There's a moment amongst the post-rescue revelry where Jnezdie managed to slip away. While some may say that the disappearance of the loud-mouthed elvaan is either 'the greatest thing ever' or 'a tragic loss for the acting community,' the fact of the matter is, he's gonna return at some point.
He didn't slip away before nodding knowingly, questioningly…in many ways that elvaan understand instinctually, reflexively. The nod simply saying, "I really need to ask you something."
So it's at this point, wherein Celesto retreats to the back of his house to find a shirtless, arms crossed Jnezdie.
Celesto at this particular moment in time looks undeniably tired, he'd been working on his potion-making, tossing every last bit of energy he had to churn out as many salves as he can in as little time. He'd denied Satana's assistance in recovering this time, saying that this time it's she who needs the rest. He silently makes his way over to the back, gently removing his robe, heavy
Celesto: leather pants underneath
Celesto smiles at Jnezdie, and sighs "Serious…"
Jnezdie: "You get it, yeah? Everyone else doesn't really, but they'll get sooner or later that my cartwheelin' and darin'-do is one hundred percent serious."
Jnezdie: "But uh yeah, no beatin' about the bush about it- there's strange paths we're walkin', and even this chance meeting isn't somethin' I'm gonna discard."
Celesto crosses his arms, and gently takes a seat on the ground, dusting off the patch he sits on "That's what is the best" he looks at Jnezdie as he says his second piece "Heh… Serendipity is my favorite word, you know'
Celesto: "Go on, what's this about?
Jnezdie twirls as he sits, in a funky spinning maneuver that ends with him crosslegged on the ground, facing Celesto.
Jnezdie: "Fate has it that our wandering troupe and your brother have walked in step, however briefly."
Jnezdie: "Seems like a fun guy to be around, but he a'int exactly thrown in with the most alturistic lot. Least not how I figure it."
Celesto blinks, considerably surprised "Celerian?! You have met him? How's my poor brother doing?'
Celesto: "Hrm… Damn… I knew he was down a dark path, after my little… Fumble"
Jnezdie: "To be honest I'm not entirely sure what I'm really -askin'- you here, but uh."
Jnezdie: "Gonna be honest, don't be surprised when I tell you the toe of my boot and his ass got somethin' of a rendezvous comin'."
Celesto shakes his head slightly "It's okay… He asked it for himself… He'd always be one, to keep close to heart all the dark emotins, and forfeit the light ones"
Jnezdie: "So, I mean— I'm an understandin' guy and all, real open minded."
Celesto: "What'd he do, this time?"
Jnezdie: "He's travellin' with the Heir of Ultima, if you can believe it."
Celesto blinks "The Heir? What… That can't be true… Tsk"
Celesto: "Why, though… I know he's a brooding sort but…"
Jnezdie: "Seafarer, Human, Elvaan, calls him 'choirboy…'"
Jnezdie: "They're as colorful as our group, really, but I got the better looks."
Celesto grins "I don't doubt. Still… I'm… Sorry, for whatever he did. Really"
Jnezdie: "Well, -he- didn't have to do anything, the Heir did most of the heavy lifting- though he's got a great trick with water, I'll tell you that."
Jnezdie: "But, I mean, time's gonna come where he'll have to do somethin', 'cause we'll have caught up to them>"
Celesto: "Water? Odd, hrm… He never could get the slightest thing with magic"
Celesto: "You're planning on going against that group?" he says, slightly surprised "Heh… Well, I should have seen that coming, mind"
Jnezdie: "Made a giant bird, could have sworn it hatched from an egg if I didn't watch him patch it together myself." Jnezdie nods. "A'int a thing. I didn't see him having any relatives coming, nor running into them, but there ya' go."
Jnezdie: "We were outgunned there, so they'll have to get theirs later."
Celesto grins "Heh… I'm… Really, really sorry. I figure it's my fault he ended up the way he did… I really hope you can stop him, though. He's a snowball of dark emotions"
Jnezdie: "Nah, I'm not lookin' for anyone to blame, and I wouldn't even feel right askin' you if he's got any weaknesses like mythril or cute girls."
Jnezdie: "But I wasn't hidin' my surprise all too well -anyway-, so I figured I'd get it out there and give myself some piece of mind. I guess, at your expense, worrying you like that."
Celesto laughs "I wish he had a weakness to cute girls. Though I guess if you can talk to him just the right way, you might be able to make him brood hard enough he'll pass out"
Jnezdie: "So, y'know, -I'm- sorry."
Celesto shakes his head "Better than thinking he went off and commited suicide by throwing himself at the Material army"
Celesto: "Which is… More or less what I figured happened"
Jnezdie chuckles. "One of those did show up. Army, that is."
Jnezdie: "And I can attest that he's still around and kickin' after that, so…"
Jnezdie: "He's in 'good' hands, until he gets to ours once more, yeah?"
Celesto nods "Alright, thanks for telling me… I know he'll be well for a while longer, at least"
Celesto: "Say, if you see him again, can you tell him something for me?"
Jnezdie: "Anything."
Celesto: "Tell him he's an idiot for thinking anything is his fault"
Jnezdie gently smiles and nods, letting the silence after Celesto's sentence hang for a second.
Jnezdie: "Got it."
Jnezdie: "…shot in the dark says it a'int really -your- fault either, but whatever makes you feel better."
Celesto grins "It… Kind of was, kind of not"
Celesto: "It was just a case that was… Beyond my skill. Like demanding a newbie to perform as a master. None would blame me for what happened, but here in the Ethereal Kingdom, the stima of failure is… Gigantic"
Jnezdie sighs and smiles sympathetically. "One'a those grey areas of the world."
Celesto nods, a gentle smile
Celesto: "But I learned not to cry for my past, after all, in the end it did lead me to the best possible future!"
Celesto then scales up into a full out laugh "Bet gramps never read that in me"
Jnezdie begins at a chuckle and grows with Celesto's laugh. "Aw, gotta keep life on its toes at times."
Jnezdie raises a patterned arm. "These'll guide you— " He flexes it "and this'll make your dreams come true"
Celesto nods "You are in fact, correct"
Jnezdie: "-but it ain't a problem just to go like this every now and then." He then flips up his middle finger of that same arm.
Celesto laughs "I'll have to remember that one"
Jnezdie: "Which…if you're ever lookin' for a new place to stay, don't be afraid to use it either, and drop me a line."
Jnezdie: "Problem is I move around a lot. So really, you're stuck. Sorry 'bout that."
Celesto shakes his head "Don't worry, i've a good tracker with me" he says with a grin
Jnezdie: "Hah! You sly dog. Well, maybe not -you-." He laughs goodnaturedly.
Celesto just laughs along
Celesto takes a heavy breath "Speaking of… I need to get back to work. If I don't make a giant amount of sales I don't have much luck with money, and I can only sell something if I take a one-pass trip to the city"
Jnezdie: "Ah, yeah, don't let us keep you. Thanks again for the help and hospitality, can't be said enough."
Celesto nods "Don't worry, it's nice to, actually know someone willing to accept it" he says, waving and, with a quick snap of his fingers, his robe appears over his body again as he walks away
Jnezdie twists his way to a stand, as though he was put into rewind, and slips his shirt back on, buttoned up. Time to rejoin the 'celebration.'

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