Split Worlds - Session 11
Five Mists, all the time you've had ever since you've arrived in this bunker. Dragged down a muddy hole after being thrown about by a Yeti, you're in the middle of the front lines, get used to it. No time, that's what you've been given to rest. Five Mists to get dressed proper and to get your senses back into their proper place while the local field commander makes his way towards you.
Argent had at least taken the time to get suited up and armed proper
Jnezdie dons his armor and grabs his katanas, fighting and the ones he slings over his shoulder. Strangely enough, he keeps the red robe from the 'ritual' on over his armor and clothes.
Jack‘ still looks kind of out of it, and that’s certainly not helping any.
Soon enough, you get to meet said commander, long white hair all muddied up, looking far more the sewer rat part than any other creimire you've seen before this man in light armor strides towards you, angry certainly, and definitely serious "You, your group!" he's mostly directing himself to Gavriel at this point "You are NOT reinforcements, are you?"
Argent: "No, we're not." Argent replies quickly, shaking her head
Jack: "Nay."
Jnezdie: "But we do get things done."
Gavriel is still unnaturally calm as he glances up, shakes his head slowly.
Jnezdie: "And right now I'm really suggestible and not up for a fight with a dude who shouts louder than a gunshot, so…"
Creimire: "Good, and bad… What is your intention here? And care to explain why the hell are you half-" and his voice is silenced by a terrible explosion from above that makes the underground shake
JayM: He seems unfazed
Gavriel wasn’t gonna try to shout over that explosion. Jack? He's -all over that shit-.
Jnezdie waits for the explosion to fade. "We're coming down off of a hard case of opiates and mind-altering drugs."
Argent puts her hands up over her hat to block out the loud noisethe silence has made it require getting used to. "We were passing through. Unfortunately, turns out that after escaping the Forest of Horrible Rituals we ran into the front lines."
Jnezdie: "If I seem cavalier about this, there you go."
The creimire facepalms "You guys came out of that green hellhole?! Great, a bunch of mind-addled cripples. We can't care for you here"
Jnezdie: "Fine by us, so if you'd release us, we'll be on our way."
Argent: "I'm neither mind-addled nor crippled at this rate. Though those three are." she comments in a deadpan manner. "I would like to know, however."
Argent: "How bad is the fighting in this area as of current?"
Creimire: "Hrm… However…" he looks pensieve "Do you have it in yourselves to run very fast still? I might be willing to offer you a way out of this mess, and believe me, you'll need, we're completely surrounded"
Jnezdie: "'Mind-addled' doesn't mean I forgot how to kick ass."
Gavriel glances up. "I've a feeling we'd be hauling ass one way or another. Sir."
Argent: "So, let me guess, we do something for you on the way, and you help us get out?"
Creimire: "Precisely. I just need information on what the hell is going on somewhat northwards"
Creimire: "Supposedly we had the upper hand there but no news, nothing at all, and I need to know of those barricades fell"
The sound of thunder so loud- A strange smell in the air
Jnezdie: "I can give you a real good guess from the sounds of that."
Argent nods. "An investigation northward, then. Whose barricades, ours or the Ethereals?"
Creimire: "Go there, check it out, I spare a good scout to take you behind the blockade. Ours~
Argent nods
Jnezdie: "Sure thing, General…uh…"
Jack: "…thunder…?"
Jnezdie wipes his hands on his robes. "Ah, right."
Jnezdie: "I'm Jnezdie."
Lanzo: "Lanzo, lanzo will do and I'm just a Knight, but i'm in charge here. Now get offa here!"
He quickly scoots out, shouting order to somebody else
Argent: "Right then." And Argent indeed heads on the way out
Gavriel glances up with a nod. Nicely done.
Argent: "Let's move, everyone."
JayM: A Knight, Gavriel. You actually outrank him, not that it probably matters by now
Jnezdie: "Any reason we're not just ditchin' this whole thing?"
Jnezdie: "We don't owe thing one to this guy."
Jack: "Heroic or some such or other or…" Jack rolsl a shrug, gesturing vaguely in the air.
Argent: "He's offering us a way to punch through the front lines. And I'm pretty sure we don't want to be dodging wide-area magical artillery all the way through."
Jnezdie: "Goin' through the front lines sounds like a bad idea no matter how you spin it."
Argent: "Exactly. Better we get the help."
Gavriel glances at Jnezdie. "Perhaps you don't, but I've a duty to the Material Kingdom, a duty which offers us a way to continue forward on our path."
Sarah, who doesn't looks as fazed as you'd expect her to be, but still looks awfully miserable and tired, shakes her head "It'd be… Good to have their help but, hum… If you think you can… Find a way through without…"
Jnezdie looks to Gavriel, then sighs deeply. "Yeah, yeah, you got a point."
Argent: "Sorry for the detour, Sarah. I'd rather we get the sure way through."
Jnezdie: "Okay, toss out what I said- I'm in favor of helpin' these guys."
Sarah nods to Argent, smiling "I don't… Have a problem… Really"
JayM: Moving out?
Argent: "Move out!"
Jnezdie nods and coughs, mustering up some moxie. "Let's smash all the bathrobes in our way!"
Argent: "Let's not."
Jack‘ puts a hand to his face, but trails behind after the others.
Out the party goes. Although they’re barred from immediate exit from the bunker, just in time too as they see, from as bad an angle as they get, a large black pillar- And then suddenly water all over the place, a good deal flows in before they seal the makeshift exit door. After a few moments you're ushered out again, and you run. Northwards, the air smells strange… Smells of ozone,
JayM: the smell of impending lightning. There is an almost hypnotic chanting going on at all times in the background, the siren's call of the battlefield, of an army of mages chanting their spells. This tone- Evokers, their biggest weapons are fielded today.
Jack: "Why are they…"
Jnezdie: "Guys must have a deathwish or somethin'."
Gavriel stares, and his fur bristles, when he hears the chanting.
Argent tries to identify if there's anything similar about the chants to her Artcall, offhandedly.
You run, from cover to cover, there is no such thing as single combat here, and your mission isn't one of combat at any rate. You're covered by a small group of warriors bearing large shields as they advance in steps, one group goes ahead, weathering a salvo of very long distance strikes of lightning, then the other advances as the first one hides behind them, this time fire, and it
JayM: continues for a while until they reach their point where they dive behind rocks, your objective still further ahead.
JayM: Here and there, you realize others of your kind are probably involved on both sides of the conflict- If you have enough of a mind to focus your thoughts, you could perhaps even hear their words
Jnezdie calls to the Material soldiers covering them. "Thanks for the shields, keep up the good work!"
Jack: "This is … madness."
Argent does indeed have enough of such a mind
Argent: "…this is war."
You advance, and are faced off by a small group of mages who broken through the barriers and arrived into melee, wreathed in flames they rush your position! A very quick scuffle, you avoid any damage, but aren't given a chance to strike back. Moving around or not, a series of explosions strikes near your position, carefully-shaped charges completely destroy them while leaving you intact,
JayM: looking back for a moment, you see in the distance a mortar emplacement.
Jnezdie gives a thumbs up to the mortar guys- unsure if they can even see him- and he spurs himself to run even faster, getting completely wrapped up in the -movement- of the battle.
Argent: "Tch
! " Argent jumps back seconds before the blasts hit
Argent: Right before stepping up her pace
You advance further, and further, hiding behind cover where you can, but at this place even cover has been blown to bits by powder and spell. Lightning rains around you, but doesn't strikes you, you'll never know where that came from, as you must advance. You jump aside from something, you're not sure what, it just felt dangerous, and then stillness- Gavriel's battle-honed senses make
JayM: you swerve around an area you cannot see, the stillness in the air, a timestop trap you just avoided
You run further, and you see in the distance small steel walls, the barricades! They still stand in place and yet, here, the stillness is diffirent, not a single soldier, not a single SIGN of battle!
JayM: The ground is wet- Mud- Red with blood
Argent touches the ground… "…something very -thoroughly- killed the people here"
Gavriel is used to this, and hasn't lost the aura of calm that's overtaken him ever since he came back to his senses, even in the midst of explosions and magic. He knows what to look out for, what paths to avoid- and he knows when a battle's been lost once he sees it.
Jnezdie exhales, his voice only barely holding sarcasm. "Guess I was wrong in theory. I owe Lanzo a drink."
And then you hear, the shout you never wanted to hear in a battlefield, Gavriel- You've only heard stories of it "WATER ELEMENTAAAAA-" the shout is cut short
Jack: "…"
Jnezdie completely shuts up at that.
Gavriel snaps his head up. That gets his attention, nearly breaks his calm. "…cover. Quickly."
The battle just stops, both sides no longer caring for eachother, every facei n the battlefield looking at the direction of the sound, and there it is… A humanoid form, made entirely of flowing water, that seems to be erupting from the ground. It walks, in calm and decisive steps, somewhere roughly your direction. And the battlefield scatters to the four winds, they simply run, it
JayM: doesn't matters wether towards allied or enemy side, they all just run
JayM: What are you to do now?
The water elemental walks, with purpose, in your general direction
Jnezdie: "Barricades are up, I'm outta here" !
Jack‘ is running like a goddamn bat out of hell is what he’s doing! Proably after Jnezdie.
Jnezdie hauls ass back towards the bunker they launched from, giving the water elemental a huge fucking berth away from him.
