O R D 21

JayM: ORD - Session 21
Last time we saw our group of heroes they had just concoted a plan of genious proportions, but before they could think much beyond what they've done, they're called in for briefing for their next mission
Alexandra walks in, still brushing her teeth.
Kolitk is right behind Alexandra, shaking her head.
In the briefing room Suka is there, waiting for you all. Behind her a series of holoscreens depicting a planet, the name over it is 'Tyrian' //"Hello all"
AshleyVonT is carried in by Eins.
[OOC] JayM: Unh… Give me one second
Jimmy: "Uh, hey, hello."
Kisro walks next to Alexa, dodging stray bits of toothpaste foam.
AshleyVonT nods an greeting to Suka.
Suka: "Well, you're all getting a slightly strange mission this time"
Alexandra pulls out a cup and spits in it. "To be seducink more squids?"
Kolitk makes a face.
Suka: "You're going to planet Tyrian, that is an Ilirian outpost, to assist a group of rebels who want independence of their planet. You're going to assist in performing rapid attacks against the seven generals who lead the army"
[OOC] Alexandra: Or…am I mixing up Ilirians and mindflayers?
JayM: //You are

JayM: Ilirians are more like… Merman
JayM: Without the fish tail
[OOC] Alexandra: retcon so it is so!
Jimmy: "Well, that's quite a few generals."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: They all taste good fried in a butter sauce though, and that's all that matters.
Suka: "Well, depends on your style. You're taking this"// she takes a small square block of steel and gives it to Alexa "to assist the attack. Those seven generals are spread all through the entire planet, and need to be taken out in the span of one night"
Suka: "That is an R-grade prototype of a portable hyperwarp generator"
JayM: //As you science types might remember, R-grade prototypes are the 'I really hope it will work and not destroy the base' kind of prototypes, while L-type are the 'let's overkill it then we think about mass-production'

Kisro: /‘`/``…what, you couldn’t get us the S-Type?/‘`/// [OOC] Kisro: *`` grade
[OOC] Alexandra: So both are dangerous and experimental but R-grades could kill us all and L-grades we don’t need to worry about that as much?
[OOC] JayM: L-grades are safe workable types, but usually end up as 'superweapons' when the mass production types are going
[OOC] JayM: R-grades are the type of prototype where nobody knows if it will even work, and are highly dangeroud
AshleyVonT: "Lovely, Does it double as a weapon of mass destruction when it doesn't feel like working?"
[OOC] Alexandra: And yet they're all the same to Alexandra. And the Japanese.
Suka: "It, according to my reports, requires through maitenance after each use, at least one of the inner components is expected to break after each use"
Alexandra shrugs and gargles something that makes no sense anyway.
Alexandra needs to go rinse.
Kolitk frowns.
Suka: "Well, it will cause a cascade reaction of the quantum wavefront if it fails critically, possibly destroying various kilometers but, it's not expected to happen"
Suka: "Alexandra will be in charge of repairing it since her alchemy is the only way to perform the repairs fast enough"
she tosses a small bag to the still-gargling Alexa "There's enough material for the repairs there"
Alexandra takes the bag happily! That was the only part she was concerned about.
Suka: "Aaaand… You'll be getting inside the planet by hiding…"
he eye widen at a screen at her side "Between the fuel tanks of a refuelling plane?"
Suka: "This can't be right"
AshleyVonT: "…You're the one who said it…"
Suka pokes at the screen a bit more "No, apparently you're going to hide in the wings of the plane, taking the maitenance entrance for the tanks and hide between them"
Suka: "Then you'll have to jump from the plane when it's on top of the target, using landing foam to absorb the impact of the drop…"
Suka: "This is really insane but… That's the mission. Your ride should be in hangar bay 120"
Kisro growls and tenses up. /‘`/Finally a mission I understand./``/
Kisro: ///``/``Hit, run, hit, run, it’s just like playing fetch!/‘`/``

If this was a anime, Ashley would probably be visually sweatdropping right now. //"Who…exactly thought up this mission as a mission for our group?"
Suka: "Says it’s an order directly from Fleet Command"
Jimmy: "Hm. Well, I should go."
AshleyVonT: "…WHo signed off on it?"
Kisro: ///‘`/Oohdoesitmatter can we go?/``/

