Split Worlds - Session 12
The clouds above seem to have taken a turn for the worst possible, lightning arcs from mass of clouds to mass of clouds, the entire sky has cone jet-black from storm clouds, you are aware that Ultima's Throne is somewhere up there but everything is such a mass of storm that it is impossible to figure out where, causing a bit of damage to your sense of time. The water falls on you almost
JayM: like a waterfall, Sarah is holding her arms tight against her body, hunched slightly, looking severely weakened by the water falling
The final destination, your current objective, however, is not far. Just a couple of Mists more and you should reach it. You can see it from here, a pair of spikes of blackened metal protuding from the ground, multi-colored glass attached to it, as if some ancient glass arch had been shattered and dumped aside
Argent has tightened the straps on her hatlast thing she wants at this rate is for the damn thing to get knocked off by the weather. "So, this is the last ruin before we try to find the whereabouts of 'Phoenix's Grave'?"
Sarah nods, meekly "Y-yes…"
Jack‘ has slung his lute off of his back, and holds the body of it over Sarah’s head.
Jnezdie: "Not quite like that, it's more like
Jnezdie smiles wide and holds out a thumbs up, and from his chest he booms: "YES!"
Gavriel glances up, but he keeps his skyward glances rather harshly limited. This constant downpour, the maddening lightning… After everything they've experienced, it's a perfect backdrop to their approach towards their final objective. Quietly, with a gravelly voice: "…the skies are giving your future pyrotechnics budget a workout, already, aren't they?"
Sarah smiles rather meekly at Jnezdie "You… Got that… Right"
Jack: "Fahaha!"
Argent: oO(…of course, Phoenix was likely not alive to begin with given what I know now…)
As you approach the entrance, you notice that the spikes of metal indicate the entrance of an underground tunnel, partially collapsed but passable, the dar skies leave you little to no light to see what lies further ahead, but there is something all of you can feel as you approach
Jack‘ twitche shis nose a bit, then frowns. "Hrmrmrmmm… to bold go where few have gone before…"
As you approach the entrance, your body hesitates far before your mind does, as you’re about to take that one step in, your foot decides to hit the ground a milisecond too son and keep you from going in… The darkness inside seems to grow deeper, and you realize that this particular ruin, must go deep into the ground, forever. You notice a pair of indistinguishable forms in the darkness,
JayM: a pair of dots of light- Eyes?
You don't know wether you want to enter or not, no, you know that you DON'T want to enter this place
Jack‘ is certainly hesitating! And giving Sarah the most uncertain look.
Argent: "…Identify yourself." Argent stops, hand on her axe, glaring at the eyes. The weather’s put her on edge already, and now this place
Jnezdie turns his outstretched thumb upside down. He thwaps at it with his other hand. "C'mon now, let's work back up to 'yes.'"
JayM: Your voice echoes back at you
Sarah looks at Jack "I-it's inside… Inside there…"
Gavriel twitches his nose, and hesitates, the fur on the back of his neck - on everywhere - standing on end. "(…there's nothing inside there, it just… goes down, and down, into-)" -he nearly physically cuts himself off, looking in another direction.
Jnezdie: "Yeesh, couldn't 've picked a worse place to be." He shakes his head, jamming his hands in his pockets.
Argent: "Nothing, then…" Argent keeps a hold on her axe, hair almost bristling as she grits her teeth in apprehension
Jack: "I can't say I'm thrilled by the prospect of entering a dead ruin! Nor can anyone!"
Jnezdie: "I am all the way with you on that one, yeah."
Gavriel flicks an ear as far as it goes, the other flat against his head, and his eyepatched side is facing the ruin's entrance…
Jnezdie: "A'int exactly a thing a man -ever- wants to do in his life."
Argent: "Serious about something for once, I'm surprised."
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I'ma let you have that one right now."
Jack: "We're always serious, Argent."
Jnezdie: "A'int about to get into the in-tra-ca-cies about it because goin' Dead Ruin hopping isn't exactly somethin' I ever figured I'd be doin' -twice-."
Jack‘ puts a hand to his chin, stroking it with his pointer finger and thumb while he rets the elbow in his other hand.
Gavriel glances at Jnezdie, even though it means casting his good eye over the ruins entrance. Something about his tone… Gavriel frowns.
Argent manages a poor excuse for the typical Argent eyeroll, eyes seemingly fixated on the ruin. "Will say it, only job I admit to quitting involved one of these fucking things."
Jnezdie: "…and on the flip side of it, never thought I’d learn about how Ultima and all were real people and the Heir stuff and every thousand Cycles…"
Argent: "…you haven't figured it out, have you."
Jnezdie: "You can speak your mind, y'know, we haven't stopped you yet."
Gavriel looks like he was about to say something, turns towards Argent, and waits, expectantly.
Argent: "There are no gods. They're not people, either."
Jack: "Ah, it must be terrible."
Jack: "Possessing a mind incapable of imagination or extrapolation."
Argent: "They're machines of the sort we've been running into in the ruins."
Jnezdie: "That a fact?"
Argent: "Most definitely."
Jnezdie: "It's much less fun to flip off a machine."
Jack‘ gives Argent a look of deep pitty before shaking his head.
