Split Worlds - Session 10
The travel has been long and arduous this last portion of the road. The sky punishes the warriors below them with great showers of rain, as it always does at this time of the cycle. Sarah herself looks the worse, she's shaking, and while it has been getting colder not that cold yet. She looks worse off than ever before. The groundu nder your feet has turned into a muddy mess, at this
JayM: point little maitenance os done to buildings that are strongholds
Verne|Away (moc.rr.ser.olaffub.541-381-252-76-epc|enreV#moc.rr.ser.olaffub.541-381-252-76-epc|enreV) Quit
Argent: "Oi, Sarah, you okay?" Argent asks looking back as she leads the way regardless.
Sarah: "H-hate… Rain…"
Jack‘ is now sporting a staff slung acros shis back, in addition to the lute. "Hahaha, you certainly picked the wrong place to visit then!"
Right now, you’re less than a couple of Waves from your next destination, the western pass into the Ethereal Kingdom, simultaneously the most dangerous and most safe of them, the Viera Woods. There is a small encampment of the army right here where you are, however, wherein you've been offered a bowl of rice and a cup of some sort of strong liquor before moving on
Gavriel frowns. You'd need an umbrella the size of a tank to get through -this-.
Jnezdie eats of the rice, though refuses the liquor. "Season'll do that to ya'."
Jnezdie: "May as well have just jumped in the ocean, ya' know?"
Argent takes the liquor, but only after the rice. "Not much of a choice on our end, really.'
Jack‘ isn’t one to refuse a bowl of rice and a bottle of booze to go along with it. Keeps you warm!
Gavriel eats up. And drinks up, although not to excess. (Although Varg almost certainly have different standards of moderation…)
Argent: "We go when Sarah's ready."
JayM: Ah, the liquor. It one with very low amount of alchool but pretty damn spicy, sure as hell to wake one sleepy soldier up
Sarah will dry herself off a bit inside a tent. I'm sure none of you would spy on her, but what's the point of drying off in this storm? At any rate, after she is done, you get to move on… The Viera Woods ahead of you
Gavriel enjoys that kind the best! Especially on a rainy day.
Argent doesn't mind the booze. Takes the edge off a bit, at the least.
The water is relentless still, but it does nothing to stop the fragrance coming from that place to come your way. Gavriel has memories of this place, crossed it once or twice, both ways, has never been caught. Then again, he's never made the crossing with so many guys in tow. This place is a maze in a straight line, a light tingling at all of your noses is the only indication of the
JayM: dangers of this place
Jnezdie slings his wrapped bundle of katana over his shoulder, keeping one hand on the hilt of the weapon at his waist. Despite the jesting, he's keeping ears and eyes (and nose) open from the second they step in.
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow in Jnezdie’s direction but shrugs. Maybe he's worried about the foresT? Hah.
Gavriel twitches his nose. This part of the crossing never -isn't- weird.
As you enter through the woods, your action is punctuated by an earth-shaking roar of thunder, which you all feel on your lungs as the air shakes. Omnious
Jack: "Gahahaha."
JayM: Everyone, Danger Sense [TN 4], including Sarah in the check.
Argent uses her newfound axe to cut away obstructing vegetation, leading the way. As far as she's concerned, there shouldn't be any trouble as long as Jnezdie doesn't try to be a pervert here…[Lucky:Wilderness]
Jnezdie was waiting for this! [Finesse] [Aptitude]
JayM: Argent! You feel… Something- No, you HEAR something strange the moment you step closer. You hear exactly… Nothing. Emptyness, no sound at all, complete and total devoidness of sound- Anti-sound if you go that far as be poetic
JayM: And yet, the natural sounds are all there still
JayM: Loose access to all racial abilities while in the Viera Woods
[OOC] JayM: Just her
Gavriel has been here before. [Too Easy: Danger Sense]
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 2, 1 ( Total: 3 ) for missing a reel due to Sarah’s ineptitude, and another due to Gav turning it into a 4 with Too Easy.
Also rolled 1d8+1 and got 7 [Total: 8.0 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 2d8 and got 4, 2 [Total: 6 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Argent: "…tcch…"
Total: 17.0, Avg: 3.20
[OOC] Jack: oh whoops that 2d8 should be split but whatev
JayM: One, two, three, four, yep
The party moves on, here under the heavy canopies the rainwater is no problem, impact broken by the trees the water instead flows like tiny, beautiful, brilliant waterfalls from the treetops. The sound of water on the trees soothing and almost intoxicatingly calming. There is great beauty to be seen here, the flowers, the trees… You only notice how deadly this beauty is when you realize
JayM: you're starting to veer off-course
JayM: [+2 AP/+80 XP]
[OOC] Jack: 915~ tier jump
And you're not veering little off-course, but a lot. You realize you're heading towards a clearing
Argent would be more fascinated by the beauty were it not for that -disturbing- quiet
JayM: Oh, yeah
JayM: 915 XP, in fact
Jnezdie: "…hold up now, we're curvin' a bit."
Jnezdie blinks twice and shakes his head.
Jack‘ rubs at at chin, observing some tree. "Hmm? Oh, yes."