Kisro: /``/...please?/``/
Suka: "Well, it’s signed by Chief Intel. I suppose there isn't much that can be done right now"
Suka: "And I guess your teammates are very eager to get going"
Alexandra gargles again.
AshleyVonT nods. //"…but when we get back I can look into…" she looks over the group."…it?"
[OOC] Alexandra: Ashley's afraid we're the EXPENDABLES!
Suka: "No problem"
AshleyVonT nods and heads out.
Alexandra shrugs and just swallows the toothpaste.
Kolitk shakes her head again and follows out behind the others.
Jimmy: "This is the planet, though."
AshleyVonT: "With the arsenic?"
In the hangar bay, you can see your ride. A one-reentry-only type of plane, created with discardable outer plating to survive reentry but to stay on atmosphere. You're welcomed by a mithra clad in engineer clothes, she quickly comes close to you, maybe a bit too close to Jimmy "So… You'rrre Goldstarrr 9, hum?"
Jimmy: "With the lab. Maybe we should bring the gun."
Jimmy: "Uh, effectively."
Kolitk gently puts a hand on the mithra should and… Pushes her back a bit, "Yess."
Alexandra: "And you are beink..?"
The mithra holds into Kolitk's hands and sort of… Slides up it to look her in the face "Hurrrrm. Well, you'rrre taking that one plane overrr there" she houlds out with her left hand a single green 'lance' type of ammo for railguns "I'm the" however, a Yeti wearing the same engineer clothes comes from behind her and lifts her by the collar
Yeti: "She is high"
he says simply, then turns to her "How many?"
AshleyVonT: "…"
Kolitk: "Five."
AshleyVonT: "Six."
She quietly says something in his ear "No, twelve, types of different drugs she took just today, I don't know how she's still live. Excuse me for a second" he says, moving her off and making her sit somewhere, then her returns to the party "I'm sorry"
Kisro is intrigued by the silly Mithra.
Yeti: "She's an incredible engineer, when she keeps her hands off the chemicals. Anyway"
he hands the green railgun ammo to Ashley "This is a charge containing landing foam, shoot it in the ground and the cloud of foam should absorb the impact from fall from approxximately stratosphere, that's close to your jumping height"
AshleyVonT: "Words like 'approzzimately' and 'close' in your statement worry me…"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: approxximately*
Yeti: "The plane's automated, and we know it'll get shot down later"
he hands Jimmy a disc containing the map of the planet "There is only one Iliran surface base, that'll be your recovery point tomorrow at midnight. And don't worry, you'll be safe as long as you act fast enough"
Alexandra: "And they are excitink the rest of us. Have a little fun, dear."
Alexandra winks at Ashley.
The Yeti then hands Kolitk six masks for underwater breathing "Each one of them has enough air for twenty four hours, your operation shouldn't take that long"
Kolitk tilts her head at the masks.
Suddenly, red klaxons go off, the voice of Fleet Command sounding "Attention all personnel, emergency hyperwarp jump in one minute. I repeat, emergency hyperwarp jump in one minute. All ships scheduled to takeoff hurry prepartions and depart"
The Yeti blinks "Whatever is up now? You all, hurry along, under the left wing it's the maitenance entry. Go on, you should have taken off ten minutes ago"
AshleyVonT: "…One minute?"
Alexandra just salutes at the pair and heads off.
The Yeti waves "Go on!" he says, going off to his post in the controls of some kind of system over there <-
[OOC] Jimmy: We aren't railgunned, are we?
JayM: //You are

[OOC] Jimmy: Woo!
JayM: At least, I assume you are. IF you're not, you can't land >_>
Kolitk follows after Alexandra, //"Um."
Jimmy‘ climbs in, carrying the gun behind him. Why no, it’s not conspicuous at all.
AshleyVonT piles in, Eins takes up the job of making sure AShley is comfortable in the un comfortable situation.
It's amazing, the small hole under the wing is just about big enough for Alexa to enter. Actually, not even then, everyone has to squeeze a bit to enter the small tube. Seriously, maybe whoever thought of this maitenance entry didn't expect people bigger than a Taru to fit in there, but you all eventually make your way between two large black plastic bags, that are squisy to the touch, showing that much probably they're full of fuel
JayM: //Thankfully, Earth uses mana crystals in inert suspension liquid as fuel isntead of anything that creates noxious fumes, so it's safe enough

Kolitk >.<
[OOC] Alexandra: And Giz goes AFK to pack.
Kolitk: "Crrramped."
The ship takes off, and then everything rubles for a second, people getting thrown about every single way, as if some gigantic explosion had happened outside, but nothing alarming sounds
Kolitk then grabs at both of her ears and looks like she's in a lot of pain, whimering.
AshleyVonT is content lying comfortable within Eins bossom at the momment.
Untill she totally is woken up. //"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT?"
After a while, I'd say maybe three hours, the place starts to heat up considerably, and then you can hear the hissing sound of the outer armor of the plane detaching to give place to the more aerodynamic shape. Your communicators indicate there is roughly another hour before drop-off point
[OOC] Kolitk: brb >.<
AshleyVonT does the best to relax after the annoyign sound goes away.
Eins is just tryeing to make Ashley comfortable as per usual, though she looks more sad than worried with Ashley's current state
JayM: //Well, doing anything during your travel?