Jnezdie: "Or take ’em out for drinks or— look, the point is-"
Jnezdie: "Then why bother with all the hoopla?"
Gavriel rolls his eye. "Tell that to an Ethereal. We've been living without gods south of the border for this long, it hasn't hurt us any." He shrugs. "What they -are-, what truth there is to what they call as gods… don't really think there's any evidence that could convince a mage, so it's all pissing into the wind, really."
Jnezdie: "That's why I keep an open mind."
Jnezdie: "I love talkin' about this, by the way, and not actually going -into- the ruin."
Jnezdie: "Workin' up the courage. Or the insanity. You get me?"
Jack: "Hmph."
Argent: "I hate this place already."
Gavriel rumbles at Jnezdie, amusedly. "…for what it's worth, can you even say that these things we've seen are 'just' machines? Does the word 'just' even really apply? To -anything- we've seen, or will see?"
Jnezdie laughs, still nervous from the ruin, but genuinely amused. "That's sayin' something coming from you, Gav."
Gavriel shrugs. "Denying something exists, refusing to percieve something… 's just as useless as fetishising the mystery of it."
Sarah closes her eyes, shaking… She takes a couple of steps forward, while you're talking, heading towards the entrance of the ruin
Gavriel: "The world's meant to be understood-" -he walks forward, focusing on Sarah.
Jnezdie: "Fetishising is fun though— no, I -don't- mean like -that-, Arge, before you EVEN say word one"
Jack‘ frowns, still hanging back.
Jnezdie: "
aw hey, she’s on the move."
Argent forces herself to step forward. This job requires such "Focus on the mission already, we can bicker after we're out of here."
And Sarah steps past the true boundary of the Dead Ruin- An unusual reaction, her dress changes color, a lime green color, but she keeps a tight grip to herself, eyes closed. Her breath is ragged still but- Something is different, you're not sure what
Gavriel rumbles amusedly again. "Keep talkin', Jnezdie." Forward, forward, forward.
Jnezdie: "Yeah, yeah, I got this." He tap/swats Jack on the arm. "Jack, we got this, right?"
Argent: forward forward, oh god this feeling sucks so damn much
Jack: "Nnnnggh…"
Gavriel is the first one to step past the boundary- And everything in his world is shaking, slightly- The hunger, his stomach rumbles and his vision becomes slightly foggy, his arms loose strength, his whole body does. But that is not the worst- The worst of all is his heart, it's what really looses strength. And suddenly everything looks scary, like a monster, like something is eating
JayM: away at his courage
Jack‘ drops his hands to his sides, but peers at Sarah and the others as they cross the boundry.
JayM: Gavriel looses [Forgotten Howl] acquires [Coward’s Whimper] - Reaction, 50% CoS of loosing action before executing it. All Talents become sealed except Changeable ones! (you can change them right now if you want, though)
Jnezdie: "…aw, yeah— you see that? The dress, man. It's like…fuck, what's that— MOOD DRESS."
Jnezdie: "Maybe. Sort of."
Gavriel staggers, wobbles, nearly trips in his determination to put one foot in front of the other, and he slows, the weight of his weapon dragging him inexorably down- the weariness of the battlefield, but you can't leave your weapon on the field, you have to take it with you- you can't give up- he whimpers, plaintively. Forward, forw…
Jnezdie slightly calls since they're in front of him- "Sarah your dress is lovely I didn't mean it like that-"
Argent grits her teeth as she forces herself to step forward
Next up is Argent, she nearly stumbles forward as she feels as if she hadn't ate in centuries, not as if she didn't eat, but as if she hadn't eaten enough to sustain her body in ever. Her arms suddenly are just barely strong enough to hold on to her weapon, the weight of her armor almost crushing her spine. But that is not the worst, the worst is the sudden… Cacophony, the horrible,
JayM: horrible white noise that doesn't lets you think
JayM: Argent looses [Artcall] acquires [White Noise] - Support, +30D to all Actions. All Talents become sealed except Changeable ones (you can change them right now, though)
Gavriel stops, for a moment, puts a paw over his heart. His paw is shaking- he is -hungry-, hungrier than he's ever been, and the eyes, looking out- they eyes that censured him, the eyes of the witnesses at a court-martial, shaming him, knowing every thing he might keep hidden under the stony, gravely voice- "-damn it, no." Forward. Forward.
Jack‘ rubs a hand at his face before glancing over at Jnezdie. "Hahah… Are you sure we ought to cross this line, my friend? They don’t look so well."
Jnezdie is the next- He steps- trips rather over a loose bit of rock. Something, he catches something in the side of his view range, moving shadows, a clawed hand, over his should- He turns to face it only to get his legs in a knot and fall over, all his muscles have gone numb, powerless, agility lost. And what is worst is, something- Nothing seems to make sense, any longer, you're not
JayM: sure why, it's as suddenly a third of your mind, your memories, is missing and you can't make the connection between things any longer
Jnezdie flops his hands to the side as they advance— even though he's not all that much farther behind them. He takes several deep breaths.
Jnezdie: "There's only one thing that defines one's future for sure, you know!" He takes a step!
