O R D 20

JayM: ORD - Session 20
Lat we saw our group of heroes, they were having their free time, coupled with their normal duties in the Oran. They've spent most of their time making high-grade equipment for themselves no store sells. However, meawhile, at least one of them has come up with a clever plan
JayM: The scene cuts in to said hero, who will do something not even the GM can fathom
Jimmy‘ gathers his wits, and begins to explain. //"It seems a little strange, but it’s… um, all very chemically sound. I've been looking over the data I've got…"
Jimmy: "But, uh, anyway."
Jimmy: "It's biological, right? At the core, the beast has to keep eating. It just cycles energy through itself at an enormous rate."
JayM supposes you gathered the party for this meeting somewhere?
Jimmy‘ totally did. Probably in his lab.
[OOC] Jimmy: Probably as they came to pick up their new weapons. :D
Kolitk glances back over at Jimmy, setting down the peices of equipment she’d made for him previously before head tilting. "… The Beast, you mean?"
Jimmy: "So.. the way I see it, it makes energy the exact same way… and yeah, that's exactly what I mean."
the maid Ashley sent has probably already fetche dher bacl/
Jimmy: "So what's bad for us in that aspect would be even worse for something whose very existence is based around that. Um. Metaphorically."
Jimmy: "Anyway, the answer is ARSENIC. It's poisonous to us because it inhibits ATP production - and it sticks in the body, our cells have no way of clearing it out."
AashleyVonT: "I suppose so, It's base instinct is the hunger…the desire to devour…"
Kolitk: "Arrrsenic?"
Jimmy: "It's one of the most elementary"
- Jimmy chuckles a little - "poisons in existence. Not toxic in small doses, but can be built up over a lifetime in a human body."
Kolitk: "Ah."
Jimmy: "It's similar to phosphorus, right? So the mitochondria draws it in to generate energy. Only it can't break it down, and that little bit of mitochondria is out for good. And you've still got arsenic floating around."
AashleyVonT males a face. "It's possible…it seems rather simple…and it seems to devour everything, nothing seems to be excluded, it'spossible it has some adaptation to resist these poisons…"
[OOC] JayM: Amine, Ashley only has 1 A
Kolitk squints her face a little, thinking, then nods slowly.
Jimmy‘ waves the data disc he copied. "There’s no way, chemically, it could adapt without sacrificing a lot of what makes it so terrifying."
Jimmy: "Either it produces energy biologically, and arsenic is anathema to it, or it slows down and develops an entirely different process. And mitochondria has had millions of years to get good at what it does."
Jimmy‘ smiles. When’s the last time you saw him smile?
Jimmy: "Umm. Uh, anyway, I've got my full notes on this disc if you'd like to go over them. I'm not sure exactly what it's going to do…"
Jimmy: "…But it'll be impressive."
AshleyVonT nods. "It's worth testing atleast…I have no idea where the Beast came from, we assume it's biological in the same way we are…but there is no way for us to know…"
Kolitk head tilts in Ashley's direction now.
Kolitk: "… We do know some people who have a betterrr knowledge of… It."
Jimmy: "Uhh. Well…"
Jimmy‘ looks down for a moment.
Jimmy: "I’m pretty sure it uses the mitochondrial cycle, at least. That we can depend on.
AshleyVonT: "I've seen to break the normal laws of conservation of matter…It was seen to have DNA at least, that is true…We need some way to test this theory on a small scale. This isn't a situation in which I'd like to 'eat poison mushrooms'."
Kolitk taps her foot. "Hmm… So what you want iss… more inforrrmation on it?"
Jimmy: "Well, we have an enemy that's experimenting with using beast cells, right?"
AshleyVonT nods. "Arsenic isn't uncommon in the universe, it's possible it has encountered it before…if so there may be some record of it…It's hard to know without knowing where the Beast came from…"
Jimmy: "What if we could find one of their failed projects and try out our new weapon on it?"
AshleyVonT: "That would certianly be a good first test."
Jimmy: "First we'd need to build it. Though, if we do it on a smaller scale, that'd be enough of a proof of concept…"
Jimmy: "Well, the Oran officials would have to at least CONSIDER mounting an up-scaled version of it on the Dreadnought."
Kolitk nods towards Jimmy. Then scratches at the back of her head. "Therrre arre some, um, surrviverrsss that… I think defeated the Beast once beforre, On thisss ship."
Jimmy: "Oh? Hmm."
AshleyVonT: "It's not impossible, we've seen that."
Kolitk nods, "Drrrilian and," She makes a face, "Ferryan."
[OOC] JayM: * Kills the last a 'Feryn'
AshleyVonT smirks "…Friends of yours?"
Kolitk: "If frrriends frrequently hurrt eachother enough to rrrrquirrrre trripsss to the E.Rrr., then 'yess'."
AshleyVonT: "only hurt the ones you love."
she pauses. "Could you get us a introduction?"
Kolitk shrugs, then nods. "Should not be too harrrd."
AshleyVonT nods. "Could be useful…"
JayM divinely waits for a plan to be spouted up to him
AshleyVonT figures we are going to go talk to Kolitk's boyfriend now.:p
Kolitk >:E
Kolitk yawns a little, grabbing her Spear from where she left it with Jimmy, then heads on out. Time to go find her 'friends', which shouldn't be too hard sicne they have very public jobs. >.>
JayM: //Well, it's going to take a while, guessing this meeting took place at noon it's already nighttime already. Over there in the Soldier's Relief, in a rather shady looking bar, you can find the entire Galerider crew, getting drunk beyond belief

