O R D 7

// It's a shiny new day. After a good night's rest you're all called in for a special meeting, Goldstar 9 is going to debut as a special operations team. However, it's been called a meeting in a special place, you're all to gather in the newcomer's flat, more preciely, they want you guys to meet in Kolitk's bedroom. Apparently the commander doesn't likes her much. You're ordered to go to the flat and meet Nadira, that's going to brief you.
Kolitk is still knocked out fomr having another person jammed into her brain, I think. :p
There, with a quick call she gets the flat's door open through the Oran's security system "Okay, I think that the commander's being a tad harsh, but he ordered so… Be silent, ok?" she says, leading you guys into Kolitk's bedroom, first being careful to see if she's noe sleeping undressed or something like that. After she has gathered everyone in her bedroom, and this is 5 AM, she wakes her up "Yo, wake up"
Alexandra looks down at Kolitk. There's a slight smirk on her face, as if she admires Kol's spirited attitude.
Kolitk blinks, looksing up, "Wha…?"
Alexandra is the first thing she sees. (( * Doman cackles in the background! ))
AshleyVonT is standing there, along with the woman in the french maid outfit, who had been waiting for her outside the testing area last time.
Kolitk shakes her head, "…What happened?"
Nadira: "Wake up, you helped your friend over in the med-bays, remember?"
Kolitk holds a hand to her head, "No, not really…"
Kisro looks at Nadira in a 'she was asleep, of course she doesn't remember' sort of way.
Nadira: "Eh, I dunno what was up either. But, from what I recollect I think you caused a ruckus over there and they put you to sleep. But wake up, we got a small mission for this group"
AshleyVonT look arounf the place, much much smaller than her accomidations, and she's not sure how somene could live with these…furnishings, if they could be called that.
Kolitk goes silent, sitting up a bit.
Nadira: "I'm not really sure what's up either on this case, apparently Chief Intel's newest apprentice is putting to test in briefings and being a CO and all that jazz so you're needing to take your actual briefing from him" she says, sitting is Kol's bed "Now, you're to meet him in the park"
JayM: As a note, the Oran only has one park
[OOC] Alexandra: …Oran reminds me of "The Island."
AshleyVonT: "We shouldn't waste time, then."
Alexandra loudly claps her hands twice and nods. "Right!"
Alexandra smiles at Kolitk slightly, then turns her head and steps out the door.
Kolitk: "…"
AshleyVonT shurgs, nods to the woman accopaning her, and heads out the door.
Nadira looks at Kol "Hum… Sorry to wake you up like this and all… Really" she looks at Jimmy‘ "Shoo! You don’t wanna peek on the girl dressing, right?" she says, shooing him off
Kolitk will notice that she is wearing some sort of pajamas, not hers but it ain't her clothes from before. Hers are over there in the corner, washed. Her weapons and armor polished like they were brand-new
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Jummy plays for the othe team?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: JimmY*
Kolitk shakes her head, "Do not worrry about it, Ms…?"
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Bahaha, sorry, zoned out.
Jimmy` scurries out.
Nadira nods to her "Nadira. You remember me, right" and indeed, she was that girl that more-or-less started this all, as you all got to chase that criminals to clear her brother’s name. At least, well, that was most of you were doing
Alexandra smirks. "No need for me to coverink your eyes again, Jimmy, no?"
Kolitk: "Kind of… My head hurrts, a lot, and it is a bit harrd to clearrly rrememberr everrry thing…"
Nadira: "Hum… It takes some time to recover. But don't worry, you was treated by the White Flame team, there's not better medicians in the galaxy. Now, i'm going to let you change" she says, heading out herself"
Kolitk nods, then flops back down in the bed and pulls the cover up over her head after Nadira leaves.
AshleyVonT eyes the two. "An interesting squad the military has put together, nien?"
She waits outside by the door, because something feels like she isn't going to get her up tp moving… After 10 or so minutes she knocks back on the door "Please, Kolitk… Look, these guys need your help, ok? I think they're getting in a mission down there in Amazonia, i'd be good if you was around, being a native and all…" she says, from beyond the door
Alexandra turns to Jimmy for a few seconds without saying anything, then to Ashley. "Mmm…"
Alexandra folds her arms and closes her eyes. "Da. Could be sayink that."
