O R D 6

JayM: So, last time we saw our intrepid heroes, Jimmy had just laid a perfect keylogger in Kale's computer to get the date the need, however, as they went out in the backyards they managed to ge ambushed by Kale himself! And look at that, he's going at you, bloodthirsty, with a GRAPPLING HOOK!
JayM: And we start this session… With a battle!
JayM: Battle order: Kisro:21 Shintetsu_Gale:19 Alexandra:15 Koltik:15 Jimmy:9
JayM: And in any case, we'll use the dicescript
JayM: Because I don't feel like moving the game around
[OOC] Kisro: Dangit… Hold… on…
JayM: I can roll for ya if you want
[OOC] Kisro: Uh… dhakjfhkjsadsa…
// Kisro baps his blitzballs into the air and whacks them full force towards the evil thing.
[OOC] Kisro: 2#1d6 + 26
JayM: I can roll for ya if you want
JayM: Oops
JayM: (1d100) 3.
JayM: (1d100) 83.
JayM: What's the ACC?
JayM: And a crit over there
[OOC] Kisro: 116 ACC
JayM: And a miss
JayM: (1d6+26x2) 54.
[OOC] Kisro: Durn it. >.<
JayM: And Shin manages to evade nimbly one of the balls, but gets wacked right in the head with one of them!
[OOC] Kisro: … Who's Shin?
Shintetsu quickly maneuvers his floatboard around, throws his grappling hook and nimbly attempts to sweep Koltik's feet from under her!
JayM: (1d100) 71.
JayM: (1d6+20) 26.
JayM: (1d100) 58.
JayM: And Koltik suffers 26-Arm damage, and it's now Unaware(2)!
[OOC] JayM: Giz: Shintetsu is the first name of the villain you've been seeking this whole time. Kale, or Gale, that's spelled right
JayM: Alexandra!
[OOC] Kisro: Gotcha. <3
JayM: Alexandra!!!!
Alexandra whips out her short swords and glares the Qu down. "You will beink sorry for this." She lunges for him, slicing madly. "YAARR!" ((2 x 10 + d10))
JayM: (1d100) 41.
JayM: (1d100) 61.
JayM: What's your ACC?
[OOC] Alexandra: Keyboard switch dangit. Uh… 31…
JayM: That is… Impossible
JayM: Unless you lack the weapons skills
[OOC] Kisro: … >.< He hasn't leveled up. But RAWRS.
[OOC] Kolitk: Julian wanted ACC + Weapon skill, nto just straight ACC>
[OOC] Jimmy‘: +56, I guess?
[OOC] Kisro: GOD you know Doman bugs me.
JayM: One hit!
[OOC] Alexandra: ^.^
JayM: (1d10+10) 11.
[OOC] Kisro: * Gizmo slaps him.
JayM: Oomph! He felt that!
JayM: Kolitk!
[OOC] Alexandra: * Doman goes flying through the window again!
Kolitk: (d10) 7.
[OOC] Kolitk: yay!
Kolitk: (d100) 74.
JayM: Indeed, two strikes! What’s the CTs?
Kolitk: Hey… 40/75 isn't a number at all! Damn.
[OOC] Kisro: * Gizmo plays with her panda hat tassles.
JayM: It's x0.75
[OOC] Jimmy‘: panda hat?
Kolitk: Hey… 40) isn’t a number at all! Damn.
[OOC] Kolitk: Hm.
JayM: …
Kolitk: (d10+40x0.75) 33.
JayM: Yeah, that
Kolitk: (d10+40x0.75) 37.5.
JayM: Oh, yeah: He has Evader, gimme some ACC rolls
[OOC] Kisro: Grah. Brb-ness. >.<
Kolitk runs up, swinging her spear around and hitting Kale once, then takes a few steps back and thurst it into his side a second time, before stepping all the way back
Kolitk: Hey… 2# isn't a number at all! Damn.
Kolitk: (d100) 32.
Kolitk: (d100) 12.
JayM: Your ACC? Oh, yeah, please: If you all roll some ACC hit please gimme the CoS as I lack them in this internet >_<
[OOC] Kolitk: over 100. I hit. :p
JayM: Yeah, indeed
JayM: And that hurt him severely!
JayM: Jimmy‘!
Jimmy` begins to mix up Acid Rain (-2)
JayM: Goes off now!
Jimmy`: (d100) 8.
JayM: And wow, that HITS and very cooly!
Jimmy` tosses down at a canister at Shintetsu’s feet, and it explodes into a shower of faintly glowing water particles, which rain down on him!
Jimmy‘: (d8+48) 52.
Jimmy`: (d100) 24.
Jimmy`: 75%-meva poison.
[OOC] Kisro: Back. :3
JayM: Vwoosh! That hurt, a ton. And he seems to be slightly sick now…
JayM: Round ends!
[OOC] Jimmy`: Ignores MARM, just so you remember. :D
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U)
JayM: Battle order: Kisro:22 Jimmy:14 Koltik:12 Shintetsu_Gale:11 Alexandra:7
JayM: Kisro!
Kisro keeps a small note to himself not to go sniffing around Jimmy’s stuff before dealing another double whammy of hits at the Qu.
JayM: Oops, I used too many parameters.
[OOC] JayM: Grah, didn't work, wait
JayM: (1d100) 9.
JayM: (1d100) 15.
[OOC] Kisro: Boo-YAH!
JayM: Wow, crit and hit, mister doggity!
[OOC] Kisro: * Kisro rips out Jay's throat. //I'm more feline, rather than canine, Mr. Humanity.

Kisro: ))
JayM: (1d10+26) 30.
JayM: (1d10+26x2) 68.
// OW, Gale is sent flyeing back a few meters, but stops midair in his floatboard, a tad angry "Grr!"
JayM: Jimmy‘!
Jimmy` leaps after him, delivering a chop with his greatsword!
Jimmy`: (d100) 77.
Jimmy`: (89)
Gale nimbly dodges that, as if it was nothing!
JayM: Kolitk! She’s unaware right now!
[OOC] Kolitk: huh?
JayM: She's Unaware still, her Unaware ticked to 1 last round, it was 2
JayM: So, she can use her action to snap out of it
[OOC] Kolitk: … Oh, shit that attack did hit me. Um.
[OOC] Kisro: … I'm wondering if that was supposed to be quippy or not…
[OOC] Kolitk: you knwo that attack I did last time? Pretend it happened THIS round, and last round I was becoming unaware. >_>
JayM: Oh, ok =P
JayM: I KNEW I did something wrong sometime =P
Gale spurs around Alexandra, he shoots his grappling hook at her and starts to go around and around her attempting to entangle her!
