O R D 17

JayM: ORD - Session 18
[OOC] Jimmy: nope it was macc
Last we've seen our mighty group of spacefarers they've just recieved a new mission, to go to the Columna space station in the Ooroth's cloud and find information about the NA Project, then retrieve said data from the wet hands of the Ilirians. They've arrived, and started the search, just to find nobody had the slightest clue how to even ¬start¬, not even the research accompanying them
JayM: However, I do believe Alexa had an idea
Kolitk was busy loling at their predicument. >.>
JayM is busy loling at Ice's typo
AshleyVonT has this plan to kidnap the President's daughter all laid out…
JayM: D?
JayM: You dere?
[OOC] Alexandra: Yeah. Distracted kinda!
JayM: Good, then throw out the plan >_<
Alexandra knows people here, actually! She can contact someone in the - (( … just had a brain fart. ))
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Illadrian?
[OOC] Kolitk: … Slums? Business sector? Politics?
JayM burns the leftover toxic gases and lets D think
Alexandra has a contact around an inn here that's with the Oran. Yup.
Kolitk will assume Alexandra is leading the way, and thusly follow after!
The inn, or better, hotel, because this isn't medieval era, is quite simple. It takes the whole height of the floor as expected of all buildings it. It has a small banner (what's up, not even something with light?) written 'Resting Comet' in red letters and the image of a comet under it. Seems quite a bit run-down, but then again this station is in the precise border of Earth territorry
AshleyVonT follows after them, deciding the kidnap of relatives of Political officals, shall be a last ditch effort.
[OOC] Alexandra: Burning a KP to do that!
[OOC] Kolitk: We still have Inns in mordern day. :p Just not very common. >.>
It's in the fourth floor, the top-most one. Room 4-6. The GM guessess you knock on the door, and with that you hear some hissing sound inside, and mumbling
After a while, a slit in the door opens up and a pair of eyes peek inside //"Whosss that?"
Alexandra salutes. "Am beink comrade."
The eyes blink "Be waitink a moment, pleassse!" and the slit closes. After a bit of time the door finally opens up, showing a rather messy room, and quite a tired Bangaa. While she attempts to keep a degree of feminility over her clothes just to keep embarassing situations from happening it's quite obvious she stopped caring a long time ago "Pleasse, get in"
Kolitk raises an eyebrow at Alexandra, then wander on in after her, once she enters.
AshleyVonT follows after the others, wonder how wise of an idea this is…" // //
Jimmy‘ follows, essentially.
There is a single couch and a chair there, a TV and some dishes around. She’s being lazy, it seems
The Bangaa seats in the chair, and looks at Alexa "Long time ssssince havink vissssit"
Alexandra promptly steps in. "Am needink assistance."
[OOC] Alexandra: Bwahaha!
She frowns "What be it?" she asks, though for everyone short of Alexa it's not really clear, given she's talking in russian right now
[OOC] JayM: Aaand, everyone but Alexa gets a -40 to Lang(Terran) to understand. -20 if you have Scholastic affinity. Just so you know
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100: 94 [Total: 94 (High), Avg and got 94.00]
AshleyVonT can't make out this crazy commie talk.
Kolitk rolled d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
Alexandra isn't commie.
[OOC] Alexandra: …
Kolitk is good with her languages. >_>
Kol can understand perfectly! She's in her home turf!
[OOC] Kolitk: … I just learned Russian. Buawhaha.
[OOC] JayM: Good, good. Your Terran Lang specialization is now Russian ^^
JayM: //And… Dang, and answer Alexa!

