O R D 15

JayM: Log Start! O.R.D - Session 14, I suppose
Last we saw our intrepid group of heroes they had been assigned a mission. First to escort three destroyers into battle, then to enter into a hyperspace inhibitor station and destroy it from inside
They managed to get inside, after serious difficulty and a boring fight, afterwards they take an Ilirian hostage inside and make their way into the command room, in order to, according to Kolitk the best way, turn off the gravity. Inside, they beat some automated security systems while scientists hide in the corners
The control room is a large spacious room, all walls covered in computers, and the ground now littered with bits and pieces of machineguns. The main computer screen is just in front of you, displaying various readings
Jimmy: "I don't see a gravity switch."
Kolitk pokes at the concle with her spear. //"It iss in therre, I think."
[OOC] JayM: Concle?
[OOC] Alexandra: Console.
[OOC] JayM: Ah, thanks
[OOC] Kolitk: What Doman said. >.>
JayM: //Is it too much to expect some kind of reaction?

Kolitk isn't a computer expert. >.>
Alexandra isn't exactly one, but she could try. If she weren't inspecting the machineguns to mentally make some schematics.
[OOC] Jimmy: Ahaha sorry.
Jimmy: "Well. Time to buckle down, I guess."
Jimmy‘ rolls up his sleeves - mostly for show - and gets to looking over the controls. It’s not exactly his sort of work, but: (Systems!)
[OOC] Alexandra: Swordfish.
JayM: Roll zat!
Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
Jimmy: "I’m pretty sure it's swordfish."
[OOC] Kolitk: *snrk*
[OOC] Alexandra: Keeping with tradition.
Jimmy does gets the password precisely, Swordfish, but in Ilirian. He quickly finds a lot of info about the station, including schematics of the place and some very interesting scientifical projects whose scientists here were working on. The most amusing one is what is apparently an alchemical formula
Jimmy learns Cure alchemy!
But more than that, he also finds the controls of the inner systems. The gravity controller of this place is a 3-stage controller, that requires 3 different generators set in different parts of the station. Though just one generator is enough to keep the station working 100% for a couple of weeks from the looks of the specks
Jimmy: "Hehehe. So that's how they've rigged it up."
Kolitk: "Ssooo…"
Jimmy: "Uh, here's the story. They've got three gravity controllers, but they're, you know, triply redundant."
Jimmy: "Which means to say, as long as at least one keeps going, everything's A-OK for a long time, so they can get around to fixing it."
Obviously, the generators can't be shut off from here, unless you have a nifty idea. They were designed to never be turned off
Jimmy: "Pretty much a standard good idea."
Kolitk: "Ah. So we arre going to have to destrrroy all thrree?"
Alexandra 'tsks' disapprovingly. //"Shouldn't be shuttink off in first place. If am stoppink one, am most likely stoppink other two."
Jimmy‘ types a few times. "Hmm." He says, mostly to himself.
Jimmy` looks through the data a bit more. The gravity controllers are all internally powered, right? Or do they share a grid, perhaps…
JayM: //The controllers and generators are separate entieties, actually. Each controller is linked to all three generators, though…

JayM: Another Systems check
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 30 ( Total: 30 )
Jimmy: "You know, I think I’ve got a clue."
Jimmy: "What if we go down to one of the generators and… shoot a big surge through it! It'd take the whole system down, cascade failure!"
Kolitk glances up at the sceen—not understanding a word. SO she goes over to check up on the scientist/prisoners.
Jimmy finds out that the most of the energy control systems runs through a central wiring system. While there is obviously backup wiring, it could be possible to short circuit the entire base
Jimmy: "Oh man! And I think I've got the spot…"
The scientists they they've well hidden behind some computers. Obviously they're not really good at hiding
Jimmy‘ gets directions to the central wiring system. They might be very short directions.
Alexandra shrugs with a cruel smirk. //"As I was sayink."
Go out, take the left, go all the way there
Kolitk pokes in their general directon.
One of the scients yelps "#Please! Don’t hurt us!#"
Kolitk: "#Toss out your weapons.#"
The scientists shake their hands, they're unarmed as far as it seems
Jimmy: "Alright! I've got ourselves some directions."
Jimmy: "Let's go, right?"
Kolitk motions for them to come out from behind the computers. Ashley probably has some rope to tie them up or somethign so they don't activate any security systems after they leave.
Jimmy‘ heads out of the room, with a wide wave to get everyone to follow.
Kolitk: "Just one moment."
Jimmy: "Oh. Sure!"
Jimmy` stops.
Alexandra steps out in an over-the-top military fashion, halting when Kolitk says to.
They move off their places to wherever Kolitk pointed to
JayM: //They’re shaking, it seems. And that one over there could use a diaper, eww