Kolitk ponders. … Little creepy girl… Little boy. Seedy bar. … Does she *want* to go get them first?
Kolitk actually is going to have to, since they're the ones that need the info and she doesn't understand it enough to properly relay it. So to get the children!
Jimmy: "Well, this is probably okay. It's kind of important."
JayM: As in, you're going get Feryn over there? Or do you mean something else?
JayM: My mind did not grasp your English Major skills
Kolitk: "Just, ahm, watch yourrself."// She nods, then leads the way back there, with Jimmy and Ashley in tow.
AshleyVonT gotten, she was right in the middle of a massage. she stretches. "That took a while…" she follows Kolitk with Eins in tow.
Over there in the bar, nobody is paying attention to you at all. They're all busy with a game of starball in the screen (zero-g soccer, with aid of magic) and drinking a few things that have a slightly nauseating fumes
AshleyVonT looks over all the lovely occupants. "So which one is your man?"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: -man +boytoy since it ammuses me more.
Kolitk wanders on in, then walks on over towards the damned Creimire and plops down into a seat next to him after smoothing down her skirt. "Hello again, Ferrrrryn."
[OOC] JayM: Rawr
[OOC] JayM: Drakan, as in, Mindflayer
[OOC] JayM: Those squid-head guys
[OOC] Kolitk: I could have swarn he was Creimire. o_O
Feryn has bags under his squiddy eyes, he is idly sucking on some sort of cup, all his tentacles grabbing on to it. He lets go of it for a moment to make some sort of acknowledgement sound to Kolitk without even looking at her
[OOC] Kolitk: -Crimire +Drakan then. lol Ashley will be even more amused. >_<
Kolitk looks around, Drilian here too?
[OOC] JayM: She possibly won't spare the tentacle jokes later
AshleyVonT has Eins sit down next to Kolitk and Ashley hops up on her lap. "Wow, Your tastes are even more exotic than I could have ever imagined."
JayM: //Yup, he's over there, though he's passed out

The bartender, a humungously gigantic Yeti, looks down to Ashley and Eins, shaking her head
AshleyVonT: "No wonder Nisk never had a chance."
Kolitk shoots Ashley a >:E!! look briefly. //"Ah. Drrunk. … Well maybe that iss forr the best. My frriendss herrre have a few questionss they'd like to ask you, Ferryn."
Feryn: "I… Got nothing to talk to you"
Kolitk: "About the Beast."
Kolitk motions torwards Jimmy with her head, "He thinkss he knowss how to kill it."
Kolitk's mention of that makes quite a few head turns to her direction. Feryn, Rivan (that sahagin that was in the ER when you had to be stopped frm killing Feryn), Kale (that is there too), a bald and clean-shaven dwarf as well as a pair of patrons and the bartender
Feryn: "You!"
he tenses his right hand "Know nothing!"
AshleyVonT looks to Kolitk. "Is he a survivor?"
Kolitk: "And that would be why I brrought them to talk with those who would know."
Kolitk nods to Ashley. "All of them, I believe."
Feryn stands up, and wobbles "T-there is… NOTHING that can stop it!"
Feryn: "It… It will come, someday! And you will see!"
World is doomed voice
Kolitk: "Something can. The lot of you lived. And he thinkss he knowss a weak point afterrr *we* encounterred it and lived."
AshleyVonT wonders is the Beast within any of those here…
Feryn is taken aback, and falls on his back "You lie!" he says, standing up. The other start to kind of all stand up
JayM: //Nope, Ashley

