Split Worlds - Session 16
Something feels strange in the air this time. The drizzle has turned into a heavy rain, which punishes the rooftops and travellers with heavy splashes, as if telling people to stay away from the streets. There is an omnious crack of thunder
It is not far from First Rain, it's easy to notice as this place has a clock, so useful. As you move about the house, or perhaps outside, you hear, you see through the windows, strange movement. The men who live in this Sector are uneasy, they clearly want to move, do something, but they're waiting. Now and then a messenger arrives at a house, and everyone who's in there goes out, already
JayM: armed and armored
Sarah, surprisingly, seems to be in an amazingly cheery mood, a bit more peppy than usual, even.
Argent: "…right, shit's going down soon." Argent comments to herself as she idly glances out the window.
Jack‘ has been taking this downtime as an opportunity to catch up with his composing - nearly there! - and in general hasn’t been paying to much else that isn't parchment or quill.
Gavriel glances over at Argent, nods briefly. "What. Also, why."
Argent: "Barrier's expected to go down soon."
Jnezdie 's practice strikes have become regulated to an area with cover, due to the lightning. He returns to the house fairly nonchalantly despite the uneasy aura.
Gavriel frowns. "Why should that happen?"
Argent: "Well, most likely the Ethereals have regrouped enough to start their offense back up."
Argent: "And when the enemy's comfortable about letting down their impenetrable barrier, that means that we're in for a fight."
The light sound of feet hitting against the ground, the bell in the door
Jnezdie: "Whoa, hey" He dances out of the way of the opening door.
Argent stands up calmly and opens the door. "What is it?"
Gavriel: "Hm." He thinks to himself that at least this will let them continue their mission - but he could stand staying here a little longer, and he's a bit worried, given everything the fortress has been dealing with…
It's a Creimire lad, a Squire right out of his teens. A pin his beret with a wing, a messenger. He hands over a letter to Argent "For the residents of Shiei"
Sarah walks in from her room, dressed up in her everyday dress, looking curiously from across the living room
Argent nods. "Right, probably a summons."
Argent: "You can head off now."
Gavriel nods appreciatively. "Thank you. You did well." It's important to reassure the cadets, in times like these - "More than likely."
He nods, and rushes off
Argent closes the door, turns around, and opens the letter, expecting another message from the K-Com.
The letter, it is simple as always "I believe I have a manner of taking you across the Blockade, please come as early as feasible. Bear in mind, it will involve testing a prototype. - Knight-Commander Kaela"
Jnezdie: "So hey- what's grey, wet, and looks like they just got their tail stepped on?"
Jnezdie: "Everyone else outside, that's who."
Jack: "Hm?"
Argent: "Right. K-Com wants us talking to her as soon as feasible. She intends to help us get over to Etheral-side." Argent addresses the rest.
Jnezdie: "Aw, just had to say somethin'. People outside are on edge and all>"
Argent idly places the letter on the nearest table or stand
Gavriel glances outside, briefly. "Can't say I blame them. And we're about to join them, judging by that letter." He must be getting old, or something - it takes a bit of effort to get himself moving. It's not supposed to be this hard to leave somewhere, damn it.
Sarah: "Well, looks like our quest can continue now. It was nice to take a breather here"
Jack: "Ah! FINALLY."
Jnezdie: "Aw, you -know- it."
Argent: "It's a fair trade." Argent shrugs. "When the rest of you are ready, then, and not a second later."
Jnezdie: "Not that I won't be happy to see the open road again
I've had plenty of fools to beat with my technique here— but I'm sure this delay's still gotta be itchin' under your scales somethin' fierce, Sarah."
Sarah just smiles "Not really. I got a lot accomplished in the time we were here"
Argent: "Reminds me, Sarah, I have questions for you later."
Sarah nods "I'm sure you might have more, by the time this is over"
Gavriel raises an eyebrow slightly at that, gathering his things together without a word.
Jnezdie nods. "As for me I wouldn't mind returnin' once things get all settled 'n stuff. Maybe not forever, but a cycle here, a cycle there… you get the idea."
Jack: "Hmph, I'm more than ready to leave this place!"
Argent has grabbed her stuff, including a black shoulder-cape with an odd sheen to it.
Jnezdie works to gather his things, his katanas, the map of the city he put up on his bedroom wall, then smooths out the sleeves of the shirt Sarah gave him and tests their strength with a rotation of his arms. Feeling good! He gives a thumbs up to nobody in particular.
Soon enough, the party is ready, and departs. On the way towards the K-Com's office they see… Things are vastly different. The majority of the soldiers are gone from the streets, although you see more people in the walls. The cannons atop the towers move now and then, one of them has a little twitchy movement. The castle, the Dragon Castle looks different, far more full of life. It also
JayM: moves slightly, you see now that some machinery inside it, probably large and heavy, must be active. Pylons and gears are visible outside in certain places, they look active
Gavriel gives Jnezdie a slow, measured stare, and then agonisingly slowly thumbs-ups back at him. …it doesn't look very natural.
Gavriel outside, then: "…hn. Definitely getting ready for a confrontation, you were right."
Jnezdie grins widely at Gavriel's thumbs up, giving him a hearty clap on the shoulder before moving on!
You reach the CIC at last, the room is as you've last seen it, with the exception that Kaela looks perfectly rested. The central table is covered with a map wherein there is the positioning of possible Ethereal troops and troops from the fortress. If you ever could judge it, that looks like a battle set to be lost
Argent looksfor which side?
JayM: For the fortress, of course
[OOC] JayM: That is, the fortress is really outgunned here
[OOC] Argent: Ah, okay
Gavriel growls, low in his throat, glancing over the map. "…they're really throwing everything they've got here, aren't they?"
Argent: "Probably a high number of Evokers as well."
Jnezdie doubletakes at the map. "Oh, whoops, I read it backwards. Yeah, seems pretty rough when you put it like that."
Argent: "Worst case, there'd be a few wraiths as well."
Kaela looks up at you as you enter, she is at her office table in the far end "I-" her voice is interrupted by the sound of a whistle coming from one of the tubes through the ceiling "-think-" a bell rings in the ceiling as well "-that-" another whistle, she looks impassively at it "-I-" one more bell. She stays silent as more bells and whistles start going off one after another until
JayM: there is a veritable cacophony in the ceiling. Ranel taps his foot once and it all dies down "Might need to deploy you against the biggest Ethereal invasion force this fortress has ever seen"
Jnezdie slowly grins, wider and wider, then cackles- his whole body contorting back into the laugh.
Kaela: "Sorry for the change of plans, but it appears that the Ethereals are moving in faster than I expected. I also seem to have overestimated their capacity to make judgements"
Argent: "I figured you'd say that. Looks like this will suck."
Gavriel twitches an ear, repeatedly. That'll be a challenge for Jack's instrumentation.
Jack‘ tilts his head up to the ceiling curiously, then stares atRanel as if he were speaking a forgien language.
Kaela stands up and heads over to the map, she picks up more pieces, eight times the size of the ethereal forces as expected before
Jnezdie: "I am ready. I am -ready-. You have on idea how ready I am."
[OOC] Jnezdie: *no idea
Jack` sighs, shakes shi head befoer folding his arms over his chest.
