O R D 27

JayM: ORD - Session 27
Last time we saw our heroes, they had just finished killing a general and her pet amorph dragon. Make not, said general was caught with her pants down, literally. Either way, the general is now dead, the party is at her destroyed lab, waiting until Alexandra who is in charge of the portable hyperwarp device to send it to the next destination
Alexandra‘ activates it!
Kolitk grumble mumble mumble mumble
The hyperwarp field extends from above the party, and slowly envelops the party and their three living Ilirian comrades! You’re once again back in that psychodelic stream known as hyperspace. However, what happens this time is different. Time and time before the portable hyperwarp generator broke, but this time, you meet something in the stream (more)
Flying just in front of the party is a gigantic starship, U-shaped and colored gold, almost meshing with the crazy purple background in a way. //"Greetings" echoes a voice in Stellar all around you, coming from everywhere
JayM: //Those of you more used to space might identify that as a Bentusi trade ship

AshleyVonT: "…Greetings…what brings you…here?"
Kolitk O_O
Alexandra‘ … pulls her goggles down over her eyes. If she can’t see them they can't see her if she can't see them they can't see her if she can't see them they can't see her —
Bentusi: "I have come to offer my services to weary travellers, and to convey a message from a friend. But first, would you be interested in something? Materials and technologies, all I have for sale, for individuals and entire races alike. Please, come inside the ship and rest, I shall accompany you in the rest of the travel"
Jimmy: "…Huh…"
JayM: As a note, you're all flying through hyperspace on your own, that thing's one gigantic starship
Kolitk: "… Buwah?"
AshleyVonT: "I doubt we can refuse such a generous offer. Where shall we enter?"
Kolitk looks around frantically, //"W… what iss going on?"
A docking bay close to your location lights up, it was open already "Please, make yourselves comportable"
Alexandra: "…"
[OOC] JayM: Comfortable
Alexandra‘ shrugs at Kolitk and chuckles. "Seems we are gettink a break."
AshleyVonT bows and heads that way.
Kolitk continues to O_o and freak out a little at a big ass talking ship in the middle of spaces and that fact that she’s *still breath what the hell is going on*?!
Inside the docking bay, surprise, it's a very beautiful living room, decorated in Earthling eastern style. A wall is entirely covered in a single screen, that displays all sorts of information on goods for sale, as well as teasers on the variety of technologies it has for sale
Alexandra‘ lifts one goggle-eye. "… Or we are merely beink bait for a shoppink scam."
Alexandra: "But worse has happened."
AshleyVonT walks over to the wall and reads over what all the have for sale.
Kolitk continues to freak out in space as she has no idea what the hell to do, and will probably continue to do this for quite some time.
JayM: //You know, some of those stuff’d get arrested if you acquired it of you didn't had the license for it, and you don't. A lot of this stuff is way past your budget, too. Though you can see this guy has basically everything up for sale here!

Jimmy: "Hmm. Well. I know what to do."
JayM: He even has information for sale!
Jimmy fills up his alchemy!
Jimmy: (It costs 290 gil. Unless he's overcharging. >:|)
[OOC] JayM: You can shop for anything! Also, you can learn skills, or better buy a 'one-shot item to attempt to learn a skill' item. Works like the Teaching method, 70% CoS, requires the same time but can be used later
Kolitk blinks. …. Blinks. … Blinks. … Stops freaking out and looks around, confused.
Alexandra‘ takes her time and begins shopping.
AshleyVonT: "…Hrm, he’s selling a few interesting items I don't have nearly the gil on hand for…"
Jimmy finds out a few interesting stuff for sale, specially for him. Under the 'technologies' shopping, more specifically, three promising alchemical formulae, though of course you don't have access to the entire formulae, you'll have to buy it to get it
JayM: Though, those seem mostly defensive formulae, and one offensive
Jimmy chuckles. //"Alchemy for sale? Uh… well… hmm…"
Jimmy checks the prices!
JayM: //Just 500 Gil each!