JayM: (1d100) 39.
[OOC] Kolitk: yeah. I thought that hit Kisro, acutally. :p
JayM: (1d6+20) 25.
[OOC] Kisro: … wtf, why me? O.o;
JayM: (1d100) 2.
[OOC] Kisro: :D
JayM: And she suffers 25-Arm and is now Disable(4)!
[OOC] Kolitk: started with a K and I wasn't paying full attention
[OOC] Kisro: Or D: rather.
[OOC] Kisro: xD
JayM: And speaking of whom! Her turn!
[OOC] Jimmy‘: alright who brought the bandages
Alexandra goes full force at him again. "If you would just be dyink then we’d be havink easier time!"
[OOC] Kolitk: I didn't. Looka like Alexa is buffing again.
[OOC] Alexandra: Regular attack.
[OOC] JayM: Alexa's Disabled!
[OOC] JayM: Exactly the thing she cannot do =‘`P
[OOC] Alexandra: Gah. Hello to me paying attention!
[OOC] Kolitk: Alechemy circle, bi~itch. :p
Alexandra draws a circle on the nearest thing she can find, mumbling something to herself.
JayM: (1d100) 39.
JayM: And she manages to make a nice circle in the ground ^^
JayM: Round ends!
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U); Alexandra: Disable (3)
JayM: Battle order: Kisro:20 Shintetsu_Gale:14 Jimmy:11 Koltik:10 Alexandra:8
JayM: Kisro!
Kisro growls and once again goes after a double hit with his bouncy balls of doom. Geez… you’d think something like that would die of indigestion or something already…
JayM: (1d100) 29.
JayM: (1d100) 7.
JayM: Wow, Kisro's good today. Hit/crit
JayM: Second hit/crit on a high-Eva Evader enemy!
JayM: (1d8+26) 33.
JayM: (1d8+26x2) 60.
[OOC] Kisro: >3! He's the cat's meow, ain't he?
JayM: OW! Shintetsu's trown around some more! And he seems to be very unhappy with that! He rushes in to punch Kisro in the wherever it is!
JayM: (1d100) 36.
JayM: (1d8+30) 35.
JayM: Jimmy‘!
[OOC] Kolitk: lemme know when we need healplz.
[OOC] Jimmy`: I think I’m going to split a heal between Kisro and Alexa.
[OOC] Kolitk: Works for me, I do more damage anyways.
[OOC] JayM: And I get called in for food, mind you ^^
[OOC] JayM: Back in a moment
Jimmy‘ carefully measures out three drops, and begins mixing… (goes off at 9)
[OOC] Kisro: *shrugs* I don’t think he needs healing, but eh. <3
Kolitk: (d10) 2.
[OOC] Kolitk: Goes off at… 10.
[OOC] Kisro: … And… waiting for Jul. <3
[OOC] Kisro: Cause we can. <3
[OOC] Kisro: Foodstuffs.
[OOC] Kisro: Back… >.>
[OOC] Kolitk: Mm. Actually, are you giving Kisro or me power up this round, Doman?
[OOC] AmineHsu: Sorry I'm late…
[OOC] Kolitk: We're still fighting anyways, don't worry 'bout it. :p
[OOC] Kisro: Kisro.
[OOC] Kolitk: 'Kay, I was gunna delay my attack if not. *nods*
[OOC] Kisro: Bah. Windows. >.< But, yeah. Me. <3 'Cause I'm on the BALL.
[OOC] Kolitk: har.
[OOC] JayM: And back
[OOC] JayM: Okay, who first now?
JayM: Okay, Kolitk's attack first!
[OOC] Kolitk: Enemy, Kolitk, Jimmy.
JayM: No, Gale already punched Kisro!
JayM: Now it's Kolitk!
[OOC] Kolitk: er, whoops. Right!
Kolitk: (d100) 93.
JayM: That is a miss, unless you got 135 ACC
[OOC] Kolitk: .. Huh. 107 ACC. That's probably a miss. >_>
Gale swiftly maneuvers his boards out of range of Kol's strike!
JayM: Jimmy‘!
Kolitk: "Grrrr…"
Jimmy` tosses a mix at Alexandra and Kisro, and a mist of blue particles is emitted!
Jimmy`: (d8+48x0.75) 42.
Jimmy`: (Heal, of course.)
Kisro blinks and stares at the sparkles. Pretty~
JayM: Pretty sparkles all around!
JayM: Alexandra!
JayM: And that’s the fourth time I almost auto-complete it to Aleithilithos
Alexandra nods towards Jimmy. "Right." She claps and catches Kisro's blitzballs in the air, giving them a nice buffing up. "There you go doggie. Fetch now!"
[OOC] Kisro: XD
JayM: Round ends!
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U); Alexandra: Disable (2)
JayM: Battle order: Kisro:18 Shintetsu_Gale:15 Jimmy:14 Koltik:10 Alexandra:7
[OOC] Kolitk: Kisro: Power Up (3) >_>
JayM: Kisro, again, what a surprise ^^
JayM: Oh, that
[OOC] Kisro: <3
JayM: Updated it is
JayM: Now… GO!
Kisro paws at his new balls and chunks them up in the air. Lets see how good the russian really is.
[OOC] Kisro: *coughs*
JayM: (1d100) 87.
JayM: (1d00) 1.
JayM: (1d100) 3.
JayM: Ahem
JayM: Hit-crit
JayM: No, Miss/crit
[OOC] Kisro: AWW.
JayM: What's it with Kisro and crits today?
JayM: (1d8+26x2) 60.
JayM: *slam*! That hurts!
[OOC] Kisro: GF to that 3, MR. <3
[OOC] Kolitk: 2.25. >_>
JayM: (1d100) 60.
JayM: Still a miss, as I suppose you're going to GF that miss, right? Not the crit?
[OOC] Kisro: >.< Meanie. You were just being psychic, knowing that I wanted to GF the miss…
JayM: (1d1+29x2.25) 67.5.
[OOC] Kolitk: She was saying GF the 87 into the 3 you accidently rolled. :p
JayM: And that hurts, a ton and more
[OOC] Kisro: Well FIONE.
JayM: I rolled that 3 because you can't roll a d00
[OOC] Kolitk: … rofl I just now noticed the d00
[OOC] Kisro: … *is blind…*
Gale is definetly NOT liking the Kisro! He throws his grappling hook and attempts to entangle him!