Kolitk 'pft's. loudly. //"What do I have to gain by lying?"
Jimmy: "Arsenic, basically."
AshleyVonT sighs. "I've been in closer contact with the Beast than any of those present…"
Kale: "We only survived because of luck. If the Cairn hadn't used the Infinity Cylinder, we'd all be dead"
Jimmy‘ lowers the brim of his cap a bit.
AshleyVonT: "Where did the Beast come from?"
Kale stands up, looking at you all "I have no idea what you’d ket from lyink, but stop this nonsense!" he's almost pleading here
Feryn: "From far away… You haven't seen the slightest of it's power yet"
Jimmy: "Alright."
AshleyVonT tilts her head. "You…have no idea."
Kolitk closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before opening them up and calmly glances at Feryn, remembing a borrowed memory. "If you do not want to help us, I can go wake Drrrilian up and ask him."
Feryn growls and literally jumps on Ashley. Eins blocks the attack but Feryn's grip is so weak in this moment she isn't even feeling "You wasn't… There when we fought it… The Imperial Fleet, destroyed"
JayM: //As you earthlings might know, the Imperial Fleet is literally Earth's main military force, and it's greatest

JayM: Sure, it pales in comparison to what Earth can muster if it uses earthling mercenary forces alone, but still the greatest military might of the EArth Kingdom
Kolitk: "Yess. It iss powerrful. And that iss why I brrought them to talk with surrviverrs who might know the Beast betterrr. If there is a way to crreat a weapon that can destrroy it, why not trrry?"
Feryn lets go, and just goes back to his seat to mope. All the other people who were looking at you all give you that 'what innocent kids' look, getting back to their drinks
JayM: Maybe, except, the bartender, who raised an eyebrow at it all, and seems still mildly intersted in you all
Kolitk shrugs. //"And thiss iss why the lot of you arre doomed. Nothing will be done without hope." She shakes her head and gets up, moving towards the bar. She knows there's bad blood between herself and Feryn. Maybe Ashley and Jimmy can talk better without her around. >.>
AshleyVonT smirks. "You have no idea…because you've never felt the Beast within your own body."
Gale suddenly gags in his drink, and almost chokes "Cough… cough…" he gives Ashley an angered look. In a sudden burst of wrath and adrenalin he literally tosses Eins to the wall, grabbing Asheley by neck of her clothes, raising her to his eye level (more)
He uses his free hand to pull out what is an extremely good implant for a missing horn "I KNOW! One more second before the rescue team arrive and i'd be dead. Don't you dare think you know anything"
Jimmy‘ sighs lightly and looks at Ashley. She doesn’t look worried at all, does she?
AshleyVonT looks annoyed but nothing more. "Tsk, If you do, they you should know…know it's HUNGER."
Kolitk rolled d100 and got 43 for a total of 43
Gale growls, and literally throws Ashley in the wall. Eins manages to snatch her midair before she's hurt, though
Kolitk squints her eye tight and starts to concentrate, with a small swirl of wind picking up around her. … Though it quickly dies out and she sighs loudly. "… Just Because we werre not therrre the firrst time does not mean we arre completly ignorrant."
Gale: "Who, just how could you kuess what it is capable without ever seeink it?"
Kolitk growls for a second before catching herself, "We HAVE seen it!"
Jimmy: "That's, you know, how we got the data…"
Jimmy: "Um, in a roundabout way."
Kolitk: "On the Ilirrrian's secrret lab. They arrre trrrying to fuse the DNA of an *AEON* with The Beast."
Jimmy‘ mumbles to himself - "…not a really good idea…"
Gale: "Hah! You wasn’t there, you don't—"
suddenly, the barkeep interrupts, her voice sounded definetly bass "Stop this before it becomes a brawl. Go discuss this somewhere else"
Kolitk narrows her eyes. "Last. WEEK." Then stomps off out of the bar and outside.
Gale growls… And shakes his head "Tsk… The nacht was so kood…" he says, sitting again
JayM: //Everyone is now getting odd stares from everyone there by now

