Split Worlds - Session 7
[OOC] Argent: HP: 534/534, MP: 100/100, SoS: 133
It's been almost half of a Pass, the team has had a bit more time to recover, and perhaps wonder what was all that weirdness with Sarah just now. Someone would either be with her or check on her at time to time, only to find out that she was still asleep, but certainly progressively better, until now. She seems to have waken up, looking slightly sleep-groggy still
[OOC] Argent: HP: 534/534, MP: 100/100, LP: 139/300, SoS: 133
Sarah rubs her eyes, looking at whoever's closest "Guten pagi…" she mumbles
Argent: "…what'd you say?" Argent asks, looking a bit groggy herself.
Gavriel hasn't been wondering about much else, really. He's been spending a lot of time looking after her, he's probably around when she wakes up, and glances towards her: "Sarah?"
Jack: "And a good morning to you as well, maiden."
Jnezdie blinks a few time from his reclined position in the corner, and stretches his back slightly.
Sarah blinks "O-oh, sorry. That was in my language, it means good… Uhn.. Ahaha" she has a weird grin "I don't think you have a word for it, but it's the period of time right when you wake up"
Argent: "…what are you two doing here. This is my shift."
Sarah: "It helps. I owe you all at least a… Partial explanation"
Jnezdie: "Y'got a problem with a little compan-…" He weakly raises a fist, then lowers it and sighs. "Not up for a fight right now, yeah?"
Gavriel: "…are you okay, now?"
Jack: "Well, if you insist!"
Sarah: "Well… I've put you all through a lot of weird things. At least… I feel bad about you all working in the dark"
Jack‘ waves a hand dismissively.
Sarah certainly looks ashamed "First… Was there anything you ever wondered? I mean… I can’t actually tell the whole truth… Not until I have authorization but, they say a legend is born from the truth, no? So I might have a few tales to share
Jnezdie curls up from off the ground and stretches again, now standing.
Argent looks over to Sarah, "Well, as long as we aren't committing atrocity and you're keeping up with the pay, I don't mind either way."
Gavriel sits down. He's… still unnerved by everything that's happened. "…frankly, I'm not sure where to -start-."
Sarah: "What worries you the most, Gavriel?"
Argent: "…think we might start with how you're apparently part machine?"
Sarah nods "Okay… Back where I live, well… It isn't uncommon. The body, if you know how to work with it, can operate a machine with it's inner parts"
Sarah: "It's really a lot of science talk, pretty boring if you're not the type, pretty boring if you're the type too. It's… generally frowned upon, if not done for medical purposes, like a person that looses an arm or something"
Argent: "So, something took a chunk out of you then?"
Gavriel: "Where… -are- you from, anyways? I have a feeling it's not the Material or Ethereal Kingdoms, which…" He frowns. What would that even -mean-, a world beyond the kingdoms? He looks up- "It's way beyond anything the Material Kingdom has… that tech, which…" He shakes his head.
Sarah: "My case is… Slightly different. I got those, well… I got those in exchange for power. Power enough to became one of the greatest warriors of the land"
Sarah: "There's… Things i've sacrificed for this" she says, putting a hand slowly over her tummy
Sarah: "I'm… From a pretty dangerous land. It's beyond the Sea of Hvezdami, it's very far, far, far away, only the best ships could make as far as this"
Sarah: "It used to be a terrible, horrible wasteland, where we eeked out survival only by a miracle. Much of what we know today, we learned just to survive"
Gavriel: "I don't understand. That's… not on any maps that I've ever seen…"
Sarah nods "Shouldn't have… You know, around the warring Kingdoms, around this land, there is a horrible storm. A terrible storm that as far as we know, destroyed every ship trying to get close, except for three
Jnezdie does a few squats and talks. "Guess that explains my question. One where you said you guys 'sort of' shipwrecked. I've been thinkin' about the other side of that 'sort of.' Out of habit."
Sarah: "A ship that came here so long ago, we've forgotten it's name. I've found… Traces, that indicate it might have survived. The ship I came on, Altovento Omega Two, and one smaller ship called " Dragon Destroyer ""
Sarah giggles "Yes, it was a 'sort of'. While our ship did get destroyed, we did plan to make port in it's wreck. One could say that it shipwrecked purposefully, since it was theo nly way it could land
Argent: "…given this sort of tech, and the nature of the ships, would the ruins be parts of ships that've been destroyed in the storm and then somehow crashed here?"
Sarah: "That is… What my mission is. Finding out if that is true or not"
Sarah: "It… Seems to indicate it, but I won't be sure, not until i've checked two final places"
Sarah: "We're going towards one right now"
Gavriel scratches behind an ear. Answers only bring more questions, but he peeeeers at Sarah out of his good eye. There's only one way the ruins could have 'crashed' inland like that.
Argent: "Right then. …and it seems like your group knows something of the Heir of Ultima."
Sarah looks at Gavriel, and smiles
Argent: "At least given that we were warned in advance of him"
Sarah: "He… Heh… The Heir is dangerous. That little queer of a brother I got… He's been tasked with stopping the Heir's plans"
Sarah: "You know, your people, those of those lands… They're protected, gifted by Phoenix and a guardian angel"
Sarah: "Mine isn't… And it might not even matter much, what the Heir does to you, because there is no true, final death for you, but for my people, there is"
Gavriel smiles back, listening, his brow furrowing, nevertheless. "…that's the story they tell in the Ethereal Kingdoms, yes."
Jnezdie: "Angel-blessed, huh? Where's 'feral demon' and 'killer light?'"
Sarah: "Feral demon? Hehe… Well… My people, I said we come from a wasteland, right?"
Jnezdie: "Right."
Sarah: "We once tried to make it flourish, but we did it wrong. We summoned a great force to our aid, but what we summoned was, instead of a merciful angel, a terrible, horrible feral demon that tried devour all around him"
Sarah: "My people were killed, consumed, destroyed until just thirty of us survived… And they made a final stand, and managed to survive, meekly, as long as they were never no more and no less than thirty. It lasted for so long, it was before my time…"
Jack‘ taps a finger to the side of his head.
Sarah: "Then came from a distant land, Arc Knight Christof, that’s we call him. A powerful Varg warrior that subdued, tamed this demon and used his power to make our land flourish again"
Sarah: "This demon, it was dissolved in energy, which was used to make life opssible in our lands again. Now, all of those born in my lands carry on with them the power of the feral demon, and those trained to use this power to their fullest… Are the Hvezdami Knights"
Sarah: "It's interesting… If not for the power of this demon inside me, the guardian angel that resides in every droplet of water would have long since killed me"
Argent: "Guess that has something to do with that 'limit skill' your friend used back in that fight with the leader of those bandits."
Argent: "As she called it, anyway."
Sarah shakes her head "No. Heh, the 'Limit Skill' is a power innate to everything which has a power of will"
Sarah: "The power to subvert reality to yourself by raw power of will. It's akin to the Angelic, but greater."
Jnezdie: "So…the glowing pills."
Sarah looks at Gavriel "I'm sorry, too. while you were… Fixing me, a bit of that power, it lashed out at you. That's why I bit you, to draw it back out"
Jnezdie: "I mean, I don't doubt ya' if you say it's a disease, but I mean- is it a disease -and- something else or…"
Sarah: "Well… It's a bit different" she draws out a pill from somewhere "This is… Pure, undiluted, extremely concentrated white magic. Our soldiers use this to feed themselves in long missions, with one, a soldier can go for ten passes without food or drink"
Gavriel tilts his head to the side a little and shrugs, with a little bravado. "I've… survived worse. I'm just glad I could help."