Kisro: ))
JayM: (1d100) 67.
JayM: (1d6+20) 23.
JayM: (1d100) 52.
[OOC] Kisro: Uncanny dodge is used, yes?
JayM: Yes, it is
JayM: (1d100) 19.
[OOC] Kisro: :3
JayM: Well, doesn't triggers, sadly
[OOC] Kisro: 3:
JayM: Well, look at that, 23-Arm and Disable (4) for the Labayu!
[OOC] Kolitk: .. We forgot to roll my guardian before to, 'cause I thought you hit someone else. Oh well.
JayM: Jimmy‘!
Jimmy` attacks Gale!
Jimmy`: (d100) 55.
Jimmy`: (89)
JayM: That is definetly a miss
JayM: Actually, I don’t think you can even hit short of a crit, Jimmy
JayM: Kolitk!
Kolitk: (d10) 6.
[OOC] Kolitk: graw. ;_; CT-2
[OOC] Kolitk: wait. DELAYING.
[OOC] Kisro: x3;;
[OOC] Kolitk: until after Alexa. >_>
JayM: then… Alexa!
Alexandra sighs and draws another circle. "This is beink annoyink."
[OOC] Kolitk: Buffs plz!
[OOC] Alexandra: I am, I am…
[OOC] Kisro: … Jay?
JayM: No, it's Alexa's turn
JayM: what the eff is she doing?
[OOC] Kolitk: you only draw the circle once, then it last for 6 rounds.
JayM: Yeah
[OOC] Alexandra: Brain-fart. Buffs for Kol.
[OOC] Kolitk: and buffs are auto-hit once you get the circle up. yay, buffs!
[OOC] Kisro: XDD Doman was distracted. By nachos. <3
[OOC] Kolitk: ah.
JayM: And i'm reminded that I should place the circle's duration in the Status Phase =P
Kolitk: (d100) 98.
[OOC] Kolitk: … WTF, /me crys
[OOC] Kisro: …
Gale not even had to see the attack to dodge that one
Kolitk: "…"
JayM: End round!
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U); Alexandra: Disable (1), Alchemical Circle (3); Kisro: Power Up (2), Disable(3); Kolitk: Power Up(3)
JayM: Battle order: Shintetsu_Gale:19 Kisro:15 Jimmy:14 Koltik:13 Alexandra:12
Kolitk: "… Are you Surrre you did that corrrectly, Alexnadrra?"
JayM: And OMFG, Gale goes first!
Gale pulls out his grappling hook, and tries to sweep Jimmy‘s feet from under him!
JayM: (1d100) 29.
JayM: And hey, he’s now Unaware(2)!
Jimmy‘ tumbles to the floor.
JayM: Kisro!
Alexandra sniffs in her direction. "Of course! It own fault that you can’t hit anything! My 'buffs' are not deservink of you!"
JayM: Eh… He's Disabled… What means he can't do eff but Escape Actions for now
Kolitk shakes her head.
JayM: Just, hum… Skip over your turn?
Kisro rolls his eyes plays with his balls lazily. Onwards, sweet butterfly…~
[OOC] Kolitk: yep. Then Jimmy becomes not unaware, so… me!
[OOC] Kisro: Yesh.
Kolitk: (d10) 3.
JayM: Aye, Jimmy returns, then Kol
JayM: That's one hit, I think
Kolitk: (100) 6.
JayM: Wow, I think that hits
[OOC] Kolitk: … bah. waste of a crit
Kolitk: (d100) 51.
Kolitk: (d10+40) 47.
JayM: OW, that hurt!
Kolitk runs up, swinging her spear around, smacking Gale in the sidfe before stepping back a bit. "…I think it just threw off the weight for a second…"
Gale seems to get angryer "You're so ketting into my neves…"
JayM: Alexandra!
JayM: And for the fifth time I ALMOST auto-complete Aleithilithos. Next time i'll get him kicked before session starts >_<
[OOC] Kolitk: lol, or don't use auto-complete and jsut call ehr Alexa, like I do. :p
[OOC] JayM: * Pull's Gizmo's seat a bit to the side and places another chair there, so Doman can type faster
[OOC] Kolitk: /me steals Doman's nachos, again!
Alexandra looks around boredly and buffs herself. "I be havink to do it myself."
[OOC] Kisro: :P Sorrrr-EE.
JayM: Yay!
JayM: Round ends!
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U); Alexandra: Disable (cured), Alchemical Circle (2), Power Up (3); Kisro: Power Up (1), Disable(2); Kolitk: Power Up(2)
JayM: Battle order: Kisro:20 Shintetsu_Gale:19 Jimmy:15 Koltik:14 Alexandra:9
Kolitk notices a distinct lack of well, anyone but herself doing anything now and sighs.
JayM: Kisro… That can't do jack-diddy. Gale delays, until 1! Jimmy‘!
Kisro continues playing around with his blitzballs and singing to himself about butterflies…
[OOC] Jimmy`: Who needs healin?
[OOC] Kisro: 54/71 here.
[OOC] Jimmy`: Anyone else? I’m thinking I'll split it three ways.
Gale growls with anger "THAT IS IT, This is over now!" he says. He kicks his floatboard, a second pair of thrusters come online! He pulls out what seems to be a 2-inch staff, but then an end opens, revealing a powerful energy blade! SoS-Agi-Up! Slammer unlocked!
[OOC] Kolitk: i'm at 50/63 with devil's brand. :p
[OOC] Kisro: Oh yeah. I have DB also. >.>;;
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Wait. Evader means I have to roll to-hit on autohit abilities, right?
[OOC] Kolitk: Yes sir.
[OOC] Jimmy`: aww…
[OOC] Kolitk: hence me crying at the 93 and 98 I rolled earlier. ;_;
Jimmy` attacks normally!
Jimmy`: (d100) 50.
Jimmy`: It’s a miss!
Indeed, because now Gale moves around even FASTER
JayM: Kolitk!
Kolitk wonders why he went into SOS in the middle of the round when no one attacked him… but sets up the combo (maybe?)
Kolitk: (d10) 2.
[OOC] Kolitk: bah
[OOC] JayM: Because of Poison damage
[OOC] Kolitk: Still. That would be during the status phase, not the middle of the round, man!
Kolitk: (d100) 27.
Kolitk: (d100) 65.
Kolitk: (d10+40) 49.
[OOC] Jimmy‘: He forgot
Kolitk growls a bit, stabbing kale one in the gut befoer stepping back.