[OOC] Alexandra: AAARGH very distracted today
Alexandra folds her arms and snaps her goggles on. //"Mmm…am needink knowledge on where Ilirians might have taken somethink of value."
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Yeah, all Terran languages are the same lore.:P Can't learn what ya already know.:p
[OOC] JayM: He never pointed out what his Terran specialization was, I now decided for him it was russian
[OOC] Jimmy: the cold war is still totally going on down there
[OOC] Kolitk: And the Terran languages *do* have subsets, as much has been said before. :p
The bangaa folds her eyes "Ssso, you beink reinforccement? Jusssst remember to do it all"
Alexandra salutes. "Where is the information beink?"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Ryan: No..lol, I had it like that, and Julian told me to nix all the 'subset' lanaguages.;P
She stands up "Wait" she says simply, and goes over to the bedroom. She picks up some folder and hands it over to Alexa "Be readink that right, ok?"
Alexandra promptly nods and flips the folder open. "In meantime, be meetink my associates."
Kolitk waves hello quietly.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: That's why Ashley knows Kivara, Iliran and Amazonian now.=`>.>=‘` ))
AshleyVonT nods and Eins bows.
The bangaa nods
The folder is one odd thing, seems to talk about cuisine
Alexandra raises an eyebrow.
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
Alexandra flips to the ’swordfish' recipes.
Jimmy: "Do you think it's…?"
Kolitk tilts her head towards the Bangaa, then ask in russian, "Where do you know Alexandra from?"
Bangaa: "From zzze motherland"
Kolitk nods and 'ah's.
Kolitk glances over Alexandra's shoulder, "Soo…"
Alexandra snaps the folder shut. "Am goink to pub. Man who ferries materials frequents."
The bar is close enough, just a few minutes walk. In there there's an apparently ongoing party, music is loud and techno style. Strobing lighs and all that, including flashing lights that give that 'frameskip' effect. The guy you're looking for is at the bar getting plastered
Erinia, that up to now has kept quiet, blinks at the bar and just very quickly makes her way towards there, she's got some heavy liquor ordered before you can blink
Alexandra sits down a ways away from the sap and orders a vodka for him with a friendly littly wave'n'wink.
AshleyVonT asks if she can take up watch for suspious characters outside. That place just isn't her scene.
[OOC] Jimmy: Uh, still here. Kind of.
[OOC] Jimmy: What'd I miss?
[OOC] JayM: Sent
Jimmy‘ meekly asks for watch duty too. He’s not sure he's even allowed in there.
The man blinks at the vodka being sent his way, and looks up at Alexandra, with a smirk in his face
[OOC] Alexandra: They can go ahead!
JayM: //Do ze advance and roll thar dice

Kolitk rubs at her ears. //"Thiss place is too loud."
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 )
[OOC] Alexandra: …
The man is rather focused on his drink right now
JayM: //But that was just a slight flirt, right?

