O R D 24

JayM: ORD - Session 24
Last we saw our group of intrepid raiders they had just killed the second general, after doing a crash-warp. Right now they're in the officer's quarters of the Ilirian base, surrounded by floating dead bodies. Outside an energy field preventing them from exiting, six friendly Ilirians ready to blow open a temporary hole in the field for them to escape and at least fourty enemy Ilirians ready to turn them into mincemeat
What will our heroes do, now that time is running against them?
Kolitk thinks that's up to Alexandra since she has the warper thinger!
Alexandra‘ can warp us out. … provided the device works and the energy field doesn’t block their paths.
AshleyVonT waits to get out of there.
Alexandra‘ feels that whatever she does, she’ll be more competent at it than she would have been several moments ago!
JayM: Well, yeah. You guys are still inside the energy field, and the rest of the attack team is on the other side of the field
[OOC] Alexandra: energy field doesn't necessarily jam the warp device, does it?
JayM: Nope, it's just a forcefield
JayM: It's not a hyperwarp inhibitor
[OOC] Kolitk: Tell them to blow open a whole so they can get all up in this hurr warpy-ness then ZOOM away.
AshleyVonT: "I beleive, that our first course of action would be to remove ourselves from this field."
Alexandra‘ fashions her hand into a mock-up of a gun and motions at the team outside the field to blast at it, then waves for them to come inside.
AshleyVonT tries to, just walk out of the feild.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: since it’s not a force field.
The team outside has taken cover behind the very field itself from the incoming fire. When they notice Alexa's motion they set up their bazookas and blast the same spot the incoming enemy fire is hitting, opening a hole. They quickly swim inside and cluster around Alexandra. One of them grabs Ashley to prevent her from getting her. Another one makes a 'haste' sign with his right arm at Alexa
[OOC] JayM: [17:04:53] <JayM> Nope, it's just a forcefield
[OOC] JayM: Yes, it is =P
[OOC] JayM: I just suck at describing
[OOC] AshleyVonT: oh, lol.
Alexandra‘ tinkers with the device. Cue Megaman-esque boss-select-screen music.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Pick the ice based on, they are always the easiest.
JayM: Whoo! Next destination is nearby, shouldn’t take much effort on the device, but it's showing strange energy fluctuations
AshleyVonT waits for Alexandra to du et.
Alexandra‘ … did it.
[OOC] Kolitk: System check I think is what we be waitin’ on?
[OOC] JayM: Nope, I just spaced
[OOC] JayM: Sorry
The warp field surrounds you all, and suddenly you're all once again into that psychodelic colors field. Everyone can hear this strange and horrible sound like that of static, exceptions for this are Kolitk and Ashley… Strangely enough for them it doesn't sounds either horrible or static as you travel through hyperspace, it sounds like music… (more)
Alexandra: "… is that beink …"
Alexandra‘ blinks. //"Mariachi?"
[OOC] Alexandra: … d’oh! Misread.
[OOC] Kolitk: more funny this way.
As you travel the 'short' distance at an extreme speed, suddenly something seems wrong. It seems like the… Air, is waving, moving, and you all start to get thrown off-course and to different sides! You can see the background warping and weaving until… Everything goes black, and everyone's out of hyperspace, in the other base (more)
AshleyVonT gievs Alexandra a strange look. "…What?"
Kolitk starts to wiggle her ears and head tilts at Alexandra… before being flung away? o_O
However, there is a problem… Kolitk can't see Ashley, Alexandra‘ can’t see Jimmy‘… Each of the four ended up in different parts of the heavy duty machinery factory!
JayM rolled 1d6 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) **
JayM rolled 1d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
JayM rolled 2d4 and got 1, 2 ( Total: 3 )
JayM: //Two of the friendlies end up with Kolitk, the other four end up with Ashley

[OOC] Jimmy: Super back!
JayM: Suddenly, the party is split in four!
[OOC] Alexandra: Alchemists are such lonely people.
Kolitk ends up in what can only be described as a storeroom, crates stacked with machinery in a 3D setup, some made so to float in the ceiling even. The other two Ilirians with her are looking confused
Kolitk: "… Thisss isss… Unexpected."
Kolitk scratches at the back of her head and shrugs.