[OOC] JayM: Except I do the Status phase/init phase before calculating the damage of Poison
[OOC] JayM: That wasn’t the middle of the round, just the order I do things
JayM: Well, that was a hit, and for quite a bit of damage!
JayM: Alexandra!
Alexandra glares and kicks the dirt. "I am havink no fun." She looks around at the group. (( Who wants 'em? ))
[OOC] Jimmy‘: No buffs for me.
[OOC] Kolitk: rebuff Kisro or yourself for when disable ticks away.
Kisro grabs the balls from Kisro again. "Good for nothink doggie."
JayM: That should end the round nice and round!
JayM: Except for that wrong windor there, Doman
[OOC] Kisro: My fault. x3;;
JayM: Now, time for Gale! He hits the ground with his weapon, sending a wave at Kolitk!
JayM: (1d100) 92.
JayM: But that didn’t do anything!
JayM: Round ends!
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U); Alexandra: Alchemical Circle (1), Power Up (2); Kisro: Power Up (3), Disable(1); Kolitk: Power Up(1)
JayM: Battle order: Shintetsu_Gale:18 Alexandra:16 Kisro:14 Koltik:10 Jimmy:8
JayM: Gale won't forgive this time! He rushes at Kisro, with his Slammer blaring!
JayM: (1d100) 8.
JayM: (1d12+50) 51.
The Slammer cuts deep, right though Kisro's armor! It's a Piercing attack!
JayM: Alexandra!
Kisro frowns and licks helplessly at his wound.
Alexandra grins evilly and unleashes pent up wrath upon him. "DIE."
JayM: (1d100) 78.
JayM: (1d100) 60.
JayM: Your ACC?
JayM: Because, to make it faster: 52 EVA and Evader, warn me if you miss
[OOC] Alexandra: 85
JayM: Alexandra is another one that just cannot hit him, short of a crit ^^
JayM: Two misses
JayM: Kisro! Still disabled so… Kolitk!
Alexandra whines.
Kolitk: (d10) 3.
Kolitk: (d100) 30.
Kolitk: (d100) 23.
[OOC] Kolitk: YES!
Kolitk: (d10+40) 46.
JayM: That is a hit, and likely a Blind!
[OOC] Kisro: Wrong window. Again. But somehow it fits. xDD
JayM: He growls with the pain
JayM: Jimmy‘!
[OOC] Jimmy`: Alright, HP calls, everyone?
Kolitk runs up to Gale, then grabs her spear and swings the buttend at Kales head, stepping back after a satisfing *THUD* is head.
[OOC] Kisro: I… have 6 HP left. ;-;
[OOC] Kolitk: yep, blind! :D :D :D
[OOC] Kolitk: … 6?! Why didn’t you warn me or Jimmy? o_O
He blinks, and shakes his head "You are so koink to be sorry!"
Jimmy‘ mixes up Heal, and chucks at it at Kisro!
Jimmy`: (d8+48) 51.
Kolitk: "…Not if you can’t hit me. heh."
JayM: Kisro's healed!
JayM: Round ends!
JayM: Status Phase - Gale: Poison (U), Blind(3); Alexandra: Alchemical Circle (over), Power Up (1); Kisro: Power Up (2), Disable(cured); Kolitk: Power Up(over)
JayM: Battle order: Kisro:22 Jimmy:14 Shintetsu_Gale:13 Alexandra:13 Koltik:9
JayM: Kisro!
[OOC] Kisro: Sorry.. Distracted. Uhm…
JayM: Kisro! Gizmo!
Kisro growls and tosses his balls again.
[OOC] Kisro: 'Cause I was distracted! It was thanks to the stupid Piercing. >.<
JayM: (1d100) 37.
JayM: (1d100) 60.
JayM: What's your ACC again?
Kisro: 116
JayM: Oh, fug. Nobody can hit him now >_<
JayM: Nobody but Kolitk can hit him short of a crit >_<
JayM: Two misses!
JayM: Jimmy‘!
JayM: And I think I totally fail at monster-making
[OOC] Kisro: … I AGREE.
Jimmy` chucks a sleep powder.
[OOC] Kisro: Brb. Dishes.
Jimmy`: (d100) 5.
[OOC] Kolitk: rofl
[OOC] Kisro: … :D
JayM: Indeed!
JayM: Crit!
Jimmy`: "…He was getting annoying." Jimmy shrugs.
JayM: He is now Sleep (4)!
Kolitk blinks. "…Huh."
Kisro looks at the kid and nods gruffly. Mm.
Gale falls off his board, snoozing
JayM: He’s snoozing, so no turn! Alexandra!
Alexandra looks down at him and turns to the rest of the party. "…maybe we could be draggink him off?"
Kolitk: "So… Um. What now?" Kolitk blnks, then looks between Jimmy and Alexandra.
Jimmy‘: "He’d wake up…"
JayM: Didn't you guys had a Clever Plan(tm)?
JayM: I knew you guys had last session
Jimmy‘ creeps up to him and takes the board. :D
It’s tied in his boots
You'd better do that carefully, if you don't wanna wake him up
Alexandra stoops down and scribbles a circle in the ground. "Wait. Can be takink that off…if lucky…"
Jimmy‘: "Well, we need him to log onto his computer…"
JayM: I’d say something like Stealth, to take off the board
[OOC] Alexandra: The board's metal?
[OOC] Alexandra: Or Intuitive Magic. :D
[OOC] JayM: And just to tease, the board is an actual accessory
JayM: No, it's made of metal and plastic, to be lightweight to fly fast
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Is the WEAPON part tied, too? Because Jimmy equips all. He could totally equip that.
[OOC] Alexandra: …it’s still metal? :D
JayM: Only parts, like the engines and cables, the main body is plastic =P
JayM: The weapon ain't, nope
[OOC] Alexandra: Boo.
[OOC] Alexandra: any teeth fillings?
[OOC] Alexandra: Kidding. Alright, now…
[OOC] Jimmy‘: So how hard would it be to loot the weapon?
[OOC] Kisro: I got Stealth!
JayM: It’s just laying there, he's still got the grip but, eh, it should be easy to snatch the weapon
JayM: Or the skate. Really, a simple non-modded Stealth and you can grab it
Kisro plays fetch with the board. Stealthily.
JayM: (1d100) 10.
Kolitk blinks, then lowers the point of her spear down to Kales neck, incase he decides to wake up. >_>
JayM: Congratualtions! You just got a Galerider Floatboard! It’s a nifty accessory that grands Auto-Accelerate and Auto-Float!
[OOC] Kisro: Who needs GF when you have Kis? :D?