Argent groans, complete with a facepalm. "Well, fuck."
Jnezdie: "Y’ told us the bad news first, though, that's good."
Jnezdie: "What's the good news?"
Kaela then picks up one final piece "Gavriel, you will play support to our Overruner, there are seven others. You will be under Knight-Artificer Leis" she turns the piece on her hands, it's red "Argent, Commando Squadron Seven, you're in lead" she raises it above her head to stare at it, it has wings "Jnezdie, Spellblades. You'll play offense, expect the whole team to play defense" she
JayM: puts it on the field. It's a dragon "Jack, you come with me"
Kaela: "Sarah, you go to Engineering"
Gavriel woggles his eye at the pile-on. "That's… got to be… are there reinforcements coming..?"
Kaela: "If there are still two stones tanding atop eachother when this is over, I promise you to put all my remaining resources to help you continue your quest"
Jack‘ narrows his eyes at Kaela somewhat.
Kaela looks at Gavriel "No. There are never reinforcements in this fortress"
Argent: "Oi, Gav, we’ve been through worse."
Argent: "This is going to suck, but I'd rather believe the K-Com's confidence in us is well-placed."
Kaela heads over to that secret passage from before, puts a hand over it and the wall slides off "Move out" she steps through
Gavriel: "..hm. So what you're saying is, we're the reinforcements."
Ranel: "Well… We have one secret weapon stored"
Jnezdie: "I was about t' ask about that."
Ranel: "And if she can't save us now, there is nothing that can"
Jnezdie: "Somethin' about a prototype?"
Jack‘ grumbles under his breath, looking displeased.
Ranel shakes his head "A tried weapon, recently repaired"
Argent nods, heading for the secret passage that was used for what was presumably Elvaan/Creimire Sloppy Makeout sessions.
Ranel: "Argent- That way leads to the Sight Tower, only the commander and, in this case, Jack go there. You all have to go down to the barracks"
Ranel: "Move out, now"
Argent: "Right."
Jack: "You know, it wouldn’t kill you to ask nicely!"
Ranel: "I'm really sorry for that. She's kind of blunt during an emergency, it's a trait of military men"
Argent turns and heads toward the Barracks, looking for the squadron in question. "No time for pleasantries, Jack. This is an emergency."
Ranel: "I would appreciate really your assistance, and she would too. Believe me, what she needs now the most with her is a master musician"
Jnezdie: "Ultima knows we get enougha' that in our regular group, but at the same time I just end up tunin' it out, yeah?" He makes for the opening in the wall.
Ranel starts to walk out "You'll understand"
Jack: "Pft. There's always time for pleasentries! Some of us have no interest in fighting this innane war nor did we ever recall joining a military to do so."
Argent: "Means to an end, Jack, means to an end." Argent replies as she slips out the door
Ranel: "Remember, we're just asking. If you don't feel like helping…"
Jack‘ unfolds his arms form hsi chest and spins his lute around to his front, plucking idley at it as he turns to head down the passage wya, still mumbling under his breath.
Gavriel nods, salutes Kaela, forgives Jack, who’s not even slightly military, but is surprisingly enough, badass enough to make up for it. He's got a right to different expectations!
JayM: I'm going split into various scenes but this will be but a single Command [TN 7] skill check. Wait until all scenes to roll that
The first one to see his field of battle is Jack. As he follows Kaela through the doorway (a stairway leading upwards, there is a makeshift bed in the ground, a pot of coffee), he sees she has acquired from somewhere a greatsword and a rapier. A strange greatsword, actually, as it has… Strings attached to the blade, they almost look like the strings belong to an instrument. She leads
JayM: the way to the top of the tower, it is a simple terrace, with nothing else there but a great view of the battle about to unfold. He sees in the distance the Ethereal troops marching… "I thought you'd appreciate the chance…" she draws her greatsword, the blade splits and extends, the strings becoming taut, she slams the tip against the ground. She draws her rapier, puts the tip against
JayM: and ground and it splits about a third of the way from the tip "To play the theme that'll lead my men to battle"
She puts the blade of the rapier on the strings of the greatsword, moves a few times- A 'cello?
Kaela closes her eyes "Please, aid me. I've learned, the best way to have control over my men, is music. My commands, and my desire for them to live, conveyed through those strings. Can you help me?"
As she says that, she starts playing, and the entire soon-to-be-battlefield is enveloped by the music
JayM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdAJHuazlQI&feature=related
Gavriel is led eventually to where the Overruner is, a large blocky structure, a mobile turret on the top with two cannons jutting from it, a square box in the back wherein the front and back are covered by cloth. He's shown to his group, seven people, two of which will be piloting the Overruner, the rest will be playing defense from anyone that gets close enough "Remember, men" says the
JayM: one in the lead "Stay close, use our machine as cover, take down anyone who gets under our effective range. And most of all, don't waste your lives. We have many weapons, and not nearly enough warriors to man them"
Jack: "Feh. I might as well I am here, but do keep in mind that this " war " is so terribly pointless!" Gack's not done grumbling it seems, even as he waves a hand over the wooded boc having form hsi necklace, and he continues to grumble quietly to himself evne as he begins to play along. Not that it effects his playing - he's used to playing while doing other things. [Lucky]
Gavriel nods. He and his hand cannon definitely have the advantage of range, it's the best that he can do! He's a sniper, not a leader, and not even particularly a defender, but this- he could call this fortress home, and he's got to defend it. [no reels]
Soon enough, Jnezdie is taken to meet his fellow companions. A small group, six men. They're armed with strange blades carved with runes. The leader looks up at Jnezdie, it's a tiny Taru, but the scars in his arms show he's seen battles "How open is your mind, your soul, is it kind?" he draws his runed blade, and closes his eyes, the scars in his arms glow red and the blade is engulfed
JayM: in flames "Our foes arcana, our weapon to destroy their mana" he sheathes his blades, and turns around to the way out "Set your heart, we keep them busy, you make them run with a start"
Jnezdie grins wickedly and cracks his knuckles one by one. "You know it. If'n I can't beat back somethin' like this…" And, he thinks to himself- 'There's no way I can tear up that Ultima's Heir jerk.'
Jnezdie: "Let's make it sharp and fast
they won't bleed til' their limbs touch ground!" [Dependable: Mental]
Argent is taken to meet her team, four men, their races matter little. They dress light, their weapons powerful. She has been given orders, to lead those men to precise strikes against the opposing leaders. To take down key members, and leave the mass of the fight to the others
Argent looks the four over; "Alright, Seventh. I'm not going to bother with the inspiring speech thing, it doesn't work for me. I'll give it to you straightWe're to target key enemiesCommanders, exposed Evokers, and the like. Avoid any unnecessary contact with the enemy, and we're not here for an extended fight."