Argent: "Oh hell, STAY THE HELL BACK." Argent is definitely -not- going to stay around for that
JayM: So, let's have a Running [TN 4] check? Water Elementals are invincible, but kind of slow on the move
Jnezdie sprints, hops, slides, climbs over dead bodies. OUT OF HERE. [Reliable] [Trick]
Gavriel runs like hell, and Varg are built for it. [Aptitude]
Argent goes, low to the ground, running like hell. [Dependable x2]
JayM: Don't forget to include Sarah in that
Jnezdie is taking a very tricky route back. [Double or Nothing]
Jack‘ rolled d10+1 and got 10 ( Total: 11.0 ) for DoN on the first
d10: 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 2d8 and got 4, 1 [Total: 5 (Low), Avg: 2.50]
d8: 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 21.0, Avg: 4.00
[OOC] Jack: good lord we /actually needed/ DoN haha
JayM: That is… 3 passes, just barely enough!
Argent drags Sarah the hell along as well, not letting her be subject to that
You run, and you can’t seem to notice how long, you take a winding path, and you feel the rain heavier on your backs. And you run and at a point you have no longer any idea where you are going or where you were, the groudn seems all the same, but eventually… You get tired of running, and then you run some more, because the rain has let down and only a very light drizzle is left, so you
JayM: can run a little more. And eventually you hit it, the dust, the ground- A beaten path, you're not sure where you are any longer. Sarah is in ARgent's arms, tired and passed out.
Argent: "…kgh…well, that explains everything at least."
Jnezdie breathes heavily. "…at least it's better than hanging around with tall, wet, and apocalyptically strong."
Gavriel: "…think it's safe to say we made it off the front lines." Always look on the bright side of life. :|
The beaten path takes you to… A small agglomeration of houses, small affairs, scattered, you can bet they all have some sort of crafter's workshop- Seems like you went the wrong way, Jnezdie, rather than back you went forward, and you're now deep within the borders of the Ethereal Kingdom, because this, this is a Fringe Zone, small little areas in the outskirts of large Ethereal cities
JayM: where the poor live
JayM: And indeed, you can see a fair ways in the distance, a large metropolis, as is every city in this part of the world, buildings tall and crystals resplandecent
Jnezdie weakly laughs.
Argent: "…well then. Can't say I've been here beforelooks like we're Etherealside."
Jnezdie: "We maaaaaaaaaade it."
Jnezdie: "Gav, bro, brother, my main man." He goes up to the Varg and rests his hands on his shoulders.
Jnezdie: "I'd like to go back and report that the barricades are up."
Jnezdie: "But- water elemental."
Argent: "…honestly, at this rate someone's going to report that and the fighting will likely break up out of interest in survival."
Gavriel looks, critically, at the gleaming metropolis- with more sympathy at the Fringe Zone- and then he stares at Jnezdie with his good eye. "…under the circumstances I'm sure everything will be fine."
Jnezdie gives him a double shoulder pat. "Thanks."
Gavriel: "You know it."
Jnezdie: "…now, I'd like to continue the next leg of our journey as much as anyone."
Jnezdie: "But I think we could all do with a little -actual- rest, yeah?"
You see a few people step out of houses, and by now the fragrant smell of herbs wafts in your direction. It's relaxing, and reminds you that your bodies are at their limits right now
Jack: "Aye aye."
Argent: "I admit I'd rather
-kggh…" Argent has to grudgingly accept that, between her own body being tired out and having had to support and/or carry Sarah
Jnezdie tiredly cheers. "Unanimous, whee."
Gavriel: "…A Varg in the Ethereal Kingdom will be found suspect. I can… fend for myself, if you'd prefer."
Argent: "Didn't you say you were going to try to acquire a disguise of some sort?"
Jnezdie: "Anyone got a problem with a Varg, then they're gonna have a problem with an Elvaan, Yeti, Bangaa, and Viera, too."
Argent: "Okay."
Argent: "Listen."
Argent: "Do NOT start spouting what I really am in front of anyone not one of us five."
Jnezdie: "Not -even- in the mood for this right now." He begins trundling off towards the houses.
Argent: "The last thing I need is to be associated with -those- psychotic creeps."
Jack: "Tis not exact difficult to guess, you nincompoop."
Jack‘ puts a hand to his face, before stomping after Jnezdie.
Argent groans in frustration and irritation. "Those two…"
Argent pulls the hat down tighter
You make your way towards the houses, and most people don’t… Actually stay near you. There's a fair variety of races here, usually they tend to be rather separated by city sectors but this here is such a confuse slum, albeit in comparison to the Material ones this is like a little suburb, that there's all kinds, really.
Gavriel glances at Argent, glances back at the others, and follows after. (Jnezdie's words warmed his heart, not that he'd admit that out loud.)
That is, people avoid you until a group of seven men, all of them with pretty manacing stares and making their intents pretty clear as elemental power emanates from their clenched fists, surround the party. "A pretty bad attempt at invasion, dog" says one particularly angry-looking Nu'Mou
Jack: "Ha ha! Hooligans!"
Jnezdie: "Hi, I'm Jnezdie, we're a wandering group of tired people."
Gavriel folds his arms.
Argent: "Not the ultima-damned time or place, bastards. Move the hell away and we'll leave you."
Jnezdie: "What this means is that we really won't waste any time in hitting you so hard it'll rattle your ancestors."
A Taru points at Jnezdie "You don'taru try to fool us, you are to because you want us all to be like fungus!"
Argent: "I'm serious here. Back the fuck off orelse."
Jnezdie: "Look here, what do you even want, guys?"
Suddenly, a blazing-fast shadow, someone moving with far more speed and grace than any mage you've ever seen- A robed individual, a hood covering it's face- It's a woman, clearly, by the voice "Brother!" she shouts, hugging Gavriel's arm
Jack: "…?!"
She looks up, slightly- Gavriel can see her face- This Varg seems familiar, but he isn't sure who she is- but her eyes tell of a plan hatched
Gavriel glances down, meets her eyes - wary of being led into a trap, but even so, he plays along, giving her an expression of recognition!
Argent still has one hand ready to grab the axe, prepared to fight the entire group if need be
A Creimire, it's the one who speaks this time "Ugh- You're related to that slaver, Celesto?"
The Taru answer "Who'd know, at least Santana affections do show"
Jnezdie blinks a few times and says nothing, letting stuff flow as is.
The Nu'Mou scowls "Oh, bah, I've no wish to deal with this kind" he turns his back "An invader is one thing, that disgraced alchemist, is another" he walks away
Argent: "So the rest of you. Staying or leaving."
Jack‘ rubs his palms together, glanceing at Gavriel AND HIS LONG LOST SISTER. "What a tweeeest."
Argent stares down the entire group of mages
The Taru raises up his hands "No wish to deal with Celesto, hate to admit but without him, we’re all gone, presto" he turns and leaves
The crowd slowly scatters… Although you realize that people are avoiding you even more now
Jnezdie: "See ya. Watch the sinkholes."
Gavriel is fiiiiine with bein' avoided. Also, terribly curious now.
Jnezdie turns on his heel, looking to Gavriel…and a slow smile creeps across his face.
Finally the Varg lets go of Gavriel's arm, pulling back her hood, you see she has a crimson collar on, she takes a step back "Phoenix's tailfeather, Dead-Eye Shooter! You're loosing your touch!"
Argent looks suspiciously toward the new Varg in question, noting the collar
She crosses her arms "Before anything else, who're you after this time? HOPEFULLY nobody here, or else we have a problem"
Jnezdie glances to Jack, silently mouthes 'dead eye shooter' with a touch of wonderment, then looks back to them.
Argent: "We're not on an assassination mission if that's what you're implying."
Jack‘ blinks a few times in rapid succession./
Gavriel lets out a slow breath. "My team and I have, uh, been through a lot lately. I’m… not actually on my usual sort of mission, though. Private concern, no targets."
Santana lets out a long sigh "Alright, i'll believe you for now" she turns around and waves for you to follow "Come on, now, let's go somewhere we can rest. I'm sure Celesto would love to have visitors"
Argent: "Who's this Celesto they keep speaking of."
She looks back and grins a toothy grin "Don't mind if you get a spell in the face a soon as you're past the door, he's been a bit trigger-happy lately, with good reason"
Jnezdie gives a thumbs up to Gavriel before plodding after the Varg.
Jack: "Right-o, fair maiden sister of the estimed Gavriel!"
Jnezdie: "Aw, I'll be sure to duck."
Argent: "Duly warned."
Gavriel: "I'm sure we'll find out. Thank you for your hospitality." He… doesn't seem too concerned about spells to the face. That calm seems to be back.
She takes you towards, what is actually the biggest house in this Fringe Zone. It's not actually too big either, but hey it has a pretty big garden out back (herbs!) and looks pretty comfortable at least. She knocks on the door "Master~" she says, in a somewhat childish tone
Jack‘ tilts his head all the way to one side, and then keeps tilting it even more.
Argent quirks an eyebrow at this sudden change in tone on Santana’s part
Jnezdie gives Santana a queer look, and then shifts his eyes to the door…ready to duck.
As she opens up the door and you enter, you see an Elvaan, fiery-red hair cut short, he's got his hands up as if he had just the worst case of shivers "Ultima's name, Santana, I hate when you do tha-" he looks at the group startled as he turns around from a set of beakers and tubes, in a half second he's got his right finger pointed at you, a spell circle formed in the air, but the spell
JayM: halted "My dearest knight… What's the meaning of this?"
