Split Worlds - Session 23
You've been granted rest for now- At the home of people who just recently enough tried to eat you! Regadless, the sound of the rain is completely gone in this place, and yet you stand in the middle of the living room of this foreign house, readying yourselves. Time to leave is about you
Sarah for her part actually took a few moments to exchange some odd objects with Klirek, and is at the moment slightly puzzled looking at a cubic translucent device, waiting for you to show you're ready to depart
Jnezdie sets his gear about himself, dusts off his sleeves, checks the shine on his sheath. He does a few squats and gives the thumbs up to Sarah.
Argent cracks her neck once again. "Let's go. If the Ethereals knew where we were before, they probably can guess our location and path now."
Jnezdie: "Ready to cruise when you are."
Jack‘ si glad that the giant bug peopel didn’t attempt to eat them a second time, that would have just been awkward.
Sarah nods "I wonder how they've found us…" she says, storing away the cube
Jnezdie: "To be fair we a'int exactly a covert operation."
Sarah: "Ahaha, I guess!"
Argent: "I wonder why." Argent sarcastically adds while rolling her eyes
Jack: "Well you do have quite the imposing presense, Argent!"
Sarah stretches "Well, let's get moving, then!" she waves to the two Kivarans
Jnezdie decides to answer the sarcasm! "Probably on account o' us savin' the world-slash-nation-slash-city-slash-village-slash-people all'a time."
Argent: "Yes, your hero complex." Argent heads out the door, ready to navigate the party back on the path towards that next ruinhopefully they can use that to come up under Arzanta to get what they need and keep the shenanigans to a minimum
Jnezdie: "Aw, it a'int that complex- rather simple really."
Gavriel frowns. "Sarah, how- how do you know they've found us, and how could they even? That elemental… larva… thing displaced us there's no knowing how far out of our way…" -which, of course, still is probably someplace Sarah wants to investigate.
Sarah: "Uhn…" she cratches behind an ear "I, uhn… Ahaha- I have a, uhn, spy keeping me informed, I guess?"
Sarah: "I think we're going to meet Reshy soon, he kind of passed that information to me last time I spoke to him!"
Jnezdie: "Ah, yeah?"
Jnezdie: "What else do they say about us?"
Sarah: "That's what I wanted to know"
As you leave, you're given a small gift by Klirek's wife before going, a small bag of cookies (they're fully safe, although have the weirdest taste of your lives, terribly bitter but not exactly bad) and you move onwards. As you leave the crack of thunder and heavy rain might make you look around for a moment- And you realize something really haven't changed since you've been in this side
JayM: of the enemy lines… The Blockade- Still remains strong. You have never seen it last this long.
Argent: "…You'd think that thing would be down by now."
Gavriel: "Hn." That bears certain resemblances to being kept informed.
Jack: "Well, there /was/ a water elemental about."
JayM: Argent: The straightest path heads directly through a dot in the map marked 'Outpost Carmine', you've never really been in these parts but Gavriel can point you out that 'outposts' are places for the (rare) trade caravans to stop and ressuply, kept existant by the government, 80% of an outpost's population is the people who work there, it's like a micro-town
Sarah: "It's true…"
Sarah: "I didn't know they could keep it up so long, though. That speaks a lot about their ether- uhn- magical science"
Argent: "Right. Outpost Carmine next." Argent comments, quirking an eyebrow at Sarah's sudden change of terminology.
Jnezdie: "Guess things are really stayin' heated on the front lines. Good luck, all you guys!" He thumbs up towards the Blockade, and continues.
And the travel to Outpost Carmine is… Hardly easy. You keep to the wilds most of the time, but the weather has turned the most sour and weird you've ever seen, a mix between a heavy tropical storm and a heavy snowstorm. Snow, water and ice falling from the sky at the same time, turning the ground into a horrible slush and making travel terribly hard. Thankfully you're only a couple of
JayM: kilometers off of Carmine as that hits
And as the terrible storms hits, you realize that the wildlife, even the dangerous types like that one ochu, are cowering and seeking shelter. And at this moment, the magical barrier surrounding Carmine shielding it from the brunt of the impact looks most welcoming
Argent: "Ultima damnit. Looks like we're stuck taking shelter."
Gavriel glances up at the Blockade, mutely. It beats the hell out of a long, pitched battle, that's for sure. And then- he walks. And walks, and walks, and walks, hair getting all matted down from the cold and wet, grumbling under his breath, smelling like wet dog.
Jack: "I could certainly do with less hail, that's for sure!" Jack frowns, having been covering his head withi his arms for the past while.
Argent soldiers on towards the outpost, thankful for things like Hats and Armor Plating
Jnezdie goes 'pffffffffffffftt', blowing water out of his face. "Magical barriers never seemed so inviting." One foot in front of the other, now!
The outpost requirs no identification, nor any sort of bureucracy to admit you in, and once you've gotten past the barrier, only a handful of snowflakes and a light rain still hit you, the storm of water, snow and hail hits against the barrier and slowly slides off, creating a weird watery dome around the outpost, also creating an interesting penumbra on it
Sarah: "Aahhh… This is betteee-*yawn*-er"
Sarah suddenly blinks, and yawns a lot longer, a second time "Waahh… This shade's making me sleepy…"
Argent: "Oi, keep up, Sarah. We don't need you falling asleep in this crap."
Gavriel is… pleasantly surprised at how readily shelter is offered. Glances over to Sarah, smiles a little. "Hang in there."
Sarah: "Ahaha- It's okay- Not going to pass out. But i'd like a place to sleep right now"
Jnezdie stretches and flaps his sleeved arms away from the party, loosing some of the water off. "Now I know what the inside of a snowglobe feels like, lookin' at this place." He gazes at the contours of the barrier from the inside out.
Argent is ready to question what the hell a snowglobe is, but feels it better off not to ask
Shelter is offered readily, but not shelter shelter, no. The outpost is a mostly packed community, formed in a circle around the main road with a single perpendicular beaten dirt road, by the sides of which are most houses. By the sides of the main road are mostly shops and warehouses, people scramble to close and seal warehouses while shops are setting minor wards against the heavy
JayM: rain. Around the walls of the outpost there are four towers where you can see the mages keeping up the outpost's shield
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrm." Jack glances around.
There is a single inn in this place, although you can see towards one end of the perpendicular road the tip of the omnious structure that is a church of ultima
Gavriel starts glancing around for obvious resting spots. He won't actually ask anyone himself, on account of at least ostensibly hanging back and not advertising his Varg presence, but Jack and Jnezdie are good at the smiley-public-face bit, so if he sees anything… "Hn. An inn, over there."
Jack: "Aye!" Jakc starts tromping over.
Argent: "…okay, did -anyone- remember to get Gavriel an appropriate coverup?"
Jnezdie nods and tromps aside!
Argent stomps over to the inn herself, lest she be introduced as a groupie or something
Gavriel has been wearing a hooded robe since they started tromping around in the Ethereal Kingdom.