JayM: Jnezdie looses [Akashic] acquires [Disconnected] - All CoSes cap at 65. All Talents become sealed except Changeable ones! (you can change them right now if you want, though)
Jnezdie immediately regrets it, hitting the ground with a thud.
Argent absolutely cringes as she loses what grace and strength she had in her movement, strength gone and arms completely ready to weakly and futilely go up to her ears to try and block out that noise, if it didn't mean dropping the load that felt like her only security left as she trudged forward, "…s…shit…"
Jnezdie: "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh'
And Jack is the last to enter. And his is horribly… Different. He feels the hunger, he feels the fear, but more than everything he feels his body, revolting against itself, all the energy, all the power, his life force itself turning on itself as if it wanted to destroy itself!
JayM: Jack looses [Apocalyptic Arcana] acquires [Overload] - -11 STR and MAG. All Talents become sealed except Changeable ones! (you can change them right now if you want, though)
JayM: And, after a while, a long while, you can see a further path in the distance- Ahead, it's where you can go. Large, spheroid… Strange beings, machines, guardians perhaps, seem to be on the way, but you can only see shades this far
Sarah looks up "C-c'mon. It shouldn't be too far inside"
Jnezdie pulls himself up with an arm, half-crawling for several inches before curling his legs under him, and weakly comes to a stand. He unhooks his katana from his belt and uses it as a crutch, a walking cane, any kind of support as he shuffles his feet forward inch by stubborn inch. "Y-yeah, got it, Sarah."
Argent: "…can barely hear you…all of this…kkkkkkkkkkkhhhhh…"
Argent is visibly cringing and in agony as she drags herself through the blackened ruin…
Gavriel steps forward, one after the other. His steps keep getting smaller and smaller- Sarah's voice, the colour of her dress, that's something that he can follow, right? Like the war drum calling them home off the battlefield. One foot in front of the other. Don't drop your gun, don't leave a man behind.
Jack‘ flicks his eyes around after he finally crosses the boundry when Sarah starts to get out of few and hesitates again. Eventually his eyes settle on a smooth stone, which he kneels down to pick up, then plops it into his mouth and begins to chew on it.
Sarah takes the lead this time. The corridors are made of glass, with rocks above them, metal on the ground below. At a point you’re startled, you see a mass of something, threatening, to you side- Except it turns out to be nothing, but a different passage. Ahead, what looked like the guardians- Are nothing but stones which fell off the ceiling. A spot of light beyond them
JayM: Rocks that, to move, will require a Strength [TN 4] check
Argent: All of Argent's normally considerable and surprising strength has left her at this very moment…there's nothing at all. Nothing. [No Reels]
Gavriel jumps at shadows; his ears are tweaked to the sides and his eyes wide and his tail fluffed out like a frightened pup going outside for the first time; he growls at rocks and flails, once, at his reflection in the glass, a mirror-enemy encroaching on his territory, but in the sight of this hell-ruin and man he will follow Sarah if it's the last thing he does. [Pussy: Strength]
[OOC] Gavriel: Whoops I mean [No Reels]
[OOC] Jnezdie: wrongola, you are the only one of us with one haha
[OOC] Gavriel: Okay when Jules said "all your shit is gone except changeables" I assumed he wasn't lying like a filthy sadist. [Aptitude: Physical]
[OOC] Jnezdie: > jules
[OOC] JayM: I am a filthy sadist but I need to keep consistency with the setting's physics
Jnezdie shuffles, and it's that horrible shadow, come to claim him as it nearly did at the entrance— no…rocks. He's lifted larger ones. He's broken larger ones with well-placed chops… or was it a dream? It can only be a dream, with the utter realization of how clumsy and weak he is now. [No Reels]
Jnezdie rolled 1d8+1 and got 2 ( Total: 3.0 ) **
Also rolled 4d8 and got 7, 5, 1, 5 [Total: 18 (Avg), Avg: 4.50]
Total: 21.0, Avg: 4.00
Gavriel steps forward. His hands may be shaking, he may be having trouble walking in a straight line, but damn it, if Sarah needs to get through this obstacle… he'll come up with something, strength he didn't know he had. As Jack might say, the show must go on.
It takes a lot of strength, attempts- The only one that can get any work done is Gavriel in the end- His muscles feel weak but with a lot of effort, using his whole body, he moves rocks. He feels his bones as if about to crack, and then not. Every inch he pushes a stone out of the way, it's as if his bones echoed like a bell
Gavriel will close his eyes, and sleep, and be woken by the memory of the sound of his bones, his body, protesting, if that's what it takes. They
Gavriel will close his eyes, and sleep, and be woken by the memory of the sound of his bones, his body, protesting, if that's what it takes. They've come this far.
[OOC] Gavriel: augh
Jack‘ simply leans against the wall at Gavriel works, putting a lot of effort into focusing on chewing on the stone in his mouth.
