Split Worlds

=Split Worlds=
An unimaginable time ago, the two great goddesses Ultima and Phoenix fought over who was the greatest. They fought for so long that the sky was covered in the ashes of their fight, the blazing light of the sun turned dim by it. It was then decided that the one who would show the greatest feat would be recognized. Ultima had shown her destructive power, by easily wiping out a continent, Phoenix on the other hand descended directly to the land, bringing on her back all the people who now live on the lands. Ashamed that she held but the power of destruction, Ultima retreated to the now-eternal black clouds in the sky and was never seen anymore, and tired from her feat of creation Phoenix slept where she was on the ground, but not before granting part of her creations the power of the gods, Magic.

Eons have passed, and civilization grew. Towns were born, grew to cities and eventually kingdoms, but people had split. First, those of different skin, different races, chose to stay only with their kin. Then, further, the ones who would be able of using the divine power called Magic and thos who would find their own way to do so the same without it's power, calling it Technique. That is the history passed down by the Church of how the world came to bear and how people were created, and why were they split.

The world is a vast place, the sky perpetually covered in fluffy white clouds which filter through the light of the eternal sun, in the rare few places where there are no clouds the light is so scorching that it leaves everything it touches burnt, but those rare occurrences have only been seen in three places in the world. There is no night in this world, except under the storm clouds, and during the rest of the time, an eternal drizzle falls all over the world, although not enough to make anything wet.
In this vast place two kingdoms control everything, the Ethereal Kingdom in the north, populated by magicians where wonders of magic are created every day, life is made easy even if it follows the most ancient traditions as magic is a highly traditional art. And the Material Kingdown in the south, populated by technicians whose creations spew forth gouts of steam and arcs of electricity, structures rise to the skies without the aid of magic and life is made easy by the works of man. Even further, each of those kingdoms is divided in the racial districts, nobody questions this, it just seems natural.
And then, there is a place which rare few dare utter the name, lest they be put to the blade by the warring kingdoms, yet, all know about it, the Transcient Town. A place where it's said that magic and technique unite in the most spectacular and dangerous ways.

Not too long ago, a strange group appeared, raiding ruins for ancient and sacred relics, said group had always it's present announced by the sound of an omnious and sad flute song, the darknening of clouds and the inevitable destruction, led by one called "Heir of Ultima", whose strange flute seems to be able of calling down the mighty destructive power of Ultima at his will. Their intentions are unknown, and if you do not get in their way you will be spared, and yet, they pose a great danger to the warring kingdoms.

It's in this world where you were born, and now you are together, for a reason or another, adventuring and diving into ruins yourselves

World Data:
Smaller towns in the Material Kingdom have a tendency of being small farming towns, dominated by the farms with a dozen houses aside in the center while bigger cities tend to be mostly trading hubs and research centers. Notable places in the Material Kingdom are Alvarest, the capital, Rorest the Border Heart, a city known for it's dangerous streets, busy markets and for being the core supply center for the border forts and Trassim, the city beyond the swamplands.
The Material Kingdom has a well-maintained road system, having roads made of smooth bricks connecting every larger city in the Kingdom and 'unofficial' but still maintained packed dirt roads connecting the main roads to the smaller towns. The main roads are always patrolled, albeit lightly, and at constant distances small watch towers possessing cannons keep watch, ready to defend the road from monsters. The side-roads tend to be unpatrolled, or guarded by mercenaries hired by towns.

Alvarest: Known as the City of Reason it is the center of the Material Kingdom, a gigantic fortress-city made of stone and metal, sheltered inside it's walls is a majestic city full of wonders of science and powerful and proud knights. It is the center of military training and scientific research of the world. The city is famous for the fact that the castle is built such a way that the entire population can take shelter inside it's massive walls and labyrinthine corridors. Famous places in the city include the Knight's Rest Inn, famous for it's service worldwide, and the rival military gear factories "Lynx", "Panther" and "Tiger".