Argent: "Close in quickly, be quick, and be on the lookout for the next target. Got it?" [No reels]
JayM: Now go roll those reels
Jack‘ rolled d10 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for not happenin’ at 7
Also rolled 5#d8(1) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(2) and got 4 [Total: 4 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(3) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(4) and got 4 [Total: 4 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(5) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 30, Avg: 5.00
[OOC] Jack: jnez has EE though~
[OOC] JayM: 2/3
Jnezdie goes above and beyond all limits! [Extreme Effort]
There is tension in the air, and for a few moments, Jack's and Kaela's song is all there is heard, and then punctuating it the echo of the Ethereal's voices… Jack sees from his advantageous perch, a giant army, they march… Through the Blockade, as if it weren't there. Not possible, if what you have heard is true. And soon enough… The spells start falling, the rage of the elements,
JayM: fire, lightning, light, shadow, and ice, from a distance as they close in, their Ronso Wardbearers taking the front
The first ones to dive into the battle is the Seventh, five brave soldiers, Argent at the lead, they move through hidden paths through the swamp and difficult terrain, it slows them down a bit but they catch their targets unware. A command here, a messenger there, an Evoker unprotected. Their targets fall quickly, harrassing and confusing, taking down key control elements, they quickly
JayM: slow down the march of the Ethereals
Soon, then, the biggest weapon of the Ethereals is brought to bear, the divine wrath is brought down on the field, bright light, crimson, white and black, showers against the walls of the fortress as the might of both Phoenix and Ultima is brought to bear against the fortress. Gavriel sits quietly most of the time, as the Overruner moves it stops and fires, keeping the maximum amount of
JayM: range possible… Until the Evokers redirect their wrath, five Evoker squadrons all bring their might to bear o nthe warmachine. And yet it resists! But has toppled
One of the men inside crawls out as you make a perimeter to attempt to get it back into position. He is wounded, he looks at Gavriel "… Our gunner's… Not making it to the end of the fight" he raises is right hand, his left is limp "Waterga!" he brings it down under the Overruner, and a massive explosion of water ensues, the impact flipping it over in the correct position "F-find a…
JayM: Driver… " and he, too, passes out
JayM: It falls to Gavriel to man the cannons this time, a task perform most admirably
But even with them keeping the incoming forces at bay, the enemy are far too many, and they close in. That is when the Spellblades come into play. They rush from front to front, and their work is… Surprising. As they meet their first foes, before the first volley of spells is thrown, all of them, save for Jnezdie, raise their blades to the sky. And as the magic flies it instead homes
JayM: on their blades, which drink the spells like hungry animals. "What are you waiting for!" someone shouts to Jnezdie. With your opponent's only means of damage disabled, they're helpless
Jnezdie does one more, his action and eagerness, it brings his companions to the verge of ecstasy, he leads them from field to field, at a speed far more than a mortal would normally do, their bring their bodies to their limits, and then beyond. They will save their hometown, whatever the cost
At this moment Kaela stops her music, closes her eyes and looks at Jack "Jack, gather your friends… IT's time. We do this now or never… But i'll need you to buy us time"
Kaela: "Their biggest threat comes" her voice is punctuated by a titanic roar which shakes the very foundations of earth, a blade of flames appears over the battlefield, easely as large as five houses, a terrifying beast made of flame and leather "I'll need you to keep the Crimson Destroyer busy for a little over two Mists"
Kaela turns around and kicks over the blade, you can hardly see the movements she do but now the greatsword is balanced atop the rapier, and with her palms open she hits against the greatsword, the sound the same as a drum. And she shouts, singing loudly
JayM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBMUE9dXCVI&feature=BFa&list=AVGxdCwVVULXdYxr2BsLJsrouuzq16SbVf&lf=list_related
Jack‘ narrows his eyes at the battlefield, then makes a shrugging motion as he starts to amble off. "Well at least this is somethign suitably heroic for a band of wandering protagonist, now."
Jack for some reason will find the party mostly gathered in the same place… Seems like all of their separate squadrons have been moved close together! The first one he sees arriving is Gavriel- The Crimson Destroyer, a massive beast of flames flies close to the ground, the very heat from his body searing the ground and the troops, allies and enemies alike, both sides retreat with one
JayM: exception, the Overruner remains in place as Gavriel opens fire at the beast- Yet, a single swipe, and the massive warmachine is sent hurtling in the sky. Before it falls, Gavriel’s driver grins at him, and kicks him off the hatch. Gavriel lands with a resounding thud at Jack's feet as the machine lands out of view
Jack: "Well, there you have it! You all know what to do!"
Gavriel has been pushed back further and further, and then - well, opening fire on an enormous fire dragon is a good way to go flying through the air, out the hatch, and hit the ground with a thud and a stream of ear-burningly profane swears.
At that moment then it's when Argent's team looks up "Argent! K-Com's ordering our retreat, our secret weapon is about to come out, go find your friends, we need to retreat!" they run off in one direction, a few steps ahead, she meets up with Jack and Gavriel
And then a terrible crushing sound, Jnezdie and his entire squadron is sent flying from across the bushes, they are all lightly singed from fire damage, Jnezdie it took a simple beat of his wings to send you flying this far. With the exception of that poor lad, caught in the Crimson Destroyer's jaws. He's probably still savable, but that much damage, something will last
Argent: "Tch…so be it." Argent walks and sees the two, "Jack, Gavriel, we've got direct orders to retreat from the K-Com now. They're deploying a special weapon. Get Jnezdie out of here if you can but don't get yourself killed in the attempt!"
Jack: "Pfahahaha."
Jack: "Use those ears of yours to listen! You are to heroicly hold of the beast!"
JayM: Sadly, you don't have much chance to enact on that order, as a massive roar is heard, and a towering scaled, lizardine face looks down at your from above, easily as tall as a building, flames dripping from it's mouth like drool from a hungry beast, a roar that shakes the heavens
Jnezdie rolls and rolls upon impact, skidding to his feet at the front of the party. "Yow! First thing to stop us all Pass!"
Argent: "…Well, fuck."
JayM: And the Crimson Destroyer faces down all of you, a living fortress
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [B]:2 Jack [F]:3 Jnezdie [B]:5 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:6
Argent: "We are verily screwed, aren't we."
JayM: Gavriel!
JayM: Victory Condition: Survive 200D!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [B]:2 Jack [F]:3 Jnezdie [B]:5 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:6 Victory [F]:200
JayM: Rather, there we go
Jack: "Unlikely!"
Argent: "Yeah, we're not doing shit to that thing. Dig in and at least stall the enemy as much as we can."
Jnezdie: "Damn! I'd like at least one swipe in on 'im! But right now a'int the time."
Gavriel is -still swearing-, going over his hand cannon and furiously doing field maintenance on it. Turns out he was swearing because something broke, and he fixes it, slings it over his shoulder with one last barked comment about Ultima's left tit- stares the Dragon in the face and shakes his head.
Jack: "Now IS the time!"
Gavriel loldefend D24
JayM: Argent!
Jnezdie: "Oh well -now- is yes, but, y'know— give me a Finger or two."
Jack: "Give HIM a Finger, Jnezdie!"
Argent: "Ultima's skirt it's the time!" Argent digs in herself, ready to avoid or brace for any attacks that may be incoming. "We're stalling the crap out of it, now." [Defend, 26D]
JayM: jACK!
Jack‘ laughs loudly. "Fool! Rushing headlong into a pointless war, but when it’s time for grandious heroic you turn tail and hunker down?! Don't give in now!" Jack roars and he waves a hand over the wooden box, then begins slamming out a few strangly distorted and reverby chords. [Magical Refrain] [47D] [Shell (4)]
JayM: Jnezdie again!
Argent: "It's called knowing your damn limits, you idiot!"