The inn is… Somewhat busy in the lower floor, although a quick lookaround shows you that everyone looks readily sleepy, lots of people are having coffee, even the seafarer at the desk is having a hard time staying awake "Hello to all, travellers?"
Jnezdie: "He's good, just… you kinda… do the…" He gestures with his hands, and none of those gestures mean a thing.
Jack: "I suspect 'i walked in through the main gate and have no intention of brigning harm to anyone' should suffice unless we were to, say, start a bar fight or something similar."
Jnezdie: "Hey there!" he calls to the deskman.
Argent: "We need rooms. Two, to be precise."
Argent cuts to the chase with the clerk, not wanting to mince words.
The gentle smell of freshly-cooked food has turned slightly excessive as far too much food is being cooked at the mess hall at the same time
Jnezdie: "Lively place you got here. No offense, but everyone looks like they've been pullin' all-nighters, yeah?"
Clerk: "Hrm… Kind of, everyone's, uhn… Afraid of going to sleep"
Argent: "Say again? Anything come up as of recent?"
Clerk: "There's this rumor around that a ghost, a demon really, has been haunting people at night"
Argent: "Oh."
Gavriel raises an eyebrow, arms crossed. Ah, yes, they believe those sorts of rumours, here in the north.
Clerk: "It'll look for the most virtuous, gently lay in the bed they sleep, wearing the form of their most loved one"
Jnezdie: "Aw man."
Jack: "Oho!"
Jnezdie: "Looks like I'm in trouble."
Clerk: "And after seducing you, it'll make you a terrible, bloody offer, that if you say no to, it will proceed to strangle you to death!"
Jnezdie: "Pretty rough deal."
Clerk: "Rumor which… It's basically the reason i'm willing to rent out a pair of rooms right now. I'm booked but i'm very sure the ones who reserves those two rooms aren't going to show up anytime soon"
Clerk: "So i'm willing to take the risk for say, 8000 Gil for both"
Argent: "…" Argent looks to be a bit in disbelief, though part of it is simply how she feels that there are more real dangers. Like bandits. And the Heir.
Argent: "…that is an exhorbitant price."
JayM: (or you could try a Charm [TN 5] to barter that
Argent glares.
Jnezdie: "Hah! Well, I'm awake, now!"
Clerk: "It's half the price they've paid for the rooms in advance"
Clerk: "(Or gave me an I.O.U for, at least…)"
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face.
Jack: "Ahah, a counter proposal, my friend! When we rent these rooms we will, in fact, go to sleep! And in doing so will either dispel the rumors… or bring the demon to us! And, I should tell you, but this is a group of heroes - who shall easily fell the demon and return peace to your outpost!" [Weighted Results] [Lucky]
Jnezdie: "Well, look at it this way, m’man
what's better, money now or money never?" [Lucky: Mental][Dependable: Mental]
Argent: "Frankly, not believing the demon-slash-ghost story myself. Sounds like a way to rip people off if you ask me." Argent is charming as ever. [No Reels]
Jnezdie: "So, I mean— better to just give us the regular rate, yeah?"
Gavriel doesn't even say anything. Probably better if he doesn't. [No Reels]
Jack‘ rolled d12 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) **
d10: 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
d6: 4 [Total: 4 (High), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 17, Avg: 5.67
Jack` rolled 4#d8(1) and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
Also rolled 4#d8(2) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(3) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(4) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 18, Avg: 4.50
The clerk sighs… "Okay, just agree that i’m going to kick you out of those rooms if the ones who reserved them show up? 800 for both"
Argent: "Better." Argent throws down the 800
Jnezdie: "Much obliged!"
Jnezdie: "If we kill the demon, I'm at least gonna talk the other guys into sharin' the room."
The Clerk pulls out two paper charms and hands one to Argent and one to one of the guys "Here's your rooms, 31 and 32" those paper charms are also insulated with varnish, so they're somewhat resilient to the touch
Jack: "Thank you!"
Jnezdie: "See ya' in a few!"
Jnezdie: "May want to keep the kitchin' all a-fire, gonna be hungry later!"
Off to bed the party goes, split unevenly, most probably, unless Argent doesn't minds one of the guys sleeping in the same room as hers (i'm sure she does*
Argent: "For all we know it's just a particularly nasty extortionist just taking advantage of the demon story for all it's worth." She snatches one. "Sarah, you're rooming with me."
Sarah: "A-alright!"
As you go to bed, Argent notices that Sarah looks slightly uneasy, perhaps she believed in this story?
Jnezdie: "Aw, yeah, maybe."
JayM: Regardless, during your sleep…
Jnezdie: "But we got to watch over Gav, yeah? Totally virtuous." He nudges the varg with an elbow.
Gavriel stares at Jnezdie. .|
Jnezdie smiles. :D
Jnezdie, Jack and Gavriel are deep asleep when a light creaking sound comes from the door… It creeps open and she enters, stepping lightly, and closes the door. Sarah carefully walks over to Gavriel's bed and looks at him, an unusual smile in her face, which soon vanishes. She gently climbs on his bed, not to wake him up, and puts a hand on his cheek, gently stirring him awake…
Sarah: "Gav…"
Gavriel opens his one eye- squints. "…Sarah?"
Sarah: "Shh…"
JayM: Gavriel, a Danger Sense [TN 3] check here for results of hilarity
JayM: Solo for you, of course
Gavriel is -definitely- good at being paranoid about things even directly after waking up out of a dead sleep. [Too Easy, Aptitude]
[OOC] Gavriel: …really, Teak?
Gavriel rolled d8+1 and got 3 ( Total: 4.0 )
d8: 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 6.0, Avg: 2.50
[OOC] JayM: That was so close to a fail
Sarah gently embraces Gavriel, and he can feel her unusual weight, she places an arm around his shoulders and comes closer, leaning her lips over yours- But you feel something- Strange, and wrong in her. You just -know- where the metal plate on her torso is and it just… Isn't there. If not for that little detail, this fake could have totally fooled you
Gavriel: "…Sarah, what the- is this some kind of-" -what the- -wait a minute, that's not- -he shoves 'Sarah' backwards, scrambling out of the bed, hollering. "-nice try, whatever the fuck you are!"
Gavriel is… visibly shaken. And alarmed. And his ears are kind of comically tweaked up and his fur's on end. Shut up, Jnezdie.
The copy lands as if it already expected to be thrown off- At this very moment you hear the sound of the door crashing open "RE'SHERAN!" she dashes straight towards the copy "W-wait!" the copy says with a completely different voice, and tries to run but not in time, Sarah grabs the other one in a choke hold and starts to- Noogie it? "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF"
JayM: "Waahhh! Stop, stooop it! Aaah!"
Jnezdie rolls and flops off the bed, then shoots up from ther side, wielding his katana!
Jnezdie: "Two Sarahs?! Gavriel, I'm proud of you, but two demons might take a while to slay!"
Jack‘ bolts upright, stretching his armsd behind his head and yawninging loudly befoer speakng. "Eeeh?"