Argent is already prepared to dodge
Santana: "They're hurt, tired, and definitely not here for anyone. Thought we could help"
Jnezdie ducks!! oh wait false alarm
Gavriel stands in the doorway. Didn't duck. Didn't need to.
Jack‘ still has his head tilted aaaaalll the way to the side.
The Elvaan raises an eyebrow, and undos the spell "Well, then" he grins, spreading his arms. The tatoos on his arms become visible as he does this - Innocent, strong-willed, always tried to do what is right - "Welcome to my little alchemy lab, and my home. If you’re Santana's friends, you're mine"
Gavriel bows. "Thank you for your hospitality."
Jnezdie blinks, and then stands straight up. "…Huh."
Argent nods, not quite dropping out of stance yet.
Jack: "Some of us are even brothers!" \
Jnezdie: "Hey, big thanks to her to pullin' us out of there, and thanks to you for inviting us in."
Jnezdie: "I'm Jnezdie."
He walks over to another room, wherein you'll find chairs, enough for you all to sit "That Bangaa, she's out like a light, what happened?" he points you over to the side- It looks like a storeroom full of herbs, there's straw mat there "She can rest there"
Argent: "Close call with a Water Elemental."
Jack: "They call me, Jack! And - yes!"
Argent lays Sarah on the straw mat, trying not to justle her too much
Celesto bows "Celesto, humble alchemist"
Jnezdie: "It's been a long series of Waves."
Santana smiles "Also time mage expert"
Gavriel relaxes visibly once Sarah's resting somewhere. For Celesto's benefit, he rumbles. "Gavriel Martim Gurutz."
As Argent sets her down on the mat, the smell in this place looks… So soothing, you almost feel like taking a nap yourself here
Jnezdie grabs the end of the sleeve of his robe like he's going to pull it up…then stops, shaking it back down over his hands.
Santana nods to Gavriel "Santana Delacruz, Ex-Knight-Artificer and current alchemy student and part-time slave"
Argent turns back to Celesto. "Callsign Argent." , trying to hide that she's fighting the temptation to go to sleep. Hospitality's not…exactly something she's used to.
Jack‘ finds somewhere convient to sit himself, then plops down and closes his eyes.
Celesto winces "Santana, STOP that"
Jnezdie nods to the side. "Part-time. Pay well?"
Satana giggles, and takes a seat on Celesto’s lap "Very, got me everything I ever wanted"
Jnezdie blinks. Wasn't expecting an answer. He slowly begins to laugh.
Celesto gently holds her "Please, don't mind her antics, she can't help but be a tease, I don't know how she got a job in the military at all. Still, you came here running from a Water Elemental? I hope none of you have been hit by it"
Argent: "To our knowledge, no. Given the sea of blood around the place, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise though."
Jnezdie: "Just the rain that falls from the sky. Gave us the worst part of a scare and had us runnin' more than a creimire with its tail on fire, more than anything."
Gavriel raises his eyebrow almost imperceptibly, nods. He's seen stranger -and- similar things, so. "We managed to escape unharmed."
Santana nods "Good. Why don't you take a rest for a while? The Dreamcotton leaves we keep are great for taking a nap, or sleepign the Pass away if you want. We've also got a hot shower here"
Argent: "…" Argent shoots up to attention and heads straight for the shower
Santana: "Oh, Phoenix, Dead-Eye Shooter I swear I don't know how we managed to live without one of those in every house back home"
Argent: "I'll try not to be too long."
Gavriel visibly perks his ears up at the mention of a hot shower. He glances up at Santana, chuffs out something that may have been agreement. "It's nice, when the resources are available, yes."
Celesto sighs "No worries, miss, take your time, you probably deserve the rest"
Jnezdie: "Thanks for the beds…" He stumbles over to where the 'storeroom' is, and he feels the comfort. "…I'll pay you back laterrzrzrzzzzzzzzzz…"
Jnezdie rolls from a stand onto the leaves, still fully clothed and equipped, and passes out.
Satana stands up "Well, now! Everyone rest up, freshen up! I'll have food ready for when you're up!"
Argent: Hot showersmore of a luxury than anything else to Argent's life, really…
Jack‘ seems to alreayd been asleep where he sat down initially.
And the unusual pair decides not to give the party quarter! No questions, to nothing, rest and food first. It’s no big surprise, Santana's cooking is somewhat tasteless, what with probably only knowing battlefield receipts, however, Celest seems to be a masterful chef, and you have ample good food to have. You bathe, you sleep, in whatever order, and then you eat. Sarah has woken up
JayM: already, after everyone that is, and when she eats, even after all the food's gone you see her holding back the rumbling of her stomach. She's good, though, she is.
Gavriel glances at Sarah, briefly- it's good to see her back up and healthy.
Argent definitely has something in common with Santana, then
an inability to actually -cook- as much as merely prepare food, giving an understanding look toward the varg.
As all that happens, you get to see Celesto go about his day, if any of you had ever brewed potions before, you'll notice that his all are made… Extremely fast, what would take Passes to brew properly, he does in a matter of Mists. You might identify on him the signs of heavy magical straining, of using every last ounce of magical power left in his body- That is, until Satana, who's
JayM: been out back in the herb field, comes by, and- She puts her open mouth against his, it's no kiss, he seems to be feeling her breath on his mouth… It's not to mean that they don't kiss, rather awkwardly, so different are their bodies, after all is said and done
Eventually, however, everyone is gathered in the living room again. Satana is all over Celesto, almost like a teenager, although her greyed-out fur and the scars in the left arm certainly tell of one with long age and experience, at every chance possible. She seems to make a point to show their relationship "So, I take it you're in a mission"
Jnezdie dresses back up to complete armor and covering robe after his shower and is more than content to chew on a bit of jerky. As Santana asks, he slows his chewing.
Argent is weirded out by this rather overt display
Jnezdie: "That's the short of it, yeah." He nods.
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrmrmmm."
Celesto: "Well, anything we can help out with?"
Gavriel can't help noticing, and he frowns. It's not right to use one's life like that, for the sake of magic, just to brew potions more quickly… but he's not going to complain about it as a guest in their house. (And, at least they're happy together.) "Indeed."
Argent: "Essentially."
Gavriel: "…if you have a map we could look at, we… became disoriented in our flight from the Elemental."
Jnezdie: "The long of it is that it's a really cool story, too."
Argent: "I don't think we have the time for the long of it, Jnezdie."
Santana: "Well, now, my dear. I do think they owe us a fair bit, so how about we ask them to repay that?"
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I kind of agree."
Celesto: "San?"
Jack‘ purses his lips together.
Santana: "Really, though, someone needs to deal with that, we could at least ask their help?"
Celesto: "Oh, you win, I was planning on looking at it myself, though"
Jnezdie: "Believe us, there isn’t anything you could ask us to do that would be -any- worse than the stuff we've done recently."
Santana: "We're just two, you silly mage, we can't deal with all that"
Santana looks at Jnezdie "Really, what we need is to help out a friend. Kurikan, an enchanter who lives nearby, he's all distressed over somebody who's missing~
Argent: "…I see. How would we recognize his place, if I might ask?"
Santana: "Given… Celesto's fame, he's rather unwilling to even talk to him- It's a complicated mess, really. But he needs help, and nobody is up to it, not even the local police force"
Celesto: "Oh, you'll find him somewhere out there, asking help in the streets desperatly. It's more likely he'll find you before you find him"
Jnezdie: "That's kinda sad, yeah."
Argent: "I…see."
Argent: "Sarah? Your opinion on the matter?"
Sarah thinks for a moment "I'm never against helping anyone, really"
Gavriel smiles, almost invisibly.
Sarah: "Plus, we should be pretty close to the final objective already, so a little detour is no big deal!"
Argent: "Right then."
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrmrmmm,"
Argent: "I guess if it doesn't deviate from the mission parameters too much I can accept."
Jnezdie licks his lips, then shrugs the robe off his shoulders, baring his arms. Chest still covered by manchurian shirt, o'course.
Celesto nods "Thank you ever so much" he looks up at Jnezdie- A great burden, he carries on his back, a horrible, horrible stain in his honor, which he further besmirched by granting safe heaven to Santana- Jnezdie those lines, those lines are the lines on twin brothers share-
Argent just has her armor on. "If you say so. I'd be concerned about the Heir and his intentions, personally, but if you insist."
JayM: Jnezdie, those are the lines of Celerian's twin brother- You knew he looked familiar. Celerian, the Elvaan companion of the Heir of Ultima- Is Celesto's twin
Jnezdie visibly flinches.
Sarah smiles at Argent "Reshy's already up on that business"
Argent: "Right then."
Jnezdie nods with emphasis. "We'll sort this out, yeah. You two crazy kids don't get too lonely without us, okay?"
JayM: So, going out to find this Kurikan?
Argent: We're going.
Gavriel heads out!
Jack‘ rubs at his chin, mumbling something about forbidden love to himself as he exit the house.
Santana grins "We won’t, believe me" she unclasps the hood of her robe, and tosses it expertly aimed at Gavriel's face "You'll need that'"
Jnezdie stands, pushes in his chair, waves to them, and shrugs the robe back on his shoulders as he turns to leave.
Gavriel puts the robe on, first, of course.
Argent whispers to Gavriel "(…all due respect, and I'm glad they're happy, but I'm surprised those two haven't been run out by a mob yet.)"
Jack: "Quite."
Gavriel: "(Not a good idea to run your medicine-supplier out of town. Although I wouldn't expect that level of rational thought north of-)" -he bits that back, for the moment.
