O R D 28
ORD - Session 28
Kolitk is sitting in her room, not answering her door when it is knocked on.
Doman: back!
[OOC] JayM: Let those two finish their part
[OOC] Doman: … I didn't quite realize this was —
AshleyVonT knocks more harder.
AshleyVonT is all dressed up nicely. //"Kolitk! Are you ready for the cerimony?"
Kolitk: "… No?"
AshleyVonT: "You're a Mithra, it doesn't matter, you could come naked and I doubt anyone would realize soemthing was wrong."
[OOC] JayM: BTW, the ceremony will have you in your social military uniforms… Something you probably never took out of your lockers ever since you've joined the Oran
Kolitk: "…"
Kolitk: "Go away."
AshleyVonT is indeed in her social military uniform. "Are you seriously going to stand the King of Earth up? There are going to be alot of important people there, if there was anything you wnated, thta would be the place to ask."
Kolitk shrugs. "Thiss iss not *my* militarrry, and I carrre not for yourrrr borrring awarrrd cerremonies. I'm busy."
[OOC] Kolitk: ^I am. >_<
AshleyVonT: "Busy doing nothing. Just think about the honor this could bring your tribe."
Kolitk: "I am rrrreading. And I still do not parrrticularly carrre."
AshleyVonT: "…and if you don't show up, What will that say about your tribe? 'They are just a bunch of slackers who don't fufill deadlines, Better not do trade them.'"
Kolitk rolls her eyes hard in the door's direction. "Yess, I am a lazy slackerrrr forrr doing yourrrr militarrrys job forrr it, then not carring about some fancy, boring awarrrd cerrrremony."
AshleyVonT: "All this noblemen, the people who have the money and organize and establish these trade routes, will see is a Mithra who didn't show up. And If you're so opposed to being in the ORD military, why don't you 'go' and ask the 'right' people, people who can actually do soemthing about it, to get you out?"
Kolitk: "… Why do *you* carrre?"
AshleyVonT: "Because if you don't show up, It'll reflect badly on the rest of us. But I doubt you care much for my feelings on the matter, which is why i instead presented what you could stand to gain or lose."
Kolitk grumbles. "Whateverrrr. Alexandrrra and Jimmy had better be therrrrre as well."
AshleyVonT nods, not that Kolitk can see it. Her voice is a bit more cool now. "I'm fairly certian I saw them both dressed and heading that way."
Kolitk: "Fine."
AshleyVonT stands not right outside the door, but nearby, today, for whatever reason, she not only has Eins with her, but two other maids.
Kolitk comes out a good ten or fifteen minutes later, not wearing her stupid standard issuse military dress uniform, but instead her formal dress/ceremony robes and sandles. She still has her spear with her, though, because she never goes anywhere without it. >.>
AshleyVonT nods to her and refers one way. "It's this way, we should hurry lest we be late."
Alexandra‘ stands outside the door. If others are conversing, she looks almost lifeless in comparison. Her attire appears dusty with chalk.
[OOC] Kolitk: And uh… I think I’ve shown that picture of her formal robes to you all before?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: not to me atleast?
[OOC] Kolitk: … It's in the topic of our channel. :p
Kolitk blinks at Alexandra, then just shakes her head and reluctantly follows after Ashley, slowly.
[OOC] JayM: Not really
[OOC] JayM: Not to me, at least. Let me start my side
[OOC] Kolitk: http:/‘`/t-walker.jp/illust/product/tw_a/387/``a38792_zen_1.jpg this one. :p
Alexandra` coughs. "Haff not seen light of outside lab since return."
Kolitk: "Oh. …"
AshleyVonT smiles back at the others. "Well, this should be a refreshing change of pace for all of us."
You all are directed to the master meeting room of Intelligence. According to the information you’ve been given the King himself is not in condition to come as he is in diplomatic mission in Iliria. Yes, correct, right smack in the middle of enemy territorry. Either way, he has sent one of his special advisors instead. A second-in-command as to say
Kolitk grumbles and continues to look displeased.
The ceremony is… Quite formal. The whole of the high-ranking Intelligence staff as well as a few lower-ranking staff is there, all prettied up in formation for you to go through the corridor. You're supposed to make your way through the corridor and on the other side at that stage where a Bangaa female that has more class than you've ever seen before awaits, carrying a case in both her hands. There it's going to be the award
[OOC] JayM: * Julian waits to see of Kol will follow the entire setup
Kolitk just sticks close to Alexandra
AshleyVonT smirks alot and follows formation as she should but keeps an eye on Kolitk to see what she does.
Alexandra‘ gives the occasional cough or sneeze, then almost frantically dusts herself off more each time. It’s plain to see she didn't bother with her appearance today.
Once you've reached there, the Bangaa opens up the case, in there are four knives made of pure silver with a green jewel set on the hilt, carefully engraved in it is the geographical map of EArth. It's quite easy to identify that as a symbol hailing from the EArth Kingdom's banner
[OOC] JayM: Argh, BRB
[OOC] JayM: Back
The bangaa goes over to each one of you, and you notice that Jimmy is missing. First, she stops in front of Alexa, for her to grab the knife. It has a very beautiful sheath to go along. Same procedure with all of you
AshleyVonT takes and bows slightly.
Kolitk: "… No Jimmy. … Bah, if I had known not everrrryone,"
She turns to glare momentarily at Ashley, "Wass going to be here I would not have botherrred."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Only cause Peter never showed up.=`>.>=‘`
Alexandra` nods, receives her knife, then folds her arms behind her back. And coughs once.
JayM: //Following the procedure, Kol?

