading upwards in a slope, and it's ceiling slowly turns into glass panes, translucent through which you can see the soil above. And you reach a large archway made of golden-colored metal which has long since taken a more brass coloration. Through it there is a large room- Reminiscent to you of an atrium of a
JayM: mansion, it has stairwells on both sides which lead nowhere at all as what seems like a large spire of rock has descended from the ceiling, crushing the entire room and drove itself on the ground, generating a giant depression on the ground as well
Argent quirks an eyebrow. "Looks like they didn't quite check out the local area before setting up here."
It blocks passage anywhere at all, it is impossible to go further- Except you realize that the depression is full to the brim with water, it's translucent and clear and… It seems there ight be a way across underwater. And odd- There are… Ornate chests scattered underwater as well
Gavriel: "…goodness." He just… stands there for a minute, takes in the view.
Argent: "…heh. Diving for treasure, anyone?" Argent snarks as she gets a few belts out to fasten down otherwise loose-seeming parts of the watery gown
Jnezdie: "Pretty bad run, yeah. Kind of an interesting way to go- I mean, this place doesn't exactly look half finished."
JayM: It will be a Swimming [TN 4] check without Sarah to cross swimming
Argent: Swimming? Argent's got this. [Dependable x2]
JayM: But a Swimming/Tinkering [TN 6] check to check out those chests, you'll need to force them open
Jnezdie: "So, y'know, somethin' happened, but what do I know about fault lines." He takes off his shirt, packing it away real quick, and then holds Ragnarok aloft. "Hope you don't rust, yeah?" [Trick: Physical]
Jack‘ isn’t a terribly strong swimmer, but he's good at fiddlign with random gizmos. [Aptitude] [Dependable] [Finesse]
Gavriel fiddles with his gun, tightening a few things, plugging holes- they're designed to water-seal effectively. [Aptitude]
[OOC] Jnezdie: okay
[OOC] JayM: Wtf, no Sugar
[OOC] Argent: No Sugar.
JayM: Oops, I used too many parameters.
[OOC] JayM: Goddamit, a moment
[OOC] JayM: I can work as a replacement dicebot
JayM: (JayM - 1d6) 2
JayM: (JayM - 1d6) 2
JayM: (JayM - 1d10+1) 2
[OOC] Jack: dice script is one at a time yes
JayM: (JayM - 1d10+1) 2
JayM: (JayM - 1d10) 4
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 8
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 5
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 5
[OOC] JayM: Okay, hum… The 3d8 were different reels, correct?
[OOC] Jnezdie: yes
JayM: That makes it [1/4]
Jack‘ hates it when thigns go wrong, and starts singing underwater while gesturing wildly towards the others. OVER THERE. [Do Over]
JayM: (JayM - 1d6) 6
JayM: (JayM - 1d6) 4
JayM: (JayM - 1d10+1) 3
JayM: (JayM - 1d10+1) 5
JayM: (JayM - 1d10) 9
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 8
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 8
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 4
Argent , frustrated with the time it’s taking, goes to just -SMASH- one of the chests with a backhand that seems like it's a bit too hard for what should be possible underwater
Jnezdie swims about. For fun! He hefts a chest!
All it takes is Jack to start singing to realize what is up- This isn't water at all, and also explains why Sarah is having such an easy time. Sarah jumps in the water and just walks on the bottom… And this water is slightly more viscous and it should be, it's another fluid! With that, it's easy enough to readjust how you move, and to get on it working on the chests. You open them
JayM: up, and most of them contain… Little trinkets, toys really, with one expcetion that has three phoenix downs tightly bundled together. As you swim out on the other side, you feel that 'water' drip out of your bodies slowly "Hum… T-that was lubricant fluid, I think" says Sarah
Jnezdie: "…huh?"
JayM: You know, Gavriel and Jack, you never saw any sort of lubricant that was actually translucent, neither one that wouldn't eat away your eyes- But whatever that fluid was certainly has enough properties to be such a thing
[OOC] JayM: Phoenix Down, Elder] x3
Jnezdie: "What would require -that much- lube?" He squeezes some of the stuff out of his clothes, re-shirts.
Argent: "You've seen how big some of the machines down here get."
Argent: "Like that turret."
Sarah: "I'm very sure Liana would"
Jack: "…What would /make/ that sort of lubricant?"
Jnezdie: "Oh yeah, I suppo-" He pauses at Sarah's line. "…right."