Rorest: First, a crossroads and depot leading to the frontier, second a center of trade and wealth, third a hive of scum and villainy. Rorest grew haphazardly around a supply depot of the military into a giant trading town with winding, maze-like streets and hidden corners and forgotten buildings. The area is dangerous, but with great danger comes great reward, trade deals there involve the lowest prices and magical gear coming from the Ethereal Kingdom, but beware, the only things safe from theft are the military convoys, not even the darkest thief prince wants to see their beloved Material Kingdom invaded by the mages of the north

Trassin: A city famous for it's export, hardy people. Founded by hardy frontiermen who braved the haunted Lirtran Swamp and survived, it is an isolated land where brave man and women toil the hard and infertile ground and where the greatest warriors of the Material Kingdom are born and trained, their main source of income are mercenaries, the Guild System implemented by them guarantees frequent work for their mercenaries and constant income to the town

In the Ethereal Kingdom small towns are rare, magicians aren't prone to small towns where you know all you peers and so much more work must be spent just maintaining a basic life. Settlements are either cities or small towns that are setting the groundwork for a bigger planned city. Some simply big cities that sprouted naturally in the past while others are 'specialized' cities like Keiranka, a huge sprawling capital of farms, a veritable metropolis which focuses all of it's arcana on growing as effectively as possible food for the kingdom. Arzanta, the king's demesne, is a true sight to behold, a city made of glowing crystals where the "Almagest Ancestral" sleeps, said to be the most powerful creation of the kingdom, although what it is, is a secret.
Travel isn't common in the Ethereal Kingdom, people being far more static and trade caravans being generally very large so that they only set out once every 30 Passes (or 30 Rains). Roads are non-existant, travel requires either powerful bodyguards or proper wilderness training yourself. Beaten paths exist but they are hardly roads

Arzanta: The capital of the kingdom, it's where the greatest mage academies and the king's castle reside. Arzanta is quite literally made entirely of crystal of varying colors, being illegal to build anything of any other material in it's territory. That might seem at first like an excessive boast, however, it is said to be tied to the "Almagest Ancestral", something that the Ethereals have been working on since the creation of the city. Visible in every single structure is the waves of the underground river that flows under the castle, reflected eternally in it's crystalline lattice.

Keiranka: Where all the food of the kingdom comes from, it's set in the plains to the east, disturbingly close to the river that serves as a territory marker between both kingdoms in that region. It's among the most magically infused cities of the kingdom, the ground itself is now extremely rich on mana even if unworked, the winds themselves feel magical even if moved by simple force of nature. In Keiranka incredible amounts of magic are used to make the perfect place to grow food, making it's crops strong, filling and quickly harvested, however, the entire area is vulnerable to anti-arcana measures. No-one dares try that, however, as the result would be catastrophic to everyone.

Ireniades: Originally twelve cities that have since joined organizationally and, slowly, physically as well. They serve as the 'industrial' complex of the Ethereal Kingdom, located in the far north region. Buildings of wood and rock tower all over the place and lights shine through windows all cycle long. However, the most distinctive feature of Ireniades is the "HW Field", an ancient relic unearthed decades ago that looks like a giant ring of steel that is set against the ground. The HW Field works like a very powerful and permanent teleportation spell, however, it has a fixed exit point being roughly 20km south of Arzanta. It's how most of the gear and magicite produced in Ireniades is delivered to the front lines.

Somewhere in the woods is where the mystical Viera are said to live, maintaining ancient tradition and lore. Often travellers are sent to their lands to try to gleam from them knowledge of such traditions. However, it is unadvised to go there during the storm season. During that time they are known to kidnap men, taking them to the deepest part of their village to partake in their strange mating rituals, after which they are returned to the middle of the wilds, with only fragmented memories of strange circumstances.

A nursery rhyme passed down generations worldwide

In our little island
30 were we all
Two of us went away
work for us all
2 and 2 together again
30 were total
One more came to us
Little left to all
So one we threw away
Everything left normal

The time of day is measured by the passage of Ultima's Throne, the giant mass of pitch black clouds in the sky, in most regions, but in the far north and south it is measured by the period of rains, because it always rains precisely the same time. In the measurement of Ultima's Throne passage time, a day is a Pass, an hour is a Wave, the span of a wave with your hand in the air, there are 33 Waves in a Pass. A minute is the Palm, measured in a Viera's palm in the celestial globe, there are 5 Palms in a Wave, and a second is a Finger, measured in a moogle's finger in the celestial globe, there are 79 Fingers in a Palm.
The rain measurement is slightly more complex to measure but easier to remember. There is First Rain (equivalent to midnight) and Second Rain (equivalent to noon), between each Rain there are 12 Drizzles (each one an hour), each Drizzle has 60 Mists (a minute) and each Mist has 60 Drops (a second). On both systems the Year is called 'Cycle', it is an ancient wording for a certain amount of time, and none really knows the origin of the name. A 'Cycle' has 365 Passes or 730 Rains.