And a little space is opened, and you can make it through. Sarah goes first, and lends a hand to all going through. It takes a while, a dreadful while, and you come out scratched and scraped. You eventually do it, though, and the corridor comes to a light- A blinding light, you’re sure it's an opponent attack, you've seen so many strike with light! But after you react, you realize that
JayM: it's in reality coming from the ceiling, a soft warm glow that doesn't do much, more than cast ghostly images
The place, it's a giant metallic room, there are tables full of spikes, terrible saws and beams of light aimed at them, horrible machines of torture spread around. And this foul smell, this smell of pure, raw, intoxicating death in the air, how can an immaterial concept have a smell? You cannot be sure, at all
Argent couldn't get any peace if she wanted to…any at all. Nothing peaceful…every sound…and that constant noise…all of it…all of it…and then the path is open…as she merely drags and clambers herself through the space…and as she was about to summon any strength in reserve as soon as she gazed upon that light…it must have been…
Puddles of a liquid, wherein tiny motes of neon blue light float, are all over the ground, an ancient broken tube in the ceiling the likely culprit. And Sarah quickly makes her way around the puddles, unaffected, but as you approach to follow, you feel, your own body hesitating, unsure of gettign near, and when you do, you feel as if the air itself was eating at you, your flesh
Gavriel flinches from it nonetheless. If the shadows could see his shame, now he stands in the spotlight; he can feel the light's warmth on the bloody patches where the edges of the rock ripped at his fur, and it stings. "S- Sarah-"
JayM: This isn't good, to go through, you can't go around, there's too much, you'd have to find a way through. Vials of transparent liquids are in cabinets all around, labels. You could perhaps… Learning/Medicine [TN 3]?
Argent: no…it wasn't. But whatever this thing is…it's disgusting…revolting…nevermind those puddles, this air……whatever they were…it was only definable as raw agony in its most distilled form…
Argent: The pain, the sensation was too much. [No reels]
Jack: "Nnnn…no… get it away… hrrrmmm… if you…" [Aptitude]
Sarah bites at her lip- "Dammit, dammit…" she steps back to the party "C'mon, i'll help" [Trained: Medicine]
Jnezdie understands— as dumb as he is struck with the very air around him- he understands, we're all so ugly and stupid and doomed. The atmosphere of death and tools of pain are completely understood- there is a relief here, among the blad— no! 'To die is -not- one's future'- and that axiom is challenged immediately, as he takes yet another brave step. [No Reels]
Gavriel has nothing but desperation to offer, reaching out towards Sarah, who's going too fast, leaving them here in this pit of death- "Sarah!" [No Reels]
Argent: "damnitalldamnitalldamnitalldamnitalldamnitall…."
Jnezdie rolled 1d8+1 and got 8 ( Total: 9.0 ) for trained?
Also rolled 4d8 and got 3, 4, 4, 3 [Total: 14 (Low), Avg: 3.50]
Total: 23.0, Avg: 4.40
Sarah jumps over the puddles, and holds on to Gavriel's hands all the while as she points out vials and, with some assistance of the party vials are mixed and a dark silvery liquid is created, which is thrown over a single puddle, and you jump over it. And you quickly scurry away from this accursed place. You step through a dark corridor, into a room- The only brightly lit room, made of
JayM: metal darkened to ease on the eyes, chairs, tables, glass panels ont he walls, and a giant black pillar in the center
Wires fall from the ceiling, broken and damaged, melted, and the other side of the remains of the wires connected to the pillar, loosely drooping at the side "Guys…" Sarah points to a hatch, behind the pillar "That is the way down, but…"
Argent: "…is this…i…no…it's not over yet…"
Sarah steps closer to the pillar "C-Can you wait, a moment? Help if you feel you need, but- I need to repair this"
Argent: "…right…"
JayM: This will be a Tinkering [TN 4] check, you can help, or Sarah can do alone
JayM: She also has [Discretion] [Extreme Effort] to apply to this
Argent , almost out of madness, crawls in to help…[no pre-roll]
Gavriel flinches- but then it's Sarah- what is she, that this temple to death and weakness- hunger- she is hungry- outside- Gavriel stares at her with a look of horror and fear twisting his expression, but he doesn't move away from her side, regardless. He doesn't say anything, he just nods. Pick a spot, dig in, wait for the bombs to stop. [No Reels]
Jnezdie groans and wraps a hand in front of his face, over his head, and plops to his knees. And yet…he shuffles on over, half-curled on himself, and though he doesn't know thing one about machines…She's leading them, the only thing around not trying to kill them. [No Reels]
Argent: If fixing this meant an end to this madness…she'd make it end…somehow…
JayM: Can you hear this?
JayM: Those words echoing about? Words, meaningless, meaningfull. All of you can hear those, whispers, deep
Jnezdie rolled 1d10 and got 9 ( Total: 9 ) for jack I'm stealing your dependable
Also rolled 4d8 and got 2, 6, 5, 4 [Total: 17 (Low), Avg: 4.25]
Total: 26, Avg: 5.20
Argent: "what're they saying…what the hell are they saying…"
[OOC] Jnezdie: uuh I can reroll that 1d10 to 1d8+1 if you'd like
[OOC] Jnezdie: 'cause it was aptitude
Effort, it's what it takes. You mostly do keeping things in placewhile Sarah works. She seems to create instruments out of thin air, and at times… The metal of the cables seem to fold at her command "Don't listen, please"
[OOC] Argent: Think we got it anyway
[OOC] JayM: 'scool, you passed
Argent: "kkkkkkggghh…it won't stop…"
Sarah then is quick to move you towards the hatch, which she opens up herself this time, apparently without effort "C'mon, almost there"
Jnezdie hums, louder and louder, trying to drown out the voices. He's horribly off key and nowhere near a melody.