Gavriel: "It’s… hard to keep a straight line path in these woods, yes."
JayM: And rustling, rumbling- Argent a whisper that sounds so terribly familiar, have you heard it before? You're two moments away from being ambushed from behind if you stay where you are, from the front if you proceed to the clearing
JayM: Six, regardless
JayM: Either six here, or six ahead
Argent: "Stay on guard everyone. Gavriel, watch the rear."
JayM: Any plans? Or do we move on?
Gavriel: "(…into the clearing, ahead, quickly!)"
Argent: "(Then cut to the side.)"
Jnezdie: "(You got it!)" He grips the hilt of his katana and dashes forward, getting ready to break away to the side!
Argent moves toward the clearing, planning to quickly go along the perimeter as soon as they enter
Jack‘ swings his lute around to his front, brushing a finger across the string as he follows, though he doesn’t seem to be bothering with running.
As you rush ahead, there is after all a better chance to fight in the open, correct? You enter and quickly veer off to the side- Somehow, the path is blocked, the way the trees line the clearing, it's as if they were an impenetrable wall!
Argent: "(Hmph. Keep moving.)"
And then they simply appear… A light swirl of iridescent dust, and six maidens step out of thin air, wearing armor made of metal, but crafted to fit their bodies perfectly, their ears in a state of alert. Four of them wielding bows, a serene stare in their face, resignation, two of them with daggers hang on the back, eyes closed, serenely
JayM: Argent- Two of the bowwomen- It takes some knowing your own race to notice, they're probably teenagers
JayM: Battle order: Léodine [B]:0 Lucette [B]:0 Jack [F]:8 Gavriel [B]:10 Annette [F]:10 Florentine [F]:10 Geneviève [F]:10 Germaine [F]:10 Argent [B]:14 Jnezdie [B]:14
Jnezdie: "Hah! So it begins!" With a whip of his hand, he draws his katana!
Jack‘ plucks at the strings on his lute a few times. "Good day to you, madams!"
One of the ones with a knife acts quickly, waves a hand and a rippling aura appears around her "Shh…" [Vigilance]
Gavriel: "(…we’re not here to fight you-)" -not that it matters.
Jack: "Would it please the ladies if this wandering composer were to perform a serenade for them? I can't imagine you have many chanced to be wooed over by the power of a proper ballad!"
Jnezdie: "They're not here to fight us, either."
The second one spreads a cristalline powder around herself [Illusion Dust]
Jnezdie: "But, y'know- we don't have -that- many Waves to spare."
Argent: "Hate to tell you Jack, but your music really isn't that good."
Jack: "Hahaha! Oh Argent, always the jester! I've never met such a funny person in all my life!"
JayM: Battle order: Jack [F]:8 Gavriel [B]:10 Annette [F]:10 Florentine [F]:10 Geneviève [F]:10 Germaine [F]:10 Argent [B]:14 Jnezdie [B]:14 Léodine [B]:20 Lucette [B]:20
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ runs a hand across the top of his head, smoothing down his already pulled back hair before waving a hand over the wooden box on his necklace. HE then begins to play a slow, soulful tune! [43D] [Accuracy Up (4)]
[OOC] Jack: -ACC +Haste
[OOC] Jack: also 35D »
They stay in silence in response to the party’s banter. Although the two teenager ones, they certainly are containing their desire to speak
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Annette [F]:0 Florentine [F]:0 Geneviève [F]:0 Germaine [F]:0 Argent [B]:4 Jnezdie [B]:4 Léodine [B]:10 Lucette [B]:10 Jack [F]:33
JayM: Gavriel!
Jack: "Worry not, I shall share this gift with you regardless, fair maidens! Enjoy!"
Jnezdie: "Anyway, Sarah- I know the even heavier rain might still be distracting, but this might be as close as we get, if we're lucky."
Jnezdie: "Gotta admit, heart's kind of pumpin' about the situation, but I'm gonna chalk that up to being hunted."
Sarah nods, she's staying behind the party "O-okay"
Gavriel shifts his footing, draws his hand cannon- didn't particularly want to be the first to shoot, but some things can't be helped- he aims at Annette and fires a [Dark Buster D44 Autohit]
[OOC] Gavriel: unless she has evasion, then it might not be autohit
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) **
Annette simply sidesteps the shot, as if she had never been where you shot in first place [Reflex]
JayM: That is my error
JayM: That actually hits, Reflex is for melee
Gavriel rolled d8+108 and got 2 ( Total: 110.0 ) for Blind (2), 55 CoS Blind (4)
Also rolled 1d100 and got 35 [Total: 35 (Low), Avg: 35.00]
Total: 145.0, Avg: 18.50
JayM: Roll that accuracy for the first blind too? Since Resist blind IV
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 ) for -_-;
[OOC] Gavriel: 105 base CoS so… 85 to-hit
The darkness takes her vision!
Annette shakes her head slightly. She draws her bow and aims… Upwards? Inky black energy gathers on the tip as she fires it upwards! It explodes into a shower of dark motes [Night]
JayM rolled 8d100 and got 32, 46, 3, 12, 5, 18, 60, 38 ( Total: 214 )
JayM: Do any of you has R: Sleep?