JayM: And the timer of his sleep ticks down 1, as well as all the other statuses
JayM: What now?
Jimmy‘: "…Run?"
Jimmy`: "…Or get his weapon. That would be nice."
[OOC] Alexandra: * Alexa looks over at Kis. "Meet the Jetsons. And their dog Astro."
Kolitk: "…Maybe knock him out, or tie him up so he doesn’t come afterr us? Yes, getting his weapon would be nice, aswell…""
[OOC] Alexandra: Auto-float? Get it?!
Kisro paws at the board happily.
Alexandra puffs out her chest. "We no runnink. Weapons are beink good."
JayM: So, i'd be a Stealth roll and another turn to get that weapon
Kisro looks over at the group and shurgs. Sneak attack, volly two.
[OOC] Kolitk: you are the siblings diceroll/script. :p
JayM: (1d100) 63.
JayM: Your skill's not that high, is it?
[OOC] Kisro: 54%
[OOC] Kisro: GF!!
JayM: Will you?
JayM: (1d100) 95.
[OOC] Kisro: …
[OOC] Kolitk: he gave you a +10, didn’t he?
JayM: Nope, no +10
[OOC] Jimmy‘: The. Uh…
[OOC] Jimmy`: Oops.
[OOC] Kolitk: Oh. Um.. use the class ability that stacks with GF!
JayM: He gets it at level 8
[OOC] Kisro: I dun have it yet, I… Yeh…
[OOC] Jimmy`: Use the OTHER GF?
[OOC] Kolitk: >_> I think you woke him up, bad doggy!
[OOC] Jimmy`: Oops.
Well, seems like Kale wasn’t ALL that asleep, it seems! *blam!* Kisro finds out the hard way that sneaking can be dangerous, as Kale wakes up by slamming the weapon right in Kisro's nose!
[OOC] Kisro: Can't. GF only works on one roll once.
JayM: (1d12+50) 54.
JayM: And battle begins anew!
JayM: Battle order: Shintetsu_Gale:20 Kisro:17 Koltik:14 Jimmy:11 Alexandra:8
Kolitk pushes the spears point a little into Kales neck. "Now, now…"
Kisro yelps and scurries off. DANGIT!
JayM: And Gale took his turn already, so Kisro!
[OOC] Kolitk: aw, dude. I was totally going to intimiade the shit out of him. :(
[OOC] Jimmy‘: I wonder if his evasion went down from lack of board?
He looks like in the verge of a berserker rage now "You are koink down!"
[OOC] JayM: You can try, don’t be intimidate by battle-time ^^
JayM: You can try anything really ^^
[OOC] Alexandra: I have intimidate at 20%
[OOC] Kolitk: I'm just saying, he was on the ground with a spear point to his neck, is all. :p
[OOC] Kolitk: battle starting right back up seemed a bit silly. >_>
[OOC] Kolitk: Well, right. Dman botch.
JayM: Well, yeah, that too. But there was a botch. A failure would have him wake up
[OOC] Kolitk: aaaanyways. Kisro’s turn, yo. >_>
JayM: Yeah. Kisro's turn, indeed
[OOC] Kisro: Sorrrrry… distracted like whoa…
[OOC] Kisro: uh…
Kisro growls and attacks him full force for revenge…
JayM: (1d100) 78.
JayM: (1d100) 22.
JayM: That is… Oh, hell, let's call that one hit
JayM: (1d8+26) 28.
[OOC] Kisro: :3
He seems to be very off now
JayM: Kolitk!
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Did you count poison damage for the two turns he was asleep? :D
JayM: Oy, that too
JayM: That was a good 15 points of Poison damage in both turns
Kolitk: (d10) 10.
[OOC] Kolitk: wewt
JayM: Yay!
Kolitk: (d100) 54.
Kolitk: (d100) 96.
[OOC] Kolitk: hit, botch
JayM: Only one hit, sadly
Kolitk: (d10+40x0.75) 34.5.
JayM: He resists… BRAVELY!
Kolitk pushes the spear point further into Kale’s neck, groiwling a little, "…Stay DOWN!"
JayM: Jimmy‘!
Jimmy` attacks!
JayM: Now, now… Let’s consider him Imprisioned by Kolitk!
JayM: (1d100) 31.
JayM: That's a missy-oh!
JayM: Alexandra!
Alexandra attacks him.
JayM: (1d100) 80.
JayM: (1d100) 84.
JayM: Oh, know what? Let's call that a nice and clean hit!
JayM: Because I damn well don't wanna go through a fight with him with just 7 HP left =P
[OOC] Kolitk: lol, and he’s imprisoned ayways, so… >_> )
JayM: Battle over!
Jimmy‘: LOOT ROLL!
JayM: And you got your drop before, you Very Rare, even
Jimmy`: no wait
Jimmy`: Kisro should roll it.
JayM: And EXP/Gil for later, please
JayM: The Board was the Very Rare loot =P
JayM: Anyways, moving on
Jimmy` snags the board, because, hey, Accelerate.
Kisro: PSH NO.
Kisro stole it.
[OOC] JayM: holy damn, respect IC talk!
Kisro gets to keep it.
[OOC] Kisro: SOORRY.
[OOC] Kisro: … >.<
Kisro now floats everywhere~! Whee!
Jimmy` shrugs.
Gale now looks mightly pissed "You’re makink this hard…" he says. He moves quickly, his Slammer beam sword twists, like a whip, and throws Kolitk out of him!
[OOC] Kisro: It's an Access?
He stands up in a second, and pulls out a small spherical device "You're not koink to like this" he says, the thing opens up but… Somebody behind him shouts "STOP!"
Kolitk eeps, just a little, not having expected that and catches herself. She then slams the spear's end into the ground to stabilize herself, giving Kale a little growl.
[OOC] JayM: Yeah, it is
[OOC] Kisro: Suh-WEET.
Behind him is… Mina! Half-dressed in medician clothes, apparently she dressed very quickly and not completely
Mina: "Don't you dare, Gale… You might be angry, but you're not sure even if that thing works…"
Kolitk blinks. "…Gale? I thought it was Kale…"
Kisro blinks and looks up from his board.
Mina looks over at the party "Get out of here… And that's a little joke his friends make, because of his speech pattern"
Kolitk glances back over at Jimmy and Alexa. "…?"
Gale looks at her, his weapon out, the spherical device shimmering and floating at his side "What if I don't want to? And TIRED of those lazy thieves in my house…"
Mina: "The beacon might fail… You don't want to end up like Feryn did! Look, he's on the verge of a break, and took somebody with him!"