Dragons are literally the most powerful beasts of the land, powerful lizardine beings with innate magic and terrible breath attacks as well as a terrible intelligence, making their great greed perhaps their only weakness. Interestingly, they are also the only lifeforms capable of flying any higher than the tree canopies, all other fliers don't fly higher a tree's height.
The Ethereal Kingdom has a dragon known as The Crimson Destroyer serving it in exchange for a great amount of wealth, it protects the western fort, making it the strongest defense of the kingdom.
There are rumors about a dragon who took residence in the Material Kingdom. It's said in the rumor mill that a powerful dragon of crystalline yellow scales fell in love with a knight of the eastern garrison, which resides in a dense swamp and is in constant siege by the Ethereal Kingdom. However, she couldn't stay with the man she had fallen in love with, as she was a being of magic and would never be allowed to stay, so in order to be able to stay with him, and to help such a defenseless outpost, she tore apart her own body, fashioning powerful weapons and armor, which was found by the knights the following night in their armory with one exception, a blade forged out of her own heart was found in the knight's bed, made specially for him. Of course, that is all rumor and the Material Kingdom denies that, but that fort IS called the Black Iron Dragon.

Lightning is an extremely dangerous element, present in abundance in nature every mage knows better than using it in excess under open skies. Regardless if you believe it to be divine punishment for using a forbidden element or simply that nature is that dangerous, Lightning remains powerful, the most powerful spells are lightning-elemental, and dangerous as the power drawn is so great it will invariably wound the user.
Usage of raw lightning (be it generated by magic or a contraption) in the outside is dangerous, if it is used too often it will coax lightning out of the clouds bringing down a volley of electricity powerful enough to destroy everything in the vicinity which cannot be protected against. Electrically-charged gear and other smaller uses are alright, as long as voltaic arcs aren't forming yet.

The world has a great many races on it, they differ vastly in form and disposition, but one thing they do not vary at all is potential.
For more information check here.

Ruins litter the world, it's accepted all through that an ancient empire that once controlled all land existed at a point and then was destroyed. The majority of the ruins are actually underground with caves leading to them, a good deal are actually in the surface and only a rare few are underground with actual entrances above-ground. The ruins are also sometimes inter-connected by underground tunnels made of metal, and all of the ruins are metallic themselves.
Ancient relics can either be totally useless or tools of great power, and very often fetch very high prices, however, most ruins have become nests for monsters and some ruins have even self-defense systems.

Dead Ruins:
Called Dead Ruins are unique ruins in which those brave enough to head inside rarely come out, even if all they do is cross the Dead Threshold.
Those ruins have something specific about them that makes them so deadly, those who enter suddenly become aware that they previously had some sort of connection with the world itself, a connection that is severed once they enter. They feel displaced, strangers in their own land, as if existence itself was denying their right to be. Those ruins are dry, scaringly dry, as well. The Dead Threshold is what's called the threshold which you have to cross to feel it's supernatural effects, it's visible only to Humans.
Despite the sensations there are actually physiological effects of being within a Dead Ruin. Your body grows hungry much, much faster, food is absolutely unfilling, you could eat until your stomach explodes and you wouldn't be sathed, your wounds refuse to heal over time, recovery magic is stunted and chemical healing compounds are far less effective, Racial powers are disabled and in some cases reversed. Both Magic and Technique also works at a quarter power.
There are also mental effects, you feel extremely lonely, even if along other people and you feel a strange longing as well. You also feel scared, terrifyingly afraid of everything, your shadow, any sound you hear, it is as if your bravery is syphoned away. Only the bravest souls retain enough of their spirit to continue exploring after the Dead Threshold.
Thankfully, all Dead Ruins are devoid of any monster of defense system, and most often have very good rewards for those who manage to explore.

