Split Worlds - Session 19
A light pitter-patter of the eternal drizzle hits against the leaves of the trees all around outside. A simple, hypnotic melody for the everydpass affairs in comparison to yesterpass's frantic, soul-driving music. The party has been offered room to stay, and fresh food to boot, however much they need, straight off the harvest. And indeed, they need to stay for a while, a long while, a
JayM: Pass, maybe more, something in the big festival desynched the city's central timekeeping magicite and everyone's but lost the sense of time
The room, in the Magistrate's house no less, wherein Jack is sleeping is a very comfortable one, the view outside just perfect of a blooming cherry tree. The party's been mostly lodged in whichever nearby housing has the best rooms.
Argent has been drinking. Anything to try and drive what happened that Pass out of her memory
JayM: Good drinks, here, fresh and refreshing
Jnezdie has been anxious since he can't openly practice his techniques, and has spent a lot of time with Gavriel and the civic planners, giving them pointers about low-tech but high-efficiency greenhousing, irrigation, and so forth. Well, from what he can remember from TT's dense state, at least…
JayM: A few slightly odd brews, no drinks allowed here if they'll make you work worse after a few. But nothing they're not willing to ignore to help you out
Argent: "…normally I'd admire this place's dedication to work. Lack of hard drinks when you need them, on top of the fact that it's built on a magical bomb…kgggggh…"
Argent mutters
A light sound of rustling leaves is what wakes up Jack, feeling more refreshed than even, though with a definitely sore throat
Jack‘ lets out a yawn as he sits up, then rubs at his throat, glancing around.
On his room, laying against the wall, a new instrument for him, made of ebon wood, drawn on it a pattern of cherry petals
Sarah is sitting a chair on the opposite side of the room, she’d been staring at you, but nodded off
Jack‘ scratches at his head.
Jack` then rolls off the bed and goes to pick it up.
Argent: "no damn idea what the hell compelled me to do that, cost me all my damn dignity though."
The bartender, a rather simple looking human woman, looks up at Argent from washing cups "It was kind of entrancing, ma’am"
Bartender: "Everyone was doing it so no big deal, right?"
The instrument is slightly heavier than before, and isn't tuned properly, also looks sparkling new. Clearly Ethereal-make, but it's been made as close as possible of your previous. From memory, you'd guess. It has no mark of cutting or similar, showing clearly it's ethereal melding construction method
Argent: "…I'd like to think myself above joining in performances like that." And with that she chugs some. "I'm a mercenary, not a performer."
The Bartender shrugs slightly "Think of it as just something else you needed to do for your job, then. Still, certain things are beyond our control and understanding. You just need to… Accept them"
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrm. Haha, right it broke." Jack shrugs a little, then sits back down and begins tuning it again.
Argent: "More like 'compelled into'."
The notes sound just right after a few moments. Will take some more adjustment and fiddling with to get them absolutely adjusted to your style, but that's to be expected of any instrument. The sounds, however, seem to startle Sarah for a moment "Ah, Jack, you're up"
The Bartender looks at Argent "I guess" she grins "Maybe you wanted it deep inside and never knew?" she shakes her head "Or perhaps the music was so strong"
Bartender: "In the end, you've either helped or was as much a victim as any other. No loss of dignity there, really"
Jack: "Aye."
Argent: "uuuuuugh…" More drinking
Jack: "I was awake even when I was asleep!"
Sarah: "Uhn?"
Jack: "You really ought to close windows before doing those sorts of things, Madam! Im' not sure I can quite keep calling you a 'fair maiden' any longer!" Jack grins, teasingly.
Sarah blinks "A-a-aahh!" she looks TERRIBLY EMBARASSED "Oh no… I- I did something weird without noticing again…" she goes from embarassed to looking down
Jack: "Gahahaha."
Sarah: "H-hum… B-but… What did you… Mean that you were awake?" she takes a few breaths, to calm herself, and compose herself "I-i mean, can you give some more detail?" "
Jack‘ shrugs, flicking at a stinge before fiddling with the tuning knob. "Simply that I was aware of what was going on, is all. Heard just fine, ocassionally saw just fine."
Sarah crosses her arms thinking "That is… Interesting… Aha… That is very interesting, indeed!"
About now, Kielle knocks on the door "May I come in?"
Jack: "Aye."
She opens the door gently, and nods to each of you. She has her staff with her, and with a single tap on the ground you hear the wind outside rushing slightly faster, the rustling of the trees outside getting louder and, certainly slightly annoying "I’m sorry to impose"
Kielle: "But as much as I wish I did not have to, I might have to ask you to leave"
Kielle: "There will be an envoy from the capital coming… Seems like they felt what happened here, and have sent somebody to investigate. I do believe it would no be prudent for you to be here when they come"
Kielle: "They are still a fair many passes away, but I believe that they will be utilizing a great means of time magic in their travel, so I cannot give a good estimate of their arrival"
Sarah: "Oh, hum… Have you warned the others?"
Kielle: "I only caught wind of that just now"
Jack: "Hrrmrmrm. Well, if you say so. I'm not particularly worried, but I'm - hrrrm. No, you're right it is perhaps fairly prudent thast Argent is not around when they are, hah!"
Kielle: "Actually… I'd rather they not give you any scruntiny with their scanning magic"
Jack‘ waggles his eyebrows.
Kielle: "With those as experienced as they are, it would be plain as day where you come from. And some people have less a mind for solving problems than for creating them where there needs not be"
Jack: "Gahahah, well it’s not particular hard to know where a perfrom comes from is you pay attention to their talents!"
Jack: "We've got places to go and people to save in any event however, so leaving soner rather than later isn't much of an issue, is it?" Jack glances over to Sarah.
Sarah nods "Yes! We have ruins to explore and places to go!"
Kielle smiles, and sighs "Just…" she walks over to Sarah, and draws a paper fan with a picture in it, something well-drawn but stylized, looking somewhat resemblant to the performance of yesterpass "A little reminder"
Sarah stands up "Alright, then!" she says, pointing forward with the open fan "Let's go get the others, we're going!"
Jack‘ nods!