Jack: "
Jnezdie holds his katana high, then crosses it in front of himself! [Defend, 29D]
Jack: "Perhaps you shoudl get to know yours, or you'll never be able to punch through them like a proper hero and SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!"
JayM: Battle order: The Crimson Destroyer [F]:0 Gavriel [B]:18 Argent [B]:22 Jnezdie [B]:28 Jack [F]:44 Victory [F]:194
Argent: "Are you still delusional about that shit? What the hell do you expect us to do, try to fight a tusked turtle the size of the castle over there?"
The dragon before you roars… It appears to be smiling of all things, a cruel smile "ALL PERISH BEFORE THE UNENDING FLAME!" he beats his wings once, sending you all flying backwards as a massive wave of burning air wafts through. And then he punishes Argent for talking too much, and brings down a claw against her as his mouth salivates flames, pinning her against the ground. He proceeds
JayM: to strike with a second claw and strikes against her prone form again and again until he tosses her upwards, grabs her midair with his mouth and strikes her against hte ground once, twice, and three times before unleading a torrent of flame at point-blank [Burning Winds] [Disemboweling Blaze]
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 67, 4, 70, 37 ( Total: 178 ) **
Also rolled 1d100 and got 35 [Total: 35 (Low), Avg: 35.00]
Total: 213, Avg: 42.60
JayM rolled 1d8+270 and got 1 ( Total: 271.0 )
JayM: 271 Magical Fire damage to all, Pushed about in rows!
JayM rolled 1d12+900 and got 11 ( Total: 911.0 )
JayM: 911 Physical Fire damage to Argent!
[OOC] Gavriel: Did you factor in Shell?
[OOC] Jack: mo liek 203 shell
JayM: Did not factor neither Shell nor R: Fire
[OOC] Gavriel: I'll wait for the -actual- damage numbers then <3
[OOC] Jack: (( it's 67
JayM: Uhn
[OOC] Argent: 67 before defense mods? Got it.
JayM: 67 for both Shell and R: Fire
JayM: Argent you also got…
JayM: 455 after R: Fire
[OOC] Argent: …goddamn crits
JayM: Who said it was a crit
JayM: He can't crit
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [B]:4 Jnezdie [B]:10 Jack [F]:26 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:47 Victory [F]:176
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for 65
Argent takes the hit, but gets in a glancing blow in defiance, at least
Gavriel grits his teeth. "Just for you, Jack." Fearlessly, he raises the cannon up, and aims a shot into the dragon's left eye! [Dark Buster 54D CoS 100 if it's not evasive, resist, or immune]
A single, piercing shot, right across his left eye. Crimson blood clouds his vision
JayM: That hits
JayM: Also the counter hit
Gavriel rolled d8+117 and got 1 ( Total: 118.0 )
Argent rolled 1d10*0.5+144*0.5 and got 1 ( Total: 72.5 ) for physical lol backrow
[OOC] Jnezdie: back row is -25%
[OOC] Argent: …
[OOC] Argent: …make that 108 before any Armor
JayM: Regardless, your weapons can barely pierce his hide [118] [108] it's meaningless
JayM: Battle order: Argent [B]:0 Jnezdie [B]:6 Jack [F]:22 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:43 Gavriel [F]:50 Victory [F]:172
JayM: Argent!
JayM: Have some time to act while I eat
[OOC] Gavriel: Julian did it actually blind it or not, I'm completely confused
JayM: it blinded him
Argent: (HP: 412/662, MP: 100/100, LP:59/59, SoS: 165)) Argent is in…surprisingly good shape despite the utter beating she took. Whatever she intended, she wasn't going down easy. "…Because that thing can literally flatten you in one strike. And isn't going to be touched by our attacks" …and focusing herself, she seems to quickly press a few points on herself…[Chakra, 41D]
Jnezdie continues to lower his stance, keeping his guard up. "Not yet…" [Defend, 29D]
Argent rolled 1d8+105 and got 7 ( Total: 112.0 ) for HP and MP, self-heal
Also rolled 2d6+21 and got 3, 4 [Total: 28.0 (Avg), Avg: 3.50]
Total: 140.0, Avg: 4.67
Gavriel chuckles. "Burning bastard has a few weak spots. Good to know."
Argent already looks to be moving better after that quick act of…what the hell was that, anyway?
JayM: Jack!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 524/662, MP: 100/100, LP:59/59, SoS: 165
Jack‘ waves a hand voer the wooden box, before slipping into the song of life! [47D]
Jack` rolled 6d10+112 and got 7, 3, 4, 3, 3, 7 ( Total: 139.0 )
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie continues to hold his position! "Not yet…!" [Defend, 29D]
[OOC] Argent: HP: 662/662, MP: 100/100, LP:59/59, SoS: 165, Shell[3]
JayM: Argent again!
Argent: "Brace yourselves, it’s about to strike again!" [Defend, 26D]
The Crimson Destroyer growls "I NEED NOT SEE TO WREATH THE BATTLEFIELD IN FLAMES!" he turns and slams it's tail against Jack "BUT IT HAS BEEN FAR TOO LONG SINCE SOMEONE BELIEVED THEY COULD DEFY ME! I WILL HAVE SOME FUN FIRST!" he swipes his left claw around, grabbing Gavriel [Destroyer Claw] [Crushing Force]
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 82, 84 ( Total: 166 )
JayM: Sightless as he is, he can't hit with his tail, and mistakes a tree for Gavriel. He grabs the tree and turns it into splinters, crushing it in his claws
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [F]:0 Jnezdie [B]:14 Argent [B]:17 Jack [F]:19 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:58 Victory [F]:122
JayM: Status for The Crimson Destroyer [F]: Blind(1)
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent: "Oh wonderful. The battle-fortress thinks you're entertaining."
Jnezdie laughs! "Argent, looks like you're the odd woman out."
Argent: "…I'm surrounded by idiots." Argent finds the time to facepalm in the middle of combat.
Gavriel shrugs in the face of the fire. "Having one eye takes getting used to, fiend! Let's see what else I can take away!" He aims- fires! [Silence Buster D59 C100]
Gavriel rolled d8+117 and got 1 ( Total: 118.0 ) for Silence (2), 35 CoS Blind (4) from mud bullets and gun too, I think
Also rolled 1d100 and got 13 [Total: 13 (Low), Avg: 13.00]
Total: 131.0, Avg: 7.00
JayM: A swift strike. Right across the throat, it leaves his voice gone and a hole through which flame spills like blood. He gurgles and his blurry sight grow wild, he is having fun with this! [Silence] [Blind]
[OOC] JayM: 118
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie: "Now!!"
Jnezdie charges towards the gargantuan Crimson Destroyer, strips of shadow rolling off of his every limbs, on the edges of his breath, and he leaps towards the being— bringing his katana up high! [Soul Eater, 59D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 85/15
JayM: A true slice!
Jnezdie rolled 1d10*.75+528*.75 and got 6 ( Total: 400.5 )
[OOC] JayM: 400] The Crimson Destroyer is hit- Across his front claw the slice cuts through his scales and leaves a noticeable cut. He lowers his face to his claw, blind as he is he appraises the wound, and turns to face Jnezdie
JayM: Battle order: Argent [B]:0 Jack [F]:2 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:41 Gavriel [F]:42 Jnezdie [B]:56 Victory [F]:105
JayM: Argent!
