Split Worlds - Session 9
The trek to where you are now was not as long as it was to where you were before. Having made out of their way of an ancient teaching institution, whose students still lay lifeless, intact, at their chairs even after thousands of cycles, the party is greeted by a cleasing rain. The drizzle slowly becomes stronger and stronger until it starts pouring hard. A faint peal of thunder can be
JayM: seen in the distance, and those with a better mind of weather (that might be Jnezdie given his raising in a farm) will know, storm season has come
Gavriel has never been quite this glad to feel the rain on his fur. Even when it starts pouring, he more or less welcomes it, after the tomb they just walked through…
Jack‘ still seems to be in a bit of a sombre moob, but the excitement with that strange device at the top and the rain seems to be helping a bit.
Jnezdie walks, hands behind his head, breathing in the thick air of droppsed pressure. The smell relaxes him, and before long he’s at the forefront of the party, walking without a care.
The party can see, not a long distance ahead a pair of guardhouses siding the road, because of course you'd take the stone road rather than wade in mud right now, that identify the entrance to Rorest, the heart of the border, the center of all resources heading for the border fortress, the center of trade between civilian and military aand center of exchange of illegal goods of all sorts.
JayM: As you walk you're splashed on by the water thrown about as a car passes by, billowing great clouds of steam, going back to the city at full throttle
Argent is leading the group, having somehow taken the time to replace her staff and gear with heavier armor and…where the hell did she get that hammer anyway?!
Jack‘ ’s eyes widen a bit at that.
Jnezdie: "Say it, don't spra— ah whatever!" he shouts at the passing, splashing car.
Gavriel: "…expect that kind of thing, in this city." He sighs, slightly.
Argent: "…tch." Argent had covered her face from the spray. "Welcome to Rorest, for those first-timers. Keep an eye on your belongings."
Eventually, you come to the guard posts where a couple of lazy guards watch. Gavriel might know, those guard posts are mostly for bureucratic reasons, their positions are worthless for defense and their structure rather minuscule and inept. However they do play an important role, information exchange between the supply caravans
Jnezdie: "Hey, any hand laid on me without leading off with a kiss is a hand I'm keeping."
Gavriel: "Better get a second belt." He nods at Jnezdie's collection of katana corpses.
Jnezdie grins wildly and nods in return.
The guards there, when they notice the party, wave rather frantically, a tall and lanky Seafarer (even his Waterbinder Armor looks thin) and an overly excitable Taru "Heey, hey!" . They seem excited about your presence
Jnezdie: "Hey there, guardsmen! Name's Jnezdie."
Jnezdie waves with a hand, then slides them from the back of his head to his waist, hooking his thumbs.
Argent nods to the guards. "Hail. Any news about local issues? Particularly the border situation, but anything notable is worthwhile."
Jack: "Hello, hello! I am Jack, minstrel extraordinare, at your service, along with my companions in Estrala Prata!"
Jnezdie bows at Jack's introduction.
Taru: "That-a-set is what I was going to talk! W-wait just a momentaru, where'd I put my note-and-quote?"
Gavriel summons his patience from all reserves.
Argent eyerolls to the other two. "Spare the formalities and theatrics."
The Seafarer snaps his fingers with a metallic twang and runs back to his little guardpost, and he runs back to the party "Ah, yes, that's it" he looks at Gavriel "You're Knight-Artificer Gavriel, right?! I heard a lot about you from KCom Golden Shield. You're- Not on a big mission, are you?"
JayM: As a note- Gavriel might know, but since 'Knight Commander' and 'Knight Artificer' are both rather long, they tend to get abbreviated as 'KCom' and 'KArt' sometimes, if you're not being formal
The Taru tilts his head to the side "Estrala Prata? A troupe dramatica?!"
Jack: "Aye!"
The Taru nods to himself "Of you heard, from a veritable herd!"
Gavriel glances at the Seafarer, looks appropriately grim, nods slightly. "We'd appreciate it if we didn't have to fill out the forms in -triplicate-, guardsman."
Argent: "…"
Taru: "Speak of a huge show, effects for your mind to blow!"
Argent: "As an aside, I've got no association with their theatrics."
Seafarer: "Ah, uhn… It might be worse than that, sir… He wants the first one on Wandering Patrol to pass by here to go meet him, there's something big going on"
Jnezdie mouths 'Groupie' to the taru.
Seafarer: "Truth to be told, i'm happy i'm out here in the back, away from that mess…"
Jack‘ nods to the taru, clapping a hand on Gavriel’s shoulder and gesturing to his canon.
Argent: "…"
Jnezdie: "What? I said soup…y."
Argent: "You're one step away from a chi blast to the face, Jnezdie."
The Taru looks excited "Ooh! Effects of light, and from a cannon, what a delight!"
Gavriel grits his teeth. "Understood."
Jnezdie nods back to the taru. "We also have a straight-man funny-man act too."
Jack: "So well is it honed, there's never a need to practise it, and it never stops!"
With Gavriel's answer, the Seafarer takes a step to the side "Uhn, no formalities, really, go ahead. KCom's enough of a pain already"
Gavriel: "Don't I know it. Thank you, guardsman." He tromps on through. Might as well get this over with. The price one pays for still being on the official patrol rosters…
Argent eyerolls and addressed the Taru sharply, "Don't be misled by them. I have no association with any act they claim to perform. Nor am I some simpleton groupie. Traveling for mutual benefit as is normal but I have no association aside from aiding in protection and side-jobs to some degree."
Jack: "So, in otherwords…"
Jack‘ grins a wide toothy grin to the taru, before nodding and turning to Gavriel, whom seemed to have been having a more serious discussion with the seafarer. "Shall we?"
The Taru grins to Argent "I understand! After all, it’d be bad if they knew where you stand" you're not sure he made sense, but given his grin you're not sure he understood you
Gavriel glances at Argent, once they're out of earshot. "When you see a Taru coming towards you…"
Gavriel: "…and someone steps in the way."
Jnezdie: "Thanks for your help, gentlemen, you have a nice day now!" He waves and turns back to the group.
Gavriel pauses, for impact: "They've done you a favour, Argent."
Argent: "I'd rather not have my name associated with this act."