Argent: "…Right." Argent comments, trying to throw off as much of the fluid as possible once she's out
Gavriel shakes himself off!! But then he turns around and peers at the stuff and resists the temptation to grab a few vials of it and analyse it or send it back to Material friends in a lab or anything like that. He's never seen anything with those kinds of properties! "Goodness, I wish they had that sort of stuff back home- those properties- I wonder…"
Gavriel seems, regretfully, oblivious.
You exit out on a large and sprawling room, it is… Very strange. There is furniture strewn about as if there was once a giant explosion there, but there are also things which have been replaced, clearly. There is a refurbished table set in the middle of the room, chairs and a stuffing-less sofa set around it, there's a mirror as well, a tiny makeshift kitchen a small makeshift library
JayM: off to one side as well. It all occupies a portion of the center of the room. There is a smell of bread in the air
Argent: "Pretty sure the Material has more use for this sort of thing than the Ethereal, anyway." Argent comments as she steps out- "…Seems like this was someone's living quarters at one point."
Jnezdie rubs his mouth and sniffts the air. "One point? I'm waitin' for someone else to poison us at this rate."
Jack‘ sbiffs at the air, before scratching at the side of his face. "Perhaps still is!"
Jack` then cups a hand around his mouth. "Hello!"
Gavriel sniffs the air, looks around at the replaced things on places- stands ready, just in case.
Argent: "…" Argent keeps wary.
Jnezdie pokes around a bit! :D
There is, also, another interesting feature of this room. It looks like a statue, it’s humanoid in form but it's covered in chains, shackled and bround in leather and metal, large blocks of rock instead of feet, which are chained to the ground, the statue has both arms tcovered in clothe and chained together, head wrapped in cloth and chains everywhere but it's right eye, and the most
JayM: cruel part is a collar, whose back portion is tied to the statue's waist by a strip of leather, held taut by the pressure that seems to choke the person depicted
Jnezdie finds out that things in this central area are… Clean, dustless even! The smell of bread is fresh- Someone does in fact lives here right now
Jnezdie eyes the 'statue' and shakes his head. "Whoever lives here sure has some bad taste in art."
Jack: "Grotesque, even."
The statue's eye looks at Jnezdie- It's alive D: "Ah, visitors" a voice booms from all over the place "I was sincerely expecting Matte" it's a strained, choked and pained voice, but oddly calm "Did you come through the hard path or the harder path?"
Jnezdie stares. "Uh. It was all pretty easy, to tell you the truth."
Jack‘ takes a suprised step back, holding a an arm slightly.
Jnezdie: "I’m Jnezdie. You uh…" He squints, unsure of the situation but pressing on nonetheless. "You okay, there?"
The statue moves- The feet shift, dragging on the ground the blocks of stone, and turns to face Jack "An ever-progressing work, my shackles. Greeting, i'm Omega"
Omega: "Better than i've been before, I can assure you"
Gavriel raises an eyebrow. He's seen stranger stuff in Rorest, really, though.
Argent: "…Right. So who's Matte?"
Jnezdie: "I'll take your word for it, guy."
The statue, Omega, moves a bit more, and wind flows around the room, taking stuff off of places, readjusting the chairs a little. A pot hovers above the stove and sets itself on it, water appears inside and so does leaves. A fire ignotes by itself under it "Matte, my dear friend, only one who visits often, really. Though he's late to his usual time"
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow while lowering his arm as he mumbles to himself questioningly. "…a sealed, repentive evil?"
Omega: "Well, kind of? I’m powerful enough to destroy everything around me, wish I or not. But I was kind of born like this"
Omega: "One could say, I might look bound, but those chains are my freedom"
Jack: "Hm."
Omega: "Even so! What are you seeking here? I do so love visitors"
Argent: "More of a way through than anything else."
Omega: "Ah, interesting, interesting. Anything I could help with?"
Jnezdie: "Oh, you know… workin' our way to the Ethereal city and all."
Gavriel nods in sudden… not quite understanding, but- close enough. It's an honourable choice.
Jnezdie waves his hands and shakes his head. "Hold on, hold on, I gotta ask, I'm sorry- where ya' come from?"