Kisro has visions of butterflies and grassy knolls. Gee, he sure misses those in space!
Kolitk makes a face and looks between Ashley and Alexandra. //"Tie them up firrrst, just incase."
AshleyVonT is there, um, keeping a look out for any guards with Eins, she glances over at Eins then at Kolitk. "There are quite a few of them, seems like it'd be easier to just pile them all into a closet or small room instead and damage the door so they can't escape."
Alexandra cracks her knuckles and scribbles out a circle, planning to fashion out a metal cage. (( Roll it? ))
Kolitk shrugs slightly. "That iss fine as well."
JayM: //rollerblade!

JayM: Or, well, roll
Alexandra rolled 1d100: 89 [Total: 89 (High), Avg and got 89.00]
[OOC] Alexandra: …
JayM: Wasn't a botch, at least. No damage, but no sugar
[OOC] Alexandra: …no cigar, surely?
JayM: Yes
JayM: But feel fry to retry
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 )
JayM: I'm starting to think that a rope might be a better idea
Kolitk tilts her head at Alexandra. //"What… arrre you doing?"
Alexandra: "Nuzzink."
Alexandra: "Nuzzink at all."
JayM: //Though it might be because the composition of the metal of this place isn't the usual

Kolitk: "… Clearrly."
Alexandra wipes away the remains of a stick figure.
Alexandra leaves the crime-scene-body-outline, though.
AshleyVonT looks for like a closet.
JayM: Well, there is a couple over there, but they're small
Alexandra goes to get some rope, not deterred by her failed attempts!
AshleyVonT point to them. //"Just stuff them in thyere, i tying them all up is going to take alot of rope."
JayM: //Well *hands rope to Alexa* somebody take the easy way out, please

JayM: Though, it's going to be an Escape check to tie them properly
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 )
[OOC] Alexandra: …With an AGI of 4, and a rating of 22?
Alexa ties them quite nicely
JayM ((4 * 3) + 10) = 22
Kolitk then directs them into the closest and closes it. Just incase.
Kolitk: "Anywayss. You know wherrre we arre headed, Jimmy?"
JayM: Closet locked, with more people in it than it supports
AshleyVonT is amazed by how much rope the managed to carry on then. Ashley has Eins smash the control on the closet, just incase, so it won't open.
Jimmy: "Ah, yeah. Right out there… then ahead a ways, hard left, all the way."
Kolitk jestures with a hand, //"Lead the way."
Alexandra is better with rope than with chalk. This is a little sad.
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Maybe that's why she ended up with the job sending out that spam…
Heading down that way you notice the station is eerily silent. You pass through a few doorways in the corridor, some living quarters and maitenance areas. In the end a sign written "#Maitenance crew only#" is hanging on top of a door. Already knowing the password of the place, the door opens easely leading to an elevator. It has three buttons laballed G1, G2 and G3. According to the map, the wiring nexus is somewhere in the elevator shaft
Jimmy: "It's in the elevator shaft, I guess. Huh. That's impractical."
JayM: //There IS a small door up there where you can climb to the shaft