Heading inside… It's actually still a good way until you make your way to the actual 'inside', but you eventually reach the city proper. It is… Something of a glorious looking place, large buildings, further north you can spy the tall walls and towers which protect this place, massive ballistae on the towers, visible all the way across the city. Buildings small and large, storehouses
JayM: and depots! Stores at every corner! Something, also, that is abundant, corners. Should you stray from the main roads, who knows when you'll find your way back to them, unlike every other city, this has grown totally unplanned
Argent: "There's a matter of decorum and professionalism that I would prefer to maintain."
Jack: "Hahahahaha!"
Jack‘ rubs his hands together excitedly, looking this way and that as they stroll through the city. "What a fascinating city!"
Gavriel: "…Argent, there’s a matter of decorum and professionalism that's maintained by cohesiveness with the unit you've signed on to work with." His voice is fairly calm, though, a bit less gruff than you might expect. "Not really. It's a wretched hive. Which… I suppose is fascinating, with the right mindset."
Jnezdie grins madly as they advance, hands jammed into pockets, doing some sort of weird excited swagger.
Jnezdie: "I bet, Gav."
The streets are crowded, and Argent and Gavriel can quickly instruct you not to walk on the portions of the street marked with white lines, those are for cars only, of which there is a large number. It would take you a whole Wave to make your way to the local garrison command, although you are lucky enough to catch wind of a supply caravan that arrived just before you, and is heading
JayM: towards the military warehouses. It contains mostly ammo and equipment replacement parts, seven large vehicles pulled by three strong-looking red-feathered chocobos each
Jnezdie: "It's got this shining luster on it on the top, right?"
Jnezdie: "And below, it's the cruelest, rotting dregs ever seen on this side of Ultima's ass."
Jnezdie: "What a farce, eh!"
They give you a hop towards the garrison, should you wish to get there faster, or you can take the scenic route, which will take longer, up to you
Jnezdie is totally up for hitching a ride.
Gavriel: "That's… one way of putting it. It's filth and I'd rather not be here any longer than I needs must, but I have to see to this. I'm sorry." Gav will ask the caravan to take them, politely but firmly, of course.
Argent: "Cohesion is one thing. Dragging me into pretenses of being a performer runs counter to that." Argent is willing to take the caravan if people don't care, but wouldn't mind the scenic route; there might be something worth seeing on the public board.
Eventually, however, you make your way to the central garrison building. It is in fact at the very center of the city, it WAS around what the city grew, this area is the real cream of the crop for the town, only the rich and power live here, and there's also the military housings, Gav might remember a few funny situations involving the relatively poor Squires and Knights interacting with
JayM: the local rich men
Jack: "Pish posh."
Jnezdie: "Don'tcha worry about it Gav. Do what you gotta do, and we're behind you, yeah?"
Jack‘ waves dismissively at Argent, but doesn’t really have anything to add to it. He still seems excited on the trip up.
Jnezdie: "Behind, to the side, above, below— all over you, like that armor."
Gavriel raises an eyebrow, chuffs out a quiet laugh.
The local garrison command center is a thing to behold on the inside. It's busy, busy as you wouldn't believe. The first area you enter is the police station, given the army runs the crime-fighting it'd make sense that the first place anyone enters in the local garrison is the crime-fighting section. This area is… The busiest place here, really, a nightmare of complaints and paper
Argent: "…anyway, do what you have to."
As you make your way through the corridors and rooms towards the actual defense force sector, you're stopped when Gavriel feels something hit against the upper part of his leg. A little gauntleted hand, a Taru who, still sitting in his table, typing out a report on a typewriter and looking at it, has stopped Gavriel with a hand holding an envelope with a blue signature on it
Gavriel can recognize both the Taru, known around mostly as 'F', he doesn't speaks, not that he's mute but- Gavriel knew him enough to hear him speak, ever saw a Taru whose voice was too girly even for one? Yeah. This guy never went past Squire rank, never wanted to, beat cop to his heart. He notices a small insignia with a shield and a pistol on it, enforcer specialist, rare to see, not
JayM: too many join the army to be cops.
Gav can also recognize the envelope… It's a paycheck. Which when he opens he notices it's his, dated back to… The first thirty Passes after he got reassigned. Seems like this one still arrived here, military paychecks don't expire so you can still cash it in if you want to, 3000 Gil
Jack‘ glances on the scene with … something akin to delight in his eyes.
Gavriel stops dead still, noiselessly counts to some low number between one and ten- realises with a start precisely which Taru it was, nods to him. "Thank you, Squire." Even in Rorest, you can trust the mail to get through.
Jnezdie was a bit overwhelmed by the large amounts of paperwork going on- mute taru is something he can deal with! He peers at Gavriel curiously as he stops, observing the scene…ah! Mail!
Argent stands by for this, watching quietly at this point.
F returns to his typing, and you’re free to move on. Eventually you're going to reach the waiting room before the the Knight-Commander's office. There's a blond elvaan woman, wearing a stylish and classy black dress, the secretary, civilian contractor, she looks up at the party "Just him, please" she says, looking up from some papers
Argent nods
Jnezdie nods to her, smiling. "Sure thing."
Gavriel takes the envelope, opens it, examines what's inside, nods, stuffs it into a pocket - considers for a moment telling Jnezdie to behave himself, decides against it - steps forward to the desk.
Jack‘ gives a flourished bow. "But of course, madam."
JayM: Ah, Jnezdie, the understanding that can only come to bear between Elvaan. She hates her job, you can see that. She feels like she’s been dragged to this just because of her looks, she needs the money though.
JayM: Yep, that's what her posture and demeanor tell you
Jnezdie can sympathize. He's here largely because of his looks too. -okay maybe not, but.
Gavriel gets directed to the Knight-Commander's office, and as is normal closes the door behind him. The party outside can perhaps hear Golden Shield's voice, he speaks loud as can be without shouting "Knight-Artificer Trickster Class Gavriel Martim Gurutz…" his voice is… Displeased "I was hoping I wouldn't get you as the wanderer but it will do. Sit down"
Jnezdie considers chatting with the elvaan, but seeing as how Gav's in an important meeting, probably better to not stir the pot. (just yet.)
Gavriel salutes. "Sir." Sits down. Pride is for the battlefield if anywhere, not the Commander's office.
Golden Shield pulls out a report from a drawer "There has been an… Incident. It appears that the Ethereal Kingdom managed to slip through the Viera woods a large female-only squadron, which promptly divided into a series of terror groups"
Gavriel scrunches up his eyebrow, frowns, listening.