JayM: Wherever would the two meet up with the party, hrm?
Jnezdie is all but pacing around the Magistrate’s house. As soon as Sarah or Jack exit, he bounds up to them quickly.
Argent is at the bar. Still drinking if the bartender will let her.
Jnezdie: "Help! If I push one more paper, I'll have knocked over an entire tree. Y'know what I'm sayin'?"
Sarah smiles at Jnezdie "The end of all warriors"
The bartender is sure to let Argent keep drinking, though she won't let her go over her alchool tolerance
Argent doesn't seem to be showing signs of being drunk, at least.
Jack: "Well we're ready to go now!"
Jnezdie shudders at the thought. "Ascetic solitude is more likely for me, yeah? I lie, gotta be around to high-five people 'n stuff. Jack, buddy, lookin' great!"
Gavriel tromps along behind Jnezdie. He's given out enough state secrets of engineering to choke a chocobo, by this point. Best case scenario, he'll be wanted in -both- kingdoms, now. -he looks up, acknowledging Jack with a slight smile out of the corner of his mouth and a nod. "Jack."
Sarah: "I… I think you kind of broke Argent, though. She might be drinking somewhere"
Jack: "You too!"
Jnezdie: "Aw, yeah, that's been funny. The party stopped but she kept on drinkin'."
Jnezdie: "Guess she really digs a great party!"
Jack: "Hahaha, one could hope."
Argent is easily found in the nearest bar, it being in a (booked) inn in the center of town. Kind of close. A placed, calm place
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I didn't believe it either once my words hit breeze."
Argent is definitely not party-drinking. The number of glasses or mugs piled around her solitary position is a testament to such.
Jnezdie deliberately whispers from the doorway, keeping his voice down. "(Argeeeeeeeeeeeeeent…)"
Argent grumbles, glaring towards the doorway.
Jnezdie grins. "Oh! Didn't know you could hear that."
Jnezdie: "We're headin' out, yeah? Settle the tab 'n all."
The bartender waves a hand dismissively, in the same motion using her magic to gather the glasses together and start washing them "Free of charge"
Argent: "Is there any pressing reason?" She takes another drink from her current one
Sarah: "Well, we really gotta move sometime!"
Gavriel armcross. Some people commit treason, some people get smashed. We all have our coping mechanisms.
Jnezdie: "What, ready to settle down and have kids already?"
Jack‘ rubs at his chin, trying to imagine it.
Argent continues her death glare. "I still haven’t forgotten about that affront to my dignity last Pass yet."
Sarah is absolutely polite in now showing a reaction
Jnezdie: "Look, the only way to regain dignity is an act of great heroism! Or to move on and start anew in a new land!"
Jnezdie: "Aaaaaaaaaaaand I don't think 'Argent goin' on a bender' is heroic— then again, you look like you're goin' for a record of somesuch."
Gavriel: "…also, we will not want to be here in the near future."
Argent: "Why's that, Gavriel?"
Jack: "Well for one, the locals would tire of yoru ceaseless complaining about magic."
Gavriel stares levelly at Argent, rock-tumbling: "Funny, you're usually the one reminding us that we've a mission to be on."
Argent: Emptying the current glass in one go, just about. "Fine, let's go." And with that she gets to her feet with no seeming issues, stepping out and not seeming to break her stride at all. "I already know the general direction we'll be taking, so I'd rather lead the way."
Gavriel coughs skeptically.
Jack‘ makes a shrugging motion towards Sarah, then returns his attention to fine tuning the new lute.
Jnezdie: "That’s -like- findin' the fire for adventure again."
Jnezdie: "Good enough, 'spose."
Sarah: "Hum… If you think you're in condition, Argent"
Argent: "I'm fine. I couldn't get drunk off of this stuff if I tried, honestly."
The Bartender nods, looking at the cups mostly "It's true. Local policy"
Argent: There are a lot of cups.
Jnezdie nods and waves to the bartender. "Thanks for the drinks!" He then turns and hits the main road (with his feet).
As you step outside to head on your way… You realize that now, every street is lined with cherry blossoms, and in fact those light pink trees seem to indicate the paths in this city. Different from before, people turn and nod at you as you pass, but otherwise keep at their jobs, harvesting this time. An odd sensation- You could swear the very same cherry trees that indicate your path
JayM: northwards bend slightly for you (they do, Jnezdie, ever sooooo slightly, but it is certainly on purpose)
Until you eventually make your way out of the north exit… There are some people there to see you off, they offer you some travel food too! Kielle isn't there, however, but her little sister is
And so the party departs the city of Keiranka, and makes their way northwards, wherein the next ruin should be…
Gavriel has a… perhaps uncharacteristic smile and wave for Kielle's sister, as they leave.
Kielle is in her house, sitting silently, across from her a human and a viera both in silver robes with exquisite black emboydery. She stares at them impassive "I speak no lies"
Jack‘ is full of waves in return as they head out, and still is in a good mood.
Argent nods to Kielle’s sister, but nothing more, anticipating the time when they're off the magical nuke field of death doom
Jnezdie waves, fist-pumps, gives double-arm goodbyes.
The human looks at her "So you have harbored invaders, and let them escape… And consciously made yourself unaware of their next destination so we could not scruntinize you… I suppose you were held by your honor as a Ronso to do this, so this will pass, this once"
The Viera has a headband over her eyes "Seems like… Yes… It will fall to him to destroy them. But our source was right"
JayM: Regardless
The party finds themselves heading ever mroe onwards to the north… Rain, snow and slush start to mix on the terrain as the wider trees give place to more coniferous a pass comes to pass and they need to take camp, by now they're past the 'blast zone' of Keiranka, safe to do as they wish, though for now the best would be set up camp, and read that map. Now where to go to? Navigation [TN
JayM: 4] check
Argent: "So…finally out."
Jnezdie: "You know it. Let's check it out…" [Aptitude: Wilderness]
Gavriel helps Argent navigate, not -entirely- trusting her until she's had some time to detox. [Aptitude: Wilderness]
Argent whirls on her feet, quickly launching a kick to Jnezdie's groin, before going on her way. [Lucky:Wilderness]
Sarah: "It's good to be out… Kind of…"
Jnezdie hop-blocks! "Whoa— hey!"