Argent: "Edible magic, the hell?"
Sarah: "But… My people, they eat so, so, so much more than yours. And the energy I spend, to remain protected from the guardian angel is so great, we can't really afford to eat so much travelling, and a meal for you, if a had those i'd just… Starve"
Sarah: "In the end… It's no disease, it's this guardian angel, trying to kill me, an invader, an outsider. And this is just… Food for me. Though it's so much life energy it'd probably make you sick if you tried to have one"
Jnezdie suppresses a 'I'm skipping breakfast today, m'self' in light of how much Sarah needs to eat, and weakly nods his head in understanding.
Argent: "Right."
JayM grins, looking at Gavriel "I call it guardian angel, because I can't really tell what I truly mean yet. But I call it that way, because you call those powers you have 'Angelic', and it's related"
[OOC] JayM: I also hate mIRC sometimes
Argent: "And I take it this is part of the reason you're a bit wary of said Angelics?"
Jnezdie: "So the gal…what's her name— Lauren. Basically mainlining white magic, then?"
Gavriel can't believe he's nodding along to a discussion of guardian angels and reliance on magic, but he's seen her with his own eye… "So… why did you come here, in the first place, again? I know now you're searching the ruins, but before that…"
Sarah: "No she uses… Something different. It's a dangerous venom, a horrible poison that will kill a person over time in less than half of a Cycle, but can protect you against the guardian angel. She doesn't have the power of the feral demon to protect her, so she uses that instead. That's why she and… Others like her, only come out of our base for no more than seven Passes, and need
JayM: to go through heavy medical treatment after that "
Sarah: "I… Gavriel, we came here first… Looking for survivors of the first ship that crashed"
Argent: "So basically this world is outright hostile to you."
Sarah scratches behind her head "What a horrible rescue party we are… We arrived so late, they left ruins behind"
Sarah nods "Everything here is out to kill me, yes"
Gavriel frowns.
Gavriel: "What was the first ship here for?"
Jnezdie: "Aw, well- you got us at least."
Jack‘ tilts his head at Gavriel, and chuckles slightly.
Sarah: "Well… When the demon was destroying my people, some of us escaped in a great, gigantic ship out in the Sea"
Argent: "Lemme guess, ran into the storm, crashed here?"
Sarah: "They were just trying to find a place to live… Away from the demon we unleashed in our land. I guess they ended up here"
Sarah: "… I… They, actually. They ran into Ultima herself, and tried to escape through the storm"
Argent: "…okay, those are some implications right there."
Gavriel boggles. The effect’s not quite as good with only one eye.
Argent: "So basically, according to your story, the gods actually have physical forms."
Jnezdie shrugs and holds up his palms in bewilderment.
Sarah: "… I wasn't supposed to tell that but, after seeing what you did, I can say that. It's- Everything I say is shrouded in the veil of myth, the truth is different, but the meaning the same"
Jack: "What's so strange about that?"
Argent: "…but when a god can technically be intereacted with, doesn't that make it no more than a thing?"
Sarah nods
Sarah: "That's one way to place it"
Gavriel: "Of course." He looks… a little smug?
Jnezdie: "Ultima's skirt, I'm willing accept a lot'a shit right now."
Jnezdie: "(She probably wears an -actual- skirt now, doesn't she.)"
Sarah: "(One you certainly don't want to look under)"
Jnezdie glances at Sarah, begins to smile, then laughs heartily.
Gavriel glances incredulously at Sarah for a split second and then starts to snicker, raspily. Oh, dear.
Argent eyerolls at Jnezdie. "The only thing I can really settle with there without my mind doing crazy loops is that the 'gods' are, despite being powerful as all hell if what we've seen is any indication, not quite as 'divine' as we've thought they were."
Jnezdie: "Aw man. A'int nobody gonna believe that that wasn't my first thought."
Sarah: "… The second place I'll go after… I will attempt to find the final restimg place of Phoenix, after the ruin under Transcient Town's mountain range"
Jack‘ narrows his eyes in Argent’s directino for a moment, before rolling them in an exagurated fashion.
Gavriel glances at Argent. "'s not too far off from what we've always believed on this side of things, real-" -he raises his eyebrow at Sarah. That'll be… interesting.
Jnezdie: "…what, really?"
Jnezdie: "Out there?"
Jnezdie shifts his eyes left, right, left…
Sarah: "Wether it even exists or not, my second mission, that's it"
Argent: "I'm willing to accompany as long as there's pay." Argent nods
Jnezdie: "I can tell ya' I've climbed my fair share of 'em. Didn't find head nor tail of her, but I wasn't exactly looking."
Argent: "It's an entire mountain range. Who knows how deep she's buried anyway."
Sarah: "I have an idea on how to find that place, actually… Have you ever heard of the Almagest Ancestral? It might have a clue"
[OOC] Argent: Have we?
Jack‘ scratches at his chin.
[OOC] JayM: It’s THE most famous thing in the Ethereal Kingdom, heck they say the ENTIRE CAPITAL is the Almagest Ancestral, it's in the setting page
Jnezdie snickers.
Jack: "Almagest… Hahahaha."
Jnezdie: "Heard of it?"
Argent: "…So you're saying we have to sneak into the Ethereal Kingdom."
Sarah: "Eventually… Later"
Jnezdie: "-The- snowglobe to put all other ones to shame, man."
Jack: "Who needs to sneak? Boarders are not exactly closed!"
Gavriel stares at Sarah, almost… mischeviously. She's -serious-, isn't she? "Heh. It's not that hard at all."
Jnezdie: "Not like we're roaming bands of corsairs or anything."
Gavriel: "Although…" He still needs to have that discussion with Sarah. Not… now, though.
Argent: "Border's probably the easy part, though. Something tells me the cities there won't be as friendly, but that's a later point."
Jack: "Hahaha!"
Jack: "Spoken like a person that's never crossed a boarder before!"
Jack: "Blending in is easy! All you have to do is not be rude to everyone at all oppertunities!"
Argent rolls her eyes again
Jnezdie: "Like that, right there"
Jnezdie: "You can't be doin' that all the time."
JayM: Gavriel might remember that whenever he made his incursions in, there was generally a military operation going on elsewhere, good way to thin down the number of guards in one area. Aaaand of course make yourself look like a pile of clothes because, y'know, Varg don't exist up north
Argent: "Stop giving me reasons to."
Jnezdie: "They'll magic you into a rabbit
Jnezdie: "Well, okay, maybe a toad instead."
Gavriel flicks his eye up at Jack, nods almost imperceptibly.
Jnezdie: "So anyway"
Jnezdie: "What's there to find at Phoenix's grave?"
Jnezdie: "I mean, other than the dead body of a god."
Gavriel: "…I've been up there before. Usually during military campaigns. Even as a Varg, it's… not that hard to get around. Anyways."
Sarah: "That I… Can't tell. No, wait… Let me put this way. What we'll find there, it's the secret behind your 'partial immortality' and how you can survive the Thunderfall. Also, the final answer of what happened to the lost ship"
Jnezdie stares at Sarah, estimating her words…
Argent: "…"
Argent has that look in her eyes. Lots of theories that she wants to guess, but isn't quite sure of yet
Sarah: "Right, i've mentioned the Thunderfall so often, and never explained it properly… How to place it… Every hundred Cycles, the clouds come crashing down as thunder. I think you've had a collective nightmare at a time, seeing the world end in lightning"
Jnezdie: "…that's the one, yeah."
