Split Worlds - Session 4
The party wakes up with a startle. The calmness of the town of Rosvales broken by a single peal of thunder in the distance as the party falls from their beds, thrown into the world of wakefulness from a terrible nightmare
Argent, who was sharing a room with Sarah, has seen Sarah shaking like an earthquake, curled into a ball, terribly scared of thunder. The party had has just barely enough time to recover when our attention once again returns to them
Jnezdie grumbles and flops about on the ground, trying to disentangle himself from the mess of sheets and blanket that he's wrapped up in. He half works his way out of it, stands, and stumbles to the door to his room, leaving behind a big trail of bedware. He throws his shirt over himself and cracks open the door, looking around with half-closed eyes.
Argent puts a hand on Sarah's shoulder. //"Yeah, I know, I wasn't exactly comfortable with that either. …can't sleep now anyway." she mutters the last bit to herself frustrated.
Gavriel bolted upright in be- no, not in bed, -on the floor-. He hasn't done that since- how- disconcerting, yes, but also, -undignified-. For the moment, though- brief shaking panic, overtaken by a forced calm, as he slowly gets to his feet, pulls on his smallclothes and a robe, and pads to the door, cracking it open.
Outside, everything's alright, and normal. Another person, a moogle, is lazily walking down the hall heading downstairs for food
Jnezdie lazily eyes Gavriel sleepily -and- suspiciously.
Sarah looks at Argent "I… D'don't… Like… Lightning…" she closes her eyes hard, trying not to shake
Gavriel raises a paw into the air, blinking tiredly, his guard lowered. "…wasn't me that time."
Argent: "You're not the only one who's uncomfortable with it. Come on now, get up."
Jnezdie: "…I was sort of hoping it was."
Sarah stands up, taking a few deep breaths "Aha…" she looks lightly ashamed "Guess I'm… Awake now" she has a forced smile
Jnezdie: "Ahh, I guess it isn't…anything."
He waves a hand in dismissal, but it's halfhearted.
Gavriel: "Well, Jnezdie, I'm sorry for dissapointing you."
…that came out a little more grumbly, perhaps, than he meant it to, and then he pauses, and snorts. "…grown men jumping at loud thunder claps."
Argent: "Guess that's enough sleep for us. Should we check if the others are awake?"
Jnezdie: "The -hell- I didn't jump."
he growls back.
Sarah nods "H-hum, can I get some privacy to get changed?" she is in fact wearing a rather cute violet full body pajama as it is. It looks absolutely ridiculous
Gavriel laughs, roughly. "Ultima's ass you didn't jump, I heard the thud when you hit the ground."
Argent nods. "Sure thing then." Argent nods, before taking her stuff and heading out into the hallway
Jnezdie: "No that was definately me yellin' 'fuck.' Don't blame me, that was one -loud- thunderclap."
Jnezdie: "Crackin' straight into a weird dream like that, give me a break."
Gavriel laughs harder- and then abruptly stops.
Gavriel: "…weird dream?"
Sarah steps out from the room no more than a few Drops behind Argent, which might surprise her a little. She looks still shaken but alright in the end
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I've got no head about it."
Argent: "Huh, that was fast. Well then…"
Jnezdie: "It was like I was in the air above this town, yeah?"
Jnezdie: "And then just"
He waves both arms out of the door, jagged fingers and crashing swings downward.
Jnezdie: "…it was a real freaky light show, let me tell you."
Gavriel gives Jnezdie a level stare out of his good eye. (You know the stare.) "…yeah, no, that's. That's the dream I woke up from, too."
Jnezdie: "And then I heard just the -worst- crack and I couldn't forget
Argent heads over to the door where two of the party should be, banging a backhand on the door. "Oi, you two awake in there?"
Jnezdie stares back, not amused. "Yeah, no, you're just puttin' me on, now."
Gavriel frowns, and quotes. "'You Will Not Forget', right?"
Jnezdie: "Just because you were -in- the dream, doesn't mean you can lie an"
He shrugs his shoulders back, and withdraws his arms behind the door.
Argent: //actually, scratch that. She'd probably be able to hear Gav and Nez talking. //"Okay, you two are awake at least. Anyone know if the stagewriter's awake yet?"
Jnezdie: "Argent, quick question
Gavriel snorts. "For the love of little apples, don't tell Jack about this, we'll never hear the end of-" -he cuts off, at Argent's voice.
Jnezdie: "what are -you- doin' up?"
Argent: "Can't sleep."
Jnezdie: "Sure about that?"
Argent: "Yeah, well, shit dream, can't get back to sleep."
Argent politely omits the detail of having had to deal with Sarah balled up in the corner
Jnezdie: "What kind of dream. Ten gil says mine's worse."
Jnezdie 's voice is actually level, not playful.
Gavriel leans against the doorframe, scowling.
Argent: "One of those out of body experiences or whatnot. Also lightning."
Jnezdie sighs in relief.
Argent: "Not the worst dream I could've had, but I hate that incomprehensible stuff."
Jnezdie: "…that's good."
Jnezdie: "I'd hate to think Gav and I were the only ones sharing freaky dreams."
As Jnezdie talks with Argent he sees Sarah trailing behind her and- It's as if he has a sudden spark of inspiration, his mind is about to hit some idea- Crap it escapes him before it's fully formed, it's kind of frustrating
Jnezdie: "Uhhhhhhhhhhh…"
It stops his words, and he stares down the hallway, -past- Sarah, trying to find something.
Sarah: "Lightning's scary…"
Argent: "You too? …don't tell the playwright."
JayM: //Tsk, it's gone you don't even remember what you thought it was about