Jimmy‘ shrugs.
[OOC] JayM: I think that 3 minutes make for a long post… Either that or Ice should tell me she’s ignoring it
[OOC] Kolitk: Er, sorry, i was grabbing dinner. :p
AshleyVonT makes a bow to them "Ashley Von Tschirnhaus, daughter of General Von Tschirnhaus and General Tesla, of the Terran Military."
[OOC] JayM: Ah, that answers
Kolitk sighs, ten stairsa at the door. After a few minutes, she gets up and stars to get dressed, but doesn't respond.
Nadira waits for a bit… Then goes off to leave, she stops by the others before leaving proper "When she's out, you all go to the park"
[OOC] JayM: This ain't going to be Kol's day
Alexandra opens her eyes again and coldly smirks in Ashley's direction. "Accent soundink like is from Germany. Am Alexandra from Russia."
AshleyVonT nods. "Perceptive. Russia? a most accomplished people."
Kolitk appears from her room a few minutes later, dressed in the same leather breast plate and teal skirt she'd been wearing since they arrived on this ship. All the pins and braclets are in place, as well as her gloves, along with ehr spear. She sighs again, then slowly makes her way over to the rest of the group.
As soon as you decide to move you find out that it's quite fast to reach the park. It's quite a lush and green place in contrast with the usual mechanical tone of the ship. It has a walk and a fwe benches here and there
Alexandra stands upright and nods at Kolitk, looking at her curiously. "Hmm…"
[OOC] JayM: Also, I forgot two things: Pretend that Nadira told you guys that you're looking for a very unique man. And also that there's a password: If asked why is a carrier a dangerous ship, you're to answer it's because of the army it brings along
Kolitk glances back at Alexa for a second, then shifts her gaze to the ground and walks, not speaking the entire way there
AshleyVonT also carefully examines the Mithra.
The park has a few people going around here or there, most just common people
[OOC] Alexandra: One question. Where's Kisro in all of this? That up to me?
[OOC] JayM: Up to you, why not
[OOC] JayM: We won't be having any battle-y things to do, so
[OOC] Alexandra: Funny how when I update my sheet, we don't fight, but when I neglect it, we do. Ahaha.
AshleyVonT instructs the WOman with her, to put her up on her sholders, so she can see better.
Alexandra adjusts her goggles and peeks around the park, making an off-hand comment. "…interestink…"
However, soon enough somebody with a hood over it's head comes by Kolitk, looking at her face-down self "Such a lovely girrl shouldn't be sad" says it… Seem to be a mithran voice
[OOC] Jimmy‘: BRB, I need a shower.
[OOC] Kolitk: Lol, male or female voice? Probably male, knowing this weird ass tribe.
[OOC] JayM: You can’t discern, really
Kolitk tilts her head slightly, to try and get a view underneath the hood. "…What do you want?"
It moves a bit as soon as it notices Kolitk tryeing look under the hood "Just admire you"
Kolitk eys the figure curiously, then takes a couple of steps back towards the rest of the group, not saying anything.
Alexandra turns her head towards Kol again slightly. The light creates a glare on her glasses.
[OOC] Alexandra: goggles, whoops!
It leans over in a tree "My, you're so cute this way… Say, do you like starships" it says, despite the growing distance
AshleyVonT looks over at the mithra, then over to the hooded figure.
Kolitk glances over at Alexa over her sholder, then shrugs.
Hooded: "My favorite ones are the carriers…"
AshleyVonT nods to the maid, and she is put back down on the ground.
Alexandra bows her head slightly. The glare moves off, and she mutters "…but they are beink dangerous, havink an army."
AshleyVonT loosk to see if Kolitk is going to respound, then to turns to glance at Alexandera, as she does instead.
He looks at Alexa, and smiles. And you can see that as he lowers his hood as he looks over at her, he has quite a toothy smile, because apparently that means he earned some points over with his teacher "So, you gals are Goldstar 9? Okay, on to the briefing" he says, eyeing Kol a bit
[OOC] AshleyVonT: he to indicate we can tell it's male now, or just as a genereal pronoun?
Kolitk blinks once, then raises an eyebrow for a half second. She quickly catches herself, then shakes her head and resumes eyeing the Mithra carefully.
