O R D 15 Bestial Blood

Jimmy: After requisitioning one hell of a hazmat suit, Jimmy gets to analyzing the one vial he kept, so that he can produce some sort of machine that can contain it.
Jimmy: It wouldn't be that hard - a mass of metal, even if its machinery acts on the chemical level, still must have its virtues and its principles, and could be alchemically manipulated if its properties were discovered.
Jimmy: For a certain value of //"wouldn't".
Kolitk: //Oh, also. Full HP/MP?

Jimmy: (I think this one's… going to be a two-parter.)
JayM: First problem: It's sentient, and intent on eating you
JayM: Kolitk: Yeah
Jimmy: Very much a problem. First part: Building a hazmat suit that can resist it?
Jimmy: well, finding a material that resists it.
JayM: Well… First step, research!
Jimmy: Definitely!
JayM: Do you have Inquiry? And you'll have to take some 'innapropriate time' penalty due to not having enough time before your sample goes berserk
Jimmy: No, but if I do it through lab work, I can probably use Alchemy synergy Systems.
JayM: Well, you can try
Kolitk: Hm.. one more level for tier 3 SFX crafting
Jimmy: Let's rock!
Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 )
JayM: But it’s going to attract a lot of attention, believe me
Jimmy: Failure. Jimmy discards it post-haste.
Jimmy barely has time to start experimenting on it when the thing somehow leaks, for some unknown reason. It was a matter of five minutes of you reaching the lab, even. The thing starts to slowly spread in the ground, because Jimmy has no idea what the hell he was dealing with
Jimmy now has one SERIOUS problem, so he better do something
Jimmy‘ drops the fume-hood on it and sets it to vent to the reactor.
JayM: Fume-hood?
[OOC] Jimmy: It’s the thing you find in chemical labs that is used to vent, uh, fumes. You use it when working with stuff that can kill you, such as this.
[OOC] Jimmy: It sucks the fumes up and puts it somewhere safe.
[OOC] Kolitk: Like not your lungs
The damn thing is persistant, and fast. It starts to absorb the fume hood just like that thing back in the station
The damn thing is spreading way too fast, in just ten seconds half of the lab was taken over by it by the time some guys in lab coats show up. Given the badges you can see it's top-level research personel. They drop a single round device in the room and in a flash of white refreshing light the thing is gone. One of them, a Elvaan, sighs //"Dude, boy. Watch it, what ws in your mind?"
Jimmy: "…Well. I had a few ideas about what would stop it. And it was a small sample…"
Jimmy: "I think I have some leads, though!"
[OOC] Alexandra: was
Jimmy‘ smiles meekly.
Jimmy: "Uh, cold, for one… cold slows it down."
The Elvaan just -_-’s with the FLATTEST face you ever saw "Okay… Just, don't try that ever against without a grade nine plasma protection field. Of the kind you don't find anywhere other than the highest-grade labs of the Oran"
He waves "See you later, bub, if you're not dead yet"//
Jimmy: "…Am I cleared for those labs yet?"
Elvaan: "Work a tad hard, bud. Maybe in a couple of years"
Jimmy: "…Alright."
[OOC] Alexandra: You must be this tall —> to enter these labs.
[OOC] Kolitk: Pft. Let's just go in. Worst they do is have that bastard from before roll in to blast Kolitk again and Jimmy can say he was trying to get her not to. <_<
[OOC] Jimmy: Yeah, but I don't have a sample anymore.

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