Argent approaches the K-Com's quarters after having asked around for directions there. There was…not much incident, thankfully, though finding someone was a bit harder given the skeleton crew. And with that, Argent knocks on the door.
JayM: (her house, btw, is the Tenki residence)
The door is knocked on, a residence exactly like yours, the plaque up front says "Tenki" . A few moments, and who opens up the door is Ranel, he smiles gently at you, and waves you in "Please, do come in. I have just finished some tea"
Argent blinks once, not quite expecting Ranel's presence, but then nods. "Thanks. I hope I'm not interrupting anything important with this," as she steps in.
Ranel shakes his head slightly, and takes you to the living room, where Kaela is reading a book. She's got simple clothes on, very light. The book is actually pretty heavy, a cup of tea beside her "No, certainly not. But please, what troubles you?" his tone is serious, certainly strong but kind. Not intimidating, but stern. Easy to tell he's the serious and chivalrous type
Argent: Argent sits down in a chair if offered, "In good news, the intruder was stopped. I don't know her condition yet, but it was a close call. What bothers me on the matter is that we did end up seeing the core of the castle—and Zen seems to know a hell of a lot more about it than one'd think."
Kaela looks up from her book "Oh, so you saw Michael and the Crystal Heart"
Kaela puts a hand on her chin "That the intruder got that far down…"
Kaela: "What questions do you have?"
Argent: "For one, what do you know about it? What it does for this place, how long it's been known about, and so on?"
Kaela: "… I won't share everything. Because… The Barricade will go down soon, and that is the keystone of our defense… I expect… I expect burning wings to tinge the sky and the earth red, and that might be our only salvation"
Kaela: "But have you heard the little legend around our fort?"
Argent: "Yeah. Remnant of a dragon who gave parts of itself out of love for a human, right?"
Kaela: "A little… More romantic than the truth. That's what you saw in there, the bigger pieces"
Kaela: "You know a little more the details of the legend? Think about the sword Zen keeps chained in it's scabbard"
Kaela: "By the way, he prefers to be called Michael, his first name"
Kaela: "… If my feelings are right, if those reports speak truth, and the Etherealites are as smart as I expect them to be… Before the next pass is over, you'll have the whole truth"
Argent: "Got it. And I saw the chained sword…wait, you're saying that was the supposed blade?"
Kaela: "It would make sense, wouldn't it?"
Argent: "Hm. That it would. …under normal circumstances I'd ask to see if I could communicate with the pillar, but I'll refrain given the likely security risk. …so I'll instead ask this: …why was Michael doing everything short of humping the pillar?"
Kaela: "Well, now… I hear if you're not careful with a… Certain thing, down there, it can make one's mind somewhat… Full of desire. And mind, me and Ranel are far from being the most scandlous couple of this fortress"
Argent: "…got it."
Kaela: "Say… Maybe your Bangaa friend might be able to give you more answers. She's as… Oblivious to my strategic needs as you are, but is just as acquainted with the Crystal Heart"
Ranel: "I think that covers most of everything we can share without posing a security risk. I cannot think of anything else to share at the moment, mind"
Argent: "Sarah's familiar with things like it at least, so…yeah, I'll see what she has to say on the matter. I'd stay and talk more, but given the security issues and impending Ethereal charge, I figure I should leave you two to your rest."
Argent stands up.
Ranel: "Good luck"
Argent nods. "You too," before taking her leave of the Tenki residence.
JayM: Sadly, Sarah is nowhere to be found for now
Argent: "(Seems like we're not the only ones to take advantage of the technology around here.)"

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