Argent: uh, no
[OOC] Jack: nope. :D
[OOC] Jnezdie: not me
And the entire party blacks out, slowly falling asleep, their muscles relax and they fall. Before sleepness takes them completely, they have time to see the entire group of Viera ahead of them fall prey to their own spell, and another group approach from behind them…
JayM: [Battle Over~
And then somebody awakens… Slowly, who awakens now is Argent, alone. As she clears her vision she notices she is not completely alone, Sarah is with her, already awake, staring to somebody. Blinking a few more, and she notices wood, all around. A room, made entire of apparently unworked wood, a cage, a prision cell
Argent: "…Wonderful. I'd have figured I'd be in prison in the Etheral, not in this forest."
On the other side of the bars, which are made of wood too, there are two Viera, teenagers you notice, same ones who fought against you, the same one who fired the arrow who put all to sleep. And another, older one, her hair grey, her eyes too, wiry and if not for her healthy look you'd call her gaunt
This one, she stares at you intently, admiring you, a sad smile across her face "Oh, Darjant…"
Argent: "…uh, what."
Viera: "I see you woke up… How fare you, child?"
JayM: Her voice is… Familiar, Argent. Of all the whispers you've ever heard, her voice is familiar
JayM: Of all the whispers you ears ever caught, this voice… It's the only one you'd be able to recognize among them
JayM: Argent, you've been divested of all of your equipment, and clothes. You're wearing some sort of cerimonal dress, made of green silk. If you notice, there are ribbons on your hair, flowing with it, instead of tieing it up, adorned with leaves
Argent: "…who are you. I remember the tone of your voice, but I haven't met you beforwhere the hell is my armor. And my hat. And all of my weapons."
Chantal: "I'm Chantal… Isn't it wonderful, we could recognize eachother?" she looks sad as she answers your question "Taken, of course… You'd be dangerous with them"
Argent: "…tch. Never heard of you in my life, and my name isn't Darjant. It's Mizal. And…well, okay, guess I don't really need the hat right here."
Chantal: "Ah… Mizal, a beautiful name… You call yourself Argent to those you work for, don't you?"
Chantal: "Argent, silver, like your hair, born this way… Darjant, our word for silver"
Chantal: "Such a harsh temper. That you inherited from your father, i'd know"
Argent: "How do you know about my callsign."
Chantal smiles "What mother wouldn't know of her child? I hear tales, from the passerbies. You'd think, as dangerous as we make this place to be, there are always those who pass by"
Argent: "And I'd like to say that my temper's more from a few years of torture, and a recent case of dealing with people too frivolous to call themselves mercenari
Argent 's expression goes flat at that revelation
Chantal just smiles, a smile that mixes happyness and sadness "It makes me so sad… Wish I you never knew my face… That you'd never been here"
Argent: "Well, a job I was on did require me to pass throughokay…this is sounding awful suspicious."
Chantal: "You see… It's the rules… Ones I cannot disobey"
Argent: "What rules."
Chantal: "They are not as cruel… As cruel as to even let me you know you were here… But I found out, anyway"
Chantal: "You know… We can't let this place be safe for travellers… It would be dangerous. So… Those we capture together with our prey… They are to be killed"
Argent: "Lemme guess, I'm to be
yeah, figured."
Chantal: "I was not to be involved… I shouldn't be, becauses you're here… But I am, anyway…"
Chantal: "I can't do anything, even though I wish I could…"
Sarah just remains silent, watching this unfold
Argent: "Well, I'm just right screwed, aren't I."
Chantal: "I'm sorry…"
A single tear, is all she sheds. It's visible, she wish she could cry more, too, but can't
Argent: "…Yeah, should've figured I would die like this." Argent rolls her eyes.
Chantal takes a step back, looking heartbroken "The Ritual has already started, and I must go… I am… So sorry…" she says, turns, and walks away at a very fast pace, but doesn't runs
Argent: "So, when's my execution."
Argent is left staring at the corridor outside, wherein two guards, both looking no older than teenagers, really, look on at you
Argent inspects the wooden bars of the cage meticulously…
JayM: They look terribly sturdy but… Perhaps.. Not unbreakable
Argent taps along the bars for a scan. "So, what're you two looking at?"
The bars look as hard as metal… Although perhaps a lot more flexible. They stay in ritualistic silence as they stare at you
JayM: They're itching to say something, it's clear, but won't
Argent: "So? Speak up. You want to say something, I don't really care." She goes about taking the leaves out of her hair
JayM: Ow! Argent- It's… IT's not like that thing's been stuck there… Those vinelike ribbons, and the leaves-
JayM: It seems they've grown on you, during the time you were asleep
JayM: Interestingly, now that you DO take the moment to notice that, the two guards also have those
Argent: "…kkkkgggghhh…"
JayM: Gained Plant Family Monster Property (Deprotect)
JayM: Do you have any big plan, Argent?
Argent waits for a lapse in the guards' attention before planning to force her way throughusing the flexibility and not-quite-unbreakable nature of the bars to her advantage, alongside her slight frame.