The fake one then yells a bit more and suddenly the entire image vanishes like dust- Revealing someone that STILL looks a lot like Sarah, but with more brown scales than crimson, slightly shorter as well "S-sister, stop that, stooop, aahh"
Sarah: "No! Grah, idiot! Idiot! Idiot!"
After a few more moments of her calling him an idiot her lack of energy catches up with her, and she lets go, wheezing
Sarah: "D-don’t you ever do that again, Reshy!"
Argent walks in, eyes narrowed and cracking her knuckles. "…What. In. The. FUCK. Is going on in here."
Gavriel looks from Sarah to- whatever- her sister- a look of more or less absurd confusion on his face, but even so, he manages to squeak out: "-Sarah, do you need help."
Jnezdie: "…not twin seductresses then?"
Sarah: "Y-yeah! Throw something heavy on my brother, please >_<"
Sarah: "Re'Sheran, you're the biggest jerk"
Jack‘ glances around, yawns once more, then shoves Jnezdie on top of the other bangaa.
Re’Sheran: "Aahh- I'm sorry, I didn't think it'd- oof"
Gavriel pauses, one ear quirking to the side so fast you'd think he'd have sprained something. Wait, what?
Jack‘ thumbs up to Sarah, then plops back down onto his bed.
Jnezdie: "Warrgh"
JayM: And there’s now an Elvaan atop a bangaa
Jnezdie: "Hey, at least give me time to put this thing in a sheath." He gestures to his katana.
Argent: "Okay, Sarah, please clarify the situation."
Jnezdie turns to the person he's flopped upon. "Hey. I'm Jnezdie."
Jack: "Wh - oh, right. Apologies!"
Sarah: "A-anyway, hum… This is Reshy, my younger brother. Professional infiltrator and purveyor of bad jokes"
Re'Sheran: "H-hey, I just thought it'd be a neat prank and- With everything you speak about him, I thought i'd try to sneak at least a little kiss off of him"
Sarah: "Wh- Ah- Brother, this isn't funny!"
Argent facepalms
Jack: "Your country is very strange, maiden."
Jnezdie: "You do this kind of thing for fun, huh?"
Gavriel squints at 'Reshy' out of his good eye, the vague sensation that, some period of time from now, they will all be laughing uproariously over this. It… isn't quite that time yet. Quite. Also he sort of glances sideways at Sarah. Everything she says about- this isn't getting any less-
Argent: "Sarah, how many people have you been telling about your extraprofessional interest in Gavriel?"
Gavriel coughs, attempts to compose himself. Death glares at Argent for a split second, to prime the pump.
Re'Sheran: "Sometimes… I like to see little sis scream, also, he's a real looker either way"
Re'Sheran then stands up, helping Jnezdie up (Jnezdie he did not need to touch you all the way over there to help you up) "Ahem… My sister's like an open book to me, and she reports to base frequently"
Argent keeps staring, not paying much heed to the deathglare.
Re'Sheran: "There's only so much detail you can put on someone's description"
Gavriel continues, for the record, to be glad you can't see a Varg blushing. He's been glad of that for a while now. "-hn."
Sarah: "W-whaa- Stop that! I haven't done anything of that!"
Jnezdie sheathes his katana.
Re'Sheran: "Uhn… How'd you notice I wasn't my sister, though? My disguise was pretty perfect"
Jack: "He wouldn't be much of a heroes if a demon killed him in his sleep, now would he? Gahahaha."
Gavriel gives him the Death Glare now, but a tiny bit of the aforementioned 'soon this will be hilarious' is slipping through and ruining it. "Metal plate in the wrong place. Still, damned impressive."
Jnezdie: "You can't mask…" he poses "
true love!"
Re'Sheran: "W-wait you-"
Argent: "Jack, I said it before. It's an old story that's probably been taken advantage of far too much." Argent closes the door
Gavriel says that, and then immediately has regrets. "That- no, it's-"
Jnezdie: "It's exactly what you think it is."
Re'Sheran: "You know where sis's metal is?!" he turns to his sister "Why, sister! If you've TOLD ME you've already went that far I wouldn't have done it!"
Argent: "Jnezdie, shut up before someone starts to organize a lynch mob."
Sarah: "Aaah! Brother stop!"
JayM: She is ALSO lucky one cannot see her blush under her scales, though her entire posture is telling that by now
Gavriel: "Argent, I don't think that's an iss-" -he barely, barely suppresses a laugh- "-ue."
Jnezdie: "Arge all we have to do is keep up the facade of the 'desire demon' and they'll be too tired to do anything about it."
Argent eyerolls.
Jnezdie: "I'm not even sure what I'm arguin' about now, just that I'm awake."
Jack: "We had to patch her up - reapir her?" Yawwwwwwn.
Sarah: "P-plus it's nothing like that! I-it was a medical thing- YEAH! What Jack said!"
Jack‘ pulls th ecovers back up over his head.
Argent: "As far as I can tell, unless Jnezdie here intended to take liberties with the process, it was entirely medical to my knowledge."
Jnezdie: "Now that’s just uncalled for."
Re'Sheran starts laughing, and putting both hands over his stomach falls over "O-oh dear- Ahaha- Yes I know" she sits on the ground "She had to report home about that, yes, i'm just teasing her. Little sister and all"
Sarah: "I'm not your younger sister, i'm one jaar older than you, you know"
Jnezdie suppresses a scathing rebuke.
Argent: "…you know what, screw it. I'm going back to bed."
Re'Sheran: "Bah, 27 or 28 jaar, big difference, you're still the little sister 'princess'"
Argent: "I can't believe I got out of bed for this."
Sarah: "Ack! Stop teasing me, alright?! You know I hate beign called princess or maiden"
Argent eyerolls. "And yet you let Jack do it all the time."
Jnezdie: "That's just the nature o' the game, right there."
Sarah: "I-it's- It's got other meaning…"
Gavriel proceeds to sit down on the corner of the bed again, shaking his head, still trying not to laugh. "…playing pranks on us is one thing, but… there are rumours spreading, upsetting people. I don't know what things are like where you're from, but- people are upset by things, here. You should be more…" Careful? Empathetic? He's not sure.
Sarah: "The maiden of the knights it's something else entirely"
Re'Sheran: "Oh, about those…"
Gavriel trails off, at any rate. This conversation is too interesting to interrupt with a lecture.
Re'Sheran puts suddenly a serious face "I've been manipulating the rumors a bit, yes- I'm actually here on a mission, just like sis. There's a fair bit wrong in those rumors but they fit… Well, the only way I can fight"
Jnezdie: "On your back?"
Re'Sheran: "i'm hunting Valerian pirates and, given my illusions are everything I got, it's either this or fail"
Argent: "Pirates again? You mean those suited freaks that I stole some chem-batteries from?"
Re'Sheran: "Look, i'm not my sister who's packing firepower to break a battleship in half, everything I can do is hide and make illusions, pretty useless after scouting's done. I'm not even physically strong, so yes, Nez"
Sarah: "Y-yeah, those pirates. My brother's assigned to stopping their interference"
Jnezdie shrugs. "Aw, I'm just playin'."