Omega: "Ah, I see. A fair ways to go still! Exit there is unwatched, but it exits right in an old grave, careful there"
Omega: "Ah, well- I'm from the middle of nowhere, really. My parents used to live in an isolated tower, where they performed their experiments, I was born there"
Omega: "Hrm… " Project Omega Weapon ", it was. Mages are their own source of power, their objective to create the ultimate machine of destruction. They were geniouses way above their era, I say"
Gavriel frowns. You don't do experiments on people. On children. That's… beyond unethical- for this very reason.
Jnezdie: "You seem to be taking it well enough."
Omega: "A pretty interesting story, if I say so myself. Struggling to bring about the greatest power. My parents were so taken by their work that it took until my mother had a respectable belly already to realize she was carrying me!"
Jnezdie: "'s one way of puttin' it, yeah."
Omega: "See, all this power I got now? Totally unexpected, it was meant to work for a grown adult, not an unborn child. Their method, they accidentally discovered, only worked like that, though"
Omega: "I mean, they did all they could to hide me after that, you know, didn't want anyone experimenting on me. And after my power started to get out of control they always made sure to make as comfortable wards as possible- But you start to run out of methods at a point"
Omega: "At this point I juuuust wish this collar was a bit more damn easy on my back, it kinds of bends me backwards"
Jnezdie: "Jeez, man. How old are you?"
Sarah: "… That…"
Argent: "…the hell?" Argent looks to be in surprise herself
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face.
Omega: "Oh, me? I’m like fifty or something, I lost track"
Jack: "An interesting tale, to be certain."
Jnezdie nods. "Yeah…yeah."
Gavriel is… left more or less speechless, at this point- it's probably better that he not even try to say anything…
Omega: "Isn't it? Still, i'm pretty content, there's visitors now and then, Matte always shows up- I miss him, I'm worried he got in trouble actually"
Sarah: "That looks pretty extreme…"
Argent: "Trouble with what?"
Omega: "Ah, you know. Huge secret experiment, keeping it a secret from the empire, not talking about a secret passage into the capital, that sort of stuff"
Jnezdie: "Visitin' a long lost experiment-weapon, maybe."
Jnezdie: "Even though he's people enough to me."
Omega: "Oh, yeah. Believe me, it took me a few cycles after my parents's death to get to the 'people enough' stage, though! Made for some interesting moments"
Jnezdie recalls Liana, has a moment of doubt, shakes it off and just goes with it.
Argent: "…eh. As of current, if he's a problem to the Ethereals, he's at least possibly an ally to us."
Omega: "Thankfully nobody was too hurt from that"
Omega: "Ah, please- I'd rather not cause anyone trouble, really. (Though I do get this itch to exercise my magic sometimes)"
Argent: "Chances are, between Sarah, Jnezdie, and Jack here, they'd want to help anyway."
Jnezdie: "Y'know, I'd help you out with that a bit, without destroyin' the whole area."
The pot and a few cups, all spotless clean, float in the air perfectly, set themselves on the table in the center of the room, and tea is poured, bread is served in a similar manner
Jnezdie: "Can suck up some o' the biggest blasts you've ever seen, yeah? Uh- well, maybe you've made bigger, I don't know."
Omega: "Ahaha, i'd love to- Not right now, though. Seems like some of my outer wards have attracted some imps, they always do really, but it takes a while for the wards to recover after the imps are done chewing them down"
Jack‘ nods polietly to the … omega, before taking a seat at the table and sampling the tea.
Gavriel nods politely as well, sits down, tilts his head curiously. "Imps?"
JayM: Needs more sugar, like, totally no sugar, but it’s green tea
Argent: "Right. Imps, huh?" Argent comments, remaining standing unless asked to sit.
Omega: "Like… They're small secondary arcana of the shadow element, like to eat magic. My outer wards are kind of strong magic so they always chew them to dispelling"
Jnezdie: "Oh. Uh. Should we do somethin' about that?" He breaks off a piece of bread and gnaws on it.
Omega: "Pretty bothersome, that's at least a half-cycle being extra-careful not to cause wanton damage if they do before I reset the wards and to go after the imps i'd probably collapse the place"
Omega: "Ah, i'd be so happy if you could, saves me so much trouble"
Argent: "Sounds like an annoyance." …though Argent couldn't help but contain the amusement of the thought of containing imps and unleashing them on the next etherealite that tries to harass them
Omega: "Ooh, such an annoying, I say!"
Gavriel: "Hn. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for us."
Argent: So much so that she has an amused smirk on her face
Jack: "Mm-hm."