Kolitk: "To… prrrevent people frrrom doing what we arre doing, perrhapss?"
Jimmy: "Oh. That's not going to work."
AshleyVonT: "…I'm not so good at climbing…"
Alexandra idly whirls around her grappling hook.
Alexandra clears her throat.
Kisro looks at his paws. /‘`/``It’d help if I had opposable thumbs./‘`/``
Kolitk: "Well, I do not know what we arre doing, so…"// She clears her throat. "I leave thiss to those betterrr suited."
JayM supposes Alexa has a plan
Kisro looks at the grappling hook oddly, then tosses it behind her in lieu of her chalk. This time, she’ll try and make a ladder.
[OOC] Alexandra: er
[OOC] Alexandra: meant that to be this window
JayM: //So roll it

Alexandra rolled d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
[OOC] Alexandra: WOO. Okay .
Jimmy: "…Hey."
Alexa creates a nice steel ladder all the way up!
Jimmy: "We should make sure the elevator car is stuck on our level before we start climbing down."
[OOC] JayM: It is actually up
[OOC] JayM: Retcon that
[OOC] Jimmy: I didn't say otherwise. the important thing is that it's stuck
Jimmy‘ scratches his head sheepishly. //"Or, uh, on any level. It would just suck if it started moving around when we’re down there, you know?"
Jimmy: "Maybe some spot-welding?"
Kolitk: "… That sounds like a good idea."
AshleyVonT: "Maybe Alexandra could use that power agian to just make the elevantor bond to the walls?"
Alexandra shrugs and gets to it without a word.
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
JayM: //Well, now, that is beginners job! Well done, lady of steel

JayM: Well, when you decide to do so, it's an easy enough climb for anyone, though for Kisro it might take a while longer, what with having to use very high coordination between his paws. And it also makes his joints ache. But you eventually reach the place where the wiring should be centered at, just ten meters ahead in this air duct should be a small opening big enough for 5 people
[OOC] Alexandra: we have five people and a dog. Eins!
JayM supposes Ashley is small enough to count as just one people as long as she sits on Eins' lap
AshleyVonT probably would have eins hold her in some fashion once they get there.
Kolitk sticks to the back. She's out of her element with all this technology stuff. >.>
Jimmy‘ takes point! He’s tough.
Eventually ya'll reach the place after squeezing a bit (or not in Kisro's case, bit enough for him) and you reach the chamber. There's a few odd tools scattered about and a large panel with various wiring in there. It's closed though it seems to be dripping some kind of red liquid…
Jimmy‘ fills up a vial with it.
Alexandra takes some time to analyze it. And resists the temptation to taste it.
Jimmy` holds it up to a light source. Is it opaque?
JayM: Opaque, mostly. It’s also very consistent, not so fluid that is
AshleyVonT opens the panal.
Inside there must be around fifty or so large cables crossing, with a variety of monitors in them. However, one of the cables has, instead of metal, a kind of fluid in it, so it's most likely a tube, it's that same fluid that's dripping
Jimmy: "I have to say, I have no idea what this is."
Oddly enough, looking at that brings a sensation of familiarty and dread to both Ashley and Kolitk
Kolitk: "…"
[OOC] Alexandra: That time of month?
[OOC] JayM: Oh, god. I didn't even think of that >_<
[OOC] Alexandra: *is smacked hard for the off-color commnte*
[OOC] Jimmy: nah, then Alexandra would be >:o too
[OOC] Alexandra: What if she was…surgically altered?
AshleyVonT: "…I…but why…?"
Kolitk: "… The."// She frowns. "From the psychics."
Alexandra is still trying to figure out what this stuff is. Intuition says 'brain-liquid.'
JayM: //Well, Alchemy check to divine the nature