Golden Shield: "Normally, such a small force would have never made it past the front walls, perhaps once, but it'd be dealth with quickly given they would have tired themselves getting this far inside the territory, but we have multiple problems right now. I cannot spare any men to focus on hunting them down"
Gavriel nods in understanding. "Do we have any intelligence as to their current location, sir?"
Golden Shield: "None"
Golden Shield: "The reason is because lately a group of… Unsavory types, known as the Garm Gang, has decided to harass the local military supply caravans. They never take much, just a little bit of equipment now and then, but they are setting a bad example… We've always been… At peace with them"
Golden Shield: "And they're not a small group"
Golden Shield: "So there we have it, we fronts we're having to fight on, inside and outside. We can deal with either, but not both at once. I need you to take the heat off of us somehow. Choose one, strike it down, we'll handle the rest"
Golden Shield: "And we don't know anything about the Garm Gang either"
Gavriel nods. "Permission to bring outside forces in on this mission, sir? I've been travelling with colleagues who are quite skilled in battle."
Golden Shield: "… Just deal with it, Knight-Artificer. I don't care how…"
He stares at you with a stony, serious stare. You know he'd rather deal with anyone ELSE but you, and wants to get this over as fast as possible
Gavriel nods. "Understood, sir. Is that all?" It's probably hard to hide the degree to which he'd rather be dealing with anyone else but the commander, for that matter…
Golden Shield: "Dismissed"
Gavriel nods, stands, salutes once more, exits. (His eye narrows almost as soon as he's out the door and the door is closed, but he manages to not show anything else much in his body posture, at least nothing a non-Varg would see.)
Sarah, who's kept silent for now, looks at Gavriel "Hum… Did it go alright?"
Argent: "What's the situation."
Jnezdie winces at Gavriel as he exits, still keeping a smile.
Gavriel glances towards the other four, then, once he's out. "…bit of a complication, actually. I'm still effectively on patrol, which means when Rorest is stretched to its limits - as they are now - (unsurprisingly) - they call on the patrollers for assistance."
Jack‘ glances between Gavriel, the door he just closed, and Sarah.
Argent: "Right. If it’s acceptable to Sarah to divert the mission objective, then it's okay. What needs dealt with?"
Jnezdie: "Did I just hear that we're going to be deputies?"
Sarah nods at Argent "We're in no big hurry, really. Plus, it might be interesting"
Gavriel: "Team from the Ethereal Kingdom recently passed through the woods and has been committing acts of terror against the city and its people, and they cannot effectively respond due to harassment from a group of miscreants known as the Garm Gang."
Gavriel: "…my own suspicion is that we're better off leaving the mages to the officials, and freeing up their hands locally by going after the imbeciles targeting local supply caravans."
Argent: "Dealing with two fronts at the same time? They must be really stretched if that's the case." Argent narrows her eyes. "I'd deal with the latter first; I'm curious about that gang."
Jack‘ scratches his chin, glancing over at Jnezdie. "I wonder if we’ll get badges…?"
Gavriel: "You don't want badges, believe me." He smiles a little, though.
Jack: "Ah, well."
Jnezdie: "Another thing to put on our long list of accomplishments, you know?"
Argent: "You're right, I don't want one." Argent smirks a bit.
Jnezdie: "Merc group, troupe, deputy posse."
Argent: "…"
Argent: "Shut up."
Jnezdie: "Saviors of the world."
Sarah giggles gently at Argent and Jnezdie
Gavriel gives Sarah a brief, momentary 'I know, right?' look. So brief. Did it really happen?
Jack‘ nods sagely to Jnezdie.
Jnezdie: "It’s an impressive list, Arge."
Jnezdie: "We're still working on that last bit, o'course."
Argent: "Let's just go after the Garms and get this dealt with."
Gavriel: "In any event, the group's name is the Garm Gang…" -and, he'll fill them in on the small bits of information the Knight-Commander was able (or willing) to give him.
Jnezdie: "Anyway!" He raps his knuckles once on the secretary's desk, and smiles sympathetically. He assures to her, without his usual swagger: "Hang in there, yeah?"
JayM: There is… Little to be known. They're organized, they strike quick passing caravans, quickly tangle with the guards with a second group gets into the goods and makes off with one or two pieces of equipment, and they all retreat
The secretary nods at Jnezdie "Will do"
JayM: They're… Not hard to be found, they're one of the biggest gangs around, but their leader is an elusive figure
Gavriel: "Think we should tail a guarded caravan or try a more… direct route?"
Argent: "Tail a caravan, and then track them as they escape. Or capture one, either way."
Jnezdie: "Isn't it obvious?"
Jnezdie: "We bust in their front door, steal one of their sofas, see how they like it."
Argent: "If a captured Garm doesn't talk, I'll force him to."
Jack: "Hahah! So bold they'll never suspect it!"
Jnezdie: "It's not like we're toppling the whole thing, right?"
Jnezdie: "Just slappin' 'em and telling them they're over the line."
Jnezdie: "Although, that's pretty boring."
Argent facepalms
Gavriel snorts, amused.
Argent: "You're assuming we have an idea of where they're based, nevermind probably getting what the mission objective is wrong."
Jnezdie: "On the first part, yeah- on the second part, what do -you- think it is, eh?"
Sarah: "Well… We need to deal with those… Garms, somehow?"
Jnezdie: "We obviously get the
Jnezdie: "We obviously get the Garms to knock it off."
Argent: "Why else would someone from the military be called in to deal with it?"
Jnezdie: "Because local officers are too busy manning the gate towers? Who cares?"
Argent: "What I'm getting at is that force is likely to be our means of fulfilling this mission."
Jnezdie: "That was literally my first suggestion!"
Jnezdie: "Bust - in - their - front - door!"
Argent: "No, you suggested -stealing- from them."
Jnezdie: "Naw, that's just a bonus."
Gavriel coughs. Loudly.
Argent eyerolls. "Let's just find a caravan."
Jack‘ sighs melodramatically, gesturing to Gavriel.
Jnezdie: "Arge, it’s not like I have any place to put a sofa."
Sarah has to just hold back a laugher
Argent starts on her way out
Gavriel struggles with a burbling sort of chuckle for a moment. "As far as the objective… as long as they stay away from the military supply caravans, everything's fine."