Alexandra ups the ante and removes her goggles and hat. It is getting a tad warm, isn't it?
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 )
[OOC] Alexandra: …
[OOC] Alexandra: okay, time to pull out Beauty.
Unknown to Alexa, somebody /‘`/else/``/ is looking at her direction. Over there, a rather burly looking Ilirian, and he has a very horrible smirk in his face
JayM: I do believe Jimmy and Ashley can see him… Kol too, if the flashing lights aren’t too much for her
Kolitk is not particularly enjoying the flashing lights, no. -_- Why in the world would someone enjoy this?
AshleyVonT is keeping watch outside, cause she knew she didn't like the flashy lights…
AshleyVonT rolled 1d100: 90 [Total: 90 (High), Avg and got 90.00]
AshleyVonT see that everything is All clear.=>.>=
JayM: Indeed, how does poor Jimmy fares?
Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 )
JayM: Jimmy can, indeed, notice the guy with not-so-good intentions towards Alexa
JayM: And what exactly is Alexa doing, while oblivious to this?
Alexandra takes the more direct approach and slides down another drink, looking him straight in the eye. (( Burning 2 KP for Beauty! ))
He looks at the drink, and up at Alexa. He moves a pair of seats closer, getting near her //"#Nice bar, isn’t it?#"
[OOC] Alexandra: … What language is that? Ilirian?
[OOC] JayM: Yeah
[OOC] JayM: I'm, like, 100% sure you have it
[OOC] JayM: at 62 even
Kolitk rests her head down on the counter top and mumbles "#To loud…#" mostly to herself
[OOC] Alexandra: Yup.
That guy that was looking at Alexa frowns, what's up with the twig?
Alexandra: "#It's fine. … Mind if we go somewhere more … quiet?#"
The man smirks "#I got the perfect place#" he says, standing up
It's about now that the other guy stands up too, heading over to Alexa
[OOC] Alexandra: said guy has only been noticed by Peter
[OOC] Alexandra: er, Jimmy
[OOC] JayM: Yes, I was giving a minute or two to see if Peter was paying attention
[OOC] JayM: Apparently not
[OOC] Alexandra: Peter has a ridiculously deep voice. Jimmy has the boy scout voice.
The burly Ilirian approaches Alexa, he doesn't seem to be any lower on alchool than the other one, even higher I'd say "#I'm sure you could break a twig like that in half#"
The 'target' doesn't really takes that lightly "#Who're ya calling a twig you pile of jello?#"
[OOC] Jimmy: Oh, I am. I just think Alexa can handle it. :D
Kolitk raises her head back up and glances over at Alexandra with an eyebrow raised… "…What?"
[OOC] JayM: Well, that solves it
[OOC] AshleyVonT: * Jimmy is lost comtemplate the noblity of the materials the make up the ceiling tiles.
Alexandra grabs the big lug by the collar and molds her face into a glare.
Alexandra rolled d100: 45 [Total: 45 (Low), Avg and got 45.00]
[OOC] Alexandra: …I should probably level Intimidation and Seduction higher than they are sometime.
The guy smirks, totally misunderstanding the thing
[OOC] JayM: Maybe
He wiggles his eyebrows
Kolitk blinks. "… What'rrre you doing?"
Right now your target throws a punch at the big one's face, since Alexa is as kind as hold him for him
Big Guy: "Oog"
JayM: //That is the universal all-language word for 'that hurt'

JayM: Well, are you even tryeing to keep you grip, Alexa?
Alexandra lets go and cheers the 'twig' on!
The big guy goes over to try to grab the other!
JayM rolled 2d100: 52, 48 [Total: 100 (Low), Avg and got 50.00]
Alexandra looks around for a bouncer.
The 'twig' evades and throws a punch in the other's stomach. About now other people start joining in the brawl, including that pair of bouncers that are actually armed
JayM: They've got standard class laser and bullet protection suits and handheld guns
AshleyVonT just stays outside…
By now Erinia, taking advantage of her small size, scurries out of the place //"What the…"
JayM rolled 4d100: 29, 15, 74, 51 [Total: 169 (Low), Avg and got 42.25]
JayM: //Well, please do tell me your actions, btw

AshleyVonT has Eins grab her. //"Don't run off…"
Kolitk just, uh, sits at the bar counter. Wondering what the hell is going on.
AshleyVonT is waiting outside for the others to leave.
Alexandra yanks an arm around her own target to pull him out of the brawl. "#Fighting won't get you anywhere … very brutish. We won't like that."
Kolitk: "…"
The bouncers fire off a few shots, but get swarmed by at least three each. The guy blinks, and just totally follows Alexandra. Though the big guy still attempts to grab him, he gets smashed in the head with a bottle
The big guy throws a punch over to somewhere, and grabs a chair and throws it Alexa's way!
Kolitk frowns. "#Excuse me, sir? I think that man you just smashed a bottle on is our friend?#"
Kolitk: "…"
JayM: //By now the whole bar is a huge mess, everyone's fighting everyone and the bouncers just need to get back their guns before they start shooting somebody

Kolitk grabs a convient nearby mug of beer and lobs it at the bigguys head. //"No."
The man gets hit in the head and kind of collapses
Alexandra snarls, pulls out a stick of chalk, and lunges toward's the man's feet. … but Kolitk already took care of it!
JayM: //Hey, Alexa, I'll ask for an STR check to get out of the mess before the guy's hurt