Argent: "Yeah, precluded by that damn music"
Jnezdie: "(…more like a thousand Cycles, isn't it? Anyway.)"
Sarah: "That's Thunderfall. Almost always, Phoenix and Ultima protects you from it, but every thousand Cycles, it's so powerful not even they can do it"
Jnezdie: "(Ah. Teaches me to grumble out of place.)"
Sarah: "This time… The Heir tampered with Ultima, and without the two deities working as one, the shield failed, and it occurred"
Argent: "So what happened to those soldiers was a miniaturized version of it?"
Sarah: "You can say it"
Sarah: "I saw you all die, the nightmare is real, you know…"
Argent: "It's a possibility, anyway."
Sarah: "The Seafarers call Phoenix the Birthing Mother and there's a reason for that. When everything died… The power of Phoenix, Ersten Und Letzten, brought you all back to life, almost exactly how you were before, but not truly"
Sarah: "Phoenix, it does not allows anyone to truly die. In this land where death comes in cycles, it's a great gift"
Argent boggles trying to get her head around the concept of reincarnation
Sarah: "That is as much information as we could get about this whole process, mind"
Jnezdie: "…so. Uh."
Jnezdie: "That wasn't a dream? Or a vision?"
Sarah shakes her head "You are the only ones who remember what truly happened"
Sarah: "Took me, a lot of effort to let you remember"
Jnezdie spins on his heel and flops down on the ground flat on his back, arms spread out.
Jnezdie: "That thousand Cycles was up just a while back."
Jnezdie: "And then it
Jnezdie: "And then we"
Jnezdie: "………………."
Argent: "Or the Heir's screwing with things"
Gavriel stares off into space. And by 'space', one means 'the wall'. Sooner or later, Jack will burst out with something that'll put this into context. "…why us? And why would…"
Jack: "Well, we're escorting the maiden iof course."
Sarah: "I… I just think that, it'd be unfair for you people to simply be unaware of something so important of your life"
Jack: "Easy go, easy come. Don't worry too much about the little details!"
Gavriel flicks an ear. There we go.
Gavriel: "…so what's the Heir of Ultima… what's his…" …he still seems a bit at a loss.
Argent: "Said he wants to recreate it to his wish."
Sarah: "… Brother told me, he plans to tamper with Ersten Und Letzten"
Sarah: "To… Make himself the template for the rebirth"
Argent: "…ugh. The last thing I want is to be reborn into someone who acts like -him-"
JayM: Jnezdie, you're a well-travelled man, aren't you? Why, you REMEMBER an unreachable island, a spire of jet-black rock, off the east coast at least ten Passes away, CALLED Ersten, and a similar one off the north coast called Letzten
Jack: "Hmm, well, would it really be so bad…?"
Gavriel: "(…egomaniac.)"
Argent: "yes."
Argent: "Yes it would."
Jack‘ chortles..
Sarah giggles "I don’t think it would, for you. But for him to be able to do that… All of my people, who can't leave this place… They'd all die"
Argent: "So it's a purge."
Jnezdie finally quips from the ground: "Besides…I'm much better looking."
Sarah nods "Yes"
Jnezdie: "Y'know, with Ultima and Phoenix pretty much tangible, I'm pretty sure Letzten and Ersten are too."
Sarah blinks "What?"
Jnezdie: "I mean it wasn't until you started sayin' it a whole lot, but
" He doesn't get up, but just holds up an arm and points eastward.
Argent: "…what."
Jnezdie: "Head that way until you get your feet wet, then keep on goin' another ten Passes, maybe a bit more."
Jnezdie: "Trick is, you can't get there."
Jnezdie: "But if you -could-, well. The jut o' black earth right there, that'd be named Ersten."
Jnezdie flops that same arm pointing north now. "And it's twin brother, Letzten. 'cept to the north, more like."
Sarah smiles "That! Incredible- Too bad it takes so long to tell my commander about that… But if I get a chance. Perhaps we'll even go there ourselves!"
Jnezdie: "Again, can't reach it. But they're just real peculiar names, ones you can't forget."
Gavriel: "..why can't you get there?"
Argent: "Ruins of a sort then, perhaps."
Jnezdie: "Ever tried walking on water?"
Gavriel: "Ever used a boat?"
Jnezdie: "Boats don't drive real well on water elementals."
Gavriel: "…hn."
Jnezdie: "Yeah."
Argent: "That's out of the question, then."
Jnezdie: "That's with an 's' if I kind of half-assed that sentence."
Argent gets up, starting to the door
Gavriel glares at him. That was cheating, a little.
Jnezdie loosk at Gavrial, and the varg is upside down. He smiles back.
Argent: "I'd like to continue this, but I need to eat."
Sarah then tosses her bedsheets aside, jumping out of bed- She wobbles for a moment, and steadies herself. Her dress seems to have recovered as well as she did "I have a question of my own, though"
Argent: "Hm?"
Argent stops and turns around
Jnezdie: "Go nuts."
Gavriel snorts, shakes his head, bemusedly. "…hopefully they'll be as much of a detriment to him- don't let us stop you!" He glances back at Sarah. "…thank you for telling us all of this, it's a lot to take in- hm?"
Sarah: "That medicine you gave me… Where did you get that?"
Jnezdie: "Dragon. No, really."
Argent: "The dragon had it, apparently. Said she got it from someone else."
Jack: "Fourty-two - ah, that. Well, I told you! IT was a crystalline dragon full of many colors! It hadn't had a name, but is now calling itself " rainbow'. "
Jnezdie: "She didn't, just for reference."
Sarah: "I… I know. Supposedly it's made from… A variety of bodly fluids and parts from a Crystal Dragon. But, according to the one I know, one called Liana… She is the only one of her species"
Jnezdie frowns as he recalls that.
Jack: "Apparently not!"
Jnezdie rolls forward and up to his feet.
Argent: "Or gave it to someone else. Whatever, I need to eat."
Argent starts out the door and downstairs.
Sarah grins "That is incredible! Hrm… Can you tell me, was it a guy or a girl?"
Argent: "Voice sounded female."
Gavriel: "…don't know how to tell, with dragons."
Gavriel: "…not sure I want to know."
Sarah: "Whiskers. Males have whiskers, pretty long ones. That's it, really"
Sarah: "Liana will be happy to know!"
Gavriel: "Don't think it had whiskers, no."
Argent: "Don't recall such."
Sarah starts heading out "Well… Guess with all that, I'm hungry too. Plus we got more ruins to explore in the near future~" she says, gently hopping and skipping towards the stairs
Argent can now be heard stepping down the stairs herself
Jnezdie: "I'm good for that."
Gavriel shrugs, gets up from where he was sitting. Sounds good to him, too, really.
And then the party will at last have breakfast~ Sarah seems cheery, and a bit more energetic than before. Whatever you used to heal her surely helped out her in the long run too. Eventually as food is being had, she pulls out that ancient map, and points somewhere "We're here right now" she pulls out the current world map, points to a different place "Which is here. If we head north we'll
JayM: hit another ruin I want to visit " she points
Argent nods
JayM: GAvriel notices that where she is pointing as the next stop is… Already inside No-Man's Land, the tense trench war area. Still a bit away from the mountain passes where it happens but troops from Ethereal Kingdom frequently sap into those areas
Sarah then points again "Then we'll be crossing through the Viera forest, and coast the mountains to my final objective, for now"
Jack‘ raises an eyebrow.
Argent: "Don’t get your hopes up on that one, Nez."