Outside, the rain still washes down the buildings and passerbies. It's not like people mind rain, though despite Sarah's best efforts at being stoic she looks pretty miserable, she looks far more soaked than anyone else, wet dress sticking to her body, everything she needed to look more dishiveled was hair to have it falling down
Over there is where the military storehouses should be, and where the scheduling of caravans is held
Argent reads up on the caravan schedules
Gavriel resolves to buy an umbrella at the first opportunity!
JayM: Umbrella! A red and white one, which she particularily liked! [1 Gil]
Takes a particularly long time to find said schedule. It's well-kept, also classified information, not just anyone can actually look at those schedules were any of those caravans to be truly disrupted, the frontlines could go down
JayM: You have a vague idea of who may have it and who may be able to read it but…
Jnezdie shows some of the caravaners his badge. By which I mean 'points to Gavriel.
Gavriel can probably cut through a fair bit of the red tape by growling "Official Business" at random, yes.
JayM: A Grace [TN 7] check should give you a chance to look at it, you don't really have clearance, but you know, work had ALWAYS flowed faster when you acted first and did paperwork after. People know you
Jack: "Why not… just… ride a caravan? We'll be on the front lines! They'
Jack: ll come to take the good, but find only to best - us! "
JayM: You can always take the lazy way out and wait for a caravan heading out, yes
[OOC] Jnezdie: hrm. sound good? or do we want some EKS PEES
[OOC] Jnezdie: also AP.
Gavriel peers at Jack. "That's the plan, yes. I know a few of the caravan guards, they're good people."
Jack: "Ah, exellent!"
Jnezdie: "Sounds good!"
You'll figure out that the caravan guards have a barracks just for them over there. They're a jolly bunch! Almost like teenagers, but then again barracks are always like this. As you enter, because there's no door to knock on, the highlight of the current mess inside is a small group harassing one of the guards, a rather weak-looking human, who's trying to to read a book on his bed, the
JayM: others are getting on his case about something
JayM: Though you notice everythign's good nature
Gavriel stands in the doorframe, or perhaps somewhere vaguely near the doorframe, waits for someone to realise there's a huge hulking Varg staring at everyone simultaneously with only one eye. It usually works, at least on these guys.
At this point someone notices your entry "Attention barracks! KArt Gavriel!" who shouts out is a somewhat short Dwarf, short for a dwarf, that is. You know him, Knight Elwood "Heya, KArt"
Jnezdie smiles at the scene, shaking his head. At Gav's imposing presence stance, he tries to tuck away the smile and crosses his arms.
Gavriel nods. "Knight Elwood. Good to see you. Heard you men have had some trouble with the Garm Gang?"
Everyone kind of stops making a huge mess, and are mostly silent, but go about their days anyway
Argent just stands and watches at this rate.
Elwood: "Oh, them uhn? Verian there was the last one to have a run-in with them" he points to the guy reading "Seem to only attack on our way in, never out, so generally the guys over here don't see them too much since we do the frontier route, not the inland one"
Jack‘ rubs at his chin.
Argent will notice something, perhaps unusual- This barracks is shared by both men and women. For what’s worth, everyone looks disciplined enough not to cause a mess, at least. Which is why nobody freaked out at your presence yet
Argent quirks an eyebrow. Mixed barracks? …perhaps that's just a regular thing for the military.
Gavriel nods, tromps over towards Verian, good-naturedly. "Sorry to bother you. We're here to help with the Garm Gang. Figure they won't be expecting a second set of guards on a caravan. Can probably pass us off as civilians…" …well, he'll have to hide his gun under a blanket, or something.
Jnezdie reassuringly supplies a double thumbs up from behind Gav.
Argent: "Gav, he mentioned they attacked the incoming ones moreso."
Verian looks up at Gavriel, being partially undressed himself, the small group around him looks up too "Oh, hum… They're not that bad… I guess… Well. Yeah, they never attack the caravans doing the fringe routes, just the inland routes"
Argent: "Where along the route did you get attacked?"
One of the guys around him, who's a rather tall and muscular Elvaan, nods "Yeah, V here was hit past the checkpoint, into the city proper. Serius street, wasn't it? Somewhere there in the warehouse district"
Jack: "Oho, in town you say?"
Verian nods "Yeah, they made it off with some armor repair tools and a canoneer gunsmith set"
Argent: "Using the sidestreets and alleyways to throw off pursuit, naturally."
Gavriel nods. "…that's rather bold of them. Thank you for the information."
Veria: "Wait"
Argent: "Hm?"
Jnezdie: "What's up?"
Verian: "One thing… Guys here don't believe me when I say but, they're too organized. They used a staged progression move, had a pretty good defensive form too… I don't think they're just random brigands"
Jack: "Duly noted!"
Argent: "What're you suspecting as far as a possible leader in their case? Enemy or deserter?"
Gavriel raises his eyebrow. "…hm. Attacking inside the city like that, I'd believe that. Thanks."
Jnezdie: "Gotcha. Good explanation for their bravery, no doubt."
Jnezdie: "'course, probably not the whole story."
Verian: "I don't know, and i'd… Rather not make a wild guess"
Argent: "Duly noted. Alright, headed to the Warehouse district."
Argent: "We're moving out, everyone." Argent waves the group out as she starts for the door
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow in Argent’s direction, before giving Gavriel a curious look.
Gavriel nods, salutes. "Thanks once again, all of you. Carry on." The faint hint of a grin, and a nod to the caravan guards. See? Good people.
JayM: It'll take a… Good while to get back there. Man travelling around here is hard, specially exactly right now as you meet… What actually passes as 'heavy traffic' around here. There's vehicles in the streets moving, birds too with their riders as a small merchant caravan is also going by, the number of people in the streets has skyrocketed for some reason- Crap, sales Pass. God, that's
JayM: a lot of people, and not nearly enough room to move
Jnezdie chuckles to himself. "Dense, dense, dense!"
JayM: You're going to take almost two whole Waves to get there, give or take a dozen Mists. But you di eventually reach the warehouse district
Gavriel grits his teeth. "Ever try to tail a criminal in a crowd like this?"
Jnezdie: "Doesn't really happen, does it?
Argent: "Once."
Jack: "Can't say that I have! Sounds like it'd make for a slow narrative. Hrrm."