[OOC] JayM: It's a male, you can see already
Alexandra turns her head again so the glare hides her eyes. "Da."
Kisro plays around with a few plants in the park before he perks up and dashes after the party.
Yate: "My name's Yate, forr this mission i'll be your CO. It's a verry simple mish, you'rre to go down to Amazonia and scout overr some arrea wherre they believe a huge amount of arrcanite exists. We can't possibly land you nearrby due to terrrain issue, so you'rre getting down quite a bit farr"
AshleyVonT: "It can't possibly be that simple, if they are sending us."
Kolitk somehow manages to keep herself fomr looking suprised when he mentins that he'll be in charge.
Jimmy‘: "What’s the terrain?"
[OOC] Alexandra: …of all the lores for Alexandra to not know, I forgot metallurgy!
[OOC] AshleyVonT: she aint turn lead into gold anytiem soon.=>.>=
[OOC] Alexandra: but lead to pyrite <_<
AshleyVonT: "More importantly, what lives there?"
He pulls up his hand, where his own wrist comm is. With a tap it shows up a map of a region of Amazonia, if Kol looks carefully she'll notice it's got her tribe in the map. There is a line in it that follows from a point, through Kol's tribe, another huge village and what seems to be huge mountain "You'rre to get this rroute, the fastest one. You'rre going thrrough two trribes' territory, lastly into Sartan lands, <-cut //
JayM: cut-> wherre i'm surre you can take a rrest. In the end" he points over to what seems to be some remains past the mountain "you'rre getting inside these rruins, and look forr trraces of arrcanite there"
JayM "//
Kolitk: "…" *sigh*
Yate seems to get a bit distressed over Kol's reaction "Don't worry, dearr. You'rre free to do as you wan down therre, i'm herre only to give supporrt"
Alexandra bows her head. "Da…"
Kolitk just shakes her head.
AshleyVonT: "I suppose this means you are a Sartan, if it wasn't obvious."
He looks at Ashley "Many crreatures, I believe the most dangerrous might be the Marrkin Amazons"
Kolitk Glances back at ashley for a second, long enough to shake her head 'no', then resumes staring at the grounf.
Yate, on the otherr hand, nods at Ashley "I am. She, definetly, not" he seems a but uneasy at saying that "You'rre off to depart from Docking Bay #154"
JayM: And the GM seems to have used mithra accent in the emote as well as speech, that was a slip
AshleyVonT was speaking to Yate. "I'd guessed…"
[OOC] Kolitk: Heh.
He nods, and waves you to go
AshleyVonT heads off that way.
followed closely by the maid.
Alexandra goggle-glares in the maid's direction as she walks behind her.
As you all leave, if you dare to look back, you can see that a mithra girl appears from hiding behind Yate and twacks him a nice one in the back of the head saying "Cheap Don Rruan"
Kolitk eyes the MIthra for a few second, then shakes her head and walksd off after alexa.
It's a short walk, thanks to the hyperwarp elevators. It takes you to said bay and your ship is there, there's a Bangaa waiting by the door as you come in "I'll your pilot" he says, and immediatly heads in to his position, to willing to talk
It's going to be a good 2-hour trip to planetside, so hey, go talk!
Kisro plods in the shuttle last, saying nothing. As, uh, usual.
Jimmy‘ follows along, of course, and takes a seat.
Kolitk wordless enters the ship, slips into the seat furthest back she can find, then buckles herself in and sits there, quietly staring off into space.
[OOC] Jimmy`: I’m being really quiet tonight. Heh.
[OOC] JayM: Indeed
[OOC] Kolitk: And I'm making overly long descriptions for everything, whee! :p
Ah, you'll notice that those of you who ARE wearing that nifty communicators have the same map data Yate was with already downloaded in them
Alexandra makes it a point to sit directly across from Kolitk. Likewise, she also looks out the window.
AshleyVonT pulls hers out of the bunny, and examines the map.
AshleyVonT: "Are you familiar with this area?"
Alexandra spots the bunny in the window's reflection and freezes for a few seconds before responding. "I have studied geography extensively, da."
AshleyVonT glances at Alexandra. "Oh, That's good, I was actually wondering if…" she looks at Kolitk "What is your name?"