Omega: "Really? There's like three wards" ethereal blue flames appear around the room, highlighting three doorways leading further out "Those paths lead there. One it's in this field with marks on the ground, looks like a forceball field"
Omega: "One's in this small jungle? A wonder of the ancients, an underground jungle! And the other in this room full of metal tower and lightning"
Jack: "Well, it sounds like we'd be doing anyone nearby a favor as well as yourself, hah!"
As Omega mentions those, each doorway glows brighter for a moment, to show hich is which
Jnezdie: "Yeah, consider it no problem, Omega." He offhandedly gestures to Ragnarok. "I don't know if this lil' guy is goin' through kinda the same you did- I get the feelin' it's different- but uh-" He is then asiding -to- Ragnarok. "(It's kind of the idea of puttin' a sword in a sheath, you see. Except this is way more cruel.)"
Argent: "…Should be interesting." Argent cracks her knuckles. "So, shall we be off?"
Omega turns his eye to Ragnarok "I see…"
Sarah looks at Omega, she seems lost in thought
Argent: "…hm. Want to stay here or come with us, Sarah?"
Sarah: "I'll go along"
Sarah: "I'm kind of curious about those towers"
[OOC] JayM: So, which challange tackling first?
[OOC] Argent: Argent wants to go for the electric tower
Jnezdie nods, finishing off the bit of bread he was eating.
JayM: Decent bread! But- From a newbie cook, could stand to be a lot better
Jnezdie: "Anyway, it's been interesting, Omega. Hope Matte's okay."
Gavriel didn't seem to mind! And he doesn't tend to put sugar in his tea either, so that was fine, too. "Hn. Where to first? Might want to get the lightning tower out of the way."
Omega nods, as he does that, you notice the collar chokes his neck hard, he doesn't seems to mind
Argent: "Was thinking going to the same one."
Jack‘ finishes off the tea, then stands back up with a nod.
Jnezdie: "I can do that, yeah."
Jnezdie: "Take care, yeah? Don’t let the chains get ya' down."
[OOC] JayM: Ready to resume?
[OOC] Jnezdie: yeah
Jnezdie: "Take care, yeah? Don't let the chains get ya' down."
Argent had remained standing, cracking her knuckles once more. "Let's go then."
The room chosen- It's a short walk and you're inside an interesting room… It glows an electric blue as you see ahead of you six pairs of metallic towers, they are actually just slightly over two meters tall, but their insides glow with electrical power and lightning jumps wildly from one to the other, it doesn't just do that but there are areas where the lightning forms permanent arcs
JayM: that never go down, forming webs of lightning around it.
Argent: "So, now that we're out of earshot, I had an idea."
Across from all of that, on the far end of the room, you see a stone tablet inscribed with a magical circle and two deformed humanoids, with tiny wings, colored entirely black, chewing on the stone. The imps
Sarah looks at Argent "Idea?"
Argent: "…Let's not kill them, but capture them instead." Argent has an evil smirk. "Could be useful if we get cornered in the Ethereal capital."
Jnezdie staaaaaaaaaaares at Argent. Dear Ultima, she's smiling.
Gavriel: "…don't think imps make a viable weapon, Argent."
Jack: "Nor would attempting to destroy their barriers make them any /less/ upset and likely to make rash decisions."
Argent eyerolls. "Fine, fine, so much for the diversion tactic."
Jnezdie blinks. "Uh? Oh. Yeah, just gonna smash 'em."
Sarah shakes her head slightly, and points to something ahead "Look at that" it's a lot of cylindric devices set against the ground midway through the pillars. Argent might remember those from the back of the Thor's Hammer, she probaly has a similar object in her pockets at the moment "That's the source of the lightning. If you just… Hit them from over here, it's probably going to
JayM: discharge every bit of charge it has left, but it'll probably destroy those towers "
Sarah: "We could try to get close enough to break the connections" she points to four metal latches around it "That could turn it off too"
Jnezdie draws Ragnarok. "Hold up, are we just beatin' on these imps or intentionally weakening the wards of Omega?"
Jnezdie: "I'm just makin' sure we're on the same chapter here, let alone page."
JayM: This is either a Huntsmen [TN 3] check to just set the whole shebang off or a Jumping [TN 5] check to get there
Sarah: "Weren't we, hum, beating up the imps so the wards don't go down?"
Gavriel: "Presumably we can discharge the lightning without damaging the ward?"
Jnezdie: "That's what I thought, yeah. Are the towers part'a that?"