Jimmy: "Uh, can I have these formulas? Or… do I just punch it in?"
Jimmy can easely figure how to buy those! Once the Gil has been deducted from his bank account, he recives the entire formulae, also data disks with them!
AshleyVonT: "This quantum flux imploder or this Teresterial Genome Imploder…"
JayM: Muck, Flashbang and Defender!
Jimmy: "Oh, okay. Hmm."
Jimmy: "Hey, Ashley. What would you need to tune up the railgun?"
AshleyVonT points at the item. 'Doomsday Generator'.
JayM: Also, for free, a Mud Pepper Bag (2/2), Crystal Case (6/6), Ash S-Vial (6/6), Root Bag L (6/6)
Jimmy: "Oh."
AshleyVonT: "I could make it really good with one of those…heheheh…"
Jimmy: "How much is it?"
JayM: It'd take more Gil than a single individual could muster without arising suspicion
Jimmy: "I… I don't think we'll be doing that anytime soon."
Bentusi: "Please, make yourselves comfortable and prepare. I have been asked by a friend to convey a message: 'The remaining three generals have moved to the surface research lab, your next destination will be there, a rescue team will be ready to take you off-planet once you finish'"
AshleyVonT: "It's a steal at sixty million gil!"
Jimmy: "I guess… anyway."
AshleyVonT: "Heh, the ORD's cannon would have nothing on what I'd make…"
Jimmy: "You buy information, right?"
Bentusi: "Yes, anything that is of use to someone else"
Jimmy: "What about the schematics to a weapon that causes cascade failure in "Beast cells"? Umm. Well, if you've been paying attention, there've been genetic experiments to infuse things with them… making powerful bioweapons."
Jimmy: "But if you drive enough mass of… well, I can't really say much more, but I have all the calculations."
Bentusi: "Beast? How much do you know about it? That information is of… Personal interest"
Jimmy: "The weapon? We have all schematics and have managed to design a working model."
Bentusi: "Would it interest you in an exchange? As for I carry my own design of such a weapon"
Alexandra‘ hums to herself while picking out armaments.
Bentusi: "A proper frequency of energy, that properly applies, overloads the Beast neural systems"
Jimmy: "Hmm…"
Jimmy: "Right. That sounds fair. I’ll just copy the schematics into your systems."
Jimmy uploads the schematics on how to design a Beast-killer into the computers!
Once the copy's done, Jimmy gets in exchange another schematics. This one is of an energy weapon, actually similar to the Oran's Siege Cannons, however, it has a pretty wildly different parts design, only with the same basic principle, but no magical energy involved. According to it, once this specific type of plasma contacts with beast cells, it causes them all to 'short out', and it works on a very wide range
Jimmy: "I see. Hmm… Useful."
Jimmy: "I guess this technology isn't widespread, though?"
AshleyVonT looks over Jimmy sholder. //"Hrm, Completely material science, it looks."
Bentusi: "Interesting… I ask of you to keep it a secret. That was a weapon once used against the Agemo long ago, before we… I, fled to this world"
Jimmy: "The Agemo? I'm not familiar."
Jimmy buys a new staff, by the way.
Bentusi: "You should not worry about it, this is not your problem"
Jimmy: "A beast ancestor… Hmm. Well, thanks."
Jimmy changes into a new jacket with a patch with a cute chocobo design on the left breast.
JayM: //How cute