At some point in time, another Viera, this one covered in scars from little nicks and cuts, wearing clothes sewn from raw animal hides, wearing what can only be called a carpenter's apron approaches. Her hands are permanently stained black "Annette, Florentine" the guards not at her "Philomène, what is it?"
Philomène: "The two of you, you're partaking in the Ritual, the Oracle of Wood has chosen you as the best pairs for the elvaan"
Argent: "Man, I feel sorry for you two. He's the most annoying."
The look at eachother, certainly excited, and Philomène shakes her head "The prisioners are unimportant, this is more, let's go" and the three of them leave
JayM: You and Sarah are left alone
Argent: "Suuucks to be you." Argent snarks out toward them
Argent: "…right." Argent nudges Sarah with her foot.
At about this point in time Sarah speaks "Argent, wait-" she pulls out something from somewhere, a type of tool? A lockpick? "Don't want to know where I hid that" you notice she is in fact wearing her own dress still "If you want to be more subtle"
Argent: "…right, I don't want to know. …guess raising hell's not going to be a first option here, really."
JayM: So two choices, you can break out with a Solo Strength [TN 4] check, or a Solo Infiltration [TN 6] check. Going with Strength will probably cause some alarm
Argent takes the tool. "We'll try it the quiet way first. If that doesn't work, I'm busting this thing down."
Sarah nods "One way or another" she says, standing up
Sarah looks outside "This place is… So pitiful… Why they do this, I wonder…"
Argent: "No time to really ponder that now. Need to get everyone else out of here and get these leaves out of my head." Argent replies as she starts applying the tool to try and undo the bindings on the door. [Trick:Scoundrel, Trick:Scoundrel]
Argent accidentally breaks it
The lockpick bends and twists- Clink, it breaks
JayM: Time for brute force
JayM: Double Dependable on that, so go ahead
Argent goes to use her hard-earned strength to open it up…[Dependable x2:Physical]
Argent rolled 2d10 and got 8, 4 ( Total: 12 )
Also rolled 1d8 and got 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 18, Avg: 6.00
[OOC] Argent: Er, meant to be a 2#d10, but either way, all three are passes
Argent pulls, and it doesn't gives. She pulls, it doesn't gives. She pulls AGAIN, and the entire thing cracks and spreads open like a watermelon under a hammer
JayM: Your path ahead is free! Although you probably attracted some unwanted attention with that
Argent: "You coming?" She turns back to Sarah
Sarah nods "Let's go!" she says, going along!
Argent starts out, trying to minimize the impact of the VERY noisy escape
Argent: …well, by trying to be stealthy. Doubt that'll work, but hey.
JayM: Argent i'm not bothering with navigation to look for the party, however, I AM going to ask of you a Normal Stealth check [TN 7] alongside with Sarah to see how much you avoid being seen
Argent: [2x Trick:Scoundrel]
Argent rolled 2#2d8(1) and got 8, 2 ( Total: 10 )
Also rolled 2#2d8(2) and got 8, 2 [Total: 10 (Avg), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 2#1d8(1) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 2#1d8(2) and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 26, Avg: 4.33
JayM: wow
JayM: Almost there, lady. Too bad Jack only works once per session
Argent: And isn't applicable to this
Argent: TN's too high and all that
Argent makes her way across the small village of the Viera. She walks around raised walkways, bridges built of metal-strength wood spanning the treetops, she stalks from house to house. This place is disturbingly small, and every house neatly tidied, organized, food marked, numbered. You count, on your path, three residences, ten beds on each, all empty. At some point you swear you hear
JayM: footsteps behind you, but you don't see anyone. There's a communal kitchen, spices, herbs, honey, nobody
CuppaCoffee (ua.moc.igpt.citats.491-052-002-41|effoCappuC#ua.moc.igpt.citats.491-052-002-41|effoCappuC) Quit
And then Argent reaches the edge of what can only be called a town center, facing an absolutely gigantic tree, so giant you'd say in girth it's worth three houses, in height, a small mountain… Something is strange about that tree but that is unimportant
Argent: "(…everyone must be out for the ritual)"
What is important, however, is what she comes across… The ritual. There are some people… Three elderly-looking Viera, eyes silver like yours, not from age, eyes golden like pools of molten gold. Three of them, they have vines-ribbons in their hair, one of them you recognize, one of the guards from before, Annette was her name? Two of them, they're thin, grey hair, grey eyes… Like
JayM: your Chantal, but she is not here. And two more, dressed like the one who came fetch the guards, except none of them is her
JayM: Of course, there is also another four people here
Argent narrows her eyes.
Laying unconscious on a table, sleeping, clearly, are Gavriel and Jack, wearing crimson red ceremonial robes. On a different table is Jnezdie, you can see of his runes, above him is Florentine… I don't need to describe further what happens here, do I? Jnezdie looks in absolute bliss, absolutely stoned too
Argent gags in disgust
He has a bandage on his left wrist, it's lightly stained in blood
JayM: What now?
JayM: Nobody noticed you, at least
Argent: "(I'm not taking on that group by myself.)" Argent comments to Sarah, while looking around for -something- to create a big distraction. Preferably a big distraction to draw everyone away.