Alexandra grits her freshly-brushed teeth.
AshleyVonT enjoys her nice comfy 'Eins bed'.
Jimmy: "Umm."
[OOC] JayM: Give me a moment, my mother is intentionally attempting to make my day shitty. I'll have to go get some clothes ready for tomorrow
Kolitk: "…Hm?"
Alexandra hums the Tetris theme to herself.
Finally, your communicators give a sign it's the drop-off point
[OOC] JayM: Sorry for the delay -_-
[OOC] Alexandra: 's'alright. Took care of a trade. :D
Supposing you all make your path to the maitenance hatch you find yourselves staring at clouds. Obviously, there is only space for one at a time to even look through the hatch. Maybe Kisro and Ashley could look at once, but that'd require her crawling under him to look
JayM: Apparently you're to jump here
AshleyVonT holds out the foam catriage for the railgun. //"Well….Um, WHo first?"
Kisro barks. /‘`/Volunteer #1./``/
Kolitk: "Um…"
[OOC] Alexandra: … okay, I’m at the wheel, I goofed. Kisro can't speak.
[OOC] JayM: Whee, it's ok
JayM: //Kisro could just, yanno, jump >_>

JayM: That's what all of you gotta do, jump, then fire the bullet once you can see the ground
Kisro jumps out!
JayM: Whee, flying dog! Sure feels awesome the wind!
JayM: Who's next, and somebody better go quickly before Kisro gets out of range
Alexandra takes the next dive down.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: * everyone wtaches Kisro fall "wow, he sure was brave…"
JayM: Hum… Amine, and Ice?
JayM: Kinda waiting on your two =P
Jimmy‘ leaps!
Kolitk sighs and jumps out.
AshleyVonT holds onto Eins and has her jump out last.
Once in the air, free-fall for a long while. The air is cold as you get past a raincloud, and you all get moderately soaked. After a while, you can see the ground below, it’s just in the beach, apparently, and there seems to be a few tents set nearby. If any of you look up you can see that there are five jets chasing down the ship you were on before.
AshleyVonT , um, makes her way over to Jimmy who has the railgun, indicating then need to fire it now.
As the foam shot impacts on the ground it liberates a huge cloud of semi-transparent green foam, and as you all reach it you deaccelerate suddenly, however, this foam has the great capacity of absorbing almost all kinetic energy and dissipating quickly, so in a few seconds you're all safely on the ground, if not a bit wet and possibly still a bit sticky. But that'll be gone in a minute
Kolitk >.< doesn't like being wet, espeically not whne falling to her doom.
Kolitk: "… Aah!"// *blinks* "…ah?"
Over there is where the tents are set, because of the sheer absurdity of what you've just made nobody came to check on what happened. Seriously, that was horribly insane and illogical, whoever saw you falling probably thought they were drunk
Kolitk just kind of lays there, blinking. "Errrrm…"
AshleyVonT hops about. "Ahhh…? Eins?" she has Eins pick her up agian. "Uhg…all sticky…"
Alexandra pulls herself up, not minding the stickiness. To take off the jacket would mean she could catch her death of cold!
AshleyVonT starts looking around for what there were supposed to find. "…What were we suppsoed to find?"
JayM: //That would be that small Ilirian camp over there I pointed five lines above =P