Gavriel: "Slower than a one-legged chocobo. Not an experience I'd enjoy repeating."
JayM: It's got it's name for a reason, warehouses! They're all rather squat, built at awkward angles from eachother for maximum usage of terrain (I think ONE of them is actually triangular… What was in the guy's mind?)
Jnezdie chuckles at Gav's response.
JayM: The streets here spread like a spiderweb, everywhere
JayM: Of course there's the workers also at every storehouse, moving things about, keeping count of things, all sorts of things!
Argent: "No surprise they're attacking from here."
Jack: "An… efficent… use of space."
JayM: How're you doing this?
Gavriel: "More like haphazard and- nevermind."
Argent: Heading straight to the checkpoint and either watching for suspicious activity, or an incoming caravan.
JayM: Hrm… Well, there's really two ways to do this. You could take the faster path, Streetwise [TN 7] to try to scourge information out of people regarding the Garm Gang, or a Navigation [TN 4] to, eventually, find them. Or you could come up with a huge plan
Gavriel is good at this part. The 'encouraging information out of people' part. He and his hand cannon and his eyepatch, they make a real good team. [Trick] [Weighted Results] [Lucky]
Jnezdie plays the silent partner. [No Reels]
Argent is fairly good with getting around on the street and grabbing info herselfjobs tend to need that at least half the time. [Trick] [Trick] [Expertise]
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 3, 6 ( Total: 9 ) for add 2d6, take highest of 2d12 and 2d8
Also rolled 2d12 and got 5, 2 [Total: 7 (Low), Avg: 3.50]
Also rolled 2d8 and got 2, 7 [Total: 9 (Avg), Avg: 4.50]
Also rolled 2d8 and got 6, 7 [Total: 13 (High), Avg: 6.50]
d8: 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
d6: 4 [Total: 4 (High), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 47, Avg: 4.70
[OOC] Jack: ding!
It takes some talking, and encouraging. Seems like the Garm Gang runs this entire place on the shadows, collecting protection fees, stealing goods… Interesting fact is that they work with military efficiency- You get wind of the name of their leader, Exeus Garm, a Galka too-
JayM: Crap, GAvriel
JayM: Exeus Garm, five Cycles ago, expelled from the force, caught smuggling weapons to criminals
JayM: You’re very sure Exeus (it's not his real name, his 'birth' name is Dancing Wolf, later he changed it to Exeus Garm) and Golden Shield are related somebut but unsure
JayM: Either way
Gavriel facepalms. He should have recognised that last name! (Hell, the Commander should have, but seriously who would expect the Commander to put two and two toge- anyways…) "…hmph. Galka grudges."
Jack‘ raises both eyebrows. "Grudges?"
Jnezdie: "A dangerous background, eh?"
Argent: "Galka, huh. Guess my curiosity was unwarranted. Ah well…let’s get to this."
JayM: The gang seems to have their HQ set up in an abandoned warehouse further in the core of the warehouse district. Which you then can identify- It's- A dilapidated building, really old. Doesn't looks particularily one you'd like to live on, feels like could collapse at any moment, and yet… Look at the security
JayM: You can see the building in the distance, but can't get close, not nonchalantly, guards and patrols, some are armed with second grade artillerist cannons, some handguns, swords too
[OOC] JayM: artillerists, btw, generally use handheld cannons like Gav
Gavriel: "Hmph. Scrags pretending to militarism out of a condemned building."
Jnezdie grins, tapping the end of his katana excitely.
Jack: "unwarrents? Perhaps you mean even more well founded!"
Jnezdie: "Let's put the fear of the law in 'em!"
Argent: "Hm. Quite a heavy amount of resistance here. I'd prefer sneaking in myself given the level of security present."
Jack‘ looks over to Jnezdie, then spreads his arms wide as he lokos down at himself.
Jnezdie: "Hey, I don’t want my only escape route blockaded by a bunch of awake guys with weapons."
Gavriel: "I'd write you a letter of recommendation to the Academy, Jnezdie, except I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy." To Argent: "See any blind spots in their patrol?"
Jnezdie: "I mean, I guess I can slash 'em up on the way -out-."
Argent: "I'm looking it over. It's pretty well put-together."
Gavriel: "Then sneaking in may not be an option. And I doubt we're… cohesive enough an acting troupe to pose as presumptive members."
Jnezdie: "Coming around to Plan Jnezdie yet?"
JayM: Hrm… Yes, it's pretty well prepared… But it's not impossible. The men are trained, but the routes aren't perfect, they never are. You could make it in, get closer to the building, although entering the building itself will be harder, little entrances…
Argent: "Doubt that we can get in with no resistance, but there might be a minimal-resistance route."
JayM: Perhaps… With a lot of effort, and some luck, you could sneak your way in or- Argent, now that you see it… From this distance it looks like… Well, if you don't mind a little bit of collateral damage… It might be possible to bring the entire warehouse they are on down, you notice the entire lower side of the west wall is full of fractures, if you cause enough damage…
Gavriel: "Hm. On the other hand, rolling in and making a scene might be just what they'd need to realise they need to back off."
Argent: "…hm. How attached are you to keeping the warehouse intact?"
Jnezdie grins wildly at Argent.
Gavriel: "…I'm fairly sure that would drive the fear into them as well, yes."
Argent: "Not quite the same, Jnezdie. We're talking about breaking the warehouse down rather than breaking in."
Jnezdie: "I know! It's great" !
Jnezdie: "Arge, I didn't think you had it in you."
Jnezdie: "I'm sorry, I was wrong."
Argent: "It's a more efficient route than fighting their whole number."
Jack: "I can't imagine it would help your, ah, working reputation, though. Warehouses collapse with… extreme predgious and lack of…" Jack motions his hand thorugh the air, looking for a word he can't seem to find. "
Jnezdie: "Subtlety, Jack?"
Argent: "The whole thing's probably occupied anyway."
Jack‘ shakes his head, waving his arm around, "No, no! Ah, well, when you bring a house down, it brings the surroundings down with it!"
Argent: "Okay, so basically you’re objecting to the collateral damage."
Argent: "Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, though."
Jack: "Well! I'm certainly not objecting to it on principle - but it seems a mite rash when we know not the contents of the other warehouses! Thinnk of how it could harm our dear comrads standing in the military! On the other hand, there's nothing like a good bit of drama between the working man and the commanding officer to spice up a narrative, hrrrrrmrmrmrmrmrmrm."