Kolitk takes the knife with a shrugs.
Representative: "I am today, in the name of the King of Earth, to convey his thanks and congratulation to Sergeant Junior Grade Ashley Von Tschirnhaus, Sergeant Junir Grade Alexandra Zakharov and Commisioned Offier Kolitk"
JayM: To those of you more knowledgeable of the Earth’s military forces: The 'Comissioned Officer' rank is a more or less official post given to hired mercenaries
Representative: "For their deeds of courage and value, as well as their capacity. This congratulation also extends to Sergeant Junior Grade Jimmy Bennet who could not be here with us today"
[OOC] JayM: Give me a moment, finding a name ><
Then, it takes a small while more for the ceremony to end. There is the movement of the troop (of special amusement is how Yate is so nervous he can't keep up wit hthe movement, and how he almost drops his rifle twice)
And finally the ceremony itself ends, leaving just you and the representative alone, in a more casual situation
Representative: "And that… Was that for the ceremony, not my favorite thing"// she totally killed her bangaa accent, threre is no trace of it "Also as a reward you all got a month of vacation, with your stay sponsored, at anywhere within the Oran's hyperwarp gate distance"
Kolitk pulls the knife and inspects the blade. Mostly curious as to if it could cut anything at all.
AshleyVonT nods. "A generoious for those with homes to go back to."
JayM: //Yes, it could. It's a specially sharpened knife using atomic-level engineering. This thing could cleave through anything easely, but it's size and weak composition doesn't allows it's cuts to be at all deadly

JayM: After all, silver ain't been made for combat
Kolitk stabs at a nearby wall and/or table, out of curiosity.
Representative: "Indeed… I think that currently we're not in range of Earth, sadly, what's going to leave me stranded here for a while… But Amazonia and a few other planets are"
Alexandra‘ sneezes. //"…"
The knife cuts through a wooden table like hot knife through butter. Or, it goes up to the hilt in the metal wall, but then gets stuck
JayM: //choose which