The party heads on out! And they get to wander around town! Or town fragment, as this is what this really is, and what it feels like. Still, there's a few shops, here and there, a place to rest, an inn. This town is so different from Material side, even being low-class, everything is… Cleaner, everything looks just bigger, larger scale, it's as if everything is meant to be grandious,
JayM: even when made of makeshift materials. You soon find this person, a moogle in the most classical white mage robes, begging and pleading passerbies, he needs help, his friend has been taken! And yet, everyone looks away from him, scowls at him
Argent: "(Probably has less to do with that and more with how much magic power he may be able to bring to fore. You heard the group yesterday.)"
Jnezdie walks right up to this white mage moogle, and raises a hand.
Jnezdie: "Hey, guy. I'm Jnezdie."
Gavriel peers down at the moogle. This town- this palatial slum, this exquisitely-crafted pisshole- at least Rorest is honest about what it is. Hopefully, they won't need to stay here long.
Jack: "Hello!"
The moogle looks up to the party "Jnezdie? Are you from around here? No? Maybe you can help, then! Please, i'm looking for help!"
Argent: "Help with what?"
Argent isn't going to let on that they were sent
Jnezdie: "I like helpin'. What's up?"
Kurikan: "This group, those hooligans, monsters! They took my blue lilly! They took her away, and I don't know where they went!" "
Argent: "Calm down, calm down. You have to give specifics."
Jack: "A kidnapping, you say?!"
Argent: "What group, what 'blue lilly'?"
Kurikan: "T-they attacked us during the storm, the dark clouds were above, shadows everywhere, it was just too fast, I don't know!"
Jnezdie: "Hey, you sound pretty brave, still standing after all that."
Argent: "Can you describe this 'blue lilly'?"
Kurikan: "They took her, my blue lilly… Where is she, can you help me find her? Please? No-one will help me find her, not those I called friends, not the ones who vowed to keep the people here safe!"
Jnezdie: "Well see, that's why we're here- we help people!"
Jnezdie: "You on board with us?"
Kurikan seems like he's going to say something, and just stops- He looks kind of scared "P-please… It was a large group, I don't know where they took her" he doesn't seems willing to describe her
Argent: "…" she sighs in frustration. "Are you listening here? Can you please -describe- her so we can recognize her when we see her?"
Jnezdie: "Nah, it's alright. He's coming with us, aren't you Kurikan?"
Kurikan looks like he shrinks at Jnezdie's words, he turns his back to him- And he can see the clear scar of the scuffle- His right wing is missing, his left maimed "I-i can't fight, any longer- If you can stand that…"
Jnezdie: "Hey."
Jnezdie: "You think that you not being able to fight…means we'd turn our back on you?"
Jnezdie: "You're wrong, guy."
Gavriel has stood back for all of this. …Jnezdie's -good-.
Argent: "Just don't get in the way of the fighting and you'll be okay."
Kurikan looks up at Jnezdie "A-alright! Please, you'll- You'll know when you find her"
Jack: "Right-o, Sir!"
Jnezdie: "Right on!"
JayM: So to start this out- Kurikan has really poor information and is not willing to part with just about anything- So it'll take a while to figure out what really is needed and to track people- Say a Huntsman [TN 6] check!
Jnezdie checks around, tries to pry a bit more with Kurikan, maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. [Aptitude: Wilderness]
JayM: Oh, right [+2 AP/+915 Exp] from running away from the Water Elemental
Argent is frustrated; more like NO information at all. As such, she at least tries to let her intuition help her on this front. [Lucky:Wilderness]
Jack‘ rolled 2#d8+1(1) and got 2 ( Total: 3.0 ) **
Also rolled 2#d8+1(2) and got 5 [Total: 6.0 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(1) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(2) and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(3) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 4#d8(4) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 23.0, Avg: 3.50
JayM: That was kind of bad
JayM: Any post-check?
Argent does have Scrape By in a last-ditch scenario
[OOC] Gavriel: I have Reliable: Wilderness
[OOC] Jack: go be reliable you scrangy mutt
[OOC] Argent: I also have Jack of All Trades if that is needed
JayM: You can always rely on Gavriel :D
The hidden filth of this city leaves footprints just as reliably as the regular kind. [Reliable:Wilderness]
Jack` rolled d10+1 and got 10 ( Total: 11.0 )
And it so does, very, very clear footprints. Gavriel finds himself reliving a memory or two of his days as a mage hunter, certain tricks certainly apply here, and even much more so as this is a large group. Seven to ten people, more than one race involved, none of them SEEM to be the warrior types but you never know. There, over there, further south- Yep, this in the foot of the gigantic
JayM: mountain range that divides the kingdoms, and lo and behold, above you, still a fair distance, a cave
Argent: "…well, I’ll be damned."
And in the path to the cave, a single Ronso looks up at it with a despaired look, he wears a dark blue robe, a shield with a lightning bolt on it emblazoned on the front and back of the robe. He sighs
JayM: Also [+4 AP/+1375 XP]
Jnezdie: "Got a pretty good trail, now."
Jnezdie: "You ready, Kurikan?"
At Jnezdie's words, he turns around "Who're you?"
Jnezdie: "I'm Jnezdie."
Kurikan nods at Jnezdie "As i'll ever be!"
Jnezdie: "We're with Kurikan here, you see."
Argent: "I request you step aside. Preferably of your own volition."
Ronso: "Well, mister Jnezdie, what ARE you doing here? Not going to add to the bunch of- Well, people, up there, are you?"
Jnezdie: "Aw it's not a thing, Ronso-man."
Jnezdie: "Just looking for Kurikan's blue lilly."
Gavriel gives the Ronso a coldly appraising glance. Is he with the guys in the cave, or…
Ronso: "Oh… Hrm, maybe you can help out, then. There's about ten people holed up in there, I was thinking of storming hte place but, can't do it alone, and the city guard isn't willing to take this job"
Gavriel nods, lowers his guard. That answers that.
Ronso: "So of course, i'm forbidden from going there, but somebody has to. If you think you can handle it, you'd be saving a pair of hides today"
Jnezdie: "We're all kinds of gathering a posse today."
Argent: "…right then. In such a case, we can help. What sort of group is there, if I may ask."
The Ronso sighs "A bunch of hooligans, as close to an organized lynching mob as there can be. I'm- I'm not sure of the state of the woman right now but I doubt she's dead, not with those sorts but-"
Gavriel: "What's your fight with them, Ronso?"
Ronso: "Well" he takes a couple of steps back "I suggest you hurry up. But they're all city workers, no big fighters"
Jnezdie: "Lady's in trouble, people are up to bad things."
Jnezdie: "A'int that enough of a fight?"
Argent: "You heard the Ronso." Argent nods, pushing forward
Gavriel nods. Good enough of a reason for him.
Ronso: "I'm- Probably the ONLY member of the city defense force that doesn't thinks that what they're doing is right. It doesn't matters the entirety of the conditions… Kidnapping and harming is never good"
Jack‘ nods empathatically.
Jnezdie: "Oughta make you mayor when this is all over."
Argent: "Right then."
Jnezdie moves past the Ronso, his left hand idly toying with the pommel of his katana.
Ronso: "Anyway… I’ll loose my post here if I'm involved, I was considering being a hero here but since you're here, I suppose there's no need for that"
Argent draws her axe as she heads in. "Don't worry about it."
He certainly lets you pass, and up the paths you go!
Gavriel glances up, meets the Ronso's gaze for a split second. He'd almost be a worthy adversary on the field, had he the spirit to go against the hidebound elders and do what needed to be done. Still, Gavriel can respect him- and, definitely, carry out the justice he is unwilling to serve.
The path upwards is winding still, and there is a good distance to go upwards before you reach the cave proper. The cave is… Damp, though just not too much to be uncomfortable. Cold, but not excessively so- Yep, weather control by magic, you notice the dimly glowing stones in the ground, thrown about, not set anywhere, the cave is natural, at least at the start. It goes deeper, a fair
JayM: bit into the mountainous background
The cave, then, splits right and left, and you hear sounds from both sounds. Words, although too far to be recognized. To one side, you hear more, to the other, less. Discussion. And that is about when you notice, made of stone clearly broken and shaped with magic, bars, an indent in the cave- A holding cell
JayM: Empty, of course
Argent: "…hm. Let's hurry."
JayM: Taking prefference to any side? Any genious idea?
Gavriel twitches. A nation of soft men who can't handle the extremes of the world, and hide behind their magics.
Jnezdie: "Crashin' the main party or beatin' up the wallflowers?"
Argent: "We're here to rescue the girl."
Jnezdie: "And seein' as how we don't know where she is-"
Jnezdie: "Crashin' the main party or beatin' up the wallflowers?"
Argent: "I'm taking my chances." Argent heads toward the side that sounds to have larger numbers
Jack‘ presses a finger to his lips, then follows along. Hrmrmrmrm.
Jnezdie: "Was that so hard?" He heads that way as well.
As Argent heads that way, the sounds become clearer "Why don’t we just kill her?" "That's not good enough for her! I say we leave her here" beyond the corner, two ronso, wearing the same clothes as the one from before, have their arms crossed, they look somewhat battle-hardened. A Viera, wearing simple brown robes, hatless, and two Taru, wearing aprons rather than robes, are discussing
JayM: the fate of someone
Behind them, chained to the wall, limp but not yet lifeless, wounded, burned and frozen, shocked and battered- A Ronso woman, bleeding, on hanging on to life by a thread, her horn broken- Not cut, broken
Jnezdie: "I say we let her go!"