Sarah nods to Argent
JayM: Well, Argent… There really is… Nothing. This room is very bare, just the tables, the tree in the back- And a glass case, resting against the tree. All of your stuff (And the guy's stuff) is there too
Argent: "(…Think the crystal elixir will get these leaves off?)"
Sarah: "(I don't know… Maybe we can try, after we get out of here)"
JayM: Well, seems like they're about finished by now
Argent: "(Right…I'd want to get my armor, but it looks like there's no damn time…)"
And there are words said, ceremonially thanking the men for their aid in the keeping them alive for another generation. A prayer to the sad departure of their women companions and a prayer for their safe return from wherever they came
A strange, strange echo, two chords of a song, which Argent is sure Sarah could not hear, and suddenly everything becomes darker, the lighting inside this chamber dimming, as Florentine walks away through one passage, all the others through another. Of course, Jnezdie is dressed in the robe himself, and let rest beside the other two as he falls into slumber after drinking from a chalice
Sarah risks a peek in therea gain "They're gone…"
Argent: "…There is something inherently wrong with this."
Sarah: "More than you know it…"
Argent does inspect the glass case a bit
JayM: It's unlocked, pretty ornamented, made of brass and crimson glass. There's handles, it's meant to be carried. Your weapons, armor, equipment and whole inventory is there
JayM: At this exact point in time it's kind of heavy, you guys carry a lot
Argent: "…"
Argent opens the case and tosses Sarah her rifle before closing it and heading into the room, case in tow
Argent: …maybe not before getting her hat on though.
Sarah grabs the rifle as you approach the room. It's somewhat dark, Gavriel, Jack and Jnezdie are asleep on a table
All three of them, you notice, have their left wrist bandaged, with a light sign of blood on it, all three sleeping peacefully
Argent slaps Gavriel across the face. "Oi, wake up."
JayM: Augh! That doesn't hurts much, but startes!
JayM: Gavriel feels slightly dizzy, stunned, and pretty good. Plagued by broken memories, a soft touch, pleasant sensation, a drop of blood, a glass knife. A request, a thanks- You're dizzy, and you see Argent
JayM: You're High(U), until end of this session. That's -10 CoS to everything and +5D to everything.
Argent whaps Jnezdie and Jack across the heads as well
JayM: A similar sensation, although Jack remembers a lot more screaming, and Jnezdie can't forget this sweet perfume
Jack‘ bolts upside, shouting at the top of his lungs. "AND LO’ WAS THE BATTLE AT ENFITLES RIDGE WON THAT DAY!!!"
Jack‘ blinks a few times, then lets out a yawn.
Argent: "Congratulations, you’ve all become victims of ritualistic sexual predators. Now head out and get your stuff."
Jnezdie moans, rolling over slightly onto his bandaged arm. That pinches, and he leans up onto an elbow.
Jnezdie: "…hmm?"
Jack‘ makes a face, pulling his robes closed tighter. "Your bedside manner is impecible."
Argent: "Exactly what I said." She heads outside to gear up.
Jnezdie blinks about lazily, staring up at Argent. He smiles. "Hey."
Jack` snarles in Argent’s directing, bending his vocal chord and distorting the pitch unnaturally.
Argent heads outside to gear up. Before she can touch her first piece of clothing, she is staring down eight bowwomen
JayM: Thw two guards from before aren't there
JayM: Two knife-wielders behind them and one unarmed too
Jnezdie: "…aw damn, I should do something." He not-all-too-quickly stumbles to his feet.
Jack: "Hmph."
Gavriel blinks groggily, sits up after a few moments. "…there's places in Rorest where…" -he realises, after some lag time, that Argent's not even around to hear his response, anymore.
Argent: "Hi." Argent glares toward the warband. "Glad to know I belong to a race of ritualistic serial kidnappers and rapists, that just made my day."
Sarah looks at them, looks around "Aaah! Argent, that way!" she points to another passage, the one where Florentine had gone through
Argent: "Right, right!" She tries to grab what she can before heading to said passage
Jnezdie blinks and looks about, seeing Sarah as she calls. "Hey there, I'm movin', I got 'er covered. Uh. What's the rush?"
The party gets to running! Or at least the GM is led to believe. They run down a path, the warband firing arrows behind you, arrows with a soft tip, which when hits the ground puffs a small cloud of iridescent dust
Jack‘ stand sup slowly. "Hah! Why ask HER anything!! … noise …"
You run, and reach a type of T intersection, and is forced to take a right, there’s even more girls coming from the other way- In fact, one of the golden-eyed ones is there, and you find particularily threatening the swirl of lightning over her stretched hand. Either way, unarmed and mostly drugged it's better to run
JayM: Unless you feel like making a stand here, you could probably funnel them down to take them further but you're closing to fifteen foes by now
JayM: But i'm all ok with you guys just making a break for it
Argent: "Tch. Let's GET OUT NOW."
Argent is definitely taking a right
Gavriel isn't so good at running. Loping very… lopsidedly, if rapidly, that he can do. Everything's a bit of a blur, really!
Jack‘ is in a bit of a fighting mood!!! Only, he can’t really fight at all, just support. He's mostly just tromping after Sarah at this point.