Alexandra rolled d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
[OOC] Alexandra: Woo!
Kolitk nods her head, then follows after Alexandra. //"Errrr, sorrry, but he had a chairrr." She coughs.
Alexa manages to shove enough people out of the way just as the brawl seems to want to take on epic proportions. As you leave the bar you can hear two very loud gunshots, probably the bouncer's guns are made to scare more than hurt. As you head over that corner you totally can hear some twenty more shots
The guy you just saved looks back at Kolitk "#Heh, bringing your friend too?#"
Alexandra stands up and promptly dusts herself off before proceeding to cart the poor guy's carcass out the door. "Did well."
AshleyVonT hears shots fire inside and looks…probably to see Alexandra go running by?
Kolitk: "…?"
Alexandra looks at Kolitk. "For chair. No?"
Kolitk: "Ah. Yess, rrrright. Um. No, I mean, what did he mean just now?"
AshleyVonT follows them, not wanting to get left near that mess. "What the bloody hell did you people do in there?"
Alexandra keeps smiling until they get to an alleyway. Does he look like he understands the conversation?
JayM: //Not at all

Kolitk: "Nothing!"
Alexandra sends him a friendly wink and nods to Kolitk. //"Is a little deception, is all. Now, we knuckle down."
Alexandra laughs like she just told a joke and nods at the poor sap.
Kolitk blinks a little confused and smiles?
AshleyVonT nods, wondering what they are talking about…?
Alexandra: "He is havink information on location of station where research is. Was just lurink him somewhere a little secure."
He nods to you back. He's leading the way to the cargo bay, where a large quite beaten cargo frigate is. At least that'what he points as being his
JayM: //There's exactly zero souls here, living or otherwise. Apparently this one cargo bay is quite desert

AshleyVonT: "I see, then we proceed to the information extraction phase?"
He's a bit wary with the… Rather large amount of people. But doesn't seems to notice it much. Erinia is following in the back, by Kolitk's side
Alexandra: "Indeed."
Kolitk rubs at her ears. Stupid loud music. Then sort of shrugs towards Ashley.
Erinia mutters something uncomprehensible
The man then looks at Alexa //"#So, do we go in?#"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Well, there is Sexy RUssian, Sexy Catgirl, sexy(?) moogle, a maid and a little girl…whatever this guy's kinky is we've got a good chance of hitting it!
[OOC] Jimmy: We've got a moogle?
[OOC] Alexandra: We know one, at least.
[OOC] Kolitk: -sexy catgirl +plain catgirl >.>
[OOC] JayM: Indeed! The NPC, Erinia, you're tagging along
[OOC] AshleyVonT: *points to Erinia
[OOC] JayM: She's a red-furred moogle!
[OOC] AshleyVonT: psh, catgirl =‘`=`` auto-sexy
JayM: //Now, uhn… For all that’s worth, what's the plan?