Jnezdie: "Yeah, you felt that."
Jnezdie: "Jnezdie. Don't forget it!"
Argent decides to give the oversized dragon a taste of "Screw you" in turn…with a hard attack to try and make it feel something at least. Distraction wouldn't do much, so force would be the order of the day. [Beatdown, 41D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
JayM: It's a hit!
Argent rolled 1d10+288*0.75 and got 9 ( Total: 225.0 )
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ starts getting into it now! [Rousing Melody] - then seques almost immediate into the [Valor Minute]! [Haste/Brave (4)] [38D + 38D]
JayM: Battle order: Argent [B]:0 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:0 Gavriel [F]:1 Jnezdie [B]:15 Jack [F]:37 Victory [F]:64
JayM: Status for The Crimson Destroyer [F]: Blind(4) Blind(2)
JayM: Argent!
Argent isn’t taking any chances here nowshe got her strike in, she's going defensive now. Recklessness is stupid, but opportunism is prime. [Defend, 26D]
The Crimson Destroyer roars with a horrible gurgled sound from the wound in his throat, and swipes his claws again, once at Jack and once at Gavriel [Crushing Force] x2
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 56, 2 ( Total: 58 )
Jack sidesteps in the last moment, and he grabs Gavriel in his grip, and starts crushing his body as if it was a pile of paper!
JayM rolled 1d12+672 and got 5 ( Total: 677.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 37 [Total: 37 (Low), Avg: 37.00]
Total: 714.0, Avg: 21.00
JayM: Causing 677 Physical Melee damage!
JayM: Gavriel, still standing?
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 57/724, MP: 85/127, LP: 184/300, SoS: 181 - Shell (2)
The Crimson Destroyer simply opens up it's claw and lets Gavriel fall
[OOC] Gavriel: fucking barely >:|
Argent winces at the crunching sounds that made
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [F]:0 Jnezdie [B]:14 Argent [B]:25 Jack [F]:36 Victory [F]:63 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:64
Gavriel hangs on by the thinnest thread, dragging himself to his knees and aiming at that son of a bitch again, coughing, spitting blood to one side. [Weapon Swap D10]
From here you see that the entire battlefield has sort of stopped to watch what is goign on. The Ethereal side has certainly slowed down it's march as they all stop to look at what is going on, how the hell did those people survive this far. Whereas the Material side has retreated nearer the fortress- Most of them are stripping themselves of some of their equipment some their weapons,
JayM: some their armor, some other accessory
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [F]:0 Jnezdie [B]:4 Argent [B]:15 Jack [F]:26 Victory [F]:53 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:54
JayM: Gavriel again!
Gavriel grits his teeth and grins like a goddamn madman and howls the sort of howl none of those Ethereals will ever, ever be able to forget. [Forgotten Howl D19]
JayM: Your howl echoes omniously in the battlefield, like a beast of war unleashed!
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie charges towards The Crimson Destroyer again, and his body is engulfed in tearing, searing shadow as he brings his blade to cross across the previous slash dealt to the abomination! [Soul Eater, 47D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 ) for 85/15
The dragon is blind, and very large, and his wings are swift and strong, he brings a single wing down, and batters Jnezdie out of his path
JayM: He is grinning
Jnezdie skids about, grinning back! "Not done with you yet!"
JayM: Argent!
JayM: Battle order: Argent [B]:0 Gavriel [F]:4 Jack [F]:11 Jnezdie [B]:36 Victory [F]:38 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:39
Argent: "Oi, don't overexert yourself!" Argent taps her sword on the ground, before rushing in with the sudden rush of a Material broadsword pointed straight for the dragon's hide and a surprising roar for someone her size "KraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH
!" [Blindside, 39D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 95
JayM: Argent is inspired, a sweeping strike with all of her strenght, did she leap, did she run on his body? One thing she did, land it straight in his head
Argent rolled 1d10+144 and got 1 ( Total: 145.0 ) for Pretty sure Brave+Back Row cancel out, and the +25% for Blindside
Argent: And for all the blusterit was a diversion
Argent: The sword ruse…………..was a DISTRACTION
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel leans his head back, and howls - this is what it means to be a Varg, red blood running over his muzzle, claws scraping against the metal of his handcannon as he loads and aims - he'll show them, he and his companions will show them all - this beast, almost a force of nature - in front of everyone, with their own hands - he fires! [MAGNA ASSAULT D49 C100]
Gavriel rolled d12*1.5+585*1.5 and got 1 ( Total: 879.0 )
JayM: A bright lance of light, it strikes true directly against his face, almost a direct hit but a movement in the last second- It leaves a horrible mark. That he certainly will remember [879]
JayM: Battle order: Jack [F]:0 Jnezdie [B]:25 Victory [F]:27 Argent [B]:28 The Crimson Destroyer [F]:28 Gavriel [F]:42
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ continues to laugh uproarously at the Dragon as his song carries on, though Jack’s more concerned with taking a step back and getitng out fo Jnezdie's way than pumping more power through it. [Move]
JayM: Jnezdie?
Jnezdie tears back across the field, leaping for the face of the Crimson Destroyer, not letting him recover from Gavriel's incredible blast! [Soul Eater, 47D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 ) for 85/15
JayM: A hit!
Jnezdie strikes across his previous strike!
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+528 and got 9 ( Total: 537.0 )
Jnezdie's strike causes the dragon recoil slightly, and he is grinning- But just as the strike lands, Kaela's music stops
JayM: And then starts again, different
JayM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HO_Ro_eFlQ
And then you hear… A loud, thundering explosion, coming from the direction of the fortress itself. And you see four jet-black objects- The pillars beneath the fortress, flying, propelled by massive rockets underneath them. And the warriors of the fortress, the gear they've divested, offered up to the sky
And then the there is spikes of blue lightning jumping between the pillars as they unfold into strange and unusal shapes, and the spikes of lightning then surge downwards, striking at the gear offered to the sky. Even the Crimson Destroyer, as his vision clears, stops to stare
Then as the pillars fly, they move towards eachother, and connect like a well-prepared machine, it looks odd, giving it the impression of a four-legged beast with a long neck and tail- And then the lightning rips the gear off of the hands offering them upwards, and it all flies towards it, the blades and shields and guns and armors are sundered open, parts and fragments inside them
JayM: following the trail of lightning towards the mass of dark metal above, and they hit against it, connect against it, and stick. The parts and pieces, the armor weapons, rapidly, following the trail of lightning, reforming that which was once whole
And the whole mass crashes against the ground, this time intact, in it's full glory. Half the size of the Crimson destroyer, not scales but metal plates, a featureless face save for but a visor, large metal wings with two powerful thrusters beneath each. A dragon made of pure black metal. It rears back it's head as if to roar, but the only roar heard is of it's engines revving up and
JayM: firing, a powerful roar
Argent: "…Sarah was damn right."