Jnezdie: "Aw, I think he's bein' mindful of you."
Argent: "Oi, Gav, what's your commander have to say on the matter?"
Jnezdie: "We get it done, right?"
Jnezdie: "'And so the heroes smote the wall and Ultima herself trembled the ground,' and all!"
Jack: "(Hahaha, I've seen many a warehouse be brought down in my time, I assure you! It's always exciting, but the neighbors are never quite pleased.)"
Argent: "Well, in that case, let's go. Try to get through the gaps in the patrols and to that wall."
Gavriel: "…I'm more concerned with the legitimate warehouse owners nearby than that pompous shirt's reactions, to be frank."
Argent: "Let him deal with them."
Jnezdie: "I agree!"
Gavriel: "He'll be glad to see me hunting elsewhere regardless of -how- we solve this problem."
Jack: "A military man for the common man! Tis noble to keep them in mind when performing ones duties, but if it is destruction you desire…" Jack whips his luite around, strumming a few distorting chord and grinning widely.
Argent: "Anyway, let's go."
Jnezdie: "Lookin' at it this way- I don't think Gav actually wants to be here a Pass longer than he has to be, right?"
Jnezdie: "So, y'know- we'll be gone long before anything else happens!"
JayM: To sneak by, and to set the place down…
Jnezdie nods, as if that cleared everything up.
JayM: Stealth/Sabotage [TN 7]
Jnezdie knows a thing or two about destruction. [Dependable: Technical]
Argent isn't SO good at the sabotage
machines were never her fortebut sneaking through she's got a few strategies. [Trick:Scoundrel, Trick:Scoundrel]
Jack‘ wasn’t kidding when he said he was familiar with bringing the house down. [Aptitude, Dependable, Expertise]
Gavriel helps find their way through the patrols. He -mastered- the techniques these scrags are imitating, damn it! [Finesse:Stealth, Lucky, Weighted Results, Trick]
[OOC] Jack: i hate sugar so much
Jack‘ rolled 2d6 and got 2, 2 ( Total: 4 ) **
Also rolled 2d12 and got 5, 2 [Total: 7 (Low), Avg: 3.50]
Also rolled 2d10+1 and got 2, 7 [Total: 10.0 (Low), Avg: 4.50]
Also rolled 2d10 and got 3, 7 [Total: 10 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 31.0, Avg: 3.75
Jack` rolled d8 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
d8: 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
d6: 6 [Total: 6 (High), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 16, Avg: 5.33
[OOC] Jack: ding!
[OOC] Jack: wait
[OOC] Jack: that’s only 3/4 haha
[OOC] JayM: Uhn
JayM: One 7 from 2d10+1, one 7 from 2d10, one 8 from 1d8, one 6 from 1d6
JayM: TN reduced to 6
JayM: You got it
[OOC] Jack: OH RIGHT no i was right the first time
Argent: (Hah)
It takes a while… You can't move quickly at all, having to wait often many Mists, at a point having to wait more than a Wave in the same place before you move- Only to realize your luck because the men who were looking in the direction you moved were conveniently looking elsewhere for exactly as long as it took you to move out of sight again. Eventually, you do make your way towards
JayM: the damaged wall
Gavriel !
Jnezdie hides under a cardboard box at some point, and sneak sneak sneaks over to the wall. He dramatically stands and tosses the box off of himself.
Argent !!
Jack‘ borrows a hanful of gun powder from Gavriel, rolling it around in his hands a few times when they reach the wall before smearing it into and along the various cracks ans fissurs.
The party is merciful… At least attempts to make the thing implode as safely as possible. It takes setting up a few more cracks here and there, proper calculations… You use some of Gavriel’s excess shells as makeshift charges (he's been using the Magna Buster a lot), and then take distance as you rig a small makeshift timer using some spring and wiring
JayM: Boom
Jnezdie pumps both fists into the air, triumphantly! He doesn't shout just yet!
The place doesn't explodes, but the cracks on the wall spider upwards and the whole building seems to shake, and then it starts to slowly, and then quickly, come apart, falling sideways! It comes tumbling sending dust and debris all over the place, you're unable to see anything nearby for a while
Jack: "BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!" Jack does, though.
Argent: "(Quiet!)"
And then you hear a type of loud… Roar. You see a sillhouette above you- Of a galka, with a cannon, flying overhead. As he's about to hit the ground- BAM! He fires directly downwards, considerably helping break his fall- You hear some more desperate shouts, grunts, the sound of people hitting the ground
Jnezdie cackles loudly at Jack's declaration!
Argent draws her hammer. "Looks like we've gotten Garm's attention."
JayM: And as the dust settles, having landed conveniently behind you… He looks hurt, a pretty large galka, holding a Creimire and a Moogle in each arm, a cannon on his back. He lets go of the two stunned men, who stand up slowly
Exeus: "You"
Exeus: "Are"
Exeus: "Fucking"
Jack‘ ’s eyes widen a bit. "GAAAAHAHAAH!"
Exeus: "Crazy!"
Argent: "Those two are."
Jack: "I LOVE IT!!!"
Argent motions to Jack and Jnezdie. "I'm just practical."
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:2 Jnezdie [F]:6 Argent [F]:7 Garm Grunt [F]:7 Garm Grunt [F]:7 Exeus Garm [F]:9
Jnezdie: "WHILE carrying a Creimire and Moogle!"
JayM: Jack?
Jnezdie: "Really, you oughta just back down now."
Jnezdie: "'cause we did that to the building?"
Jnezdie: "Doesn't take a Wave to figure out what we're gonna do to you."
Jack: "COME THEN, TO ARMS! LET THE WALTZ BEGIN!" Jack spins his luite back around, waving a hand in front of the wooden block around his neck before stumming an upbeat tune. [Blade Madrigal] [ACC Up (4)]
Exeus: "With all due respect. You all just imploded my friggen house, with me inside"
Jack: [35D]
Exeus: "I'm going to hit you some for that!"
JayM: Accuracies abound!
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent: "Don't expect us to just stand there."