Gavriel: "Hn." That's acceptable. "Camouflage and intelligence are as important as firepower. Don't sell yourself short; I just… didn't have anything close to the whole story. My apologies."
Sarah: "Also i'm not that strong at all, if I were I wouldn't need your interference to join the knights!"
Argent: "Right. Fair enough then if you're dealing with those pieces of shit."
Re'Sheran scratches behind his head "It's okay, your people aren't meant to know everything just yet… Though i'm at a bit of a crossroads here, it's one thing to try to cut off their local buyers, but I can't strike at the pirate base directly"
Argent: "…So, this outpost deals in slaves, I presume?"
Re'Sheran: "Nope, they're arms dealers here"
Re'Sheran: "I mean, it's more crystalline magicite amplifies but that passes for arms as well"
Argent: "Around here, yeah, it'd make sense."
Re'Sheran: "I mean- Sis's not the only one travelling with a group, I got some locals helping me out, but with those anti-bacterial spells those pirates have, they could kill your people with a single spell, and all this water utterly destroyes all the powers of us knights, so there's nothing I can do directly either"
Re'Sheran: "And as long as they got a stronghold in this area… They'll keep selling stuff like the Voidlash Array that's keeping the Barricade up"
Argent: "…"
Jack: "Mystic Knights."
Jnezdie: "Now that's somethin' interestin'."
Argent: "-THAT- explains it."
Jack‘ shifts slightly, rolling onto his side.
Re’Sheran looks at Jack "Uhn?"
Argent: "Alright, you've got me interested."
Jack: "- Ah, right you might not be familiar with our home town." Jack yawns before pking a hand out of the blankets to wave towards Jnezdie. "The runic technique."
Sarah: "W-well… Out people are actually trading and stuff with all three countries, though sometimes the pirates pretend to be our envoys. There's stuff we just don't trade because your people just aren't ready for it (in the technical field, I mean), the Voidlash Array is one such thing"
Gavriel quirks an ear multiple thmes through all of that. Biting back a 'so when -will- we be allowed to know everything', he sits back and listens. "Not that… the Barricade being kept up is itself a bad thing. It beats the alternatives."
Gavriel: "…hn."
Argent: "It'd make for an easy Etheral victory, Gavriel."
Gavriel: "Not… in particular? They can't attack from behind the Barricade, either."
Re'Sheran: "Not exactly, Gavriel. The Voidlash Array lets the barrier have a phasal setup- Nngh, I forget you people aren't acquainted with wave theory- It lets select individuals ignore the Barricade's existance"
Jnezdie: "Ah— yeah. I've been workin' on perfectin' the runic lately. No better time to give it a spin, yeah?"
Re'Sheran: "By simply using a special barrier themselves"
Jnezdie: "Convenient!"
Argent: "I suspected they figured out a way to get their forces through while keeping the barrier up."
Re'Sheran: "Hum… There's over eighty pirates in that place, and i'm very sure they're going to converge on us very fast as soon as we step in there. Plus, they don't use just spells, they also use rad material"
Jnezdie: "Wish we had some of those. Then again, we wouldn't have spent all that time in the Fortress, and that place was neat."
Sarah: "You know you're painting a pretty impossible picture, brother"
Gavriel nods. He's not familiar with the technology- and the way his eyes light up indicates that he'd -like- to be- but he can still follow. "Ah. That… is problematic, then." A pause. "If you sell to both kingdoms… the logical implication of that is that you seek to prevent either kingdom from gaining the upper hand. Am I wrong?"
Gavriel: "And the pirates seek to destabilise that…"
Argent: "Right. Eighty pirates or so, stuff that can fry us on the spot, and they're selling stuff that guarantees a win."
Re'Sheran: "I-it's slightly more complicated. We don't want to create an imbalance, no, however the pirates care only for money and power…"
Gavriel: "…so what you're saying is, the perpetuation of this war for years and years and years…"
Re'Sheran: "Hey, we've only been around for four cycles!"
Gavriel: "…your people are behind that?" He sounds a bit… disappointed.
[OOC] Gavriel: bah cycles not years
Argent: "…Save it, Gavriel. The big issue to deal with right now is those pirates."
Gavriel: "…hn."
Argent: "We need to do -something- about either them, their supply, or intercept the outgoing shipment."
Re'Sheran: "Two of which were spent undersea building up our home-base, and even then the only people who can walk outside our home-base are us knights and people who take a highly toxic vaccine, or else just about every living being in this land kills us with a touch"
Sarah: "I wish I could do something about that rad material, and i'm sure Jnezdie could keep their magic at bay"
Jnezdie curiously cocks his head at what Re'Sheran just said.
Gavriel doesn't look like he's going to press the issue, but he's certainly going to sternface.
Re'Sheran: "Well, Sis… We DO have a way, now that I think about it"
Argent: "I've got no reservations smashing their faceplates, if you're asking me."
Sarah: "What do you mean?"
Re'Sheran: "We could use the Moonlight Butterfly"
Sarah: "What?! Brother neither of us have enough power left to do that!"
Re'Sheran: "Not really, my fusion engine should do for a short range. Of course that'd leave me without power for processing…"
Sarah: "So since i'm the Maiden… I'd just have to do like with the Gallant Knight and keep your mind intact? But that'd make us immobile either way, and the range isn't that big"
Argent: "…hm. We have a couple of those chem-batteries left if they'd be worth something?"
Re'Sheran: "Bingo. My friends can protect us while your friends move forward, staged movement"
Sarah: "Aha… No, we need a steady supply of energy over time, a lot of energy"
Gavriel glances to Sarah. All this talk and smoke and mirrors be damned: "If there's anything you need, let us know."
Jnezdie: "I hit things -pretty- hard." He nods.
Sarah: "I-if we can pull this off, hum… Okay!"
Argent: "Alright, what's this Moonlight Butterfly thing do, anyway? Or is it more classified stuff?"
Sarah: "We got a way to keep the worst of their weapons at bay, but me and my brother need to work together and focus, so we can't move. So basically"
Sarah: "We just need you guys to move forward and secure a path, then we follow, and keep doing that until we recover their equipment stash and take down their leader"
Argent: "Hm. In the case things go bad, should we destroy it instead?"
Re'Sheran: "Hum… You lack the technical background to understand, but…"
Gavriel nods. "So we act as a protected vanguard, then- heh. That might just work."
Re'Sheran: "Imagine, it's a power akin to a Water Elemental. Except since we're so out of power, the best we can do is give you some protection"
Sarah: "Exactly"
Argent: "I see. When're we commencing?"
Sarah: "And there's no big loss to their destruction, really. If they're just recovered they're getting sent back to home base for dismantling"
Jnezdie: "I can live with that, literally."
Re'Sheran: "Can you give me a few horas to get my friends together?"
Sarah: "Waves, Reshy"
Argent: "Few waves? Got it."