Gavriel raises an eyebrow. //"..y'alright?"
Jnezdie blinks, still kind of lost. He shakes his head.
Jnezdie: "Yeah, I'm good."
Sarah tilts her head to side, and goes over to Jack's room, gently knocks on it "You're writing, Jack?" she says, in her usual lower tone
Jack: //There's a pause before Jack's voice roars back and through the closed door. //"That I am, fair maiden!"
JayM: "Let's eat something when you're done, okay?"
Jnezdie: "(…what would be the odds of going four for four.)"
Jnezdie mumbles, mostly to himself.
Gavriel: "(I'd guess… nearly one hundred percent, really.)"
Jack: "It may ye be awhile!"
[OOC] Jack: yet^
Jnezdie: "…we doing this eating thing now, or…what time is it, I've got no idea."
Argent: "I'm doing this eating thing now."
Argent heads downstairs
Jnezdie: "Good idea."
He closes the door and retreats back into his room, putting on his pants before heading out and over to Sarah and Argent.
Gavriel heads back into his own room for a few moments, then exits, more reasonably clothed, and follows. Somewhere in this inn there's got to be a Varg-sized coffee mug.
So all Jackless the party heads downstairs for the food. You're actually unsure wether or not you paid for the inn? However, it seems like you did. Regardless, Gavriel can be happy with a warm cup of coffee, and there's food being serves for people in all stages of wakefulness, from breakfast to those who just woke up to lunch for those who're just now going to bed
Argent grabs a small amount of food, along with a cup of coffee
Jnezdie indulges in some breakfast meat, fruit juice.
Gavriel is fairly easily satisfied, really. He sips his coffee, glowering.
Sarah looks rather sadly at her cup of coffee, she looks like she's been expecting something else, but is happy enough to drink it.
As you have your breakfast you hear some gossip around "Why're they keeping that damn harpy alive?" "I hear tell that a harpy killed twelve hunters, is that real?" "Naw, bro, it was just five" "Have you seen that stranger running around lately? I think he's a monster tamer"
Argent drinks her own coffee in between bites of one of those fruit-filled pastries
Argent quirks an eyebrow as she overhears the gossip
Argent: //…before getting up, downing the rest of the coffee, placing the cup down, and heading over. //"What's this about a harpy problem?"
Jnezdie orders a double of the juice. "…so we going to talk any more about this dream or what."
The person Argent talks to, a human with an eyepatch over his non-matrix eye, looks up at her "Other day some of our hunters were brutally killed by a harpy"
Jack‘ wanders down a bit later, once the rets have more or less finished with their food. He’s fulyl dressed in all the usually frills and his coat looks emmaculate. Jack heads over to the couter, picking up two slices of pie before opening his mouth wide and shoving both in, then wandering over to the table as she chews slowly.
Gavriel: "Oh, so if we -all- had it, you're willing to talk about it."
The other person, a rather grizzled-looking Nu'Mou girl with a katana on her lap, nosd "five of them, thorn to pieces. It took another group of six to finally subjugate the harpy, even then, nobody could kill her"
Jnezdie pushes back and away. "Pff. Forget it, then."
Jnezdie: "Hey Jack!"
he forces a smile. "Might get to kill somethin' before moving on."
Jack‘ nods his head a few times. Chew, chew chew.
Gavriel rolls his eyes at Jnezdie and goes back to glowering at his coffee.
Argent: "Geh. Guess it’s under control, then? Or are you trying to get it killed still?"
Argent: "…ugh, excuse the lapse there. Still waking up."
Jnezdie: "Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuess not."
He shrugs, helplessly.
Gavriel thuds his coffee mug on the table, a little more forcefully than he'd intended. "…was there a thunderstorm outside while we were all asleep, and so we all dreamed about thunder?"
Jack: "…Pffftaahahahaaahahahaha!"
Jnezdie: "I know, he's a regular comedian."
He chews at a piece of thick bacon.
Argent: "Hm, how's the wilderness been out there as of late, harpy problems aside?"
Gavriel scowls.
Jack‘ reaches across the table, clasping a hand forcefully on Gavriel’s shoulder.
Gavriel glances at Jack, levelly.
Jack: "Come now, good sir! What good is scowling and frowning over a warning! Chin up! Prophetic dreams happen so they may be avoided!"
Gavriel scowls. "'Prophetic' dreams happen when Ethereals go to bed after drinking too much."
Jack: "Gahahah!"
Jnezdie: "Oh OH!"
Jnezdie: "Oh I see now."
Jack‘ shakes Gavriel. "Someone’s a grumpy guss when he receives The Call, I see!"
Jnezdie claps his hands on the table, and chews the last bit of bacon with no hands as he talks.
Jack‘ pulls his hand back. "Well, that’s to be expected I suppose!"
Jnezdie: "You got th' maaaaaaaaaaaaaaagic in ya'."
[OOC] JayM: Sorry for the delay, Argent
Jnezdie: "And y' can't be having that, is that it?"
Human: "We're still trying to get it killed, actually. Her voice's dangerous, she can entice men and wimen to do her bidding and her claws can shred people like they were paper. She seems to be contained now but you never know"
Jnezdie nods to the yeti. "Jack, I'm glad you're here, putting this in perspective."
Jack: "Of course!"
Nu'Mou: "Wilderness has been pretty safe, mostly. But there's that-"
she looks aside at the robed person who entered earlier "-That human there… Has been relentlessly searching the woods near where the harpy appeared"
Gavriel glances between Jack and Jnezdie, eyebrow twitching. It's… a testament to the time they've spent together that Gav seems somewhat closer to -laughing- than to swatting at both of their faces, but the two emotions are quite clearly dueling it out across his features.
Gavriel eventually just… shakes his head. "I'm a Varg, it can try its level best."
Argent: "Any idea about what for?"
Nu'Mou: "No actual evidence"
Human: "My elvaan friend says he might be related to that harpy himself. But he's not sure either"
Jack‘ lifts his hand back up, wagging a finger. "As if you were not expecting oddities of this nature by now! A gathering of unlikely-yet-entirely-too-likely forces, a mysterous, helpless maiden with a shourded past and crane knowledge form a distant, unknown land, and a far away goal. And now! Larger, out of context warnings have been received, via the only way our elegent emmesaries
Jack` from the heavens know how!"
Human: "I just know I ain’t trying to get near that birdcage"
Argent nods
Jnezdie: "Ought to make the time to catch an opera on this crazy road trip."
Jnezdie: "Materalites like that, right?"
Jnezdie: "All
armies clashin', shoutin' out lyrics and stuff."
Argent looks over toward the robed guy
Jnezdie: "Get a little bit of theater culture."
The robed man looks back at argent, a long and oily bit of hair covering his left eye. He is intently staring at her
Gavriel scoffs, and somewhere along the line the scoff goes rogue, and he starts snickering uncharacteristically into his coffee cup. "The two of you, I swear. A flamboyant robe and an inspiring speech away from it all yourselves."
Jnezdie: "Thaaaaaaaaat's the way."
He smiles, genuinely this time.
Jack: "I should hope so!"
Sarah is carefully hiding a smile behind her coffee cup. She's shaking slightly, because she's holding out actual laughter
The robed man then stands up, having not ordered anything at all, and goes over to Argent. He bows slightly, his back moves oddly, it feel slightly disgusting "Guten murgen. Do you have a problem, bunny?" he isn't too friendly
Gavriel: "Active -effort- put forth, even."
He shakes his head, still snickering. "Should keep an eye out in the stores, at least one of the two of those can be bought for gil."
Jack: "Tut tut! Both can! Flip three fourths of the way through any decent book and you'll find such a speech!"
Gavriel: "…hm. You've got a point."
Argent quirks an eyebrow. "How the hell can you tell."
Gavriel: "On the other hand, it wouldn't be original, then."
Jnezdie: "Way I swing my sword isn't, but y' love it all the same."
Jack‘ grins a little. "Neither would the robe."
Jnezdie: "(But I didn’t tell you that. I'm a freeform master, for all you know.)"
The man lowers his eyes slightly- At first looks like he's looking at your chest, then you notice it's your legs "Half a centimeter. A Viera's heels never touch the ground, that's as low as they go" he looks at your arms "Relative length of the arm bones are also of different relation than humans" he looks you in the eyes "And you don't have a matrix"
Jnezdie stops, then glances at Jack.
Argent: "…very observant."
Jnezdie: "(That is probably the worst pick up line I've ever heard.)"
Jack: "Hmm?"
Gavriel gives Jnezdie a look of (obviously faked) shock, chuckling. "'s how it works, really-" -he cuts off, frowning.
Jnezdie flicks his eyes to the side, towards Argent and the man.
Argent: //eyes narrowing at the robed guy, she then comments. //"And as far as I can tell from the gossip about the bar, there's been some problems caused by a harpy."
Jack: "Haha!"
The man looks at the party, and stops to stare at Sarah for a while, before looking at Argent "What do these people know about harpies?"
The robed man picks up a chair and sits at your table, Sarah actually gives him some space to sit by her side "Do you want to see that harpy? My money's on that she isn't threatening at all"
Jnezdie: "Hey, don't talk about my ex- like that."
JayM: //The lumps on his back move weirdly as he sits