Jack‘ frowns. "What was that all about?"
Jack` rolled 2#d8+1(1) and got 5 ( Total: 6.0 ) **
Also rolled 2#d8+1(2) and got 5 [Total: 6.0 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(1) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Jnezdie: "Ultima’s Skirt, you're a mean drunk. What am I sayin'- you're a mean sober, too."
Also rolled 4#d8(2) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(3) and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(4) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Total: 32.0, Avg: 5.00
Sarah: "A-Argent, chill, please?"
Sarah: "Or at least, hum… Talk it out?"
Argent: "Don't think I forgot about the Pass before yesterday just because we were on a magically unstable zone."
Gavriel growls throatily. "Compose yourself."
Jnezdie: "I have literally no idea what you're talking about."
Argent: "You know full well." Hoo boy, she's still pissed about the events regarding the Silverback Pen
Sarah: "Hum… Everyone was singing, Argent"
Jnezdie has the most confused look on his face.
Argent: "That was last Pass. I'm talking about the one before."
Jnezdie: "Jeez. See if I pull out the Automed for you, anymore."
Gavriel gives Jnezdie something that, on anyone else, might come close to a plaintive look.
Jnezdie: "Please tell me someone else gets an idea of where we're goin' 'cause it a'int gonna be me followin' ears-for-brains."
Jack‘ scratches at the bqack of his head.
Sarah: "Hum… Hm… I don’t know either…"
Sarah: "Uhn, if you tell us we can at least, hum… Avoid touching on that issue later?"
Jack: "'Avent a clue. Though I can't imagine a day in which one of us doesn't do something to adjitate her."
Argent: "The damn Cuar pen."
Gavriel glances at Sarah, and the map. "You said you had an idea of the locations of sites, around here."
Jnezdie blinks.
Jnezdie: "Lemme get this straight."
Sarah looks at Argent, she looks… Guilty. And then is distracted by Gavriel "Hum- Yes, the map!" you guys HAVE been working on the map for a while. A bit of looking and- Northeast of here "About that direction, if I got it right"
Jnezdie: "You're mad at me 'cause cuars took a likin' to you and I should somehow at all feel sympathy to a person who'd just blindly attack someone over a verbal grudge."
Jnezdie: "Tellin' you now- gettin' to be more trouble than you're worth."
Jnezdie: "Lay hands on me again, we go a few rounds."
Jnezdie: "Square?"
Gavriel nods, slowly, at the map, attempting to remain distracted by their employer and their actual mission for as long as is sanely possible.
Argent: "I'm only putting up with you for the sake of this mission. Understood?"
Sarah looks up at Jnezdie and Argent now and then "H-hum… After we take those ruins there should be this path" she points out "If it haven't collapsed over time…"
Jnezdie: "Nope."
Gavriel stands. "Argent."
Jnezdie: "You'd best have a reason I don't start it right now."
Jnezdie: "'cause I'd leave you with just enough to crawl back to town."
Jnezdie 's hands move to his katana.
Gavriel glances at her out of his good eye. "I know that this is a difficult place for you to be, given your background."
Gavriel: "Kindly do not take that out on your travelling companions."
Jack‘ sighs, then reaches out to smack Jnezdie upside the head.
Sarah goes over and stands between Jnezdie and Argent, she’s looking at Argent "H-hum… Argent can we talk, hum… Over there?"
Argent: "Sure."
Sarah takes Argent a bit farther away to have some more privacy "Argent, hum… W-what is the real issue? Are you angry because of what happened? Did he say something about that?"
Jnezdie barely feels it, focused as he is. As Sarah and Argent leave, he straightens up, and his mood shifts back. "Hey! What!" he exclaims to Jack.
Sarah: "I mean… I know some really… Simple things can be very embarassing, and sometimes you don't want others talking about it and all. But we really need to try to work together"
Jack: "Tsk tsk. It won't do for you to get so hot headed that you'd resort to those same sorts of things too! Don't get mad - get goofy."
Gavriel stares after Argent. "…she should never have traveled north of the border. It's just… not in some people. I'm- sorry, Jnezdie."
Argent: "Understood. Just get him the flying hell out of here next time there's some damned cats that insist on stealing my armor and shirt."
Sarah: "Ah, hum… Well, alright. I think I know what you mean!"
Jnezdie shakes his head. "Nah. I've about had my limits o' her."
Sarah takes a deep breath "Hum… Well, let's keep moving, alright?" she says, returning to the party
Jnezdie: "When the crowd starts throwin' rocks, y' don't stay on stage!"
Argent keeps moving northward on her own path.
Sarah goes over to Jnezdie, and puts a hand on his shoulder "Ahn… Jnezdie"
Jnezdie turns to Sarah. "Yo?"
Sarah: "C-can you, like… Let Argent alone for a little bit? What happened there must have been really, really embarassing…"
Sarah: "I'm very sure she didn't notice what she did in the end and that is… Aggravating. Specially the first time"
Jnezdie: "Sarah, I can do this— under one condition."
Sarah: "So, hum… Try to understand that"
Jnezdie: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat."
Jnezdie: "Are we even talking about."
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face, doesn’t have mch to say in responce to that, then starts to play a light traveling tune. After a few minutes he mumbles to himself, "(…ahaha that's… interesting.)"
Sarah: "Uhn… W-when a girl has to get out of her clothes to save her companions"
Sarah: "You don't comment on it"
Jnezdie: "…"
Sarah: "It's… Mostly what happened and she is really, really bad about it, so, hum"
Sarah: "She might be taking things wrongly for a while!"
Jnezdie continues to stare.
Gavriel stares. .|
Sarah looks unsure what to do "So, hum… Let's proceed?"
Jack: "Well, hopefully she'll get over it. If not, well. We'll see how things are after the next set of ruins are explored. In other news; I hope no one particularly needs magically amped up music for the next few days!"
Jnezdie shakes his head, turning and going. "Have fun convincin' me next town we're leavin' with five, is all I'm sayin'."