Re'Sheran: "Gah, you're better with this than I am. Okay! So, uhn- Rest well!"
Re'sheran proceeds to go outside
Sarah sighs, and just lays on her back on the ground "You know… I really love my brother, but he's just a jerk sometimes"
Jnezdie: "Right."
Jnezdie: "Need a bit more shuteye?"
Gavriel glances at Sarah, too sympathetic to particularly express his amusement, but still: "Clan's like that."
Sarah then stands up "J-just a little waking up startled like that gave me a light headache"
Sarah smiles at Gavriel, and walks off
Jnezdie yawns deeply then flops back onto his bed.
As Sarah is walking to her room, Re'Sheran walks by her for a while "(D-did he…)" Re'Sheran smirks "(He noticed me too fast)" he says, and walks off
JayM: And time? Time passes
Gavriel flops backwards from where he's sitting, onto his back on his bed. That was… that certainly happened.
Argent: "Ugh, hell…well, better those assholes than the Ethereals' dragon." Argent heads to bed
It is just a little while, until the next time you're awake. You've made your way back down to the lower floor to eat, wherein you meet up with Re'Sheran and his own party. A creimire man dressed in black garb, he does not hides the variety of blades and throwing items attached to his self, a small blade is tied to the tip of his tail. He has the looks of someone serious, except for his
JayM: face, he's smiling and in pretty good mood "Hey, you can call me Shadow"
Another one is a human woman, somewhat young, wearing platemail, colored white, a shield and a longsword "Heileen" she looks and sounds stern
Re'Sheran: "Yep. As soon as you're all ready"
Jnezdie: "I think I'm gonna call you both dressed-in-weaponry-like-you-just-rolled-out-of-a-Material-armory. You're brave."
Argent nods to the group. "Callsign Argent."
Heileen: "We have a… Special agreement with the local… Enforcement"
Jnezdie: "I'm Jnezdie."
Jack: "It's easy to get along when you don't start problems! I am Jack."
Shadow: "And truth to be told it's not like i'm seen when I don't want to! A great skill to have, i'll say"
Gavriel snrks quietly at Jnezdie's comment. "Gavriel Martim Gurutz. I'm glad we're fighting on the same side." It's a Varg thing to say, hopefully the meaning comes across.
Heileen: "Likewise"
Argent: "Right. I trust you two to help keep our employer safe."
Re'Sheran: "Well, shall we move before someone gets close enough that they notice Heileen's plate under my illusion?"
Argent: "Let's." Argent cracks her knuckles
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I'm ready. Just give us the cover and we'll be awesome."
Reshy's party stands up, and Re'Sheran takes the lead "Alright, follow me" he starts leading you all outside. A short trip (thankfully the weather calmed the hell down) and you're getting closer to a hill. As you travel see an effect- The same effect of dissolving dust of Re'Sheran's earlier illusion- over Heileen and Shadow, although nothing seems to change "Alright, it's about here that
JayM: we start "
Argent: "Got it. Squad, move out!"
Re'Sheran raises a hand, and an image, akin to a three-dimensional map of the surrounding region, appears over it. It shows a path over the hill, into a- Well, now, Gavriel, that's a pretty good fortress design, if you decide to use only the natural environ. There's not many paths you can take, roughly only three paths, straight through the front or two different ones from the right side.
JayM: All three paths seem to take equally long to reach the gear storage and the leader's quarters
Re'Sheran nods at Argent, and draws out of… Nowhere, five pairs of ropes as you walk closer. Although, upon closer inspection those are very thick wiring "Sis"
Jack‘ glances over his shoulder at the image. "Oho!"
Gavriel nods, extricating his gun from where he’d kept it hidden under his cloak. "Neat trick. …hn. This ought to be exciting." A pause. "They'd be expecting a frontal assault. We should approach from the right."
Argent: "Glad we're in the same state of mind, Gavriel."
Sarah nods and picks all of them, gently sliding them under her clothes, having a little bit of difficulty "You know, sis, you really need to wear something two-piece, your interface surface is in the lower torso" Sarah sticks her tongue at him after she's done. Re'Sheran proceeds to adjust the wires on his own back, he's shirtless as it is normal for a Bangaa, and you realize now that
JayM: there are thirteen little circular metal plates on his back
Re'Sheran: "Alright, stay where you can see the dust"
Argent: "Hit it from the right, catch them off-guard. Quick in and out operation to destroy or capture the materials and kill the leader."
Argent: "No faffing around, and no theatrics."
Jack: "Fahaha."
Sarah kneels down and puts her hands together, as if making a prayer. Re'Sheran closes his eyes, and two large multi-colored butterfly wings appear on his back- Although no- It's dust, rainbow-colored dust that comes out of his back, looking like wings. The dust spreads, and forms a path…
Jnezdie: "You really haven't been paying attention these past few waves have you."
Jnezdie: "Waves, passes— damn on near a cycle."
Gavriel: "Hn." You could argue that Gav just setting off his gun counts as theatrics, so he's just going to let that one slide- he's too busy glancing curiously at Sarah and Re'Sheran, even if it's not polite.
Heileen raises an eyebrow "Go on, we'll watch over the two here. When you reach the edge give a signal or somathing, we'll bring those two closer"
Argent: "Got it."
JayM: And running! Hrm… To see how dangerous you guys do this, let's have a Stealth [TN 5] check
Argent ignores Jnezdie's statement. "Let's move it, people."
Argent is definitely better with this stealthy infiltration bullshit. [Trick(Scoundrel) x2]
Jnezdie shakes his head and moves. Faffing? Theatrics? Yeah. [No Reels]
Gavriel plots their way through what cover is available. [Finesse: Stealth, Lucky, Weighted Results, Trick]
Jack‘ shake shis head. There’s no point in being boistering on the way in, but that girl is clearly the craziest one here if she things there won't be monolgues exchanged when they find the leader.
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 5, 3 ( Total: 8 )
d12: 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 3#2d8(1) and got 4, 5 [Total: 9 (Avg), Avg: 4.50]
Also rolled 3#2d8(2) and got 4, 7 [Total: 11 (High), Avg: 5.50]
Also rolled 3#2d8(3) and got 1, 1 [Total: 2 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
d6: 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 39, Avg: 3.90
You make your way forward and towards the right, the path is a bit rocky but- You find about how far that the colored dust goes… A small uncautious movement and you step for a moment out of it’s shielding- It burns, just like that light in the previous ruin, and in the dead ruin… That weird feeling of weakness from being inside a dead ruin- But you quickly return to the protection of
JayM: the dust. A signal, and Heileen and Shadow carry Sarah and Re'Sheran back, who don't seem to be aware of the world around them.
[OOC] Gavriel: fucking escort quests
JayM: You're not behind the named 'gear deposit', it's a large square-ish vehicle, large enough to be a small warehouse, there's a large pair of double-doors on it's back, locked by the sort of lock you only see in ruins and sealed by powerful magic as well.
Gavriel peers at the lock. Someone's not kidding around.