Kolitk: "… Hm."
AshleyVonT: "Yes, not that there would be anyone at home if returning to earth was an option for me. My parents are far to busy with their own matters. The Oran is quiet confortable."
Kolitk resheaths the blade with a shurg before attaching it to the belt-like thing around her waist that ins’t the sash..
Representative: "Yes, i know them… Last time I saw them… I think that I— The king actually sent them on a special mission"
AshleyVonT blinks //"Ah…? Really? I hadn't heard…"
Kolitk takes a seat the the table she just cut, then rests her arms on it and her hand in her hands. Kolitk then proceeds to look very, very bored.
Representantive: "Classified matters, though. I cannot say much"
Representative: "Either way, I suggest you go take the chance to enjoy your vacation, meanwhile, I will try to see whatever to do until we're back into Earth's range"
AshleyVonT nods. "I see, It'd likely be nothing but…Ah, I could entertian you tonight if you wished. One of my maids is quite the splendid cook, and We needn't both eat alone."
Alexandra: "…"
Representative: "Ah, it would be incredible, thank you"
Kolitk: "…"
[OOC] JayM: Well… I suppose that as soon as people are done elipsing, we can FF past this?
[OOC] Alexandra: …
[OOC] Alexandra: 'k
[OOC] AshleyVonT: SHe was just offering for him to come over for dinner, sickos.>:E
[OOC] Kolitk: I only did it because Doman did. >_>
[OOC] JayM: Her
[OOC] JayM: Either way
[OOC] Kolitk: /me bleets like a sheep.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: her yeah.,
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Sounds good. Probably just alot of grandstanding on Ashley's part.:p
[OOC] Alexandra: and a lot of awkward coughing on Alexa's part!
Wasn't this a nice month? Vacation, sponsored, for everyone. Plus, no work! But after a month and a week you are once again called in for a mission. Suka is there, reading the mission report in a screen.
[OOC] Kolitk: … >.>
Alexandra‘ … looks worse than before. No chalk dust, at least!
[OOC] JayM: Well, Those in said dinner may notice that the represantative, named Karen, seems to really enjoy drinking, and easely opens up ’bout her life once she had a cup or two =P
AshleyVonT looks refreshed after a month of basically doing almost nothing herself!
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Heh, well, while Ashley herself doesn't drink, I'm sure she has some fine wine for just such an occassion.:p
Suka turns to the entering party once they've arrived "There you are… We've got a really serious situation coming up right now"
AshleyVonT nods. "What has happened?"
Suka: "Currently, we're in hyperwarp transit to Earth. Brazil is nearing a state of civil war"
Kolitk continues to not come out of her room for anything, la la la.
Suka: "Since none of you are natives you should not know, but in there exists a large 'union' of slums and criminals that has been nicknamed 'Confedration of Slums'"
Suka: "They have recently started to hire more and more mercenary units, and as you know those are the main trump cards of Earth's miltary, so you can guess that they have become extremely dangerous"
AshleyVonT raises an eyebrow. "No, indeed, I did not know such palces still exsisted on earth."
AshleyVonT nods.
Suka: "While brazilian military and their police has managed to supress the situation somewhat, it is starting to get out of control, so they are relocating military forces. You are to join up with a small special task force and proceed with their assignments"
Suka: "You should be dropping off within a day. Would you please warn Kolitk?"
AshleyVonT hand waves. "She doesn't relaly listen to anyone, you should just drop in on her and tell her yourself."
Suka sighs "I suppose…" she waves a hand, a hyperwarp gate opens up to Kolitk's room. Suka steps through and the gate closes. After a while, she returns through another gate "No… It seems we've got a really bad case here"
Suka: "Kolitk is missing"
Suka: "If I know her well… No, better not to leave stuff like that for chance"
she focuses for a second "Hum… Ahan… Ok… Yes, she never took the hyperwarp gate back to the Oran from Amazonia"
AshleyVonT: "She has been stating how little she likes being part of the Oran military."
Suka: "I'm changing your assignment, you are to go to Amazonia and retriev— WAIT!"
she stops suddenly and goes check the screen "What do you mean, Yate? No, I am seeing it just well" the screen shows up some strange data "No, that is impossible, it'd never reach that far"
Suka: "How didn't we detect it before? Ok, ok, ok, stop stuttering… WHAT? NEAR WHERE? I'm going there myself"
Suka turns to the group "I'm going along, and we're moving off, now!" with that, Suka commands a large hyperwarp gate to appear below your feet, wish or not, she's taking you down to Amazonia
The group group appear roughly one kilometer away from Kolitk's village, not to scare anyone. It is nighttime, and the fresh breeze blows
[OOC] JayM: So, Kol, feel free to make your appearance anytime
[OOC] JayM: Or is she at the village
[OOC] Kolitk: incoming Peter —
[OOC] JayM: did you brief him?
[OOC] Kolitk: And she's probably in the village, asleep. Possibly with someone else. <_<
[OOC] Alexandra: "The access code wasn't swordfish this time, huh?"
[OOC] Jimmy: Nope. Very not briefed. Not briefed at ALL. : O
[OOC] Jimmy: Also, back from meeting! 44k!
Jimmy gets warped in a few moments later, Suka then looks at the party "Something… Something happened close by. I don't think I can tell you what it is, though. We have to grab Kolitk and return… And… We have to evacuate as many as possible from the villag without causing chaos! // //
Jimmy: "Can we just pluck them up with the transporters?"
AshleyVonT nods "I'm sure if we could, we would have already."
Suka: "We need higher precision, there is something here. The Oran is one day away from Earth in the middle of hyperwarp transit, we need to set a beacon in their general direction"
Jimmy: "Uh, one thing I can say for sure, this post has certainly given me a distrust of pronouns."
AshleyVonT nods. "What radius do we need to set them?"
Suka: "I… I want to tell you, but I can't! Let's just move, please"
she looks at the party "I don't rmember anymore where her village is!"
Suka: "I… I think that fifty meters from a focal point… I can work as the beacon"
AshleyVonT nods. "Okay, we were here once before…"
[OOC] Kolitk: no you weren't. We went the long way around specifically to avoid her village. >_>
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Well yes.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: she menat generally.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: and it was a protty obvious 'lol we go this way not that.'
[OOC] AshleyVonT: So um…
[OOC] AshleyVonT: how we find village?
JayM: //Nav check, of course