Gavriel clenches his fist.
Jack‘ strums something triumphant as Jnezdie speaks up
Argent: "(…these scum have no righ) Damnit, stop announcing your presence like that"
They turn to face Jnezdie as he speaks, and the two ronso move forward in formation! Sarah drags Kurikan backwards, finding a safer hiding spot! Begin Battle!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jack [F]:2 Argent [B]:4 Jnezdie [B]:4 Viera Sensei [B]:4 Ronso Arrester A [F]:5 Ronso Arrester B [F]:5 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:6 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:6
JayM: Gavriel!
Jnezdie: "Sorry, Arge. But damn if I don’t want to see their faces as I give 'em the beatin' past any o' their worst nightmares."
Argent: "Kgggggghhh…" Argent narrows her eyes and grumbles
Gavriel would rather have announced his presence with a broadside from his hand cannon, as he unslings the weapon and aims it at the Viera and fires - the blast makes no sound at -all-, and leaves a black tracer in the air. [Silence Buster D60 CoS 105]
Gavriel rolled d8+108 and got 1 ( Total: 109.0 ) for Silence (2), 55 CoS Blind (4)
Also rolled 1d100 and got 35 [Total: 35 (Low), Avg: 35.00]
Total: 144.0, Avg: 18.00
JayM: Heavy impact- You chose your target well, believe me. [109], Blind (4), Silence (2)
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ continues strumming on his lute! It’s quite the rousing melody. [38D] [Haste (4)]\
JayM: A fast and melodious tone!
JayM: Argent!
Argent wastes no time, throwing her axe into the air as she punches the ground, sending a shockwave toward everyone! [Earth Slash, 25 MP/44D]
JayM: Strike! Earthen Fury!
Argent rolled 1d6+84 and got 4 ( Total: 88.0 ) for Magic damage
JayM: Damages all over, oh god
JayM: Jnezdie!
JayM: Wait, no
JayM: Wait, yes
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Jnezdie: argent you have haste
[OOC] Argent: oh crap forgot the calc
[OOC] Argent: 35D, sorry
Jnezdie closes his eyes and draws his katana wide to the side with one hand. He brings his left arm around in a large, slow, circular motion, gripping his katana underneath his other hand. With a quick, loud kiai, the air around Ronso Arrester A splits with a surge of shadowy energy, and Jnezdie strikes with great weight towards the man! [Soul Eater, 47D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 85/15
[OOC] Argent: HP: 642/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 212/300, SoS: 160, Haste[4]
[OOC] Argent: HP: 642/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 212/300, SoS: 160, Haste[3]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+528 and got 2 ( Total: 530.0 ) for melee physical shadow
JayM: That does hits
JayM: A glorious [530] damage
JayM: You don't think he'll stand another one
Jnezdie exhales slowly, slowly turning his katana about with both hands.
The Viera Sensei Defends herself!
Ronso Arrester A growls, and he chants "Become bound, you cannot escape! Unscapable!" and the air itself coalesces into chains of wind around the whole party!
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 90, 38, 19, 8 ( Total: 155 )
JayM: Jack, Gavriel and Jnezdie are Slow(4) and Lock(4)
Argent leaps to the side of where the chains would have converged
The second Ronso Arrester points at Jnezdie "Hold!" and and impact strikes him raw
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 )
JayM: And he's Delayed by 5
The Taru Shopkeep A then simply waves at the party "Away!" and a massive [Impact Wave] strikes the front row!
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 49, 51 ( Total: 100 )
JayM rolled 1d10+180 and got 7 ( Total: 187.0 )
JayM: The terrible impact wave deals 187 Magical damage, Delays by 10 and sends them into the Back Row!
[OOC] Gavriel: Uh who's actually in the front row
[OOC] Jack: Jnez and Argent
[OOC] Gavriel: because according to inits… only Jack is?
[OOC] Gavriel: Which I find highly implausible.
JayM: I
[OOC] Jack: loolollolll
JayM: Mistyped Argent
JayM: Do not mind it, everyone's in the Back Row right now
[OOC] Argent: Doesn't same row mean that we're counted as both front and back for now?
JayM: There is no longer any rows for you guys, I believe
And the Taru Shopkeep B draws dark energy in a fist and points it at Jack "Come here!" and suddenly he's dragged with titanic force at him!
JayM rolled 1d12+225 and got 1 ( Total: 226.0 )
JayM: Er
JayM rolled 2d12 and got 1, 11 ( Total: 12 )
Jack's dragged towards the energy fist and the spike of dark energy sends him flying backwards for a grand total of 238 Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: Battle order: Viera Sensei [B]:0 Ronso Arrester B [F]:2 Argent [B]:6 Jack [B]:7 Ronso Arrester A [F]:7 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:19 Jnezdie [B]:23 Gavriel [B]:27 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:29
JayM: And the Viera Sensei remains on the defensive, wow
Ronso Arrester B then points at Jack "Burn in darkness, Fire!" and sets him ablaze! [Fir']
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 6 ( Total: 168.0 )
JayM: 168 Magical Fire damage!
JayM: Argent!
Argent: "Screw this shit…" Argent charges forward, launching a hard strike toward Ronso Arrester A
Argent: [Beatdown, 43D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 ) for lolchances
JayM: Raaawr!
JayM: What are the chances?
Argent: Never in Argent's favor, because his player's luck sucks!
Argent: ffff
JayM: A wild miss, then, and a good chunk off the terrain!
JayM: Jack!
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Ronso Arrester A [F]:0 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:12 Jnezdie [B]:16 Gavriel [B]:20 Viera Sensei [B]:22 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:22 Ronso Arrester B [F]:40 Argent [B]:42
Jack‘ rolled 6d10+112 and got 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 ( Total: 127.0 )
Argent: "…Jack, your singing’s still bad."
JayM: HEaling to all!
The Viera Sensei winces "What in Ultima's name was that"
Jnezdie: "Music to our ears!"
Argent: "horrible."
Argent: "and yet it still does…something."
Ronso Arrester A raises a hand "Something, is true. Cure!" and white light accompanied by the sound of jingling bells surrounds him
Gavriel quirks an ear at Jack.
[OOC] Argent: HP: 582/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 222/300, SoS: 160, Haste[2]
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 12 ( Total: 174.0 )
Shopkeep Taru A then points at the Viera Sensei "Work faster, work better! Haste!"
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:4 Viera Sensei [B]:6 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:6 Ronso Arrester B [F]:24 Argent [B]:26 Ronso Arrester A [F]:29 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:32 Jack [B]:40
JayM: Jnezdie!
[OOC] Jack: HP: 337/616, MP: 68/68, LP: 120/300, SoS: 154 - Slow (3),Lock (3)
Jnezdie jams his katana into the ground, point first. He rips it to the side, and a great fissure opens up in the ground. The sound of rushing water can be heard… [CT 10]
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel steps forward, snarling at the Viera. She won't get the chance to use her fell magics here, and he fires off another silent shot - [Silence Buster, Seventy-fucking-two (72)D, 105 CoS]
Gavriel rolled d8+108 and got 2 ( Total: 110.0 ) for Silence (2), 55 CoS Blind (4)
Also rolled 1d100 and got 63 [Total: 63 (High), Avg: 63.00]
Total: 173.0, Avg: 32.50
JayM: More damage to her face, and to her throat, but no further Blindness!
JayM: Battle order: Viera Sensei [B]:0 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:0 Jnezdie [B]:4 Ronso Arrester B [F]:18 Argent [B]:20 Ronso Arrester A [F]:23 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:26 Jack [B]:34 Gavriel [B]:70
JayM: Status for Viera Sensei [B]: Blind(2) Haste(6) Silence(2)
The Viera Sense is certainly silenced! So she Defends then, she bides her time..
Shopkeep Taru B points at Argent, a fistful of darkness! [Tractor Beam]
JayM rolled 3d12+225 and got 5, 6, 12 ( Total: 248.0 )
JayM: 248 Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie points to the back row. [Samakah Cataract, 52D]
Argent grimaces as she's punched with darkness. "You're going to be entertaining to punt if that doesn't get you."
Jnezdie rolled 3d100 and got 26, 98, 65 ( Total: 189 ) for viera taruA taruB
[OOC] Jnezdie: 45 CoS
JayM: What is the CoS again?
JayM: And what is actually the biggest threat in the field goes down into the earth, gobbled up by the falls
[OOC] Argent: HP: 334/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 232/300, SoS: 160, Haste[2]
JayM: Battle order: Ronso Arrester B [F]:0 Argent [B]:2 Ronso Arrester A [F]:5 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:8 Jack [B]:16 Jnezdie [B]:38 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:38 Gavriel [B]:52
Arrester B then growls and points a hand to Jnezdie "Become ash! Fire!" and flames burst around him
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 12 ( Total: 174.0 )
JayM: 174 Magical Fire damage!
JayM: Argent!
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 272/632, MP: 148/148, LP: 80/300, SoS: 158 - Slow (3),Lock (3)
Argent wordlessly spins her axe to the side in both hands, staring down Arrester A…water gathering toward the spinning blade…[Critical Magnum, CT10]
JayM: Battle order: Ronso Arrester A [F]:0 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:3 Argent [B]:7 Jack [B]:11 Jnezdie [B]:33 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:33 Ronso Arrester B [F]:40 Gavriel [B]:47
Arrester A decides that getting busted in the face by an Angelic is not very high up in his list of things to do so he strikes out at Argent with a [Stunner]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
JayM: Delayed!