Robed Man: "You seem able, and perhaps willing to work for sufficient money. I just want one chance to peek at the so-called 'harpy', see what it really is about. Up to it?"
Argent sits back down, ignoring jnezdie. //"Nothing that I've been made aware of at least."
Gavriel peers up at him, glancing at Sarah, taking his cues from their employer.
Jnezdie glances to Sarah, fishing for a confirmation.
Argent looks over to Sarah as well
Sarah: "If you'd like to…"
she looks back down to her coffee mug "I want to stay a bit more in town before going out in the wilds again…"
Argent nods
Evrael: "My name's Evrael… The 'harpy' is in a giant birdcage in the only open space in town, the center. They keep it covered with a tarp"
Argent nods. "Callsign Argent."
Jnezdie: "You got it, Sarah."
He wheels about and sips at some fruit juice, giving Evrael attention.
JayM: //Something- Sounds slightly odd at those facts, Jnezdie, and you're unsure what. What he said IS true, mind, you actually saw all that yesterday

Jack‘ abruptly pushes back away fomr the table, standing up and bringing his lute to his hands in one swift movement before slamming down on a chord. //"Travelling from town to town!" He this another chord. "Righting the wrongs!" A third chord, "And solving their problems on a weekly basis!" He then runs up the first chord. "ON our path to prevent -" He then waves a hand over the wooden
Jack` box on his necklace, slamming down on the chord again, not heavily distorcted and sounding electric. -"TOTAL ANNIHILATION!"
Jack` then tosses the lute behind his back, rolling a hand thorugh the air, before bowing with a flourish. "Jack, at your service!"
Gavriel slowly… facepalms.
Argent: "…"
Argent puts her hands up to her head, trying to drown out Jack’s singing. "Not this loud this early in the morning, -please-"
Jnezdie is at first surprised by Jack's movements, but by the end, he's air guitaring with TOTAL ANNIHILATION. Then stops, and sips some more juice.
Sarah chuckles, Evrael can't help but do the same
this soon after having woken up
Gavriel is, nevertheless, laughing - quietly - so hard that he can't introduce himself for a few moments. "Gavriel Martim Gurutz." If Sarah trusts him… Gav will, too.
Jnezdie: "Anyway, tarps- preventing us from getting a good look at harpy…"
He rolls his head around, fishing for the rest of that sentence
Argent: "Anyway, what's the price you're asking for this?"
Evrael: "They don't let anyone get nearby the cage, saying she can control people with her sweet voice…"
his tone is odd when he mentions her voice "That's a lie far I know, because there's usually enough people in hearing range for her to make that kind of pointless"
Evrael: "Five grand"
Argent: "Sounds like a worthwhile price."
Argent narrows her eyes out of suspicionsomething has to be up here
Jnezdie: "Who're we pissing off with this maneuver, who's this 'they'- town, different company, different group, rival dojo, a band of wandering knights-"
[OOC] JayM: You can have an Insight [TN 6] check if you want to know what's upw ith his tone
Evrael: "The town's mayor and public security personnel"
Jnezdie: "Ah yeah I guess they don't want a harpy loose in town because some nosy guy poked around it fishing for a glimpse."
[OOC] Argent: Single?
JayM: //As a party, really, normal roll