Argent drags herself through the hatch, trying in vain to block out all the noise, those whispers, everything.
Gavriel growls, low in his throat. One foot in front of the other. Even when you stumble, one in front of the other. Even when the shadows come to eat you, one foot in front of the other.
And then you reach… A room that shines bright- The light, the light itself seems like an inexorable, moving wall, it hurls itself against you, past your skin, eats away your skin, or seems to want to. In the edges of the room, a catwalk. The room is spherical, silvery metal all around. A giant sphere of crimson-colored light in the center of the room, a ring of metal around it, and a
JayM: violet energy field forming a sphere over the light-
Jack‘ raises his arms into the airs then wraps them around his head.
And the sounds, scuttering, a hundred, a thousand tiny creatures heading your way- And then it appears. Not as many, no, just four. Four beasts with large beaks, made of metal, long tongues- No, no that is not it! You have seen those ruin guardians before Sarah had called them Railguns, and they’re heading your way in the catwalks, good god!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jack [F]:2 Sarah [B]:3 Railgun Drone A [F]:3 Railgun Drone B [F]:3 Railgun Drone C [B]:3 Railgun Drone D [B]:3 Argent [F]:4 Jnezdie [B]:4 Monster 8 [F]:10
JayM: Gavriel what the hell are you going to do D:
Gavriel screams, weakly, flinches, going down to his knees- he is being eaten, eaten by the light, how in the hell can he be expected to ignore that!?
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 ) for 50 CoS to be a pussy
JayM: You're brave!
Gavriel finds a way, somehow, and he gets back to his feet and [Full Assaults] Drone A! [D50]
JayM: The blowback of the strike sends you skidding backwards, tumbling over yourself!
Gavriel rolled d8+216 and got 3 ( Total: 219.0 ) for 55 CoS Blind
Also rolled 1d100 and got 59 [Total: 59 (High), Avg: 59.00]
Total: 278.0, Avg: 31.00
Jack‘ (~ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.abfs-09-011-761-371|eelycecI#ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.abfs-09-011-761-371|eelycecI) Quit
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 742/742, MP: 125/125, LP: 178/300, SoS: 185 - Sleep (1)
JayM: Pow!
JayM: Jack?
Jack` rocks back and forth slowly, mumming to himself and wishing this farce would end quicker! [38D] [Haste (4)]
JayM: Quicker, it will go!
Sarah cringes "That’s it, I can't keep up this Ark-forsaken farce any longer! I gotta get this done with and I won't suffer them waiting any longer than they have to in order to get out of this forsaken place!" she draws her golden rifle, it turns black as it extends and forms into a giant scythe, the blade made of liquid metal. Suddenly, from her body unfolds metallic armor plates, golden
JayM: and black of a demonic design as from behind her flies a great number of little mechanical beings similar to tiny drakes, full of teeth. She embeds the scythe on the ground and points forward with both hands, a cannon forms between the hands "Infinity Cylinder…" [CT20]
JayM: At this point, Argent… You can hear- Hear a sound, a song, above all else: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zosMFB0cxg&NR=1
The Drones all open fire with [Devil Impact] at Sarah!
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 47, 37, 48, 43 ( Total: 175 )
JayM rolled 4#1d10+80(1) and got 4 ( Total: 84.0 )
Also rolled 4#1d10+80(2) and got 9 [Total: 89.0 (High), Avg: 9.00]
Also rolled 4#1d10+80(3) and got 6 [Total: 86.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 4#1d10+80(4) and got 3 [Total: 83.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 342.0, Avg: 5.50
JayM: [342] damage and she's unfazed!
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Jnezdie [B]:0 Sarah [B]:19 Railgun Drone A [F]:33 Railgun Drone B [F]:33 Railgun Drone C [B]:33 Railgun Drone D [B]:33 Jack [F]:36 Gavriel [B]:46
JayM: Argent!
JayM: My bad that was [256]
JayM: Argent?
Argent: "…all of them…makeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstopMAKEITSTOP
!!!" Argent seems to lose it as she dashes toward Drone A, swinging the axe twice in a frenzy…[Pummel, 67D]
Argent rolled 2#1d100(1) and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for 65
Also rolled 2#1d100(2) and got 87 [Total: 87 (High), Avg: 87.00]
Total: 98, Avg: 49.00
JayM: Hard to focus, hard to act! One hit misses!
Argent: …the other hits. Hard
Argent: …possibly
Argent rolled 1d12*2+140*2 and got 2 ( Total: 284.0 ) for piercing
JayM: Crush- It damages, hard, but doesn't destroys it
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie draws his katana, letting its sheath drop nosily to the floor. Shadow seeps from every curve of the white marks on his skin, along his arms, across his face, from under his clothes… leaving a dark trail, he desperately lunges towards Drone A! [Soul Eater, 47D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 ) for 65/10
JayM: Bam!