[OOC] AshleyVonT: 'divine' Heh.
Jimmy: "Well, it'd be better if I had my lab with me, but…"
Jimmy‘ gets out what of his kit he has with him.
Jimmy` rolled d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 )
Jimmy: "But, of course, I don’t."
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
[OOC] Alexandra: BWAHAHA.
[OOC] Jimmy: Thin fail. It works if L:Plants applies, though!
Alexandra: "Forget lab. Am knowink what liquid is."
Alexa can easely discern what this is. It's a kind of blood, and she even goes as far as sense that the amount of metals inside it is way too high. More than that, it's likely some kind of nanotechnology might be in application here. Aside from that this is like like human blood
Alexandra takes off her goggles and continues eyeing the stuff. //"Human blood. Higher concentration of metals than normal. Great ingredient for bar-beek-ewe sauce."
AshleyVonT: "…Let's get out of here as soon as possible…"
Jimmy: "Blood with that much metal in it? That's unbelievable."
Kolitk makes a face at Alexandra. Bleh.
Jimmy: "I can't even believe it flows."
Alexandra stands back up and fiddles with her goggles idly. "…Could be usink magnetism?"
AshleyVonT: "…No…"
Kolitk: "…"
Kolitk: "… Not the psychics… … The…"
Jimmy: "This isn't the "
wire" they're using, is it?"
Kolitk: "Hurrrry up and turrn the grravity off, we must leave quickly."
AshleyVonT looks over at her "So, you do know of it after all…and here I thought her might have been mistaken…"
Jimmy: "Sure thing, just let me use a minute or so to break everything."
JayM: //So, it's mostly power lines here, and that

Jimmy‘ draws his Alchemical Blade.
Kisro wishes he could give his wish that he wishes stuff to be explained.
JayM: According to the readings of the three smalls screens, everything’s ok
[OOC] Kisro: But that ain't happenin'!
JayM: There's a lot of lack of space here to use that, Jimmy
JayM: Be careful
Alexandra shrugs and taps her foot. While folding her arms, she fiddles with a piece of chalk.
Jimmy‘ holds it up against the wires and traces strange designs across it. Its sweet odor begins to dominate.
AshleyVonT: "There is an easier way…"
Jimmy` manages to sheathe it again.
Jimmy: "Uh, if you insist."
Jimmy: "…Though…"
Jimmy` fills up some more vials with that strangely metallic blood.
AshleyVonT: "THis will respound to commands, given by the right person…I saw him do it..If I just give it’s most basic command, it should take care of everything itself…We will of courtse need to evacuate with much haste afterwards…"
Jimmy gainst Mystery Vial x2!
Alexandra: "…"
[OOC] AshleyVonT: -t
Jimmy: "I was thinking of just freezing the whole setup."
Alexandra looks at Jimmy's bottles. //"Am not to be lettink those nanomasheens to be doink same."
Kolitk starts back up. La la la, the other can debate what to do with the scary stuff. >.<
AshleyVonT reaches out toward the tube and concentrates really hard. She knows what it wants to do, just need to give it a little motivational speach.
JayM: //So… Two MAG checks to control and three VIT checks to not pass out

JayM: Harsh, yes
[OOC] AshleyVonT: =`>.<=‘`
AshleyVonT rolled 5d100 and got 44, 66, 91, 55, 38 ( Total: 294 )
[OOC] Kolitk: That’s like… 1 pass. >_>
[OOC] AshleyVonT: Maybe they were easy checks.=`>.>=‘`
[OOC] AshleyVonT: considering she doesn’t have any ATT rating about 40 =`>.>=‘`;;
As Ashley interfaces with it, she manages to give it the command, but suddenly it starts to… Flow backwards, as if whatever she was dealing with tries to control HER. The pain is heavy, severy, in every muscle, down to her very soul, enough to make her pass out, but still safe from the thing’s control. Suddenly, that 'blood' starts to… Grow… Outwards…
Eins freaks out, totally not her usual self //"SHIT! EVERYONE RUN! KISRO STAY BEHIND!" she says, craling madly out of the place and RUNNING THE HELL AWAY
Kolitk already was doing that. >_>
[OOC] JayM: Stay behind as in "Behind the formation"
[OOC] JayM: I misspelled, but that's what she meant…
AshleyVonT makes double haste out of there after Eins.=>.<=
JayM: //Ashley's passed out, lady