Taking a right! You and it looks like this path makes a round path around the tree, making a path towards the tree itself. Large double doors, carved out of the wood of the tree itself are open, a path through it's insides, you can see the path continues on the other side, the room inside is circular, as if the tree was hollow, roots gnarl around the room- You make your way in- *slam*
JayM: the door ahead of you closes with a crashing sound. *slam* The door behind, just the same! Darkness
Jnezdie: "Hey, look- we just got something else to do, you know," he calls to the Viera. "See you again next season
A sound… A song… A hymn, comes to Argent's years. Beautiful, sad
JayM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7hQsgcz0hA&feature=related
And then, slowly, a soft crimson light starts to slowly grow in intensity, until everything around is barely visible in the shade. A giant black pillar of metal sits in the center of the room, glass panels grow out of the walls on the wood
Argent winces a bit as she tries to concentrate on running…
JayM: You're safe, for now
JayM: Ways both forward and backwards closed, Argent
JayM: You're trapped in this room!
Argent: "…tch. Well, this just plain sucks."
Jnezdie stumbles forward and leans on the black pillar. "Okay. Room's still spinnin' for me. What's with all the runnin' and the arrows. This is harshing my good vibes right now."
Argent: "…I'm not going to even ask."
Sarah is totally out of breath, and has sat down, muttering to herself "(Why… Why do they act like this… Warped colonists…)"
Argent: "Regardless, I'm going to need way more alcohol than we have access to now." She says disgustedly. "…you say something, Sarah?"
Jnezdie: "You a'int gotta ask- I'm asking!"
Jack: "You. YOU. YOU?!"
Jnezdie: "See, man- I haven't even been up five minutes and alread— argh."
Sarah shakes her head "This place, is warped… Is what I said"
Jnezdie: "Like what you did with your hair though." He gives Argent a thumbs up. "Not too partial to these robes myself." He tugs at a sleeve of his.
Jnezdie: "Red's kinda nice, I suppose."
Gavriel has been… studiously silent, sort of staring off into space with a terribly uncharacteristic peaced-out expression.
Argent: "Yeah, me. You were likely out of it yourself if what I saw of Jnezdie's behavior was anything. And don't expect that thing with my hair to last. Think we'll need the elixir to deal with that."
Jnezdie: "It's cute- think about it Argent."
Jnezdie: "My behavior?" He rubs at his head. "What're you gettin' at here, huh?"
Argent: "You were far more out of it than the worst drunks in Rorest bars while a teenage Viera was having your way with you."
Jnezdie blinks and stares at Argent, his eyes twitching as though he's trying to catch any sarcasm in her words. He turns, back leaning against the black pillar of metal, trying to remember…
Jnezdie: "Huh."
Jnezdie: "…no I'm pretty sure I'd remember something like that!"
Argent: "Yeah, not sure what's wrong with all of your heads right now."
Jnezdie: "Then again, you've got a -terrible- sense of humor, so uh."
Argent: "Not joking."
Jack‘ narrows his eyes, snarling once more before grabbing Argent’s dress by the collar and pulling her close before shouting at her, face full of rage and nearly spiting out the words. "YOU UNAPOLOGETIC, INSOLENT, UNAPPRECIATE LITTLE WHELP!!!"
Jnezdie picks at the bandage on his arm, trying to take it off.
Argent glares back at Jack. "Save it for later." before turning to Jnezdie. "You'd better not take that off. You might bleed out."
JayM: Jnezdie, it's safe
Jnezdie takes it off, pff like he's going to listen to Argent
JayM: There's a light cut, they probably just took a drop of blood
Argent glares. "Jack, shut the fuck up. You're not helping the situation."
Jnezdie rubs his head at the yelling. "Yo Sarah, what's the word? I'm tryin' to piece it together without an Argent filter."
Jnezdie: "You're lookin' well, by the way. Or uh, as well as…well, you know what I mean."
Jack‘ snarls again, then slams his forehead into Argent’s face. It probably does not hurt much more than a light slap would sting as his body is all but incapable of producing physicla arm, but there gesture is there all the same. He releases her after a moment, breathing heavily with his nostrils flaired.
Sarah looks at Jnezdie "She… Is not lieing… Those Viera captured you, after they put us all to sleep"
Argent: "…hm. Maybe it's whatever he was given."
Gavriel glances from Argent to Jack and back to Argent. Tromps over. Gently puts one paw on Jack's shoulder. Other paw on Argent's shoulder. "Hey. Heyyyy. Love and peace, you guys."
Sarah: "We… Escaped our prision, we were to be executed, just in time to… See one of them, pretty young… Have her way with you"
Argent: "…Oh. Hell."
Sarah: "You, uhn… Looked pretty high, though…"
Jack: "Hah! As if the ingrate even knows the meaning of the words!"
Jnezdie scratches at his hair, still looking uncertain. "Uh…I guess that happened, then. I don't know, man, it isn't exactly all clear."
Jnezdie: "I mean…sort of? If I think about it? There is just this— unbelievable smell runnin' through my nose right now, and…hnngh."