Jimmy: "Umm. Anyway."
Jimmy: "If they survived by usage of, uh, blackbox tech… there's not really much we can learn here."
Jimmy: "Thanks anyway, though!"
AshleyVonT has Eins set her down and brushes herself off. She tsks agian. //"Boorish brutes." she nods at Jimmy. "We shouldn't waste our time any longer, not on those blinded by their own nilism."
Jimmy: "Umm. Yeah."
Jimmy: "Uh, I wouldn't put it that way, though."
Jimmy: "Anyway, thanks for the, uh, tips."
Jimmy‘ excuses himself from the bar.
JayM: //Whoo, excusing

AshleyVonT smirks at them. //"Perhaps you should try losing yourself to the Beast next time, then maybe you’d under stand it's true power…" she decides to leave then, with a bit of haste.
Jimmy: "Ashley, you're kind of creepy sometimes, you know that?"
AshleyVonT smiles. "From you, I'll take that as a compliment."
Kolitk is pacing in circles outside, "Stupid, self-absorrbed moronic IMBACLESS!" >:E
Jimmy: "Oh. Okay."
AshleyVonT of course smiles really creepily.:p
Jimmy: "Like just then."
Jimmy: "Uh, anyway… so, what we probably need to do is find an abandoned illirian research facility, and a decent source of arsenic."
Jimmy: "I might just be able to order it in, it has a lot of industrial uses."
Kolitk walks back up to the door to the bar and flings open the door, staring at Feryn. When she opens her mouth, she's speaking in that secret language, not really suer anyone'll even understand it. "AND THIS IS WHY YOU ARRRE NOTHING NOW!" She then slams the door shut, hard as she can, then stalks off.
AshleyVonT: "Couldn't you just create it with Alchemy?"
AshleyVonT smiles at Kolitk Aas she storms off. "She's so interesting."
JayM: //Well, now, Kolitk managed to make the entire bard stare at her, mouth gaping wide, and everyone just kinda backed away VERY FAST from her

JayM: Like she was possessed by some demon or somesuch
Jimmy: "…Oh. Of course!"
JayM: As a note, it sounds a lot like strange growling sounds!
Jimmy: "One moment, let me break out the-"// Jimmy pauses for a moment. "- uh, books…"
Jimmy‘ pulls the "books" - really just a sheaf of notepaper stapled together - out of his jacket and looks them over quickly.
Jimmy: "Hmm… the atrophy of Hephaestus…"
AshleyVonT is highly amused with Kolitk’s demonic like growling.
Jimmy: "Certain mythoresonant commonalities with mercury…"
Jimmy: "…Nope, not likely. Uh…"
Jimmy: "There's no base metal that's, um… well… it's got difficult virtues for transmutation. It'd be a lot easier to just find a whole lot of it."
AshleyVonT smirks. "How much would we need?"
Jimmy: "For the proof of concept, or to actually kill the beast?"
AshleyVonT: "the minium for the time being."
Jimmy: "Oh. Well, we'd probably want to maximize the surface area for fast reaction, so…"
Jimmy: "Our gun would probably fire aerated rods about three yards long or so, maybe about a few inches in diameter."
Jimmy: "Rapidfire. I'd say we'd want a clip of sixty of those. It's not a big load."
Kolitk wanders back, after realizing the children didn't follow her. "Well? Back to the lab?"
Jimmy: "Yeah, of course."
AshleyVonT: "Would be the easiest place to continue from."
Kolitk nods, then starts heading back towards that way.
Jimmy‘ returns then does some quick research - how big of an arsenic order can he get on short notice? He could’ve bought it easily back on Earth, at least..
AshleyVonT could probably pull a few contions on earth to get however much shipped to the Oran.
JayM: //Well, the Oran has limited resources and it's been busy with many researches. A lot of the alchemically synthetized materials is out of your reach, but you could possibly get a galoon, but that'd place quite a cut in your overall lab budget!