Ashley ends up in… Well, at least it’s been recently cleaned… It's a bathroom, and with all the six of you total there it's quite cramped
Alexandra almost looses her right arm, having just enough time to evade getting it crushed by moving gears as she ends up in a manufacture section, apparently inside one of the heavy construction focused difractor lasers. The thing is humungous made to cut equally humungous plates of metal
Jimmy ends up in… Well, it's a nice kitchen, the water around is slightly yellow-brown colored
Everyone's HUD displays show a map of this base, everyone seems to have ended up in the four 'corners' of this more or less square base. The location of the general is in the central sector, the prime testing grounds
Alexandra: "… Well. Hm."
Kolitk pokes at her helmet a few times and 'hrm's loudly.
There is a more or less straight path toward the central area from where each of you are, but there are security measures, of course
AshleyVonT radios the others….who have radios. //"Let's meet up at the center, Don't waste time."
Jimmy‘ gets moving!
Alexandra` pulls out the grappling hook and doesn’t respond. Responding wastes time.
Kolitk doesn't have a radio. >_>
JayM: //You actually do, the masks all have radios otherwise underwater communication would be impossible =P

JayM: Either way… Let's do this one at a time
[OOC] Jimmy: Not first!
JayM: We'll leave Ashley last, and since Ice is the most active I know he can wait. Peter's the most spaced out so we'll start with him
[OOC] Kolitk: lol. Do Ashley first so that Ashley is done BEFORE Amine goes to eat, doofus.
JayM: Well, that too
JayM: Then start with Ashley
Ashley's in a bathroom, single door out. Four Ilirian men and a human woman also cramp up the place made for a single person. Moving is hard
JayM: There is a single door
AshleyVonT crawls her way over to the door and opens it, letting everyone move out into the hall.
The hall is a short one. There's three doors to the left, one to the right and you're at the end of the hall. On the other side of the hall there is a large set of double metal doors. Above it it's written in Iliran //"#Testing Grounds#"
AshleyVonT checks the HUD for which way elads tot he center.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: leads to the*
JayM: //It'd be the metal doors

JayM: Well, the big ones. You don't have wooden doors underwater
AshleyVonT motiosn to the others. //"'X' formation, two of you in front, two in back, if I can get up a bone minion we'll have them take point." she points forwards. "The general is that way, let's move."
AshleyVonT waits a momment for them to get into position before moving with them through the open doors.
JayM: //Well, Awareness

AshleyVonT rolled 2d100 and got 28, 60 for a total of 88
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Major pass and exact pass.
The others nod to her and start moving. Then, after they're about halfway through the corridor Ashley can see, hidden in a nook of the ceiling, a motion detector for the corridor. You're not in it's range yet, but you can't get to the door without getting in it's range
AshleyVonT orders a stop. checks the HUD for alternate routes first.
JayM: Doesn't seems like it. The layout of the base has it separated in four different sections that connect only through the central area. This is the only way to reach the central sector
AshleyVonT points it out to one of the Illadrians and asks them to take it out with their guns.
Ilirian: "#No can do… I can't aim at it, i'll hit the cover. The bazooka is likely to set it off#"
AshleyVonT frowns and concentrates and tries to disolve it away by createing some nasty corsive poison around it.
JayM: Well, give me a MAG check, shall we?
JayM: Better, M.Acc for Poison
[OOC] Kolitk: I actually have the explosives skill!
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 62 for a total of 62
JayM: What's your CoS again?
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Macc is 158, so 108,MEVA
JayM: Slowly, the detector starts to corrode. It takes a while, quite a long while, but it eventually corredes completely and should b non-functional now
AshleyVonT keeps a carefuly eye on it, and once it's rendered nonfunctional, so motions for the other for everyone to move forward agian.
You all move forward, and once you've reached the doorway you can feel the water moving and shaking //"#Explosions…#" comments one of the friendlies.
On the other side you can see…
JayM: //And here we end Ashley's side

JayM: Now, towards Jimmy's side!
Jimmy has landed on a kitchen, from where there are two exits… A larger set of dual doors, and a smaller single door, both on opposite sides of the room
Jimmy‘ quirks his nose at the color of the water. What could’ve caused that… yellowing?
[OOC] Kolitk: Grease! … OMG GREASE!
JayM: I'd say… Spices. Most Ilirian kitchens have a few basic spices spread in it's very water for preparation of food. That's why Ilirian food is most spicey
[OOC] Jimmy: Grease doesn't mix with water dude.