[OOC] Alexandra: Lore: Geography = Navigation synergy?
JayM: You've got a map of this planet and stuff
JayM: Pass the Lore check and you get +10
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 50 for a total of 50
[OOC] Alexandra: … well, I’d have to default. Not sure if I even can or not.
Jimmy: "Oh. This is easy."
Jimmy rolled d100 and got 98 for a total of 98
[OOC] Kolitk: bahah.
Jimmy: "H…huhh…."
JayM: It… Takes about half an hour of walking when Jimmy realized you've headed the wrong way. Because this river everyone just fell on is here
Alexandra: "…"
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 47 for a total of 47
AshleyVonT: "…"
Suka eeps and climbs back out of the slow-moving river, dripping wet
eins carries Ashley out. //"Do either of you have any clue where we are"
[OOC] Alexandra: Ooh! It’s Intuitive.
[OOC] JayM: So, was that a pass in your nav check?
[OOC] Alexandra: Lessee. Rating of (16*3 + 10) /2 = 29 + 10 = 39 … if there's a circumstantial bonus at all, I'd pass.
Alexa knows, from their previous passage and usage of their mighty map, which ways do not lead to the village, so it's a simple matter of logical though of which ways lead there
AshleyVonT: "…Something really bad is happying, We need to get to Kolitk NOW! No, wait, 2 minutes ago…"
JayM: //Of course, in the end, due to this strange method you're required to use, it takes you an extra two hours of walking. But the time you reach there you're cold and still soapy wet with leaves and mud everywhere

JayM: Except Ashley, that has just a little bit of leaves and mud, because Eins was carrying her
AshleyVonT brushes herself off as best she can and frowns. //"…How far away is the Oran?"
AshleyVonT shakes her head. "Wait, Don't worry about that, We need to find KOlitk first…"
Suka: "By now? It should be out of our hyperwarp range withing four hours"
Suka: "Once they're past it, we'll need to use the Sartan hyperwarp booster station to return"
AshleyVonT runs up to the different huts and looks inside for Kolitk.
The entrance of the village has two guards set on it, and they are actually blocking you from entering "<Who are you?>"//

From where? What do you want with her?: "
JayM: The 'from where' was rather sarcastic
We're her friends, It's an emergancy, we really need to see her as soon as possible.: "
Now, all of you can sense a cold shiver running down your spines (a sensation felt harder by Ashley)… You just know Kolitk is about to get in a huge mess
I am sorry, but nobody can enter right now: "
You can hear some shouting in there, looking for the shaman
Why? …Dammit… Please… It's extremely important…: "
What for?: "
Nobody as suspicious as you can enter at night: "
This is her friend…: "
Suka looks up at the guard, and the guard looks down at Suka //"<You? Oh! They're with you>"
Suka nods "<Y-yes… Please, let's run…>"
I just saw her running to the chieftess's hut: "
JayM: //Suka's shaking, she seems really awful right now