JayM: For now, you're unseen. There are four other such vehicles around, those you guess at least one of them is used as housing- And one of them as headquarters. One way or another you're going to have to cross through the center or nearby it to get to the leader. For now the dust is only around you
JayM: How to proceed from here?
JayM: (i'm leaving this a bit open-ended but if you want I can force my hand)
Argent: "Feel up to breaking and entering with what we have?"
Jnezdie: "Always."
Jnezdie: "So long as we a'int bearin' down on -all of them- at the same time."
Jnezdie: "That'd just take too long."
Jack‘ gives a flourished bow to Argent and Gavriel. "Tis your field of expertise, plan on as you like."
Jnezdie: "What Jack said, yeah."
Gavriel: "Hn. One moment." He scans the area- is the leader out and about, or is he holed up in the HQ?
JayM: Holed up in the HQ- You can see him from here through a window, a tall Elvaan… Although he doesn’t have the same sort of tatoos you're used to, instead, an odd blueish glow in completely unnatural patters in his skin
Gavriel nudges Jnezdie, points out the leader. "…what's that mean?"
Jnezdie peers over, staaaaaaaares.
JayM: Jnezdie- No meaning, absolutely no meaning, unreadable. Those lines- It's as if his veins were glowing under his skin, but no meaning at all
Argent: "…Gavriel, let's intercept the storage first. That's more likely to go quietly."
Jnezdie: "…what in the world?"
Jnezdie pulls back, and his face is scrunched up in complete confusion.
Jnezdie: "Uh. It means nothing. But like— the kind of nothing in that it has -no meaning-, which is really weird."
Jack: "Hum."
Jnezdie: "It… it's not quite like an Elvaan's patterns at all, and yet it… kind of is?"
Jnezdie shrugs.
Gavriel furrows his brow. Also, asides to Argent: "…was trying to see if I could line up a clear shot on the leader. It'd throw them into chaos, and they'd have no idea what happened…"
Argent: "Save that for after we get the shipment. For all we know he's got people who'll take up command if he's down."
Argent: "Also I don't know how quickly we can take down that lock."
Gavriel: "Hn." He considers for a moment, nods at the deposit vehicle. "So, how do we break that lock?"
Jnezdie: "Sword, o'course. But I'm sure there's a quieter option."
Argent looks over the lock to the vehiclehow tough of a job does it look, between the lock itself and the magical reinforcements?
JayM: Hrm… Given your past experiences… A Systems/Magic Lore [TN 6] check should do- It has an arcane seal, which is something that Jnezdie could do, and the ruin-like lock most definitely uses those nine numbers in some sequence to open itself
Argent: "Let's do this." Argent gets to business, letting her instincts and sensitivity to this sort of thing go to work. Lore
Jack: "Hm? Oh, that? You fiddle wiht the buttons while tugging on the magic.
Jnezdie: "Seems kind of familiar." [Lucky: Scholastic]
[OOC] Jack: Aptitudex2] [Dependable] [Trick
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 6, 2 ( Total: 8 )
d10: 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 2d8+1 and got 8, 3 [Total: 12.0 (High), Avg: 5.50]
Total: 23.0, Avg: 4.40
Jack` rolled d8+1 and got 5 ( Total: 6.0 )
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 16.0, Avg: 3.75
[OOC] JayM: Am I wrong of are we at [3/4]?
[OOC] JayM: I think at least one of thise talents reduces the TN, but I do not remember XD
[OOC] Jack: 3/4 yeah, Jnez reliable the d10 »
Jnezdie is working studiously at that arcane seal… [Reliable: Scholastic]
[OOC] JayM: Aha, good
Jack` rolled d12 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
Jack’s got the passlock under his command… It's easy, peasy- Whoever did this probably expected to stop people from opening it by not knowing how to operate than by putting a good password (really, 1234?). And Jnezdie who was speaking so highly of his own Runic ability, isn't it so useful?
JayM: The double doors open, silently, and inside you see… Good heavens have you ever seen so much crystalline objects ever? Ever moreso dangerous crystalline objects? A lot of this is magicite constructs, though they have a lot of different purposes- Energy amplifying, focusing, alteration of nature of energy (Jnezdie has a sinking feeling this is actually a disassembled larger object that
JayM: is not entirely magical). There's also larger metallic objects which are inscribed with arcane patterns and- This one particularly odd magical circle which is unlike anything you ever saw in your life
Jack: "And there you go."
Argent: "
Jnezdie inhales
and then suppresses an impressed whistle.
Jnezdie: "(Dang, yo.)"
Gavriel gets all fur-standing-up and narrowed-eyes and… you know the drill.
Argent: "Right. Take anything of seeming immediate use or relevance, destroy the rest."
Jack: "So… none of it?"
Jnezdie: "(It's like if you gutted the Ethereal land you'd see this beatin' at the center.)" He half-nods to Argent. "(Doubly takin' anything that I've got no -clue- about. I gotta have something to match that shield.)"
Jack: "Unless someone became a mage while we weren't looking."
Argent eyerolls. "I'm just looking for anything usable here. And the damn array our employers were talking about."
JayM: You're not sure what even COULD be the array or what even COULD be usable
Jack: "Parts." Jack waves a hand over it.
Argent: "…okay, put more simple. Take anything metal that you can carry. Break the crystals."
Jack: "Gahaha, I'd rather not blow myself up, thank you very much!"
Gavriel has got nothin'. Although even -he- can tell Sarah'd want to get her hands on the magical circle. Well, he suspects she would, at any rate.
JayM: THAT- Yes, Jack knows about setting things off, he's from TT after all! I'm sure there is at least a way to turn all of this harmless, which i'm sure you can come up with
Jnezdie: "Okay, well— c'mon, all you gotta do is nick a crystal and it'll be all— 'oh nooooooooo my harmony balance bzrrrrrrrrrop.' And then it's out, right? Or it blows up. Either helps us here."
Argent: "Then why not just set off a chain reaction and send the place skyward?"
Jack: "It's mostly harmless in this state… I believe. Breaking stuff or setting it up properly, hwoever… well, then he have some SERIOUS problems, hahah. I suppose if you wanted to have Gavriel shoot it after we're very, veyr far fomr this location that would work however."
Jnezdie nabs some items, pushes a few others over, he's pretty indiscriminate.
Jnezdie: "Well, it's all part of a larger thing, or so I'm gettin' the idea."
Jnezdie: "So… yeah, some of it blows sky high, the rest is interestin' coffee table junk."
Argent is only really interested in the metallic stuff that looks remotely usable to her. She's got no damn use for crystals.
JayM: Jnezdie gets [Mysterious Focus Device x1]
JayM: Nothing of the metallic gear is usable, Argent, given it's mostly- Large-scale equipment. Like weapon emplacements or such
Argent: "…bah, all of this is crap."
Jnezdie: "So— Gav sets up a sniper position, the three of us make a big boom, and when the sucker shows his face, Gav takes the shot? Somethin' like that?"