[OOC] Alexandra: Tell me more, tell me more, don't run this into the grou-ow-ound.
[OOC] Kolitk: Oh, I thought he ment like just a yellow blob floating there. Nevermind. Grease would have been awesome ingredient though. <_< Anyways!
Jimmy‘ goes through the kitchen for supplies. Root vegetables would be nice, and he briefly wonders what they’d use to clean a kitchen underwater.
Jimmy finds a few strange roots that were used in food, that's extra supplies for sure. Enough for 4 units of Roots, though those are purple and slightly squishy. There's also this strange… Type of… Butter over there, in a pot… That is 1 unit of Wax
Jimmy: "Just as much virtue as anything else. Hmm…"
Jimmy‘ has to leave the wax behind! He leaves the kitchen.
JayM: Through which exit?
JayM: The large dual doors or the single smaller one?
Jimmy` looks through the single smaller one.
JayM: It leads to an empty hallway, two doors in the right, one in the left, and a large set of dual doors in the end of it
[OOC] Jimmy: I have a position readout of everyone else, right?
JayM: Yup
Jimmy` orients himself and begins heading towards the rest of the group! Because he can navigate!
JayM: Indeed! And it’d be right through those dual doors at the end of the hallway!
JayM: Awareness!
Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 78 for a total of 78
JayM: Pass/Fail?
JayM: By how much?
[OOC] Jimmy: 48!
Math: (78 - 48) = 30
[OOC] Alexandra: Wow! He’s so aware, he had a skill of 126!
The door suddenly closes in front of Jimmy!
JayM: IT is, by the way, locked
Jimmy‘ checks for the mechanism. Electronic?
JayM: Yup, electronic lock
JayM: However, this isn’t the input terminal. It's easy enough to guess that the actual input terminal is elsewhere
Jimmy: "…Drat."
Jimmy‘ about faces and heads through one of the doors to the right.
JayM rolled 1d2 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
Jimmy ends up in what can best be described as a bedroom, for many people. Currently there are six Ilirians sleeping soundly here. One of them moves as you enter
Jimmy` closes the door and heads back out.
JayM: Out he goes
Jimmy` checks around the door for any indication of what makes it crew quarters. Like writing in a language he can’t speak.
JayM: There is, indeed, writing in Ilirian
JayM: Far as I remember Jimmy can't read it, can he?
Jimmy‘ can’t - but he can avoid any doors with writing that's mostly the same as that.
JayM: Indeed
JayM: Now there's two more doors that you did not check, plus that big set of dual doors in the kitchen
Jimmy‘ checks the dual doors in the kitchen. A loading bay?
JayM: An Agility check, please
JayM: No, wait, Speed
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 64 for a total of 64
[OOC] Jimmy: What’s rating again?
JayM: (3*stat)+10
[OOC] Alexandra: 3*stat + 10
Math: (54 / 3) = 18
[OOC] Kolitk: ATT*3 +10
JayM: So you'd need an 18 SPD at least, what you have not
Attribute Rating for attribute at 8 is: 34
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 )
Jimmy sees that on the other side of the door is… A dining hall, with some twenty Ilirians happily eating. He's not fast enough to get back in before they notice him, however. But at least it was only one cook who saw something at the door
Jimmy‘ mentally dangits and looks around. Stealth isn’t his specialty! Uhh… well, maybe he can duck out of the kitchen real quick…
JayM: Let's see… Moving fast underwater… Swimming?
Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 26 for a total of 26
JayM: Jimmy’s fast enough to avoid being seen, he's out of the kitchen but the Ilirian is still looking for him inside there
Jimmy‘ works quickly - he tears off a piece of fabric from one of his bags and wedges it under the sealed door with his knife. Looks like it got caught there as the door closed!
JayM: Nice one
Jimmy` isn’t too stealthy, so he heads for another door. If they follow the wrong trail…
JayM: Well, which one?
JayM: Left or right?
Jimmy‘ picks the one that’s closer!
JayM rolled 1d2 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
JayM: Right it is!
Jimmy ends up in what looks like a type of surveillance room. There's a few monitors showing different parts of this sector of the complex, as well as a chair with an Ilirian soudly sleeping on it
Jimmy‘ closes the door neatly, listens carefully for a door unsealing himself and… well, he can’t resist, looks at the monitors.