Eins is taking her, though
[OOC] AshleyVonT: err, Gah, okay.
AshleyVonT is being carried off by Eins.
Jimmy‘ grabs the hilt of his sword and it flows to hand. //"…That’s enough. Strange Brew, kills what's inside of you." He staggers away, as if deciding if or if not to run.
Kisro scribbles out a circle. She's full of ideas, and this metal ship is exactly her battleground! If it's the metal in the blood that's causing that, she'll try to make the nanomachines converge to one spot in the circle.
[OOC] JayM: I noticed
Jimmy‘ throws the liquid metal that was his sword into the roiling mass of nanoblood. "Smooth Silver…"
JayM: //Alexa, there is WAY too much matter for you to control here. This thing flows through the ENTIRE STATION, hundreds of tonnes of this matter

JayM: And everything went into chain reaction
JayM: You can’t do ver much
[OOC] Alexandra: …at least the bit of stuff that's in the room?
Jimmy‘ snaps his fingers, willing it to flow through and freeze solid. Hopefully. Then he runs.
Jimmy: "If you really have to work with SOMETHING, work with my sword. Uh, I don’t think I'm getting that back."
[OOC] Jimmy: yeah Jimmy limited to freeze the hell out of some of the blood. That's good, solid, highly virtuous metal.)
JayM: Though, that's enough to give everyone enough time to get at least down the stairs and to the elevators
As you reach down there (I assume everyone ran?) you can see that the corridor walls and floor… It seems to slowly being taken over by some kind of biomass… Red and black and really icky looking
JayM: Everyone, lend me and SPD roll, except Kisro and Kol
Alexandra is running, then. 'course
Kolitk sorts of hangs back once she gets down, having been the first. //"Come on, come on, hurrrrry up… … Where did we keep those vehicles?"
JayM: //Just keep going forward and you reach it, but it's far, Kol

Jimmy‘ rolled d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 )
Alexandra rolled d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
JayM rolled 1d100: 17 [Total: 17 (Low), Avg and got 17.00]
[OOC] AshleyVonT: ebil sugar…
[OOC] Alexandra: Please say that was for Eins.
Everyone makes it quickly through the corridor as it slowly gets consumed. Kolitk’s instincts swiftly guides her footsteps to avoid every of the biomass, while it seems the thing just plain ol' avoids Kisro. Eins quickly gets Ashley inside her Synchro Fighter, and sets of takeoff using the AI
[OOC] JayM: That way
[OOC] JayM: That was
Kolitk hops on into Alexandra's fighter. Since she didn't bring her own. >_>
Alexandra feels funny because of it. Where are those white blood ce — oh. Got none.
Getting off the station in a hurry, you can see the whole station getting swalloed by that mass… Suddenly, a voice rings in your ships //"All ships, dock with the Oran now. Prepare for protocol S-03"
JayM: //As you people of the Oran (Alexa and Jimmy) might know, the S protocols means //"Get the hell out of the way because we will use a secret weapon"
, the number doesn't matters unless you actually have clearance to know what weapon it is
Jimmy: "…I haven't seen #3 yet…"
Jimmy‘ gets the hell out of the way.
Kolitk: "…?"
Alexandra really has nothing to say in times of panic. She heads off just as coolly and mechanically as usual.
Jimmy: "Get clear, everyone."
Alexandra: "Code is meanink to leave, simply enough."
Kolitk: "Ah."
Eventually, you can see the Oran, a variety of ships have assembled around it in formation, and an energy shield has formed around it. An ethereal chant can be heard, though it’s undecypherable. Soon, a very faint ghostly image of a mighty dragon appears around the Oran, the ships in formation making part of it. A giant blast of energy shoots from the oran, vanquishing with everything in the way. It hits the station hard, but takes two more shots to take it down entirely
The Oran has used it's third secret weapon, Elder Aeon Blaster, enjoy the fireworks
Kolitk blinks. o_O
Jimmy: "So that's #3."
Everything is eerily silent
Kolitk: "… Uhm. … Imprrressive."
Alexandra: "Is meanink to leave. Yes."
JayM: //I suppose ya'll are going home for a shower?