Kolitk narrows her eys at that.
Kisro just watches…
He turns over to the party, his right eye twitching "I think I know who to take my anker out on…"
Jimmy‘: "Uhh…"
Kolitk growls at him once again under her breath.
Mina, however, has other plans. With a snap of her fingers she conjures a golden barrier around Gale "Now, stop fighting you all… You there, get outta here, now. Commander Krueger wants to talk to you, right this moment, so get moving!"
She has an extremely bossy voice
Jimmy`: "…Right!"
Jimmy` gets moving.
JayM: To Jimmy` and Alexandra, you might know Krueger. He’s the leader of one of the many fighter fleets of the Oran. Though sometimes he does newbie training!
Kolitk: "…"
[OOC] JayM: Worry not, you lost nothing
JayM: So, what the heck are you doing? Jimmy got moving!
Kolitk is following after Jimmy. Though she'd rather still be beating the hell out of Gale.
[OOC] Kisro: He IS moving. :3
Kisro follows also, trying to adjust to the board…
Alexandra is also obviously following.
It must looks a tad weird, the board's made for a two-legged. But it's large enough for a ronso to lay down, so no problem for Kisro ^^
[OOC] Kolitk: Jimmy didn't get the neato Grappling hook, did he? :(
[OOC] JayM: What? The Grappling Hook? You can have that! Just the Slammer that'd be hard to get
It takes a while, or not that much. Apparently the first elevator you come across already is set to the Military Academy. In there is a very large and buff Varg, in black military uniform. There is also an Ashley over there. The Varg has a very authoritary tone to him "Get in line!" he says, as soon as you're in
[OOC] Kisro: Random off and on from now on… helping my mom out with something…~
[OOC] JayM: No problem
Kolitk stares at the Varg for a minute, wondering what line he's taking about…
He likely wants you and the others go get in a line, there. You know, all military-style =P
Kolitk isn't with the military, nor has she ever been, so. :p
Jimmy‘ gets in a line.
He growls a threatening growl, apparently he lacks patience.
JayM: I suppose Alexa knows the procedures?
Kolitk just stands where she is, not really in a mood to be needlessly bossed around right now.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Cough, My entrance?
[OOC] JayM: You’re there already, likely already in the line
[OOC] JayM: This is the newbie addimitance 'test'
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Does she have her maid with her?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: it's her AC.=>.>=
[OOC] JayM: Oh… Well, still not, it's a goddamn test. She can be waiting outside, though
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Just checking.
He facepalms… "I HATE newbies. Can't you know what the hell is a line? Can't you obey a very simple order?"
He looks at Kolitk and Kisro, I suppose Alexa knows better and got in line already "Get in line, right NOW!"
Kolitk scoffs. "Why?"
Kolitk: "I'm not in the mood."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Just writing up a quick description, real quick
Kolitk tenses a little, while narrowing her eyes.
He looks at her "You're joining the military, //lady. You are going to obey orders want you or not. If you don't, you won't be in the ship. And i'm sure you got reasons to stay here…"//
He narrows his eyes at her "Because, she can't leave our med-bays. And i'm sure you want to be around in case something happens…"
AshleyVonT is there in line already, she loks about 8 years old, wearing a simpl red dress, with a orange trim along the bottom, black stockings, and red shows. around her neck is a orange bandana, with what looks to be a skull ornament holding it in place, she has a pala completion, a and a small face, with her eye, which appear to be red narrowed, her black hair is held back into two large stylized pigtails, by a orange <-cut
AshleyVonT: cut-> almost tiara looking hair piece., she hold with her, what appears to be a bizzare looking white bunny doll, closer inspection would reveal it to be a bag or purse of some kind.
Kolitk growls, then slams the base end of her spear into the floor with as much force as she can muster. "…And //WHY do I need to join YOUR silly little army?!"//
He grins "Because if you want to be in this ship, you have to join"
Krueger: "Or else, you're free to leave"
Kolitk narrows her eyes even more. "…My people do not serve in others arrrmies."
Krueger: "You'd be happy to find out about the Sartan that live here…" he gets back into more contained position "And as I said. Unless you join, we're dumping you back into the planet"
AshleyVonT glances over at the noisy cat girl and softly mutters. "…dumkoff…"
He looks right at her "But sadly, we can't afford to do that. You little sick friends needs you help. We're not going to let her die because of a mistake of one of our officers. So, we need you here. So, wish you or not, you're joining"
Kolitk blinks. Then blinks again. "…Not that they arre even rrmotely… norrrmal. But. Why must I join yourr arrmy to stay aboarrd this… ship?"
[OOC] JayM: Friend, not friends
Krueger: "This is a military ship. Either you get the training and join it, or you can't be in it. This is your boot camp, it's going to be faster than you ever guessed"
Kolitk: "…Do civilains not sometimes worrk on militarry compounds?"
He turns now to ignore Kolitk, and starts explaining "Do no mix up civilian life and with military life in the Oran. Here, all of his have their function ins the ship. //Everyone is part of the military here. It doesn't matter to us what the heck you do when you're off military duty either, it doesn't matters if you're an assassin or the greatest thief, you're still a god damn fighter pilot. You can be the <-cut
JayM: cut-> richest man around, you're still stuck at maintenenace duty
Kolitk leans against a wall, likely ignoring the Varg at this point, just fuming.
Krueger: "Everyone here has three assigned duties… Basic Duty, Battle Station, Planetary Assignment. You're also going to be assigned a Special Operations group"
He slits his eyes, with a quick movement draws out a rusty katana from it's sheath, twacking Kolitk's forehead with strenght like she never saw before "You will learn to obey, be sure"
[OOC] JayM: Shoud be the side of the head
[OOC] Kolitk: heh.
[OOC] JayM: Also? Remember I told we'd have a Power Rangers cameo here? That's it
Kolitk quickly flips the butt end of her spear into the man stomach, the second the blade hits her forehead, "And perhaps you will learrn to //listen."//
AshleyVonT steps aside, as the Mithra is prolly about to laid out on the floor in half a second.
Kolitk glares at him, shifting a little and sliding away fomr him and the wall. "I…'obey' only the tribes queen."
