Sw Logs

Those are scraps and notes of the grand tale, yet to be written by a certain Yeti.
I think it'll be an opera.

In other words, those are the game logs:

Session 1 - The first test
Session 2 - a musical about heroes fighting bandits
Session 3 - Harvest Moon in the past was so boring a guy died from it
Session 4 - Troupe Estrela Prata: part sneak, part weapons, all fabulous
Session 5 - Hello, my name is "Last Boss"
Session 6 - Elbow deep in dragon guts and Sarah's dress
Session 7 - We died but we're better now, except for the guy GAVRIEL KILLED
Session 8 - School of hard knocks (also gavservice)
Session 9 - Bringing the house down
Session 10 - Sex, drugs, and rock and roll
Session 11 - Civil Service
Interlude - No shirts, no lies, all men
Session 12 - Dead Ruin
Session 13 - Gossip Or Boogie
Session 14 - Merry Christmas! <Deathga>
Session 15- Now You're Thinking With Portals
Interlude - Michael Zen, Full of Desire
Session 16 - Troupe Estrela Prata VS The Crimson Destroyer, place your bets
Session 17 - Sushi and Slave
Session 18 - God Gave Rock And Roll To You
Session 19 - Is it cold in here or is it just us
Session 20 - The shot fired around the world
Session 21 - Do you want to become a magical girl?
Session 22 - Being bugged
Session 23 - We can't tell you what it is, or where it came from, but you have to destroy it
Session 24 - Five adventurers and a baby (sword)
Session 25 - Just stumblin' upon a long lost Ethereal superweapon who's passable at cooking, it's cool
Session 26 - Expanding our horizons
Interlude - Heroes
Interlude - It makes sense, or maybe it doesn't.
Session 27 - Are you there, Great Link? It's me, <PC>s.
Session 28 - A Groovy Escape
Session 29 - The best host, Phoenix
Session 30 - History of the World Part II
Session 31 - Nightmares and Dreamscapes (and videogames)
Session 32 - Latency is a bitch
Session 33 - Large cannons and old flames- some of which help, some of which kill
(fill this in, hachi)
Session 46 - Gathering remaining forces...

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