[OOC] Alexandra: Do we ditch him?
Kolitk has no idea. She's just following Alexandra.
AshleyVonT thinks it's interogation time.=>.>=
[OOC] Alexandra: Oh. Duh, we need to know where to go.
JayM: I expected as much, yes
Alexandra looks out over the bay. //"#Mmm…am interested in a little bit of information.#"
The guy perks up.. "#Uhn?#"
Alexandra: "#There's a station around here that deals with scientific matters. Alchemy, biotechnology, the like. Happen to know anything about that?#"
Alexandra gives him a sultry little stare.
Ilirian: "#Uhn…#"
he seems a bit lost, now only noticing he's in a bad position, and he's been had "#I don't know nothing!#"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: <Guy> . o O ( Damn this is getting really kinky relaly fast…) )
Alexandra leans against his shoulder. "#Really?#"
Ilirna: "#Uhn… I just ferry things…#"
Alexandra raises her eyebrows. "#Really, really? If you're hiding something…#"
Alexandra looks down towards his pants meaningfully. "#…who knows what else you may want to hide.#"
Kolitk tilts her head to the side, bemused.
A trickle of sweat drops off his head "#Y-yes… I just ferry things…#" he is getting nervous, and kind of blue… What is just a blush given Iliran blood is copper-based
Alexandra looks back up to his eyes, silently chastising him.
Alexandra pulls away. "#Oh, dear.#"
Ilirian: "#B-but! I could give you a ride#"
AshleyVonT wonders how long till she gets to enterogate people.
He hopelessly tries to salvage the situation
Alexandra perks up! "#Oh? To where?#"
Ilirian: "#Uhn… Where do you want to?#"
Alexandra: "#I'm a fan of science! There's a place around here I've wanted to see, ever since I was a little girl.#"
Alexandra: "#But I've … never gotten a chance.#"
Ilirian: "#I, uhn… Guess I could take you there…#"
he says that, getting a bit more courageous "#Let's go"
And unless somebody interferes, he leads you all to his frigate
Alexandra nods at Erinia and snaps the goggles back on.
He leads you inside his mighty unkept ship. Seems like a royal rig, I say. There is this small corridor section, the pilot cabin, a small bedroom rght over there and the cargo hold in there. He gets inside first, opening it up. Erinia follows right behind the party
Kolitk … blinks again. Then follows after.
AshleyVonT wonders if this is really going to work…
He hesitates a bit, kind of unsure of the proper way to take this situation. But he heads for the pilot cabin, that is a one-pilot thing. "#Come along#" he invites Alexandra. He then whipers in her ear something
AshleyVonT looks around for a spot to sit.
Alexandra crocodile-tears up a bit and whispers back.
Kolitk: "Umm… rrright, sitting."
He takes a seat in the pilot seat and pats his lap… Quite an obvious invitiation for Alexa
JayM: //As for the others, good luck =P

Alexandra: "#…Is there…room for the others?#"
Iliran: "#There's my room over there#"
He points to a door right across the entrance. IT is, indeed, a small bedroom. Single bed, a chair, tv…
JayM: But unless some 2/3 decide to bundle up in the bed, some'll have to say
[OOC] AshleyVonT: <Iliran>"You all want to sit on my lap?"
[OOC] Kolitk: Filled with WATER?! >.>
The bed, indeed, immersed in water!
AshleyVonT goes and claims the bed with Eins.
[OOC] Alexandra: … *bites tongue*
AshleyVonT …. doesn't noticing the water. //"Ah…silly Ilirans…"
JayM: //Ahn… For those watching the log, Amine posted that some 4 seconds after I posted my phrase

Kolitk will stay dry, kthnx. … Actually she'll probably stand out in the hallway.
JayM: I… Suppose Alexa takes the invitation?
AshleyVonT has EIns sit in the chair and then sits in Eins' lap.
JayM: D, my dear friend
JayM: Answer
Alexandra does. Inwardly, she's hating the entire experience, but she doesn't say 'no.'
The Ilirian smiles as Alexa sits on his lap and starts inputting the coordinates of the station…
JayM: Awareness, Alexa
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
[OOC] Alexandra: stupid chalk
JayM: So, uhn… Alexa can at most discern that he's done inputting the coordinates, but he sure did type up fast enough she couldn't see a thing. Slowly, the frigate shakes and lifts off
JayM: Ohay, this thing uses auto-pilot! I suppose he was really hoping he'd do more than just ferry Alexa
Alexandra has limits. Any decent girl would. >:|
Alexandra notices he presses a few buttons and the pilot's cabin door closes, the slight hissing of pressure seal being heard
Kolitk watches the door close. //"… Errr…"
Alexandra: "# … #"
Ilirian: "#It's just, part of the security protocol of the ship, you know. In case of a crash#"
AshleyVonT looks out the door. "What happened?"
Alexandra: "#What part's secure, then? The cargo, or the pilot?#"
Kolitk: "… The… Cabin doorrr closed…"
AshleyVonT: "…I suppose she knows what she's doing…"
Ilirian: "The cabin. You know, so it can fill with water… Err, don't worry, I have an oxigen tube here, too"
JayM: //I forgot the #'s too