JayM: Also
Gavriel gives Sarah the apologetic look he'd been giving Jnezdie. "…as I said, she should never have come here. She's… capable, in her own environment, I'd worked with here before, I-" -he just sort of trails off and tromps along.
[OOC] JayM: +2 AP/+656 XP
Sarah puts a hand on Gavriel's shoulder "I… I think so"
Soon enough, but not as soon as you'd hope. Small fragments of charred metal in the ground- You look ahead and see mostly pine trees and a hill, overgrown with moss and vines
Except it is not a hill, but a giant metallic structure, easily three stories tall but far wider than any structure, castle or ruin, you've ever seen before. And the most horrid part is, a simple gash in the middle splitting it in two. There are the sounds of wild beasts here as both snow and rain come from above
Argent: "Alright. We've got the first ruin. Let's hope it's not a Dead one…"
JayM: This will thoroughly require a [TN 5] Danger Sense check, with Sarah added in
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrm."
Argent leaves things to her natural luck with that sort of thing. [Lucky:Wilderness]
Jnezdie is still on edge. This helps things, surprisingly enough. [Expertise: Danger Sense] [Aptitude: Wilderness]
Gavriel rumbles. [Apt: Wilderness]
Jack‘ rolled 2#d8+1(1) and got 3 ( Total: 4.0 ) for TN 4, auto fail accounted for
Also rolled 2#d8+1(2) and got 6 [Total: 7.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 19.0, Avg: 3.40
JayM: That is missing one still
Gavriel rumbles louder. [Reliable: Wilderness]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: ta-da
[OOC] Argent: Good, we got it. :D
JayM: Speaking of cats
Attempting to ambush you are a pack of canines! They have glistening white fur, and when you show yourselves aware they do not flinch and bare their teeth, that look like are made of pure ice. IF that weren’t enough, something like… A large ambulatory plant with two tentacular arms flailing about and a type of water reservoir for mouth comes ambling out of the wood, and starts making
JayM: for your direction too
JayM: Begin battle!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [F]:1 Jack [B]:3 Frost Wolf A [F]:3 Frost Wolf B [F]:3 Frost Wolf C [F]:3 Frost Wolf D [F]:3 Jnezdie [F]:5 Ochu [F]:7
Sarah takes this moment to run and hide
Jnezdie draws his katana and exhales deeply, still locking eyes with a wolf.
Argent drops into her combat stance at this rate
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel snarls even louder, eyeing the Ochu threateningly. [CT 10]
JayM: STare
JayM: Argent!
Argent: At least these didn't seem to like her. And perhaps she could grab something from one of them. Like the plant…thingy. [Steal Item, 30D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for 85
Argent runs throught, and returns with… She is not sure what it is but it looks vaguely podlike and full of liquid. Two of those, really
[OOC] JayM: Remedy x2
JayM: Jack
JayM: And then all the Frost Wolves
Jack‘ rubs at his face, then decides to just [Defend] for now. [23D]
Frost Wolf A and B both open wide their maws and exhale powerful waves of ice at the front and back rows!
[OOC] JayM: Frost Breath
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 47, 35 ( Total: 82 )
JayM: Not like anyone has M.Eva?
[OOC] Jnezdie: not here, boss
[OOC] Argent: Back when I used poles
JayM rolled 1d8+48 and got 6 ( Total: 54.0 )
Also rolled 2d100 and got 59, 46 [Total: 105 (High), Avg: 52.50]
Also rolled 2d100 and got 75, 71 [Total: 146 (High), Avg: 73.00]
Total: 305.0, Avg: 51.40
[OOC] Jack: Not that it’s effected by M.Eva anyways, if you're using the DRG moves
JayM: 54 Magical Ice damage to everyone!
JayM: Also not DRG moves
Frost Wolf C then jumps at Jnezdie and bites him, Wolf D does the same with Argent!
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 23, 47 ( Total: 70 )
JayM rolled 2#1d10+99(1) and got 2 ( Total: 101.0 )
Also rolled 2#1d10+99(2) and got 10 [Total: 109.0 (High), Avg: 10.00]
Total: 210.0, Avg: 6.00
JayM: 101 Physical Melee damage to Jnezdie and 109 Physical Melee damage to Argent!
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 590/725, MP: 175/175, LP: 220/300, SoS: 181
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Ochu [F]:2 Gavriel [B]:5 Jack [B]:21 Argent [F]:26 Frost Wolf A [F]:28 Frost Wolf B [F]:28 Frost Wolf C [F]:35 Frost Wolf D [F]:35
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 55
JayM: They are fast, Argent, and you miss your counter!
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Jnezdie: they -are- all in the front row right
[OOC] Argent: HP: 567/730, MP: 140/140, LP:89/300, SoS: 182
JayM: YEs
Jnezdie inverts his katana and plunges it deep into the ground. With a mighty grunt he pulls the blade to the side— the ground moves, the earth quakes, and a large fissure opens up between the two fighting parties! In the distance, the sound of rushing water… [CT 10]
The Ochu starts shaking wildly and spazzing and dancing! And then it suddenly barfs a horribly-smelling cloud at Jnezdie [Virulent Breath]
JayM rolled 1d8+81 and got 1 ( Total: 82.0 )
Also rolled 5d100 and got 76, 89, 46, 75, 91 [Total: 377 (High), Avg: 75.40]
Total: 459.0, Avg: 63.00
JayM: 81 Magical Shadow damage and… No status
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel raises an eyebrow, adjusts his stance- empties a small vial into a hole along the side of his cannon's barrel, and targets the Ochu! [Vitals Shot D49]
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 100 CoS, does it have evasion?
JayM: None at all! It hits!
Gavriel rolled d8+117 and got 5 ( Total: 122.0 ) for 55 CoS Blind, 60 CoS random status, physical ranged piercing
Also rolled 1d100 and got 17 [Total: 17 (Low), Avg: 17.00]
Also rolled 1d6 and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 1d100 and got 26 [Total: 26 (Low), Avg: 26.00]
Total: 171.0, Avg: 13.50
[OOC] Gavriel: Poison
JayM: Poisoned and Blinded, how histerical
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie hefts his katana across his shoulders and points a single finger towards the enemies. [Samakah Cataract, 44D]
Jnezdie rolled 5d100 and got 27, 2, 21, 46, 25 ( Total: 121 ) for 45 eject- wolfA B C D ochu
Jnezdie: "You're already dead."