Alexandra can notice a shift in the hyperwarp generator's coordinates, you're not heading in the same direction anymore
Bentusi: "Please, prepare yourselves, I should be leaving you at your final destination soon"
Alexandra‘ raises an eyebrow and just goes to ring things up.
Jimmy quirks his brow, but decides it’s nothing. Oh, and 2x Healing Spring 3x Hyper Potion.
Right now, everyone can feel a space distortion, you're about to be dumped back into normal space. For a second gravity weights heavily on you, and then, you're out of Hyperspace, landing softly on a type of lab
AshleyVonT just finishes her purcheses…
JayM: There is no water around you, you can smell the air. Your HUDs show that you're in the last top of the current mission, a surface research station
Jimmy: "…Huh."
The three Ilirians are still with you, now outfitted in their wetsuits
Kolitk lays on the ground with both eyes closed for a minute, before blinking and reachign into the pouch she carries small items in. THen blinks a little more at the five phoenix downs inside. //"Huh."
Jimmy: "I guess there's a lot more going on here than we can know about."
Jimmy: "We should get moving quickly. I think they might be preparing already."
Kolitk shakes her head. "Silly metal perrrson."
Kolitk climbs up to her feet and dusts herself off, then nods to Jimmy.
The lab is currently not being used, actually, it's oddly devoid of equipment
AshleyVonT: "What a boring lab…"
She has Eins carry her now.
Jimmy: "They had the opportunity to dash?"
Jimmy: "Or they've relocated."
Outside the lab you end up in corridor with labs on both sides. After walking a bit you notice where all the equipment has been shifted to. Second lab to the right, there is a HUGE operation going on around a type of pod. There's researchers everywhere in that lab, the place's lacking space for equipments
AshleyVonT: "Let's move quickly here then…Oh."
The pod has a glass screen, from this place you can see there is a type of living being inside
JayM: //But can't identify what

Kolitk looks around, then back at the three sciency people who know what to do. She's just here to break stuff. >_>
Jimmy: (um back)
Jimmy: (What'd I miss?)
[OOC] Alexandra: absolutely nothing?
[OOC] Jimmy: Nope, I missed a little bit. Anyway.
JayM: Well, Systems check from the sciencey people if they want to ID that stuff
AshleyVonT hgops down and runs over to look at the pod.
Kolitk raises and eyebrow, then pokes at the pod.
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 82 for a total of 82
Jimmy: "..I bet you anything that pod would look much better speared with arsenic."
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 19 for a total of 19
Jimmy rolled d100 and got 59 for a total of 59
JayM: Are you just going to rush into a room full of scientists?
JayM: I mean, you’re outside, out of their view range
Jimmy applies the gentle collar grab to Ashley.
Jimmy: "Uhh, let's hold a bit."
AshleyVonT is stopped. //"Urk!"
JayM: //The sciency people can identify the whole setup as some type of life-support system. Actually, from here you can see some of the life-signs detailed in a screen…

JayM: Mithran life-signs
Jimmy: "The heartbeat… it's… hmm."
Jimmy tries to focus on the wiring. Where are they getting the power from?
AshleyVonT: "…Oooooo, Very~ Interesting~. I beleive we must aquire this specifmen."
Kolitk: "… Nope."
Jimmy: "You're kinda creepy, you know that?"
Kolitk: "Unless you mean "kill". In wnich case, yes."
Kolitk: "… And in a hurry."
AshleyVonT gives her a weird look. //"Can't you think about something 'not' killing?"
Jimmy: "Kolitk."
Jimmy: "Should we deploy the Testament?"
JayM: //The pod seems to be powered by itself. The equipment is attached to power plugs in the walls

Kolitk grips her spear a little better, sorta half-shrugging at Jimmy, then runs straight into the room heading for the pod.
AshleyVonT: "…"
There is an announcement from the inner intercom! Meeting tome in Lab 12. The scientists were about to leave when Kolitk rushes in!
Alexandra‘ shrugs and pulls out some chalk.
Jimmy: "Hey, Alexandra! Time to run this through the skunkworks!"
JayM: Well, what’ll you do?
AshleyVonT curses in the few languages she knows. //"Sodding bloody catgirl…"
Jimmy rips the two halves of the TER Railgun out of their cases and begins setting up!
Kolitk stops, breaks off a monitor of some sort with a well placed swing, then hurls the monitor into the glass part of the pod. [gogoo throw stone ignoring ARM]