JayM: Gavriel should know that every town's public security is actually a small branch of the army- It's better to think them as police officers with military training. The army rarely exerts it's influence over a town's police force, but they do have the legal right to
Jnezdie: "What do you need, like- five minute look, twenty-minute sit-down, hour massage…"// He smiles, while eying the man.
JayM: //That's- A bit of arcane knowledge

Evrael: "More time than I could have… But five minutes should do"
Argent goes over this in her head [no pre-roll]
Jnezdie sizes the man up. [Finesse: Insight] [Lucky: Scholastic]
Gavriel frowns. //"Technically, they're a branch of the army, although the higher-ups usually don't get involved…" [n/a]
Jack knows how to read an audience's reactions. [Aptitude: Scholastic] [Trick: Scholastic]
JayM: //Gimme those rolls, seems like Ice's off at somewhereland

[OOC] Jnezdie: working on it
Jnezdie rolled 2d6 and got 1, 5 for a total of 6
Jnezdie rolled 2d8 and got 1, 6 for a total of 7
Jnezdie rolled 1d8+1 and got 3 for a total of 4
Jnezdie rolled 1d8 and got 3 for a total of 3
Jnezdie rolled 1d8 and got 6 for a total of 6
Jnezdie got a total of 29
[OOC] Jnezdie: 3/3? 3/4?
JayM: [2/3]
[OOC] Jnezdie: what
JayM: Er
[OOC] Jack: trick doesn't add
[OOC] Jnezdie: trick is the 2d8
[OOC] Jack: it is indeed 2/3 pass
[OOC] Argent: Trick got a 6 there
[OOC] Jnezdie: so that's 6, then the 2d6 is 6, then the last 1d8 is 6
[OOC] Jnezdie: and there's one more 1d8 that didn't roll
JayM: Ah, Finesse
[OOC] Jack: OH right yes that'll learn me to try and read after immediately sitting down
JayM: I mistook it's workings
The words, when he mentions her voice… The words of a man who speaks of a long lost lover
Jack‘ goddamn was going to call that before the insight check anyways
Jnezdie sighs wistfully, leaning back in his chair.
Argent: "Okay, so when’s this start?"
JayM: [+4 AP/+125 XP] and I know it was obvious ut I needed some reason to give AP/XP >_>
Evrael: "You're the experts, you choose"
Sarah: "Faster the better"
Jack‘ certainly isn’t complaining with the friendly eye in the sky. //"Aye aye!"
Jnezdie: "Right!"
Argent: "Right then. Once we're done with breakfast."
Jack: "Hah! Who isn't done? Even I am!"
Jack licks a stray bit of cherry juice off of one of his teeth.
Outside, once you decide to move, the town is in fact quite busy. A lot of people gather moving close to try to see the harpy themselves but the police force is making a point of keeping them a good distance away from the cage. It is in fact a bircage big enough to fit a tall human, perhaps. It's covered in a heavy tarp and, every now and then you hear the sound of metal on metal coming
JayM: //from inside, a single, lonely clang

JayM: The harpy's gotta be bored
Jnezdie: "So much for dressing Evrael up like a tree and shuffling him over."
Argent: "…did you seriously think that would work?"
The town itself is pretty small, there's little to see here except a few shops selling the goods you normally see in Material towns. They're a bit short supplied but, you know how those cities at the beginning of a journey are like, right?
Jack: "Ohoho, but this is no comedy! Tis a tale of unrequited, long lost love!"
Jnezdie: "I was hoping there would at least be so few people that it had a chance of working, so we could do something else."
Jnezdie: "'s why I'm putting my all in it, yeah."
Argent: "This is a job. Nothing more."
Evrael can't help but smile slightly, tossing a lightly glowing white pill on his mouth, waiting to see what the party does
Gavriel tilts his head to the side.
Jnezdie: "One day, you're going to smile, Argent, and it's going to hurt."
Jack‘ wages a finger in Argent’s direction. //"Ever job is a story, and what is the histroy of the world if not qa collection of tales? The details, the emotion contained within them are of utmost importance!"
Jnezdie: "…what do harpies look like, anyway."
Jack‘ then swings his lute around to his front, experimentally and lightly picking at it for a few moments.
JayM: //Jack knows the tale!