JayM: That will teach me to ignore rows
Jnezdie resumes his stance as a wave of water washes all but Frost Wolf D into the fissure before it groans shut!
As the cataract flows it drives everything but a single wolf, who desperately claws his way out of the fissure a moment before it shuts
Gavriel lets out a breath, turning his head all the way around to stare at Jnezdie and grin.
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Argent [F]:5 Frost Wolf D [F]:14 Gavriel [B]:33 Jnezdie [F]:33
JayM: Jack!
Jnezdie shakes his shoulders and hops about on his feet. "Hoo…" He seems to be loosening up.
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 509/725, MP: 175/175, LP: 130/300, SoS: 181
Jack‘ scratche sta the side of his face, then pulls his dagegr free! He then staps forward and slaps the wopfl int he face with the flat of the blade. [MIneuchi] [42D]
Jack` rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for 60% Stop (1)
JayM: Pluft
Gavriel blinks.
JayM: Poor wolf, never saw that coming, and is seeing stars, rather comically
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Frost Wolf D [F]:9 Gavriel [B]:28 Jnezdie [F]:28 Jack [B]:37
JayM: Argent!
Argent rolls her eyes. Killjoy. Ah well, at least there can be something material to gain from this fight anyway. And oh god she intends to snatch something from the wolf while it’s dazed. Looks like back-alley profiteering has become a bit of an addiction Etheral-side [Steal, 30D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 85
[OOC] Argent: er, Steal Item
JayM: A fast paced run, a swipe of the hand, and you make off with a fang from it's mouth, still glistening and cold
[OOC] JayM: Icewolf Fang], it's an Antartic Wind
JayM: And the pain of having an impromptu tooth surgery kind of snaps it back to reality
JayM: Still, Gavriel!
[OOC] Gavriel: Inits?
[OOC] Gavriel: eh fuck it
Gavriel adjusts his cannon, glaring at the wolf this time. [CT 7]
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:0 Argent [F]:2 Jack [B]:9 Frost Wolf D [F]:21
JayM: Why the hell didn't I give those out
JayM: Also Jnezdie!
Jnezdie hops to the left, right, zigzags, and darts toward the Frost Wolf, the both of them glowing red— [Night Sword, 59D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for 85/15
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+264 and got 1 ( Total: 265.0 )
JayM: A slash which leaves a trail of blood, quickly frozen by the wolf's own cold breath
JayM: And [265] restored
JayM: Argent!
Argent , fresh from impromptu wolf dentistry, decides to just resort to kicking it in the face now to knock it off guard. Oh, wonderful physical violence, how you were missed~ [Blindside, 38D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for 85/5
A single kick in the face, and it's totally stunned
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent rolled 1d8+120 and got 3 ( Total: 123.0 ) for physical and Blindsided
Gavriel follows up with a precisely targeted shot! [Charge D49]
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 ) for does -this- one have evasion?
JayM: None!
Gavriel rolled 3d8*1.25+143*1.25 and got 7, 2, 8 ( Total: 200.0 ) for 55 to Blind
Also rolled 1d100 and got 86 [Total: 86 (High), Avg: 86.00]
Total: 286.0, Avg: 25.75
[OOC] Argent: HP: 567/730, MP: 140/140, LP:93/300, SoS: 182
A bullet pierces right through the mouth, leaving a clean exit would on the back of the spine, and the wolf topples!
JayM: So fast a victory
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
JayM: There isn't much to be salvaged from the wolf corpse, but the thing's pelt is so cold, a small patch could probably be used as a [Pain Killer]
Jnezdie rolls his head about, cracking his neck. "Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Totally limbered up now, and he smiles.
[OOC] JayM: +725 XP/+2320 Gil/+11 AP
Argent: "that was a bit too short for my tastes, honestly." Argent cracks her knuckles.
The party is now then faced with… The ruin ahead of them. A moment to figure out where Sarah went- And she actually found out something that serves as an entrance, a large hole that seems to have been blasted out from the inside-out of the building. She's just there staring at it
Gavriel nods, putting various things away. "Heh. Short battles are good. Less chance of anyone getting hurt."
Jack‘ pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment, then smooths out his hair,
Upon closer inspection… This hole was once a door- The bits and pieces around, all charred and blackened metal, suggest that it probably did not open fast enough for some ancient someone’s liking.
Argent nods to Sarah. "…right. Shall we proceed?"
Sarah: "Please!"
Jnezdie: "Anythin' interesting, Sara— ah! Right on in."
Jnezdie hops around Sarah, heading in. He sheathes his katana as he walks.
Gavriel brings up the rear. Tromp tromp tromp.
Argent heads in easily enough, loosening her hat slightly
Inside… It is a rather uninspiring view, for a while. Overgrown and entirely uninteresting, until a few steps further in. And you can hear a constant, somewhat irritating sound of something hitting something else metallic. And you see a… Door, a sliding door, slowly hitting against a piece of metal that blocks it from closing entirely. A useless door given right beside it is a hole
JayM: in the metal wall.
Argent: …trying to listen for anything. Hat removal is reserved for suspicious columns, though.
Through the hole or through the door whatever path you wish, after it is… A surprising sight. A large type of… Vehicle, that looks closer to a simple metal square in front attached to a far larger metal square in the back, three (long-decayed) pairs of tires on the larger square, two pairs on the smaller square
JayM: The vehicle is so large, you could proably fit 20 or so people inside
Gavriel blinks and tilts his head. "…some sort of transportation, I imagine…"
Jnezdie: "Definately not a local's ride."
Sarah goes over to the vehicle to inspect it… She walks around it, puts her hand over it. At a moment she goes to the back of the vehicle, and tries to force the door in the back a while
JayM: "Nngh…"
JayM: Isn't opening
Argent: "…Let me try, Sarah."