The land is great and distances greater than what can do on foot need to be traveled, so there are methods for that.
The most common method of transportation between cities and towns, as well as within small Material towns, it's chocobos. They come in a variety of colors, large birds with strong legs and almost all unable to fly they're excellent pack beasts and have enough stamina to take a rider or two anywhere at very good pace. Generally a chocobo-driven cart is what traders will use to go between towns with their goods. However, other methods exist.
Most of the medium-sized Material towns and bigger will have steam-powered vehicles, generally using compact stoves that recycle the steam into more water using pressure generated by the own engine, real marvels of engineering that generally move on six wheels coated in whitened rubber that are supported by a series of coils and springs to make the ride smooth. They don't have much autonomy, however, due to requiring constant coal or wood for power, so they're generally only seen in cities and they are complicated to make, so it takes a wealthy individual to have one.
Every Ethereal city is also equipped with a series of "Gate Pads", an interesting system based on Time Magic that has become standard in the Ethereal Kingdom. Gate Pads are essentially teleportation devices that are linked in pairs, every certain distance, that depends on local regulations, there are a group of Gate Pads, called a Gate Station, that will take you to a number of nearby Gate Stations, and from there you can jump to another station until you're at the one closest to your destination. Despite every city having Gate Stations, teleportation over long distances is all but impossible given the immense power required to keep them working. The only known long-range teleport is the "HW Field"
Transcient Town, for what is worth, has no actual special transportation method, because when the town is so small, why bother? Reality is, however, that a great many inventors DO bother, but their results are often unique creations and hardly something to call 'common transportation method'.

Military structure of the kingdoms:
RL Equivalent Material Ethereal
General Officer Knight-Commander Lord Magister
Officer Knight-Artificer Arcaner
Sergeant Knight Enchanter
Soldier Squire Caster

Each rank has four "Grades" that divide further within the rank. They are, in order of higher to lower:
Material - Inventor -> Engineer -> Gadgeteer -> Trickster
Ethereal - Spellcrafter -> Etherweaver -> Chanter -> Caster
Also, both kingdoms have "Specialists", they're, regardless of rank, specialists in different areas (there are a great number of specialites) and almost exclusively employed in those areas, even if they take the roles ordinarily assigned to lower or higher ranks.

Royal Families:
Not just the two Kingdoms have their rulers and royal families, but the Transcient Town's leadership also exists.
The current dynasty of the Material Kingdom is the Esteves, a human one. Rulership in the Material Kingdom changes families every fourth ruler (who rules until the end of his life), there is currently one 'Waiting Family' of each race, though they're vastly unknown. The current King of the Esteves dynasty is Mariano Esteves, known not just for his focused mind and overall superior wisdom but also for his own fighting prowess, as he believes that a ruler should be an example to his people, stories say that more than one assassin was stopped by his twin chakrams. Also stories mention that Mariano's father was not the previous king, but instead found as a homeless child, lost in a forest.
Queen Madrecita Esteves is a rather mysterious figure, she is a beautiful blond-haired human (who at this moment is said to be bearing child, but her pregnancy has been difficult) which was taken from the ranks of a never-heard-before noble family and is said to be the source of most of Mariano's wisdom.
Princess Vanessa "Halberd" Esteves, the first-born of the King, also has a little bit of story. Known by most as a sweet, gentle woman and the most shining example of nobility and lady-like behavior, the princess has acquired her nickname "Halberd" from a rumor that has spread over the cycles. They say that she fell in love with a Knight, who not being a noble, she could not stay with. She would, however, still meet him in secret time and time again, and when he was deployed in the front lines she kept contact with him by letter. Until the fateful day she was notified he was imprisoned by the Ethereals. That day, she made her way to the castle armory, and sneaked out carrying the weapon that gave her this unusual nickname, and almost a cycle after that, she returned to the castle, bloodied and bruised, the clothes she left with that day thorn and patched over, an unnatural piercing stare in her eyes and carrying her unconscious lover in her shoulders. Interestingly, the royal family never publicly denied that, they have neither accepted that as truth.