Sarah: "No… The towers are actually ancient datoru. I believe that the entire discharge will go through the towers, destroying them completely"
Jack‘ tilts his head to the side.
Argent: "Oi, everyone, let’s -go-"
Sarah: "And- I'd be surprised if those datoru were part of the ward"
Sarah: "(In fact, i'd be scared if they were)"
Jnezdie limbers up. "Well, I don't know how much more this ruin can take, yeah?"
Jnezdie: "First acid, then drivin' a- whatever, then that exploding turret…"
Argent: "Let's not forget the varied collapses."
Jack: "Hmm. Well, lead the way."
Jnezdie nods. "I think I'm gonna take the high road on this one." [Trick: Physical]
Argent is doing just that, jumping over and through the gaps that she sees.
[OOC] Argent: Dependable:Physical x2 for reference's sake
Gavriel is fierce! And knows his way around electric discharges, too. [Aptitude]
[OOC] JayM: Toss me the fianl dice, btw, and i'll roll them
[OOC] Jnezdie: oh ffffff right
[OOC] Jnezdie: 1d10 1d10+1 4d8
JayM: (JayM - 1d10) 7
JayM: (JayM - 1d10+1) 5
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 5
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 4
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 2
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 5
Flipping and jumping (Sarah stays behind) you make your way to the cylinders in the center. By simply lifting hte latches (Carefully, there's electricity in them) a few more sparks fly around- and the entire set dies down around you, the lightning stops and the way towards the imps is clear!
Jnezdie gives a thumbs up to the team! "Nothin' in our way now!" He twirls Ragnarok once in his hand, then points it towards the Imps!
Jack: "Ohoh!" Jack claps for the others.
JayM: Which, to your surprise, aren't half as dangerous as you might have expected. The first one is easily sliced in two by Jnezdie's blade, and after a shot in the face by Gavriel and a foot in the chest by Argent, the second one poofs into smoke.
Jnezdie asides to Ragnarok. "(Now see- normally, you don't want to kill things all the time. Those Imps… eh, they are pretty much beasts, not much you can do about it. People-things, though- no go, you feel me?)"
Argent: "…that was easy." Argent comments. "Well, guess we should go after one of the others next."
Gavriel sets a good example with his hand cannon. Every little bit helps, right?
In front of you now is the stone table that compromises the ward. It is… Actually a very complex ward unlike you've never seen before. Generally magical sigils like those are built on a two-dimensonal plane, not this. It actually goes inside the rock, making it a three-dimensional arcane creation. It's fruit of very arduous and careful work, with a lot of failsafes and self-recovery
JayM: arcana.
JayM: It's damaged, however
JayM: You could try to repair it (it could be overall dangerous and a bad idea) or you could leave it to it's own failsafes and self-recovery
Argent: "…Well shit, looke like we got here a bit late."
Gavriel frowns a bit, takes a step back. "Things like this… are complex enough to repair themselves, right, Jack?"
Sarah, meanwhile, is checking the towers, she's smiling, happy for some reason. She managed to get her hands inside of one, and seems to be searching for something
Jack: "He did say they've been gnawing at it for a while. … Oh my but that is … intricate."
Jack: "Aye, believe so."
Jnezdie is eyeing over the ward. "Man, no kiddin'. It makes everything else look like children's paintings."
JayM: A flash of inspiration- Jnezdie, this and that mirror? The same three-dimensional structure or- Similar at least? Close enough to be called 'similar' even if their nature and execution are entirely different as the mirror is not magical.
Argent: "Guess we should leave it then, and hurry over to the next one-eh? What're you looking for, Sarah?
Jack: "Aye."
Sarah winces "A sec-" she forcibly draws out something, leaving a few cuts and scrapes on her arms. One of them is a square, flat, object. The other a metallic ring with wires "Here"
Argent looks over the devices. "What're these?"
Jnezdie: "…huh." He leans in closer to the ward, mere inches away, getting an eye-full.
Sarah: "This" she raises the flat device "Is an ancient storage of information, using the element of earth" she raises the ring "This, is to regulate the flow of the element of lightning"
JayM: Jnezdie there isn't- Much you can understand from it given you don't have a lot of scholarly knowledge of magic. There is only so far that your natural ability goes
Sarah stores away the flat device, and hands over to Argent the ring after adjusting the wires to circle around the ring "Should be useful"
Argent blinks, looking over the ring
Jnezdie exhales and stands up, meandering back to the group. "What's on it?" he nods to the flat device. "I managed to… uh, -understand- some of the mirror-shield-thing we took with us."