Sarah lets Argent try
Jack: "Hrmrmrm."
Argent walks up, attempting to force the door herselfusing any leverage she can at this rate
A simple bit of brute strength, it's just a BIT heavy, Sarah's kind of weak-
JayM: And Argent is covered in skeletons
Jack: "- Guah!"
Jnezdie: "Whoa
Inside the vehicle looks like it has beds (long since damaged) and- The bodies inside, though long enough rotten that no trace of rotting exists any longer, nor of cloth or anything else, number closer to 30
Argent: "…Ugh." Argent throws the skeletons off of her with little issue.
Gavriel: "…"
JayM: There are beds inside, and chairs… Like this vehicle was meant to take people on very, very long trips
JayM: You count places for 20 people inside
Jnezdie: "Hmm…"
Jack: "Well that's … certainly .. forboding."
Gavriel: "…any idea what happened here, Sarah?" He glances over the skeletons, regretfully.
Jnezdie: "One thing to find a ruin, another to find somethin' even like that inside a ruin."
Jnezdie: "Sarah, any insight? I mean, I get the idea— y' get a lot of people and you drive 'em about."
Sarah looks… Saddened "They didn't escape…"
Sarah: "I guess they… Died before the vehicle took off…"
Jnezdie pulls back. "Ah, well— yeah…"
Sarah walks in closer, putting a hand on the door "This Evac Transport probably… Tried to take them to safety"
Sarah: "I guess it didn't work?"
Argent: "Sounds like it.
Sarah grimaces "Hum, let's see about finding a way deeper, alright?"
Gavriel frowns, glances at the ground. "…right."
Jack: "Aye."
Jnezdie: "Yeah, agreein'."
Argent: "Let's."
A bit more searching reveals… Two possible ways of proceeding. There are the REMAINS of stairways, though something collapsed on the stairs and it's now a mess of tangled metal, you could probably climb down with a Climbing&Jumping [TN 4] check. Or, you could take advantage of the doorways in this place (two of them) which despite being closed, the walls themselves are damaged showing
JayM: some wiring, so a Tinkering [TN 6] check could let you through them
JayM: Of course, to give a more… Thorough checkup on this floor, it'd require getting through those doors
Argent knows jack shit as far as this high-tech crap goes.
Jack‘ does indeed know shit about high-tech crap! A whole lot. So he goes to finangle with the door curiously. [Expertise] [Finesse] [Aptitude] [Dependable]
Jnezdie scratches his chin and ’supervises.' Just kidding, he has no idea what to do with the door. [No reels]
Gavriel: "I will punch it if necessary." [No reels]
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 6, 6 ( Total: 12 ) for TN 5, and those 2d6 add together
d10: 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
d8+1: 1 [Total: 2.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 2#d8(1) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 2#d8(2) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 29.0, Avg: 4.67
[OOC] Argent: And Jack carries us all
A little bit of finagling… This is surprisingly not far from… Some machinery which utilized electricity back at home. It’s a very rare resource for a machine to use but there have been people who successfully used it! And this SEEMS like it works on the same principles. A loud bang and spark at each door, and they… Don't open, but stop being locked, so you simply need to slide them
JayM: open
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow when he’s done screwing around with the wiring, stand sup and dusts off his hands.
Argent handles the door-opening
Jack: "Wha-la!"
Jnezdie: "Hey, you got it?"
Jack: "You know it!"
Jnezdie: "Man, o'course!" He fistpumps!
Argent: "Whatever, let's see what's inside.' She eyerolls.
Strangely, or perhaps not so, the two rooms lead to odd places. One of them leads to a large room… Which looks like a stage! The chairs are prositioned properly (metal chairs- you're sure they were once comfier but not so much now) and on the far end there is a stage with a particularly conspicuous white wall. There is little to nothing of notice here except- Here on this small table
JayM: at the side, there are… Those small metallic cyllindrical objects, no more than a centimeter wide, and six long
Argent: "Hey, Sarah, know what those are?"
Jack‘ scrtahces at the side of his face, thinking.
Jnezdie lopes across the room, walking across the stage area, looking around for stuff. Probably not much, and he looks back up towards the group.
Sarah looks up, and picks one of them "Oh…" she clicks a small, almost unseen button, and points it at the white wall, a single red dot on it "A light painter"
Argent is largely paying attention to the small things, hoping the likeness of a stage is not going to get the Transcients riled up "Light painter?"
Sarah follows Jnezdie with the red dot
Sarah nods "It’s used to point things far away"
Jnezdie: "Whoa
" He hops back, playfully ducking and dodging the dot.
Sarah snaps her fingers "Oh!" she moves about her left hand as she hold it with her right one "H-hum, can I get some tools?"
Sarah: "Small ones!"
Argent: "…hm. Curious at worstsure."
Argent: "If nothing else they could be useful."
Gavriel blinks. "Could probably drive a cuar mad with one of th-" -whoops, touchy subject. He grins and hands Sarah the toolset that she'd given him back at the fortress.
Argent: "…yes, let's not talk about cuars right now."
Sarah gets out the tools, and… Carefully disassembles the object, and fiddles with it's insides. Everything is so terribly tiny. After a few moments she grins to herself and reassembles it, and points it at the wall again, turning it on. The mark is far more visible "Great! Hum, now if someone with good eyesight uses that, it'll be pretty useful! As good as a military grade target
JayM: painter! " she hands it over to Jack
Sarah: "Keeping that pointed to someone is actually a good means to help you discern it's position!"
Sarah: "Hum, since I raised the output it's batteries will run out faster, though"
[OOC] JayM: Laser Painter x6, 60% of Lock(4)
Argent: "Target painter, huh? Sounds like it'd be useful to hand them to Gavriel."
Jnezdie: "Great stuff, yeah?"
Gavriel: "Hrm. Can definitely see them being useful, yes."
Sarah smiles "Pretty fun to play with too!"
Jnezdie bounds back up back to the group.
Argent: "…"
Jack: "Ahah."
Jnezdie chuckles!