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+528 and got 9 ( Total: 537.0 )
JayM: And that cleaves it in half!
Sarah grits her teeth, the energy that had been condensing on the cannon finishes charging "Deadend Shot!" and a massive burst of dark energy is fired! As it hits the group of machines a sphere of darkness erupts and engulfs them. After a few moments the darkness cracks, light streaming outwards, and it explodes, revealing nothing standing there!
JayM rolled 5d12+1296 and got 6, 12, 12, 7, 2 ( Total: 1335.0 ) **
[OOC] Argent: HP: 642/642, MP: 90/90, LP: 160/300, SoS: 160
Sarah takes a few deep breaths, looking tired, as the machines are destroyed "Come on… Nngh, just a little more, I promise!" she leads you on, around the accursed glowing sphere
Jack‘ manages to take a peek out form his arms, now that Sarah has obliterated everything. "Mmmmmmffff. … right."
Argent: "…" Argent is speechless, dragging herself along as she follows Sarah around the sphere
Gavriel comes back to his senses as the sound of roaring light and darkness overtakes the railguns. He glances up to Sarah, fear and awe in his eye. "(…what. WHAT.)" -nevertheless, he follows.
She guides you around the catwalk- And eventually you reach… A dead end? A simple metal wall leading nowhere at all. Sarah turns around to look at the party "Okay… From here on I need to go alone- IF you try to follow me, it’s not just lacking… The place, it will kill you" she takes a single step back, and suddenly it's as if you brains has broken- And relaxed- They were doing a
JayM: horrible, terrible straing to completely IGNORE that passage over there, but now that she stepped through it, there is no denying, it IS there, a corridor, that leads to certain death
Argent: "…"
Jack‘ rolls the stone around in his mouth, then plops down o the ground and hugs his knees to his chest as soon as Sarah is gone.
As she steps into it, she closes her eyes, the metal of her armor fully encasing her body. She spreads her arms and four of the little machines around her fly above you "Please, work…" and they fire! A little, thin, beam of light. It strikes at your body but doesn’t feels bad- Feels good, energizing- You don't feel as weak, you don't feel JUST as scared, and you don't feel JUST as hungry
JayM: "Dammit, their batteries won't hold-" she turns around, and her feet get off the ground as she extends her wings, and she flies further in
Jnezdie stares wordlessly at Sarah, then drops to his knees before weakly sheathing his katana, not too far from where he fell. Straining quite heavily, he forces himself to stand and follow her, the beacon that would guide him to death or anything else…he flops down to his side as she exits, curling up with a faint, unknown whisper.
Argent stands, almost looking catatonic
You hear loud sounds, metal against stone, and the earth shakes a little- An explosion
Jnezdie sits up, staring at the flying machines… his concentration breaks at the shaking and moving, and he shifts his eyes in uncertainty…
More sounds, a shout, a yell a pained yell, sound of metal against metal
Gavriel tried to stand, and the light- it wouldn't let him, and it didn't take much to convince him to sit, again, to brace himself against the wall, to curl up around what small speck of life he has left, shaking like a leaf.
More sounds, a horrible sound of metal being crunched "You will not stand in my way!" you know it's her voice, but it is… Horribly distorted
More shouts, explosions, metal grinding- "Graah! I don't have time! Ain! Soph! Aur!" a horrible silence…
And then the horrible groan of metal. And you hear a shout, this time directed at you "Jack! Jack I know it is painful, but please! Focus!"
JayM: "I need just one note! The best single note you can give me!"
Jack‘ tilts his head up towards the sound and ponders for a second, then spits out the stone. "…Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?" It’s long and droning and confused, but it's still a note!
And suddenly the clap of thunder, so loud, so powerful, it shakes the very foundations of earth. And you hear the heavy sound of stomping "Enough, time to break open this place-" heavy stomping as if something great was moving on massive legs, and then it stops. Sarah comes dashing out of the passage, gliding "Hold onto me, I don't have the heart to make you walk all the way back" she is
JayM: carrying a small black box on her hands
Jnezdie reaches out with a shaking, sweaty hand. He'll simply have to hold on, and believe.
Jack‘ blinks blanky at Sarah a few times, after clmaing back down form a mild freakout at the thunder.
Argent sways from side to side, before putting an arm over Sarah
In retrospect, the idea of being carried out of a ruin bodily by their damsel in distress may, someday, strike Gavriel as amusing. For right now, it’s all he can do to desperately hurl himself at her, curled up into as much of a ball as he can manage.
Sarah holds all of you, the metal in her feels warm to the touch… And once you're all safely held, she speeds off, breaking through obstacles, leaving a little damage behind. And eventually she erupts out of the entrance like a bat out of hell- And the moment you can feel the effects of the Dead Ruin passing off- It's when you notice the water of the rain washing away the metal armor,
JayM: it falling to the ground like rotten flesh, Sarah hitting the ground and rolling, just on her dress, damaged, brething raggedly
Jack‘ lays on his back, staring up at the rain as it falls on his face and things start to return to normal - start to make sense again. "…hrmrmrmrmmm…"
Argent snaps out of her daze as soon as she hits the ground. "…what…what happened…SHIT!"