[OOC] JayM: Thunder Regulator, T5 Relic, Accessory, Elder, Enhance: Lightning
Jack‘ squints at Sarah.
Sarah shrugs "I can’t read the element of earth on this, not without assistance"
Jnezdie nods. "Ah, yeah, fair enough. Still, I'm kinda interested all the same."
Jack‘ squints harder. "Usually your knowledge is fine, if strange, but Sarah… Earth is not a realy element."
Argent pockets the ring-she doesn’t have much she can do with this regulation, but it could be useful in the future…
Sarah just, looks unsure "Ah- eh- Well- I'm not good with this part, really and I don't know how to describe it better"
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face. "Hrmrmrm. Ah, well."
Jnezdie shrugs at Jack.
Sarah: "I mean, uhn- The school I studied taught me different elements. Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Water, Earth, Bio, Shadow and Holy"
Sarah: "It’s… Kind of old, though!"
Argent: "So we're looking at really old stuff here."
Sarah nods "Yes. We should probably get moving, though!"
Argent: "Let's."
Jnezdie nods. "Yeah, got a few more imps to go."
Argent: "We can talk while we run."
Jack: "…Earth and Wind? Fahahah. I'd like to see someone absorb one of those spells! Not sure who in their right mind could confuse this… 'bio' with a proper element though."
[OOC] JayM: Which of the remaining rooms, then?
[OOC] Argent: How about the first room?
[OOC] JayM: The field? Okay
Sarah: "Well…"
Sarah lacks words to continue that
Jnezdie: "If it's magic, pretty sure I can absorb it!"
Jack: "…Gahaha. Not quite the same, Jnezdie! Good one all the same!"
Jnezdie: "Well, that's how you test it! If I can't absorb it… then it a'int magic!"
Jnezdie: "But yeah I see what you're sayin'." He continues back through the tunnels…
And you further head to the next room- It's an interesting place, have you ever seen a forceball field? Probably something from a similar sport in Transcient Town, called soccer? This is- Exactly that, a large field of packed dirt, the ground painted white colors in various shapes and two rectangles made of metal tubes, goals, on either side of the field
Gavriel just snorts and chuckles to himself as they vacate the premises.
And in the center of the field? Two graves, which have recently been disturbed, by what? Behind the graves is the tabled with the ward, and a single imp chewing at it, probably what disturbed the graves
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow. "Someone loved their soccor so much they didn’t want to miss a game, even in death?"
Argent: "…The hell is soccer?"
Jnezdie: "Never played before?"
Jack: "Tis a game you play with two teams of ten or so and a soft ball, which you try to kick thruogh the apposing team's goal!" Jakc gestures towards one of the metal bars.
Jnezdie pauses. "…actually, I don't see many people playin' it since leavin' TT."
Argent looks over the field to see if there's anything resembling an obstacle or obstruction between them and the imp.. "Never even heard of it."
Jnezdie: "Yeah. Feet only, no hand contact."
Jnezdie: "'less you're the goalie."
JayM: No obstructions, that imp is gone the moment you wanna make it gone
Jnezdie: "Head and chest applicable, unless you're a Ronso. Then your horn just kind of-" He dashes forward, slashing an imp! "-pops!"
Jnezdie: "The ball."
Jack: "Gaaaah. I hate when that happens!"
Gavriel tilts his head to the side. "…that sounds… kind of fun, actually. Why don't they have that where I'm from?"
Sarah kind of giggles at Jack
Jack‘ makes a shrugging sort of motion. "Local sport?"
Argent: "Probably."
Jack: "Well, perhaps not to local." Jack muses as he gases over the field.
Argent: "Kind of like the fights in Rorest."
JayM: Right: [+4 AP/+1187 XP] [+3 AP/+950 XP]
Gavriel: "…nnh." That’s not a sport, it's barbarism and an affront to Vargish dueling tradition- but Gav doesn't voice his thoughts out loud.
Jnezdie: "(Man, I wonder if they have a ball around here.)" He gives a quick glance around.
