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And this is session#1. AKA, the intro.
This is session #2. People get to know the Oran, and some emergency applies
Now session #3. They got to go after a nasty guy. And damn, weak tanks are no good fights
Session #4 and What happened with Suka's mind dive. Ice was running Suka during this. :D
Session #5. Suka gets offed, sent into a deep coma, while Xerxes disappears off the internet. Then they go to shady places get info and go after Kale! Another pre-battle cliffhanger!
Session #6.
Session #7.
Session #8.
Session #9.
Session #10.
Session #11. Yup, they get to Sarta finally, then we discover that Matriarch Mathara knows Ashley from long ago, how interesting. Then Kol kills Nisk, or so she thinks, and then she gets a present and a pass!
Session #12 Meet the Synchro Fighters! And in the meantime, what happened while Kolitk was out cold and Ashley interviewed Eins
Session #13 They get to their first mission in the Synchro Fighters!
Session #14 Gods, months to post this >_<. Anyway, they get in the hyperspace inhibitor station, and reach the control room
Session #15 They find a way to shut down the station, but trigger something beyond their comprehesion in the meanwhile. Jimmy also attempted suicide but he didn't realize that
Session #16 Arrived late at home, so the session was short. Nuff said, they get their next mission, and are clueless as expected
Session #17 That'll teach me to ever try to read my PCs. Party went on with the seduction route quite long, until Alexa got cornered and simply tossed the NPC into the other end of the hallway.
Session #18 They get into the station and, after an insanely long-winded fight I misjudged the party's power, got past the security, and into the ellyvator
Session #19 They get into the elevator with the guards hot in their heels, get to the upper level and witness how Erinia displays powers and then pwns swarms of guards. Afterwards they find out Project NA's goals and that Erinia is, in truth, an Aeon
Session #20 Party comes up with a clever plan to destroy the Beast. Then they try to get info from the Galerides and get nothing. Then, they plan moar and come up with a crazy railgun with arsenic ammo!
Session #21 Party does a crazy-insane drop into Tyrian for the next mission, and get the plan set to start KILLING THINGS
Session #22
Session #23
Session #24
Session #25
Session #26
Session #27
Session #28
Session #29
Session #30

Secrets Unfolded

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