Argent: "Not again!"
Jnezdie takes a sharp, loud, inhalation of breath, and bellows incredibly loud, into the blood, tears, and rain-drenched land:
Gavriel isn’t convinced that things - any things at all - will ever make sense again - he stares up into the rainclouds and rain pours down on his open eye and his ruined eye and he doesn't even bother to shut them all the way, just blinking away the rain, unmoving.
Jack: "An experiance I'd pay to never have again, if ever there was one." Jack rolls his head to the said, glancing over at Sarah. "And how fairs the fair maiden?"
Jnezdie: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA! DAMN do I never want that -again-. Ever. Really now!"
Argent: "…Damnit! We need medical attention here, now!"
Sarah is… Looking worse than you ever saw- She looks like she is having difficulty breathing, holding tightly to the box she is carrying
Argent: "We need to get her to shelter, NOW!"
Jnezdie kicks his feet onto the ground and "Wait, what's going on ah damn" He scrambles over on all fours to Sarah, giving her a look over…
Argent: "Gavriel, help me here! Be careful, but be fast! Getting her out of the rain's the first priority!"
Jack: "Haha… the only nearby shelted is the… dead ruins." Jack sits up, slipping his large coat off of his back as he does so, then rolls over to lay it over Sarah.
Sarah looks better, and she opens her eyes, blinking "A-ah… Hate… T-the trans…ition…"
Jnezdie: "Man don't -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven- joke about that."
Gavriel stands, moving mechanically, responding to Argent's words, even if his face doesn't show anything you'd normally consider a sentient expression. He blocks the rain with his body, first; he looks for the umbrella they bought her; he readies himself to pick her up and carry her somewhere where she will be safe, if he can find any.
You can find shelter- Rather there's woodlands nearby- You can make a makeshift shelter, decent enough
Sarah: "S-sorry… I made you… All do that…"
Sarah: "Sho-should have just… Gone in… Myself"
Jnezdie: "I'll get to hackin' us some cover, just move her all gentle-like."
Argent: "We're going, -now-."
Jnezdie looks to Sarah, and there's an -obvious- struggle on his face on whether he wants to comfort her or agree with her. Eventually, his shoulders droop, and he replies with a quiet voice.
Gavriel doesn't say a word, although he looks at Sarah - or, rather, he would, except he mistakenly glances at her with his ruined eye - and, gently, lifts and carries her towards the woodlands nearby.
Jnezdie: "…nah, wouldn't 've felt right."
Jnezdie: "'least we got through it together, yeah?"
Argent: "What's done is done."
It takes a consderable amount of time before Sarah finally regains enough strength to keep answering. She has recovered, back to her normal state "You're right"
Sarah: "And I… Figured things"
Sarah: "I need… We need now to hunt for the resting place of Phoenix, that is, if you still want to work with me after all that"
Gavriel sits on his haunches, curled up in on himself, paws on his own shoulders, next to Sarah, once she's situated.
Jnezdie hacks at branches and pulsl others from the ground, interweaving them, setting up their own personal canopy.
Argent: "…is it a Dead Ruin?"
Sarah closes her eyes "I will only know, after we find the Almagest Ancestral in the Ethereal Kingdom. I don't even know what it is, but the Almagest should have answers"
Jack‘ folds his hands over his chest, then laughs uproarisingly.
Argent: "…right. Time to look for the Ancestral then…"
Jack: "HOwever could I pass by the opportunity to document the tales of the discovery the the world most closely guarded secret!"
His face doesn’t show any reaction, but his tail flicks from side to side, off-beat, like it's powered by a broken spring.
Jnezdie: "Stridin' into the heart of the Ethereal Kingdom with these two-" he jerks thumbs towards Argent and Gavriel, "-sounds like somethin' I'm up to after what we just did, yeah."
At about this time, a shine catches Gavriel's eye. Looking outside you see something- A wall of energy, silvery, raising from the ground up to the sky… A wall that forms all the way around the Ethereal Kingdom- Maybe you have seen this before, maybe not, but Gavriel is well aware what it is. The Blockade. A massive forcefield that the Ethereal Kingdom sometimes puts up. Completely blocks
JayM: anything from going both ways, though they sometimes leave strike teams outside, this is mostly a stall technique, to buy time to rebuild their forces
Argent: "Yeah, I get that Gav's a part of the Material military, but what the hell are you implying with me?"
Jack: "That you're a highly aggressive individual that approaches most things with a very closed mind and whom is not particularly thrilled via the use of magic, of course! It hads to the excitement and tension of traveling through the lands of others!"
Jnezdie holds out a fist to Jack, waiting.
Gavriel glances up in the direction of the blockade - glances back towards the others, the silver light reflected in his good eye. (The other, exposed, a scar on his face - somewhere in all of that, his eyepatch must have fallen off, gotten lost.)
Jack‘ fist bumps Jnezdie, confirming that his quess was spot on.
Gavriel holds up a paw, makes a quick, decisive cutting gesture, in the direction of the blockade.
Jack: "Hmm? Ah!"
Jnezdie: "That sure is a thing."
Jnezdie: "What’s it 'bout?"