The field looks old and worn, destroyed by time. The graves are more recent, the names are sadly damaged, but the epitaphs are note "Devoted husband, genious mage, kind father" and "Sweet wife, peerless researcher, loving mother"
JayM: No ball, Jnezdie
Argent winces. "…think we found Omega's parents." Argent checks over the stone to see how badly damaged it is
JayM: Not as bad as the previous, but still damaged
Jnezdie shrugs when he comes up with nothing. Was expecting too much. He crouches by the graves, nodding. "Yeah, about the size o' things. Someone else found 'em first, sadly."
Jnezdie: "A'int a lot we can do." He speaks at the gravestones. "But your boy is doin' okay, yeah? Under a range for 'okay.' But that's good, right?"
Gavriel bows his head momentarily, glancing at the graves. Glancing up at Jnezdie with a soft nod.
[OOC] JayM: Ready to move on?
Jnezdie stands, dusting himself off, moving on.
And the party most probably moves on, to the last ward. As they open that door they're welcomed by the smell of plants- A smell you haven't felt in a while, of the heavy jungles of the south, although the plants here are unknown to you. The plants are actually somewhat strange, the trees look slightly scaled… The vines are oddly stringy, they look like muscles… You don't see many
JayM: fruit but those you do are odd colors like a light, almost-glowing blue.
Jack‘ glances at the plants for a few moments, then towards Sarah.
Sarah: "Those- Those are new to me, to be sincere…"
Jack: "Hrmrmrm."
Gavriel takes a deep breath, first- then opens his eye, suspiciously, and gives the plants a death-glare.
Sarah goes over to the plants "(They can’t be… Engineered plants, can they…)"
Jnezdie: "Hah! Looks like we're even, then. I got nothin'."
JayM: This will be- Hell to navigate- Or maybe not. There's a glow further ahead, and the chirping from the imps which will serve as very good directional aides, so a simple Danger Sense [TN 3] check might serve to get there. Although if you want to see if there's anything of use here, a Navigation/Danger Sense [TN 5] check will do it
Sarah: "Hum…" she grabs a fruit "I-i'll take one just to look at it, better not to risk eating it"
Jack: "Aye."
Jnezdie navigates the plants, using his treasure sense to find hidden bonuses. [Expertise: Danger Sense][Aptitude: Wilderness]
Gavriel has spent a lot of time in jungles, even if they're not quite the same! [Apt: Wilderness] [Too Easy: Danger Sense]
Argent is fine with searching around here…almost instinctual, at that. [Lucky:Wilderness]
[OOC] Jnezdie: 2#1d8+1 5d8 ; tn 4, one reel is too easy
JayM: (JayM - 1d8+1) 4
JayM: (JayM - 1d8+1) 7
JayM: (JayM - 1d8) 6
[OOC] JayM: That does it right there
This jungle is… Interesting, all of those plants have a weird, unnatural feel. Sarah stops to check every different plant, get a feel of their texture, and after a while she tries biting on a few as you travel. This area is contained, small even, smaller than the main room. Sarah looks mystified at those plants at every moment "I'm- I'm pretty sure those are artificial…" she says at
JayM: a point, picking up a bright-blue fruit. She cracks it open, it's slimy, but she removes the seeds, which are square "See? Square seeds make no sense"
Sarah: "(It's… Not like I expect much sense in this world… Two opposing kingdoms shouldn't use the same currency)"
Jack: "Curious!"
Argent: "…Indeed they don't. So the question is-what were these made -for-?"
Jnezdie: "Man, that's weird. If you plant 'em though, do they still grow?"
Sarah: "I don't know, they should, I think"
Argent: "I guess the simple answer would be 'consumption'…but then why would they create new plants like these?"
Gavriel scratches behind an ear. "Artificial in what sense?"
Sarah picks up one of the seeds and chews on it "Hrm… This one's safe, though. A few chemicals inside, though, that should help resist magic"
Argent quirks an eyebrow
Sarah looks at Gavriel "Well… Someone made an effort into making those plants be like they are"
Jnezdie: "…you got that from just eatin' a seed?
Argent: "…that answers my question of why they'd be made."
Sarah winces badly, as does someone who notices they did something they really shouldn't "A-Ahh- Ah, well- Uhn… It's the taste…"
Sarah: "(Oh great link, did I do that again…)"
Jnezdie staaaaaaaaaaaares at Sarah just to make her wriggle.
Argent: "Anyway, let's hurry before the imp here decides to finish its meal."