Oh no, he quickly blocks it, with little effort, he growls as he literally manages to throw her spear off her hands "You're untrained, //lady"//
[OOC] JayM: Eh, just to say, there's a nifty 12/13 levels different between you two
[OOC] Kolitk: I know. He'd probably kick my ass. Doesn't mean Kolitk wouldn't go down fighting the whole way. :p
He returns to explaining "You are going going to go through a small traning, to see what you can do. Each one of you is going through a minimal test to see what you can do…" he turns to Kolitk "Your turn first. You're a warrior, get your weapon"
Kolitk shurgs, then goes abck to leaning against the wall. "I am not taking parrt in yourr militarry. I would be glad to offerr assitance, but I will //not be joining it."//
He isn't leaving a chance for you not to act, he lunges at you, ready to deliver a dangerous blow
Kolitk watches him, just waiting. Though the wind seems to be kicking up around her, jsut a bit.
He lands a quick slash at her, but, that's not all, the shadow of a second slash in a cross formation hits her too, paralyzing her completely! She's definetly Stop right now
Kolitk: (d100) 99.
[OOC] Kolitk: fuck you, dice script. I wanted an excuse to counter that. :(
Kolitk is Stopped. So, not doing much of anything. :p
He sheathes the katana, and turns back to the rest of the party. He looks at Ashley "You're next… Let's get into somewhere more private for your test" he leads you out back into another room
[OOC] Kisro: Grah. Sorry.
Nothing really happens there, he at most grumbles about you being forced to work here. And tells you to pretend something happened
AshleyVonT: "Sir." she follow after him.
AshleyVonT says she'll make it good.
Next: "one" he points at Kisro, and snaps a finger, the room changing a bit to a small field with cameras and boxes and whatnot over in that side "Go past the cameras, without being seen"
JayM: Shit, mistyped the aluias
JayM: Anyways, not really needs a roll there, Kisro, just describe how you ace through that stealth test
AshleyVonT take her place back in line, smirks slightly at the Mithra, frozen inplace.
Her Stop should be around half for now. Really, should wear out when Kisro's done
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Can I run off to bed?
[OOC] Jimmy`: I have school tomoz, yo.
[OOC] JayM: Sure, Alexa and Jimmy don’t need a test either ^^
[OOC] AshleyVonT: bah, wez 2kool 4skool
[OOC] JayM: As a note, Jimmy's getting a higher clearance level after this is done
[OOC] Kolitk: whut whut.
JayM: We assume the off-world Kisro aces it a lot, just in time for Kolitk to return to her senses
[OOC] Jimmy‘: woo
[OOC] Jimmy`: Infrared?
[OOC] JayM: Nope, Engineering Level 2 =``P
Kolitk stays ’Frozen' in place for now.
Krueger: "Ah… Back to the world, aren't you //lady
? Ready to show me you can actually fight?"
// Kisro looks over at the man before seemingly disappearing from his sights out of thin air. The grass - in which I'm assuming is somewhat tall - in the 'field' look as if the wind is just barely blowing it as he then changes course and appears behind the man and pounces on him from behind, paw pressing into the back of his head. The cameras show nothing as he slowly gets off the man and flicks his tail at him before going behi
The wind starts to pick up around Kolitk once more, though she continues to stand there, neither moving nor really breathing at the moment.
[OOC] Kolitk: cut off at 'behi'
[OOC] Kisro: Which behi-? xD?
[OOC] Kolitk: "and flicks his tail at him before going behi"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: flick his tail at him
He notices a difference in her. So he decies he's going to show off too. He starts with his katana in a vertical circular motion, getting set to see what's she's up to
[OOC] Kisro: Behind Ashely. //Stupid creatures.

Kisro: ))
// Kolitk rolls her eyes, then resuming glaring at the man and takes a breath again. "…Again."
This time, the attack is different, his blade charges with energy and he strikes a her!
JayM: Let us assume it works
JayM: Your unique thingy, I mean
Kolitk takes the hit. Doesn't even move to avoid it, really.
Strange, the hit wasn't anything hard, really. It was rather soft, but still leaves a bit of a wound
The wind immediatly kicks up very stongly as she is hit, though. A split second later, she's coverd in soft, green sparkleys and quickly moves on hand and flicks the Katana out of the Varg's hand, then moves her out hand to grab his neck, squeesing tightly. She narrows her eyes a little and growls once again.
[OOC] Kisro: Bed really soooon, guys. So… >.>;;
Kisro sniffs lightly at Kol's fancy trick. …Show-off.
He lets it all happen, and just smirks. Not a second later, Kolitk can feel like a car hit her in the chest, the cut now seems to blast with energy. Not eneough to get her damaged, but enough to knock the grip
[OOC] Kisro: Yea for hypocrits~!
JayM: Because for a Limit, you counter with a Limit
Kolitk coughs, sinking her claws into his neck before letting go, gasping for breath.
[OOC] Kisro: ooh. That reminds me, I most likly have my limit… >.>;;
Kolitk coghs once again, lifting her head up, jsut a bit. "…Not bad. Forr a male…" *cough*
[OOC] Jimmy‘: Night, me. Night, Giz.
Kisro wonders if he’s dismissed yet…
[OOC] Kisro: Night~! <3
[OOC] Kolitk: Night. Jimmy and Kisro are both p[retty quiet anyways. :p
[OOC] AshleyVonT: NIGht Peter, Night…Giz?
[OOC] Kisro: xD
Kolitk shakes her head once, then swiftly moves her elbow to connect with the Varg's groin. >.>
[OOC] Kisro: I hafta gets to bed soon, yes Amine. <3 This is being logged and junk. Just post it up and I'll catch up on it. But I really have to get some sleep. x3;;
Kisro: ))
He barely takes a step back, moves a feet up, and it causes Kolitk to tumble down
He smirks "Do not tease your superiors…" he returns to explaining, not even a fazed by the attack "Kolitk, your Basic Duty is corridor security in sector 54-A of Med Bays. Battle Station is the same, and wherever you're told to go. Planetary duty is as a Warrior" he turns to Kisro "Your Basic Duty is Maintenance crew. Your Battle Station is with Salvage Team Delta 4. Your Planetary Duty is Advanced Scout" he <-cut
JayM: cut-> turns to Ashley "Your Basic Duty is in Intelligence. Your Battle Station is in Salvage Team Beta 2"
Kolitk catches her self, then sits up, coughing a few more times.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Ashley's Planetary duty? )
Kisro frowns and sniffs. Maintenance?! Scout? God forbid, the lion become a top ranking officer, thanks.
He looks at Jimmy and Alexandra "You know your Basic Duty, Engineering research. You two are getting clearance level 2. Alexa, your planetary duty as Mecha Pilot is being amplied to inglobe field engineering. You know your post as a Tracker and NAvigator in planet already //
He spreads his arms to you all "You're all assigned to the Special Operations team Goldstar 9" he hands out to everyone a hand-comm "These are you comms, in case we need to talk to you"
Kolitk stares up at him for a second, still sitting on the ground, then smacks the comm out of his hand when offered to her. (presumably last.)