Shopkeep Taru A then decides that it's time to mix things up a little further! He waves at the party "Away!" and a heavy [Impact Wave] strikes the back row, which contains all
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 13, 13, 93, 76 ( Total: 195 )
JayM: And Argent and Jnezdie are once against tossed itno the front row
JayM: That was just hilarious
JayM rolled 3d10+180 and got 2, 9, 7 ( Total: 198.0 )
JayM: 198 Magical Damage!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 136/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 242/300, SoS: 160, Haste[2]
JayM: Battle order: Jack [F]:0 Argent [F]:11 Ronso Arrester A [F]:19 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:22 Ronso Arrester B [F]:29 Jnezdie [B]:32 Gavriel [B]:36 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:38
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 74/632, MP: 148/148, LP: 90/300, SoS: 158 - Slow (3),Lock (3)
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ keeps on blaring out the song of life! [56D]
Jack` rolled 6d10+112 and got 4, 7, 10, 9, 3, 5 ( Total: 150.0 )
JayM: Healings are for the party
JayM: Argent!
Argent is tossed into the front row, using that momentum to her advantage as she strikes the ground
a plume of water launching her airborne as she soars…and then strikes down hard toward the Arrester! [Critical Magnum, 43D]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 70
JayM: You know this certainly is not a good day to be a bunny
JayM: Battle order: Ronso Arrester A [F]:0 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:3 Ronso Arrester B [F]:10 Jnezdie [B]:13 Gavriel [B]:17 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:19 Argent [F]:35 Jack [F]:37
Arrester A jumps the hell out of the way of that, he looks relieved! Then he [Cure]s himself
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 6 ( Total: 168.0 )
Shopkeep Taru A then decides to apply [Haste] to Arrester B
Arrester B then puts another [Cure] on Arrester A
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 8 ( Total: 170.0 )
JayM: Jnezdie!
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:4 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:6 Argent [F]:22 Jack [F]:24 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:26 Ronso Arrester A [F]:31 Ronso Arrester B [F]:34
Jnezdie gains a faint glow of red, as does Ronso Arrester A. He slashes towards the caster— [Night Sword, 70D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 85/15
JayM: Strike!
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+264 and got 3 ( Total: 267.0 ) for drain
JayM: [267] health regraind!
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel adjusts his weapon, and a ring of light sparks to life at the gun’s mouth- [Change Weapon D15]
The shopkeep takes the chance! [Tractor Beam] at Gavriel!
JayM rolled 3d12+225 and got 1, 11, 3 ( Total: 240.0 )
JayM: 240 Magical Shadow damage!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Argent [F]:3 Jack [F]:5 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:7 Ronso Arrester A [F]:12 Ronso Arrester B [F]:15 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:43 Jnezdie [B]:51
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel roars! [Forgotten Howl 25D]
JayM: Argent!
The magicians stare at Gavriel, the two Ronso scowl at him
Argent: Forgoing the heavy attacks, Argent instead goes for a pair of quick strikes toward Ronso Arrester A. [Pummel, 43D]
Gavriel gestures with one arm, the one that's not aiming a huge ass gun at their faces. "Can you even do anything other than hurl the same spells your grandparents hurled? You miserable filth!"
Argent rolled 2#1d100(1) and got 58 ( Total: 58 ) for 65
Also rolled 2#1d100(2) and got 56 [Total: 56 (High), Avg: 56.00]
Total: 114, Avg: 57.00
JayM: Two hits :D
Argent rolled 1d12+140 and got 1 ( Total: 141.0 )
Argent rolled 1d12+140 and got 9 ( Total: 149.0 )
Arrester B stares at Gavriel "Machinist freak! Do you even care wether or not those things will explode on your own face, if they even WORK?"
JayM: That hurt a considerable amount!
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ continues howling the song of life! [56D]
Jack` rolled 6d10+112 and got 8, 1, 9, 9, 9, 9 ( Total: 157.0 )
JayM: And the healing, it is awesome
Gavriel roars with laughter! "Once it happens once, you learn not to fear it anymore! If my weapon fails, it is because of my failure to understand it, whereas your weapons can never be understood in the first place!"
[OOC] Argent: HP: 443/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 148/300, SoS: 160
The Taru Shopkeep B is REALLY starting to run out of juice, so he Hastens himself!
Arrester A has turned full-on healing mode, more [Cure] on himself, if he gives his allies time to wail on those beasts…
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 2 ( Total: 164.0 )
JayM: Battle order: Ronso Arrester B [F]:0 Gavriel [B]:10 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:22 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:28 Argent [F]:31 Jnezdie [B]:36 Ronso Arrester A [F]:42 Jack [F]:46
JayM: Status for Ronso Arrester B [F]: Haste(5)
Arrester B then then goes over to Shopkeep Taru B and closes his eyes, gently laying a hand on him, something shifts slightly, and his HAste timer incerases
JayM: Gavriel!
JayM: Gavriel you notice on him that tired shoulder- A mage who’s fully spent
Gavriel smirks. "You give up so easily! Never limit yourself to one method of attack!" As such, he trains his gun on Ronso B and fires! [Attack 60D 100CoS]
JayM: That will hurt
Gavriel rolled d12*1.25+180*1.25 and got 2 ( Total: 227.5 ) for Holy-elemental
JayM: Normal attack? Okies
[OOC] Gavriel: Yeah I am /reasonably confident/ ronso B will last 60 ticks and I don't want to waste a round of brave/acc
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 547/630, MP: 89/110, LP: 174/300, SoS: 157 - Slow (1),Lock (1),Brave (1),Accuracy Up (1)
JayM: That certainly hurt at any rate! They seem startled at the beam of white light who strikes him- That certainly looked pretty magical!
Jnezdie: "Quite the light show, eh?"
Shopkeep Taru B thinks- If he's using light attacks, he must be weak to shadow for sure! [Tractor Beam]!
JayM rolled 3d12+225 and got 4, 4, 7 ( Total: 240.0 )
JayM: 240 Magical Shadow damage!
Gavriel: "The supposed Mysteries, the Unknowable, shaped by mortal hands! -This- is how you fight!" He takes the damage, seemingly undeterred.
Argent: "Honestly, they just need their asses kicked."
Argent: "Preferably sooner than later."
Arrester B growls, and runs! You've never seen a mage run into melee with so much intent! [Attack]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 )
Jnezdie looks to Jack and laughs once. "I think you're rubbin' off on him!"
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrm! We'll see, yet!"
JayM rolled 1d8*2+36*2 and got 5 ( Total: 82.0 )
JayM: And a fist square in the nose
JayM: Er-
JayM: Wait
[OOC] Gavriel: to whom?
JayM: You, Gav!
[OOC] Gavriel: I'm in the back row~
JayM: Yep it should be 71 Physical damage!
JayM: Which is why I said Wait
JayM: And there we go
Shopkeep Taru A sighs, and decides that the healer on the other siden eeds to go! [Tractor Beam]
JayM rolled 3d12+225 and got 7, 4, 11 ( Total: 247.0 )
JayM: 247 Magical Shadow damage to Jack!
Gavriel reaches out with one hand and grabs the Ronso, takes the punch, pulls him by the shoulder and stares at his face. "We're not afraid to kick filth like you to the ground, mange-fur." He throws him backwards, away from himself and his weapon.
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Jnezdie [B]:5 Ronso Arrester A [F]:11 Jack [F]:15 Ronso Arrester B [F]:22 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:37 Gavriel [B]:39 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:53
JayM: Argent!
Jack: "It would seem our military man has a bit fo a violent streak left in him yet!"
Jnezdie: "I'm likin' it!"
Argent tries to press the offensive with another heavy attack, preferably before Arrester A can do anything. [Here's hoping for ONE low roll. Beatdown, 54D]
Jack: "Even the sad, sad events of last week cannot abate his fury now!"
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 )
Gavriel: "There's still justice left in the world, where we come from!"
JayM: Well, Argent, be happy, whatever you'd try, that'd have missed
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie brings his katana high over his head, and sheets of dark energy wash past the blade! He charges at Ronso Arrester A, and the air- darkness- skin splits as he slices! [Soul Eater, 70D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 ) for 85/15
[OOC] Jnezdie: :D
JayM: Could you wish for any more damage, nez?
[OOC] Gavriel: bonerrr
Jnezdie rolled 1d10*2+528*2 and got 8 ( Total: 1072.0 )
JayM: Tell me, do you want a killshot, or not?
[OOC] Jnezdie: Nah. But I don't want him using his right arm for the rest of his life.
A single slice, and stillness in the air as nothing seems to happen for a milisecond- And and the Arrester is in shock, he falls to one side, his right arm to the other, in shattered pieces. The ceiling, the ground, the wall behind, a giant gash
JayM: It couldn't have been anything but sheer fear that knocked him out like that
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ switching things up! The time for rousing melody is now! [36D]
Jack: [Haste 4]
JayM: Accelerations!
Jnezdie slowly brings his katana about— it’s strangely bloodless. The strike was too clean, too fast.
JayM: Battle order: Ronso Arrester B [F]:0 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:15 Gavriel [B]:17 Jack [F]:29 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:31 Argent [F]:32 Jnezdie [B]:53
JayM: Status for Ronso Arrester B [F]: Haste(3)
Jnezdie: "Rest of you ready to give up yet?"