Jack: "/Through/ the Viera forest?"
JayM: And, given the latest info regarding your travel speed: You'll hit the Viera forest during storm season
Sarah: "Well, yes. IT's the fastest path"
Jnezdie: "Pfft. Like you'd be under any sort of craze."
Sarah: "I also want to have a look at them if possible but, not making an effort"
Jnezdie: "If we're going during storm season, you might not need to make the effort."
Jack: "Well. I suppose it wouldn't be a proper journey if we didn't venture into places that are typically a terrible idea to enter at least twice!"
Gavriel listens, nods. Grits his teeth a bit, drinks some coffee.
Jnezdie: "As for me, I'd like to be able to walk outta there, despite all rumors and half-correct perceptions of me."
Argent: "Given the nature of our current mission and the Heir's intentions, expedience is a priority anyway."
Gavriel snickers, vaguely Jnezdie-wards.
Sarah nods "Well, we're mostly ready to go when you say it"
Argent: "Let's go then"
Jnezdie: "I'm full of answers, breakfast, and fire."
Jnezdie: "And baby, I'm hungry for more."
Jnezdie slams his hands on the table and stands.
Sarah giggles, and stands up "Let's go, then!"
Argent: [Job change: Monk. Abilities updated]
And heading out! The party heads on, out the city, northwards…
JayM: Wherein i'll require a Danger Sense [TN 7] check
Jnezdie -knows- they're heading into a war zone. Yeah, he's a little ready for it. [Expertise: Danger Sense]
Jnezdie keeps an eye out for trouble. [Aptitude: Wilderness]
Argent , once again, has a knack for those situations
Argent: [Lucky:Wilderness]
Gavriel has spent far too much time here. [Aptitude:Wilderness]
Jack‘ rolled d8+1 and got 7 ( Total: 8.0 ) for TN7
Also rolled 5#d8(1) and got 4 [Total: 4 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(2) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(3) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(4) and got 5 [Total: 5 (High), Avg: 5.00]
Also rolled 5#d8(5) and got 7 [Total: 7 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 34.0, Avg: 5.50
JayM: That’s [2/3]
[OOC] Jack: go be reliable Gav!!!
[OOC] Jnezdie: don't we have two aptitudes
[OOC] Jack: yes, it wouldn't have helped though
[OOC] Argent: If nothing else I have Scrape By
Jack‘ rolled d10+1 and got 1 ( Total: 2.0 ) for Gavriel’s reliable but teak is typin' slow
[OOC] Jack: not reliable /enough/ :D
[OOC] Argent: Jack of All Trades is applicable?)
JayM: Not reliable at all
[OOC] Jack: yup, it'll still work if you max out the die
[OOC] Argent: Using it then
Jack‘ rolled d6+1 and got 5 ( Total: 6.0 ) **
[OOC] Jack: nope
[OOC] Jnezdie: yep
[OOC] Jnezdie: TN 6
[OOC] Gavriel: except yep
[OOC] Argent: Hah
[OOC] Gavriel: lrn2read :D
[OOC] Jack: oh right that was 7->6 not 8->7
Argent has had a bit of training in situational awareness, thankfully enough…
Argent: just for when instincts fail
Indeed, Gavriel has in fact spent far too much time in here… And it’s because of all that time now that he can identify exactly what he is feeling, a terrible tense sensation and a chill in his stomach- A Wraith! They're just like you once were, Gavriel, except they're Ethereal mages, and one is here and is gunning for you and you don't have the TIME to do anything
And then Argent delivers a swift strike at the nothing nearby, dislodging a ronso wearing a robe that's been modified so the torso is now body-tight, a runed bandanna over her eyes and a snarling face was hid just there, under an invisibility spell
Gavriel snarls in response and whirls at the Ronso, slinging his hand cannon off his shoulder in one fluid motion!
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:2 Wraith [F]:2 Jnezdie [F]:6 Argent [F]:7
JayM: Jack!
Argent: "/me draws the Arectaris, blades of light erupting from the ends
[OOC] Argent: Er, without the "
Jnezdie: "Hey there, ya' little sneak." He whirls on his heel and draws his katana in one move.
JayM: Gavriel as you aim your hand cannon- You see something- A light discoloration in her left cheek, somewhat shaped like a star…
JayM: The same birthmark on your last target
Jack: "Hello, travellers! How about a rousing melody by way of introduction?" Jack spins his lute around and gets right into it. [35D] [Acc Up (4)]
JayM: Rousing~
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel widens his eye just a bit, and lets out a [Forgotten Howl]! [D20]
JayM: A frightening howl, she growls back a wild beast
JayM: Battle order: Wraith [F]:0 Jnezdie [F]:4 Argent [F]:5 Gavriel [B]:20 Jack [B]:33
JayM: Status for Wraith [F]: Blind(U) Faith(U)
The Wraith growls out a word "Vanish!" and vanishes just like that
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jack: "…Hrmm."
Jack: "Well! It's a good thing Viera can all use magic innately, isn't it? Ha ha ha!"
Argent: "I'm not a Viera."
Jack: "Now now, now's not the timke for silly games Argent!"
Jnezdie: "Think you can hide from my blade?" He unshoulders his packed katanas, and holds the red Asura aloft. Its blade turns to energy, and zips about the area! [Asura, 29D]
Argent: "Shut it."
Jack: "No, you certainly cannot!"
Jack: "HIt it, I mean! Easy mistake to make!"
JayM: It cannot miss, can it?
[OOC] Jack: techs automatically miss vs vanish, asura is a tech. :D
JayM: Oh
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 )
Jnezdie: "Seems like you can!"
JayM: I thought it was Magic/Spell
JayM: It hits nothing at all!
JayM: Argent!
Jnezdie: "See, that's why you travel in a group."
Jnezdie: "Let someone else do the heavy lifting."
Argent furiously channels her rage into her chanting as she starts a resonation with the target mage in question
Jack: "Exactly! Now, Argent, you can dilly dally and be silly and let this gentlman or woman blast us all to death and then do horrible, unspeakable things to the fair maiden, your employer, or you can use your Artcall as you've done before!"
Argent: "Shut up I'm trying to CONCENTRATE HERE!"
Argent: [Artcall]
Argent: [CT10, 35D for what it matters]
JayM: Goes off immediately!
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 46 ( Total: 46 ) for 70
A moment of nothing… And then bursts forth from the clouds a large beam of bright white energy, it seems to miss that target but it sears the ground until it tracks and hits, breaking apart the vanishing spell
JayM: Hit!
Argent rolled 2d12+128 and got 12, 12 ( Total: 152.0 )
The searing light leaves her hurt, but does not makes her stop
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jack [B]:13 Jnezdie [F]:13 Wraith [F]:17 Argent [F]:30
JayM: Gavriel!
Argent: "To clarify again, not a Viera."
Jack‘ rubs a hand to his face, turns in Jnezdie’s direction.
Jnezdie looks to Jack and sighs, slumping his shoulders.
Gavriel throws his head back and howls, and the drizzling rain in the air bends, converging on a focal point, a wheel of water encircling his foe. [CT 10]
JayM: Immediately off!
JayM: Arcana-type!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 626/626, MP: 80/80, LP: 143/300, SoS: 133
Gavriel then carefully sights along the cannon - with his ruined, useless eye, rather than his good one - before firing a single shot into the wheel of water, which collapses around her! [Angelic: Sunder the Wheel, Autohit]
[OOC] Argent: Er: and Accuracy Up[3]
She gasps, seemingly out of air, as her magic is drained away
Gavriel rolled d8*1.75+141*1.75 and got 2 ( Total: 250.25 )
JayM: A great deal of her defenses are destroyed!