Soon, however, the party reassembles and takes towards the other door, which just as easily opens, and it leads to… A pretty decent stairwell! How great! Down there, it's a strange room, although somewhat familiar… The black pillar in the center, you're sure you've seen those before. However, this room is terribly damaged. All around, there are those desks, made of metal, there were
JayM: once glass panes on them, you're sure, however it seems like something within each and every one of those tables exploded fiercely showering everywhere with shrapnel
Jack‘ frowns slightly.
Special sign that things DID detonate in this room are… Skeletons in this area too, one particularly nasty one has been impaled through the skull into the black pillar
Gavriel winces.
Argent: "Eeech."
Jnezdie rolls his shoulders and peers about.
Sarah makes a wincing face "I see…" she walks over to the black pillar, putting a hand on it, and looks around, and then puts both hands on the pillar "(Always the last ones to leave, aren’t you? If only your efforts hadn't been in vain)"
Gavriel: "Careful of the glass, Sarah." -did you expect him -not- to say it?
The room is… Pretty throughly destroyed. There is a large door across from here, but it looks so damn HEAVY
JayM: You could probably open it with a Strength [TN 7], however, it isn't locked but, well
Argent checks to see if she hears anything from that
not that she expects it, but hey
JayM: No, Argent. What is- Odd. This lack of sound tells you there is nothing here, somehow
[OOC] Argent: the pillar, I mean
Gavriel: "Sarah. Want us to try and get that door open?"
Sarah: "*sigh* I-i've seen another ruin like this before"
Argent: "…hm. Absolutely nothing in this room."
Sarah: "You could say this is where their leaders used to lead from"
Argent: "Ah."
Sarah looks at Gavriel "We need to find a way further down"
Gavriel tromps over to the door, then. It's worth a try- "Argent, I may need some help." [Apt: Physical]
Argent: "…Well, we might as well." Argent nods, and goes to help with that. x2
Jnezdie: "Gettin' it goin'!" He cracks his knuckles and grabs ahold. [Trick: Physical]
Jnezdie puts his back into it. [Double or Nothing: Physical]
Jack‘ rolled 2d10+1 and got 10, 7 ( Total: 18.0 ) for drop the lowest on the first and pray!
d10: 10 [Total: 10 (High), Avg: 10.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 4 [Total: 4 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 43.0, Avg: 7.00
A strong arm, and Jnezdie puts everything he has into it and changes his position, and a mighty shove! A gamble, if the doorway hadn’t moved at that he's pretty sure he'd have sprained his back so bad he'd have to stay sitting for a few passes. Either way the doorway opens to…
It is a large room, circular and, different from any other ruin around, in completely perfect state. There are four glass panes on tables around and in the center there are four square mirrors, which are reflecting some sort of green light beams that comes from above into the walls in front of the tables
Sarah blinks "W-what is this?"
JayM: The glass panes show… Symbols, words
Argent: "…something here's still operational."
Gavriel: "…was hoping and assuming you'd be able to tell us. Some sort of… central communications hub, like the one in the fortress, if I had to guess."
Gavriel: "…I've really not got the faintest idea, though."
Argent tries listening again
Jnezdie: "I don't know, but I'm willin' to mess with it."
JayM: No sound, Argent
Sarah takes a deep breath "Hum… Let me try a few things…" she goes over and puts a hand over the beam "Ah, uhn… Don't touch this" she looks over one of the panes
Jack: "Green light is often magic-y. Hrmrmrmrm."
Sarah: "Try seeing if you can make the panes do something"
Sarah looks up at the light "E-er… That green light is… It's what makes Dead Ruins. It is… Not working right"
Jack: "…I see."
Argent: "…right…seems like this thing's one step away from becoming one, so…" Argent pokes at one of the panes.
After a bit of poking, you're not sure what triggers but images appear on all four panes! IT's the same image, however
Gavriel: "If it's broke, don't fix it."
Argent: "Don't fix it because it'll make it -worse-
Jnezdie: "Yikes."
Argent: "…okay, what is this."
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I can live with it not workin'."
Jnezdie: "Not sure why'd you'd ever -want- to create a Dead Ruin, but I a'int askin' too hard."
First image is moving… It shows… People scurrying about, a man, a human, shouting orders- The room you were previously at. It is still intact, people of all sorts are running there, there are men working on the tables. After a while, everything shakes- The panes explode, and then everything is static
Gavriel stares at the light, though. "What -are- the Dead Ruins, anyways..?" -he shuts up, then, and watches. "A record of whatever happened…"
Argent: "…Well, that was remarkably…concise."
Jack: "Hum."
Another moving image, this time, outside, it shows… Lightning falling, the scenery is completely different, no such thing as plants or snow, everything is barren rock and this ruin… It's like it was intact, and around it there are many, many other such strange buildings connected by glass tubes, spanning a long way. And you see lightning like you never saw before tearing it all to
JayM: pieces
JayM: There seems to be some sort of date system to this, it shows, and seems to be showing pictures of times further back
JayM: Then it starts showing… How odd, images that look… Like everyday life at different places, though you can't figure out where, probably still inside here. The dates keep rolling back, and back
JayM: And suddenly there is this moment where it rolls back very far back, it shows an image of… A lot of people cramped in a room much alike the room before here, except a third of the size, the black pillar taking much of the space. There appears to be a Viera shouting at the pillar for some reason?
JayM: And then it ends
Sarah: "… I can't…"
Gavriel furrows his brow.
Argent: "What is it?"
Sarah looks at the mirrors "So they aren't- It must mean the tokamak is leaking, this isn't what I expected…"
Argent: "…okay, what's a tokamak?"
Sarah seems entranced, and goes over to a mirror, fiddles a bit with it, and YANKS it out of place, she takes a step back "Whoa…" another "Waah!" and topples over
Jnezdie cocks his head and walks over to give her a hand back up, though not forcefully. "Uh. Need a hand with somethin'?"
Gavriel rushes forward to get Sarah out of the way RIGHT NOW.
Sarah looks from under the mirror, which seems to be made of metal "Y-yeah…"
Argent: "The hell?"