Sarah closes her eyes "They must have… Put some strong drugs in you… Probably aiming at this"
Sarah, however, has to just stare and raise an eyebrow at Gavriel, she cracks a light smile, and resumes staring off at nowhere "Hum… These people are… Strange, really"
Gavriel still seems more or less three sheets to the wind, but he grins at Jack goofily, like he was about to say something else relevant but got distracted: "…man, you have… really long hair, do you know that?"
Jack: "Hmph."
Jnezdie: "You're tellin' me……" there's a pause as it sounds like Jnezdie is about to follow it up with some kind of comment, but he shrugs and drops the sentence.
Jack: "AYE.
Jack: "
Argent: "This is the most screwed up thing I've ever seen. …Have there been any of their type on your ships, Sarah?"
Gavriel nods, gravely. It's important to state these kinds of facts. For the record.
Sarah looks at Argent "… Viera… Are prized in our ships, as navigators. What it takes us equipment to do, they do on their hearing alone…"
Argent: "Okay, so it's not a Viera thing, I take it."
Sarah: "No, those people… They remind me of… What I… Once heard about my homeland… When the demon was around, they were very, very few…"
Sarah: "Then, it was more of… A matter of survival… Now, this is just… Twisted"
Argent: "…" She takes her hat off, ears standing up. "How the hell did I get out of here then."
Jnezdie pauses at Argent taking off her hat.
Sarah: "I wouldn't…" she winces "Know…"
Jack‘ folds his arms over his chest.
Jnezdie: "…things is just all kinds of strange today."
JayM: With your ears free, Argent- the song, comes from the pillar
Argent quirks an eyebrow, listening to the song curiously
JayM: And as you look, something- Inside you, a deeply forgotten instinct- You unconsciously mutter along the song
Argent: "was…yea ra…"
And the pillar lights, it’s sides lighting into screens, signals, measures, readouts, information, all in the ancient script! And it… speaks "Savant Pillar Series Datoru activated. Pando operation system initiated… Initiating network drive reconnection…"
Gavriel waves for Sarah, who almost certainly noticed it several seconds before he did. "Heyyyyyit'sdoin'athing."
Jack: "Music is POWER!"
Pando: "P, could not reach remote host. A, could not reach remote host. S, could not reach remote host. B, could not reach remote host. L, could not reach remote host. Reattempt in five minutes"
Jnezdie slides down the steel pillar, sitting on the ground.
Jnezdie: "Kinda pretty."
Argent continues to repeat the words of the song to herself, quietly
Sarah blinks, and stands up, wincing "Y-you're lucky, Argent" she looks at the pillar, looks at Jnezdie, at Gavriel, at Jack "T-this thing, it's our way out of here but- We need to operate it"
Sarah: "Heh… M-might have to… Do it myself…"
Jnezdie: "Nah, nah, I can help."
Jnezdie: "……………………………………..kind of."
Sarah starts slowly trying to operate it
Argent is tranced out at this rate
Jack‘ (~ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.abfs-09-011-761-371|eelycecI#ten.ssenisubtsacmoc.cfh.abfs-09-011-761-371|eelycecI) Quit
Jnezdie slides back up to his feet. "Just tell me the colors to hit, yo. Red, blue, white, white, red, green or whatever."
JayM: Well… This will require a Systems [TN 8] without Sarah here. You’re making it out wether you pass or not… Wether you take the NICe way out…
Jnezdie is so high right now. [No Reels]
Argent is tranced out by the navigation system interface, it seems. [No Reels]
Jack‘ stares at the Pillar for a few seconds, then walks over and slams his first into it, while loudly singing a B flat, starting low then slowly raising the pitch. [Aptitude+Dependable]
Jack` rolled d10 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
d8+1: 6 [Total: 7.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Total: 23.0, Avg: 4.40
JayM: Phew, you’ll need to do one better. Didn't Gavriel have something?
Jack‘ then grabs the Pilalr with his other hand and begins to shake it as the volume of his voice rises! [Reliable]
Jack` rolled d10+1 and got 4 ( Total: 5.0 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: someone hook gavriel up to the grid
Jack` ’s voice continues to grow and grow and grow, before shifting into a D.
Jack: [DO OVER]
Jack‘ rolled d10 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
d8+1: 6 [Total: 7.0 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(1) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(2) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 3#d8(3) and got 8 [Total: 8 (High), Avg: 8.00]
Total: 37.0, Avg: 7.20**
[OOC] Jack: okay you’re clear to extreme effort buddy
Sarah puts a hand on her forehead, wincing
Gavriel tromps over to the pillar, a curious expression on his face. I WONDER WHAT THIS BUTTON DOES, and he rumbles lowly, humming something under his breath and unconsciously harmonising with Jack, maybe!? Either way he starts mashing buttons to some pattern only he can understand? [Extreme Effort]
JayM: clickclickclick- Argent realizes that the sound of clicking and Jack's voice are all, echoing- Altering the sound she hears- Somehow, she's sure that it's mre Jack's voice and less the button pressing that are doing the words. Seven symbols shine on the wall, and between them it slowly dissolves, revealing a pathway further down
JayM: And the song silences
Argent: "…"
Jack: me continues the note for a half second long, then abruptly stops, before breaking out into laughter. "MUAAAAWAHAHAHA! YES THAT IS THE WAY!"
Jnezdie applauds!