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:4 Argent [F]:5 Creimire Garm Grunt [F]:5 Moogle Garm Grunt [F]:5 Exeus Garm [F]:7 Jack [B]:33
JayM: There
Gavriel turns around, slowly, stares at Garm out of his good eye. "Even in Rorest, there are -some- of us who don't just sit behind a desk all day, Dancing Wolf." He unslings his hand cannon, and fires off an ink-black shot at the leader! [Dark Buster D40]
[OOC] Argent: HP: 580/580, MP: 80/80, LP:203/300, SoS: 145, Accuracy Up[4]
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 ) for I… uh, this is autohit unless he has evasion
JayM: Nope, no evasion
JayM: Go ahead
JayM: Do you have the Magna Buster equipped, by the by?
[OOC] Gavriel: for one more session it's my defaul starting weapon yeah « why?
[OOC] Gavriel: Holy WRIA?
JayM: Nope
Gavriel rolled d8+108 and got 8 ( Total: 116.0 ) for inflicts Blind (2)
Exeus is very surprised when he's hit, unable to see. The two grunts look at their boss "Boss that was-" "Magic? Shit, we got an invader. You two, get lost, get this out, i'll hold them back"
He blindly stares at your vague direction "Damn you, accursed traitor… This won't end here"
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie: "Go on back to sleep, you two!" He dashes up to the Creimire Garm Grunt and takes a sudden low stance before him. In a flash, he stands with his katana fully drawn- only indication of a slash is the dark wave that hangs in the air for a heartbeat. [Soul Eater, 38D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for 90
Jack: "THE CANNON -"
Jack: "TIS -"
Jack: "SCIENCE!"
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+176 and got 3 ( Total: 179.0 )
Gavriel growls. "One of the two of us sold weapons to the enemy and turned against their own brothers, and it was not I."
Jnezdie: "This is getting better by the syllable!"
The Grunt gets slashed, takes a couple of steps forward, he winces, and starts to try to run!
JayM: It's got one friggen HP left
JayM: Argent!
Argent: "…Oh hell no, you're not getting away." Argent puts the axe in one hand as she punches…the ground?! [Earth Slash, 31D]
Argent rolled 1d6+56 and got 5 ( Total: 61.0 ) for ground-based for group
JayM: The powerful impact wave slashes across the opponent group! the Creimire is down!
JayM: Battle order: Moogle Garm Grunt [F]:0 Exeus Garm [F]:2 Jack [B]:28 Argent [F]:31 Gavriel [B]:35 Jnezdie [F]:37
Gavriel: "…that's new, Argent." Gavriel mutters, approvingly.
The Moogle looks around, shaking and… Turns around, and starts running! [CT10]
Jnezdie: "First a building, then the ground!"
Argent: "Bit of something I worked on for a while." Argent's got one of those proud smirks on her face again.
Exeus growls… Blindly fumbles about him for something, comes up with a large square shell, loads it on his cannon "Grr!" aims in your general direction and fires!
JayM: [Detonator Wave]
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 58, 38, 84, 33 ( Total: 213 )
JayM: Anyone got Evasion?
[OOC] Jnezdie: 10
[OOC] Argent: None here
[OOC] Jack: nnnope
[OOC] Gavriel: not I :(
The massive blast that ensues sends everyone flying! Everyone except Gavriel, this doesn't compares to the recoil of the Magna Buster
JayM rolled 1d12+723 and got 11 ( Total: 734.0 )
JayM: Er
JayM rolled 1d12+273 and got 11 ( Total: 284.0 )
JayM: 284 Physical Melee damage to all! Everyone is pushed about their Rows!
JayM: Except Gavriel, of course, who was missed
[OOC] Argent: Melee, you say? Can I counter?
JayM: YEs- Wait
JayM: My bad
JayM: That went as off-mark as off-mark can be
JayM: Because he is Blind
Jack‘ goes flying into the front row! He holds his lute out at an awkward angle as he tumbles, to avoid it getting dented. "Gahahaahahahaa!~"
JayM: And I forgot the -40 CoS
[OOC] Argent: …hahahahahahaha
[OOC] Jack: -30
JayM: Still misses all
Jnezdie leaps -with- the explosion, giving himself an extra boost away from the hurty parts, and gets some good height before landing right where he was.
JayM: Battle order: Moogle Garm Grunt [F]:0 Jack [F]:18 Argent [B]:21 Gavriel [B]:25 Jnezdie [B]:27 Exeus Garm [F]:39
Argent rolls underneath the brunt of the blast, coming off of the rest unscathed
Gavriel still manages to stand there like a badass while an explosion is happening all around him. Gonna count that as a win.
The Grunt takes advantage of his toddler size and sneaks into the corridors of this place- He’s gone! [Escaped Battle]
JayM: Jack!
Argent: "You know, I remember someone who went by Garm. He was a hell of a lot more competent than you seem to be, though."
Jack‘ reaches up and flicks the wooden box, before slamming his hand back down on a power chord. [Brave (4)] [35D]
Jnezdie: "Oh man, I’m diggin' that tune, too!"
JayM: Bravery
JayM: A trait of heroes
Jack: "I thought you'd like it!"
JayM: Battle order: Argent [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:4 Jnezdie [B]:6 Exeus Garm [F]:18 Jack [F]:32
JayM: Argent!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 580/580, MP: 62/80, LP:207/300, SoS: 145, Accuracy Up[3], Brave[4])) "Not really feeling up to drawing this out, however…" And with that she jumps forward and swings the hammer down with a REALLY hard vertical strike [Beatdown, 44D]
Exeus: "Silence! I might be blind but I can see what is going on he… It's one thing to make a little extra Gil on the side, another to take side with those pastlocked magicians"
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 ) for 50
JayM: Exeus lifts up his cannon- The piece gets hammered hard and Garm send skidding backwards, but it didn't hurt
Jnezdie: "I'm just that sharp, tail-for-brains."
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jnezdie [B]:2 Exeus Garm [F]:14 Jack [F]:28 Argent [B]:40
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent: "Sure your gun's able to stand much more of that? Not that I really care, but…"
Gavriel snorts. "You're the last bastard who should be speaking about turning traitor. Rorest is a lake of filth, but that does not justify your actions." He focuses, firing off an absurdly fierce shot, stunned by the aftermath. [MAGNA ASSAULT D40]
Gavriel rolled d8*1.25+324*1.25 and got 8 ( Total: 415.0 )
JayM: There was once a wall behind that Galka
JayM: There is no more wall now
JayM: He's in the ground, and isn't waking up soon
JayM: [KO]
JayM: Victory!