Argent: "A job’s a job. Nothing more."
Jack: "Total babes, until they try and eat you."
Gavriel is coming dangerously close to agreeing with Jack, some days.
Jnezdie: "Hmm. There goes the plan of dressing Argent like one and having them chase her for five minutes."
JayM: Their true appearance is somewhat like humans, but rather than hands they have wings ending in clawed hands and feets with bird claws
Jack: "Well, with a bit of makeup and some props, perhaps."
JayM: Though you only get to see that right before they eat you
Argent: "No."
Jnezdie: "Lot of props. But I got a million plans, no worries."
Jnezdie: "How close do you need to get, Evrael?"
Jack: "But! No, today… I suspect the order of the day is to create a ruckus and have our friend slip in behind the guards to investigate while they're all ddistracted!"
Argent: "I'd rather see if Gav has any ideas for how to handle the guards and crowd here."
Jnezdie: "I'm kind of curious what the city is waiting on, to be honest."
Jack: "You won't like what you hear~"// Still lightly picking.
Evrael: "If you go that way, Jack… Can I have one of you keep me company, case things go south?"
Gavriel: "'s what I've been thinking about. Unfortunately, if they're disciplined worth a damn, they won't fall for any of the obvious tricks. And… they probably are, the commandant in this region runs a tight ship."
Argent: "I'll volunteer."
Jnezdie: "But you won't let us in on any of the juicy details of their meeting."
Argent: "Exactly."
Jnezdie: "I take that back, you'll never smile."
Jack: "Tsk tsk! Why resort to tricks, when you can do something ovbious and open for real that simply serves two purposes instead of one!"
Jnezdie: "Lay it on us."
Jack: "Simply put - let us put on a performance! Perhaps this is not so common away from home - but it's ont unheard for for street performers to… perform elsewhere! I myself can provide music, and I'd wager that our estimed ex-military man of some renoun can rig up his hand cannon to work as some manner of pyrotech lighting device. And you! Well, I'll be a rabite's uncle if you can't dance
Jack: //on command.
Jnezdie: "Rooftop venue, maybe?"
Jack: "I like the way you think!"
Jnezdie grins wide.
Argent: "Right, you three go and do that then, I'll slip through with Evrael."
Jnezdie assesses the area around the tarped cage.
JayM: If this isn't a Grace [TN 5] check I don't know what it is
Gavriel grins, incredulously, but he's already thinking of what settings to use on his hand cannon for maximum effect…
JayM: Actually it is a Grace/Stealth [TN 5] check- However only Argent can participate with Stealth talents
Jnezdie limbers up a bit, stretching in preparation. Get your game face on! [Dependable: Mental]
JayM: Okay, let's not break the system needlessly, whoever also has Stealth can use it
Jack‘ glances from side to side. Well, there’s probably a prime spot to se tup shop nearby! He waves a hand over the metal cube on his necklace and begins to drum his fingers on the lute's body at first, tapping out a simple beat. When he waves his had over the cube and stops drumming, the sound of drumming continues, and he then begins to play normally over it, with the sound amplified
Jack‘ somehow. [Weighted Results] [Lucky]
Argent knows a few tricks as far as being unnoticed [Trick:Scoundrel]
Gavriel has a bit more options at his disposal, really. Some fireworks can be -terribly- distracting… [Lucky] [Weighted Results] [Finesse]
Jack` rolled 2#d12(1) and got 1 for a total of 1
Jack` rolled 2#d12(2) and got 1 for a total of 1
Jack` rolled d10 and got 4 for a total of 4
Jack` rolled 2d6 and got 1, 2 for a total of 3
Jack` rolled 2d8 and got 6, 4 for a total of 10
Jack` rolled 2#d6(1) and got 6 for a total of 6
Jack` rolled 2#d6(2) and got 5 for a total of 5
Jack` got a total of 30
It’s said that artists suffer for their work. Jnezdie is feelin' that right now as he pulls a few muscles in a backflip. [Extreme Effort]
Gavriel doesn't like where this is going! Too many eyes on the operation, damn it! He'll give them a fireworks show to remember!! He braces himself, quickly going over every single dial on his hand cannon and ratcheting it up to eleven, rapidfiring pyrotechnics into the air in a manner Jack will almost -certainly- approve of!! [DO OVER >:E]
Jnezdie belays his suffering-
Jack‘ rolled 2#d12(1) and got 7 for a total of 7
Jack` rolled 2#d12(2) and got 5 for a total of 5
Jack` rolled d10 and got 3 for a total of 3
Jack` rolled 2d6 and got 3, 5 for a total of 8
Jack` rolled 2d8 and got 7, 2 for a total of 9
Jack` rolled 2#d6(1) and got 4 for a total of 4
Jack` rolled 2#d6(2) and got 5 for a total of 5
Jack` got a total of 41
JayM: Dazzling the stage, indeed
Jnezdie is able to faceplant amongst all the fireworks— nobody saw that, and before you know it he’s leaning so far over the edge of a house he could drop at any second!! (But- pro.)
Jack‘ laughs uproarously over the music, //"GAAAHAHAHA! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!" before he really starts getting into the jam, waving a hand over the wooden cube momentariyl so that there's a second set of looped sound to play over as the fireworks really get going.
With a great display of fireworks and music, Jnezdie pulls off an amazing coreography that by now has the entire town watching, that is just marvellous! The guards aren't horridly distracted by it, however. That isn't to say that they're fully aware either and putting her training to good use Argent brings Evrael to the cage in the guard's blind spot, using the very cage and tarp to hide
JayM: //their presence