Arrester B is- Is not even sure what the hell, he's shaking- He can't react but doesn't wants to quit yet- [Wait]
JayM: Same for Shopkeep B
[OOC] Jack: HP: 369/616, MP: 68/68, LP: 120/300, SoS: 154 - Haste (3)
Then the Arrester shakes himself "Grr!" and picks up a rock in the ground, lobbing it at Jnezdie
JayM: This is sort of pathetic
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 )
JayM rolled 1d8+36 and got 6 ( Total: 42.0 )
JayM: 42 Physical Melee damage
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jack [F]:12 Shopkeep Taru A [B]:14 Argent [F]:15 Shopkeep Taru B [B]:15 Ronso Arrester B [F]:28 Jnezdie [B]:36
JayM: Gavriel!
Jnezdie: "That's -like- givin' up."
Gavriel turns to Jnezdie, and just… stares, a wild grin on his face before he turns towards Ronso B. "Run. Now." Or will he have to give the Ronso a -reason- to run while he still can? "-although I'd rather you stayed, such that you can be brought to justice!" He aims his gun at Ronso B and fires, and the backlash knocks him senseless! [Magna Assault D40 CoS 100]
Gavriel rolled d12*1.25+540*1.25 and got 9 ( Total: 686.25 )
JayM: Running is useless! The powerful lance of light sends him flying across the room, and he hits the wall- he topples over, senseless
JayM: Jack!
Gavriel roars at the tarutaru! "I'll see you in irons for what you've done! No compassion, no justice, no guiding principles of order and reason, nothing to guide you but the weirding lure of magic! This is where such a path ends!"
Jack plays a turnabout song of energy! [Blade Madrigal, 37D] [Accuracy Up (4)]
JayM: Accuracies!
The Shopkeep Taru A is in tears, and tries to run around the party! "Waitaru, where are you going?!" shouts the other "Waaah! I don't want to be the next in line for disembowelling!" [CT 10]
JayM: Argent!
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I said you could surrender. Didn't mean we'd accept."
Argent: "Shut the hell up already…" Argent ignores Taru A…and glares at Taru B with an almost sadistic gleam in her eyes, coming in with another heavy swing as she almost tries to LAUNCH the Tarutaru. [I've given up. Another beatdown, plz]
Argent: [54D as usual]
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 )
JayM: Now THAT hits!
Argent rolled 1d12+420 and got 6 ( Total: 426.0 )
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 ) for 20 for slow
[OOC] Jnezdie: haste - 43D
[OOC] Argent: thought we had accuracy
[OOC] Jnezdie: he reapplied haste before that
[OOC] Argent: oh.
JayM: A strike, right at it! And the poor Taru flies and pow- He hits the wall with a crack! [KO]
[OOC] Argent: HP: 443/642, MP: 65/90, LP: 154/300, SoS: 160, Accuracy Up(3), Haste(3)
JayM: And, the opening Argent gives in the formation as she moves in to strike, the other Taru manages to run away!
JayM: Victory!
JayM rolled 5d100 and got 9, 52, 75, 63, 89 ( Total: 288 )
JayM: Er, ignore the 89 and 75
Argent: not that they matter
Argent: "That…was strangely cathartic."
JayM: The robes of one of the Arresters are still usable… [Police Robe x1], Relic - Perfectly the same as a Silk Robe, except it has the Ethereal police blazon on it
Jnezdie: "Kurikan, you still with us?"
And now there are the remains of combat… Your foes are shattered, and those who are not are gone from this place. And ahead of you lays the Ronso woman, wounded, as broken as your foes, her horn has been broken by raw force, not sawed off
Argent goes to break the chains if they need that
Sarah reappears, bringing, or rather restraining Kurikan so he doesn't actually runs in the middle of the combat that winds down "Liora! Liora!" he runs- Though he stops short once ARgent gets to freeing her
JayM: The chains are broken but- Heavens, she needs medical treament, immediately
Jnezdie: "Thanks for the hand, Sarah."
JayM: She's at the very verge of life and death, it'll take a lot of work this D:
Argent: "Girl needs medical attention, now!"
JayM: Like a Medicine [TN 4/7] check
JayM: (that notaion means that a 4 is sufficient to pass, 7 has added result)
Jnezdie runs up to her, opening up the automed, and readying all tonics and potions! [Aptitude: Wilderness]
Argent gets to work, letting instinct guide her [Lucky:Wilderness]
Jack helps the best he can! [No Reels]
Gavriel can't do too much, but he's a bit of field medic training. [Apt:Wilderness]
Jnezdie rolled 2#1d8+1(1) and got 3 ( Total: 4.0 )
Also rolled 2#1d8+1(2) and got 5 [Total: 6.0 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 4#1d8(1) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 4#1d8(2) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 4#1d8(3) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 4#1d8(4) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 32.0, Avg: 5.00
JayM: Well, it's a standard pass
[OOC] Gavriel: I've got a second Reliable now if we wanna go for the TN 7, I think Argent has some stuff?
[OOC] Argent: Don't think Scrape By would work for the secondary objective, though I can jack one of the +1s to see if that works
Gavriel is firm and steady with his hands, if nothing else. It can help, with field medicine. [Reliable]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
JayM: That is one success
JayM: What else can you do?
Argent: (Jacking the 4 on the 1d8+1?)
JayM: Go ahead
Argent rolled 1d6+1 and got 2 ( Total: 3.0 )
JayM: Aww, almost, but not quite, unless you got more stuff to try
[OOC] Argent: yeah that worked as well as expected. Maybe I should have rolls done by proxy from now on
[OOC] Jnezdie: I think that's all we got
[OOC] Argent: Unless you want me to burn Scrape By, but I doubt that works for the bonus, so
[OOC] Jack: scrape buy sound slike it's knock us back down to a 4ish pass with something midlly worse happening too anyways »
[OOC] Argent: Exactly
It takes… A lot of work, and a real lot, I mean. She's hurt, she's broken, and for some reason her body doesn't seems to be reacting well to any treatment, she's naturally frail- You don't have enough experience to figure out what is up, but at least you do know it's nothing that they've done to her, this seems natural, also no sickness- Perhaps just a naturally frail moment in a Ronso's
JayM: life cycle? Either way, she is now stable and should probably be waking up sometime soon
Kurikan, as soon as given the clear, holds her "Liora… Liora you're still alive…" he's crying, nonstop
Jnezdie shuts the automed and leans back on his hands, exhaling deeply.
Argent: "…I take it you two are…?"
Jack: "Hmm. We should get her back to the medicine maker."
Sarah sighs "You know, you guys are incredible EMTs…"
Kurikan: "T-those people just… Don't understand… It's really no… Big deal…"
Argent: "I'm not going to say anything."
Kurikan: "Thank you…"
Argent: "But you probably want to exercise more caution in the future."
Sarah: "C'mon, we gotta move, better get back to the healer"
Argent gets on the move herself
Jnezdie: "Anything here we could use to make a makeshift…uh…"
Jnezdie: "The thing where you carry people out of the battlefield, what's the word."
Kurikan stands up "Y-you're right, we should move…"
Sarah: "Stretcher"
Jnezdie: "That's the one."
Argent is fine with doubling up on the carrying with Gavriel
Gavriel leans back on his heels. It's… the best they could do, but it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. For a brief flicker of a moment, he stares at Argent, but then he looks away, growling under his breath, shifting positions to help carry the Ronso back to civilisation.
JayM: Well, now, Jnezdie. You can probably find enough- Between whatever long weapons you have and your shirt- I mean a few different articles of clothing the party has, you can do a makeshift stretcher
Jnezdie will totally dress out of his robe for this cause, and hands over some asuras.
You make your way back towards Celesto's house. That Ronso from before, that you met at the base of the mountain? He's making sure nobody interrupts you on your way there. You make your way to Celesto's house, who is almost in a panic once you arrive there "Phoenix's tailfeathers… What happened?!"
Argent: "Lynch mob."
Jnezdie: "Your tax gil at work."
By the time you're about to answer, he's already setting to giving her better treatment, medicine, of the healing variety, expertly applied at key points, she doesn't looks as troubled now "Grr… I should have known… I told those two to keep it quiet…"
Santana: "It's… Horrible…"
Argent: "It's a reality of life here."
Gavriel remembers the sensation of missing even Rorest, every time he was north of the border. It's been a while.
Argent sighs in frustration. "Only thing I can really suggest those two do now is skip town and look for somewhere else to go."
Gavriel: "…should head south. If their own army will let them."
It takes a few Mists, it's not that long, but soon enough Liora's sleep is peaceful, rather than pained. Celesto is showing heavy signs of draining, to which Santana gives him another energy boost "Dammit… Wish I had some medicine for her horn…" he gently puts a finger on it "Doing this is… Like blinding a Ronso. That's a sensory organ, too"
Argent winces.
Jnezdie: "Give 'em at least a few Palms to compose themselves."
Sarah looks at the woman laid down "… I… Might have" she looks at the party "Hum… If you don't mind… Engaging on some experimental medicine? It wouldn't hurt, at least"
Argent: "…you don't mean…?"
Gavriel glances up at Sarah, worried for her.
Jnezdie: "…gonna be okay, Sarah?"
Sarah: "It's… Where i'm from, there's ways to make a… Prosthetic horn. See, what makes them feel magic through it is a substance known as Rosnine, which their body produces. It just needs a proper medium"
Jnezdie: "…dang, really?" He cocks his head to the side, curious.