JayM: Also, if Gavriel feels like grabbing that one thing an [Alchemical Gear] x1 is his
Argent: "I'd prefer taking out the leader now if it's still possible."
Jnezdie: "Or we wait until after we give 'im the axe to blow this joint."
Gavriel: "…might definitely be one way to… solve Re'Sheran's pirate problem. Permanently." He -does- have a long-range high-power rifle, after all. -oh, and… hn, maybe some of this -isn't- junk. Yoink!
Jack: "Not crap. Just ill suited to yoru talents." Jack squints at the pile of crystals, then starts backing away.
[OOC] Gavriel: dear ice: that was not in quotation marks!
[OOC] Jack: huh?
Argent: "You're thinking too optimistically. As far as I'm concerned, it's crap. So let's just kill the leader, and blow the rest of it up."
[OOC] JayM: Ice's comment was for Argent
JayM: So what is the plan, snipe the leader, explode everything and run?
Argent: Yes
[OOC] Jnezdie: it'll be like an episode of the A-Team
Jack: "… More like thinking beyond myself, Argent. Which I understand you have difficulties doing. Regardless, I'd move away fomr that despoite if I were you."
[OOC] Gavriel: ah whoops
JayM: Hrm… Tell me what, then. A Sabotage [TN 6] should be able to rig everything to go to hell slow enough for you to get away from here but fst enough for everyone to not catch up to you
Gavriel: "Hn." He nods. He can make that shot. .|
Argent eyerolls and walks away from the arms cache anyway. "Yes, because we -all- have the luxury to think of such things, and not such things as 'how am I going to get through today without becoming a corpse'."
Jnezdie sadly shakes his head.
Gavriel just stares after Argent. Where did -that- come from?
Jack‘ rolls his eyes. "Almost everyone does. Death is not all consuming."
Jnezdie is kind of better at blowing things up -now- rather than at a delayed time. [No Reels]
Argent isn’t good with the delayed stuff herself either, really. [No Reels]
Jnezdie: "Seriously, we just need to have a plain sit-down drink later. Just drinkin'." He leaves out the part where that was almost stageworthy.
Jack: "And on that note I'll have no par tin creating a device explicately designed to kill a man. Howveer if you'd simply like help destroying it to be rid of it or to create a diversion, then we can work something out."
Gavriel stands by. If something looks like it's -about- to blow up now and not later, well, he might be able to step in and save the day. [No Reels] "Sarah and her brother asked us to stop the pirates from selling these materials."
Jack: "Hence, the cavet."
Argent: "Just shoot him arleady."
Gavriel: "Hn. I doubt they'll be doing much business with their operations blown sky high. It'll scare them, smoke them out. Jack's right."
Argent: "Fine. I'll take the shot if so inclined."
Jack‘ shakes his head, approaching the crystals to rig them up to explode. "Somethign is wrong with yoru head, woman." [Aptitude] [Dependable] Expertise]
Jack` rolled d10 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for TN5
d8+1: 1 [Total: 2.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 21.0, Avg: 4.00
Jnezdie: "I must have missed somethin’." He shuffles on out.
JayM: Prraufh- [2/3]
JayM: The crystals clink like glass and echo and resonate…
Jack‘ scunrches up his face, then pulls done some of those weapon holders and starts aligning stuff along that instead. [Reliable]
Jack` rolled d10+1 and got 7 ( Total: 8.0 ) **
JayM: Jack, do you remember that one time they actually arrested a man in TT because he was carelless enough to almost destroy half the mountain range? Yeah, this is how they fixed his mistake
The crystals resonate but not so high or as fast now- And you need to beat it
Jack: "Alright. Now, would kindly suggest we move away form this vacinity. Now."
Argent: "…Damnit, you set it up to go THAT fast?!"
Gavriel chuffs under his breath. He’d like to see Argent try, frankly. "There's no reason to. Stand down, Arge-" -he readies for an emergency intercession of some sort, probably the sort that'd end with his fingers scorched, but nope Jack's got it handled. "…damn, you're good." And then he scoots!
Jnezdie is already out and on this side of confused.
Argent: "Fucking HELL!" She's out.
The party runs and gets out of the way- And suddenly a loud echoing sound like glass shattering, and a pillar of crimson light erupts towards the heavens- And then suddenly it feels like an extremely powerful force is drawing you back towards the explosion site- And then the force dies down, but you feel as if your very magical and life force was drawn out
Argent: "Pragmatism be damned with this group."
JayM: The shock is strong enough to jolt Re'Sheran and Sarah out of their trance state
JayM: (amazingly similar, Jnezdie, to that familiar Runic technique)
Sarah is shaking, Re'Sheran holding his head with both hands "Alexander-forsaken runic array! Owww, owowowowow- Disconnecting like that is jarring- Sis!"
Sarah: "Ah- ahaha- I-it's okay, i've dealt with worse in the Gallant Knight… Uhn…" she looks up at the party "W-what'd you do? I was kind of out"
Jnezdie: "Let's just say there was a fire sale."
Argent: "Honestly, we had no idea what was what, so we set most of it to blow. Unfortunately, Jack cocked it up and it blew before we could take out the leader."
Re'Sheran: "Ow- Oy- Okay… T-take it that… Mission accomplishe?"
Gavriel scoots up to Sarah and Re'Sheran- with their dust… butterfly… whatever down, he doubts there's even time or cover to line up the shot- he's about to respond but then his response gets completely eaten by a barking laugh in response to Jnezdie's commentary. Yeah, he can't one-up that.
Argent: "Mission failed by our parameters."
Re'Sheran: "What happened?"
Argent: "Yeah, that pirate leader? He's still standing."
Re'Sheran: "Wait- You already mentioned that- Hrm… Tsk, it's alright"
Jnezdie: "Yeah, sorry about that. He'll be runnin' about with his uh… glowy…not-readings a bit on end though."
Re'Sheran: "Without his materials at least he won't be selling the stuff"
Jnezdie: "Seriously, do you know what that's about? Kinda bothering me."
Re'Sheran: "Oh? He was running on vaccine?" he starts to think, and then winces "Ow- Still hurts to think but- It's okay"
Argent: "Vaccine?"
Jnezdie: "Oh… wait."
Jnezdie: "I think I know what you're talking about with that, but"
Re'Sheran nods his head "Remember that vaccine you've delivered to Chocolat? That same Rad Vaccine. Elvaan of other lands don't… Have those same patterns in their skin"
Jnezdie: "It's just
the thing, and" He points along his arm to his silvery patterns. "…………….oh."
Argent: "Side-effect, huh?"
Re'Sheran: "The vaccine kind of… Glows, though"
Re'Sheran: "You could say so, Argent"
Jnezdie: "Yeah, okay, I was right about the vaccine." He then shudders slightly.
Re'Sheran: "(You don't know how right you are)"
Gavriel shakes his head. If Re'Sheran's anything like Sarah, he won't hold it against them if they don't fulfill the exact letter of the mission. "…hn. Interesting."
Jack‘ sighs, rubbing at his face but staying silent for the most part.