The Crimson Destroyer roars and beats it's wings, taking to the sky. The metal dragon fires it's engiens and does the same, they clash in the sky for but a moment, and the metal dragon retreats- Only to acquire distance as ports in it's sides open, revealing barrels that open fire a storm of bullets towards the larget beast. As the burning dragon chases, the engines of the mechanical one
JayM: keep it out of reach, and then it fires from the same guns beams of bright red light that arc in the sky, homing around the detroyer before criss-crossing across his body. But the beast it not easily taken down
The two continue this aerial combat for a while longer, until the metal one aquires a little more distance, and a blossom of white mist appears behind her- Hundreds of tiny rockets fire off, except you've never saw a rocket which could alter it's path, they all home into the larger dragon, engulfing it in debris and dust as they explode
JayM: It seems to stay that way for a moment, until the Crimson Destroyer roars and buffets the dust away, slightly harmed but not as much as you'd want him to be
Gavriel has -completely- forgotten about the wracking pain, the blood- all of it- any of it- just watching, jaw hanging open, breath caught, staring.
Jack‘ folds his arms over his chest as he watches the skies. "Glory hogs."
Argent: "Well, as far as secret weapons go, that one…lines up fairly well."
Jack: "This is going to be interesting to replicate on stage, though!:
Jnezdie: "Where in Ultima’s Skirt were they hidin' that?!"
Argent: "Remember that pillar we saw?"
Jnezdie: "Rhetorical!"
Argent: "It was like the one in the Viera Forest."
Argent eyerolls
The metal dragon then speaks, a strangely feminine voice- Familiar? Reminds you of Rainbow's "What do you think you can do, landbound beast! Have you ever felt the winds of the sun on your wings? Have you ever seen the world from above the clouds?!" she flies around the Crimson Destroyer, dodging it "And more importantly" she aims her face at him, a mouth opens, revealing a large cannon
JayM: "Have you ever slingshotted off a black hole?" and it fires a massive beam of pure blackness at him, enveloping him
Jnezdie: "Oh
wait, there was an answer to it."
Jnezdie: "Yeah I remem— WHOA!"
As the beam of blackness vanishes, a sphere of flames hits the ground… And yet, the Crimson Destroyer stands, exposed fractures, severe damage. And you notice, all of those shots which missed the larger dragon… They've hit the army below, with surgical precision, the Ethereal army has scattered considerable
JayM: A small squadron, however, has assembled under the defeated dragon, and as it roars in anguish, they whisk him away with teleport magic
JayM: The Ethereals are retreating, mostly in fear, and the metal dragon flies back towards the fortress
Argent: "Something tells me we haven't seen the last of that."
JayM: Seems like the battle is won
Jnezdie looks to the group, and then looks around for his Spellblades crew. He then fistpumps and leaps into the air!
Gavriel can't find the words to even react - still seeing the images of that battle in his mind's eye, in a bit of a daze - he's lost a fair amount of blood, too, which can't be helping.
Argent: "Let's report back to the K-Com. Our job's done." Argent nods…before as a formality, striking a few points on Gavriel's body. [Chakra]
Jnezdie: "YOU KNOW IT!"
The Spellblades have been- Tending to the crunched up guy, he'll survive. They've seen it all, and are going to have one hell of a tale to tell
Gavriel gasps suddenly, coughing up more blood, but- Argent's shaken him out of his daze; he's weak, but he gets to his feet. "Th- thanks. Did- that- that just happened, right-?"
Argent rolled 1d8+105 and got 7 ( Total: 112.0 ) for HP and MP
Also rolled 2d6+21 and got 2, 3 [Total: 26.0 (Low), Avg: 2.50]
Total: 138.0, Avg: 4.00**
Jnezdie hops to Gavriel and shouts again! "YOU -KNOW- IT!"
Argent: "…That indeed happened."
Jack: "if only so she can get on with the showing of the pathway."
Argent: "Go easy on that, by the by. We don't know how badly that thing squeezed you."
Jnezdie is practically leaping from place to place! "YEAH! We need a medic over heeeeeeea-" Points to Gav "And over heeeeeeeeea-" points to the injured Spellblade. "Show me where the rest is, I'll help anyone and everyone get back!"
Argent: "…Someone's excited."
There are soon enough medics arriving, they don't make an effort to hide, as much as they use potions they use magic. Yes, there are some coming from the WRONG side of the battlefield as well. But your group is all ushered off to return, any questions will have to be asked to the commander. As you make your way back to the K-Com, you find out that you don't need to head as far as you
JayM: thought. You reach the castle, which has a courtyard, which is mostly used to address to the troops, there is now, instead, the same metal dragon from before. It is curled, laying on the ground, although something looks off- She doesn't seems to realize you are there "Aaah… Michael, not the primary bank" a familiar voice echoes from inside her body "Aww, you like when I do that, though"
JayM: "Michael, doooon't" "Aww, you mean that you don't like when I do this to your capacitors, Li?" "Aaahh- Michael you're making it sound dirty, stop that" "You mean to say it isn't?" "Uhn- Michael there's people out here"
JayM: A sound of something hitting against metal, a cry of pain, a hatch somewhere in the dragon's back opens up "O-o-oi! You should have told me SOONER Liana!" he clambers out, flustered
Argent: "…I'm not even going to ask, though this explains a -lot-"
Jnezdie wolf whistles at the sounds, and at the people clambering out!
Sarah is, surprisingly, behind the party at this moment. Where did she sneak here "Hehehe… Liana you don't change, do you?"
[OOC] Jnezdie: still whistlin'
Jack‘ shakes his head.
Argent: "I figured so. You know this…er, dragon, Sarah?"
Michael, the same man from before "S-sorry for that. That little setup she did in the battlefield is just temporary, though. I really DO need to get all her parts attached proper"
Sarah nods at Argent "Yes, I do. She helped guide my people’s ships to these lands. Her name's Liana, the only metalian dragon in existance, formerly a crystal dragon like Rainbow
Argent: "…I see. So what was that other dragon?"
Gavriel cracks -some- kind of grin out of the corner of his mouth, shrugs- goes to one knee, stiffly, before the dragon- machine- whatever. "That was… magnificent." He looks like he's been waiting to say that and specifically that since the moment it happened.
Jnezdie: "It's a good thing I never stop and actually think about this kind of thing when it first crosses my plate."
There is a voice, it's clear it's from the dragon but she has no real mouth to speak with "Things always explain themselves"
Sarah: "That, I think was a native"
Jnezdie: "Aw, I put everyone and every place into the category of 'thing.' Sorry if it hurt'cha real personal-like."
Argent quirks an eyebrow. That's gonna take getting used to. "…Anyway, thanks for the backup."
Liana: "Hardly, even I have been having issues with that"
Sarah: "Tell me, Liana. I never asked before, that little legend… It's in the wrong order, right?"
Liana: "Yeah. Me and Michael only started dating after I already in pieces"
Liana: "Speaking of, I suppose I owe some explanation about me? I don't think your people have ever built anything quite as I am"
Argent: "That'd be preferable, yes."
Jnezdie sets his brow, slides his jaw to a side, and cocks his head. Even Jnezdie has his expectations, and that went all over them.
Gavriel: "Not… even… slightly, no." He's still… more or less utterly in awe.
Argent: "And…no, we haven't seen anything like this. Ever."
Liana: "Well… Not sure how much the Maiden-" Sarah interrupts her "Don't call me that! Only the Knights and… They I guess… Get to call me that" a chuckle from the dragon "Well- Not sure how much Sarah has told you, but"
Jnezdie: "(Aw, Jack's been callin' her that since rain droplet one.)"