Argent: Hooray for the cover of blatant distraction
And as they look under the tarp what they see is… A human woman, light brown hair, lithe body, wearing some kind of uniform that can only be described as a military uniform, although it bears a sign she doesn't recognizes (it is similar to the one on Sarah's rifle but different).
However, there are two particular things about this woman that really stand out. One of them is her eyes… she lacks the matrix on her left eye. The other is the fact she has a pair of very large wings colored grey and brown like a hawk. she looks at you and immediately squeals //"Evrael!" jumping to where you are
Evrael hugs her through the bars "Petal! Petal, you're alright, Valefor's name, I thought you were hurt"
Petal: "Evrael, my knight, what are you doing, they'll find you out"
Argent quirks an eyebrow as she eyes the sigil
Evrael: "I couldn't care less! Your Rad Vaccine is to run out in three days and I need to get you out of here. What the HELL happened? This show won't go for long"
Petal: "I… I was doing a supply run, after the Thunderfall. They found me, I freaked out, ended up killing five of them. I was going to bring them back with the automed, but more showed up and I couldn't either run or hurt anyone else the that damned thing only has so much energy"
Evrael: "Valefor's tail, did they take everything?"
Argent: "…Hvezdani?"
Petal: "Everything but the Arectaris. I can't escape yet, dear, not while those dead hunters are out there, we need to return them, they're still in Dies Septimus"
Evrael looks at Argent "Yes, I am… Not my wife, but more or less. Come one, we need to go, find the automed, and revive the fallen hunters, let's go"
Argent nods
Petal shoos both and by the time Evrael and Argent return, the show's coming to a close. The three are being showered with praise and cries for more
JayM: //That was a damn good experience, such that you got [+3 AP/+100 XP/+500 Gil] from that ordeal

Jnezdie bows to the left, bows to the right.
Evrael, after this whole ordeal, looks inordinately tired, much alike Sarah after combat. Sarah is helping him stand as he can't do so himself.
Jack‘ looks fairly pleased with their performance, and he keeps noodlign around on the guitar even after the initial spectical is over. I mean, ifr they’re going to keep tossing gil into that hat…!
Argent: "Alright, mission's changed guys."
Gavriel bows! Jnezdie and Jack probably out-fancy him in the bows department, but… he coughs, ears aching, arm aching… grinning. He… actually… enjoyed that!
Jnezdie perks up as Argent approaches them. //"An autograph? Oh madam, surely."
Argent: "I'm going to hurt you."
Argent glares
Jnezdie: "Threat, or a promise?"
He grins, and blows a kiss to the crowd.
Argent: "Threat."
Jnezdie: "Worry not my ladies and gents, for so long as wanderers find the road, then one day, they'll find you once more- so says Troupe…ah…"
He leans back, whispering. "(Do we even have a troupe name? Or a merc company name? I just call us 'three guys and a hemmorroid.')"
Sarah: "Estrela Prata"
JayM: //Those are some unknown words

Jnezdie: "-Estrela Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrata!"// he booms to them.
Jnezdie: "(Sounds pretty. Where'd you pull that one from?)"
he whispers from the corner of his mouth.
Sarah: "(Based off a story of the people who saved my country from a terrible demon)"
Argent: "Oi, Evrael, how long until you think we can go?"
Evrael: "Soon as they're over with the show. We need to find where the automed is, and where the corpses are"
Evrael takes a few deep breaths, standing up normally again. His hair falls off from his eye for a moment, and you notice he lacks a matrix, and then the hair is covering it again
Jnezdie: "(Sure you don't need a bit o' rest first?)"
Jnezdie: "(I mean, when -Sarah's- helpin' someone up…)"
Argent: "(He said that once the show's over. We're on a bit of a time limit here.)"
Jnezdie nods to Sarah. "(Said with the utmost care, by the way.)"
Evrael: "… I"
he closes his eyes for a moment, and eats up another lightly glowing white pill, standing straighter "(Got a better power source than her)"
Sarah: "(If the damsel is carrying you, you're usually pretty wounded. Or so goes the tales)"
Gavriel has been watching, curiously, making sure nobody gets close enough to overhear, of course.
Eventually the show will die down. It'll depend only on the party! It's not going to earn you more Gil than you already have you greedy Yeti >:E
Argent waits as the rest play greedily
Jack‘ isn’t greedy! He's giving the crowd their moneies worth! Even as they begins to wander awya and ti's clear the shows over's he's still idly playing as they walk.
Jnezdie: "(Definately going to need to get a rickshaw of some kind, then, if we're on a time limit.)"
Sarah: "We'd better get going. We actually got a bit of time… But i'm not sure how hard this could be"
Jack: "Hrrrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrm."
Argent: "(Finding an automed and five corpses that local wildlife may or may not have gotten to already.)"
Evrael takes a seat somewhere, likely the ground "Well… The automed looks like a square box this size" the size he shows is about the size of a small bin fit for six or so potions
Jnezdie: "What the heck is an autome— ah."
Evrael: "It's all white with a red cross on it"
Argent nods
Evrael: "It's made of metal and pretty light. Come on, we need to find it…"
Jack‘ had opened his mouth to ask as well, but wind sup nodding instead.
Argent: "Let’s go then."
Gavriel will tromp off in whatever direction is appropriate. Needle in a haystack? Just another day for them, at this rate.
JayM: //Gav! According to your desk pilot days, you remember that the standard place to store valuables the police has is a small storehouse in the central station in every town. It'll probably be well protected

JayM: Well, and from the looks of it from over here… Yes it is well protected. A few guards, the storehouse is probably the small shed out in the back. Generally when a big monster shows up the stuff found on it is stored there for a few Passes in case someone is the actual owner, and then it's sold cheaply to the local populace
Gavriel: "Problem. If the police got ahold of the goods like they said… they're probably in the central station. Wonder if the constable here and I ever went out drinking. Probably not."
Argent: "Any way you think we can talk past them?"
Gavriel: "'s what I'm wondering. If this were near my turf, probably, but…"
[OOC] JayM: Getting in will require an Infiltration [TN 6] check, or a Swindle [TN 4] check, if you can convince them the goods are yours
Jack‘ scratches at his chin.
Jnezdie puts on a winning smile. You can trust him. [No reels.]
Argent: "Greetings. I’ve heard that something we've lost was picked up recently here."// Argent starts…have to have just the right introductions…[Trick:Scoundrel]
Gavriel shakes his shoulders a little, shifts his posture slightly - is his hand cannon a bit more obvious? Maybe. "I used to work for these guys. Still do, technically." He'll head in, introduce himself… a little name recognition, maybe. [Weighted Results] [Lucky] [Trick]
Jack‘ rolled d12 and got 4 for a total of 4
Jack` rolled 2#d8(1) and got 7 for a total of 7
Jack` rolled 2#d8(2) and got 6 for a total of 6
Jack` rolled 2#d8(2) and got 8 for a total of 8
Jack` rolled d6 and got 4 for a total of 4
Jack` got a total of 36
It takes little work to convince them. It appears that the guards are still kind of amazed at the earlier show! And thus are more inclined to believe in the showmen. This is a rather low security affair kind of place, so they just point you out the path to the storage shed. On the way there you pass in front of… The morgue, which is mostly empty, however you can see the bodies of five
JayM: //men being prepared for burial, although the works seem to have halted for some reason and the person who was doing the job isn’t here.