Argent: "…that medium being?"
Sarah: "It's going to be rather makeshift, but I can make a replacement, using sugar, salt, iron dust and lightning magicite dust"
Argent: "…okay, first three are simple enough. Where do you find the last, though?"
Sarah looks at Argent "Any biological material, really. Those crystalline materials should be enough, a simple enough lightning enchantment to use magnetic force to hold it together…"
Argent: "…hm."
Gavriel slowly turns to Sarah, incredulous- no, he's seen too much lately to really be incredulous any more.
Santana: "Other way around, Argent. Lightning magicite dust you'll find off the floor of any magicite shop, iron dust… Well, people very rarely work iron here, and when they do it's shaped, rather than anything that'd give off dust"
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrmrm."
Santana: "Look around, though. We do have a toolsmith that makes everyday tools, maybe you can find something"
Jnezdie: "I have a -lot- of swords?"
Argent: "Iron, not steel."
Jnezdie: "…not iron straight though, so…"
JayM: Either way, just going about town will require a Charm/Grace Dual Check [TN 5] to find all that
Argent: Argent? Charming? Graceful? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahano. [No reels]
Jnezdie has a winning smile. [Dependable: Mental]
Kurikan: "Are you sure this will work?"
Sarah: "Don't worry… Someone very dear to me had this kind of thing done to them"
Jnezdie: "If there's a chance…you gotta take it!"
Gavriel is many things - possibly even going so far as to 'ruggedly handsome', depending on your proclivities - but this has never quite been his preferred method of gaining information or supplies. [No Reels]
JayM: This is going to be somewhat harder than I expected?
[OOC] Argent: Jack has Weighted Results and Lucky, for what it matters
JayM: Someone toss in Jack's Talents
[OOC] Argent: Not sure if want on WR
Jack‘ is really charming! [Lucky] Except when he’s not [Weighted Results]
[OOC] Argent: oh, okay, Jack wants WR, nevermind
Jnezdie rolled 1d12 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
Also rolled 1d10 and got 10 [Total: 10 (High), Avg: 10.00]
Also rolled 3#1d8(1) and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#1d8(2) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 3#1d8(3) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 1d6 and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 38, Avg: 6.33**
JayM: Well, now, way to go
The party eventually returns with the proper materials- It took quite a fair bit of searching, specially for iron dust. The toolsmith shop was horridly clean, and given the way he worked, heating metal with magic and shaping it with the same, it's no wonder. Someone had to convince him you weren't doing anything shady looking for dust, you're sure you've convinced him. Specially because,
JayM: you swear what you found was left behind on purpose, for some reason
Jnezdie quietly thanks the man, tucking away the pouch, and hurriedly makes his way back to Celesto's.
Jack‘ would never do anything shadey! All his actions are going to make it into this opera, you know!
Once the materials are acquired, Sarah begins working. She grabs water, and mixes with the whole mess, makes initially a sort of paste, whereas salt, sugar, water and dust doesn’t makes an actual past, once she chants a light incantation of lightning the whole thing gets sticky, and then a couple more words and handwork, and she works on shaping it with her hands, like clay, in the form
JayM: of a horn. It's perhaps a milimiter too long, but that can pass by, you're not sure how she sharpened it so, but a couple more words and the thing is firmly stuck in place of her horn
JayM: A faint, glowing blue outline can be seen where the remains of the horn and the prothesis connect
Argent: "…never going to understand this magic stuff."
Argent: "Ever."
Sarah: "Phew… That should do it. Now it's up to her body, to use the salt and sugar as a replacement that it can 'repair' back to normal. It'll be a bit more frail than normal, but it won't break off her senses any longer"
Jack: "Wonderful!"
Jnezdie: "Jeez, Sarah, even what you do with magic is some kind of miracle."
Sarah turns to Argent "Then don't!" she smiles "Try to understand science, then"
Sarah looks flattered at Jnezdie "Ahaha… Not really.. I just… Have more training than I wish I had on some things"
Argent: "…hm. I do have a guess of mine that I want to discuss with you at some point."
Celesto looks intrigued, and examines, superficially, the work "This… Looks like… It may work" he smiles at the party, a tired and gentle smile "I've never met anyone like you, this world sure could use more people like that"
Gavriel shakes his head, softly. "…it's not incomprehensible. There's a pattern, a knowledge, behind it. It's barely even fair to call it 'magic', you… see further than we're able to, Sarah." He looks away, suddenly, having said a word or too too many.
Jack: "Any would could always use another handful of Heroes, my good man!"
Sarah laughs heartilly at Jack, something ther was awfully funny for her
Argent: "Just make sure to remember your own advice to those two. For your and Santana's sake."
Santana: "You know… After all this, I think they're in for a little extra rewards, no? Maybe we can share the CS Miracle Elixir with them?"
Argent: "CS Miracle Elixir?"
Celesto nods, and goes over to a hidden safe, and draws out a gently glowing violet vial "We got our own tricks- People think she's my slave, bcause it is true, at a point I bought her off a slave market. The act gets people to think i'm a filthy explorer, but they seem to take THAT in with more ease than us being lovers"
Eyes (~791.17.602.681|nailuJ#791.17.602.681|nailuJ) Quit
Jack: "Makes sense enough!"
Argent ends up giving Santana a look of 'I know what the hell you went through'.
Jnezdie puts both hands behind his head. "Guess that's the thing to do on the outside, yeah…"
Santana: "The CS Miracle Elixir… We tried something special with that. We simply abandoned all the current knowledge of magic and science, and attempted to redicover things from start. There was little we could do but, we made this"
Argent: It's very odd, Argent giving an -understanding- look
Santana just looks back at Argent for a moment
Jack‘ pauses. Wait does that actually make sense? Oh, well.
Jack: "Ohoho?"
Celesto hands over the potion to Jack "It can’t too extensive wounds, but a very tiny application will do wonders~
Jack‘ holds it up to the light, head tilted to the side while eh half nods a few times.
JayM: [CS Miracle Elixir x1] - Fully restores HP/MP/Status of the whole party
Jnezdie: "Hey, we’re grateful for all that work o' yours."
Celesto nods at Jnezdie "And i'm grateful you could help a friend of mine. And" he hands him over a map "Since you so gently asked"
JayM: The place you currently are at has been marked- You are surprisingly close to your final objective! Just some four Waves to the east of the place Liora was imprisioned, that is where the final ruin of this expedition should be!
Jnezdie takes the map, nodding appreciatively.
Sarah: "Thank you for all this, Celesto"
Argent: "…in such a case, I guess we should be on our way."
Gavriel bows, gratefully. "…if you had extended your hospitality alone, I would be grateful. This is- thank you." He knew that not everyone in the north was warped and twisted by the power they channeled, but… it was still good to meet and speak with them.
Celesto sighs "Well, it's about time I get back to my work, if I don't get as many potions out there as fast as possible we don't get to make ends meet" he's playful "Feel free to rest some, before you resume your journey and- It's really good to have it proven to me once again, that not all warriors are careless berserkers like i've been taught"
Jnezdie: "I take care in my berzerkin', yeah."
Argent: "(So, Sarah. About what happened with that column in the forest.)"
Gavriel glances up, and grins. It's like he read his mind.
Sarah turns to Argent "(Yeah?)"
Argent: "(What was I doing there?)"
Sarah closes her eyes "(Echoing what you heard… Relaying commands, and controlling through song)"
Argent: "(…hm. If that was true…)"
Sarah heads outside, she is incredibly happy "(Ask me later, Argent, on the road)" he sturns around to look at the party "Ahaha… As sad as their story is… It made me happy"
Argent thinks to herself :…there are no gods.
Jack‘ waggles his eyebrows exaguratedly. "OUr fair maiden is a bit of a sadist?!"
Sarah: "Reminds me" she draws a thin metallic cylinder from somewhere "Reminds me of my parents"
Jnezdie: "Hopefully not -too- much of a reminder."
Gavriel hides his face behind a paw, momentarily.
Jnezdie: "Yeah, that was bad."
She shakes the cylinder a little, and two little metallic spikes raise, and then, between the spikes an image forms- One rather monstrously tall Ronso woman, at her side a man that looks like a human, although on his back are leathery wings a pair of tiny horns on his head. There are two tiny Bangaa kids clambering atop the Ronso, one is the same color as Sarah, it’s definitely her as a
JayM: kid, the other is a boy, slightly more sandy-colored, being helped by the man to clamber up the ronso, they're having fun
Jnezdie: "Awwwww…."
Jack: "Gahaha, but wasn't it? Hmmmmmmmmmm…"
Jnezdie grins goofily as he leans in to look.
Argent looks. "…how is that even possible."
Jack: "Well Argent."
Interestingly to note, is that on the background, the ground is full of grass, in the background there are rather circular looking, spherical really, and where the sky should be, instead inky blackness, with many white dots
Jack: "When a man and a woman love each other verrrrrrryyyyy much…"
Jack: "Sometimes they adopet children!"
Sarah giggles "The way Reshy is, he might as well be" he says, shaking the cylinder again, causing the image to vanish and spikes to retract, before walking ahead
JayM: Session End!
JayM: LEt me tallly rewards
JayM: One TN4, one TN5 and Monsters
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 484/632, MP: 123/148, LP: 130/300, SoS: 158
JayM: [+4 AP/+915 XP], [+3 AP/+1100 XP], [+700 XP/+560 Gil/+3 AP] x5

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