Prelude To War

Prelude to War

Those are ideas about a one-shot I got in mind. Setting is the same as the Oran, but set in 2003 (officially called Astral - Present, not that anyone around here knows that)

Reffering to races as: Humans, obvious, and Astrans, that are all non-humans

At somewhere near 2000 BC, races other than humans existed, and magic was real. But driven by a sense of fear and xenophoby, humankind nearly decimated them all. However, all of that remained alive in one last city-fortress, hidden away from the rest of the world by powerful magics known as Astral. For five thousand years, the city remained hidden, ruled by the mysterious eternal king. Measures were taken for an eventual rediscovery, but everything went haywire when an Astran full of hatred went out in the outside world to enact a plan of vengance against the entire world. Five brave heroes defeated him and prevented a disaster, but at a price, the cloaking of Astral was undone. Also undone was the cloaking of the astrans who lived outside of the city, as for the Eternal King had been working on slowly spreading the astran populations over the planet. However, even though a few brief skirmishes happened in Italy, where Astral was set, somehow, Astral soon had earned itself the rights of an independant country, even going as far as earning an observer seat in the UN, in the brief span of a single year. However, not many of either side like each other, some, cannot even tolerate eachother, and inter-racial hathred is close to reaching the levels that once forced Astral into hiding.

It has been one years since the revelation of Astral, nobody is sure up to now, not even Astrans, how did Astral gather so much positive fame in a span of one year when it has become clear that the majority of the population appears to hold heavy hatred towards Astrans. Game is set on a military base that just started to apply astran magic and techniques. Base is in uproar because apparently two very important figures are showing up for a meeting, and not only that it has been on a string of special events, being one of the rare bases where astran powers are employed with frequency

The PCs likely have spent most of their young life sheltered within Astral. Or in some cases being the children of outside astran agents, spending all their childhood and teenage under magical human disguise. For their own reasons they have joined the armed forces.

This will be a single session, level 8. PCs can be any race, except mithra (since mithra don't exist on this setting, or at least won't exist for another two thousand years). All of them, however, will be users of astran techniques.
You will be from one of the most revolutionary squads within the armed forces. The first ones to follow the astran policy to allow female soldiers, and the first ones to have both astrans and humans. You're just out of boot camp, just about a month over. It all starts when you're all in your garrison shift at 5 AM, and the game will take over the course of the rest of the day.

Also, the following skills are given free at 20%: Guns, Survival and Etiquette

Mjir - Viera Chemist
Odino Starcrafter - Creimire Dragoon
Gio - Human Rune Knight

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