Argent eyerolls, with a sarcastic "I'm so sorry I have no interest in throwing my dignity away for the sake of your obsession with street performanc
okay what the hell is that." Argent looks up at the barrier…thingy
Jack: "Tis a barrier!"
Gavriel makes motions with his jaw like he's meaning to speak - a soft keening whimper is all that ushers forth. He nods, glancing towards Jack, sighs.
Gavriel torturously, volunteers: "…both ways. No in, no out."
Gavriel: "Stall for time."
Argent: "So what, we're trapped here."
Gavriel: "…must have lost."
Jack: "Hahah! No, we are not trapped here! Though it makes getting where the maiden wants to go a bit impractical!"
Jnezdie rolls around from his sitting position over to Gavriel and claps him across his shoulders, giving him a squeeze.
Jnezdie: "Ah, well, who knows if that's good or bad news."
Jnezdie: "Probably bad, if we leave somewhere in the next Palm."
Argent: "I'm pretty sure being stuck on the inside part of the impenetrable barrier around apparently the entire kingdom qualifies as being trapped."
Gavriel glances towards Jack, gratefully- glances at Jnezdie with something like surprise. He doesn't look… right, the familiar stony edge to his gaze just… isn't there, his good eye - mercifully, the side facing Jnezdie - an enormous dark reflective pool.
Gavriel peers at Argent, shakes his head, gives her a blank look. Well, an even blanker look.
Jack‘ wages a finger at Argent. "Ah - but we are not inside the barrier!"
Jnezdie cranes his neck back, and the relieved, goofy grin that was growing on his face falls off. He raises an eyebrow, before redoubling his squeeze and giving him a pat.
Argent: "…fucking dead ruin hit me worse than I thought." she holds her head.
Jack: "Mmmhmm."
Sarah looks at Gavriel, and gently puts a hand on his shoulder "I think we should rest…"
Argent: "Okay then, in the case that we’re not able to get into the Ethereal-side, we're kind of 'shit outta luck' until it goes down."
Jack: "Quite."
Sarah: "" There really has to be some town we can go a little later ""
Gavriel looks disheartened; realises Jnezdie's expression was a mirror of his own, looks further disheartened. A vaguely sympathetic glance towards Argent, a low rumbling sort of sound in response to Jnezdie. Timing of his breath is off, like he's having to remind himself to breathe, and then taking in great lungfuls of air.
Argent: "I'm going hunting. Chances are we'll need as many provisions as we can get while we wait, and then prepare to try and not get flattened by the oncoming Ethereal onslaught when it goes back down."
He isn't sure what to make of this; they shouldn't be worried about him, but on some disconnected level, he feels grateful; should probably express that, somehow. Half-closes his good eye, lets out a short 'chuff' of breath.
Jack: "Well. We're not terrible far from transient town."
Argent was ready to walk out, but halts. "…If you two are representative of that place, I fear for my sanity if we are headed there."
Jack: "I fear for your sanity no matter where we go, dear Argent!"
Jnezdie: "That counted as a joke. Right?"
Jnezdie: "I'm gonna count that one as a joke."
Jnezdie: "I knew you had a sense of humor somewhere there."
Jack‘ rubs his hands together. "It’s not /always/ excitement and explosions! There are some farming lands that are not as, ah, active as the town proper."
Argent: "…screw it, I'm going to go find some food." Argent grips her haed, walking away in search of something to kill, regardless of whether or not it would be small, cute, and fuzzy, or larger.
Gavriel: "…"
Jack: "Hrmrmrm well, everything seems normal." Tilts his head in Gavriel's direction.
Gavriel meets Jack's gaze, holds it for a moment, nods. Reassuringly? Starts trying to rummage around in his packs and pockets and et cetera for a strip of cloth to use as a replacement eyepatch.
Sarah looks at Gavriel, and offers him a small patch of red fabric "Here" it's apparently from her dress
Sarah: "I think the best is… To go towards the Black Iron Dragon Fortress, to the east. I mean, it's the closest thing and, well… Should be safe"
Gavriel reaches out, hesitantly; takes the fabric, and ties it around his head. Not as deftly as he usually might; his paws are still shaking, but - a moment or two later, a blood-red makeshift eyepatch. Hoarsely: "…thank you."
Jnezdie: "Black Iron Dragon Fortress…"
Jack: "Sounds fine to me!"
Sarah nods, and lays back down "Right now, though… Let's get some rest, alright?"
Jnezdie: "Isn't it that one where a human and a dragon fell in love, and to stay together she made some bad ass armor and stuff from herself for the guy?"
Sarah: "That's the tale"
Jnezdie: "Ought to be a sight when we get there!" He flops onto his back, arms and legs splayed out all akimbo.
As you rest, an uncannily restful rest, you remember the trip so far. It's been long-
JayM: [+40 AP] to be divided as you wish throught your jobs
Your bodies, however, can only recover
JayM: [+0 XP] you don't really grow stronger
And Sarah does have a promise to keep. And a little extra
JayM: [+8000 Gil] The agreed-for payment, plus a bit more danger payment
JayM: And we are ready to end as soon as you are
JayM: LP Gains are doubled, too! Powerful potential

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