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 90, 68 ( Total: 158 ) **
JayM: Oh thank god, Sugar. I hadn't come up with those Drop Tables at all
Gavriel: "…he'll remember that when he wakes up." He holsters the hand cannon, nonchalantly, once the recoil passes.
Argent: "…Jack, he's out."
Jack: "… hrrm. He's not listening, is he? Hahaha." Jack's voice quiets down in an instant.
Jnezdie: "Aw. Tell me the rest of it later, okay?"
Jnezdie: "Good goin' on the execution, team!" He punches a fist into a palm!
Jack‘ glances around. One building down, another wall. Bandits. "Quite!"
Argent: "Might as well turn him in. The rest of the gang’s probably freaked the hell out over their hideout collapsing and fled, and the rest aren't going to be using such sophisticated tactics anymore, I imagine."
The dust starts to settle down. Seems like the building didn't exactly implode entirely, but broke down in half, given only half of it's foundaition collapsed.
Jnezdie: "I'd say that's…good enough for government work?"
Jack: "Aye."
Jack‘ briefly strums his fingers across his lute, playing a short fanfare before swinging the lute back around to his, ah, back.
The dust cloud by now has been washed away by the rain, and you can see everyone scatter the hell out- You hear the sound of water splashing and something speeding in your direction- It’s a car, colored red. There's a seriously… Desperate-looking, Yeti atop it, wearing red garb, he looks like he's on the verge of collapsing
Jnezdie: "Jeez, where's the fire, guy?" He pauses. "Oh. Guess it could be in the building we dropped."
The car is, for those more used to cities, easely recognizable as from a D.I.R.T, Disaster Instant Response Team, essentially the firefighters, really. This man looks like he's not just on double, but hectuple shift by now
JayM: It even has the proper equipment. Said Yeti climbs down with some trouble (he's too tired) "What happens…"
Argent: "We've apprehended a traitor who took control of one of the gangs in the area."
Jnezdie: "Building wasn't up to code."
The Yeti looks up at the building, resting against his car, looks at the debris down, looks at the bodies "What I… Do I even…"
Argent: "K-Art, was it, Gavriel here can give the rest of the details." Argent comments as she starts to drag the Galka out by one arm
Jnezdie: "You're doing great, guy!"
Jack‘ gives his head a sympathetic shake, before calming clasping a hand on the other Yeti’s shoulder.
Jack: "Likely not, good sir. Likely not."
JayM: He's heavy, Argent- Well, no, not like you're not currently the strongest beast around, so you drag him out
Jnezdie: "Just round 'em all up, and this biggin'
" He waves towards Exeus "-is gonna be a special case, okay?"
Yeti: "Uhn… Phoenix bless me this will be a mess… Okay, i'll get the police called, see if we can get a debris clearing team here…"
He yawns, and spaces out for a while, shakes his head, and climbs on the car again
Gavriel gave details as they were needed, of course. Yes.
Eventually the party gets to bring Exeus back to be imprisioned… Lucky for Gavriel, there's no need to go report directly to Golden Shield- Neither is there any sort of trace of the moogle who escaped, nobody even heard of mages around in the warehouse district
JayM: Wait, where WAS Sarah in this whole debacle? Well, with your attention focused elsewhere you probably just didn't notice her following, she's still around, though
JayM: Oddly, she has her right arm bandaged
Argent: "…eh? The hell happened, Sarah?"
Jnezdie: "Huh. Everything okay?"
Sarah scratches behind hear head "Y-yeah. I thought I was going to get on your way so I split off for a while, you know… Not good at demolishing things"
Jack‘ nods. Of course.
Sarah: "Ahaha… I slipped and fell, though- I think I exxagerated on the bandages, haha…"
Jack: "Nothing wrong with a bit of precaution, fair madien!"
Gavriel glances at her arm, glances back to Sarah. Part of him wants to ask what really happened, part of him actually thinks that’s plausibly what happened… "As long as you're all right now."
Jnezdie staaaaaaaaaaaares at her…then smiles. "Alright! Missed the light show, though."
She nods "W-well, hum… Guess we're good to go?"
Jack: "So it would seem!"
Argent: "Sounds like that was dealt with easily enough." Argent nods, adjusting her hat slightly. "If nobody has any other business, let's get onto our next objective."
Sarah nods "Hum… Let's see… There wasn't any planned stops around here. Past here, we go to the border fortress further north, cross it to the Viera woods and sneak into the Ethereal Kingdom from there, it should take about five or six Passes after that to reach the final destination
Sarah: "Hum… I hope you don't mind, crossing the woods right now?"
Gavriel: "The sooner we're out of this sewer, the better."
Sarah nods "Okay so, you lead the way~"
Jnezdie: "Don't mind. Gotta do it sometime and it's not like we can really wait."
Jack‘ peers at Sarah, before shifting his gaze to Argent.
Jack: "well."
Jack: "I’m sure it'll make for an interesting scene!"
Argent: "We can't really do anything about the matter currently, so let's just get through. And why the hell are you looking at me like that?"
Jack: "Why indeed. Why… INdeed."
Argent rolls her eyes. "Let's just go."
Jnezdie nods solumnly and crosses his arms, serious.
Jack: "Hahaha! Of course!"
JayM: And with that, the curtain closes!
JayM: [Epilogue]
A moogle runs through the back streets of the warehouse district. He's got something to tell- Suddenly he stops, as if some strong force had hit him. He looks down, there's a veritably large hole on his chest, but nothing to be seen in it, slowly, consciousness is gone from him
Then, the invisible arm, covered in blood still, removes itself from it's chest as the owner of it groans in horrible pain, her invisibility vanishing. Sarah rests against the wall, her bones of her right arm dislodged severely out of place "U-ugh… Alexander's grace… J-just this… Broke it…" she doesn't do anything for herself just yet, drawing a red packet from somewhere, and
JayM: putting it on the moogle's body, that glows red, war, floating a few centimeters off the ground until it settles again, the gaping wound restored
She then grunts and groans as she uses all her remaining energy to set the bone in her arm back to place again, and bandages it up "W-what a dishonor… A fatal strike…"
JayM: [End Epilogue]
JayM: 1850 Exp/1480 Gil/13 AP from combat
JayM: 5 AP/165 XP and 5 AP/165 XP for skillchecks

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