Jnezdie: "No pattern." He shakes his head.
Sarah: "Phoenix’s blessings are yours only"
Argent: "Fine then."
Jnezdie nods to Sarah. "Fair enough, I suppose." It's kind of obvious that he only agrees in word, and it still bothers him.
Re'Sheran: "Geez, Sarah you need to get on to the end of your mission as soon as you can, your friends must be full of questions"
Sarah: "I-it's not easy, commander threw research of the Seraph's Leash on me too"
Gavriel gives Re'Sheran the gentlest, most thankful Death Glare ever.
Argent: "…at the very least, we should get moving."
It's still totally a Death Glare though. .|
Jnezdie: "Ah, yeah, we should do that. I got one more question though."
Jnezdie: "We can limp 'n talk, right?"
Shadow and Heileen are still with you, and Shadow grins at Jnezdie "I'd much prefer if we did"
Re'Sheran looks back at the two "Erm… I'm out of energy, I can't keep your illusions up so, hum… Please?"
Jnezdie: "Awesome." He proceeds to head back towards the city with the group.
Argent: "Let's move, then. The Ethereals are going to trace this back to us in no time."
JayM: And you're forced to give them a moment to change their attire somewhat, Shadow's got a lot easier time getting his blades hidden, Heileen has to take out her armor and stuff it in a bag, however, before moving on
Gavriel already started moving. Especially if Sarah and her brother are tired out from maintaining the illusion!
And you return to Outpost Carmine "Hey, guys" Re'Sheran looks at you "I'll see if I can get you guys rooms, you must still be tired specially after all that and what with me wrecking your sleep"
Jnezdie: "So… water pretty much wipes out you knights, right? Just lookin' for a loose confirmation, doesn't have to be technical."
Just now you notice that Re'sheran looks far more healthier and energy-full than Sarah
Re'Sheran: "Hrm… Slightly different. We knights are the only ones that can resist it without the vaccine"
Re'Sheran: "And we're only seven. Of all seven you've already met four"
Jnezdie: "So there's plenty others that can't resist it, I'm guessin', from your words."
Argent: "…Oi, Re'sheran. Are you on that stuff that kills you quickly as all hell? You seem oddly energetic compared to your sister."
Re'Sheran: "Yep, almost nobody"
Jnezdie: "So… what's the deal with spendin' two cycles -undersea- to build a home-base that…" He shrugs. "-presumably, isn't under the sea, but I guess I shouldn't presume."
Re'Sheran: "N-no… I'm the weakest of the Knights, I spend the least energy to just stay alive, so I have more leftover"
Argent quirks an eyebrow.
Sarah: "That's a lie, you're not that weak!"
Re'Sheran: "I am! I use just a fusion engine, all the other six use special engines, that's proof enough"
Argent: "If you say so."
Re'Sheran: "Ah, well, Nez! Insulated within metal, it's pretty much proof against water invasion, plus uhn- We use certain defensive measures that purify water before it enters it (it kind of annihilates you people, though) so it's pretty much safe. Plus, a drop of water from the drizzle or being drowned in the same give the same effects in the end"
Sarah: "Tsk… Wish I just had one too… Then I wouldn't feel so weak all the time… I'm pretty much useless…"
Gavriel frown. "Already told you, don't sell yourself short. Listen to Sarah." Although, Sarah's behaviour- her tiredness, her apparent weakness and sudden strength- it all makes a lot of sense now. "…hn."
Jnezdie nods slowly at first, and then it picks up. "Okay. I think I'm seein' it now."
Gavriel: "…I suppose anyone… not from here… trying to assault that stronghold would have quite a few difficulties doing so."
Re'Sheran: "Y-yes… Hrm… I'll break a little bit of protocol, but…"
Re'Sheran: "Your Angelics. They're the source of your life, water is the source of all life in this world"
Re'Sheran: "And there is a certain… Rock, which emits energy. This energy utterly destroys your water, and it's not magical. There's no defense, getting within range… You'll just dissolve. You've met similar energy in ruins before"
Argent: "That light, I presume."
Sarah: "BROTHER! We can't share that information yet! Mission Control haven't given permission!"
Argent: "Too late now, Sarah."
Jnezdie grins slightly. He gets a certain amount of pleasure out of breaking protocol
Gavriel: "Sarah, some day we're going to go up against something and not take the necessary precautions because we don't know the truth…"
Re'Sheran: "Li'Sarah! Come on you've dragged them across radiation fields, anti-blight shields and stopped JUST SHORT of a targetted anti-bacterial field! They might not know but they've FELT IT already!"
Sarah kind of winces "Hrm… Just… I think it'll be better if they learn it all from what can teach them properly"
Re'Sheran: "We don't even know if Phoenix is who we think it is, it could very well not be"
Sarah: "If it isn't, i'll explain myself, okay?"
Jnezdie breaks out into open laughter.
Jnezdie: "Watching you wriggle like this is kinda adorable."
Gavriel: "…definitely."
Re'Sheran puts a hand over his forehead "If… If both my brains and processors weren't just overloaded right now i'd…-" he just stops and looks at Jnezdie and Gavriel "Ahahaha! That's one of her best talents, at least"
Jack‘ shakes his head, hands still rest against one of his temples.
Re’Sheran sighs "I need to rest"
Jnezdie: "Inn rooms!"
Jnezdie: "Also drinks! And eats!"
He nods and- Don't ask him how, but he gets you rooms for free
Jnezdie: "Oh Ultima above, chocolate cake."
Jnezdie: "Someone here's gotta know a baker."
Argent: "…are you still on about that damn cake?"
Jnezdie: "All I need is one, Arge."
Gavriel: "Different cake, presumably."
JayM: Drinks are had! Food is had! Sarah is kind of sad, so she's a bit more composed
Gavriel tries to cheer Sarah up! He's not terribly good at that sort of thing though, so he probably just winds up seeming awkward and silly, but hey.
Argent definitely has drinks. And non-cake stuff as far as food goes. Eating and drinking in silence for the most part. Go figure, she's probably not fun to go drinking with
Jnezdie hopes at least Heileen loosens up after a few drinks.
Heileen doesn't drinks :|
JayM: Regardless, rest is had, and the session comes to an end!
Jack‘ hardly eats anything and disappears into a room almost as soon as he’s done with the relative little he has.
JayM: Hrm, I wonder what those mysterious parts could be? (one you will soon enough discover)
Jnezdie is the party pooper for having energy. :(
JayM: I need now to tally up rewards! Everyone's sorta tired, Sarah's like a scolded child, not really sad per se, i'm sure she'll cheer up fast enough!
Argent hopes to -hell- they don't end up having to deal with that pirate leader later simply because Jack screwed upat least she hopes it was a screw up and not a sabotagethe detonation
[OOC] JayM: +16 AP/+4987 XP]!
JayM: Gained [Mysterious Focus Device] x1 and [Alchemical Circle] x1
JayM: The [Alchemical Circle] will transform itno a different item next session!

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