Argent starts heading off in the direction that the imp is in
The imps are off there- In the middle of a clearing with a few decrepit benches is the stone slab, and there are two imps. A little bit of concerted effort and the imps are gone
Gavriel: "But… that's how all agriculture works, Sarah. Every plant we eat has been- unless you mean-" -he stops, looks up. Argent's got the right idea; now where's the ward?
Sarah: "I mean… They changed something that couldn't be changed just with agriculture, Gav"
Jnezdie slashes, kicks the other imp over to someone else who can dispatch one.
Argent ends up…brutalizing one of the imps a bit this time-grabbing it by the neck, kneeing it in the chest, kicking it away, and then finishing it off with an aurabolt
Jnezdie glances at Sarah at her words.
Sarah closes her eyes and looks upwards "Hum… You'll understand that better in the future"
Sarah makes haste to return, she's embarassed
Gavriel peers at Sarah, but he's smiling.
Argent decides to check over the tablet to make sure the damage wasn't too extensive
Jnezdie is totally teasing, and wipes off any grime on Ragnarok as they make their way back.
JayM: Not worse than before, Argent
JayM: Jnezdie- Some of the machinery inside Ragnarok glows, very slightly
Argent: Satisfied, Argent heads back as well
Jnezdie nods once in approval, continuing.
Returning, you find Omega apparently sitting perfectly still… Although the fact that objects move on their own cleaning up seem to imply that he is, in fact, active "Oh, I felt the last imp gone, thank you very much"
Jnezdie: "Pleasure to help."
Gavriel nods. "It was the least we could do."
Jack: "You're quite welcome!"
Argent: "They weren't that much trouble to kill."
Argent: "Kind of like large cockroaches."
Omega: "Indeed, indeed. I'm just a bit restrained here, really"
Omega: "How'd you like my little ruins, however? Trying to make it look nice, but i'm always afraid of damaging something"
Argent: "…wait, were you why we had to swim through that pool of lubricant or whatnot?"
Jnezdie: "They're pretty interesting, yeah? Some strange made plants, a soccer field…"
Omega: "Hrm… I tried heading down that one a few cycles ago, the ceiling didn't hold"
Argent: "Ah, an accident."
Omega: "Sorry for that, really"
Argent: "…as long as I don't have to swim through any more of that stuff."
About now a small hemisphere of crystal floats over, gently settling itself on whoever's hands would be ok with picking it up "Here, you don't really live on this empire so I figure it's safe, a small device just in case you feel like talking to me. I really don't have any idea on it's range, or how long it's power will hold, it's kind of a prototype"
Jnezdie: "Aw, its your place, you can do what you will."
Omega: "Oh, yes, the way further ahead towards the city is pretty much safe, I really try not to cause damage there, it's the way Matte uses to come in"
Jack‘ peers at the crystal.
Jnezdie nods to Jack to take it, he’s already holding some kind of alien tech.
Argent: "Fair enough." Argent nods. "Let's go, and prepare for some resistance when we hit topside."
Jack‘ does indeed!
JayM: It’s- Nothing unusual at first- You've seen those image-storage magicites the Ethereals use, Spheres they're called
JayM: What this one has extra, you're not sure
Jnezdie: "Awesome, man! We'll be sure to keep you posted on what's hot."
Jnezdie: "Thanks for keepin' the way clear, too. Do you know what we'll be poppin' our heads out of at the end? Aside from the ground."
Omega: "Well, you're going to emerge on a graveyard, actually"
Omega: "Seems like some rich old mage built her mausoleum right atop the exit of the ruins for some mysterious reason, and none is aware of that fact"
Jnezdie laughs! "Dead men may tell no tales, but tomestones are made to be scrawled upon."
Argent: "…Well then. Assuming it's not that well watched, we have an easy way in, though given Matte's recent absence…"
Jnezdie: "We'll keep the exit tidy."
Jack: "Ahah."
Omega: "I'd appreciate, and if you ever find Matte, do tell him I miss him. A Nu'Mou, his real name is Matheus"
Jack: "Can do!"
Argent: "Right then."
Gavriel nods!
Jnezdie: "Be seeing you!"
Omega nods, as painful-lloking as it was the last time he nodded "Thank you, then. And good luck, all of you"
Argent nods. "We'll need it."
Argent starts on what would be the way out.
JayM: And before we close up, this session was the weirdest thing ever, the rewards of that last skill check: [+3 AP/+950 XP] [Flanbite Seeds x1, Elder(600 Gil), Shell(4)]
Omega lights up the way out, so nice
Session End

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