[OOC] Kolitk: God I hope not. >_>
AshleyVonT heads for a console to start gathering as much information as she can before the others detsroy everything.
Jimmy: "Here! Look for everything that matches this!"
Jimmy tosses Ashley a data disc. There's plenty of room still on it.
The monitor smashes right into the pod's door! The door is knocked open, but still uncratched… From inside the pod falls down a mithran body… That must totally be Kolitk's twin sister!
Alexandra‘ takes the other half of the TER.
JayM: How about a systems check, Ashley?
[OOC] Alexandra: who saw THAT coming?!
AshleyVonT catches it and has a evil smirk on her face.
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 16 for a total of 16
The mithra groans and tries to stand up
Kolitk: "Keep doing whateverrr you arrre doing and DO NOT LET IT GET MORRRE POWERRR!"
Kolitk resumes sprinting at the pod, and, when close enough, will jump at and slam into the part where the monitor was thrown with all the force she can possibly muster [gogo dash]
[OOC] AshleyVonT: So close to a crit.
Ashley finds out that there is, indeed, a lot of useful information here! Including data regarding the Beast/Aeon research. Most of it has WAY too much security to attempt to break in right now, but you can probably copy it to a disk to work on it later
[OOC] JayM: Wait, you’re tryeing to break off the door or something?
Jimmy keeps his gun steady. He has no clue what's going on here, but…
AshleyVonT copies everything, she begins searching for anythign she can on 'this' specimen right now.
[OOC] Kolitk: crack a hueg ass hole into it. Which will fuck up whatever is inside. >_>
JayM: You already busted the thing open
[OOC] JayM: [18:53:52] <JayM> * The monitor smashes right into the pod's door! The door is knocked open, but still uncratched… From inside the pod falls down a mithran body… That must totally be Kolitk's twin sister!
Alexandra‘ keeps watch. Things could go down at any moment …
[OOC] Kolitk: >_< lol I red gud
[OOC] Kolitk: Change slamming into the pod to into the mithra then
JayM: This specimen? There is no data. Rescue pod recently found on space, no data on it
The other mithra quickly rolls out of the way, evading Kolitk’s strike with a nimbleness unnatural
AshleyVonT curses and looks for a different console that might have more data.
Wait! Stop!: "
JayM: No such luck, thing was just recently recovered
AshleyVonT kicks the console.>:|
Kolitk growns, then lunges at the Mithra again. Trying to knock her down, or pin her up against a wall, or something similar. >:|
Jimmy: "Alex… Aim carefully, I'm going to fire."
Alexandra‘ nods.
The mithra evades Kolitk with ease, like she just knew what was going on
Jimmy opens a hatch on the side and slides in a giant rod of a milled, glossy metal.
AshleyVonT gets close enough to look inside the pod where the two Mithra are fighting, for any other iformation of use she can figure out visually. She mutters to herself. //"Wish I’d bought one of those scanning items now…"
The mithra then stands up and starts running towards Kolitk, pulling a magnificent spear out of nowhere, she roards oddly "@You're bothersome, child@" she stabs twenty times in Kolitk's diraction!
Jimmy hurls Ashley a bestiary datapad. "Here! I knew you asked for one of mine earlier."
[OOC] Alexandra: BRB a sec.
Jimmy shakes his head. "Back to business."
AshleyVonT catches it "Thanks…" she totally uses it on the Ur-Kolitk.
Jimmy slides his hands onto the back of it. The metal begins shedding unearthly light as the engravings glow gold! (Right Moment, -2ish.)
Kolitk grins and doen't move to evade a single attack. Instead, she'll let them connect. Because then the mithra will be too damn close to avoid her counter stab. And oh, you can be sure Kolitk is going to stab the *hell* out of her.
Ashley's Bestiary displays data "Warning, Beast Signs detected, avoid at all costs" is all it displayes
JayM rolled 4d12+357 and got 11, 10, 3, 7 ( Total: 388.0 ) **
Kolitk gets stabbed many, many times, but is lucky, she knows enough to avoid recieving a deadly strike, for now, and can't be reduced past 1 HP
AshleyVonT growls "…of course, i already know that…"
JayM: //Wait up… Is that a type of password input screen?