JayM: Delay on that
[OOC] Gavriel: D40, MP damage
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:0 Wraith [F]:4 Argent [F]:17 Gavriel [B]:37
JayM: Jack and Jnezdie in any order
Jack‘ keeps up the Mambo for now! [35D] [Acc Up (4)]
Jnezdie charges at the revealed Wraith, and a dark strike cuts across its figure! [Soul Eater, 38D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 )
JayM: A powerful and beautiful slash
Jnezdie rolled 1d10*2+176*2 and got 7 ( Total: 366.0 )
JayM: Deals a hefty [366] damage!
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 407/508, MP: 151/151, LP: 80/300, SoS: 127 - Accuracy Up (3)
JayM: Battle order: Wraith [F]:0 Argent [F]:13 Jack [B]:31 Gavriel [B]:33 Jnezdie [F]:34
JayM: Status for Wraith [F]: Blind(U) Faith(U)
Jnezdie: "Ready for more?!"
The Wraith growls and points at Gavriel "You… Die now! Death!" she says, aiming a finger at him
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
And then Gavriel falls down
JayM: Battle order: Argent [F]:0 Jack [B]:18 Gavriel [B]:20 Jnezdie [F]:21 Wraith [F]:24
JayM: Argent!
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrm."
Gavriel fwump, clang. (The clang was from the hand cannon hitting the ground, of course.)
Jnezdie looks behind him, then looks to the Wraith.
Argent: "Like hell I’m letting you pull that shit any longer…" Argent growls, sighting down the Ronso as she starts whirling the Arectaris overheadwater evaporating along the blades of light…[Critical Magnum, CT10, 44D]
Jack: "That wasn't very sporting like at all!"
Wraith: "All of you, i'm going to take down you all… And then make sure he'll never stand up again!"
JayM: Goes off now, Argent!
Jnezdie: "Not happenin', mage."
Jack‘ considers, "Although I supposed one verses four isn’t exactly fair either. Hah!"
Jnezdie: "Winners are the heroes!"
Argent: Right before smashing the end of the blade into the ground, a plume of water erupting from the struck point as she leaps into the air. "Critical Magnum!!!"
Argent rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 80
JayM: "Shield!" she shouts, a shimmering shield appears in her left arm and she barefuly redirected Argent's strike
JayM: Jack!
JayM: Also your delay, Argent
[OOC] Argent: Already said it, 44
JayM: Ah, my bad, I skipped it
Jack‘ tosses a Phoenix Down to Gavriel. "Up and at ’em!" [28D]
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 1/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 24/300, SoS: 142
JayM: And Gavriel is up!
JayM: Uuuuup!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:1 Wraith [F]:4 Jack [B]:26 Argent [F]:34
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel grits his teeth, braces himself against the stone ground, and lets out an impossibly bright blast of light at the Wraith! [MAGNA ASSAULT D40]
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 90
JayM: That is a nice hit!
[OOC] Gavriel: Holy WRIA?
JayM: None
Gavriel rolled d8+324 and got 4 ( Total: 328.0 )
Gavriel is knocked back by the recoil!
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 1/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 24/300, SoS: 142 - Stop (1)
She wethers the hit well enough [328]
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie comes around to the Wraith's side and slashes across as the light from Gavriel's shot fades, darkening it with his own slash! [Soul Eater, 38D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: Acc Up in play, hit
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+176 and got 8 ( Total: 184.0 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 306/508, MP: 151/151, LP: 80/300, SoS: 127 - Accuracy Up (2)
JayM: Combined light and dark, a great move! Great damage!
The Wraith growls "If you won't… STAY DOWN! I'll just have to.." she looks at Jnezdie, and runs at him! She grabs him in a bear hug and you can feel her warm, and then hot, and then a giant explosion ensues, knocking everyone on their collective backsides! [222] damage!
JayM: Self-Destruct!
She, however, somehow still stands… Or rather, is slowly getting herself up
JayM: You got the chance to use one item before something else happens
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 84/508, MP: 151/151, LP: 80/300, SoS: 127 - Accuracy Up (2)
[OOC] Argent: HP: 404/626, MP: 80/80, LP: 53/300, SoS: 133
[OOC] Argent: …what is wrong with me today
oh. Limit missing
[OOC] Argent: HP: 626/626, MP: 80/80, LP: 43/300, SoS: 133
Jnezdie cracks open the automed, smoke still streaming from him. He slips on the gloves and grabs a Potion… "Shit, uh…okay, does this go..uh…" [Automed Potion on Jnezdie: +400 HP]
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 484/508, MP: 52/62, LP: 90/300, SoS: 127 - Accuracy Up (2)
Slowly the Wraith stands up, you'd heard those kinds of spells knocked out the user? However, you see something… Water swirling around her, a light violet tinge… Maybe you've heard of this before, but never saw it before… Glorious Angelic, the highest power the Angelic can reach. "Raaah! I'll take you down, you spineless Varg, you'll pay for killing my brother! Glorious Angelic…
JayM: Come to me, Final Remnant! " and it then stops raining… Until you look up, and see the raindrops falling and simply stopping as if they hit a glass pane, a transparent pane shaped like a giant magical circle. The water turns violet as it touches and it suddenly shatters, a giant greatsword, falls and embeds itself deeply on the ground, and even then it's still taller than Jack
Argent: "…well, at least it's not called " ship-cleaving sword ", or something of the like."
And then five smaller blades, longswords whose hilts are colored a neon-blue, erupt from behind it, and a large barrier forms just behind the greatswords, blue with yellow hexagonal patterns
JayM: Six new combatants enter the field!
Jack: "Hrmrmrmrmmm…!"
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Jack [B]:25 Longsword A [F]:29 Longsword B [F]:29 Longsword C [B]:29 Longsword D [B]:29 Greatsword [F]:29 Argent [F]:33 Gavriel [B]:39
JayM: Jnezdie,s still up!
Etched on the greatsword's blade is "ACH-12 'Swordfleet Mercy'"
Jnezdie: "Damn…that's pretty impressive, mage. I'll cross swords with ya'." He retrieves the Asura from his folded set of katanas, and raises it high! The blade turns to energy and slashes at the others! [Asura, 29D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+60 and got 9 ( Total: 69.0 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: magical damage
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 40 ( Total: 40 )
JayM: [69] to the lesser blades, it pings off the greatsword! [29]
JayM: Jack!
Gavriel shakes off the recoil, and stares up at her. It's only fair that she'd want to avenge her brother, but her quarrel isn't with his companions, and he won't forgive her for assaulting them…
[OOC] Gavriel: Actually wait nevermind I haven't shaken off the recoil yet. » Misread. BUT ANYWAYS point stands.
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 1/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 30/300, SoS: 142 - Stop (1)
Argent: "Very cute. But very cocky of you to hold back like you were."
Jack‘ scratches at his chin.
Jack: "Jnezdie… this may sting ever so slightly."
Jnezdie: "Hm?"
Jack` stops playing his lute, reaching down to his belt, before swiftly unsheathing his dagger and poking him in the arm with it. "But I’m sure you won't mind much!" [16D]
Jack‘ rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 )
Jack` rolled d6+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9.0 )
[OOC] Jack: er, 18D
Argent: "…he’s finally snapped."
