O R D Light 1

JayM: ORD Light - Session 1
You, Goldstar 9, the group of valiant heroes, had been out on your own business for a whole week. It seems rather strange for those used to military that they gave you so much of a bonus downtime for just that little job, but it's a chance you rarely get! Seven days later, though, the Oran's already changing places, it's going to be stationed near the Ooroth's Cloud for three months. During the second week of stationing, however, you're called off your normal duties for a special operation. You're off to meet with your CO in the IC briefing room #8
Kolitk spent most of that time distracting herself by making Jimmy a nice new set of armor. :p
Suka is, as expected, sitting quietly in the podium awaiting for you all
AshleyVonT spent most of the time doing absoltely nothing, and having hr servants do everything for her.
Alexandra is involved in research. Research! She's close to her next discovery! Her next breakthrough!
JayM supposes you all gather in at some point in time. Some earlier than others, Kolitk probably only after lots of prodding by somebody/something
Kolitk is fairly certain that won't be good for the world in general as she, reluctantly, makes her way over to the command room.
AshleyVonT is probably that first and early.
Suka: "Everyone's here?"
Alexandra is dragged to the room with a book in her nose. Kisro pulls on her coattails.
Suka: "Very good. This time since we're in a fairly peaceful area you're going in an espionage mission"
AshleyVonT: "Our group?"
Suka: "Ilirians stole a top secret research from the Oran about two years ago, and we finally got some tips as to where their research is being conducted"
Suka: "Yeah"
Suka: "You're going to the Columna station to gather information on something called NA Project. That's codename of the project including the stolen technology"
Suka: "You're also taking along the lead researcher of the stolen tech, she's a red-furred moogle named Erinia"
AshleyVonT: "Red Moogle? That's unique…"
[OOC] Alexandra: … Katerina was a red Moogle!
[OOC] AshleyVonT: WHo?:p
[OOC] JayM: Peter's char
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Oh, that's a different type of red.:p
Suka: "Don't ask me either"// she says "You're going to meet her in the locker room of medbay 4-16, she was called in for an emergency surgery, so she couldn't be present here"
AshleyVonT: "…Emergancy surgery? Is something wrong with her we should know about?"
Suka: "Oh, no. I misspelled something it seems. She's a medician, she was performing it"
AshleyVonT nods. "Oh, I understand now."
[OOC] Alexandra: I know. :P
Kolitk blinks a little. Then snorts. .oO(Us? Espionage? Wonder who messed up their paperwork…)
Suka: "Well, whenever you want to go"
Kisro can so do espionage.
[OOC] JayM: So, yeah. Questions or are ya peeps movin on to meet Erinia?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: We're going to go peep on Erinia? I don't think Ashley is into moogles.
Kolitk gets up with a grunt, then heads off towards the medical bay. This outa be good for a laugh, at the very least.
[OOC] JayM: Nah, less peeping more 'find her over there'. It's a unissex locker room with a common area. Kinda like those police locker rooms, yanno
[OOC] JayM: Anyway
[OOC] JayM: I am confusing myself
Alexandra snaps her book shut after listening without saying a word.
AshleyVonT nods and heads off after the other, Eins close behind her.
Alexandra stands up to follow Kolitk with a strange flicker in her eyes.
The locker room is a reasonably big place since it's an area common to the whole floor. In the back are a series of closer showers as well as there is a long line of sinks in the middle of the room. Erinia apparently gets to there a bit later than you all, she is clad in medician clothes, also colored red as her fur… No, wait, she's actually dripping uhn… Her whole clothing is actually soaked in… Blood, it seems
Erinia: "Ungh… Great… Hello everyone. Do you mind if I take a shower first?"
Alexandra holds up a finger. "Um. Was not meanink this by 'red moogle,' no?"
Kolitk waves a hand dismissivly.
Erinia goes over to her locker and picks up a change of clothes, and then goes over to a shower "Thanks… Ungh… Galka, pneumothorax… More blood in his lung than I have in my whole body…" she mutters as she slips in the shows
JayM leaves you to ponder a bit the meaning of her words
AshleyVonT: "…"
Kolitk blinks.
[OOC] JayM: shows = showers
[OOC] AshleyVonT: I have tis image of like a FFXI style Moogle in my head. It's quite hilarious.
[OOC] JayM: Ignore my typos
Kolitk: "That isss… A fairr amount of blood."
Alexandra: "Was seeink more in ship, no?"
Alexandra grins. "And has no metal."
She does indeed returns after a while. Now clad in somewhat more action-ready clothes, and clearly very risque ones at that. You can notice she has a crimson red fur, a thick ruff of very soft soft fur around her neck and her little batty wings are pink "Well, now. I suppose you're all? Nice to meet you. Erinia Phoenix"
Kolitk rolls her eyes a little at Alexnadra, before shurgging and shaking her head. "A good thing."
AshleyVonT tries to ponder why a moogle would wear risque clothes, since everything is already covered in fur, but decides such questions are best left for the social analysts.
AshleyVonT bows. "Ashley Von Tschirnhaus."
Kolitk waves a hand dismissivly once more.
Erinia nods at Ashley, and looks inquisitively at Kisro
Alexandra just stares mechanically.
Kisro sniffs Erinia to confirm his suspicions on why the fur's red.
Her fur's naturally red, to be sincere. Erinia pats Kisro's snout "Heya" she looks up at the team "I suppose we're ready to go? Then I suppose there must be a ship waiting for us in the hangar" she says, waiting for somebody else to take the lead
Alexandra takes lead with a rather disturbingly cheerful smile!
Kolitk shrugs. "Possibly." She glances back to Alexandra, who would probably know.
Kolitk hmms for a moment before taking off after Alexandra.
Ya'll then get to the hangar bay where there's a personnel frigate waiting for you all. Quite high-class accomodations, I'd say
AshleyVonT follows after them and looks around for signs of something suspious.
The trip to Columna takes only an hour, given the relatively close position the Oran has of it. Docking into Columna you all get down to what amounts to a very classical style space colony, the Columna is, after all, the oldest colony of the Ooroth's Cloud. While the team is clearly the most suspicious thing around, nobody seems to care
Kolitk will look around the area when they dock, curious as to what types are races are around.
Alexandra sits through the entire hour with the smile. Just. Plastered. On. Her. Face.
Kolitk will find it most amusing that this area is compromised almost 90% of Bangaa, Kilvans and Ilirians. The ones who stand out the most are the Ilirians, being the least physically-inclined of them all, their wetsuits meant to keep their bodies eternally wet, also drip every once in a while making for a quick cleanup job nescessary every here and there
AshleyVonT glances around briefly then looks to the moogle. "Where are we going…" she also stays away from Alexandra. . o O ( And People sya I'm creepy…)
Kolitk … Probably gave Alexandra a funny look at some point, if that was the case. o_O
[OOC] Alexandra: ^_^
The inner parts of the colony look just like a city made of old metal, but not rusted one!
Kisro ignores the smile and just rests next to Alexa anyway. Until she moves again.
Erinia: "No idea. I guess we just ask around first?"
Kolitk is, now, throughly amused. Their resident espionage expert is a mute. ^_^
JayM: //Well, what's the plan?