Kolitk grins again as she thurst the tip of her spear into the other 'mithra's gut and lifts the spear and body into the air slight. //"RRRAAAAA~"
[OOC] Alexandra: and back!
AshleyVonT goes for Swordfish!
Jimmy braces himself against the tilefloor as the railgun starts shaking.
Jimmy: "As soon as she's off-balance…"
As the other mithra is lifted in the air, it doesn't shows any reaction "@You can't beaet me, child. You are far from achieving your full potential!@" she managed to kick Kolitk's spear out of her hands, pulls it out of her gut and tosses it back at Kolitk, that can easely catch it. Odd, very odd, because there is no wound left behind!
JayM: //Begin combat!

JayM: Battle order: Kolitk:19 Kolitian:16 Alexandra:15 Jimmy:11 Ashley:7
JayM: Your turn, Kol!
Jimmy: (You know your limit Kol?)
Jimmy: (You should use that)
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 14 for a total of 14
[OOC] Kolitk: Yeah, I know. Was double checking my HP. :p
Kolitk rolls backwards, away from the other mithra, before rolling back up onto her fit and spinning her staff around. A breeze starts to emit from her body then, before spreading out and covering the party.
Further data shows up in Ashley's Bestiary //"Unknown Beast variation, outside signal altered. Health level 19199/19200, Expected Capacity Level: 40"
Kolitk rolled 2d6+189 and got 5, 2 for a total of 196
JayM: //Healz!

Everyone recover 196 HP and gains Spirit Up (^)
[OOC] Kolitk: 6
AshleyVonT: "…I don't think we want to fight this…"
Kolitian stares at Kolitk //"@Join us, Seer. Show the way to the Controller, we want both of you@"
Then, a vortex of black energy gathers around Kolitian, as she focuses ALL her strenght! Power Up(4), Magic Up(4), Armor Up(4), Mental Up(4) Agility Up(4), +8 Init(4) and Crit +10(6)
JayM: //Alexa!

Jimmy: "Hold. We're taking this thing down."
Alexandra‘ waits for Jimmy. We’re firing the railgun, right?
Jimmy: (We are firing it SO HARD.)
Math: (71 * 1.25) = 88.75
JayM: Well, then roll me that!
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 27 for a total of 27
JayM: Four rolls! Two Attack Actions, each with a dual roll like a swallow
JayM: And in case you miss, you reroll
Jimmy: (Oh yes. It’s sooo great.)
JayM: And tell me your Weapon Systems accuracy
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 16 for a total of 16
Jimmy pumps in another set of arsenic rods with lightning speed!
Math: (49 + 25) = 74
[OOC] Alexandra: 25 skill, I’m guessing 74 ACC total?
JayM: Yup
JayM: Roll me two more rolls
Alexandra‘ rolled 2d100 and got 20, 2 for a total of 22
[OOC] Kolitk: Venom touch too, just for the record. <_< Cascade failure, woo~
[OOC] Alexandra: bamf
[OOC] Kolitk: also fuck yeah. lol.
JayM: Then two more
[OOC] Alexandra: and immobilize!
JayM: Because only that crit has hit so far
Alexandra` rolled 2d100 and got 68, 62 for a total of 130
JayM: Then roll for the Venom
Alexandra` rolled d100 and got 88 for a total of 88
[OOC] Kolitk: Wait! The Loop! Roll again for your miss!
[OOC] Jimmy: He already rolled again for the miss. : o ) )
The arsenic rod lands straight through Kolitian’s chest, it leaves a giant hole as Kolitian screams a blood-curling scream! Weak Spot! Reduced to 100 HP!
Kolitian falls to her knees, obviously quite hurt
Jimmy: "Hypothesis… proven."
JayM: Ashley!
[OOC] AshleyVonT: are there any corpses on the battle feild?
JayM: Nope
[OOC] AshleyVonT: sad.
[OOC] Alexandra: Round 1! We attack one enemy. "Are there any corpses?"
[OOC] Jimmy: Well, you know, any scientists got gutted, who knows.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Well there could be corpses around already, from scientists fleeing and trmapling each other.
JayM: Either way, nothing that categorizes as 'corpse'
[OOC] Jimmy: Yup!
AshleyVonT pulls out the broken katana. //"Eins." Eins nods, taks it and charges the Mithra.
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 27 for a total of 27
JayM: //That's a hit!