JayM: I think… That Jimmy will have a hard time listening to anything underwater
JayM: Sound does not propagates well here
Jimmy‘ looks for a monitor that’s got a camera trained on that hallway he was just in, then.
JayM: Either way, the monitors show the bedroom, the kitchen and the adjoining dining hall. There is also a type of entertainment hall there. It also shows the corridor. Everywhere's busy, except for the corridor— Well, now there's an Ilirian making his way through it
JayM: After a while the Ilirian finds the piece of cloth, and starts moving again… Towards the very same room you're in
[OOC] Jimmy: How dark is the room?
JayM: It's got a single light up there, but nothing else
Jimmy‘ unscrews it and hides in a dark corner of the room, far away from the monitors.
JayM: Well… Stealth, at +60
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 24 for a total of 24
The Ilirian enters the room. He wakes up the sleeping guard and they discuss somewhat, but it’s impossible to hear. HE waves the piece of cloth towards the guard. The guard then proceeds to press a few buttons to open up door, and afterwards the Ilirian with the piece of cloth leaves
Jimmy‘ waits a while and skulks out.
JayM: Well, another Stealth check, this time at +20 only
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 13 for a total of 13
JayM: Yes, Jimmy makes his way past the now-awake guard. And has enough time to swim all his way towards the now open door!
Jimmy` swims through! Excellent! Too bad they know they’re looking for someone now.
On the other side, Jimmy finds a surprised Ilirian for being fooled and…
JayM: Now, we finish Jimmy's part and jump to Alexa's!
Alexandra, having managed to evade being crushed by gears, can find herself inside, literally, a giant diffractor laser cutter. And by inside I mean inside it's construction, and there's no apparent way out
Alexandra‘ looks around for some reflective surfaces … and maybe a warning label.
JayM: No such luck. Those would be on the outside. You’re, like… Inside the machine
JayM: As in… You know the engine? And the gears the engine moves? Those that are inside the metal box? That's where you are
[OOC] Alexandra: I got that part! There could have been a label inside for the guys that run maintenance.
[OOC] Alexandra: Is that a 'no' on 'reflective surfaces,' too?
JayM: Actually, you can see a reflective surface, yes. It's he laser tunnel that sends the laser from the generator over there -> to the tip of the machine over there ^
JayM: Aside from that, nope. Mostly opaque and dirty machines
Alexandra‘ ’hrms.' … She can give the machine some work. Strip it of impurities, make it shine again, revive the ol' engine's purr.
[OOC] Alexandra: In short: Intuitive magic with Sharpen!
JayM: Go for it!
JayM: Alchemy check first, though
Alexandra‘ rolled d100 and got 78 for a total of 78
[OOC] Alexandra: it’s so 'first,' it's before you even asked!
Math: (50 + (17*2)) = 84
JayM: Indeed!
JayM: What is your… Final plan here, by the by?
Alexandra makes the machine shine! The gears grind smoother and the reflective surfaces are just like mirrors! The beams of light now fire much stronger and she can feel the water temperarure rising
After a small bit, even, she can even see that that plate over there is moving… Somebody's going to open up the maitenance hatch
[OOC] Alexandra: erk. I keep typing something, then changing my mind two seconds later.
[OOC] JayM: Go ahead, I got time, I think
Alexandra‘ looks for something she can hide behind. Maybe a comically oversized gear.
JayM: Actually, you could hind behind the laser tunnel. It’s safe enough if you don't touch it, and bright enough to ofuscate anyone who looks at it
Alexandra‘ heads there, then! In fact, when the coast is clear, she may — wait. Huh. There’s a maintenance hatch, she didn't need to burn her way out, anyway.
Three Ilirians enter through the maitenance hatch to see what's wrong. They got no idea why did the machine suddenly overcharged for no reason
Alexandra‘ is hiding!
JayM: Yup, and they’re there working. Now what's the big plan?
Alexandra‘ waits until they’re occupied with their work, then tries to slip through the maintenance hatch herself.
JayM: Well… Stealth at +30
Alexandra‘ rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 )
[OOC] Alexandra: …
[OOC] Alexandra: Yeah, that sounds about right.