Jimmy: "…Hmm."
Alexandra: "Hm?"
Jimmy: "We, uh, should get moving. Probably."
AshleyVonT: "Hrmmm-mmmm?"
Alexandra: "Was thinkink same think."
Kisro plods off towards the camp.
Jimmy‘ gets moving, using his new staff as a walking-stick.
Kolitk gets up and frowns, trying it brush away the wetness, irritated. //"Let usss go… rrright." She hives her head a nice shake, then follows along.
The camp has about twenty Ilirians around, they’re busy performing maitenance in a variety of equipment, mostly weaponry that looks slightly damaged. They've got a nice self-defensive setup with a good variety of AA weapons and three torpedo launchers set a bit further there in the sand. Of note is the refraction laser, a type of laser meant to divide into a laser shower when hitting water, that they got set up over there running on a magitek pylon. Taking into account those types of things aren't built out of the Earth Empire, you can guess they've been getting quite a bit of support
AshleyVonT has Eins carry her after the others.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: stupud typios.
As you all approach a pair of armed Ilirans approach you "#Whoa, you really did come#"
Kolitk: "#… Yes.#"
Alexandra: "#Why not?#"
Iliran: "#Come over here… Wow, you guys really got gills to pull THAT stunt…#"
he says, dumbfouded. He points you to a tent "#Boss' over there, we thought you wouldn't come since Tyrian's airspace security's been reinforced"
AshleyVonT slaps Reinhart around a bit with a large trout
[OOC] Alexandra: …
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Hate mIRC…
[OOC] Reinhart: …Err, what?
JayM: //I know =P

JayM: That was a problem with Amine's mIRC
JayM: It randomly slaps people for no reason
[OOC] Kolitk: No, Amine's jst a retard and accidently clicks on things a lot. :P
[OOC] Reinhart: ….
Kolitk doesn't point out that that was *not* there idea as she follows behind them.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: That wasn't accidental clicking.=~_~= it's this dumb think where it gets in the wrong window and when I tyr to why does stupid stuff.
Inside the tent there is a table set with a map, paper map, on it. There's three Ilirians here //"#Ah, there you are#" says one of them, the tallest "#I'm Keidre, commander of this sector of the rebelion#" he looks at you five "#Just you?#"
AshleyVonT yawns and follows after them. "How long till the stickiness goes away?"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: There are 6 of them.=`>_>=‘`
Kolitk: "#Yes.#"
AshleyVonT: "#We got here.#"
[OOC] Kolitk: Psh, we don’t count the dog. :p
JayM: //Kisro is doing a very good job at not being noticed

Kisro is doing so because her player just left. :(
Keidre: "#Hum… I suppose there will be more of you going to the other bases? We need to get this done in the span of a single night. If we let a single one of their generals discover one of them is dead before we kill all of them the whole plan will be a disaster"
JayM: +#
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Kisro is also gender confused?
[OOC] Alexandra: er crud me goofing again
Kolitk: "#Not so far as I know. Just us.#"
JayM: Well, if you don't do a through search, it's usually hard to tell the gender of his kind, right?
AshleyVonT: "That wasn't in the briefing…"
JayM: Anyway, jokes aside
Alexandra adjusts her goggles. //"#That won't be a problem."
Alexandra: "# #"
Keidre: "#How come?#"
Alexandra turns back to the team. "Should to be revealink device?"
Alexandra: "#We have proper transportation.#"
Kolitk shrugs.
Keidre: "#Well, I hope you. We'll start the mission today at sunset…#"
he points to the map "#First target is in this base, close to here. The base is a decoy base, little security, he resides there because nobody would think of attacking such a useless place#"
Kolitk: "Hrrrmm…"
Alexandra does know how to work this generator, right?
JayM: //Alexa does, it's a very simple touchpad-like-thing, and the bag she's got with the materials for repair comes along with a manual