AshleyVonT rolled 2d6+55 and got 3, 2 for a total of 60
Eins' stab gets met with flesh… That… It has the appearance of a very serious wound, and it is pulsating and sloooooowly recovering!
JayM: However, Eins' stab caused nearly no damage
JayM: Round ends!
JayM: Status Phase - Kolitian: Overdrive(3),Crit +10(5)
JayM: Battle order: Kolitian:28 Kolitk:20 Jimmy:14 Alexandra:12 Ashley:10
AshleyVonT takes the broken katana back from Eins and wipes the residual into a testtube which she stores away on her person. //"Good Work, Eins."
Kolitian: "@You still fight? Do you not with to become one with us? To have eternity at your reach? All the power you ever wanted, Seer?@"
Kolitian: "And you, Controller. Do you not desire for knowledge? Do you not hunger for power too? Would you not join us, taking your true role as a leader?"
Kolitk closes her eyes and continues to spin her spear while increasing the speed with which she does.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Why is it speaking Savant, noi one speals Savant last I checked.=`>_>=‘`
[OOC] JayM: It’s actually Beast
[OOC] Jimmy: hooray kooky gibbering
[OOC] JayM: Give a second
[OOC] JayM: Actually
[OOC] Kolitk: you want %
[OOC] JayM: Those @'s are supposed to be %'s
[OOC] JayM: Yes, yes
[OOC] Kolitk: And only I speak that anyways. >_>
[OOC] JayM: So only Kol can understand it
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Oh lol, that amkes alot more sense.
[OOC] JayM: The first one was aimed at Kol, the second was in Stellar, aimed at Ashley
Jimmy: "Alexandra, I'm replacing the coolant core. Prepare for volley three."
Kolitian: "%So be it. I shall take the Engine of Destruction with me, with or without your desires%"
Jimmy slides out a hissing, white-hot cube from the back of the railgun and slots in a frosted-over replacement. The frost melts instantly.
Kolitian raises her right hand, as a sphere of red energy with jumping electrical arcs forms in her fist
JayM: //Goes off at 10, after Ashley

AshleyVonT raises an eye brow. //"Perhaps we could talk this over for a momment. Who sent you?"
Kolitian: "I am the envoy of the Masters"
Kolitian: "Join us, and see your dreams come true"
Jimmy: "Hey Ash, you gonna let this thing out-creepy you?"
Kolitk: "Does not matterrrr. Kill. Her. …"
Kolitk growns at the energy forming. "NOW!"
JayM: //Kolitk!