Jimmy‘ quietly re-measures his ashes.
Kolitk is too busy staring out the window lost in thought to realize she’s being addressed. >.>
AshleyVonT clearlys her throat, suprisingly loadly for as small as she is.
Alexandra looks at the reflection and compares Jimmy to Ashley. Then she compares Ashley to Suka. This realization gives her the frikkin' shivers.
Kolitk glances at Ashley for a second out fo the corner of her eyes, then returns her attnetion (or lack there of) to the windows view.
Jimmy‘ tosses his canteen up in the air and catches it, listening to the hearty glug of a full container.
Alexandra slumps down on the edge of her seat. "…am suddenly feelink cold — brrr!"
AshleyVonT blinks. "// A Russian feeling cold?"//
JayM: Do we have a silent team over here… When you’re done with your antics, tell me so
Alexandra pulls her jacket over her shoulders even further, teeth chattering. Slightly irritated, she stutters out "D-da! Is w-why I left-t-t, shut-t-t up!"
Jimmy‘ raises a hand up to a vent to check ventilation.
Kolitk blinks, turning her head momentarily to Alexa to watch her curiously
Jimmy`: "I think we’re O.K."
AshleyVonT nods to her "Sorry, no offense meant. You..with the spear…." she makes as best a bow she can while sitting "Ashley Von Tschirnhaus"
[OOC] Alexandra: I love this quirk about Alexa. :D
[OOC] Jimmy‘: What the hell is she weirded out about, anyway?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: all the little kids.
[OOC] Alexandra: Yup.
Kolitk shifts her gaze to Ashley, then bows ehr head, "…Kolitk."
[OOC] Jimmy`: Well, Jimmy’s not that little. He's a teenager.
[OOC] Alexandra: Well, it's like a scale. At first, she thought Jimmy was young. Then met Suka, who looks young, but is really old. Then met Ashley, who is actually young.
AshleyVonT: "The pleasure is mine, I'm sure. Have you been to this region of Amazonia before?"
[OOC] Alexandra: If she had just met Jimmy, then she wouldn't be weirded out, buuuut…
Kolitk: "…Yes."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Ashley is actually 17, she just looks 8. Julian and Ice made me make her older.
[OOC] Kolitk: they just keep getting younger on you!
AshleyVonT: "What can you tell us about it?"
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Oh, I see, we’re playing the american release of ORD?
[OOC] Alexandra: haha
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Yup. lol
[OOC] Kolitk: roffles. Yeah. :D
Kolitk: "…The jungle areas, or the desert area?"
AshleyVonT: "Let's start with the jungle areas."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Yeah, it was those unlockable scenes that did it. Apparently loli nar—*is shot*
Alexandra bends over the side of her seat toward the window and pulls the massive jacket further over her body, kicking to keep her blood warm. Pay her no mind!
AshleyVonT is honestly trying her best to not look…
Alexandra bolts upright and stops her fidgeting. There we are —
Kolitk shrugs, "Fairrly typical. Plenty of wild life arround… a small lake run through the area close to the first village… not much else beside that."
Jimmy‘ adjusts his cap.
AshleyVonT: "While I doubt any tribe will take too kindly to us, are either of these especially violent?"
Kolitk shakes her head ’no'.
Jimmy‘: "…How’s the jungle been doing recently?"
AshleyVonT: "I'd hope if we keep away from thier villages, they'll leave us alone then."
Kolitk: "Well."
Alexandra clears her throat and lets her jacket loose again, saying nothing.
Kolitk nods to Ashley
Kolitk: "Although… we rreally should stop in the Sartan's village beforrre heading into the deserrt…"
AshleyVonT: "Mayeb this relaly will be a easy mission." she looks a bit disappointed, actually.
AshleyVonT: "What is in the desert?"
Kolitk runs a hand over her braclets, making sure they're all in place. "Well, the deserrt heat, for starrterrrs. Then the lack of waterr… and just about everry trruely dangerrous beast on the planet live out therre…"
Kolitk shrugs her sholders a bit, "Most that interr… do not rreturrn alive."
Jimmy‘ smiles to himself. "Bet the competition is pretty fierce!"
AshleyVonT looks a little hapier. "My, now that sounds like it might eb a challange."