[OOC] AshleyVonT: We Kidnap the President's Daughter.
Kolitk is all ^_^ now. //"Well, lead the way. I asssume you know the arrrrea betterrr than I, or any of my compainionsss."
[OOC] Jimmy: I'm for it as well
Erinia: "Okay, then"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: We got two votes for kidnap the president's daughter.=`>.>=‘`
[OOC] Alexandra: What’s that, Lassie?
She says that and moves on, leading you all on a questioning spree! I mean, uhn… Somebody with a decent Streetwise better assist her because she has little experience in this
Kolitk is juuust going to sit back, watch, and be amused by this all. It's almost enough to make her giggly. Almost.
JayM: //Anyone up to the challange?

AshleyVonT isn't so keen on getting information of the street. //"Maybe you know someone who knows what we need to know?"
Erinia: "I don't really know much on the Ilirian area, to be sincere. I thought you all had a plan?"
Kolitk snorts and holds back a laugh.
AshleyVonT: "We were just informed of this operation a few minutes before we met you. Best I cna think is we kidnap someone important and get them to tell us what we need to know."
Alexandra holds up a finger. "Not beink necessary. We can just be askink, no?"
Alexandra winks and loosens her jacket.. "Hm. Am feelink a little warm."
Kolitk blinks, then tilts her head in Alexandra's direction. … Warm? … That's different.
JayM: //Now this is an awesome point to stop!

AshleyVonT deadpans.
JayM: I said it'd be a light session ^_^

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