AshleyVonT has Eins pick up Suka instead and heads for the Chieftess's hut, p[robably the biggest/fanciest/most prominient one.
The hut has no guards, but that can be easely explained. Making you way inside as I am fairly sure you will, you find the shaman, two guards, the chieftess and Kolitk all around a young mithra that's in fetal position, holding her head and groaning while asleep
JayM: As soon as you enter, you three are assaulted by what can only be called 'mental feedback'
Alexandra‘ covers herself with her jacket further. It feels like it’s becoming dangerously cold for her tastes.
JayM: It's so strong, it reaches the point of tossing you back one step
JayM: Kolitk seems out of it
Kolitk also, for note, has one hand on the side of the girls head and is cluthing a small stone in her other hand.
Who are you?!: "
The two guards take on offensive positions!
AshleyVonT is pushed back //"…?" she tries to trudge through it, now more prepared. She pokes Suka to talk.
Suka waves weakly "<W… Wait…>"
JayM: //It was more like the suddenness of the 'mental punch' you recieved that sent you back. It is not a barrier, but rather, whatever Kolitk's doing is starting to be really dangerous

AshleyVonT waits…?
The chieftess looks at Suka //"<What is going on?>" "<We're… Here too… Assi… Assis… Assist…>"
Suka jumps from Eins' grasp, and literally falls on the ground. She refuses help, and walks to Kolitk "Ash… ley… Qu… Quick…"
AshleyVonT kneels down near Suka. "Yes, What should I do?"
Kolitk. What is going on?: "
Suka grabs Ashley's hand and then… Ashley can feel a very strong psychic feedback! Suddenly, this wave of power washes through the entire party and their senses are knocked offline for a moment!
Then, when you all can see and hear again, you're still inside the hut, alone, you hear fire and screams outside
AshleyVonT: "…!"
Kolitk is a bit unresponsive to Alexandra at the moment as her mind is elsewhere!
AshleyVonT rushes to the door and looks out at what is happening.
The village is on fire, many of the villagers scream in pain as they are burnt alive, feeling the pain until the very last moment until their bodies are turned into ash. You can see Kolitk running over there, a few survivors pelting stuff at her
[OOC] JayM: Ice, move the PM stuff to over here
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 ) **
[OOC] Kolitk: Was going to once they caught up. :p
JayM: //Yeah, well, I am warning they did =P

Kolitk barely avoids a rock connecting to her head
JayM: Awareness from Kol
Kolitk rolled d100 and got 65 for a total of 65
[OOC] Kolitk: by 35. <.<
See what have you done?: "
AshleyVonT eyes the scene, with a sorta bewildered curiosity… //"I think it would be best if we took our leave…"
Stay away from her.: "
The robed figure looks up at Kolitk… IT's face is the face of a… Used to be a humanoid person, instead, there is decaying flesh and metal bits covering it's face
Robed: "%See what will you do?%"
The cryeing teenager looks up at Kolitk "<It's… It's you!>"
AshleyVonT moves through the village, towards Kolitk, at the gate, defiently keeping her distance, and staying out of atleast Kolitk's sight.
Leave. Her. Alone. If you want me, you deal with me.: "
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
The girl suddenly jumps, and sinks her claws at Kolitk's back, and also bites. The robed figure merely comments "%It is not you who I seek. The Mithra deem you a danger, and thus, they seek you. I merely seek for your lands%"
Kolitk lets out a yell, but doesn't otherwise even attempt to throw the girl off f her back. Even if she looks liek she's in a hell of a lot of pain. "%The lands? Just the lands?%"
Robed: "%Yes. From there, we can launch our attack on our real target%"
Robed: "%But it seems that maybe your bodies might also be of good usage, so they should not be wasted upon our arrival%"
The teen keeps attempting to bare-handedly kill Kolitk
Alexandra‘ looks down to Jimmy. "Are you beink as lost as I am?"
Kolitk narrows her eyes. "%If all you want is the land, then yeild for a small number of days. Let them leave. Then you can HAVE the lands.%"
Robed: "%Do you intend to run? You may run if you wish%"
Jimmy: "I’m pretty lost."
Kolitk narrows her eyes. "%Allow them to leave.%"
Robed: "%You should have the time%"
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 )
AshleyVonT whispers. "Why are then just rgunting and growling at each other?"
The teen is now tryeing to strangle Kolitk… And then, she stops and screams! You've seen this before, when two of your party-members were infected by the Beast. The red and black mass crawling through her skin
Kolitk: //?%I swear to the very Gods that give us life if you harm a single one of the people in this village I will not give a moment s reast until ever single part of your exsistance is destrrroyed.%
JayM: Somehow, their grunting and growling seems more like horridly distorted echoing voices than random growling
AshleyVonT: "…or something, I can't make heads or tails of it, It's no language I'm familiar with…"
Kolitk glares at the figure, then quickly drops down and grabs ahold of her girl, before she begins to scream desperatly. //"%GET OUT! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT LEAVE HER ALONE!%"
Robed: "%What has been done has been done. As I have said, you can leave. I have spent all the time I required here, and have no further need to spend my time in this psyche. Farewell"
The robed figure dissolves
JayM: //The nightmare, however, remains