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Longsword A [F]:0 Longsword B [F]:0 Longsword C [B]:0 Longsword D [B]:0 Greatsword [F]:0 Longsword E [F]:0 Argent [F]:4 Gavriel [B]:10 Jack [B]:14
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie: "I don't think that made it to slight." [1]
Jack: "Hahah, well, you know how it is with Yeti!"
Jnezdie: "Here's how you do a real cut!" He stabs the blade of his katana into the ground and rips it across horizontally, creating a huge fissure! In the distance, the sound of running water… [CT 10]
Argent: "Try that on me and I'll ensure you'll be singing falsetto for the rest of your life."
Jack: "Tsk, no one said anything about you madam! Why so snappy today?"
Jnezdie: "Giving everybody the Jnezdie treatment, really. And I thought there was something special between us."
The Greatsword glows, and an… Electronical voice can be heard "Activating Flare Mode" and Longsword B twirls in the air and glows a crimson red! Flare Sword(5)
Argent: "Grow up."
The longswords approach themselves and put blades against eachother before moving into formation towards Jnezdie! Longsword A does a simple slash [Single Slasher]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 )
Jack: "Bahahaaha!"
JayM rolled 1d8+60 and got 7 ( Total: 67.0 )
JayM: Physical, Melee damage
Longsword B and A then fly backwards a good distance and dart towards Jnezdie in a converging angle! [Dual Destroyer]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
JayM rolled 2d8+100 and got 1, 5 ( Total: 106.0 )
JayM: 106 Physical, Melee damage
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 330/508, MP: 52/62, LP: 120/300, SoS: 127 - Accuracy Up (1)
Longswords C, B and A then fly upwards, twirl and glow a deep red and embed themselves on the ground around Jnezdie and Argent! [Triple Trasher]
The ground breaks and spews flames!
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 39, 98 ( Total: 137 )
JayM rolled 1d12+130 and got 4 ( Total: 134.0 )
JayM: Only Jnezdie is hit for 134, Physical Melee damage and takes +7D
Argent leaps out of the way of the attack
Jnezdie block, parry, block, parry, hit, ow, parry, ow, ow, dodge, block, ow
Then Longswords D, C, B and A move around the party flying in a square formation and start shooting white beams towards the party from the tip of the plades, the beams corner the party more and more until they all fire in a single point causing a great conflagration [Quadra Quasar]
JayM rolled 4d100 and got 61, 32, 37, 65 ( Total: 195 )
JayM rolled 1d10+80 and got 7 ( Total: 87.0 )
JayM: Dealing 87, Magical Holy damage to the party
JayM: And then finally Longswords E, D, C, B and A fly upwards, form in a pentagon formation and crash down, bringing down a wave of dark energy on the party!
JayM rolled 3d100 and got 55, 7, 45 ( Total: 107 )
Gavriel collapses. [KO]
JayM: Gravity 50% to the party!
Argent winces as that attack hits, albeit it not really hurti
ow, okay, that did it.
[OOC] Jnezdie: HP: 60/508, MP: 52/62, LP: 140/300, SoS: 127 - Accuracy Up (1)
[OOC] Jack: HP: 195/476, MP: 126/126, LP: 180/300, SoS: 119 - Accuracy Up (1)
[OOC] Argent: HP: 270/626, MP: 80/80, LP: 63/300, SoS: 133
[OOC] Argent: HP: 270/626, MP: 80/80, LP: 63/300, SoS: 133 - Accuracy Up (2)
Jnezdie: "damn. Okay. This kind of swordfightin' is also interesting!"
Jack: "Mmhm!"
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Argent [F]:4 Gavriel [B]:10 Jack [B]:14 Longsword A [F]:32 Longsword B [F]:36 Greatsword [F]:37 Longsword E [F]:42 Longsword D [B]:44 Longsword C [B]:52
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie points a finger to the front row! [Samakah Cataract, 38D]
Jnezdie rolled 4d100 and got 42, 1, 25, 56 ( Total: 124 ) for 45 longswordA longswordB longswordE greatsword
Jnezdie cackles as a wave of water washes in behind Longswords A, B, and E, pushing them into the fissure! The ground groans as it shifts shut! [Eject] [Eject] [Eject]
JayM: The Longswords vanish into the nothing!
JayM: Argent!
Jack: "That's the way!"
Jack: "I love it when a plan comes together!"
Argent rolls her eyes again, instead focusing fire on what she's certain is the source of the barrier
holding the Arectaris in her off-hand as she fires an Aurabolt at the sword.
JayM: Boom, no WRIA
Jnezdie: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you know it!"
JayM: I keep thinking that stuff has a CT, but it doesn't, that's 3e artifact
Argent: [32D]
Argent rolled 1d10+96 and got 5 ( Total: 101.0 )
JayM: The powerful beam of energy strikes the greatblade, pinging off it's laminated armor. It's friggen resilient [61]
JayM: Gavriel, is down
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Argent [F]:22 Greatsword [F]:23 Jnezdie [F]:24 Longsword D [B]:30 Gavriel [B]:36 Longsword C [B]:38
JayM: Jack!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 270/626, MP: 65/80, LP: 67/300, SoS: 133 - Accuracy Up (2)
The ever present falling droplets of water seem to slow down, then pause in midair as Jack strikes a chord on on his lute. They hang for a moment - as does the chord, before he gently begins to pluck at the strings individually, playing the requiem for the lost, but perfectly in reverse. As the droplets of water seem to momentarily reverse and fly back into the sky, so to do any felled
Jack: allies find themselves back in the world of the waking before the song ends and the rain droplets resume to fall. [Revive 25%] [32D]
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 142/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 30/300, SoS: 142
JayM: Argent!
Argent quickly dashes in under the cover of the deflected bolt to take two swings at the Greatswordshe's pretty sure that if that thing goes down, so does the barrier
Gavriel struggles to his feet, again, looking around from side to side. Things always -happen- when he's passed out.
Argent: [Pummel, 44D]
Jnezdie: "Y' slightly better, Gav?"
Argent rolled 2#1d100(1) and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for CoS 65
Also rolled 2#1d100(2) and got 90 [Total: 90 (High), Avg: 90.00]
Total: 91, Avg: 45.50
Jnezdie: "Gonna need more firepower with that one."
Gavriel: "Yes." And, to Jack, "-thank you."
JayM: One VERY GOOD hit and one VERY BAD hit
Jack: "No problem!"
Argent rolled 1d12+110 and got 2 ( Total: 112.0 ) for Piercing magic damage
The Arectaris strikes true… It, however, seems like it didn't do much more than nick it! [112]
[OOC] Argent: HP: 270/626, MP: 65/80, LP: 73/300, SoS: 133
JayM: Right, Bangle
[OOC] Argent: OH!
Argent: (WRIA Lightning?))
JayM: W: Lightning as well!
Argent: The impacts seem to oddly spark off of the sword in question
JayM: HP: 5742/6000, MP: 170/210 - An ancient relic, and controller of puppets. It's powerful defensive field and armor are near unbreakable, but it holds the same weakness of all ruin materials
JayM: Battle order: Greatsword [F]:0 Jnezdie [F]:1 Longsword D [B]:7 Jack [B]:9 Gavriel [B]:13 Longsword C [B]:15 Argent [F]:43
The greatsword speaks again "Zombie Mode" and Longsword D twirls in the air and glows an icky violet and black. Zombie Sword(5)!
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie glows red as he dashes towards Longsword D, and it glows as he slashes across
[Night Sword, 38D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 )
[OOC] Jnezdie: Miss
JayM: A wild miss!
Gavriel glances up at Longsword D. That sounds… charming, really.