Alexandra slips past the three workers… And as she swims outside she ends up face-to-face with another worker… By face-to-face I mean so close they’re almost kissing eachother there
JayM: Any actions before I give his reaction?
Alexandra‘ blinks, then fires the grappling hook across the room. Hallway. Somewhere *not there.*
Alexandra’s in a room that's dedicated to cutting and folding large metal plates to use in the things they produce. The grappling hook strikes the ceiling and there it stays. As Alexandra is dragged by it particle beam fire dots the ceiling, barely missing her
From this high PoV she can see, over there, large blast doors, slowly closing
Alexandra‘ fires. … This could require coordination. As a mech pilot, she has that, to say the least.
[OOC] JayM: You’re retracting the grappling hook and shooting it at the door to make your way there very fast?
Alexandra‘ drops and fires the grappling hook further along the ceiling, that is. A la Spiderman.
JayM: Roll me something
Alexandra` rolled d100 and got 11 for a total of 11**
JayM: Whatever do you think it’s good to roll here?
[OOC] Kolitk: … Does it matter? :p
[OOC] Alexandra: I was hoping for something like half of Vehicles! But defaulting to AGI with that roll works, too.
Alexandra is just… The spiderwoman! She swings across the ceiling, task made easyer due to the watery environment giving her a safety net. She makes her way across the ceiling just in time for the blast doors to close behind her! She ends up outside, right in front of…
JayM: Now we cut from Alexa's side, all the way into Kolitk's!
Kolitk is in a room, along with two Ilirians, full of crates set in a 3D environment. There's a large hangar door over there
Kolitk has… uh. Crates? And minions? Hey lets crack one open and see whats inside!
JayM: Inside are… Large pieces of electronical gear. Everything is slimy
JayM: I don't think Kol can identify it
[OOC] Kolitk: Systems 20%! >_>
[OOC] Kolitk: ;p
JayM: Indeed, those seems to be wewapon parts
Kolitk scratches her head. //"#Would these be of any use?#"
Ilirian 1: "#Hum… No idea, I don't know anything about this technical stuff#"
Kolitk: "#…Rrrright.#'
Kolitk tilts her head up and looks around… there were crates hanging off of cranes, you said?
JayM: //Not really, the crates have floaters and they're hanging on the ceiling there. There's no use for cranes here, just add a floater and the crates are as light as a plume

Kolitk looks around for another floater thinger.
JayM: There's a box full of floaters there. They're empty right now, though
JayM: But they're of simple operation, press a button and they start to float
Kolitk wanders back to the crate and grabs a few of those partsJimmy or Alexandra might be able to use them for… something then goes back and grabs a float with the two minions and goes about getting to the door.
Past the door you end up in a huge factory. You're in the upper level of a three-story-high building. Down there there's many automated robots assembling what appears to be tanks. Land tanks
Kolitk … blinks then scratches at her head. That might be a bit more peculiar if she knew what the hell a tank was and that they work on land and not in water/space!
Kolitk does not, however, and uses the floater, to, well, float along. Looking for another door or soemthing interesting to take.
Ilirian 2: "#Odd… Why are they building land warfare armored units here?#"
Kolitk: "#Land?#"
Kolitk looks around at all the water and 'hrm's.
There's over there a large set of blast doors, open. You can see a pair of tanks sloooooowly being pushed by two underwater tanks past them. It's easy enough to guess that there must be another set of doors below you
Kolitk floats on over that'a way, then.
Ilirian 1: "#Yes… Those seem like the Land Umber Earth models, but their armor design is a lot more smoother"
JayM: Door below or blast doors?
Kolitk: "#Strange.#"
[OOC] Kolitk: Uh. Below.
Floating below, Kolitk finds her way into another of those storage rooms. This one, however, has five Ilirians distracted organizing the crates, smaller this time
Kolitk floats back up to the other doors. Workers would probably be easy to take out but no point in putting the base on alert. Yet. >.>
JayM: Back to the starting point, ye mean?
[OOC] Kolitk: … the blast doors? instead of the ones below?
JayM: Ah, indeed
JayM: That'll require, however, a Stealth check to reach there unnoticed
JayM: Your companions have 50 in Stealth
[OOC] Kolitk: more than I do. :P
JayM: Hum… Roll it, then
[OOC] Kolitk: or.
[OOC] Kolitk: Was there another door in the room below?