AshleyVonT takes it, I'm guessing it's something like a cell phone, so after looking it over, she puts it inside the bunny.
Kisro rolls his eyes and wonders how the heck he's going to use a HAND comm…
Krueger: ""Your first duty as Special Operations team will be given to you tomorrow" he turns to Kolitk "You're being called in the Med-Bays where your friends is, they want you there alone. The rest of you? Dismissed""
AshleyVonT: "Sir!"
Strangely, Kisro's comm is actually made to fit his wrist, and hey, he can paw it's buttons to make it works
Kisro wanders off, the hand comm in his mouth… and now that he thinks about it… he can't really talk either…
Kolitk coughs once, spits in Kruegers directin, then raises to her feet quickly and stocks off, grabbing ehr spear on her way over to the medical bay.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: err that was just a respounse, not she's calling him, too much military
Krueger just sighs at that, damn irresposible newbies
Kolitk totally left the comm behind, too. :p
[OOC] JayM: So, right now, it's a bit of personal plot between me and Kol, for the rest of you, session's over
[OOC] Kolitk: lemme go check on dinner right quick.
[OOC] Kisro: Right. I'm guessing we can figger out how he's gunna communicate with the rest of them later? xD?
AshleyVonT walks out of the room, outside a woman wearing a french maid's outfit is waiting for her. "Seems things were already in place, a shame really, it might have ben fun to show off a little."
[OOC] JayM: Mainly that can also work in a one-way manner
In the med bay, in the door of where Suka is, Mina waits "And, you're here" she looks as your wounds "Full-cure!" she says, and she's totally back to full health "We need your help with Suka, come in" she then leads you inside
Kolitk sighs, setting her spear against the wall as she walks in. "…What is wrrong?"
Mina: "I cannot tell what exactly is up. It's top secret information. However, what I can tell is. She has a dangerous disease, and might die"
Kolitk sighs, then punches a wall, frusturated.
Inside, Suka is in a bed, surrounded by machinery. Four medicians are around her, in a meditation stance. In a bed right next to her is Feryn, with the same setup around him. By his side is a Sahagin, with a Valefor puppet in his right hand
[OOC] AshleyVonT: 0.0
[OOC] Kolitk: … Oh, Julian. Did you serious just put Kolitk and Feryn in the same room, right now? This is not going to end well, lol.
[OOC] JayM: Oh, I am. Don't worry, you got a level 65 White MAge with Shield right there =‘`P
Kolitk notices Feryn out of the corner of her eye, then punches the wall ocne more, with a great deal more force, "Aarrrgh!"
[OOC] Kolitk: oh, you bastard. :p
The sahagin faces up at Kolitk’s shout, he immediatly lunges at her, but a golden wall rises between both "What did you do to him!" he shouts, as he slams in the wall
Kolitk turns around, grabbing her spear with her other hand, then snaps in half, staring at Feryn.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: <Ashley>"Are you always this noisy?"
Kolitk throws the back half of the spear, well, staff pole, at the barrier, then growls angerly as it bounces off.
Mina: "You two, stop fighting. It is like this, Kolitk. Feryn's disease had strange side-effects on Suka, their minds are linked right now, and it's dangerous to undo it"
Mina has a small vein appear in her forehead. "Charm…" she says slowly, and suddenly Kolitk can feel like her body stops responding. She does the same with the Sahagin and makes you both SIT STILL in a pair of chairs there
Kolitk sighs, then growls at Feryn once agan, throwing the other end of the spear at the barrier, then watches as it once again harmless bounces away.
Kolitk then goes over and quietly sits in a chair.
Mina: "Now listen. Suka and Feryn are at risk of dyeing. Rivan, you know what's up, her mind linked to his it's making it worse. Kolitk, Feryn has a terminal disease, and it's tryeing to consume Suka. For now, we'll attempt to remove the mental link, but we might cause extense psychological damage, enough to destroy their egos"
Kolitk just nods her head, with a very distant look on her face.
[OOC] Kolitk: yay, you came back!
[OOC] JayM: Okay, I did
[OOC] JayM: Now, what was the last line you saw?
Kolitk just nods her head, with a very distant look on her face.
Mina looks at Kolitk and Rivan "So get ready to the ritual. Kolitk, sit by Suka, Rivan, sit by Feryn"
Byt this time, she has released her magical grip on you
Kolitk nods, moving closer to Suka, distant look still on ehr face. yay, charm!
JayM: Oh, no. She already released the Charm on you. She just wanted to prevent you from being aggressive
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Kolitk thinks she still being charmed! ]
Mina: "Just stay there now… It'll take forever, do you want some assistance to sleep?"
[OOC] Kolitk: Wait, no more charm? >_>
[OOC] JayM: Yeah, after she sat, and listened, Charm got turned off
Kolitk , you realize, still going to hurt Feryn, a lot. Though, none leathly, what with the mind link, so… she settles for reaching over, and then snapping his knee cap, by breaking a leg. >_>
[OOC] AshleyVonT: isn't there a shield there?
[OOC] Kolitk: Shie;d.
[OOC] Kolitk: Shield expired.
[OOC] Julian: Okay, last thing I saw as Ice askinf if there was no more charm
Kolitk , you realize, still going to hurt Feryn, a lot. Though, none leathly, what with the mind link, so… she settles for reaching over, and then snapping his knee cap, by breaking a leg. >_>
[OOC] AshleyVonT: is there still shield?
JayM: (1d100) 13.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: if it's IM magic she can sustian it as logn as she has Mana.
[OOC] Kolitk: she thought Kolitk was being good. :p So it went off along with the charm.
Mina seems to get very angry, by the time she notices Kolitk is about to do something, she quickly sends both Kolitk and Feryn to a trip to lala-land with a puff of Dream Powder
[OOC] Kolitk: I thought Julian mentioned the shield dropping?
Kolitk sleeps. Zzzz/
[OOC] JayM: I never did, but hey, that's ok
[OOC] Kolitk: I was expecting Mina to be quicker anyhow. :p
Mina: "Oh, for heaven's sake. We got two terminal patients here and people tryeing to kill eachother… Is this the curse of the Agemo?" she sighs "Okay, everyone, get ready. This is going to be the the hardest psych operation //ever
// With that, the scene closes as they all start it //

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