Argent looks over at the men, trying to see if they look like they're possible hunters
Either way you make your way to the storage shed and… It is in fact mighty empty, perhaps crimes aren't common in this place nor are large monsters. There's just the afore-mentioned white box with a red cross atop, the automed, and a bundle of clothes. Those clothes are, and Gav can attest, bundled specially well the same way a trained soldier would care for their spare clothes on a
JayM: long mission, unlikely to get very wet or suddenly explode in a mess of clothing
JayM: Given there aren't any other dead bodies around, either they left the bodies behind or it's them
Jnezdie: "Here's the box, win a prize."
Gavriel gestures, nods. //"Someone was a professional about this."
Argent moves to pick up the automed.
JayM: //But, man, aren't those wounds… Horrible. It's like a horrible talon had shredded them into pieces, each one of them has been cut in four or five different pieces- You've seen Ethereals use Life magic before, and Jack knows the limits of his Angelic, you're not sure how ANYTHING can solve their being dead problem

Jnezdie: "So uh…what's the deal with, the uh…corpses. You want I should get a bag or…"
Argent: "…okay, totally stumped. Looks like those guys are way beyond normal restoration."
The automed makes a few… Beeps at you, and says a word. Then does nothing else
Evrael: "It's alright… We can handle it here as long as nobody is seeing"
JayM: You have no idea what word it is
Argent: "…"
Jnezdie looks from the automed to Evrael, to Sarah, and back. //"Yeah sure, we'll keep watch."
Evrael will pick up the automed from Argent "Please?"
Argent: "Sure thing."
She hands the indecipherable box over
Given that Argent complies, he will calmly set by the side of each body in turn. He presses the red cross and the thing opens up, revealing spidery legs and appendages inside with sharp bits and connector ends. To those trained they're actually medical tools, and in the center of it all a glowing green ring. He puts a pair of gloves from inside the box and starts working, each movement
JayM: //of his causes the spidery legs to do different things

Jack‘ chews on his upper lip, watching intently. And quietly.
And at an amazing pace, he stitches the men back together, putting limb and bone back together in place as if they were never separated in first place, fractions that are simply missing are filled with a strange translucent gel that the box produces from a tubed appendage. And as he is done with one body and moves to the next the green ring shines brighter as a spidery leg sends a
JayM: slow-moving green beam at the body, completely healing every wound, although they still do not breath life
Jnezdie watches with slack-jawed amazement, arms crossed, completely quiet.
And after this entire ordeal is done with each and every body, he checks the inside of the box again, and presses the central ring, it glows a faint grey and then a faint red. Those of you acquainted with magic might know this [Manifestation] [Life] combination
JayM: And then the men are breathing shallowly, still unconscious
Argent glances at this out of the corner of her eye, surprised to say the least…though at times watching out for soldiers that may be coming
Argent: "…the hell just happened there?"
JayM: The box makes a few beeping sounds that slowly dies out and the glow almost disappears as it retreats it’s legs //"Advanced medicine, let's get away" Evrael says
Jack: "Another… perfect union."
Gavriel takes… a very deep breath. "(…magic and expert skill in unison. Jnezdie and Jack are probably going to be smirking about this for a year.)"
Argent: "With you on that."
Argent nods as she moves to get the hell away from this area
Jnezdie: "Ho…ly…shit."
Jnezdie begins to grin. "I am -so- glad I left the ranch when I did."
You get to move away while nobody is caring, and Evrael directs you to just the outskirts of town out of people's attention span. And once there he takes a deep breath and whistles an uncommon whistle
Jack‘ looks lost in thought as they move.
Gavriel follows, making sure they’re not themselves being watched. Bothered. The skill, the craftsmanship of the tools, that was the truly impressive part, why did it also have to rely on dead, canned magic? And yet, it worked…
Argent quirks an eyebrow, expecting something or someone to come at that whistle
At that sound you suddenly hear the surprised cries of townsfolk, sound of metal clattering, and then you hear the wooshing sound above you as Petal arrives, flapping her wings with force to break in the air slightly, she carries on both of her hands what looks like small white metal rods, the size of her hands, and from a tip a fountain of energy erupts, like a blade. She quickly turns
JayM: //the apparetus off and lets herself ram Evrael into a hug, covering him in kisses