JayM rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 )
The teen stops tryeing to kill Kol and starts crying
Why… Why did I had to ask for it…: "
Kolitk conintinues trying to will and scream the beast out of the girl and into herself. >_<
JayM: Oh, the Beast is gone, Kolitk
JayM: All that is left is a very scarred and nearly destroyed mind
JayM: And, your ticket out of this nightmare seems to have passed out too
… Ask for what?: "
I just… He said that… He could make it true… All… I asked was for… For you: "
Kelsheena cries more //"<But… But then… When you showed up you… You did all this… Why?>"
… Me? Why me?: "
JayM: //You notice that the Beast in her body slowly vanishes

Kelsheena just holds Kolitk tighter
JayM: Meanwhile, the dream village burns
JayM: Except, the air feels very cold
JayM: The dream people scream
JayM: But the sound seems dampened
It was just a dream. This is all just a really bad dream. You know I'd never harm any of the people here.: "
Really?: "
Really.: "
Suddenly, the flames die out
The people disappear
The whole dream village is deserted, except for you
Then, the village disappears
And finally, you're back in the hut. Everyone is laying on the floor, passed out where they are. Kelsheena is hugging Kolitk tightly in her sleep. The guards, the chieftain and shaman are busy over Suka, who's having convulsions in the ground
See? Just a bad dream…: "
AshleyVonT pulsl out a note pad, her hands furiously scribbles some notes as if it has a mind of it's own as Ashley searches about the room, she looks over and sees Kolitk fione so she moves over near Suka and examines her.
Kelsheena's face is pale white. She's cold, and he heart is beating extremely fast
JayM: Suka is… Gods, that'd require a Healing check just to know what it is
JayM: But she might be having a seizure
[OOC] AshleyVonT: I gots me sum healing!
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 97 for a total of 97
[OOC] AshleyVonT: figures.
JayM: Well, it is a seizure, and Ashely just caused her to hit her head
Kolitk closes her eyes and a light breeze picks up around her at first, then begis to spread out around the room; calming everyone as it does and gently healing the body as well. ((gogo wasting my limit. <.<))
JayM: Situation's rather deadly right now
JayM: Two Healing checks at +30 due to Limit usage
JayM: Your Limit may be a powerful tool, but the situation here is dread
Kolitk rolled d100 and got 62 for a total of 62
[OOC] Kolitk: passes without… and one for Suka too, or was that just a bonus for whoeever was working on her?
JayM: One for each
[OOC] AshleyVonT: ?
Kolitk rolled d100 and got 12 for a total of 12**
AshleyVonT was obviously a bit distracted with her note taking and unable to do much.
Kolitk's healing winds calm down all, the wounded ones are now not at death's door
JayM: But… I don't think that Suka will wake up anytime soon
JayM: With that, the screen goes black
JayM: Logend!

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