Longsword D twirls and and dances with Longsword C! And then Longsword D slashes across Gavriel [Single Slasher]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 )
Argent: "Gavriel, Jnezdie, Focus fire on that one! I'll handle the main body!"
JayM rolled 1d8+60 and got 3 ( Total: 63.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 95 [Total: 95 (High), Avg: 95.00]
Total: 158.0, Avg: 49.00
JayM: Er
[OOC] Gavriel: is that ranged, Jules?
JayM: 47 Physical Melee damage!
JayM: It is not
JayM: Jack!
[OOC] Jack: mo liek 31 mirite
Jnezdie: "Cut down on it too! Not like you're doing much damage on your own!"
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 111/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 30/300, SoS: 142
Jack‘ begins to jam out the song of life! [35D]
JayM: Nnope it rolled 63- Oh, back to back, yes
Jack` rolled 2d10+65 and got 10, 3 ( Total: 78.0 )
JayM: Healz
JayM: Gavriel!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 333/626, MP: 65/80, LP: 73/300, SoS: 133
Argent: "Give me time. This thing’s got a hard shell."
Gavriel brings the full power of his adjusted gun down on Longsword D. [MAGNA ASSAULT D40]
Gavriel rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
JayM: It dances around Gavriel's beam of light
Longsword C then spins and strikes- The ground just ahead and then pulls itself out [Change Row]
The Greatswords speaks again "Zombie Mode" and it's Longsword C now that is Zombie Sword(5)
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Longsword D [B]:0 Argent [F]:4 Jack [B]:5 Longsword C [F]:11 Gavriel [B]:14 Greatsword [F]:35
JayM: Status for Longsword D [B]: Zombie Sword(4)
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie retrieves his Asura and holds it aloft- the blade turns to energy and rips across the enemies! [Asura, 29D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+60 and got 8 ( Total: 68.0 )
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 84 ( Total: 84 )
JayM: You know the drill, it rips the Longswords something fierce but still deals little to the greatsword
Longsword D then spins and strikes at Gavriel! [Single Slasher]
JayM: 1sugar
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 )
JayM rolled 1d8+60 and got 8 ( Total: 68.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 91 [Total: 91 (High), Avg: 91.00]
Total: 159.0, Avg: 49.50
JayM: Er
JayM: 34 Physical Melee damage!
JayM: Argent!
Argent wordlessly strikes at the greatsword twice, swinging the Arectaris with a decent amount of finesse…[Pummel, 44D]
Argent rolled 2#d100(1) and got 28 ( Total: 28 )
Also rolled 2#d100(2) and got 41 [Total: 41 (Low), Avg: 41.00]
Total: 69, Avg: 34.50
JayM: Two perfect strikes
Jnezdie: "No concept of focus fire!"
Argent rolled 2#1d12*1.5+110*1.5(1) and got 4 ( Total: 171.0 )
Also rolled 2#1d12*1.5+110*1.5(2) and got 10 [Total: 180.0 (High), Avg: 10.00]
Total: 351.0, Avg: 7.00
JayM: Jack!
[OOC] Argent: HP: 333/626, MP: 65/80, LP: 79/300, SoS: 133 )) "Focus on your target, I'll focus on mine!"
Jack‘ shakes his head in an exasperated manner, still playing his song of life. [35D]
Jack` rolled 2d10+65 and got 10, 3 ( Total: 78.0 )
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 233/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 30/300, SoS: 142 - Stop (1)
[OOC] Argent: HP: 411/626, MP: 65/80, LP: 79/300, SoS: 133
Longsword C and D take some distance and both fly at Jack at high speed in converging paths! [Dual Destroyer]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 )
JayM rolled 1d8+80 and got 6 ( Total: 86.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 100 [Total: 100 (High), Avg: 100.00]
Total: 186.0, Avg: 53.00
JayM: 86 Physical Melee damage!
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:15 Longsword D [B]:18 Greatsword [F]:21 Jack [B]:26 Longsword C [F]:33 Argent [F]:34
JayM: Gavriel!
[OOC] Jack: Sooo 64?
Gavriel buuuuh wha? [D40]
JayM: Right, front to back
JayM: My bad
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie slashes the Asura blade across the air— mid-strike, the blade turns to energy and rakes the enemy ranks! [Asura, 29D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+60 and got 10 ( Total: 70.0 )
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 42 ( Total: 42 )
JayM: Damage at the longswords! Not much to the Greatsword
Longsword D then slices at Gavriel in return! [Single Slasher~]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 )
JayM rolled 1d8+60 and got 2 ( Total: 62.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 42 [Total: 42 (Low), Avg: 42.00]
Total: 104.0, Avg: 22.00
JayM: 31 Physical Melee damage and Zombie(4)!
[OOC] Gavriel: HP: 202/568, MP: 100/100, LP: 30/300, SoS: 142 - Zombie (4)
The Greatsword stands as it is as the forcefield behind it extends to envelop it [Defend]
JayM: Jack!
Jack` changes things up a bit, sliding down into the [Seraph Song]! [35D]
Jack` rolled d6+13 and got 2 ( Total: 15.0 ) for MP
Jnezdie nods. "Somethin’ different!"
JayM: This is likely your first time experimenting MP healing, Gavriel and Argent! It certainly feels a lot like… Normal healing, except cooler
Jack: "It's seemed appropriate!"
JayM: Battle order: Longsword C [F]:0 Argent [F]:1 Gavriel [B]:7 Jnezdie [F]:11 Longsword D [B]:17 Greatsword [F]:20 Jack [B]:28
JayM: Status for Longsword C [F]: Zombie Sword(4)
[OOC] Argent: HP: 411/626, MP: 80/80, LP: 79/300, SoS: 133 )) "…the hell is this?"
Longsword C and D then take distance again and [Dual Destroyer] Jack!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
Jack: "Tis the song of the Seraph, madam!"
JayM rolled 1d8*0.75+80*0.75 and got 7 ( Total: 65.25 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 74 [Total: 74 (High), Avg: 74.00]
Total: 139.25, Avg: 40.50
JayM: 65 Physical Melee damage!
JayM: Argent!
Gavriel actually experiences it as a BURNING in his EVERYTHING, but he's had to grit his teeth before, he'll deal.
Argent notes the sword's stance, instead stepping back and firing an Aurabolt at Longsword D.
Argent: "Gav would say otherwise, it seems." [32D, natch]
Argent rolled 1d10+96 and got 1 ( Total: 97.0 ) for Holy damage
JayM: A good damage is had!
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel lets out ALL of his frustrations! [Forgotten Howl D20]
The blades react! They change formation to a defensive one
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie twirls the katana in one hand, and energy bursts forth in a winding cyclone! [Asura, 29D]
Jnezdie rolled 1d10+60 and got 5 ( Total: 65.0 )
Jnezdie rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Jnezdie is left holding a hilt and grip wrappings. He runs the wrapping through the empty hilt and attaches it to his waist to match the other one.
Jnezdie: "Fun while it lasted."
JayM: Longsword D is looking down in the slumps! SoS!
Jack: "We really ought to go home and get you some more of those! … Well, we are going there anyway! Hah!"
Then it twirls and slashes at Jack!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
JayM rolled 1d8+60 and got 6 ( Total: 66.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 31 [Total: 31 (Low), Avg: 31.00]
Total: 97.0, Avg: 18.50
JayM: 33 Physical Melee damage and Zombie(4)!