Jack: "(We're the 'they'!)"
Argent: "…I was going to ask her about what I saw in that room yesterday, yes."
Jnezdie: "(Well yeah I know that, but before we got to be the 'they'— aw, nevermind.)"
Liana: "I first came here to assist a fleet searching for a crashed colonist ship. It wasn't an easy trip, the storms protecting this land are powerful and, truth to be told, my forcefields are the only thing that can stave off at least a little bit of of that storm. It's not like I could do much more than delay the inevitable. The rescue fleet HAD to crash to come to this place, I just
JayM: made sure it did so in a planned manner. Mind, I was part of the fleet, so I crashed too "
Michael: "One day, we just see this… Huge, broken-down dragon-shaped machine limping towards the fortress. You can guess our engineers were all willing to open it up and study it, and then it speaks. And offers to help us out lending our her portions and fragments to make gear for us as long as we reassemble her after she's done being repaired"
Liana: "Well… I kind of lied about how long it took to repair me, I was kind of enjoying this place. It's like nobody cares who, what or from where you are. Everyone's so kind and open-minded. I ever managed to meet up someone weird enough to consider thinking a toy like me worth their affection"
Michael: "Well, i'm not too old to play with dolls, i'd say…"
Liana chuckles at that
Argent: "…Anyway, that explains a good deal as to why this fortress had…that. And the legend around that."
Liana: "As for my nature- I'm one-of-a-kind. I was once a living being, but had all my parts slowly replaced by machinery. Reason being that i'm an idiot, I wouldn't wish this on anyone"
Argent: "(…could've spared us all the flirting though.)"
Jnezdie holds his previous bewildered expression with slight changes- a twist of his mouth to be an odd grin as he squints his eyes.
Gavriel raises an eyebrow. He could ask why not, but…
Sarah shakes her head "It's in her blood, so to say… In the name of Siren's song, she can't STOP it"
Liana: "Aww, come on. Don't deny what little of my living desires I still have"
Jnezdie: "Uh… when you put it like that, can't be helped."
Argent: "(uuuuuuuugh…)"
Jnezdie deadpans that line, and his eyebrows wrinkle further.
Liana does a weird move, like a shudder "You're certainly surprised, I can say that. Kaela was saying about getting you across the Blockade, I can get you across no problems. She was going to try a type of pile bunker prototype but, i'd rather a tried and true method rather than let you guys do some prototype testing"
Jack: "Hmm."
Jnezdie has a brief recontexualization of 'prototype testing' flash through his mind, and just as quickly, he shakes it off.
Jnezdie: "Sounds good!"
Liana: "Come on, being this surprising isn't all that fun if you don't ask a question, c'mon. It's not like i'm under the same orders of secrecy that Sarah is-"
Sarah: "Hey! Come on now, no fair. Plus, I CAN still bust up your programming if you do that"
Argent: "…"
Sarah: "Not… Like i'm not going to give you some leniency, though"
Sarah mock-angry
Liana giggles "Okay, okay, so I can't tell TOO much or else the lady here will have my wings, but still"
Gavriel shakes his head. "…I don't understand. Who- what- are you trying to protect us from by not telling us the whole truth?"
Jack‘ holds his hands to the side, palms up. "Details are revealed as they become important. All I want to know is: how soon can we leave?"
Jnezdie: "So…what’s your…favorite restaurant to go to on a date…no, I guess you wouldn't do that…would yo"
Jnezdie snaps out of it. "Oh. Yeah, gettin' goin' would be nice too- a guesstimate on leavin' too, while we got the breather room."
Argent: "Okay, I've got one. I've got a good idea in general terms what Ultima and Phoenix are, but it sounds like you'd know the exacts of the matter. Could you divulge on that?"
Jack‘ scoffs.
Liana: "Hrm… We’re trying to avoid an international incident. You see, the guardian angel that protects your people… Would absolutely murder anyone else that isn't a native. And our counter-measures to survive here, at least for the normal people, would pretty much annihilate any of the natives. We're trying to keep mostly secret while we find something that does not involves widespread
JayM: death "
Liana: "Hrm… My favorite restaurant, really, it's kind of far away but anywhere with a good view, i'd say. I'm pretty eccletic about food. We can certainly leave as soon as i'm done being reassembled and…"
Liana: "Sorry, Argent, I can't. That really is… Something we're not sure on either, so better not to risk"
Argent: "Hn. Got it."
Liana then stretches her neck a little further, wrapping around Jnezdie's back "Now, would I what?"
Gavriel frowns. …from what he's managing to put together… he wouldn't call it a guardian angel. "Thank you."
Jnezdie: "Aw, I was just thinkin' about if'n you 'n Zen over there'd tromp over to a corner cafe for a date or would it be an 'eating in' kinda thing."
Liana makes an odd sighing sound "I swear, Sarah, why can't you just tell them the whole truth"
Jnezdie: "I hadn't worked my way over to the embarassin' questions."
Argent: "…if he's going to start with that, I'm going to go report to the K-Com."
Liana grins "Oh, i'd certain invite you to eat in…"
The sound of something hitting against metal "Owowow, what, Sarah"
Jnezdie is silent. Then: "…dang, I walked right into that one."
Sarah: "Oh, come ON that was unescessary"
Gavriel erupts into a coughing fit out of a hoarse bark of laughter, and nearly coughs blood again, shakes his head… corner of his mouth twitching in a grin. "…you did, Jnezdie."
Argent: "Oi, Gav, I said easy! That pressure-point trick's just a quick fix."
Roughly now is when the K-Com IS in fact passing by, there's five people hovering around her, she's recieving reports as she walks and seems to utterly ignore Liana's presence "Hrm… Right- Ranel, got that? Okay, good-" she looks at the party "Sorry for the bluntness, I am in fact thankful for your assitance, but I'd appreciate a report as fast as possible"
Argent: "Got it."
Jnezdie: "We busted 'im."
Jnezdie: "I got somethin' like forty, fifty, three hundred knockouts m'self."
Gavriel: "We held the line. Gave the fiery son of a bitch a few scars, too."
Argent: "Operations were largely successful. Unfortunately our retreat order came late and we had to deal with one of the Etheral-side dragons until Liana here came along."
Jnezdie: "Maybe more? 'n yeah we left some marks on the mug o' that big firey bastard."
Kaela is silent for a moment, before letting out a huge sigh "Phoenix save me… Sometimes I really, really doubt my Elvaan sense, but at least it is yet to fail me…" she puts a hand over her face, turns to the guys around her, and they nods and step off. Kaela lays against Liana and sighs again
Kaela: "Jack"
Kaela: "I can't really speak and play at the same time, but… This war's absolutely meaningless, you're right"
Jack: "Mm. As long as you are aware and not actively seeking to play in it."
Kaela: "All I want… It's to protect those under my aegis" she pulls out a letter from her pocket, and hands over to him "I even… Made a peace treaty with the nearest Ethereal city, named Lorente, up north. No-one takes the offensive initiative, until our respective governments ask for it. No grudges held"
Kaela: "We help them out with wild beast problems now and then, they supply us with healers here and there"
Argent: "Explains the use of healing magic around here."