Jimmy: "Hmm. I wonder."
JayM: To note, currently the Oran is in the very edge of the Earth Kingdom's territorry
Jimmy‘ does a quick search through the history banks - //"catastrophic agricultural failure".
AshleyVonT: "…"
Jimmy: "I’m just going to search a few possibilities."
JayM: //Uhn… On the Oran, you mean?

AshleyVonT: "You don't plan on trying to grow it?"
[OOC] Jimmy: Presumably the Oran has some history databanks, and the newswires? Jimmy's… well, he's going to explain to Ashley.
Jimmy: "No, one of the reasons a farming project could fail is if there was a lot of arsenic in the earth. The ground would be quite fertile, but everything you grew on the land would slowly poison those that ate it."
JayM: I'd need to know where you're reasearching about. I just got confused since the Oran is self-sustainable food-wise
Jimmy: "Umm, there've been a few examples of it happening back home on Earth, you know, way back when…"
Jimmy: "So if there were any planets that had a similar problem… Uh, it's just a thought."
Jimmy‘ taps his forehead three times.
Jimmy: "Arsenic gets used to make bronze tougher…"
Jimmy: "…it’s a primitive insecticide?"
Kolitk grabs that Targe's of Jimmy's, then her tools, then goes back to pounding the hell out of it. Since making armor is a better way to get rid of anger than flipping out on random people. >.>
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Gah, brb….
JayM: Well, there was on about fourty years ago of similar event in Akra, a planet colonized by Kilvans, however, it got sovled with the launch of an EDWARD sattelite to monitorate the planet
JayM: ARgh, I mean that something like what you're looking for has happened in Akra
Jimmy‘ does the traditional followup - How does EDWARD solve the arsenic problem?
JayM: The EDWARD kinda monitorates the overall planet state, it just tells places where such arsenic focuses exist and, thus, they avoid them
JayM: Or in some cases like in the equatorial Arka, they create a mine
Jimmy: "Well, we’ve got one planet where we could pick up arsenic really cheaply. We could swing by Akra."
Jimmy‘ checks how far away it is.
JayM: The EDWARD sat is an, albeit costly, common type of thing, though
JayM: It is a few light-years away, at least some twelve
Jimmy: "Hmm…"
Jimmy` looks into any suitable abandoned Illiran biolab. And, yes, this means that he’s probably going to have to be clever about it - he looks for the sort of industries that wouldn't be hidden, but would have to exist nearby to support such a venture, power signatures, blank spots that suggest heavy encryption…
JayM: That'd require one of two things: An insanely well-rolled Inquiry or a trip to Intelligence
JayM: The trip, mind you, would require you talk about your plan to superior officers…
Jimmy: "So, um, guys, it comes down to this."
Kolitk stops pounding on the metal for a few seconds and looks up. //"Hm?"
AshleyVonT: "Find a place to harvest it?"
AshleyVonT: "Find a place to harvest it?"
Jimmy‘ looks back at the screen.
Jimmy: "I think I did, but an order might be better… it’s just, you know, for our test-run… but…"
[OOC] Jimmy: 3KP for superlative success on Inquiry seem about fair? :D
JayM: //Hum… Sure

AshleyVonT: "…but?"
Jimmy: "Oh. Well…"
Jimmy‘ trails off again and begins typing frantically.
Jimmy: "Well… there’s this really strange pattern in the data."
Jimmy: "I don't know how to describe it."
Kolitk blinks and Jimmy.
[OOC] Kolitk: -and +at
AshleyVonT: "Can I see?"
JayM PMs stuffs to Jimmy
Jimmy: "Kind of like… I don't know, some kind of wave, but…"
Jimmy: "Aha! I see."
Jimmy: "I've found the lab. It's up just ahead. The reason it was so strange is that… well, I think it tried to get hidden in the databanks twice."
Jimmy: "Anyway, there's a problem. It's up just ahead. I'll need to order in the arsenic immediately, and it's going to destroy my budget entirely."
AshleyVonT blinks. //"…Complete sentances help…Start back at the begining…"" // //
Jimmy‘ shrugs. "Oh well."
AshleyVonT: "…Okay…?"
Jimmy: "Oh. Well. Not a big problem."
Kolitk blinks.
Jimmy` checks the navigation. How long until the Oran reaches the outpost?
JayM: //It will depart tomorrow morning via hyperwarp, should reach it in two days