Jimmy` tinkers with the mechanism on his sword as he waits.
Kolitk simply nods, readjusting her fingerless gloves on ehr hands.
Jimmy`: "I really need to work on a new formula for this thing…" He says, trailing off.
[OOC] JayM: And, keep talking as I grab some clothes that were dryeing
Jimmy` punctuates it by taking a wrench to a very fragile looking glass assembly inside the hilt.
AshleyVonT looks are her calculatingly though. "It’s outside my speciality…how are the relations between the Sartan Tribe and the other Tribes?"
Alexandra nods at Jimmy and smiles slightly. "May I be helpink with that?"
Jimmy‘ hands it over. "Well, I’m thinking I might need to start from scratch on that."
Kolitk coughs, "…We leave them be, they leave us be."
Jimmy‘: "It’s not getting the right temperature needed to purify the mercury I'm piping through it."
AshleyVonT: "If we have to stop there, would you be welcome in?"
Kolitk nods.
Jimmy‘: "I could probably engrave it with some Natural Law, but there’s only so far that goes, you know?"
AshleyVonT glances over at them. "You should use nano-machiens to build it anew from the molecular level."
Alexandra smoothly moves one finger from one end to the other. "Da…am havink id — "
Jimmy‘: "It doesn’t work right. You need to start large and refine down."
Alexandra coldly tilts her head at Ashley and says, "Do not be meddlink in affairs and arts that you have no inklink of."
Kolitk resumes looking at the window, not having the faintst clue as to what the other are now talking about, nor particulary caring one way or the other
Jimmy‘: "It isn’t the effort of making a sword out of metal, it's…"
Jimmy‘ scratches his forehead, lifting up the brim of his hat slightly.
Jimmy`: "Telling metal to be a sword? That’s probably the best way to put it."
Alexandra smirks. "There are levels beink deeper than even molecular. Conceptual levels."
Jimmy‘: "Right. That is, metal remembering when it WASN’T metal."
Jimmy‘: "…Or, metal hoping to not be metal. Or metal dreaming that it isn’t metal."
[OOC] Alexandra: Or a bowling ball dreaming it's a plate of sashimi.
AshleyVonT: "Right, My mistake, I mistoke the mystical, for technical."
Alexandra looks at Jimmy again. "But is not beink mystical, either…"
Jimmy‘: "It’s very technical."
AshleyVonT: "To say 'the metal remembers' sounds very mystical to me…"
Alexandra adjusts her goggles. "Is **analogy."
AshleyVonT: "I see, then, what is it technically that you are doing?"
Alexandra points her fingers in a criss-cross direction. "Exchangink and reformink."
AshleyVonT follows her fingers as if she was hoping some great truth to be revealed. "Alright, how exactly are you doing it?"
Alexandra adjusts her goggles again. The glare from the light returns. "That is classified information. No tellink!"
AshleyVonT: "I'm sure I have the proper clearances."
Kolitk coughs.
Well, i'm sure this will wake some time. Vwoosh, the lander eventually does what it was made to, it lands
Outside, it's lush green forest, a clearing in the heavy forest all around you. The path the map tells you to take is north
Alexandra waves a hand, looking a little bored now. "Oh, phoo, go bother someone else with clearances. Become alchemist, then you know."
Kolitk unbuckles herself, ten quickly moves out of the landing, hopping out of it onto the ground, then heads off in the correct direction. She knows where she's going, she don't need no map. >.>
AshleyVonT follwos the Mithra, she knows that experiences is likely more useful than maps.
the maid follows after her, actually, the maid follows infront of her.
[OOC] Peter‘`: Bye, Jimmy.
JayM: So, where /exactly/ is Kol leading them? The map’s indication actually goes through her village, and it's actually the most straight path. Is she taking another path?
[OOC] Alexandra: In space, no one can hear you scream.
Kolitk is going to stick to the path, for the most part. Well, until she trailss off of it, cutting around the first village, both t continue on to the path quicker, and avoiding going through her home village.
[OOC] Kolitk: that must not have gotten through before I DC'd.
AshleyVonT follows the Mithra.
That'd likely add a day or two to already week-long travel, actually. And the scene closes as our heroes dive in the dense woods of Amazonia! //

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