Kolitk checks the HUD first! Maps inside of helmets are a little convient!
JayM: Indeed, there were three levels of storage space!
[OOC] Kolitk: Oh. Screw that, Kolitk is going to gank her some loading screw instead of being spotted by people with tanks.
JayM: The HUD shows that! It also shows that Ashley's already reached the central area, and she's moving quite a lot. Jimmy's also by there and Alexa is halfway there
Kolitk decides not to float up, but into the room down here! The minions have guns and there's always convient nearby objects she can use to throw. Yay Throw Stone! >_>
The room below has many shelves where a large variety of rifles are. Actually, no variety at all, same model
The rifles are very long, have a three-pronged tip too. They're shaped like a cross of a laser rifle and a trident. It also happens that their tips are sharpened
Ilirian 1: "#TS-33 rifles? Damn, I want one#"
Kolitk has no idea how to shoot a gun! But she that autohit for 50% arm ignring damage when she throws them. Rawr~. The minions might like spare weapons though. Oh wait, trident? Kolitk can probably work with that, it is more or less a polearm…
Kolitk: "#Take as many as you want.#"
The two take one of them each, and swing them around a bit. //"#Nice# // //
Kolitk grabs one an takes out a small peice of string so she can sling it across her sleeve, gives the Ilirians a second to take a few, then starts throwing more at the five people in here loading up stuff.
[OOC] JayM: Gibe me a second to look at the wiki
[OOC] Kolitk: 'kay.
JayM: //That's the equivalent of both a Tier 4 Axe (since, yanno, that's what you're using, mechanically) as well as a Tier 4 Rifle

JayM: But cannot use ammo
Kolitk makes a VERY NASTY hole in one of the workers here, the other two quickly fire their rifles in diffractor mode, taking down the other four
Kolitk will, uh, drag the bodies out of immediat view then use the floater to get to the next door. Whee!
[OOC] JayM: Next door… Now i'm confused. You're in the middle storage door. So you mean the one below you?
[OOC] Kolitk: … Sure?
[OOC] Kolitk: Whatever door continues to get me where I'm going.
[OOC] JayM: Well, there's this door below and then there's the blast door where the tanks are going to
Down in this door there's more crates, the crates are very long and each is secured by various ropes to keep them non-moving, there is also a cover of a blue jelly-like substance on each crate
JayM: As in, there is a block of blue jelly around each crate to keep it still
[OOC] Kolitk: I already went through the first door below. …Then there was another door, which I though you had said was up after going through there that continues to get me going in that direction, but uh. I 'uno.
[OOC] JayM: We're both lost =P Just take this final door before the doorway to the boss
Kolitk goes that way!
Kolitk also pokes at the blue jelly with her trident
JayM: The jelly is surprisingly resilient
Kolitk: "Huh."
Ilirian 2: "#Wait up. This is containment gel. I think those are volatile explosives#"
Kolitk >.>
Kolitk looks over the crates to see if there's anywhere not covered in the goop.
JayM: Nope, they're completely covered. But if you want and with a bit of effort you can carve a hole in the goop
Kolitk will… try and do that, yes.
[OOC] JayM: Argh, BRB. I'll go drink some tea
Kolitk can carve herself a way to open up one of the crates. Inside it's a missile… Half of it seems to be made of glass and inside it's a dark fluid
Kolitk grabs a missile or two, depending on size, then continues to float towards whereever they're going.
JayM: The missile is… Just about as big as your palm, Kol
JayM: Kolitk gains 3x Deathwater Missiles
Kolitk … takes quite a few, then! Those things are small. o_O
Ilirian 1: "#WHOA! Watch out with that, those are Deathwater Missiles! If you break the tip of one of them we're all dead!#"
JayM: Make that 10, then
Kolitk: "#Well, then I shall take care to not break any around us, then.#"
JayM: The only other way now is through the blast door
Kolitk floats on over that'a way with ze floater. I don't suppose it's open or easy to get open, is it? :p
JayM: They finished pushing the tanks past it… You can see something going on on the other side… A giant… Humanoid robot, swinging it's arms around. You can see Ilirians retreating from the scene. Yes, the door is open, and the rest of the party is currently fighting some type of giant robot on the other side!
JayM: As for General Mechameson is on the controls!
JayM: Logend!
Kolitk o_O .oO(I Blame Alexandra.)

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