Kolitk continues speeding up the spear spinning. [Accumulate, pointless stats up :p]
JayM: Jimmy!
AshleyVonT: "Her and Kolitk have the market on the demonic growls and grunts it seems…"
AshleyVonT: "So, These Masters sent you to find us, to take us bakc to meet them?"
Jimmy holds up two fingers to Alexandra as he slides in another rod.
Alexandra‘ nods.
Jimmy: (Right Moment, -2. Time to kick its ass.)
[OOC] Jimmy: Haha, you’re on trigger duty, so you can desc firing it, Do.
Kolitian: "Yes"
[OOC] Jimmy: …Actually, Do, you better regular attack. Four rolls should take it down.
AshleyVonT: "Where are tese Masters, if we wanted to go meet them?"
Kolitian: "They are coming. We shall take you to them, should you join us"
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 100 for a total of 100
Alexandra` rolled 3d100 and got 20, 11, 41 for a total of 72
JayM: Those are two actual hits, wow
[OOC] Jimmy: I’ll take "Roll Damage" duty.
JayM: You do, roll me your damage!
[OOC] Kolitk: W: Bio? >_>
JayM: 250% damage
JayM: Killer+weak
[OOC] Kolitk: aww~ yeah
JayM: Almost a crit on one, too
Alexandra‘ rolled 2#d12+64,250%(1) and got 2 for a total of 165.0
Alexandra` rolled 2#d12+64,250%(2) and got 8 for a total of 180.0
Alexandra` got a total of 345.0)
Jimmy rolled 2d100 and got 49, 77 for a total of 126
[OOC] Jimmy: NO VENOM :(
[OOC] Alexandra: OVERKILL
Math: (1 + 180 - 170) = 11
The two rods impale Kolitian against the lab wall, her arms fall over two screen, landing her in a strangely crucified stance //"Hah… Hah… Hah… Hah…"
AshleyVonT: "One last question. Why did you take on the form of the Mithra?"
Kolitian’s body starts to convulse "You think… You think you got rid of me… This… This wicked poison… Can eat away at this body… But I have many others at my disposal…"
Kolitk stops spinning her spear around and glances over at the flase-mithra. "And now you can not move."
Kolitian: "I am the Seer of the master's tools"
Kolitan: "I am the weapon made to destroy the Seer of the Engine of Destruction…"
Kolitian: "I shall not fail… I will take the Seer with me, and I shall be pleased. I will take the Controller, Shaper and Creator with me too!"
Kolitk swiftly moves from her spot in the middle of the room over to the monitors, and wordlessly shoves the point of her spear into the doppleganger's heart.
Kolitian: "Here is a parting gift… GACK… T-the… B-b-beast of… This body will… Consume… All… Of…"
It stops moving
AshleyVonT: "I suggest we make a hasty retreat as I doubt it is bluffing…"
However, something else happens. It's body starts to melt, into a black and red ooze of biological matter…
Soon, and quickly, this ooze starts to spread, like a carpet, through the ground, and the walls and ceiling!
AshleyVonT points to the people manning the rail gun. "MAKE A DOOR!"
Alexandra‘ steps over to a wall, chalk in hand. I’m guessing the place is metal!
JayM: //It is!