Kaela: "A letter of introduction, you'll be welcomed there. I'm sure Liana can take you guys there without a problem"
Jnezdie: "Huh. That clears some things up."
Jack‘ takes the letter, nodding.
Gavriel tilts his head to the side, nods. Even as a soldier in the Material forces… he can recognise when something’s the right thing to do, and his respect for Kaela grows even deeper.
Argent: "…right. Should we get something to cover Gavriel up with for when we move further up?"
Kaela looks at Argent "Well… Anyone who just wants to live in peace is welcomed to here… We've a few defected mages who live here too… All nice guys, I think I know all of them personally"
Kaela: "I'd… Suggest so"
Kaela: "Nngh, okay…" she stands on her feet again, a pair of slaps on her own face "Game face on, gotta get the fortress in order again, then I think… I can take a pass off"
Kalea sighs, and her stern face returns, and she walks off again
Jack‘ rolls his eyes. "All we need conceal is that overly large contraption on his arm. Stow it under blankets in the cart, pehaps."
Argent: "Right. Tell us when we’re expected to leave."
Gavriel: "Varg aren't particularly… well-liked, north of the border."
Argent: "That."
Jnezdie reaches over to give Gav a hair ruffle, then halts halfway over, remembering that the Varg is pretty- y'know- beat to shit.
Michael: "As soon as i'm done with repairs and… Testing…"
Jack: "Tsk tsk. Just be nice and friendly. Smile! Don't scowl when magic happens. You'll be fine."
Liana: "Yes, extensive testing"
Argent: "You don't get it, do you?"
Jack: "I think I get far more than you do!"
Jnezdie: "…testing, right."
Gavriel: "…I could pose as a prisoner of war, a personal servant- any number of things. It's just… they will ask questions."
Argent: "This isn't something that's going to be solved by a song-and-dance routine, Jack. The sooner you understand that, the better."
Jnezdie newtype flashes, and grins at Gavriel. "Hey, think you need to visit the hospital?"
Jack: "One day, Argent, your blinders will be removed. And it will be the happiest day of your life."
Gavriel quirks an ear at Jnezdie. "…it would not be a bad idea."
JayM: So off to the hospital
Argent eyerolls. "I'm going to check what sort of provisions we need. Given the specialties the Ethereals tend toward, something tells me they have entirely different production needs. If anyone needs anything, now's probably the time."
JayM: (do any of you else have an yplans for immediately? They are likely only taking off next Pass)
Argent: (Argent's doing a supply run)
Argent: (That aside, probably just going to unwind with a drink at a bar; the gambling den probably got shut down.)
JayM: Still going strong, Argent
JayM: Although some guys don't hang out there any longer…
Argent will probably spend some time there then
The hospital… A nice place, if you ignore the amount of… Blood on the floor. And grunts and groans of pain. It's not like they're being careless here, but even with the sudden stop that battle was still goddamn brutal
A single, really old-looking Viera seems to valiantly fight against all the bloodstains
Jnezdie: "…goodness."
Gavriel winces- in recognition, in sympathy.
However there is a certain serene aura in this place you can't quite place… Although, with all your experiences plus recent knowledge… Most likely some subtle and widespread magical healing effect is in place here as well
Jnezdie: "…I suppose there's a normal check-in procedure. Wonder if we can toss some names about so we getcha' better before we have to head out."
There is a counter, there is a proper check-in to be done. Gavriel cannot be seen utterly immediately, some people are in critical condition and sadly to help with his specific wounds requires specialists already busy with the critical cases. However, before the Pass is over he can be seen, so you're cool
Gavriel can wait. Varg are good at being stoic, bloody, and ruffle-furred.
Jnezdie looks about rather conspiciously while waiting, and a few times he even offers to help at least clean up the entryway/bloodsplattered floors.
Jnezdie: "(I get bored when I'm not slappin' dragons in the face with my sword,)" he explains.
JayM: Any help is much appreciated
Jnezdie asks, while helping- "Hey, you know what win Eileen is in?"
[OOC] Jnezdie: *wing
The Viera maid looks at Jnezdie, scrunches up her face a moment… "East wing, ward 3"
Jnezdie: "Roger that." He pushes himself to work on these next three rows of tiles quickly, then taking a bit of the cleaning solution and applying it to clean the blood from himself before casually making his way over.
JayM: It stings D:
Jnezdie realizes that probably wasn't the -best- idea, but goes anyway.
Jnezdie makes his way over there. He realizes that Ward 3 is actually- closed to the public, maitenance, it seems. When somebody notices WHO Jnezdie is, however, he is taken inside. The person asks him who he wants to talk to and, when Eileen is mentioned, eh is taken to a small room. She is sitting cross-legged, her staff on her lap, she is concentrating, although she notices when you
JayM: enter. She smiles gently and stands up "Jnezdie, I take it you're- Well, I wouldn't dare ask if you're intact after what I heard you did"
Jnezdie: "Aw, don't get embarassed about askin' me about such a simple thing."
Jnezdie: "Got a friend who could be doin' better- but I'm also checking in on this place, too. Y' look well, for all that focusing."
Eileen shakes her head "Nah, it's simple enough. Just takes a bit of stamina"
Jnezdie: "That so. That the field I'm feelin' when I walk into this place?"
Eileen nods "Yes… Helps the actual doctors"
Jnezdie: "Sayin' that like you aren't one."
Eileen sighs, rather comically "Battlefield medic, at best"
Eileen: "Your medicine is so wonderful… It's not as fast, but it's more effective than our magic"
Jnezdie: "Keepin' people together in the same place they're gettin' blown apart, pretty great thing."
Jnezdie: "Two sides of the same coin, here."
Jnezdie: "Each got what they're good at, and it's somethin' great when they're combined."
Jnezdie: "Just like what I've been seeing out there in the field, would that I could believe my eyes that Materialites would cast spells."
Jnezdie: "And each time, y'd thing a soul could smile."
[OOC] Jnezdie: *think
Eileen smiles "Ahaha… I guess"
Jnezdie: "If it's not too distracting, would you mind a helpin' hand?"
Jnezdie: "I like it here, yeah?"
Eileen nods "Sure, i'd love some help. Not too many to do that"
Jnezdie smiles, and takes a seat next to her.
Eileen nods to herself, and actually sits across from Jnezdie "A little chat helps out" she says, holding his hands, he IS going to help, for real
[OOC] JayM: End that scene here!
A cavernous room, made of smooth stone and richly decorated with gold and jewels. There, brooding, curled in the ground, the titanic form of the Crimson Destroyer. Alone, body battered, he puffs smoke.
A Qu approaches him most reverently, dressed in garish reds, matching his master's color "Master Akira… Do you wish to call for the healers?" it says, head bowed
The Qu bows his head again, and steps back, walking out. He heads his way to the kitchen, wherein a small army is preparing a large meal, which he oversees. As well as watches over a series of potions which slowly boil "… The master will need to heal faster… I wish he would allow the healers nearby, that scar over his eye, I cannot heal myself…"
[End Epilogue]
[30 AP], because you guys aced that fight very well
[11040] Gil, because really, I count that as a victory
[4600] XP because the full XP value is too big
[+5 AP/+1050 XP]

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