Jimmy: "Hmm…"
Jimmy: "Well, I’m going to go get that order in as fast as possible. Ashley, can you do design? The gun's definitely going to have to be custom-built."
Jimmy: "I can mill the rods myself, of course."
AshleyVonT: "I can work on it. What are the specifications you will need?"
Jimmy‘ sketches out the design notes for the ammunition he’s planning.
Jimmy: "It should be able to fire these superheated at a decent rate, and with fair accuracy."
Jimmy: "You might be able to do it by some sort of railgun variant."
AshleyVonT nods. //"That was the idea I currently had. I'll see what I can come up with."
JayM waits for more plannage. But to note it's starting to get late, the sun-wannabe lights outside are starting to doing their simulated starlight stuff
Jimmy: "Right. I'll just put my order in. Hopefully, we'll be able to have it ready by the time we reach the outpost."
Kolitk: "Hmm… I should… Prrobably find Alexandrra."
JayM: //Well, the order will take at least one day to get back to you, but you should have your arsenic by the middle of the first day of hyperwarp travel

AshleyVonT: "I suppose I'll work on the design."
Jimmy: "Right."
Jimmy‘ gets to work on assembling a process to quickly aerate and mill the rods. That’s totally within the realm of weaponsmithing + alchemy.
JayM: Yup, i'll require, say, a roll of each one
Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 93 for a total of 93
Kolitk glances down at the Targe, then nods to herself satasfied. Then wanders on off to go find their crazy compainion.
JayM: Then, depends on how will Ashley try to make the railgun. Simple thing or tryeing for more complex? Either way, you’ve got very little time in hands, two days
[OOC] Kolitk: Go for tier 1, +40 mod! >_>
JayM snickers
AshleyVonT probably aims for a middle ground between the two.
JayM: Well, give me an… Oh… Invent check
JayM: It's the closest of your skills I can use
**AshleyVonT rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 ) **
[OOC] AshleyVonT: fail.
[OOC] Kolitk: That was the idea, yeah. It's big/weird enough to fall outside for Tinkering. And we lack tinkering. >.>
JayM: Hum…
JayM: Give me a moment
[OOC] Kolitk: Failed by 26, to be exact. Go for tier 1! >_>
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Shhhh. the adults are talking.:p
JayM: You can indeed, jury-rig your way enough. It's not going to be a powerful railgun, it's acceleration is at least the proper level and you've been forced to use an energy pack isntead of chemical polarizers, that means you've got at most five shots before it needs recharging
JayM: Not to say, despite it having a good structural integrity, you'd need time to make it usable by a single person, right now you'd need one to aim and one shoot
JayM: But aside from that, crazy Ice Railgun, tier 2. But requires four hands (IE: Two PCs and their actions) to shoot
Jimmy: "Hmm… Ashley, thanks. This'll definitely work for us."
JayM: But should work
JayM: Though, no more than a couple of hours after the end of the railgun's contruction, you all are called in for a briefing!
Jimmy: "All we need to do is prove this works, which ca-"
JayM: That i'll do in next week's session
Jimmy: "Huh."
AshleyVonT nods. //"Hrm, I probably should have focused more on the basics, but I got a little worked up over optimiuzing the flow of karmatrons…"
[OOC] Kolitk: lol. d12+ATT(Pick any of the tree damaging stats!)*4 damage.
[OOC] JayM: Plus Arsenic Clip x5
[OOC] Kolitk: Bio Strike + Venom Touch?
[OOC] JayM: Yup
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Moar like Plot kn…Awww.:p
[OOC] JayM: However, this Railgun requires the use of Ammo
[OOC] JayM: It cannot be used with 'no-effect ammo'
[OOC] Jimmy: Yeah. And it's not going to get used for its damage. Mostly it's there for us to be able to go "See? It works!"
[OOC] Kolitk: *nods*
JayM: //I soppose… Logend!

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