Kolitk: "I suppose…"
[OOC] Alexandra: The cabin meant where the others are, right?
[OOC] JayM: No, no. Where ¬you¬ are
[OOC] JayM: Pilot cabin, the pilot's seat
[OOC] Kolitk: You're in the cabin. >.<
[OOC] Alexandra: I am not familiar with ship terminology!
[OOC] JayM: It's ok! But now you're almost deep into it! Do something!
[OOC] Kolitk: Remember what I said in ST? *gurgle gurgle, drowning noises*? >.>
Alexandra grabs her jacket and steps up. //"#Oh. I have some sensitive equipment that would be ruined if it were wet.#"
Alexandra: "#…equipment such as prosthetic limbs.#"
Alexandra: "#Easy to rust.#"
Ilirian: "#Wh… Oh, ok…#"
he says, disappointed… "#Wait, shouldn't prosthetic limbs be waterproof?#"
Alexandra sniffs and turns her head away. "#Russians are known for shoddy technology. It's all we could afford.#"
He decides to salvage the situation as far as he can… "#Hum… Would it be bad if I… Could see them?#"
Alexandra opens her mouth in shock, quickly covers it, and looks like she'll weakly slap him — truth is, she's going for her the flat of her sword. "#No! That question — we hardly even know each other — #"
He goes looks at Alexa sideways… Then taps a few buttons… And the door opens
Kolitk tilts her head at the now opening door.
Alexandra: "#Excuse me.#"
Alexandra tries to pull the guy out of his chair to take command for herself.
[OOC] Alexandra: STR check, I suppose?
JayM: //Go ahead!

Alexandra rolled 1d100: 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg and got 3.00]
[OOC] Alexandra: … bwahah
JayM: Please be gentle, Alexa. The guy's a twig. Don't toss him all the way thorough the corridor again
JayM: Oh, crypes! He almost hits Kolitk! But no, was just a glancing blow, he ends up in the cargo hold
Erinia, who's been watching this amused, can't help but smile at that
Kolitk shifts to the side a little and glances back, //"…#Hello.#"
Alexandra: "Keepink eye on him."
Kolitk: "Okay."
Alexandra promptly turns around to see what entries there are on the system's previous destinations.
JayM: //System check, lady

The Ilirian is dizzy… //"#hi…#" and now he passes out
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 )
[OOC] Alexandra: Hm. Magitek synergy?
[OOC] Alexandra: … probably a stretch, admittedly
JayM: //You happen to lack Systems…

JayM: For all that's worth, Magitek doesn't works
JayM: Oh, no, 46 in Systems
[OOC] AshleyVonT: /me has systems…
JayM: Still a failure, seems like there is a kind of lock to all entries
Alexandra pounds the console in frustration. //"Ahhck — ! Someone to be helpink with system? Is lock."
Kolitk looks around for Jimmy, while shooing Ashley in the direction of the cockpit.
[OOC] Jimmy: System! Systems. Sorry.
Jimmy‘ rushes in. "Alright! Alright… let me fix this one…"
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 53 ( Total: 53 )
AshleyVonT heads in there. "May I take a look…?"
JayM: //Damn, still no good. The lock in this system is high grade military class encription

JayM: Requires a password, it seems
Jimmy: "Huh. Password… password."
Jimmy` wracks his brain.
JayM: Another check might be in place
JayM: Be frm Jimmy or someone else
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
Jimmy: "Maybe…"
Jimmy: "No dice."
JayM: No dice, indeed!
Alexandra rolled 1d100: 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg and got 1.00]
Jimmy` types feverishly but to no avail.
Jimmy: "Well, the dictionary attack didn’t stick…"
As Alexandra pipes in she quickly manages to do MORE than just break into the password. She also discovers that the previous input was a pre-made guiding program that isn't native of the ship. Apparently the guy just had to input some kind of code and the ship would start moving on to where it should
Alexa merrily activates the program, and you're all off to the station!
Jimmy‘ slides away from the controls as Alexa takes command.
Jimmy: "How… how’d you do that one?"
JayM: Aaaand! Pause! Save! End!
JayM: Log end!

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