JayM: Surprisingly, the green light doesn't affects her. Unsurprising, I guess, so she's safe. If not for the case of having a huge mirror atop her
[OOC] Jnezdie: oh whoops it fell -on her?
Gavriel does not get there fast enough, apparently.
Jnezdie helps to pick it up, at the least.
JayM: Well, she lifted it, lost her balance, and fell while holding it
Jnezdie fusses about Sarah.
Argent: "…alright, careful everyone."
Jnezdie fuss fuss
Sarah then, with aid, sets the mirror on the ground. "Just give me a moment" , kneels down over it, staying on all fours actually, and starts to analyze it very, very closely "Hrm…"
Gavriel stays next to Sarah this time in case mirrors attack her again :(
Argent: "We don't need this place going dead."
Argent watches the light and mirrors
JayM: Jnezdie you have such a strange… Strange sensation- STaring at this mirror, the way that light reflects off of it- Jnezdie you are READING the mirror and it's so much, so much information that no matter what your brain can't parse it all! You're sure it's that this your Akashic ability somehow… Somehow understanding something deep within that mirror, that you cannot make sure of what
JayM: it is it's too much too fast
JayM: Looking away to avoid a headache, you know you can PROBABLY parse it given enough time, a whole cycle perhaps
Jnezdie: "Ch
…." He looks down, stumbling back and leaning against a wall.
Gavriel glances up, alarmed. "Are you all right?"
Jack: "Hmm?"
Argent: "…The hell?! I told you to be careful!"
Sarah blinks, and looks up at Jnezdie "Jnezdie?! What happened?"
Jnezdie: "Yeah, yeah yeah. Uh. Nah, I'm fine, just" He nods up at the mirror.
Jnezdie: "Somethin'…there's somethin' in it
not a person, but."
Jnezdie: "Well, it's a lot of somethin'. Like I just tried to read a thousand books at the same time."
Jnezdie: "And I didn't know any o' the words."
Jnezdie: "…may not be so bad now that I'm used to it, though?"
Gavriel: "Need some time to try and study it?"
Sarah blinks "… T-this" she jumps off the mirror "Alright! It's time I-" she uses all of her strength to flip the mirror upside-down "NNgah!"
Jack: "Eh?"
Jnezdie: "Kinda, it'd be nice, Gav. I mean, it's somethin' curious, but uh…"
Jnezdie: "It'd take a cycle or more."
Jnezdie: "Probably a lot more- I like sleepin' and eatin' and fightin'."
Jnezdie: "All that kinda gets in the way of 'reading a mirror.'"
Gavriel glances at Sarah. Who's probably quite busy grappling with one of the damn things- "-need any help?"
Jack: "A whole Cycle?!"
Jnezdie: "Give or take a palm, yeah."
Jack‘ squints at the mirror curiously.
Argent: "If it’s that important to take one, I can probably carry it."
Sarah looks at Gavriel "Hum… You could… Help me set this up to take with us"
Jnezdie: "…really?"
Sarah shakes her head "We need to… Cut it"
Sarah: "Wait up! I know what to do!"
Sarah: "Gav, help me out!"
Argent: "Consider it a recompensation—hm? Okay."
Gavriel tromps over curiously. Anything he can do, he will!
Sarah gets kind of excited. And sets to… Cutting it- You're not sure why, but with assistance you realize that- Gavriel, she's cutting away portions and changing it's shape, it'll take a bit of time but this thing is quickly converted into a shield
Sarah takes a few deep breaths "Hum… The ancient people could store information in light. There is a way to read that… That is… Far less painful than Jnezdie trying to read it, also faster! Don't worry, I got what we needed, so let's head further down. Plus, it'll serve us better this way!"
Jnezdie nods. "Alright, yeah. Thanks."
Jack: "Curious!"
Gavriel raises an eyebrow. "The information survives that much damage to the physical medium… and the different shields are redundant? That's brilliant…"
JayM: Acquired [Crystalite Shield x1, T4 Shield, Relic, Ancient, Reflects first Holy-Elemental hit]
Jnezdie nods. "We'll keep it together, yeah?"
And in this very room thereis- A hidden trapdoor. Which leads to further down below… And this is… Almost a deja-vu
JayM: Remember that Dead Ruin? The room with the light which burned?
Argent: How couldn't she?
A single pillar of metal rises in the center of the room, the only thing which light this is a patch of damage in the metal, wherein a silvery light emanates from
JayM: And it hurts, almost as much. And you have the weirdest, oddest feeling of something being terribly, terribly wrong
Gavriel eartwitches, fur on the back of his neck standing up, and he takes a step or two back.
JayM: To make it through here you're going to need a Determination/Spiritual [TN 5] check
Sarah: "O-oh…" her voice sounds- Weirdly relieved, until she notices Gavriel "Err- If we make it fast enough, we shouldn't get too hurt"
Jnezdie groans into a growing snarl, and looks up into the light. This feeling… he'll defeat it! [Expertise: Determination] [Dependable: Mental] [Lucky: Scholastic]
Argent: "…this fucking silence again…" Argent tries to soldier on through… [Finesse:Determination]
Jack‘ scratches at the side of his face. Well, they just have to power on through, right? [Weuighted Result] [Aptitude] [Trick]
Gavriel grits his teeth. Sarah’s here, so they'll be able to do anything she needs! [no preroll]
JayM: No other supernatural feeling than this light hurting you and- just knowing something is off
[Lucky Mental]
[OOC] Jnezdie: but it's wasted ahah
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 3, 4 ( Total: 7 )
d12: 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
d10: 9 [Total: 9 (High), Avg: 9.00]
d8+1: 6 [Total: 7.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 26.0, Avg: 5.00
Jack` rolled 2d8 and got 4, 3 ( Total: 7 )
d8: 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
d6: 4 [Total: 4 (High), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 19, Avg: 4.75**
JayM: That sounds like a pass
You run through- An odd sensation- You catch a glimpse of your own selves as you run, and you swear that- On you, there this a fine, very fine coat of water- But there isn’t, and you make a good distance into a long dark tunnel
JayM: And there isn't much light here, except a spot of light in the distance…
JayM: We end it here today!

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