Keidre: "#Second is over here, in this weapon facility. The third general should be in a nearby facility that produces heavy duty machinery#"
AshleyVonT: "Just three?"
Keidre: "#Fourth general is in charge of a deep-sea research station in the south over here, fifth in the starport in the Glory ocean#"
Keidre politely ignores Ashley while he continues on
AshleyVonT looks to see if that's all now.
Keidre: "#The sixth is in their command center in the capital of Tyrian in the northwestern sector, and the seventh's at the surface research facility over here. I've been said you should strike the surface facilty last, don't ask me why#"
Alexandra taps her foot in annoyance with Ashley. We had seven to take out. >:|
AshleyVonT: "#Do you know what type of secruity we should expect at each location?"
Keidre: "#At the production facilities the security should be tight, mostly compromising of soldiers using the same kind of weaponry in those places plus a small variety of support troops. The hideout of the first general should be relatively unarmed and unsecured as a means to keep a low profile. The starport should be extremely secured with automated defense systems everywhere but the dangerous ressuply areas#"
[OOC] JayM: I'll fix that one out later -_-
[OOC] Alexandra: Why do I feel like we're in a Mega Man game?
Keidre: "The deep-sea research facility should have little security since nothing but Ilirian deep-sea vessels usually make that deep and their lack of suitable environment for surface creatures. The surface research facility is a mistery to me, we have no data on it. The capital should be under heavy security too with mixed troops"
[OOC] Kolitk: eheheh
AshleyVonT: "#Do you know how fast of respounse times on the news of the death of the generals we should expect?#"
Kolitk: "#Fast, if we only have one night…#"
Keidre: "#It takes them eight hours for a planet-wide alert to be given, ten hours for Iliria to recieve the report, twelve for us to have part of the main Ilirian fleet down our throats. Takes longer if the bodies take longer to be found#"
AshleyVonT: "Ah, then we should have enough time to hit each facility without having to split up."
Kolitk isn't so sure. :/
Keidre nods //"#Or so you say, they're spread far around the planet and all but one are in…# Harsh #environment for you surface-dwellers. I really hope you're all very good#"
Kolitk takes out those masks and glances them over, before handing one to Alexandra, Jimmy, then two for Ashley.
AshleyVonT nods and takes them. "Thanks." she then puts one on Eins and Eins puts the other on her.
Jimmy‘ inspects his then puts it on.
Alexandra points to Kisro before snapping hers on.
Keidre: "#The mission starts on sunset… Make yourselves clean and be ready by then#"
Kolitk stills does quite get it, but puts it on. Ugh, this is going to involve so much water. >.< She then hands Alexandra the last one, for Kisro
Alexandra hands Kisro one, and…
Kisro bites it. No opposable thumbs.
Alexandra sighs and straps it on Kisro for him.
JayM: //Mind you, it’s made to fit his face, all of those are custom-made to be comfortable on you. Each of them also has a HUD in it and comm system.

Kolitk blinks at all the glowing see through words/numbers in her feild of vision. //"… How odd."
Skipping into nighttime, you've all been assembled into the center of the camp. Roughly a group of twelve Ilirians armed with energy rifles, plus one of them armed with a refration laser cannon with three charges, are ready, plus you. There is a small sub over there in the beach waiting for you to board. Keidre comes over to the group
AshleyVonT: "It seems we have a bit of time still we should freshen up before we have toi work."
AshleyVonT and Eins are both nice and clean by that point!
Keidre: "#Alright, you're using standard blitz strategy type epsilon! I've come to believe I'd better leave you earthlings to your own devices, whenever one of you has come to help you've always done better on your own anyway. Just don't lag behind and act very fast#"
Keidre: "#Now move!#"
Kolitk … moves? In that direction. Yeah.
AshleyVonT moves with the group.
[OOC] Alexandra: x
Alexandra walks along, operating the hyperwarp generator all the while.
Jimmy‘ moves moves moves!
JayM: //Well, Alexa, triggering it to use it right now?

JayM: OR will you take the ’on feet' route?
[OOC] Alexandra: Maybe we can wait. It's a bit unstable?
JayM: It's clearly quite unstable
[OOC] AshleyVonT: It works like Tim the Enchanter's Telport from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.=`>_>=‘`
The submarine is standard military issue, doesn’t have more space than strictly needed. As soon as it starts to submerge the water level inside the sub starts to raise, clearly it's not sealed against water
Alexandra fiddles with the controls, then stops. Safety? Taking priority in her mind?
JayM: Then again, why would an Iliran sub be sealed against water, it's like cars for them
Kolitk hopes this funky mask thingie does something useful… uuugh water >.<
Eventually, you're all underwater, not a single drop of air there. Your masks immediatly start, letting you breathe the stale metallic air they carry. The Ilirains around you start taking off their wetsuits and changing into more appropriate underwater combat armor
[OOC] Alexandra: I read that as 'more appropriate underwear.'
Kolitk .oO(Ilirains are so weird…)
JayM: Well, that idea di
Holy hell, I've been around Winged too much, ack
[OOC] Alexandra: … ajfdfs
Jimmy: "Hmm… the gun should fire just fine underwater, since we designed it for space combat."
AshleyVonT would probably float to the rof and be stuck there if not for Eins holding onto her.
AshleyVonT: "How many rounds do we have?
Jimmy: "Five milled rods. I expect that we'll need one."
JayM: You guys feel like stopping here? I don't want to start next game directly with combat and I need a bit to prep for Etherside
[OOC] Kolitk: /me is dead anyways
[OOC] Alexandra: Mmm. I'm kinda fine with it.
[OOC] Jimmy: I could run longer, but sure.
JayM: Logend!

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