The Greatsword continues it's defensive stance
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jack [B]:1 Argent [F]:6 Longsword C [F]:9 Jnezdie [F]:13 Longsword D [B]:22 Greatsword [F]:25
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel just fires off a normal shot on Longsword D! [Attack D40]
JayM: That, i'm sure it hits!
Gavriel rolled d8*1.25+108*1.25 and got 5 ( Total: 141.25 )
The energy shot strikes it at it tip, causing it to go twirling and flying upwards! And then it arcs in the air and falls embedding itself on the ground in front of Gavriel [KO]
JayM: Acquired [x1 Sword Slave]
JayM: Jack!
Jack‘ waves a hand in front of his wooden block and begins to jam out the [Mambo] [35D] [Evasion Up (4)]
JayM: It’s Mambo Number Five~
JayM: Argent!
Gavriel raises an eyebrow. It's too bad he doesn't have much training with the longsword…
Argent: "Tch. Inactive until it has no more helpers, huh? In such a case…" Argent leaps forward, taking two strikes at Longsword C, the Arectaris trailing sparks as the edges swing. [Pummel, 44D]
Argent rolled 2#1d100(1) and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 65
Also rolled 2#1d100(2) and got 17 [Total: 17 (Low), Avg: 17.00]
Total: 76, Avg: 38.00
JayM: W: Lightning!
JayM: Two hits!
Argent rolled 2#1d12*1.5+110*1.5(1) and got 1 ( Total: 166.5 )
Also rolled 2#1d12*1.5+110*1.5(2) and got 3 [Total: 169.5 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 336.0, Avg: 2.00
[OOC] Argent: Also Bangle!
[OOC] Jnezdie: it's so dead
The first hit damages, the second strikes again and it sparks, falling lifelessly to Argent's feet! [KO]
JayM: Acquired [x1 Sword Slave]
JayM: Jnezdie?
[OOC] Jnezdie: inits
JayM: Battle order: Jnezdie [F]:0 Greatsword [F]:12 Jack [B]:23 Gavriel [B]:27 Argent [F]:37
Jnezdie puts up his guard. [29D]
[OOC] Jnezdie: [Defend]
The Greatsword says "Zombie Mode" and grants Zombie Sword(5) to itself!
JayM: Battle order: Jack [B]:0 Gavriel [B]:4 Jnezdie [F]:6 Argent [F]:14 Greatsword [F]:26
JayM: Jack!
At this point, Sarah peeks out from hiding. She joins the battle! "… Gavriel… Use your water bullets"
Jnezdie: "Water bullets? You've got to be kidding me."
Jack‘ waves his hand in front of the wooden box before sliding into a rousing melody! [35D] [Accuracy UP (4)]
Sarah: "Please"
Gavriel blinks at her, curiously. He’s not about to stop trusting Sarah -now- of all times, that's for sure.
JayM: Battle order: Gavriel [B]:0 Jnezdie [F]:2 Argent [F]:10 Greatsword [F]:22 Sarah [B]:30 Jack [B]:31
Jack: "Fair maiden, you do recall the powerful gun cannot use those bullets, yes?"
Sarah nods "I do"
Jack: "Well, have at it then!"
Gavriel turns off the halo of light, loading in blue-tinged bullets instead! [D10]
Jnezdie: "All right! This is gonna show us something else cool, I bet."
JayM: Jnezdie!
Jnezdie holds off, wanting to see the light show. [Wait, 19D]
JayM: Gavriel!
Gavriel grits his teeth and aims carefully, firing with all the cannon's strength! [Full Assault, Autohits, Water Bullets]
[OOC] Gavriel: D40
Gavriel rolled d8*2+108*2 and got 2 ( Total: 220.0 )
Gavriel rolled d100 and got 68 ( Total: 68 ) for Blind 20 CoS
The strike hits true, it doesn't do much damage but the gun pierces the outer layer of armor… For a moment nothing happens, and then the sharpnel holes you made start hissing… And hissing…. And then they start oozing water more and more and slowly, inside-out, the entire greatsword turns into water, except a few pieces that look somewhat plastic
JayM: Weak Spot KO
Sarah gets close to Gavriel and whispers in his ear "(Water kills outsiders inside out… But I never told this to you)"
JayM: Victory!
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 14, 32 ( Total: 46 ) **
Argent looks toward where the Ronso woman stood within the shield
Jack: "Hmm… angelics are watery, hitting them with water disperses them… makes sense enough!"
The ronso Wraith just stares at the party in disbelief, she has removed her blindfold and tossed it in the ground in front of her. She just kneels down, eyes closed, looking down "I've failed, to my last resort"
Jnezdie looks to Gavriel in questioning.
Argent: "Explain yourself."
Gavriel nods to Sarah. "(I'll keep that in mind. Your secret's safe with me, my lady.)" It makes sense, considering what she told them before- he steps forward, towards the Ronso, holstering his gun again, a little awkwardly.
JayM: [+69 AP], also [Wraith Headband: Relic Accessory, Auto-Blind, Auto-Faith], [Runeforce Shield, Accessory, M.Armor 2]
Gavriel: "…stand down. I was her target."
The Ronso keeps her eyes closed, expecting something. It's somewhat obvious what, no? "I failed, so did my revenge, that is all"
Argent looks incredulous. "So this attack was about -vengeance-?"
Argent turns off the Arectaris, stowing it.
Jnezdie: "Motivation without money. It's not as crazy as it sounds."
Argent: "So, what're you expecting, death?"
JayM: She doesn't answers
Gavriel shakes his head from side to side, kneeling down on the stone in front of her. "…no. I'm not killing anyone, not again, if I can help it. Especially not you. (…I don't expect you to be able to forgive me, but… I'm sorry.)"
The Ronso, Gavriel now remembers her name, it WAS on her brother's dossier but that was so long ago. Sirine. "… You're not… Worth the air you breath…" she mutters
JayM: She doesn't moves a muscle yet
JayM: And then she suddenly turns around and runs, muttering her invisibility spell, vanishing into thin air
Sarah: "That was… Awkward"
Sarah: "You know her?"
Gavriel: "…I know." Gavriel bows his head. "…Sirine-" He cuts off, watching her run. "(…he was a great man, he didn't deserve-)"
Argent: "You realize that if she's driven by revenge she's likely to try again."
Jnezdie crosses his arms, and nods his head down. He glances out of the corner of his eye to Gavriel, and then over to Jack.
Gavriel looks away from Sarah, shame corrupting his face. "…I killed her brother, for the Material Kingdom."
Jack‘ lets out a groan, befoer slamming a hand down on Argent’s head (though with no real force). "What are we going to do with you?"
Sarah winces… "I… Won't pry"
Argent: "War's war."
Sarah: "Well… Let's just move, right? Nothing better than walking, to find somewhere to go. Plus we got directions!" "
Argent smacks Jack's hand off of her head, making sure that the hat does NOT come off
Gavriel whirls on Argent. "War is war, but the taking of lives? That's something that can never be given back!" It's… much louder than you'd expect, from Gavriel, and he turns away again, as soon as he's said it, clawing at the ground with a foot. "…let's go."
JayM: And on that sour note, the session comes to a close
Argent looks quite unphased
JayM: [1000 XP/800 Gil] [3000 XP/2400 Gil] [750 XP/600 Gil]x5
JayM: The two Sword Slaves can be used as T1 Longswords with no SFX or be used as Battle Items, when done so they generate a friendly "Sword Slave" monster, it's the same monster it was in this battle but it will remain being 1 level behind the party level
JayM: It's gone after one use
JayM: Also, Elder property

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