As as she does so his robe gets all messed up, and you realize he too has wings just like her
Argent: "Well, that explains the coverings."
Petal: "Evrael, you're alright, Phoenix, Bahamut, Ark and Valefor, you're alright."
Evrael can't help but feel happy at that //"I am, I am. I'm a Hvezdami Knight, remember? I'm more worried about you"
Petal eventually lets go, standing up, smiling "I'm… I'm alright. I mean, I got poked by a few arrows but nothing my armor couldn't hold- Oh" she frantically looks through her uniform's pockets, and pulls out two satchels full of white glowing pills, handing one to Evrael and another to Sarah "Here, mission accomplished"
Gavriel raises an eyebrow. That's… three deities more than he's usually used to hearing about, four deities more than he's interested in. However, Petal and Evrael are safe and reunited, and the innocent guardsmen will be fine… that's what matters.
Sarah nods "Thanks…"
Evrael turns to Argent "Well" he draws out of nowhere a bag of gil "Here's the promised payment, five grand"
Jnezdie: "Man, you can keep half of it for the royalties of this crazy story we now have the rights to."
He pauses. "Nah, I'm kiddin', hand it all over." He takes the bag
Argent merely quirks an eyebrow as she watches the scene go on. The fact that the Hvezdami have equipment able to repair such catastrophic injury is something unprecedented-even if it relied on stored magic, the ability to close wounds was impressive enough. But then takes the bag, with a quick nod. "No problem."
Petal scrunches her face "That's not enough… I know" she draws out her energy blades again, activates them, and connects the butt ends transforming it in a two-sided energy saber. And then the white parts slide apart as she makes a few moves, handling it like a staff. She hands it over to Argent "Keep my Arectaris, and the Automed"
Petal: "From here it's RTB, so i'm not going to need it!"
Jnezdie: "RTB?"
JayM: //Gav can answer that: Return To Bad

Argent: "…eh?"// Argent blinks, as she takes the Arectaris with a bit of surprise
JayM: //[Gained Arectaris - T2 Staff, Piercing. Unable to be sold]

Jack: "Hm? Ah! Yes, yes of course. Another act, closed for now. But enough loose threads dangling to keep the crowd coming back for more."
Jnezdie: "Roger that, you crazy kids."
Petal takes a deep breath //"I need to go, before my antidote runs out" she kisses Evrael again "I hope you can come back soon" she says, taking off again, and flying away
Jnezdie: "We'll figure out how to use the automed, sure enough. Jack, hold out your arm."
Gavriel gives them a salute… thorougly bewildered.
Argent nods to them, still in surprise as to the weapon she's been given
Jack‘ holds out an arm!
Jack` then pulls it back short, giving Jnezdie a :| look.
Evrael can smile, and lookst at Jnezdie "Just open it and put the gloves on… It’s almost out of power, so it's arcana is dead. You can still use the support system, but it'll drain a bit of your energy"
JayM: //[Gained Automed - Accessory Relic, Grants Powered [10 MP] Potion Lore]

Jnezdie pouts as Jack withdraws his arm, and nods at Evrael's explanation.
Evrael: "Magical energy, I mean. Pretty useful in a pinch…"
Evrael looks at Sarah //"What now, Captain? I think we both just broke a good deal of the code of secrecy… Sorry for that"
Argent then concludes that she has no idea of how to use this thing with her fighting style.
Sarah: "Don't worry… I'm… Planning on telling them the whole truth, or at least part of it, as soon as I can get HQ's permission… I can't get in contact, though… specially not so soon after Thunderfall"
Evrael sighs "Alright. Time to continue my mission" he nods to the party "Anything you'd like to ask, before I move on? My mission is gathering up information on the wildlife, so maybe I know something useful"
Jack‘ rocks his head from side to side, thinking.
Jnezdie: "Yeah, heard anything weird going on in
" He rattles off the name of the area they’ll be wandering through next, to get to the next ruin.
Gavriel has a -lot- of questions, but judging from the flinty look on his face, only about half of them are polite and none of them are answerable. If it were -anyone- other than Sarah leading them… but she's just… trustworthy, so he'll keep his reservations to himself, for now.
Evrael: "… Aiakel? Hrm… Actually not wildlife but I heard a rumor… That the Heir of Ultima is prowling ruins over there looking for something"
Evrael: "… Be careful with that man. He has a god at his beck and call, and no qualms about calling her power"
Argent keeps her questions to herself. There's already enough craziness with people from a place nobody's ever heard from, she doesn't need to prod further.
Jnezdie broadly smiles, and he clenches a hand into a fist, cracking his knuckles.
Jnezdie: "We'll do what we gotta. Be careful Evrael."
Jack: "And how."
Evrael nods, and starts heading off towards the nearby plains
Sarah sighs "This is actually kind of aggravating" she turns to the party and smiles "I'm sure all of this looks like a lot of absurdity to you"
Argent: "See you."
Argent nods as she watches them go
Sarah: "I swear i'll explain it as well as I can, as soon as I have permission"
Argent: "…Less absurdity and more of things that I don't know where to start asking, so I might as well not wait."
Jack: "But of course. What story /doesn't/ feature a grand reveal, madam?"
Jnezdie: "Little bit of absurdity doesn't hurt anyone."
just wait
Jnezdie: "Granted, we're talking about a -lot- of absurdity but I really don't mind."
Sarah giggles "You're right. I'll be sure to make it pretty glorious when I reveal, then"
Gavriel shrugs, broadly. "May not trust the associated… horse manure, but I trust -you-. Lead on."
Sarah then looks forward "Well, then! Onwards, to the next ruins!" she says, starting to talk that way
Jack: "Aye!"
Sarah smiles back at Gavriel, he probably has no idea how happy he is making her
Jnezdie: "Let's roll, Troupe Estrela Prata!"
And the party walks towards the non-sunset, also gaining [+2 AP/+80 XP] from a reward I forgot
Argent nods. "Onward indeed. Time for the next ru—what." Argent's expression goes flat once Jnezdie starts calling them a 'troupe'
Jnezdie: "That's the banner we're going to put on our rickshaw."
Jack‘ nods seriously.
Argent: "…you are obsessed."
Gavriel: "Hey, we needed a name."
Argent looks over the Arectaris nevertheless, figuring out the balance on it.
As Sarah walks on, she closes her eyes . o O (The way we’re going… We might as well be worth that name… Those are are really Heroes… Innit, Gavriel, my Arc Knight…)
Session End//

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