Gavriel glances over towards Jack, nods very slowly.
Argent: "…what in the hell was that music, and why was it coming from that…control or whatnot." Argent, unable to hear the song anymore, puts her hat back on
Sarah stands up, she looks relieves "Contact…" she offers to Argent, before going towards the entrance- She trips, and has to go rest against the wall "Please let's… Just leave…"
Jack‘ nods sharply, running a hand over his hair once, before stomping out the new exit.
Argent: "…yeah, leaving’s a good idea."
Argent leads the others down the new path out
Jnezdie: "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah I'm all for that." He shuffles towards the pathway.
Heading out, this path snakes in darkness, leads you travelling through the nothingness until you emerge to light again, under the canopy of the trees… The sound… The storm is gone- The sound, Gavriel, you're almost directly in the frontlines now, seems they've been pushed further into ethereal side for now
However, as you make your way forward, you see someone. Chantal, she stands there, in your way, alone
Argent: "We meet again."
She looks at Argent, smiles, and closes her eyes.
JayM: And that, is all she will do
Jnezdie exhales heavily and looks between Argent and the lone viera.
Argent: "Goodbye, Mother." She says, before moving past, leading the others on.
Jack‘ snarles in the Viera’s directino, walking past her.
Jnezdie: "Nice to meet you," he offhandedly remarks to her as he passes and waves.
You move on, you run. At a point it's too tiresome to run, so you walk. It's a long path, absurdly long, or perhaps you're just tired, or too spaced out. But slowly, you start to return to your normal selves. Your mind returns to their proper place, and a memory or another returns that hadn't returned before, their method of destroying memories, broken midway
You move, and after a few moments you reach somewhere- Just outside the forest, as you step out of the boundaries of the forest, Argent is rid of the accursed silence, she can hear things as they should be again! As she walks, perhaps stumbles in surprise, she leaves behind her wilted vines
Argent: "…" She tries to snap off and break the vines from her head
JayM: They're on the ground by now
Argent: "…this was an experience I don't wish to repeat. Ever."
JayM: Gavriel, your mind by now has returned to normal, as have everyone else's
Jnezdie sighs, rubbing at his head in very obvious annoyance.
Jack‘ declines to comment.
Gavriel scratches at the back of his head. He seems… fairly collected, actually.
JayM: Gavriel, your mind returned to normal, brother, exactly in time. Gavriel this is the god-forsaken FRONT LINES, friend. In the name of Phoenix get the hell out of there and find cover
JayM: Music? Can you people hear music? Strange- No, it isn’t. It's the siren's call of the battlefield, the collective chant of the ethereal army chanting their spells in unison or not
Argent can most definitely hear music at this rate
JayM: What is worse is that you never got dressed in your battle gear, did you? Still carrying it around on the glass case
Jnezdie: "Ultima's skirt, what now?"
The sound of lightning, explosions and fire. A single moment, you're not where you were a moment ago, an innate instict, having served here long enough Gavriel, despite his current mental state, moves the party out of the way just in time to avoid a falling icicle from above
Gavriel: "Now, we find cover. Quickly. This is… enemy territory-"
Argent: "…shit."
Argent: "MovemovemoveMOVE"
Argent is indeed quick to act in the search of a safe spot for cover
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrmmm." Jack trails along behind the others.
JayM: You hear battlecries, an explosion a few mere meters ahead of you, bloodied screams. You around for a moment, two people you hardly have time to notice what they are, are arming another charge in a mortar, someone with a spear and shield in front of them for cover. A loud chant- You break in your tracks, avoiding a gigantic torrent of water falling off the sky- They got Evokers on the field.
JayM: A tap on your back "Crap, what're you doing here?!" it's a Yeti! It's about as much you can notice before you're all flung in the air with a mighty heave!
Jnezdie: "Diving for cover, what does it look like?!"
Argent is cursing like crazy as she's flung in the air with the others
Jnezdie flies, now! He's a red streak in the sky.
Argent: "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-——" she trails off as she continues flying through the air
Jack‘ blinks ins suprise, looking aruond wildly.
Landing all together in a heap, you skid to a halt in front of a hole dug on the ground, a Creimire and an Elvaan drag you in just in time to avoid another explosion in the surface. There’s an artifical lamp in here, making this underground makeshift bunker dimly lit. Mud everywhere "What the hell is wrong with you people!? You are not our reinforcements, are you?!" you don't think you
JayM: ever saw a Taru look so goddamn nervous and distraught he lost his accent
JayM: This might be serious
JayM: This is, also, where we end
Argent: "…no, we're not. But give us a moment and we'll be in shape to fight…"
JayM: [Epilogue]
In a dark room, no light, no entrance, no exit… A pillar of darkness stands, made of metal
A single screen, still lit
Network Status
Storyteller ………. Unable to connect to router station
Akashic ………. Unable to connect to router station
Balmung ……….. Unable to connect to router station
Alighieri ………. Unable to connect to router station
Phoenix …….. Unable to connect to router station
JayM: [End Epilogue]
JayM: [+6 AP/+2750 XP] from the latest check
JayM: [+45 AP/+3000 XP/+3600 Gil] from the fight that never happened

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