JayM: Quick! Alexa! Alchemy and Speed!
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 64 for a total of 64
Alexandra` rolled d100 and got 55 for a total of 55
Alexandra` got a total of 119)
Jimmy: "Kol! Hurl those rods back into it!"
JayM: Pass/Fail?
Attribute Rating for attribute at 9 is: 37
JayM: Truthfully
[OOC] Alexandra: fail the second by 18
Kolitk blinks and headcocks for a half second, before she decideds she doesn’t need to know how it works and just grabs the arsenic rods and hurls them at the ooze.
Alexandra opens up a doorway! However, something is strange, the doorway is distorted! Somehow, the beast biomass has reached your alchemical circle before you could finish it. The damned thing moves TOO FAST! Kolitk delays the ooze for a while, giving everyone a chance to escape!
Your HUD displays show the rescue point you should go to to get off this join
AshleyVonT has the much faster Eins pick her up and rush them both out the door way and to the point indicated on the hud.
As you run toward the point outside, you notice that the… The beast somehow managed to reach further ahead than you are already! That ooze is dropping off the ceiling forming tentacles and traps in the ground! WHAT THE HELL
Jimmy: "…What a witch of trouble."
Jimmy withdraws some parts from his jacket and produces a… plasma engine!? (-1!)
Jimmy pipes the frequency he downloaded into it and fires it up.
JayM: Whoo! But first, Ashley, give me a Speed check
JayM: Only matters for you, really
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 49 for a total of 49**
AshleyVonT is slow!
Jimmy: "Ashley…"
Jimmy: "Let's burn you a path!"
A moment before Jimmy activates his engine, one of the tentacles brushes very close to Ashley, Eins quickly dive-rolls out of the way and stands up with the acrobacy of a cat, taking cover in Jimmy's shield!
Jimmy rushes forward, blazing a shaking stream of energy everywhere. He burns the Beast off the doorway to let Kol through, then starts hustling towards the extraction point.
AshleyVonT pants. //"Thank you, Eins."
Alexandra‘ looks down at her hands. "Hmm. Need to wash them soon."
Eventually, you reach the extraction point. There are two bangaa a hume and a moogle all wearing what can only be called platemail spacesuits with a classic dragoon design. They also even got metal wings. You can notice, however, that their gloves and boots are strange, seems like… Jets in the palms of the hands?
Kolitk runs along behind everyone else, holding up the rear. … Then blinks when they get to the extraction point.
Bangaa: "{THIS WAY! Star Dragons, each one grab one, let’s rush!}"
Jimmy grabs on! He doesn't have time to make a profile!
That said, the Bangaa runs over and grabs Ashley, Eins holds on to him too
The Taru grabs Kol from behind, a bangaa grabs Jimmy!
AshleyVonT is grabbed. "Ah~!"
JayM: //The moogle grabs Alexa!

JayM: Now BRB, Mom calls
Kolitk o_O
All four flex their legs //"{Let's jump! Energy Wings, set!}"
[OOC] JayM: {} by the way, is Terran. A language you all know
The four of them jump, very high, a lot higher than normal. Strangely, there is no air friction, maybe… Yup, a bubble of still air has formed around you
Once they've reached a certain point, the moogle says "{Hold tight-kupo!}" as he lets go of Alexandra, hoping she'll hld on to him and points his hands dowards
The other three do the same procedure "{Kinetic Wings, stage one, fire!}" jets of pure knetic energy shoot from their hands, propelling them upwards
AshleyVonT clings for fear of falling and like dying.
Kolitk clings out of confusing. Because today is a very confusing day!
After a small travel, they literally jump further ahead midair. Then, stage two, using the jets in their feets this time. They are back to holding the passangers. By now you're almost breaking through the planet's gravity hold
Then, the air-jump again, and their wings glow bright "{Stage three, Kinetic Wings, fire!}" shouts one of them, you can barely hear. The wings themselves proper you to the stars!
Up high, above the planet's gravity hold, where there is no air, a magitek generator holds a piece of the atmosphere for you to breath
Bangaa: "{What the hell! Where isss the Oran! I sshould have been here!}"
Kolitk: "…"
By now, Ashley and Alexa can feel very odd… Ashley's arm and Alexa's hand. An odd itch, crawling further up your bodies… WHAT! It's… It's the beast, on your bodies!
With that, a magical summoning circle, gigantic, the size of the Oran itself, appears just by your side. The Star Dragons have just enough time to get out of the way of the Oran, that appears out of nowhere, already raining destruction upon Tyrian with heavy weaponry
The Star Dragons then maneuver the party into the Oran!
JayM: //There is no time to think, as soon as you land inside, the White Flame team immediatle takes Alexa and Jimmy to sealed hospital wards

Kolitk blinks. //"W… what iss going on?"
AshleyVonT conctrates to tell the beast to receed.
JayM: //It's more like… That beast lacks a mind

JayM: It's a mindless animal, you cannot control it!
[OOC] Jimmy: Ashley isn't ushered off too?
JayM: However, do not worry, as the White Flame team is ready to solve this problem, as the screen fades to dark
JayM: Logend!
JayM: Also… 30k Exp and 10k Gil, as well as an Elixir

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