Jimmy: "…Yeah."
Jimmy‘ moves to dock.
AshleyVonT remains passed the hell out.
Jimmy: "Uh… I guess medteams are going to handle Ashley, then."
Kolitk: "I would hope so. That iss… Verry dangerrrous."
As soon as you dock, only the usual docking crew is there. As soon as everyone gets out of their respective fighters, Eins quickly sets Ashley down in the ground. She picks up a small vial in her apron and pours the contents on Ashley’s mouth, making her swallow it. Ashley wakes up with a sudden burst of energy
Suka, that's your CO in case you forgot, comes over to you, looking rather worried //"Well, now… How about we all go debrief?"
AshleyVonT sits up and coughs. "…Dammit…Wait..>We made it out safely?"
Jimmy: "Yeah. We're all good."
Kolitk: "… Alrright."
Suka: "Yes, you're all alright… And you're going to detail everything to me. Let's go"
Kolitk nods her head slowly.
AshleyVonT looks a little worried…
She leads you all to the nearest hyperwarp elevator, setting it to one of the Intelligence briefing rooms, it's all empty and whanot. The walk is very short thanks to this nifty telepor technology. She takes a seat in a random chair and after everyone is inside, the gate closes "So… What happened?"
Jimmy: "Uh."
Jimmy: "Well."
Jimmy: "We disabled the gravity."
AshleyVonT: "'It' was inside the ship's wiring…"
Suka stares blankly at Ashley "Hum… Did you find anything else suspicious inside?"
Jimmy‘ puts one of the vials down on the table.
Kisro feels like going to Swordfish-World, the planetwide kiddie amusement park! But there’s no one around to ask him "what he's going to do now."
Jimmy: "Alexandra says it's blood, but…"
Alexandra: "Blood with havink nanomachines."
Suka: "Blood with… I see… Well, the station is down so, I suppose it's a job well done. Just, how did it get out of control?"
Alexandra shrugs. "She…tried to control eet."
Kolitk points at Ashley.
Jimmy‘ frowns. "Uh, I probably should’ve frozen it first…"
Suka: "I… See…"
she seems unbelieving "Well, then… It might have been best. But anyone, job well done, that's all for now. You can have a few days off, a week , maybe? I think you all deserve it"
[OOC] JayM: BRB a second
AshleyVonT: "…it seemed the best of the options at the time…"
Jimmy: "You gonna be alright, Ashley?"
AshleyVonT nods. "I seem to be fine, I am far tougher than I may at first appear."
Jimmy: "…That's good."
Alexandra: "Is wery good."
Alexandra grins. "Feel like to be tryink again one day?"
Kolitk: "That wass a verry silyl think to do."
[OOC] Alexandra: I'm rubbing off on Kol.
[OOC] Alexandra: thing? Not think?
AshleyVonT: "…I saw someone else do it, I thought I might be able to…"
[OOC] Kolitk: … Thing. >.<
Kolitk scoffs. "Someone farrr more skilled, and with much morre trraining."
Kolitk: "Just be morre carreful."
AshleyVonT looks at her. "I was planning to speak to you about it, but you seemed to be otherwise occupied…"
Kolitk: "Rrremoving myself frrom a situation I could not contrrol. As you should have as well."
AshleyVonT: "…I meant before, but back there as well, i suppose, if we had just smashed it open, we can't be sure it might not have gone out of control as well…"
Kolitk shifts slightly and smooths out her skirt. "We just have just rrran when we firrst noticed it."
Alexandra folds her arms and grips her elbows, visibly pulling her sleeves up. "Freezink could have negated ability to go out of control in first place."
Jimmy: "Right. You should definitely get that vial to the labs, though."
[OOC] JayM: And backness
Suka's right eyebrow shoots up at lightspeed at Jimmy's words "Dispose of it, immediatly, in a plasma reactor or something worse"
Jimmy: "…Right!"
[OOC] Jimmy: Dispose of it… or make it into a SWORD?
With that out of the way, the screen fades to black as our heroes go about their lives for this week
JayM: //However! An 5000 XP and 2000 Gil pop in the screen before vanishing

[OOC] Alexandra: followed by an ad to 'punch the mindflayer and win $20'

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