The current dynasty in the Ethereal Kingdom is the Razelse, the oldest family known to the land. The Razelse family has a strange tradition, every generation a child from a different race than that of the current ruler's immediate family is adopted into the Razelse family, and when time for succession comes all the eligible children of the Razelse family must prove their worth through tests of knowledge and virtue held by a special council whipped up just for this event, and then that one is declared the new king.
The current ruler is Doraimo Kareishan Razelse, a tall and imperious Yeti. Doraimo is one of the 'adopted children' of the Razelse family and has always excelled in every known magical art, some say that he has in his mind all of the literature of the kingdom as well. He is stern both in his personal life and rulership, often requiring the Queen to act as his voice of compassion as he is strict and uncaring. (Although stories say that one time, his adopted twins were taken hostage, and he himself went to rescue them in a rage yet to be rivaled by another Yeti, leading to a tearful reunion wherein all his suppressed emotion appeared).
Queen Lereiane Kareishan Razelse is known to be an overly compassionate and somewhat naive Yeti woman, taken from an up and rising noble family that seemed to appear out of nowhere due to the great success of their enchanters. Lereiane is a woman above reproach, but sufficient rumors exist about a mysterious pen-friend of hers, with which she exchanges letters religiously every ten passes, that the King himself has made an official declaration about, admitting that such a person exists and is a close relative of hers, which they both wish to remain a secret for it's safety.
Prince Arekiel Kareishan Razelse is the blood child of the king and queen, an overtly boysterious Yeti who, given his natural raw magical power couples with an innate talent with the Black arts, is taken as a child-prodigy and often revered unecessarily. Arekiel, however, often ends up in mishaps and social faux pas and it's an open secret that both king and queen fervently wish that their adopted children far surpass his magical adeptness, something which is likely going to come to pass.
Prince Durandal Erlestinne Razelse is the first of this generation's adopted children, whereas it's usual for only one child to be adopted it is also taken as a bad omen to separate twins, so Durandal and Joyeuse were adopted together. Durandal is a somewhat temperamental human that has just reached into adulthood and is especially masterful with the most dangerous of the magical elements, lightning. Even at this young age Durandal has been chosen to be a Lord Magister and lead one of the six special squadrons of the Ethereal Kingdom, he is official known as the Elemental Lord of Lightning and more casually known as the Fiend of Lightning.
Princess Joyeuse Erlestinne Razelse is the second of this generation's adopted children. While her twin brother is quick to anger and temperamental, she is calm and compassionate, extremely non-violent and intelligent, just like the element she masters, water. Originally Joyeuse did not have any aspirations are taking the mantle of ruling queen so she has never put much thought behind her magical training, mostly focusing on her somewhat humble hobbies (the rumor mill says she is actually a specially skilled fencer, the rumor mill is currently on the run from the police, though) and sufficient learning to perform her duties as part of the royal family. However, given her great love for her brother Durandal she took on more and more magical learning and acquire more and more power and control over the white school and the element of water to simply prevent her beloved twin brother from hurting himself with his own magic. And to match the man known as the Elemental Lord of Lightning, her power became worth the title of Elemental Lord of Water, and coupling her power and royal blood she was thus given the rank of Lord Magister and tasked to lead one of the six special forces of the Ethereal kingdom, a special group which is more often found performing relief duties than out in the front given their specialization in assist and healing magic. Very few even refer to her as the Fiend of Water, mostly only those envious of her skill and family.

Transcient Town itself does not have a royal family or a royalty system at all. Transcient Town is ruled by the wisest or, at least, the oldest. Given it's size and the nature of it's denizens, Transcient Town does not requires a powerful unified leadership, a simple 'town elder', called Prefect, is who rules the city. The Prefect is in charge of organizing the Transcient Town's D.I.R.T. (also affectionately called the Nag Brigade), being the central point of the civic services despite the fact that they are pretty much independently ran, bringing up projects to stir up cultural expansion and ensuring that the safety regulations are not just followed by also remain as nonrestrictive as actual safety allows.
The Prefect is chosen among the chief creators and artists of the time by the previous Prefect, the Prefect's 'rule' lasts only eight Cycles, ensuring that there are always fresh ideas in leadership, and for a person to be allowed to be a Prefect again there must be a waiting time of ninety six cycles beforehand.

  • Dark Green: Viera Forest
  • Red Lines: Mountain paths
  • Two-tone Green Zone: Lirtran Swamp
  • Red-and-Blue Sea: Reefs, untraverseable by boat

Random Tidbits:

  1. Generally, the average food a person eats is about a bowl of food a day. Gluttony is taken as a very rude thing, so if you go to any big parties, don't eat too much, it's just rude.
  2. Generally speaking, cities and towns of all nationalities seem to grow well with nature, it's not that people have a great respect for nature or anything, but it's always easier to go with what nature already gave you than try to oppose it.
  3. Water isn't harmful! No matter how much you put your back against it, be you a Material scientist making a powerful water-based gun or an Ethereal magician using the strongest water spells, it just fails to cause much harm at all in anyone, it's taken as a very bad choice to carry water-based offense, although using water as a medium for healing seems to make it more effective.
  4. The one exception of the above is the Water Elemental. While normal elementals are powerful but not above experienced warriors the Water Elemental differs completely. Wars stop when it appears. Instead of a floating sphere of elemental energy it is, instead, a humanoid form made entirely of water. It is invincible, it cannot be destroyed, and it can turn anything it wishes into water at a range of at least five kilometers and it cannot be resisted. If you see one, run for your life, because you never know whether it will be friend or foe.

The Beginning of the Tale:
The story will begin simple, the group, however large they are, will have just recently acquired a new job. A rather frail and almost disturbingly feminine Bangaa named "Sarah" (a human name, even!) has asked to meet all of you at a local equipment store in a small town in the Material Kingdom with a job in mind. She gave you a preview of what it is, she wants to visit an old ruin, old as in one that was discovered a long time ago and probably already looted, and might have a fair few more jobs for you if this goes well.

The Cast:
In a rather run of the mill tavern, a rather frail looking bangaa in a red dress sits by a large table. She looks like she just stepped out of a downpour, but there's just a light drizzle inside. She notices you coming by. "Oh, hello… Are you one of them? I mean, the adventurers… I hired" Her voice seems almost about to give away with each phrase

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Mechanical notes, 4e:

  • Systems in use are Jobs, Equipment, Limit and Reels.
  • Mechanical information on the races can be found Here
  • Regional Jobs: Your character is restricted in the jobs they can take depending on where you come from. Material Kingdom has access to FRE, ARC, CHM, COM, FGT, HNT, KGT, MNK, RAV, SEN, SNI, THF. Ethereal Kingdom has access to FRE, ACN, BLM, ELM, GRN, RDM, SER, SMN, TIM, WHM and Transcient Town dwellers have access to FRE, BRD, BLU, COR, DNC, DRK, DRG, MYS, NIN, PLD, SAM.
  • Starting Level: 4, Avaiable JP: 113. You've got some experience, make good use of it.
  • The party will start already together, and with a bit of experience together as well, enough to know that they're not retarded, but before forming any sort of party spirit. They will explorers and soldiers of fortune, getting random jobs everywhere, and will have to be either confident or stupid enough to take on some crazy jobs, most specifically, taking a deathly sick bangaa lady exploring around ruins. Also they will have already investigated a single Dead Ruin before the game start.
  • Summoners use a revised list, whose main different is flavor. List can be found here: Split World SMN
  • Lightning-elemental Job Abilities all receive +1 Die/Tier and +1 Power but in addition to their costs also incur a 10% Current HP cost. Lightning-elemental equipment and MYS's Thunder Sword aren't affected by this. You risk a game over if lightning-type abilites are used with less than 80D between them under open skies (a thin tatch roof is enough)
  • Limit Breaks are called "Angelic"s and must obligatorily have a watery effect. By no means it must be water-based, but even a fire-element Angelic must have a watery visual effect on it.
  • Sarah will be tagging along with the group for a long while. Most often she will not be fighting, or even in the battlefield, but close enough to meet up in a matter of seconds after the fight is over. Sometimes, mind, she might not have time to hide.

Mechanical notes, 3e:

  • No mithra! Instead we have the 'Seafarer' people, they're basically humanoid aquatic people. Not many venture out of the sea since they require special magic to keep them wet, lest they die. They use the same statline as Mithra, though.
  • Languages: One language for each race, one Ethereal, for the Ethereal Kingdom and Material for the Material Kingdom. Transcient Town has no language of it's own. All languages, except Seafarer, share the same root, however, so you can use half of your highest level Language skill to replace any other missing language.
  • Staring level is 8, and least ORD as possible, if you would.
  • No Summoners, and Callers can only call upon Phoenix or Ultima, however, they call upon the "Blessings of", which are essentially only the attacks, neither of the two goddesses ever appears. Their "Blessing" is seen coming from the distance. In certain parts of the world, only Ultima helps, sending aid from the sky, in others, only Phoenix, sending aid from beyond the horizon. Essentially every Call is flavored as an attack sent from far away by Phoenix or Ultima. There is no Calling IM, either full power usage or nothing.

Old Characters That Were Never Used!
Diarmid - a possible character!

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